10 Firefox does not prompt for passwords recording

Even if the Save password option is checked, and I'm not in private browsing mode prompt "pop-up" to save passwords doesn't seem anymore. Some sites do not allow this function, however, it does not appear on all sites (sites that work with a 10 Firef

Installed the RC on Satellite L40 Satellite

Updated to Vista Home Premium RC - everything seems to work very well. I have already upgraded the RAM to 2 GB.RC also seems to be much less disk space than Vista... Thought I'd share this...

Equium L30 - no sound in Windows XP Home edition

I have read all the messages for the sound with Realtek HD audio problem but still no sound on my laptop. I tried to install software patches from Microsoft, I tried to install the vista drivers but nothing works. The sound is properly installed but

Screen color faded on Satellite Pro M30

Hi people I just browsing the internet when my color on the screen of my old m30 of 11 months gone, I rebooted and all I get now is a blank white screen with a few lines down it. Someone at - it had the same problem?I hope that this is covered by the

Portege M100 stop when unplug the a/c adapter - battery problem

Hi people, Laptop for my wife, it's a Portege M100 3 or 4 years, which is seems a good machine, although the hard drive failed and had to be replaced recently.However, there is also a problem with the battery charging. The machine works very well whe

Toshiba NB520 - very low WiFi signal strength

Hello My new netbook Toshiba NB502 has a signal strength wireless very low compared to the other two netbooks used in my house.I tried to play with the Device Manager but can't see any obvious way to improve the signal. Any advice?

HP ENVY m4-1015dx Notebook PC: hp envy m4 battery not charging but fresh when the laptop is turned off

Hello! I was with my hp envy m4 core i7 for quite a while now... recently, I formatted and installed windows 8.1 64-bit installed. I decided to download some drivers from the hp site and I realized I needed to provide my model of laptop model number

Lenovo_Part partition it is original or added?

I recently noticed the partition (e) Lenovo_Part on my Y580 under Windows 7 Home Premium. Is a partition installed factory as well as the Lenovo partition (D :) or was created at a later date by another method.) If it's a partition later, which cause

Drivers missing Port Serial PCI and PCI Simple Communications Controller

I have an old Office Thinkcentre. It is a model 9196 and I am running Windows 7 (64 (b), and I get an error for my Serial Port PCI have not installed the drivers. I did a lot of research and found links to drivers in this forum, but they are every ye

DAQmx - how long survives a task?

Hi people, I want to keep the DAQmx task in the cluster of data deprived of a wrapper class, in order to be able to configure it with a method and begin with another. The wrapper is necessary, because I need additional features. The task based approa

Intertwining of the tables on FPGA

Hello I am trying to interleave 1 3 tables for writing a FIFO DMA on an FPGA, but I can't make it work properly. When I try 2 1 tables it of ok, but with 3 elements are not properly interlaced and the result is that all 1 3 bays are mixed up. I tried

Blue screen during installation of Windows XP on my Touchsmart TX2

Hey guys. l am trying to install Windows XP on my new HP Touchsmart TX2, but the startup configuration every time l, the Tx2 stops with a blue screen when loading drivers. l tried with several discs, even those created with nLite and understood the S

Android Mini appears as an "unknown" device

OT: Download data from my phone. I have a Mini Android, but a Microsoft Computer. When I plug my phone into the computer he calls it an "unknown" device I don't know how to fix it.

memory stick 1 GB Aria

I have a stick of memory of 1 GB aria, my pc is to recognize that it is connected but not read or view files! one day, it was OK the next day, nothing, any ideas please?

A button user interface leads in labview

Hi all I'm relatively new to Labview and I'm working on a project related to control systems. I have with me is an old program written in 1996 for a DOS system based which interacts with a device controller of tank water and allows the control of a d

USB port does not detect the USB storage

Hello My company gave me a Lenovo ThinkPad L420 and whenever I connect the USB external storage, I am not able to see it on my computer but I can see the unit on Control Panel devices and printers. Please let me know how activate or activate? Thank y

Printer HP Photosmart B109n-z problem

Last week I bought a new printer, photosmart B109n-z, installed wireless on my PC and installed with the USB on my desk. All good works, earlier, I often lose my internet connection on my deskto. Have to unplug/plug the internet cable again in the as

Whenever I try to download video from my card memory camcorder toshiba my computer shuts down immediately!

I have another video camera and he plays those clips fromt eh memory card (although very slow and the sound is turned off), but it won't let me even open the files of the toshiba.

UCC api returns this error: StatusCode = 0x80ef0191 / / 80EF0191 (not allowed)

HelloI have this error: StatusCode = 0x80ef0191 (80EF0191).I use the UCC API and code examples.When I using MOC 2007 all it's OK. I use this same settings MSN # * address email is removed from the privacy *.

Previously detected Antivirus software suddenly not detected

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 and I have Webroot SpySweeper with AntiVirus installed. Detected Security Center program as soon as I installed it, but a week ago, he suddenly stopped to detect. Under Malware Protection now, it says "Wind