How to change your user name?

Is the only way to completely close your profile and start a new?

All https sites are routed to/from a site that has an 'invalid certificate' with the name DATAMARKETRESEARCHAPPS.

I can't access any site secure with her being blocked entirely or has the possibility to access in any case given an untrusted certificate. Secure any site I now have the same message. The name in all areas is 'DIGITALMARKETRESEARCHAPPS PTY LTD'. I'l

I forgot my bio password

Please help me find my oops battery bio past I forgot itthank you (cnu92898cx)

having problem reading pdf files

Hello world! My name is HP slate 7 HD 3403ea. I'm having some trouble reading PDF files. That day, after that I bought my tab, I transferred about 25 PDF files from my handset to this tab. I could open all the files then. But a few hours later, when

single click option

Could not find the option click in Vista

Samsung S6 connects to the router but no internet

When I switched to xfinity I bought a C6300. I had problems with the first not allowing my NAS to connect so I exchanged against another. My phone would connect to the router and work fine for awhile then lose Internet connectivity. The only way to g

HP Mini 1000: help me! Fatal error... System stopped

I need help my laptop won't let me in the BIOS, it keeps the overiding until I put the password correct SN is CNU9293J4N

To input analog shutdown when the analog output is completed and synchronization

Hello I'm trying to get my LabVIEW program to send analog output to a computer and read acceleration using the cDAQ-9184. Chassis output that I use is the NI 9263 and the chassis of entry is the NI 9234. I generate a signal of white noise using LabVI

Photosmart printer 6510

98% of the time that I print with black ink custom setting only in draft mode to save ink.  I noticed recently that was not only my black cartridge low on ink, but also that my color ink cartridges were low.  Is it possible that when the black ink ca

Fastest way to take data

I use an acquisition of data USB-6009, and I am trying to recover data (tensions) in three channels as quickly as possible and display each in a graph. First of all, I knew not any LabView until I wrote this, so I don't know that it's not terribly wr

Save the process of LabVIEW

Hello! My name is Andreas and I now work with a camera that will show you in real time (its finished I have attaced the file below) I can't save images at a speed of about 300 fps(512*512). I am completely new to labview, so I don't know where to sta

In visual C++ 2010 Sudio type a name of boot file is error message like characters * / etc. can not be used when I don't use in the name of the project

I create a new project in the projects and Solutions (C++) as Console Win32 Application. I enter a name for the file as proposed game and the project an error because there seems to be some included characters that are not allowed.  WHY there is not?

How to empty a mailbox

original title: mailbox capacity How can I change the mailbox is not the ability

Eject removable storage devices

There is no icon on the taskbar background to eject to eject removable storage devices.  Help!

Outlook Express will launch is no longer from the desktop. Tried to download a file to reinstall Outlook Express but the error message indicating that a later version of Microsoft Explorer is installed

Outlook Express will launch is no longer from the desktop. Tried to download a file to re install outlook express but error indicating that a later version of Microsoft Explorer is installed. Is there a file with Outlook Express and the appropriate v

How to load a "remote desktop"?

I need to use something called "remote desktop" but cannot find or understand how to load?  Is this software?  I have to add my windows disk?  Help!

poss blue screen error

My laptop stops in the middle of my use of the internet. I went to the 'reports on problems and solutions' and did all the things she wanted and it did not help. so I went in the application event viewer and the flaw of bucket is 554515997 type 5, th

Printer disconnected

I have a HP Photosmart C4795.  I print a document and pages were print tablecloths in position up, so I took out the paper to solve the problem.  After that, I got a "printer offline" error message.  I tried to restart the printer, my laptop, have di

LaserJet P2055d: Printing on both sides

I got my default printer settings to print on both sides of the A4, but then I moved my printer on my router to allow another computer at home to print on it when my main computer is turned off.  I don't get the same preferences to printer from the p

Location entered power in bulk / HP DV7-3065dx / generic DV7 - Laptop!

Hello I could you use quick help! My laptop got sat on the cord into the laptop to charge! The laptop has always worked and fresh but the inner part where the cord plugges is loose now! Can I put a tape around the site to fix? Otherwise, I think I ha