Wednesday 16 December 2015 my AVG Internet Security scan weekly all computer has notified me that I had 2 horse of Trojan Inject3/SGL on C:\Users\Administrator\Dowloads. One was FirefoxPatch.exe and the other was FirefoxPatch (1) .exe. I noticed othe

Menu offers the choice to send to Evernote; I need to change/update address Evernote to fall down. Address book has changed; not good.

Thunderbird offers forward for Evernote in the menu dropdown. I changed the address of Evernote in my address book, but it is not captured by the menu drop down. How to upgrade to the front to Evernote address in the menu drop-down?

Qosmio G20: Is there a hidden partition on HDD1 for QosmioPlayer?

Hello I have a Qosmio G20 and I noticed that the BIOS indicates HDD1 95 GB HDD2 is 100 GB (as it should). Is there anyone else who have experienced this problem or is my HDD1 damaged or is there a hidden partition? If there is a hidden partition - ho

SIM card failure message

My wife is to get an error message of SIM on his iPad mini. Recently, he started doing after the latest iOS update... I removed the SIM card and reinstalled but still not the message. When she tries to look on the internet, it is up to the home page.

Information about the properties of data acquisition

Hello I'm William, a student from Belgium (technical measure and control). For my thesis in June, I need to make a comparison between the USB 6008/6008 and myDAQ device. I must do this based on the specifications of the devices. Specifications of sev

Setup Web (Visual Studio 2010) project

Hello We are having a problem with an ASP.NET MVC web application we develop, what about using a Web install Installer. We can create the Setup project and assign the primary output and Content Files, but the content files are not replaced when we in

XP pro will not validate: upgrade Windows 7 tells me that I need a valid operating system to install

Can anyone shed a light on my dilemma please? I have a legitimate Windows XP pro (OEM version), purchased copy in good faith of in March 2005. Everything I've done is update the motherboard on several occasions. The drive never left my p

The installation of XP Pro cannot find the hard drive

The machine is running XP Pro 32-bit, and I am "upgrading" to 64-bit to work with AutoCAD.  When I boot on the 64-bit Setup installation CD can not find the hard drive and the demolitions.  The drive is already formatted to NTFS.

Toshiba Satellite Pro L350 paved digital works do not

Have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L350 the numloc stop working. Have a bios updated, try setting numloc in the keyboard of the screen, replaced keyboard. Still does not Any ideas?

failed to start - read/write failure\rstrui.exe

to start windows xp ran diagnostics has received this message read write failure\rstrui.exe to OFE7440 waiting E7E708E7 then O8E708E7 before I can go any further my computer hangs up until now, using computer laptop dell 8200

need to reinstall xp media center edition, but only xp professinal disc

I have a computer with windows xp media center edition and want to reinstall the operating system, but I do not have the right disk. I have the certificate of authenticity, but I only have a disk of windows xp professional. How can I reinstall the op

KB2676562, KB2679255 stat they are installed, but continue to appear in the available updates

After installing these updates, you get a message that can not search the updates with an error code: 80004002 We run Advanced System Care, CCleaner and anti-virus from Norton (latest version). Help?

Error - Installer: wrapper. creatFile failed with error 123: the file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect when installing any program.

Original title: there is an error then that inistalling some programs such as, java, internet download manager and... There is an error then that inistalling some programs such as, java, internet download manager and... for example, I want inistall a

WiFi limited connectivity with vista

I have windows vista that connects fine to the internet. We have 4 devices (3 mobile phone, 1 laptop) using wifi, however, any new device we get does not connect to wifi, keep getting connectivity on the devices.  I've tried a htc att inspired phone,

How to reduce a picture properties

I need to use a photo and the receptor site is telling me to resize my photo

import photos from memory card to computer

is it possible to import only the selected photos from your memory card to your computer instead of importing all the

Location of Cartidge want 120

live in the United Kingdom and have recently bought a printer Envy 120. In the shop HP are cartridges that have one European and other location which make no mention of any location. These are about 25% cheaper and I was wondering if it is OK to use

Desktop Icons whare disappeared.

I seem to have lost my desktop icons.  How can I put it on the desk? Secondly, when I go to the start menu, documents, etc., I get an error message indicating that "explore is set to zero".

When Installing Blackberry software error message Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file

Try to install the software for my Blackberry on laptop, get the message Windows cannot access the specified device, file, or path may not be the appropriate permissions for access you element. What should I do please help...

Error message: Thunking spooler APIs from 32 to 64 years has stopped working.

The error message appeared several times including in QuickBooks where it only allows me to send an invoice and in Outlook where it prevents me from printing.  When you print, it says that the printer does not work even though I can print a test page