I've lost the ability in pages of copy and paste graphics

I really like the pages if I need to copy and paste something, IE recipes with photos, but for some reason that my request has lost this function. Can someone help me please. I'm on iMac 10.5 Maverick. Lynne

BootPicker for El Capitan

Hey guys,. Just post a useful tip for those of you who can't get BootPicker to work on your Mac... first of all, you will need to download the bootpicker of this Web site: https://www.nbalonso.com/fixing-bootpicker-for-yosemite/ After you run the ins

When you run Firefox not found security Kaspersky, MOZCRT19.dll mode

I use Kaspersky Internet Security, which has an additional security feature. When you use that feature and I try to open Firefox, I get an error message saying that MOZCRT19.dll is not found.

Black screen C805D - 13G satellite after the switch of the bios to the CSM

Hi everyone, I really need help on this one.I have a Satellite C805D - 13G and it was working fine until I decided to install windows 7 on it. I did a USB key with the OS and the modified bios to UEFI in the CSM to boot from it. Well, since that poin

OfficeJet Pro 8710: 8710 Twain resolution Limitation

I finally fought my son 8710 in presentations and it now works OK on his wireless home network. But I noticed that the native TWAIN interface for the printer will not address a resolution above 300 dpi. The specifications of the scanner says he'll do

How to 'book' an Ethernet cDAQ chassis based in software without using MAX?

I am using a cDAQ 9188 with Ethernet interface. It works fine, but the Setup is a little more than I like for end-users. Users are all first go to MAX and do make a connection. After that, users must 'reserve' the chassis to ensure access to it. This

Photosmart Premium C310a impossible to scan several files into a single file.

I often send documents several pages by e-mail, and I can't seem to get all pages of the document 1 in 1 file with the C310a. I don't know if it's the printer or HP Solution Center software. I've used both the scan function on the printer and the HP

Lenovo H430 video card problem

Hi all I searched a bit on the forum but not found an answer to the problem I encounter. Apologies if it was answered, and I just missed him... I have a H430 Office with an i3-2120. I recently bought a Quadro 600 to install in the box. When I install

History can find prerequisites: or style list used in Bing?

Search history page: redecorated in Bing Can we change it back to original?   _ OR: a list column can be added to the page, so prior research are quickly found?

How to remove the Yahoo? I followed the steps to remove the Control Panel, but the site is still there and in my toolbar.

For weeks I tried to get rid of Yahoo from my computer.  I deleted it - or so I thought - by using the option remove in the Control Panel, but Yahoo icon is still on my toolbar, and when I click on it and now I get redirected to the Yahoo site!  What

How do I activate hardware acceleration for playing solitaire?

Before playing Solitaire, a screen to make sure that hardware acceleration is turned on. How can I do this?

Acer v3 571g

I just bought one of these laptops, and I have the driver for the webcam installed but it does not seem be any software for it, should there be and if so where can I get a? I looked in the serial number to help, but I can't find anything. I'm on Wind

HP 4630 recover has not sent by fax

I use a Hp 4630 and I got has no faxes.  Is there a way to retrieve a fax failed?  I don't like having to retype the cover page and add the files again.  How can I retrieve the original fax to make another attempt to send it?

XP does not see Vista, but Vista see XP...

Articles:(1) - 1pc with Windows Xp(2) - 1pc Windows Vista(3) - Linksys router First of all, I tried to do a network (connection) between two pc's (machines).The problem is that the pc of Windows XP does not see files and a Windows Vista-based compute

When I try to send an e-mail from windows live mail 2011 an error accurs.

Windows live mail 2011 When I try to send an e-mail from windows live mail 2011 an error accurs.

my screen seems to have stretched and I don't know how to get back to "normal" size

every thing was stretched, no matter what page I'm on!

I need a driver of hp pavilion pc. Help

Hi, I have a problem with my computer. the PCI device and SM bus controller drivers are not installed I tried to search in the web and I have nothing. Please help me the model of my laptop is HP Pavilion 1309se g6.

NVIDIA drivers

HY, I have a problem and I need help I installed windows 7 Home premium with "custom" installation of windows 7 Ultimate and there is no left grafic driver and I have no drivers.need what drivers for NVIDIA Geforce8400MGS and where to download it.and

Windows 7 update for Windows 7 does not

I know that people have had this problem before, I have tried the solutions found on this site still does not. I have Windows 7, 64-bit on my laptop. I think it's because I rarely use the laptop this problem started, since my office that I use every

Want to know if I can project my nokia lumias screen while music a NICU game or bluetooth, etc.

Basically my questions in the title, I feel like its possible, just the DEETs. THANK U