10 Firefox does not prompt for passwords recording

Even if the Save password option is checked, and I'm not in private browsing mode prompt "pop-up" to save passwords doesn't seem anymore. Some sites do not allow this function, however, it does not appear on all sites (sites that work with a 10 Firef

Thud with my Portege 2000

My Portege 2000 hard disk drive makes this 'thud' noises? Is this normal? I fear it may be about to break! Should I back up ASAP?

File transfer a BIG bug! Amazing transfer slow and full bandwidth used!

I read about this since 2014! How Skype does not solve this problem yet? Amazing!I am transferring files between 2 PCs on Win7 64 bit and latest Skype (update), full bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps downloading (and I am sure is that Skype to use 100%!) and one

want to 700 060ea desktop pc crashing after short time playing games on it

Ive only had this pc for a day But Ive took pc for over 10 years so know a little about them, now, that said he should have with a gtx 660 card but my only got a gtx 760 inside card lit does installs updates and others. then I installed steam and a f

HP Pavilion dv6-6108 driver questions

I have Windows 7 64 bit installed. These are the questions of driver, I have some: -Realtek PCIE card reader driver causes Windows to start in a black screen. I had to disable this device in order to get Windows to boot up again. -Card 'Network contr

Satellite P300 (PSPCCA) - new, no sound

Hi all users of Toshiba laptops, If you have had a similar problem or know how to fix this, please help me. I bought a brand-new p300 of Toshiba Satellite, drawn by the promise of high quality sound (Harman/Kardon), among other benefits. To my surpri

Satellite L350 - 12 c - hard drive failure, need recovery

Help, please. I have Toshiba Satellite L350 - 12 c and it s a German model. My hard drive has failed.The local repair center Toshiba says they can replace the hard drive, but without the disc they can t restore in working condition.Worse, it is its s

How to check if no warranty if left on apple ipod nano 7th generation.

How will I, me, know how, much, guaranteed, is, on the left, in, my, Pod, Nan, Gen., me, I, tried to use, apple, Webster, I, then, signed, in, my, apple, ID, but then, it, request, for, a, hase purc, date, if I, knew this, I have, would not, need to

Can I use a Apple Watch us in Germany?

I´ got an iPhone German 6. But I want to buy a Apple Watch weile visit Chicago.  So can I use a US Apple Watch with an iPhone in German? Thanks for the help

USB-6008 and XP64bits?

Hi all I just received a unit NI USB-6008. From the data collected on the site, I understand that the there is no support for Windows XP 64-bit operation. Is this fair? Is it possible to do? Any help is welcome. I thankt you very much Best regards

How do we install VPN on Server 2008 R2?

How do we install VPN on Server 2008 R2 edition? I followed so many tutorials on youtube but doesn't seem to work! My goal is to be able to give access to my server remotely and access shared files and folders that I have activated. The only way I ca

What means 871122 in the knowledge base to connect wireless to the computer?

for the wireless connection when the connection cannot be established, & giving advise to visit .com site Microsoft Knowledge base to resolve the issue. So waiting for your answer...

What is the difference of acer identify you and Microsoft account! I'm very computer dumb.

I have problems to know if there is a difference in an acer account and a microsoft account or there is no difference? I like to play games on facebook. my internet is slow because I can't afford to go faster, sometimes it seems that I have 2 differe

network printer old now not recognized when plugged as local printer (USB)

Have a printer all-in-one Canon MX330 which was connected through networks of my PC Windows XP Dell Dimension.  Now, however, I just want that he plugged on the USB local port, but when I do that XP is not pop - up dialogue "New hardware found", is n

E1200 won't save reserved IP.

Hello I have DHCP enabled on our E1200. I had a conflict with the used by 2 PC. I need the reserved because it works our dashboard. I set it statically to the PC. I'm trying to reserve the IP and MAC address on the router

Cover of compact with xperia z5 SCR44 style does not work on Android 6

Hello people, after that I got my update (marshmallow), my cover has stopped working. Basically, I can accept calls but nothing more. The screen is great, no camera. He worked in 5.1.1 android, but not now. I have reset my phone with PC Companion and

Overclock 6700 k in aurora r5

Hello! Can someone tell if it is safe to overclock CPU 6700 k in Aurora r5 with liquid cooling unit that is shipped by Dell? If so, is it all win in speed of the system and game performance? I know that Dell them factory overclocks to 4.2 GHz, but it

Check of fingerprints for HP Protecttools works not

Hi all I recently installed Windows 7 and everything worked fine. I had a local administrator account and started playing with HP Protecttools. I registered fingerprints enabled pre-boot security (so he asked for the password and fingerprint before y


Recently, I went in parental and added security a pswrd - didn't know it would affect me singning in windows (which I've never had to do before) I'm cooked, because I don't remember the pswrd - windows password recovery uses and will have a bit of a

I can't turn my computer desk in a "WiFi Hotspot"

My computer, a desktop HP Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium computer, doesn't have the option "Set up a Wi - Fi connection" in the "network and sharing Center." Various videos that I looked and the articles I've read all have this classified as option 5