How to create local notes on MacBook Pro (without synchronization iCloud)

Hello Recently, I have synced the notes on my iPhone and MacBook Pro using iCloud. I was able to create a folder "local notes" on my iPhone but am unable to do it on my Macbook pro. Anyone know how I can create local notes on my laptop which is used

Add the new toolbar firefox 29

I want to know where "new toolbar" button?I have a background of the situation as a whole, so I would be there full size or larger... How can I do? in firefox 29.

Locked out if iTunes on IPad

Hope some can help you with this - have reset my Apple ID, but can't access iTunes.  He still has my old ID attached and I can't get around it. Very irritating, perhaps I'm missing a step, but its put me in a circle of reset, I do and I still can't g

update apps after a change of username to the email address

I was informed by apple to change the username on my account (sayfred) to one in the form of an email ([email protected]), I did. Now when I try to update certain applications, Weather4D being one of them, he asked the password for my old id, which n

Blu - ray and SACD

From this date (March 29, 2016), I see through research within this community and my own attempts, that the great Apple Drive efforts will not play even Blu - ray video/audio and SACD discs.  My Super ejected disk to format when I try to play them, b

Can't stop my Satellite A500

Hello I got a Satellite A500 (Windows7), which I just can't stop. Comments:-) Normally to stop the laptop I go to the 'Windows' symbol on the lower left corner of the screen and choose "close". This option of closing unresponsive. Yesterday, I clicke

Re: How to connect PC to TV 46tl938g in order to get the audio signal

Hi all I bought 46tl938g TV and I would like to connect my PC to the TV.There are "PC Input", but would also connect the audio to listen to the audio from PC to TV (to see my video or movies). Can he? Thank you

Enjambements messages

In recent updates of Skype, messages seem to go through if I'm in a quick conversation. For example: [15:26:10] BueNO: who[15:26:10] BueNO: wow[15: 26:11] Spangbab: what I had typed 'what' before my contact said, 'wow,' but after that she sent, he ma

Satellite A100 - need drivers for Savvy TV using Windows 7

Hello I spend my Toshiba Satellite A100-165 under Windows 7 32 bit. Everything is ok except for Savvy TV. When I bought the computer, he was inside a USB stick tv tuner with tv savvy running; the version of the software is not compatible with Windows

Satellite L505-13W shows error blue screen

My error on blue screen shows computer laptop SATELLITE L505-13W.The operating system is started and after some time, it shows a blue screen error and restarts. Even after repair successful when restarting requested repair, he showed the same error.S

Support for memory cards

I want to buy a memory card of 16 GB for my lenovo a6000 + phone, but I'm a little confused in the support of memory cardsI want to buy a card of sandisk memory 10 class (16 GB)And I don't know if it would be supported in my lenovo a 6000 + or not.PL

Qosmio F20-137: WLan connection falls very quickly from 54mbs to 1mbs

I connect to internet using my F20-137 via a linksys g wireless router. The router is in another room (25 feet and on two walls) for the laptop computer and the connection very quickly falls to 54mbs to 1mbs.Is it possible to maintain the speed of co

How can I change my country if I have a credit balance of store

I'm trying to change my country to the Canada, but it won't let me because it says 'you have a credit balance of store; You must spend your balance before you can modify stores. " I don't have enough money in my account to buy anything, what should I

Satellite P300-1EU - msahci.sys missing for Vista

I have a problem with the Satellite P300-1EU, Vista not started because he wanted msahci.sys file.I have no restore DVD. You have a solution for this problem? Cordially Rb

I lost the top hat of pencil of Apple. Can anyone recommend where to buy a new one same 3rd party?

Anyone know where I can buy the cover for Apple pencil? Not the lead but the CAP that protects the charger. mine fell off when I was working and I can not find it.

Optimize the image to full screen 2D control

Hi, I'm update programmatically control of 2D image to full screen size.  Is there a way to do this? I know that you can maximize the façade to the fulll screen but I have been unable to develop a method which allows me to do that for a 2D image cont

U2701A - error initializing

Hello I'm using Agilent U2701A for one of my projects. I get an error during initialization - invalid pointer. (Please find the attachment). I installed the measure Manager Agilent, IVI Driver for U2701, Agilent IO libraries Suite (16.3) etc. No idea

How to remove unused files from my account site live hotmail?

original title: unused files How to remove unused files from my account site live hotmail?

HP Pavilion Elite e9180t - replacement motherboard

So some time, HP has done a service to replace motherboards on defective Elite systems.  There was even a Web site configuration to help with it ( Unfortunately, the site is no longer active and all links to HP's int