A random spacer has appeared today I can't delete it, it takes 25% of my bookmarks toolbar, how can I remove it?

Something resembling a spacer (but it does not turn white when I open customize it menus) appeared at the end of the right hand of my bookmarks toolbar today and more waste 25% of my bookmarks toolbar. It can be removed in the way spacers can normall

Power adapter can be used for a Satellite Pro M70

power adapter can be used for a laptop Toshiba DC? Details:19V, 3, 42 Thank youArun

application error Userinit.exe & rundll32

I don't know if anyone has any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I am Windows Windows XP Home SP2 on a Satellite edition.I think I have a virus that prevents me to connect to my computer properly. Whenever I connect to my computer, it shows

Does anyone know if the ACL of HP2011 series widescreen has speakers?

The screen wide ACL of HP2011 series have speakers?

Satellite Pro A120 - no sound

Just installed Skype with MS Lifecam - no there is no sound at all!

NI 9148 with LabView module detection

Hello I got the task of creating a deployable (compiled) software to a DAQ system with NI 9148 Ethernet RIO basket background and various modules. The user must have the ability to change the module type and the location of the different tests, so th

HP Envy 17-j130us GPU replacement possible?

Hello I've owned my HP Envy 17j130us for a few weeks now and it's every day a great disappointment. It takes years to start and does not give me half of the power that I expected an i7, even if it was supposed to be a great laptop. Once I'm not livin

Problem with the HP 430 (bluetooth and teredo tunneling Pseudo-Interface) drivers

Hello recently my bluetooth function cannot to connect to other devices... This is what happens to the Device Manager: What is teredo tunneling pseudo-interface is for? is it important?If so, how to solve this problem?How to solve the problem of the

HDL is not showing node do not

Experience of other posts about it and have not yet understood what I am doing wrong.  I can't find the node of HDL in an FPGA VI.  I described the steps that I did below.  Seems to me all FPGA modules installed as well.  The only work around I could

On a windows 2003 R2 SP2, gives error 1053 SNMP service startup

On a windows 2003 R2 SP2, start the service SNMP gives error 1053 (below) In the event log are event ID: 7000 & 7009 back (below) Already tried: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/886695 (check the "allow service to interact with desktop"). I hav

I had a password lock after a Windows automatic update 14/10/09.

I restored the system to a point before the updates, and I managed to open a session, but the updates keep installation every time I stop and I have to keep restore to be able to connect. I changed the settings to do not automatically updates, but it

Get an id error = 0xC00D11BA, condition id = 0x00000000, trying to play the media

Original title: of error id = 0xC00D11BA, condition id = 0x00000000? This happens when you try to play the media of any kind. What should I do to recover my sound?

having problems when on any site on the internet don't block out of one site to another, just computer fresses?

Log on to my hotmail and it then takes me who's who or other sites, but Cain can't close a site to another, need to disconnect or change user to spend?

Impossible to get any application that must be opened with .exe files

original title: file extension exe Cannot get any application that must be opened with .exe files.  This includes all the games. Outlook Express, Microsoft Word and Excel.  Whenever I try to open one of these applications, the computer comes back wit

I forgot the password of the administrator account.

Original title: I cantt remember the password for the user to the administrator of my computer.  Is it possible to enter the Admin account and it switch back to my own?  I'm using VISTA Home Premium 64-bit OS. I have a toshiba laptop that is about 3

HP Pavilion dv6000 won't start

My laptop does not start. just replaced the battery thinking that might be the solution but it was'nt. When I press the button come from blue light on but nothing on the screen then the laptop turns off on its own or the lights will Flash several tim

Can I watch movies in 3d on my laptop?

I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite A200, is it possible to watch employees 3D, clips video pictures... If yes what type of glasses are required for this.

code 66A:

my computer keeps saying I have to restart for the installation but it keeps it over and over and nothing is installed.

error code is P 10, I said sometimes when diagnosis tracking.

I have two identical computers using Windows Vista Home Premium and with built in the wireless, using a wireless router ("voice box" here in France), one works perfectly well the other suddenly seized upward and unable to connect with the Net. "Analy

Dell Inspiron 17 5000 trouble

Hello, I just got a new Dell, inspiron 17; and already used an Acer laptop. I currently have a pair of Turtle Beach headphones with microphone and it doesn't seem to be 2 ports from headphone output on this computer (1 for the helmet, one for the mic