Cannot send expressive messages in iOS 10

I got the iPhone 7 the day that it came out and while I can receive expressive messages from other people as the confetti/balloons, I myself can not send them. The option "Reduce the Motion" is not on and I tried it turning on and off without success

iTunes store only show 2 results?

I'll keep it simple, I've had an iPhone 6 on 9.3.1 and whenever I'm looking for a song or an artist in the iTunes store only 1 or 2 results appear, usually not those I want. I did a reset software and everything. Anyone know what is happening?

Re: Reinstall Windows 8 - productkey question

Hello Caused by a destructive virus, I had to wipe my hard drive. Now I'm trying to reinstall Windows 8. I use a DVD OEM of Windows 8 for what I purchased with a new PC. He asks a productkey, which I did not. I understand the productkey should be in

Add to that a window of the device does not open

all the instructions say to click on 'Add a device' and 'add a device' window will open. No matter how I navigate, click on open Web site page on how to add a device NOT an extra one window unit. Here's a URL

Re: Satellite P300 - display colors are not displayed correctly

A few months ago appeared a strange problem with my laptop screen as you can see in this video made by me: I tried to tilt the cover but without results. Sometimes it comes back normal picture all of a sudde

Re: Portege M700 - Media test failure

Hello! I have a new Portege M700 and image of trees that I see when I start it is:PXE-361: tet media failure, check the cable ofPXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent What does thatmean?Is there something wrong? Thank you

Installation of energy-saving on Satellite A210 - 11K on Windows XP Home edition.

I have difficulties with regard to the installation of Toshiba Power Saver on my laptop. I bought it originally with Windows Vista, which now I managed to get rid of. My first attempt to install software errors gave these "access rights" when you try

Using battery

I am a new user and I have a question I overloaded my lenovo a536 smart phone, I think for 9 hours. Is it bad

Where to download the software for HP Officejet printer

original title: free downloads I connected my computer to an HP Officejet j4580 printer all in one, but it tells me to download the new software. where can I download a free software

How to remove a driver double?

I have a counter pressure 23xxxx Leybold. By chance there are two Leybold 23xxxx drivers in the system now and I get strange errors with my screws I installed a driver through LV (it is a very old version) and there is another (more recent) Version I

If the virtual machine can be harmful?

VPC may be dangerous for my pc anyway. I have average can do something wrong?

Unable to connect to the difficult question of the internet

Suddenly, I have no internet when I use ipconfig it says he told that I don't have the network card. or adapter ip. where at - it go? I don't see any network card in my computer.  I have realtech eatrhernet in my computer. Someone said that the place

QuickBooks quickbooks pro 2012 informed me is not compatible with Windows XP. You say it is. Is it?

Are they compatible? Are there specific areas, that they are not compatible? I've been using QB for 5 years, and I get the error messages. They say ignore them and that event viewer must save not even them. I have two computers running QB ProPlus. On

After updating to SP3, I have to restart. When I do that my computer goes to a safe mode. How to exit safe mode? I have to do a system restore to fix.

I'm going to an auto to install update. The installation is correct. But when I do a restart, he comes back in a safe mode. I don't know what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Lost user profile

My user profile fails to connect after a few sessions.  Prompt indicates the profile cannot be loaded.  I feel constantly delete and recreate the same profile.  How can I get a permanent fix?

How to contact the provider of media center guide?

How can I contact the media center for New Mexico, United States guide provider to give them information on our cable network building?

Maximum number of simultaneous connections error

Hello! After a year of using my BB app, some users have reported to me that following error occurred yesterday: net.rim.protocol.iplayer.device.IOException: reach Maximum simultaneous connections to net.rim.protocol.iplayer.queue.IPLayerReceivingQueu

SMS sender name

Hello When I call the Menu and call the Menu item in the list of SMS messages like this: if(context instanceof TextMessage){ TextMessage text = (TextMessage) context; sNum = text.getAddress(); } then the nums is only indicated the number of the sende

Cannot open links in Windows Live Mail 2011

I updated Windows Essentials last night to Live Mail 2011. Now, I can't open the mails by double-clicking it, and if the mail contains all links, the only way I can open them is by a right-click, "copy link" and then paste it manually in my e-mail pr

ACL for Client VPN number

Hello I'll set up a ASA 5550 as a VPN concentrator, so that clients connect to my Web inside the ASA server. all things appear functioned properly (the customer can access the server), the problem I have is when I configure an ACL to allow only port