A damaged adapter will cause battery at no charge?

The cord is frayed at the junction of magnetic thingie likely to strain. I stuck with Chatterton and MacBook can be used when it is plugged. However the battery will not load. Any relationship between damaged adapter and no loadable batteries? Thank

Why is-expose-animation-duration always set to 0 after I restarted my iMac?

Why is-expose-animation-duration always set to 0 after I restarted my iMac? I always have to open the Terminal and run this command, back to normal. defaults delete com.apple.dock expose-animation-duration; Killall Dock

To access the Jpg image files after deleting files of AAE position

I was manually copying my photos my iPhone6 on my PC (Windows 10) and deleted the. AAE different associated with JPEG images files before copying them, because I had deleted these same files previously after transfer to my laptop without a problem. I

iPad 9.7 enough hot Pro

Unboxed a new iPad 9.7 Pro about an hour ago. When you hold it in portrait mode, the right side of the bottom of the iPad feels much hotter than the other sections. Others know about this?

What case for a Satellite U840 - 10 X?

Hello I just bought a Satellite U840 - 10 X, and I can't find a case that stops the laptop firmly without adding too much height. I found some cases for computers laptops 14 "but they have all 4cm of space on the inside, allowing him to move inside.T

Satellite Pro U400 - How can I get the native screen resolution for external monitor?

I have a samsung syncmaster external screen connected to a Satellite Pro U400. The resolution of the screen goes up to 1280 etc. but the minimum samsung is 1440 x 920 (ish I forgot).How can I get the samsung to display full screen expanded to save my

Qosmio X 70-A-13th-problem of overheating - SOLUTION

I tested a spent cooling and now I have the solution. This cooling spent needs a few hours before it is perfect.My max tempreture at 100% of ussing (only with the tools) is 92 ° C cpuNormal in the game I have 79-86 ° C. At the office of 40-60 ° C. Co

Can't scream once iOS 9.3 update on iPhone 4S

I have upgraded to iOS 9.3 (13E233) last night and now my iPhone 4S (MD377LL/A) will make more outgoing calls. He will receive the incoming calls and applications that use the data connection always seem to work. Text messaging is OK. This phone is o

Pavilion 15z-ab100: replacement hard drive under warranty outside the country of purchase

Hey everybody. I bought a laptop HP the HP online store in the United States in November 2015. I am currently in India and my laptop hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. My laptop warranty is valid outside the country of purchase (USA)? Ca

Satellite A100-447 - DVD player does not read some discs

Hello I have a 4 month old Satellite 100-447 (PSAAN), came preloaded with Vista Home Premium and a carpet * CD/DVD super-multi UJ-850 s player. The DVD player does not work properly. It will recognize a few blank, but never DVD-R DVD and won't recogn

Cougar for Officejet L7590 fax software update

Popup says I need software of HP to get the fax to work. He begins looking for software, none found, said I need a software manufacturer. I go to the HP site, find my camera, can you tell me to run the software update. Software update said: I'm updat

How to get mydaq recognize px309 pressure transducer % 3F

It has only 3 wires instead of the usual 4. They are black, red and white and negative excitement, positive excitement and signal respectively. I plugged the black wires and red to an external power supply, the white wire to the myDAQ HAVE. Then I we

is - it safe to replace the old adapter 65W, 18.5V 3. 5 with the new adapter 65W, 19.5V, and 3.33 has...?

Can I replace my old adapter 65W, 18.5V, 3. 5 has with new adapter 65W, 19.5V, 3.33 A for my Presario V6000 laptop Serial number HP: V6316TU p/n: GJ135PA #ACJ S/n: CNF7222J78. Is it safe to use the new adapter with + 1V and difference Amp?

I have Windows xp, how to remove or delete a contextual area about the Windows Installer which appears unwsolicited when I open Internet Explorer

Boxc contextual of Windows Explorer is displayed when I open Internet Explorer... it does not cancel - runs a secondary Windows Installer box.   I have to go through the process to attempt to cancel the boxes about 3 times before finally disappears a

Windows xp professional sp3 general system control panel displays the wrong amount of system memory

Have a Dell Optiplex GX280 running Windows XP Pro SP3 with 3.5 GB of memory. BIOS confirms the good memory installed, but the control panel > system > general tab displays only 2.99 GB of memory.  Is there a fix for this issue or Windows using only t

Power supply is turned on, but not fans.

I have a Gateway with Vista Home 5478. My power supply is on, but the vista system will not start. The power light is on, but that's all. I also noticed that all fans, including the fans inside my diet, are dead. I changed power supplies, increased f

My screen I have show a slight tint of blue/teal in the areas where there should be white

My display shows a slight blue tint in the areas where there should be white

BlackBerry smartphones downgrade to os v5 to os version 4.7

I want to downgrade the operating system from Version5 to below v4.7 I think. Cannot find how do. Thank you. This is the bb Storm 9500.

TMS database name

Is it easy to rename an existing MSDS database or create one from scratch, which is different from the standard denomination. I can't seem to find options to repoint to a new database, and I did not know if the installation process would find the DB

Cloud of Creative, what exactly?

I still use PS Elements 6, so I'm late. Cloud of Creative, what exactly? If I want to buy After Effects, I download directly to my computer or access it online from Adobe?