NBA 2 K 16 for Apple TV freezes white screen

I have NBA 2 K 16 for my 64 GB Apple TV 2 and have had problems with the application. The current problem is that the application crashes after the homepage with Harden, Curry, and Davis players featured. I deleted the game and re-uploaded, and it al

Why my iCloud won't save my photos

I bought more storage but iCloud won't save my photos, I have 50 GB of data and its available 49.1 says. I'm afraid that if I restore it I won't lose all my photos and videos.

Software for updates error checking

Software for updates error checking What should I do?

Satellite NB10T - A is blocked during installation of Windows 10 every time!

Can someone help me? I tried upgrading my laptop 4 times using windows update and every time it gets stuck. Every time the installation hangs at 83% complete across and 35% complete on the third phase, which if I remember correctly is something like

Where can I find display for Portege 3480CT drivers?

My 3480 Portege CT has been charged with ME after problems with Windows XP. Now, I can't find the right drivers for the display which starts only in color 16 with an extremely small screene mode. I can't find any suitable driver for my laptop except

Tecra A7: Temperature of the CPU to 95 C

I bought my Tecra A7 (Core Duo T2300) in August 2006. Recently, I noticed that the left side becomes hot, even when the work more CPU for a short period. It is shown that the CPU runs at approximately 95 ° C in such a case (for example. When Google D

Portege R700 - saver installed on Windows 7 64 bit

Hello I was looking for a way to reduse noise from the fan on a Win7 Portege R700-174 and read to install 'Energy savings' from the Toshiba support site. Installation was OK, but I can't use ist because common Module is not installed. I get an error

Satellite L505 recover with disks

Hello. I tried to restore my laptop to factory settings for the last 2 days at the end of the second disc, I got an error ff00-f3-0006 and it forces me to me will close.I have the drivers and programs disk to retrieve the disk hard if that's the prob

Need drivers of Windows XP Home for my Satellite P200 - 14H

Hello! I bought the P200 - 14H and want to downgrade from Vista to XP! Of course, there are no drivers on the Toshiba download website (OK, ago but nothing relevant) and then I should search for drivers of origin. But I found no drivers for: PCI memo

How to sweep the IV curve using instruments GPIB (ILX 3220)

Hi, I'm new to Labview - I learned basic stuff, such as strings, arrays, structures, etc. I have a source of current ILX-3220, OR-488. 2 and I want to do a curve using one - light-emitting diode. I'm really confused about what I should use. I downloa

How can I remove items in a ListBox in the front panel editor?

In LabVIEW 2010 Editor, I placed a ListBox control and then added 3 lines within the list box. Now, I want to delete one of these entries. I can remove the text, but I was not able to find a way to remove one of the lines. Delete all text does not re

I can't acess all programs, all I get is chosen the program that you want to use to open this file, nothing works, why is that thank you

I'm done with xpantspyware on my Windows XP some how I seem to have got rid of it but can not acess my control panel or anything without this arise (chose the program you want to use to open this file) can not get my internet explore have micorsoft e

Blue vertical line on the screen

Hello After a day of use, I have a blue vertical line on the screen. Defective LCD screen? Tried to reapply the latest firmware, but that doesn't change anything. Other things to try before a sent an RMA?

Want to copy and paste the names of files only, not the content

I have organized hundreds of files in several folders of dozens and that you must first create a list or map of all files.  I want only the names of files, not other thing.  I found some freeware that seems designed to do this, but am reluctant to do

PhotoSmart 6520 firmware upgrade questions

Greetings! I had no problem with my printer, until I "upgraded" from Win 7 to 8 Win. Initially, he printed for a few days, and then he stopped. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver at least twice. I tried the HP print and Scan Doctor, who fina

How to upgrade photo gallery

Can someone tell me please how to get photo gallery was last updated

Cannot access WVC54GCA on internet

My camera works fine on my local network, but it cannot access it remotely via the internet. I watched several discussions on this subject here, been through all the documentation, I find in every detail, and I think I have everything set up accordin

Is equivalent to a DSL ethernet connection or better ethernet internet connection called DSL connection?

Is equivalent to a DSL ethernet connection or better ethernet internet connection called DSL connection?

Windows 7 finds errors and recommend to run Chkdsk

I'm trying to find support on Windows 7 Beta, but the center of maintenance that comes with the beta version which brings me to the support site for Windows Vista. I commented and sent your comments, but was hoping to find a central forum for beta te

help choice of icon that had Windows 2000 animation: can I download it somewhere?

When I used windows 2000 in that I could get an animated icon to use instead of the regular help button to ask a question.  I now have windows vista and it doesn't have this feature.  Can I download it somewhere