Control Automation with Siri on Mac?

Control Automation with Siri on Mac?

How is it: freezes/different colors of the screen Macbook pro 2012

Hello About two weeks, the screen of my mbp has suddenly started to freeze and the screen turned green. After not touching a few hours, it worked like nothing happened. But since yesterday the same bug reappeared with the screen turning blue! The bug

Re: Satellite C850 - cannot start windows 8.1

Hello I have reset clean my Toshiba Satellite C850 with USB windows 8.1 but now if I start the laptop on it happens has this code 0 xC0000001.I can not start safe mode cannot use advocatus. Help, please

Satellite A300-1IW: HARD drive access light blinks every second

Hello everyone, and sorry for the English, I'm french :) I bought a Satellite A300-1IW a few days and suddenly (don't remember exactly when) early light access HARD drive blinks every second and it continues even after several reboots! It does so onl

How to reach again the Toshiba Recovery Media Creator?

Hello I uninstalled the recovery by mistake software authoring tool during cleaning, trials, and the things of the demo on my new laptop. Any idea where I can get this? J

My aunt gave me his old iphone but she a firgot that his apple ID and password please help.

My aunt gave me his iPhone 4, but I can't do anything with it. What I'm doing.

HP w2558hc 25.5 in. vivid color Full HD large screen flat panel monitor remote doesn't Do Anything

I just receive the monitor and try the new.  Hit a couple of questions such as... I tried the remote control is connected to the monitor... the toddler into the slot... but it does not change the volume or something else. Is there anything else I nee

Shared variable of subjects with the executable in real-time

We have a PXi target running Labview time real 8.5 and we use a series of shared variables for communication between the target and the client software. The code was developed (and used) in the last 2 years, and presented no problems with the shared

Windows SBS 2011 MS transportation service continues to stop

Continuous transport of Windows SBS 2011 MS downtime, users cannot send or receive e-mails. I renamed the file queues to old but the problem persists. Help, please.

I can the recovery disk to find t (windows 8)

How I can do factory reset for my envy 15 touchscreen smart j021 tx but I can t find the system recovery partition

I've removed "windows xp recovery" the virus from my system. But my system is not the same

I caught the virus last Sunday. I managed to remove the virus, but all change my desktop the start option, so I'd like to restore before the virus hit my system. But when I chose the date to do a restore then click Next anything happen. Anyway to do

HP Envy 5640: I tried to install the cartridges on my HP envy 5640, but they don't slam into place

I am unable to get one of my cartridges to click, there is not enough space.

Homestead sitebuilder does not see internet connection under Windows Vista

Recently, I switched from Verizon internet home (very bad product) Qwest's high-speed wireless. No problem. However, I discovered that I have a problem with vista. First of all, microsoft updates would not download at all. I eliminated the firewall a

Children can not connect to the account of the standard, but they can the Admin account.

Original title: frustrating quirk in Windows 7 Can anyone help? I am running Windows 7. I have an account administrator and standard user for my kids two accounts. Something seems to have gone wrong. I have no problem to logon as administrator, but w

Speed Simulator

How can I add the speed when the Simulator to start the process? Thank you

Close a program using Task Scheduler

How can I close a .exe program by using Task Scheduler? Eg - is the case of NetMeter, I want the program to automatically close every day at 02:00. It can b done? Waiting for a quick response... Kind regards.

Smartphones blackBerry RE: Skype

BlackBerry will never make avilable Skype?

Oracle reports crash c 12

We just set up and configured Oracle Forms and reports 12 c and begin testing. I created a simple test report in 12 c Builder that returns only 50 rows of data. It works fine in Report Builder. When you call the report by using the URL below, I get t

I can't open the app store. When I click on it it just hangs then closes its doors. What can I make it work?

I can't open the app store. When I click on it it just hangs then closes its doors. What can I make it work?

Cannot open my file camera raw Canon 70 d

runing photoshop cs5 version 12.1 on PC with Windows 7. Cannot open my file camera raw Canon 70 d. my version of camera raw is advise? -Thanks in advanceI don't know if that is related, but when I check for updates and try to run the upd