Can the last word of the installation, I delete my old version of 2011?

As stated above, just bought the last Microsoft Word (and related applications that accompanies it).  My old man is 2011.  Once I installed it using the code accompanying it (do not buy the disc version), and once I am happy that my Word docs are hap

Is this site for downloading firefox down or obsolete:

We have a link in our for our download Mozilla Firefox sales reps, but the site is or obsolete. Can you please confirm? Here is the link we use:

My qosmio G20-105 auto stop after seeing about 30' TV

As the title says I have a problem with my brand new qosmio. I can't find a way to monitor the temprature of motherboards that I suspect is the reason for the automatic stop. This only happens when I watch TV. I tried to raise the laptop so that the

Camileo s20 very low sound recording

Hello people Yesterday I bought a Toshiba Camileo s20, and I face the following 'problem '. When someone speaks in a standing position two or three feet from the camera, his voice is too low. They must be medium close to the entire camera/microphone

Screen didn't work (Is black)

I've enabled Iphone 5s. I push the home button, screen, button walk / stop but nothing. But only the buttons volume and ring/silent work, I hear what they're doing. Help the Apple community

Droid Turbo Bootloader unlock

I bought a Motorola Droid Turbo XT1254 in Pakistan and that you want to unlock the bootloader, so I can it root and use Titanium Backup to backup/restore my apps and games. I made a thread on the Verizon forums but probably will not receive a reply,

My keyboard works, but was taken over by the stranger.

Almost every day, my system will sometimes, berzerk.  The characters I type will take 10 seconds, either on the search box tab url, it will offer several different options for a letter I typed in languages I've ever seen.  It may take 2 or 3 reboots

Safari loses files

Just updated to OS 10.11.2.  At editing bookmarks.  Moved two critical files with so many bookmarks that were near the top of the mail bar.  iCloud started an automatic backup and records have disappeared.  Have checked the remaining files and cannot

Problem inserting in table 2D

Hello I am trying to add an item at the end of the rank 0 to a table 2D (5 times). Then, add an element at the end of row 1 of table 2D (5 times). etc... I get the line of interest with the Board index, then add my new item with picture of compilatio

HP Pavilion G7 Test error code #.

I have a laptop HP Pavilion G7. I recently had someone snap my laptop close, and now when I try to boot my laptop, I get a black screen. I tried to do a hard reset and nothing. I went into the BIOS screen and reset it and still nothing. I went into t

Desktop HP Pavilion - necessary to uninstall the old AMD/ATI, install the hotfix from the AMD website I can install the new drivers but don't undertand the instructions for INSTALLING the old version? Can't find the name of the program to uninstall?  The only

How to scan multiple pages to a pdf file using the PIXMA MG7520 on Windows 8.0? Help, please!

I recently got a PIXMA MG7520 for a gift.  It works very well with my laptop / Tablet lenovo under Windos 8.0.  The only downside for the HP all-in-one it replaced is that she doesn't have an ADF.  That being said, there must be a way to scan multipl

Help me! My internet keeps screwing me.

I can't watch the videos on full screen and google chrome repeat myself "the identity of this Web site has not been verified" and that my connection to a Web site is not encrypted. What is - this and what it means?

A500 will not start loading Logo Android guard, never rooted always Stock Please Help

My son has tried many password twice and locked our tablet. I tried a few steps on the hard reset and now it shows Anroid on the screen, then turns off, then goes back to the Android screen stuck in a boot loop that follows. It will never start. I ha

How can I find the games of hearts and solitaire that has disappeared from my XP PC?

4 or 5 years... all pre-installed games that came with my computer... just disappeared... probably because I am not a Curmudgeon and pushed the wrong buttons.  I miss hearts and different solitaire games.  Is there a free download Microsoft XP, which

After using the EPSON WF-3520 installation CD, the DVD on my Vista PC player has stopped working.

I use a three-year-old Toshiba Satellite A355.  The Eastern question is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T50F Up at this time yesterday, it had been working flawlessly.  Now, it only makes clicking sound, but does not open.  Device Manager says "this device is fu

When I stopped the computer there are updates for Vista

Original title: Vista updates For the last two weeks, every night when I stop there are updates for Vista. What gives?

clean and stimulate the registry

How can I do this with a tool of program at Microsoft?

Backup need help to install a new version of windows xp that has been saved in my c: / my 053110 0240 pm backup

I've accidentally done a system recovery for windows xp on an old record.  On the back of the screen it said that it would save my current version of windows xp on my drive c as c; /My Backup 053110 0240 pm.  It appears in my drive c currently but I

HP Envy 7645e: scanning documents using feeder

I have the above printer and have a problem When I try to scan several documents and put them in the charger for a reason any the first document to start going in, gets about half way and then stops.  It gets pretty frustrating because I bought this