How to import an address book from GMail?

I have about 350 entries in my personal address book, and I would like to move in front of GMail in Thunderbird. I tried a two-step process, IE. creating a CSV file when exporting GMail to Excel, and then import the CSV file into Thunderbird, after a

Connection of lives

Cannot start my iMac after the last update, apears white screen only. How should I proceed?

How can I configure the menu bar headings?

I'm running on XP. I don't have the titles of menu bar: file, editing, display, history, tools, and help at the top of the page. I "rocked" the toolbar, but nothing appears. I tried to query the knowledge base, nothing helps. Can anyone help?

Linux Mint - no adjusting brightness on Satellite L45-B4182SM

Hello world I recently bought a L45-B4182SM and I switched from Windows to Linux Mint 17 8.1. Everything seems to work properly. However, brightness (F3 and F3 keys) control do not work. I would like to know if anyone has faced this problem before, a

Toshiba 32RL938G - internet and Wi - Fi

Hello I have the 32RL938G dating back a week. We cannot connect this TV to hard wired internet and not. We tried everything, but another way TV is neither recognized the internet modem. Hard wired must always be acknowledged? Because if a put my lapt

Safari does not open due to many redirects.  How can I fix it?

Safari does not open due to many redirects.  How can I fix it?

Satellite 1800-712: what comb drive can use?

Can anyone let me know the model number / part of the CDRW/DVD combiwalk in the 1800-712 of Satellite specifications. Mine has failed, and I needto get a new one.

G2 355 J0Y60E #ABV: I can not install the graphics card on my PC


Create a set of recovery problem

I have a windows 8, 64-bit computer pc laptop (HP pavilion g6). Whenever I try to create a collection set with DVD discs I get this message "we live errors in the creation of recovery media. Please try again. » Any suggestions on how to overcome this

He can not see software on the remote server.

Hello I'll have an experience frustrating majorly now that I'll have to solve the difficulties.  I had some recent problems with a particular LV, due installation remove this installation, and then ran the SP1 for LV 2010 distribution.  I could not f

Transfer of razor V3m to krzr K1m directory

Hello, I wonder if someone can help me, I have a V3m razor, and I want to copy the directory in a K1m. is there a way to do this? Thank you

msteknokratz one has been contacted by this company

No one has been contacted by this company

Camera download pictures to computer in a folder by name of the year only

How can I upload photos to the folder named: 2014_05_02 with photos inside for the day only.  My file shows that the year 2014 and the inside 04 or 05, which represents months.

everytime I have start watching videos sreaming they all start as they should, but later, they get real slow and it the effects of the performanced spped PC

everytime I have start watching videos sreaming they all start as they should, but later, they get real slow and it the effects of the performanced spped PC

The cutting tool not working anymore... :-(__It was my favorite thing...

For some reason my Snipping Tool no longer works. I clicked and 10 or 20 seconds, and I get the error: the cutting tool does not work on your computer right now. Restart your computer, and then try again. If the problem persists, contact your system

Links in the body of Windows Mail attachments of the emails NO

When I click on a valid link"(whether it be just by clicking on the words or a URL) in a valid windows mail, I get a dialogue box that says I need to"Create an association in the Set Association Control Panel"it just looked happening. Help

HP LaserJet P2015dn printer range: printer LaserJet P2015 memory upgrade

In HP "LaserJet P2015 [c00623611) series User Guide" which was packed with the printer, I learned that the memory upgrade chips are 100 pins minimum speed of 66 MHz. In HP HP Support Center "Printer LaserJet P2015 Series - specifications of the print

Kunaal malhotra

my email is ADMIN NOTE: identification of Email deleted by privacy policy >. Can someone who knew Kunaal Malhotra email me it please? He worked for Dell

Cannot detect the 2nd monitor

I set up a new hp PC Friday and managed to successfully transefer all of my old that wouldn't work for the new (reconditioned). This framework has been implemented to UltraMon and reuse 2 screens.  EVERYHING worked perfectly and I was able to work fo

Windows Defender or not?

Under control panel / window Defender (WD) the message is that it is OFF and click to turn it on. A click does nothing and finally it times out. Here is the interesting part, I have an icon in the taskbar for Windows Defender and it WE. Click on this