New faces to watch does not show

Updated my watch at 3 and I do not see the new faces of the watch. However, I can see them when I go to add a new face of the watch. Watch my wife shows the new faces as soon as you enter the face browser. Everyone else see this behavior? All the pat

This feature erases any data on the mac?

I use Mac mini end of 2012. OS X El Capitan I have a lot of data on it especially photos IPhotos and should ensure that I wouldn't lose all of the data with this method of recovery.

NB550 - how you can increase the RAM?

Hello I just ordered the 550 NB Netbook. I know that these machines work better with a RAM upgrade. The manual suggests that 2 GB is possible. A review of youtube in Asia suggested that the machine will have a 4 GB module? Very hard to find informati

X 770-Nvidia drivers and Toshiba Qosmio

Hello people, I am a new owner of the Qosmio X 770 laptop. I say power happy owner or owner happy or satisfied, unfortunately not. I'm frustrated not being able to update my driver video nvidia because of some crazy lazy and incompetent. Well I ask y

Drivers not listed for Tecra A3 (PTA30A)

I followed the logical structure of the site and went through this link: Drill down to find only 13 drivers listed more which are for windows 2000 (fat lot of use of our days). However, most of the drivers chipse

Can not activate the sound

I have a HP Pavilion dv7 1232nr. Everything has been working great until two days when I realized that the mute button at the top of the laptop is RED (silent) and I can't seem to "reactivate" it or change the volume using the key above the keyboard.

How do I set up a password for my wi - fi so my computer safe rest and accelerates?

My computer is VERY slow, I think it's because someone out of my house trying to use my wi - fi, and it is common, because I live in an apartment in the complex, I need to have a password set in place so that no one can use it unless they have my pas

When I cut and paste a subfolder of an excel file, the files in the subfolder are missing

When I cut and paste a subfolder (which contains the files) to an excel file, the files in the subfolder disappeared. I didn't then properties and wer there are no previous versions of the files. Also note, glued folders are there but not files

Data import calendar Palm

How can I import old calendar or calendar information (currently .dat) in the Works Calendar?

Another question of Vista SP2 "Vista SP1 must be installed."

When I try to install the Vista SP2 it gives me an error message saying: "Vista SP1 must be installed, and then restart the instillation" but vista SP1 is already installed. Just in case I tried to reinstall SP1, and he told me that SP1 is already in

Windows Movie Maker does not work after installing Windows updates

my film creator of windows XP home SP2 after obtaining updates (SP3 and others) does not work. How to fix this or how to get free a similar program for video editing?

Event log

I would like to know how to determine if the pc has restarted because power is triggered? the event logs can prove?

print jobs are go to a printer in offline and does not print

For some reason there is two of my printers found on my computer (I have only one printer) and all of a sudden the print jobs began to be sent to one that says offline.  First of all, I don't know why there are two printers showed and I don't know wh

my photo files will not display images view thumbnails or icon. How can I get the image to appear agai

Just reinstalled Vista. file picture does not display my images, only the image picturesque mountain/water windows. where are they going to turn on the real Lawrence? Thank you.

Chkdsk option ' / r '-fact chkdsk does this for all bad sectors?

CHKDSK supports among other things depending on option/ r means of recovering data from bad sectors Does chkdsk does this for all the bad sectors, alsofor those already known as being bad (listed in the table of bad sectors)?Or it does this just for

Increase the system video card!

Hey guys... I have a dell laptop ((E6510)) And I have 8 GB of ram but in my screen resolution > avancΘs > I have only 64 Mp built in video card and 0 MP system video card... is it possible to increase the video card? or use my Rams to increase?

Hung up @ 99% install?

Hello, I have d/l, the update to win 10, but had to use the upgrade wizard to let him go.  He is waiting forever @ 99% installed.  I have win7 home now is like a BONE?

'Other e-mail accounts' blackBerry smartphones does not not (BB 8520)

Hi, I'm new in the world of BB, and I have some big problems to set up my email accounts I have an account and 2 more that are pop accounts. domains I've seen videos and manuals in saying: 1. go in the e-mail options 2. choose othe

Jumbo frames for domain UCS

Someone at - it a good detailed guide to put in place the frames on my UCS field, I want to just make sure that I didn't miss at all stages.

I am user standerd and my administrator account is disabled

Hi I am sttandard user in my computer laptop windows 7 and UN fortunately I have not activated my Admin sector and not all other users have rights so can you please help me how can I activate my Administrators account?