Flash player and excessive popups

Yes, I suffered once flash player based ads tons of pop-up ads opening so I put the flash drive to ask for activation, solved my problem... BUT I managed to press on "Allow and remember" instead of just "now allows', so my question is, where do I fin

Why the videos play on Firefox 13.0.1 but goes on IE9?

All the plugins as current report - I even reinstalled Firefox! But for some time I get the message ' year error occurred, please try later "on YouTube and a blank space where the video should be on sites like Earthcam and the Science Channel.

A new tab sends me on Facebook

Yesterday, all my settings for Firefox changed without permission and while I think I have most of it to the way it was, I always have problems with any of the features. When I open a new tab, I'm automatically sent to Facebook instead of a blank pag

What happens if I restore my iphone because it has been disabled due to password attempts failed?

I changed my password on my iphone a few days ago and I usually use fingerprints to get right and when I updated my phone, he said I had to enter my password, I forgot that I changed it. It says on the Apple Support I have to reset my whole phone and

Former driver of the camera - PDR - M65

Anyone know where I can find an XP driver for a device of PDR - M65? Thank you

Level 1 specialty. Create a new discussion task

How we end at specialty level 1 create a new task of discussion? I created a new thread in question in Apple's music on the Mac community, but did not receive credit for the completion of the task.

I get a white screen when I try to resume the computer from the stand-by.

When I try to wake up my Windows XP after standby by pressing the space bar, he falls down and leaves me with a white wallpaper screen. I have to pull the plug to get by, then again upward. What can I do? -RR Original title: die waiting

PPP light does not blink

The ppp of light does not illuminate & cannot connect 2 sites only 2. Always have access to all other Web sites & email. What can I do to fix this?

How do fix no sound on my laptop

I have problems with my sound on my HP laptop, I just can't hear anything I do?

Adobe flash player download on IE8

I tried to download adobe flash player and had no chance, I went to there website and done what they said to try I have webroot spyware and antivirus trend, I had no problem until I downloaded IE8 I can do I'm not computer smart but understand the ba

HP officejet Pro 8100 printer tray

I have a printer HP Officejet Pro 8100. I removed the tray paper this morning to load the paper, and now I can't seem to slip in all the way. It stops at about 4 inches short of closing.  I feel like a fool! How can I get in trouble by dragging a dra

Envy20 d030 than all in One does not start

A week ago, after I downloaded Win 8.1, I received a notice about the HP updates.  I did the updates, but the next morning, the computer does not start and the ports or the CD player also would not work.  I tried F10 and F12 but got nothing.  I do no

migration of RAID5 at 50

Hello We currently have a single PS4000 with 8 disks in RAID-5. We plan to add another 8 disks and convert the SAN RAID-50... Are we able to add the extra 8 disks and create a new pool of storage with RAID-50? We can then migrate existing virtual mac


When I try to use windows mail, it does not send outgoing mail at all. Also not possible get my emails to the source unless I log on the site

How to stop windows mail spelling my signature every time that I have send a message.

Hello I have a custom email signature I settled by default on my message options. Whenever I compose a message, the spelling check includes my signature. I need to spell check my actual post without going through the spelling of signature every time.

Screen Gmail keeps time and goes back to the sign in screen

Original title *. Gmail and Windows 7 My screen Gmail keeps time and goes back to the sign on screen. Very annoying. Help, please. Len

The slide show does not.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  I've been running a slide show on the Bureau for more than a year now, but it has stopped working & wallpaper is now set on a solid color.  I can change the color, but can not set the background to nothing else,

ButtonField image

Hy guys That's the problem BitmapField bfSeat = new BitmapField (Bitmap.getBitmapResource ("seat_service.png"), BitmapField.FOCUSABLE);bfSeat.setChangeListener (new FieldChangeListener() {}' Public Sub fieldChanged (field field, int context) {} When

BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones & not sync with Documents to Go

Hi all: I just bought a Torch 9800 using the latest desktop and OS 6.  I have loaded on Documents to Go that works fine on the BB, but it won't let me sync the Office for BB.  It gives me this message: Your Blackberry device seems to be connected wit

Smartphones with Verizon blackBerry torch

I have a blackberry "BOLD", but I really want the torch. However, my career is Verizon. I wonder if I can buy the torch at a place like Walmart or where ever else they are sold and then use with Verizon. Or is it impossible? Should I move to AT & T t