Oticon connectline

OK let's just say connect the line Oticon was awesome has worked as it should, now, is not!. Apple needs to worry more people with disabilities who rely on Apple to keep applications up-to-date. The problem with the connect line is just that there in

iOS 10.0.1 WiFi slow problem

Dear concern, I use iPhone 5s and recently I updated my OS and got iOS 10.0.1. But I feel slower speed Wi - Fi and my applications doesn't work does not correctly. My other device (laptop and other smart phone) running smoothly as before. Please prov

I can't install my own xpi on firefox latest version android.

In previous versions, all work. Now, I try to open in firefox tab link as file:///storage/emulated/0/Download/myown.xpi but nothing happens. He said restrictions on installation manual xpi?

How to fix slow auto the new message TBird address field

When create you a new message from the drop-down list displaying all possible addresses appear immediately, but there is up to a second 20 expect the selected address appear in the address field. I restarted mode without failure, but the problem pers

Connection ebay Mac gives a Page fault does not

Try to log in to ebay gives this error with Mac Firefox 15.0.1OS X 10.7.4 not this problem with the Safari browser The eBay page or feature you are trying to access does not.Please, try the options below: Try to access the feature directly from the e

Firefox has started to crash at startup, after that I seconded a bookmark bar button

Firefox has started crashign at startup after I seconded a button in the bookmarks bar. It does not start in SafeMode either.


Hello Please, help me find BCM20702A0 DRIVER for bluetooth. The one that I kinstalled the last time, not wark now. Thanks in advance. HP Pavilion 1305sx G6.

Why can't I download the 9.3 iso upgrade? He always tells me that I am not connected to the Internet and I know that I am.

Why can't I download the 9.3 iso upgrade? He always tells me that I am not connected to the Internet and I know that I am.

The icon to return to the homepage has disappeared.

Back to firefox icon has disappeared, that is when I read my gmail, there is no icon (House?) go to the home page. How can I get that back? This has happened Each time Firefox opened Is a few days ago

Reinstalling OS the Portege 2000 with IDE CD-ROMs

Hello Recently, I got my father a Portege 2000 (purchased at the Japan if it makes a difference) on which I am trying to reinstall Win XP from the provided recovery CD (there are 3 CD containing Windows XP Pro and Win 2000). "I'm doing it with a USB

Cannot transfer files from Portege R500 to mobile phone via Bluetooth

Hello the bluetooth of my protégé R500 is weird... transfer of files from the mobile phone to the laptop is OK but not for the other way around... When transfer mobile to mobile, some files may be transferred, but most cannot work... just the files c

HP Elitedesk 800 G1 DM: HP Elitedesk 800 G1 DM 10 Windows upgrade is not available

I tried upgrading to Windows 10 and get a message that it is not available, but I will announce when it is.  It was two months ago... I'll be able to upgrade my G1 DM 800 Elitedesk to Windows 10? Running Windows 7 (64 bit), Processor Intel Core i7 -

Issues of analog input DAQ-6008, voltage not zero to pin when you are offline

I use the 6008 NOR-DAQ to produce a series of tensions and then read a sense resistor using the analog input (CSR). I noticed that my analog input gives me 1.3 V, when I probe it (compared to the mass of the device), when it is completely disconnecte

How to read the resolution, video P.C. of the Analyzer of spectrum using labview?

Hi all I use the Analyzer of spectrum R & S and its pilots as ResSpecAn, I want to read the BW, BW video resolution and scan time. So how can get these values. Thank you very much... Patricia

Call a VI in a VI from

Hello I want a VI based on a string of launch a user input.  For example: If the user enters 'X', then the VI that is running lauch "X.vi" of the network.  I try to avoid something like having a structure to deal with a separate case for each possibi

PCIe-8231 is not displayed in MAX

I recently bought a PCIe - 8231 GIGE Vision Board.  After having installed the software of vision on the PC, I have installed the card as described in the installation manual.  Max does not detect the card, and when I plug the camera I bought (Basler

Change in the complexity of password.

We must change the password complexity in windows server 2003? We do not want to include special characters.. pelase help urgent

do microsoft lifecam vx2000 works on Skype

the microphone on my microsoft lifecam vx2000 works very well on Skype, but the video camera will not work

updates and reboot

I'm pretty computer illiterate. I bought a Dell laptop in June. Since it possess, I experienced problems with updates, IE; each time it restarts to complete the process, it crashes and I get the blue screen. I took it assess when it happened first, a

Dinner Dash 2

Close unexpectedly in the middle of the game when playing, error message indicates a problem causing to cancel the program. This can be corrected?