Why spam is collected in my outlook but not in thunderbird

Outlook displays email in the spam folder, but these e-mail appear not anywhere in thunderbird

Music videos in iWeb

Having developed with happiness a beautiful five page site supporting our harp of the wind in the strings and flute, recent duo of a potential customer responded that the embedded audio clips do not work properly in his office. After testing with Saf

My IPhone 6 wiped the Strip applications down the bottom of the homepage. There are now just a blank where my most used apps.

Once you access my iPhone 6 there are apps but down low where the most used applications in the past. In other words, emails, contacts messages, etc., there is a white band. I logged on but they never return. Just the empty Strip where they used to b

OfficeJet 6500 E709n: Cannot print after upgrading Windows 10

Cannot print. "Doctor print" said there is a software problem. Uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled the software complete... twice. Capable of printing in color "internal" wireless test page but cannot print a doc and it does not show in the Panel

ReadyNAS NV Factory Reset cannot connect Admin Page

I was just given a ReadyNAS NV without disks. I am a reader and slapped in, did a reset and everything went great. RAIDar indicates that the unit is in good health. I click on the admin page and it asks username username/password so I put in default

Satellite A15-S129 won't start CD - message NTLDR missing

I decided to do a new installation on my Satellite A15-S129 neighbors. After trying all sorts of ways, I decided to remove the hard drive and reformat my computer. When I put in the satellite, I expected to boot from the cd since the hard drive was e

PunkBuster Service Communication failure when attempting to play BF2142 online

BF2142 installed without problem. PB was updated with the latest files. Firewall is turned off.  PB website says that PB uses the UDP port outgoing 17567 to communicate with the master servers.  If this is the problem, how can I find the port to dete

Windows update code error 646 (KB976414, KB977304)

Windows update 646 (KB976414, KB977304) failed error code

A fallen Sansa view it doesn't work on anything but radio audiowise anymore

I went to the top of the stairs and stepped on my helmet line. All of my songs and videos are now a strong passion for audio. I just did affect my sansa irreparably?

Display driver igfx has stopped responding, but has recovered, blue screen with a Bcc Code of 117.

Original title: igfx display driver I keep getting a message "the igfx display driver has stopped responding but has recovered.  A few times, it goes to a blue screen.  I'm not playing games when that happens.  My history of problem says it is a Live

Crash Windows Explorer in Vista

My Windows Explorer process (Vista OS) crashed and when I reload the powers of the PC upward, at Windows startup and then Explorer says that its defective, puts in place a dialogue box saying it is looking for a solution, report the problem to Micros

File recovery after an accident with my portable HARD drive?

I had a breakdown and I had to reload Windows VISTA on my computer. How can I make recovery program to find my backup files to my portable hard drive. When I started the program of recovery he doesn't see all the backup files.

Fast Charger UCH10

Hello Is the compatible Xperia M4 Aqua (double) with the quick charger for Sony UCH10? Thank you.

HP dv6-7211tx envy: cannot find drivers

Cannot find drivers for my hp dv6 7211tx envy page. The old page drivers now redirect to a page of troubleshotting. Google did not help either.

3 questions to SONY Xperia m4 aqua

1 Howcomes sony decided to clock the snapdragon 615 to 1.5 ghz and not 1.7 ghz like other phones, because their performance is much better in the game? for example, Eric mi4i or the zte blade s6. 2 sony will add VOLTE (voice of 4 g) in an update that

defragmentation problems

My defrag works didn't say it will but never shows the lines to show the defrag, everyone?

Windows Live Mail 11 Windows 7

How can I stop [SPAM] in the subject line of the e-mails received? This most often occurs on the emails received from contacts using the same ISP as me. Platform: Windows 7 Live Mail 11

VPN between ASA and 871

Hello I'm setting up a VPN router between 871 and ASA 5505 for the first time and having a problem. I have attached my network diagram as well as the configuration of 871 and ASA. Although the VPN tunnel is coming for example sh crypto isakmp his wat

I have a comfort curve 2000 keyboard v.1 how to fix the c button because it won't work

When I use the comfort curve keyboard 2000 when I type anything that c does not work even if I press on it how can I fix this problem

Xbox music app load music unknown artist

When I load the xbox on windows music soft 8 loading under unknown artist songs and most of load to the unknown album title.  This does not happen with zune and windows media player.  I have + 12 000 songs on the computer.  The metadata appear to be