How can I move data Thunderbird back between computers as Outlook import/export to a .pst file

I regularly temporarily move my Thunderbird data to another computer running Thunderbird, then again later. I'm not constantly moving. I don't want to spend all my data from one computer to another, just my folders of Thunderbird, tasks, address book

iPhone 5s not appearing is not in the calendar of events

After I created an event, it appears in the calendar for a few seconds and it disappears. When I check on the calendar iCloud Web site, it will appear here. For some strange reason, it's simply not appear on my phone. iOS 9.3.1 All calendars are chec

Nothing happens when I try to click on certain tabs or links on various websites

Suddenly, Firefox does not respond when I try to click on different things. The hand does not appear and nothing happens. For example, I can not delete emails by clicking on the button Delete or close any other site using the logout button. It doesn'

HP USB and wireless Lan update failed to install

my USB hard drive can not be found and I noticed the Intel USB 3.0 extensible host controller FAILED to install the software update and also the Ralink Wireless network driver update / LAN also failed to install, I tried other USB hard disks, and the

Drivers for HP DeskJet 970cxi, Win7

Hello I have trouble with my printer on Windows 7 Vista have drivers and the printer works well, but I can't install it on windows 7. Someone knows how to fix this? Message edited by Łukasz on 06/24/2009 05:41

Sometimes the left click of my mouse does not work, and it happens in Firefox.

Some links should be opened with a middle-click in a new tab for me to see them, instead of just left-clicking to advance the page. It only occurs in Firefox, not in other programs or Windows itself. Firefox 3.6.13

Chrome - cannot download pdf files

I just realized that I can no longer download or save a PDF file open in Chrome during navigation. PDF download files when using my Windows laptop, 10 in Chrome and will also work when using Firefox on Mac. Opens a PDF fine, I can use other tools suc

T30 wireless problem

My father put in place a new wireless network, but the laptop will not connect to the new network. The strange thing is that the new wireless network works fine on other computers in my house. I need a way to solve this problem, which does not buy a

Did you know that HP has a channel on YouTube?

HP has a YouTube channel containing various videos covering common questions and tasks of PC.  This includes desktops, laptops and printers. The channel can be found here.  In the category browser videos, the right side of the page will be three othe

Problem with the queues

I have two sensors on a conveyor that will determine whether an object should be rejected or not. Another sensor is located at 80 cm distance where the object will be launched the conveyor. I learned to use the queues, but have had no luck so far. Co


Hey guys,. I have a MyRIO and an AD7690 (18 bit - ADC). The communication is done by SPI and I want to use the data on the FPGA, for this purpose, I want to use the FPGA as interface for further processing. I need just MISO, SS, SCKL I give any order

Yoga 11 s how do you remove Mcafee?

There is a lot of garbage I want to remove a new yoga 11 s. One of them is Mcafee. I spent over an hour trying to figure out how to remove it and really resent Lenovo dumping these programs on my machine. Normally, you would go to uninstall in Contro

My hotmail has changed to another language I don't understand... Why?

For some reason any just in the last hour more or less the language has changed on my Hotmail account and I have no idea why.


have xp and I'm movinf to a new pc with windows 7. need to know even for Internet Explorer saved favorite - when they are deposited?

Update Xperia Z2 Prototype

Update Xperia Z2 Prototype

Why games are bad for the laptop? and what is the reason?

Please can you help me I bought a series of naw computer hp laptop Pavilion g6 and I want to keep it quick and clean and no problem in the problem is I like to play to the laptop... my mom tell me that the games are bad for the laptop, so I won't kno

Customize icons

Is it possible to add pictures / downloaded images to use as the desktop icons?  The yellow folder and other options are pretty boring and I want to customize the icons you see on the desktop.  I am also doing the same thing on a computer that is run

Windows 10 and AMD

I upgraded my HP Pavilion dv6 Windows 10 and had a lot of problems with graphics, more the laptop ran hot trying to cope with what seems to be a compatibility issue with the AMD M880G HD4250 and ATI HD5470 Mobilty Radeon display adapters AMD site sai

Access ASDM ASA on the external Interface

We have three ASA5510s, each configured for ssh and http access to the Cel outside.  One of them has aaa users/passwords defined for both ssh and http.  I can access the ASA configured for aaa of the designated host allowed in the external interface

BlackBerry Smartphones how do you get back on the BlackBerry

I can't find the manual and can't find anything in the search or Google, how do you get back?