Accidentally deleted a photo, I want to keep it, how can I get the picture back?

I was looking through all my new messages and did a lot of deletion. This photo of girls came and I accidentally hit the bar to remove it. Is it possible that I can get her back? I found the picture in the file to be deleted, but can not see some sor

How to open a project in FCPX 10.2.3 of the one who was created in 10.1.4?

How to open a project in FCPX 10.2.3 of the one who was created in 10.1.4?

Tecra A9 - Blocking Power Saver - fatal error code: 0 x 2

Hello Today, when I turned on my computer the energy saver has started planting.I rebooted the computer several times and the result is always a fatal error has occurred. The program will end. Code: 0x2. Even this error appears when I try to reinstal

Portege R700 - part number memory cover

Hey all,. I can't believe my luck / bad luck here. I needed to use the memory of my R700 in another computer, because it's the only DDR3 RAM I have. Unfortunately, we had a bit of a House to clear up and it seems to me having lost the memory of the c

Search for USB driver for Satellite Pro 460 CDT

I own an old Satellite Pro 460 CDT including enhanced Port Replicator III (P1, 166 MHz), installed is Windows 2000 SP 4. Manager device shows me there is a problem with the USB controllers, there is an "unsupported NEC USB-to-PCI-Openhost-Controller"

Can I transfer files from my computer to the iphone doc

Can I transfer files from my computer to the iphone doc? If so, how? Thank you!

Start/drive problems hard satellite L305-S5899

Hello all - happy holidays and I would appreciate assistance. I just got this laptop for Christmas, and I woke up to find this morning in a blue screen! After I calm down, shut down the computer, and he refused to restart. Shows the TOSHIBA logo, the

My air macbood has been infected with the criterror virus. How to disinfect?

My MacBook Air running Yosemite has been infected with the criterror virus. Does anyone know how to disinfect? I am currently using Windows Parallels Online.

HD Scanner: Previews Scanner HD blue

One of our HP Scanners's HD behaves rather strangely. Whenever we try to analyze anything, it appears with a dark blue miscolouring. We can see at least some of the drawing in there, but most is 'swept away' with the blue wire. EDIT: Added a Screenca

How do I know if my iPod is a uk version?

I have a 30 gb iPod 5th generation u2 how to know if it is a UK version?

respond error ox80092003

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Pro tools does not work

I'm having a problem with Pro tools 9 MP. I think it might have to do with something that I uninstalled it recently. I tried to create more space on my computer. Now when I try to open Pro tools it says that the program has trouble communicating with

Oh noes! My SanDisk Cruzer has stopped working!

When I plug it, nothing happens. I tried my mother's cell phone, my laptop (on Linux AND windows) and a computer at school. The light does not illuminate and the computer behaves as if nothing is fixed. "It's an 8 GB drive that I got from

Unable to connect to the bridged casting of Chrome with WRT1900ac

I have Verizon Fios that doesn't let you not use your own router has its own.  Instead, I have a WRT1900ac passed on ethernet to the router Actiontec verizon provided.  Melting of chrome only supports 2.4 ghz.  When I am connected to the network 2.4

Shortcuts Windows 8

Hi all Do you remember how you were proud, when you have learned first of all to the crt + c to copy and crt + v to paste?  There are plenty of shortcuts for Windows 8.  I wanted to share this PDF shortcuts for your convenience. Shortcuts to Windows

Touchpad disabled suddenly on dv7

Sometimes when I work on my laptop I'll hear a strange tone and a light box appears on my screen with a picture of my touchpad with a diagonal red line through it.   At that time my touchpad is useless: I can't move my mouse at all, nor can I right o

Ports of Jabber

Hello guys,. There is no specific port forr jabber? because Jabber is a SIP device Thank you

AnyConnect VPN setup problem

Hi all, I'm going to have bad configure anyconnect VPN on my router. I'm CCENT pre level and especially followed a tutorial, but feel I'm missing something simple here. It's a fairly simple installation on a Cisco No. 2851 - faces of a single interfa

(Redirected) Fans of Aurora R4 walk wide open

Same problem here. Updated 8 victory to win 10. Fans go wide open and stay at max as soon as I start up. Command center has no update and I have already installed the BIOS updated. It comes ridiculous.  I can't even let windows take control of the fa

Steps to APEX Dev to Prod runtime environment

Hi allI use 5 APEX with ADR running on Tomcat.This is the first time I deploy APEX.  I have finished my development environment and would prod ports over which is the execution environment.1. I am confused with APEX_APPLICATION_INSTALL and APEX_APPLI