message pane and preview email

In the e-mail (client Mac), my wife dragged the horizontal line separating the message pane in the overview of all the way to the bottom pane - and here he is stuck.  The small button is still visible, but is a single line instead of the usual two. 

removal of the cable for material test

Hi I want to do a test om my IMac equipment I am connected to the internet with an ethernet cable plugged into my router and the iMac. Do I have to disconnect the ethernet cable to try out material?

How can I keep the wargames encroach on the browser on a new tab?

Firstly, I download and install fire Fox. everything works fine and fast. the second day without any warning a new tab of a site of war games opens automatically... . How can I keep this from happening?

Highlight in a table of Pages

I have a professional document that is converted to Pages because I do not have the software of Bill Gates, and I must highlight the sections, except the highlight option in the menu is grayed out. What should I do?

Foxfire runs when "Pac Man" plays continuously. How to stop it?

It started this morning for the first time. He plays when Foxfire is activated, not with IExplorer. Foxfire runs when "Pac Man" plays continuously. How to stop it? This has happened Each time Firefox opened NA User Agent Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE

Satellite A100-590: no sound

Hello my A 100 has no more sound. I reinstalled the driver Mustek sound, but the same story again.Regulators speaker correctly in central position but nothing to hear. Everybody is a good proposal to finalize this dilemma?

How to play episodes I bought on iTunes?

Hi all I recently bought an entire season of a series, and whenever I try to play the first episode it is not working properly. I don't know how to actually play the entire episode and whenever I click on it, he plays just 30 second clip, a preview.

My daughter has a 669-777-9492 saying text iCloud would remove all his pictures and txts before a certain date, if she didn't give them their account information.  This looks like a scam.  Is it?

My daughter has a 669-777-9492 saying text iCloud would delete all the photos on his account iCloud and txts before a certain date, unless she provided her iCloud account information.  I told him to sit tight, I think it's a scam.  Is it?

LV program with Windows Rights

OK so I have this problem. When a program I've done will run on a windows network admin accout (ENG), but I also have another account admin (PCK) on the network with the same rights on the same pc. file LV, it's the same for both users of the network

HP Pavilion g7-1329wm Notebook: SM Bus controller and network controller

where can I find Sm bus controller and network controller driver for my computer?

Our processor was reversed and now even if we have internet, other operations on the computer are unusable or very limited.

Last night, our processor has been spilled and although he fell very hard, we have no audio data, we are unable to change the screen resolution, and we are unable to turn on our safety Center, among other things that bothers. We have access to the in

Toshiba Portege 3505 with addition of XP tablet, the cursor is moved and menu drop-down window opens intermittently

My cursor is moved to the left of the screen, then a drop down window opens to display an element of right mouse drop-down window. It is intermittent in the duration and doen not always happen. I've performed on a toshiba portege 3505 with addition o

WANT to 114 does not connect to the Web server

Have installed a 114 WANT, everything works except for the webservices - wireless eprint etc. I tried everything- 1 re-install services - error cannot connect to the web server 2. Update - error cannot connect to the web server 3 give the static IP a

CP1515n colors are badly out of alignment

Using Wondows 7, 64 bit.  New toner cartridges.  Color printing is skewed and dropped lower than black text.  Have spent hours looking for the solution.  Everything goes to my need to FX Toolbox.  I can't find the original software disc and the HP si

Hard drive to expand the C partition

Hello How to expand the C partition on the hard drive. For the C partition option is grayed out in Disk Management extend it. Dell Inspiron 1564, Windows 7. Photo of attached disk management.

Can I replace the printhead on an HP Photosmart3210 all-in-one?

Can I replace the printhead on an HP Photosmart3210 all-in-one?

How to convert wdb and xlr files?

I have Vista Home Premium 32-bit.How to convert files from 2003 (Windows Me) on my backup.They are important. Some have extensions wdb or xlr. I have Office Word Viewer and Open, but I can't find a way.Does anyone know how to open these fi

T60p - clean the fan and now is noiser

My started fan gets loud if I open my laptop and he cleaned. Put it all back together, turned on and now it's even stronger than before. Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem? The laptop itself works fine btw just the fan is to be extremely

May depend on Windows Security Center service

Original title: security service center How can I get my Security Center service to start when I click the button, it tells me that it cannot be turned on

having hard time update