Everytime I open a new tab in firefox. I get this page powered by Bing search engine. I DON'T WANT TO.

I opened a new tab in firefox, and every time I get a new search engine powered by Bing. I love bing first, then the random image shows a panic all triggered a massive anxiety. I don't need this shit. There was another post which apparently "solved"

HP Envy Phoenix 810-130qe: Beats Audio Control Panel is missing after upgrade to Windows 10 anniversary

OK I need help with my HP Envy Phoenix 810-130qe desktop computer. My pc came with Windows Pro 8.1 and it had an audio panel where you can set the audio beats. When Windows 10 came out I've upgraded to Pro 10 Windows and my control panel audio beats

Final Cut movie has perfect audio output but frozen video

I have a video of a concert of piano - I edited and synced audio sources.  In the editing process, it looks great.  However when sharing a video file (mov) result is a video with a couple of frames - and audio perfect.  I tried different ways to expo

HP Deskjet 2050: 10 Windows compatibility

Can not get the printer to function after installing windows 10.  Suggestions?

I want to know if the ipad with this serial number DM * 5VJ if it still warranty

I want to know if the ipad with this serial number DM * 5VJ if it still warranty...

Updated Lenovo A3000 KitKat

Y there is an update of Kitkat aligned Lenovo A3000 16 GB in the future or update 4.3?

To activate the update of the Safari browser

Should I update all Apps to the latest version before updating my iMac OSX 10.75 to Os X El Capitan

How to use the time of 80 MHz with the example of the soul base angular Position-buffer-Cont-Ext Clk.vi

Hello: I use the card PCI-6602 and am a bit new to the use of timer/counters.  I use the Commission to measure the position of a quadrature encoder. I would use the time base internal 80 Mhz the map of 6602, but examples of LabVIEW will not allow tha

The USB power cord is dead and I can't load because no other cable fits!

I do not understand the problem! Not a single micro USB cord I have in the House (I tried 5) be well adjusted, resulting in the Tablet does not charge, or only charge if I hold the plug in just the right place. I also bought a new cord and it didn't

How the random numbers will be generated

The "dice" in LabVIEW function is ised to generate random numbers between 0 and 1. If I create a [100000] array with random numbers between 0 and 100, the appearance of 1 to 100 is the same (about 1000 times each), but the appearance of the 0 is only

I have 3 PC home networking with a router. How to connect my new hp 6500 has more so any pc can print

I have 3 PCs at home with one with XP 32 bit and cable to connect to a router Internet, the secoond PC with windows 7 64 bit and wireless to the same router and the third PC with XP 64-bit with the same wireless router. Currently, two have their own

Why I see Runtime Error R6016-not enough space for thread data?

All of a sudden when I try to launch Google Chrome, I get "error R6016-not enough space for thread data? ' like Chrome stops. Plenty of hard disk, disk defragmented, no viruses or malware. Never seen this message before.

Question about replacing the battery in Aspire E15 E5 - 574 G

So, I bought an Aspire E 15 E5 - 574G from newegg because I need a new laptop and did not want to spend a lot of money. What never occurred to me until after that I paid because it was the battery was replaceable, further research after that newegg d

Microsoft databases

Why is microsoft security essentials suddenly saying that they cannot check that I am running Windows genuine, when the computer that I use was purchased with visa of installed Microsoft. Will not let me scan and say it will be disenabled if is not r

who is the manufacturer of detective driver

Ccc stop working. That's what I was told. They are not microsoft

Changing the Business Edition for home edition

Hello The hard drive of my laptop sh * t himself.  Subsequently, I have installed a new.  However, I do not have my backup of disks, so I reinstalled Windows Vista by using a copy of the friends of Windows Vista, Enterprise edition.  Thinking that my

E7440 - sleep issues and display problems

There are three major issues I have with my laptop, and I was wondering if someone else was too... I have not yet contacted dell support, but I will in the weeks that follow if I figure somehow what he has going on myself. I had my laptop for a littl

CPU maxed out in Windows 7 - always above 90%

I'm trying to understand why my CPU maxed out as always - I downloaded process Explorer after a lot of research and found that the three principals 'system', "taskhost.exe" and "svchost.exe". I don't think I have a virus I did serveral tests. I boote

Momentics 2.0 & 'Performance Release' on Alpha Dev C

Hello BB devs. With the new Momentics, the launch menu has been greatly simplified (too IMO). When you use the option 'Run Release', this seems to build a store signed (instead of debugging signed) BAR it then installs for the device target (ask CSK