Should I make a new Apple ID?

A week ago my twitter has been hacked and I use the same email to my ID Apple and twitter. I changed my password on the Apple ID, just in case but you think it would be smart to just a new Apple ID?

Satellite S50-B-15F doesn' t start

Recently bought this laptop now after 3 weeks, it all of a sudden not start. Cannot remove the battery, and there is no hole in the back to force a stop down. What can I do to fix this? Any suggestions welcome!Thank you.

No sound after the takeover by Satellite C50 - from standby or sleep

I had downgraded the C50 Toshiba Windows 8 for Windows 7 64-bit and downloaded all the drivers linked from Toshiba's web site, but there is no sound on the phone, after that I have to put the computer on standby or into hibernation. The sound on the

My Satellite L750D went from a dual core to core single processor

In may, I noticed that my laptop is running slowly. I asked for help from another forum and they suggested that I downloaded a program called Speccy. After the execution of this program, I have used before, I noticed that the CPU was only using a ker

Qosmio F30 - 112 D-video (HDMI or A / V)

I need to connect my F30 to a plasma TV, what type of cable to use, the only cable in the box was a D-video/SCART.Help, please!

Lenovo Thinkpad T450s, Sierra EM7345 and windows 10.

Hi all I really have been helped by this forum in the past and really hope that you can help with this question. I installed the card and installed the driver - who went down without a hitch. The calculation recognizes the card without any problems.

my iphone switches between silence and tone mode its own

Hi my iphone 6 s plus allows to switch between a silent ringtone on its own, is anyone else having a similar problem?

How can I use iwatch with lpad2

How can I use iwatch with lpad2?

HP-Compaq-dc7800-SFF: CPU graph Nvidia Compatible to HP-Compaq-dc7800-Small-Form-Factor

I am a researcher working with PC HP-Compaq-dc7800-Small-Form-Factor. There already RV610 [Radeon HD 2400 PRO/XT] graphics card. I want to install CUDA toolkit for parallelism. For this I need compatible GPU of NVIDIA CUDA. What are all the GPU NVIDI

Recorded TV causes Media Center to stop when the cursor is moved over the icon. Sometimes Blue Screen of Death. How can I remove the element from the list of recorded TV shows?

Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone! Ideas: You have problems with programs Error messages Recent changes to your computer What you have already tried to solve the problem

WRT320N cannot stay connected wireless

I have the wrt320n in a nut shell, that my question is wireless, the unit does not see my other wireless network, appears and tell appears.if I change encryption to no work ecryptions for a day or two, then back to the same problem, my network does n

Turn off vibration for Notifications

I have a Z3 and can'tr know how to activate the vibration for notifications off the coast.  In the settings there is an option "Also vibrate for calls", but nothing on how to disable notifications. On the drop-down menu option on the home screen ther

A virus infect the HP recovery partition?

Hi guys,. Sorry to open a new topic on this point, but I just could not understand, what is the right answer on this... for 3 days, I get always this alert: "D:\hp\Drv\APP08750\src\kbd.exe." TR/Agent.ypo ' [trojan] of my antivir. now it comes to the

Need to replace XPS 8100 hard drive to confirm SATA interfaces

Hello I hope that helps you with my request of the cabin. My older Desktop Dell XPS 8100 has an internal hard drive.I found a new WD hard drive which could be the right one for my PC - WD Blue 1 TB Desktop disk hard - 3.5 inches - WD10EZEX 1 TB, SATA

Win 7 hangs during initial installation, asking drivers...

I'm trying to do a full, clean install on a new generation of PC desktop.  The following are new & just bought today: OS: Brand new retail Windows7 Ultimate (not the version of upgrade) Motherboard: ASUS P5Q Deluxe (Intel P45 chipset) HARD drive: Wes

Photos not appearing is not on the photo gallery.

Instead of my real images, there is a generic scene in each photo site.  I don't know what is the image until I have pull up on a screen.  How can I get the real images appears in the folder?

on the recovery.... Please help

I have a confusion on the recovery... When I try to do recovery, it is said that "the pc will be set to factory State"... it means made format them recovery only the C drive data or all data drives.

Uninstall Windows 7 from a computer and put it on another computer?

I am told by pre-sales Microsoft I can install Windows 7 on my current computer and if I uninstall it "correctly" (from my current computer), I can then install it on a new computer (when I am one).  Would be nice even if it came pre-installed becaus

Problem of recovery voicemail blackBerry Smartphones

Hello I got a 2nd hand BB shot, get it unlocked and I use giffgaff - but I don't get voicemails. How do I set up my phone so I can get my voicemail messages?

Im trying to print but every time that I try windows mediaplayer ceases to tell me it is a missing codec, if I need a codec that you can I put on my computer

Im trying to print a file, but whenever I try windows media player keeps telling me that it is a codec missing, if I need a codec that you can I put on my computer