Incorporating images of dvd FCPX

Hello A friend had some films she had done years ago, scanned by a process that makes DVD. I want to bring them into FCPX, export, and post on YouTube for her. What is my process? BTW, someone said it was easy to do with iMovie. True? If so, looks li

What about datareporting.sessions.current.activeTicks in: config

I wonder what that what follows about: config entries are for -datareporting.sessions.current.activeTicks (count in increments unique all few seconds) -datareporting.sessions.current.totalTime (in thousands jumping every few seconds) -datareporting.s

I can't access a webmail site I used as recently as 2 days ago

Briefly noticed there was an automatic restart of my computer laptop Tuesday morning, and then was unable to access this site, which is my company email and I'm home following back surgery. Please help, I need access!

Satellite M30 - what compatible HARD drive can I use?

Hello My Satellite M30 hard drive crashed (after 3 years of intensive use). I would like to replace it, but I don't know which drive is suitable (SATA, ATA 6... etc). The original for this computer hard disk is the MK6021GAP. Can someone hep me on th

password iPhone 6 s not work and rejection

I had my iPhone 6s now for 2 weeks, have not had any problems until today when I try to put in my 6 digit code and it tells me that it is a mistake. I know that this is not bad because I wrote the code down in a safe place the day I got on the phone.

can I use mac os and windows os alternative to the model of macbook air early 2014

Hello I have the macbook air 13 inch Series No C0 * 085 I want to use both mac os and windows os alternately in my Mac... is this possible. < personal information under the direction of the host >

I can't determine what model of laptop, it is

I'm sure it's a Toshiba laptop, but I have naven can't all documents. I have found no tag on the body of P/N and S/N exception. I took a picture. Watch 1556/MS2137MFG DATE: K 040614P/N: 96NDI01J01S/

My iPad is online, is not in use for charging the battery

Hello dear members. My iPad with iOS 9.1 3 WiFi mini is on the line, do not use during charging the battery. Charging battery opens one undesirable, uncontrolled, unknown download at full speed, and there is no more left of packet for a useful task.

Need XP SATA drivers for Satellite L300-135

Hi allI have windows Vista and I want to change to windows XP, but I need driver SATA first of all. I've looked everywhere and I can't find it. So please if someone can help me.I m tired of Vista and need XP badly My laptop model Toshiba satellite L3

Internet y480 Lenovo problems

Whenever I have restart my lenovo, it connects to the internet automatically. I tried to restart with a lan connection and wifi, the same question. Whenever I have to network troubleshooting to restart internet. I end up getting this message connecti

How can I add a Linux system for a computer restore LAN Windows

I have 3 MS Windows computers on a Linksys LAN router. There are two available printers by all three computers. I acquired a 1 terabyte computer with Centos6 installed. So far, I was able to conect to my router and installed the program email Evoluti

print email

I have a new samsung Galaxy note 10.1 I've set up eprint I can print photos & from the web, but I am unable to print an email...?

everything is opening in windows fax and picture viewer, why? and how to fix this?

Im running xp pro sp3, all of a sudden all the programs and I try to open file opens windows fax and picture veiwer WHY? and HOW can I FIX this PROBLEM?

stop random blue screen error DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL STOP: 0X000000D1

original title: stop random screen w/blue I need help to solve this problem. My system will freeze and then randomly crash if I run games, programs or just sitting idle. I took the fan and blew out the dust, etc... and still no better. The info I get

Laptop had a problem to "Solve a problem with PSIKey", solution from Windows & installed according to the instructions. How will I know that the problem is solved?

has stopped working properly. An update is available that solves this problem. Downloaded Update site Web Protexis, Inc. and told to follow the steps in the installation wizard. The file downloaded and said he was setting up installation. Then after

A day that I am connected to my computer and the aero theme was completely missing

The other day I logged on to my computer and it's just a classic white theme I want to recover my vista aero theme, but I can't find it in the themes menu

HP Deskjet F2480 fails to install

Hello I tried to install Windows 7 (64-bit) version of the driver for the printer HP deskjet F2480 on my wife's cell phone. I tried this on my PC and installed properly and no problems at all. However, on my wife's machine, is the version of the down

Windows 7 partner keys no longer work

Windows 7 partner keys no longer work, and when you use telephone activation I get answer of "you are a victim of software piracy. Any other partner knows the same questions?

[Problem] SNMP on the Dell Server

Hi all I am currently managing a lot of Dell servers: M620 R720, M610, R610, r.620... I use SNMP to collect information from my servers. I have some problems with SNMP: I have setuped a collector (CentOS) server and the MIB file complete (10892, sotr

SVG BitmapField

Hi all Using images in an application will be to increase the size of the Cod. User hate app great size, IMHO. So it happens one (would be, hopefully) solutions for the BB, its developer. They provide images