I have the info part of party or cancelled downloads that show at end of page that cannot b deleted

as directed by the screenshot I consider remarks of downloads that have been abandoned or not completely downloaded that I can't erase - normal downloads get disabled by pressing the clear key.

A small icon of 404 not found always appears at the bottom right of my screen everytime I open firefox, regardless the page I'll, it's still there in the same place

I can go to either the page I like, but the little message is always that appear. He is just a paralilogram little 404 not found message whith and a strange server name.

Want to 750-055XT: new computer does not start

The computer starts nine on eon can't. Customer support attempts were in vain. Yesterday evening was told to perform a test on the drive hard and at the request of a call, but never followed. Computer started this morning, but after a stop (stop thro

NB100 - key keyboard wrong language

Hello I bought a series of NB100. The keyboard does not work properly. Perhaps because of the language defined during installation. The @ button prints the double quotes ("")The key # print a symbol of the book. Need help to fix this. I tried to chan

Key end/Insert swapped Helix

On the keyboard, the "End/insert" key is labeld as it seems that the bed should be the default behavior. ('End' is printed in the same type size as 'Home' on the nearby button, with "Insert" in small print). I think it would be the key for the key of

Creation of recovery disks does not not off < ESC > Menu start < f11 >

Dv6023tx Pavillion Entertainment Notebook on a Core i5-2410 running Windows 7 When I bought the laptop I only have recovery discs educated and, and then deleted the partition of recovery more space ... NEVER DO THAT LAST BIT... last week, I installed

No mail option in photos

I can't post a picture of the program foto

Mapping of Signal USB-8451 problem

I recently bought a USB-8451 used to try some Labview SPI/I2C development. I found that when I create a simple VI to write and watch the signals on a PC based Logic Analyzer, I see that the SCLK, MOSI lines are reversed. I checked that I have the cor

The eloquence of empires 2 conquerors loading screen crash

After changing the compatibility Win 98 or 95 (the operating system minimum for the game) for Age of Empires conquerors I get message saying of error "the application could not start properly (0 x 80000003). Click OK to close the application. » When

Problems installing Office updates.

I have Vista and you can not install updates of security following, even if I installed subsequent updates since these have failed. Update for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 (KB972363) security; Microsoft Office Visio 2007 (KB973709) Viewer; 2007 Micr

My laptop will not install updates, please help?

I have an old compaq laptop for 2 years and I sent it to corrected and to fix the problem, they had completely restart the computer, and when I run windows update told me I need to install an update to be able to get more updates, it installed fine,

Cannot install on Windows XP stellarium

I can't install software free progrm called stellarium on XP that will help me with that I'm studying astronomy. Has anyone else had this problem and solved? Thanks GCE 15

Hyperlinks in e-mail messages

By chance, I installed Chrome when I installed Google Earth.  I uninstalled Chrome but since I have been unable to use hyperlinks in e-mail messages.  When I toast on a link I get the message "this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in

Alienware 17 - R3, does not illuminate!

Hi all A week ago, I bought my first Alienware 17 - R3 with i7 processor 6700hq. At present, the pc does not start. Thinking it was the battery, connect the charger and nothing at the beginning. On logo Alienware (power button). But now, even I can't

Update Vista SP1 RUIN my computer__

I decided to download SP1 for my windows vista computer, and everything happened is gone well until the download starts in the process of starting my computer, like before representing, I decided to open a session. Just after that he asks me "Start w

Monthly updates of Windows 7 turned into a nightmare experience (very slow)

Over the last four months, try to download/install important updates for Windows 7 has become an absolute nightmare, and it seems to be getting worse. Previously, if I ran one of the MS Fix - It tools, the problem resolves itself, but not this month.

Folder Favorites of Windows 7 will not develop

I have a new version of Windows 7 that's installed on a new machine. I meet a strange bug. It's a problem with the Expand function under Favorites in the Navigation pane. "Expand" Favorites folder is grayed out.Other records such as libraries and com

Security Windows 7 64-bit errors

I don't know that I'm not the only user with attacks on the security of large on Windows 7.  I have security problems, Yes, the notorious "no permissions have been assigned for this object.".  I installed a program that, when it has been installed, W

Computer screen upside down

My cat was walking on my keyboard, and the next thing I knew that the screen on my desk was backwards. I tried CTRL + ALT + top/down arrow, but it does not work. I need to use my office as soon as possible so please help! PS: my desktop computer runs

Hub for the 3rd party applications integration

It is possible for an application create notification items that appear in the BB10 hub. But it is also possible to create messages that appear in the hub with an application icon custom a custom application folder? Or is it not open to developers an