HP Pavilion Slimline s5510y of: No. Wireless Network Adapter installed

I just bought a Pavilion Slimline S5510Y Desktop opportunity; not an installed wireless network adapter.   Y at - it somewhere that I can download the map?

Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite M100-JGS

I just put in money to get the screen of my laptop fixed and now I can not find the drivers for it. I formatted the computer and am currently using windows XP (I'm not a fan of change..) and I need your help. Apparently, the computer is a Canadian se

Some functions do not work after reinstalling the OS on Tecra S1

Hello I reinstalled PC I have downloaded and installed all the drivers. But LAN, USB and PCI flash more network card will not work correctly. I mean that I have failed to install! You know the reason and how to do it? Thank you very much! RAID

My sound does not work

I have a 2000 219DX HP Notebook PC Windows 7 64 bit and a reader of RealTek HD Audio installed and activated. My sound has stopped working since yesterday. I recently did an update of the BIOS before but he worked shortly after, and then the next day

No possibility of sync on my PC?

Palm, someone in your store has had a major mental breakdown.  I can't believe that someone with some common sense not intervene to bring a reality in the image. I have owned Palm products since days Handspring.  A shareholder also. I waited patientl

An appropriate case or cover to Yoga 2 8 Tablet?

Nobody here don't know or use a good case/cover for their Yoga 2 8 "tablet and if so, where did get it? I have some on eBay and Amazon have looked but can not make my choice. All answers gratefully received.

Call dll error 1097

Hello I'm reading the data from a capture card in my slot PCIe card. When I call the "Initialize" function from the .dll file that I got with the card, I always get error 1097. 1097 means that the called function threw an error. When I run the progra

Internet toolkit 64-bit

Hola a todos, I need el Internet para toolkit Labview 2009 para Vista 64-bit, y no lo encuentro por lado para poder bajarmelo any. If any of ustedes me could help con el link bajarlo donde me ayudaria a monton. Además con este toolkit Lei as era posi

scanner does not work with the new Maverick on Mac software

I took my Mac for maintenance and has updated the OS to Maverick. Printing works fine but not the scanner.  Message is to make sure "scan to computer" is enabled in the printer software. I don't see all the software of the printer. Any suggestions?

Program files folder

I use Windows XP Prof SP3. I was going over my "program files folders" in WIndows Explorer and noticed a "ESTsoft' folder. I checked Add/Remove Programs, but there is no software on the list program. What is ESTsoft, how does settle, and the removabl

"There was an error opening this document, the file is damaged and could not be repaired." by e-mail

I get "there was an error opening this document, the file is damaged and cannot be repaired." Sometimes it works, but more often than not I get this message when you try to open a PDF well my IMAP email server. I also have the latest player adobe dow

Installation CD for HP Photosmart and B210e Plus that supports Windows 8

I just bought a new laptop with Windows 8.  I tried to install my printer HP Photosmart Plus B210e with the installation CD, and it supports up to Windows 7.  I can still use the printer since Windows will install the necessary drivers without the CD

Recently, I built a new computer and used my old hard drive. Now, I can't activate Windows XP via internet or telephone?

Hello I recently built a new computer with a new motherboard, processor and RAM.  The computer works well, but I can't go through the activation of Windows XP.  I tried connecting via internet, and he said that I didn't have a connection, which I kno

Cannot transfer video from Sony handycam to WMM

I have Windows XP SP3. 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD, Intel Core2Duo processor. I have Sony Handycam DCR-HC54 with USB streaming. Until a few months back, I was able to transfer videos from Handycam to Windows Movie Maker and could change, to make the film. T

Need XP drivers for laptop Pavilion G6-1076er

Hello, can someone help me find the drivers for Windows XP?

I forgot the password and couldn't open my computer, windows vista

Help, please. I forgot my password or something? I remember the last password I used. He said however good password. I am stuck I'm using windows viSTA.

I had the logmein123 call yesterday, may 10, 2011. What should I do?

I had the logmein123 scam yesterday, may 10, 2011.  I questioned the and talked to 3 people, but they were all so 'persistent' [persistent] and showed me all the "problems" at my computer, that I don't give any personal information. and access to the

re-installed windows vista and I lost my desktop folder

Circumstances beyond my control (WGA problem), I was forced to reinstall vista on my laptop. I took care to save all the data I needed... almost. I need to get one of the contents of the folder that was on my desktop. When I reinstalled vista, he ren

DVD and Bluray works do not HELP!

When I insert a dvd or a bluray in my laptop, it asks upgrades. When I click on it it does not work. I went to troubleshoot clicked on media and went on the Web site. There are comments and messages on the same problem. one of the posts said that it