my itunes won't stop me to turn on the apple music that is already checked in the preferences

I have a macbook pro with the retina (end of 2013), 2 Ghz Intel core i7 and 256 GB. I signed up for the apple's music and it keeps telling me to proceed with the trial, then choose my plan. After that, I need to show features music apple in preferenc

in the new iso standard 10 analog world clock update?

How can we change the analog world clock in the new update iso 10? You could do it before, and now I don't see how to change it.

can't stop Bluetooth on mini

just bought a new mini. I want to use a keyboard and a wired mouse, but the mini won't let me turn off bluetooth or recognize the keyboard or wired mouse. can anyone help with this?

iPad forget password and number to connect to the internet

Hello , I forgot the password for my ipad and it systdmatiquement the connection with the internet. He asks "requires password at startup".   I don't want to format because I have several picture in the camera. How do I do? IOS 8.1.2

Profile of files and records are too big - how to move the contents of other files/folders?

I have a large Inbox and have moved all content in Thunderbird to a new folder I created under local folders. When I go on my windows file system and look in the profile folder, I found that the file/folder Inbox is always MASSIVE, even if I moved AL

What should I do to get the degraded version

new version deactivate my McAfee instead of get a magnifying glass whenever I visit a website in order to correct that I need to the degraded version, how can I do this?

Satellite P100-113 not the installer for the networking ethernet

The phone was bought in England, but is used in the USA, model PSPA3E. It runs Windows XP Home Edition sp2. We have Internet high speed brought to our House and I am trying to get the laptop connected to the Internet via an ethernet connection. There

Satellite P200D Vista recovery disk will not work

The OS is screwed on this laptop and when I try to boot normally a blue screen flashes so fast that you can't read and it stops. I try boot in hosted HDD repair he said: "the installed program cannot start. Click OK to turn off the computer. The CD d

2800-500 satellite HARD drive upgrade

Hi all Am wanting to upgrade my drive hard toshiba 2800-500, because it is currently has a 20 GB in there no model no MK2016GAP and would like to upgrade to a 40 GB with a model without MK4018GAS. I just want to know if it will work without any restr

3rd generation Apple TV stopped seeing all wi - fi networks.

3rd generation Apple TV suddenly stopped to see Wi - Fi.  I bought an Apple TV 3rd generation (stupidly) shortly before the 4th generation came out.  But it works fine for the short time I've had it.  However, I moved it to a larger TV this weekend s

Satellite A25-S279 - RTC error, but F1 key does nothing.

The error I get: "RTC * battery is low or CMOS checksum is inconsistent." Press F1 to set Date/time. » I have read many similar topics with the same problem, but with mine, I can't enter the BIOS if I press the F1 key. Is it normal when occurs the er

HP pavilion dv6-7010tx hard drive connector cable

Chennai, India, where can get connector cable from hard drive for laptop model HP Pavilion DV6-7010tx

Automatic opening for my new iMac

I want to be able to have the automatic connection on my new iMac. When I'm in the Group and users, I put my password if I can change OFF automatic opening in my name as an administrator. When I click on the arrow, I see that OFF and guest user. How

Convert the string array to array of numbers

How to convert an array of strings (which are numbers) to an array of numbers so I can find the maximum value? I tried to use the code below in the excerpt, but my numbers come out too much.

Why the memory usage increases as I am just under my application of the Labview DSC module

Hello I am facing a problem with my variables shared in VI that is always open becaause it is a based scada application. The problem is that they are continuously updated from field sensors and my PC use iin Task Manager increases up to kb 2,520104 a

Windows is slow to start

Windows take long at the start that I have windows Xp and my pc is a Hp Pavilion a1340n

Error sending mail

original title: error by e-mail I tried to send a copy of the invoice to our account and caused and error, now I can't out emial. Please tell us how to get rid of email error, warning burst to send and it error.

run microsoft 'fit' and have encountered a problem

problem TROUBLESHOOTING CANNOT CONTINUE because YEAR ERROR HAS OCCURRED WE are SORRY BUT THE PROGRAM has ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR AND can NOT CONTINUE. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER. This is the error message I get when I try to run the fix it program.what happ

Windows xp Task Scheduler service does not start

I have a problem with the Task Scheduler in XP SP3 (home edition) service. The service is configured to start automatically, but hangs during startup and the State is 'starting' permanently In this State, I can't start or stop the service manually. 

Reinstall it on the new computer with existing license

PC trying to die, get the new computer and you want to use the same operating system on the new machine. Can I keep the same key? Vista Business