How can I get rid of Pdf Complete?

I have this irritating feature called "Pdf Complete". I don't know how it got there and have not installed it myself.It does NOT appear in my list of teacher programs Windows 7 (32), so I can't uninstall it.I don't see any reference in the Firefox Ad

Satellite X 200-drivers for Windows 7 32 bit

Please, I'm looking for drivers for the Satellite X 200 Windows7 32 bit. Can you help me?

FIFA 2013 (E0001 error report)

Hey guys, we know how to fix the FIFA 2013 cz, whenever I'm trying to play, it crashes and an error window saying: E0001 appears. My Pc is Hp dc5100 Mt (EF633US), Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

My HPPhotosmartEssential.msi disappeared. How he reloaded?

Series of Photosmart HP 6510 on Windows XP.  During the system boot is looking to load HPPhotosmartEssential.msi but it can not be found.  It may be in the Prefetch folder, but it isn't here now.  I don't know where he is now, but I would like to get

Are there problems with the copy of a plist from a 10.9 to 10.10 machine?

I'm upgrading of computers that are currently 10.9 to 10.10.5.  Normally we bring many of the plist for the library users.  My concern is that, with many changes in applications, is still a good idea to do this?  Someone had a bad experience? Thank y

54 MBit WLAN for Tecra 9100?

is there a module to replace the stock module W - LAN in the Tecra 9100 to get 54 MBit? I often copy large amounts of digital photos on the network, so the 11 MBit nerves really me

T430u Audio driver for Windows 8.1

Hello. When Lenovo will get out a compatible audio driver Windows 8.1 for T430u? I'm looking forward to upgrade to 8.1 Windows but found that no audio driver for T430u supports Windows 8.1 of the Lenovo Web site. Please update the audio driver for Wi

Name of the table (Bug or feature)?

Hello I have a table named containers. I would like to increase the abscissa, if the name does not appear in the table. To do this, I use PropertyObject members. This works well if you use strings without 2 or more "------" (backslash). So what is th

How to fix application error - IWMSWindow: S24EvMon.exe

Application error appears whenever I start my laptop Win XP Pro SP3 when the logon dialog box appears. The error is "the exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at location 0x0044a920", I have to click 'OK' or 'C

to me desinstalo el sonido as debo hacer driver

Hola preciso saber como instalar nuevo diver sonido el o como configurar the pc para otra vez el icono del aparezca talking rojo por favor estoy needing ayuda gracias

Unverified Windows

I bought a new packard bell, which came without the disks, but the instructions to copy everything on DVD that I did. After a recent accident, I downloaded evetrything from the DVD, only to keep getting the message that the program is not passed the

I can't see the videos on youtube and other sites.

Something has gone wrong with my Dell laptop, I can't see the videos on youtube and other sites. I updated latest version FlashPalyer, it does not solve the problem. Facebook also not opening. I'm trying to see the online football match, where I used

Cannot install windows update, error: 80004005

Original title: Update security for Windows Vista (KB978338) I have Windows Vista installed on Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop, which, as Ms security essential, installed, for the last 6 months, I get automatic updates automatically prompts for the securit

Two networks different encryption WEP/WPA is possible?

Hello, I have the wrh54g wireless in my desktop pc using WPA encryption and I have a laptop that can't accept WEP. How can I add another network in the preferred networks with WEP encryption for my laptop? Please notify. Thank you. Menk

I am trying to install ION Slides2pc scanner. When I try to install the driver, I get a message "system administrator has established policies of prevention of this type of installation. All the answers?

I'm trying to install the software for a slide ION Slides2pc scanner.  When I try to install the driver I get the following message "system administrator has established policies of prevention of this type of installation.  All the answers?

Whitelist WLAN card

I own a compaq presario cq40-528tx(purchased from singapore) with intel wifi link 5100 agn. I want to improve my wireless card, someone told me that hp has WLAN Card whitelist. Can someone tell me what are the WLAN cards are supported by hp presario

Code 43 on 8600gts

company from Vista 32 bit nvidia 8600gts new drivers nvidia from 13 (ish?) / 04/10 seem to have trashed PC, wouldn't boot, ran the Startup Repair, now I'm stuck in 640/480 16 colors, code 43 on Device Manager, tried to roll back to a previous save po

bar low tabbed pane size

Anyone know where I can find the size in pixels of the bar at the bottom of the pane tabs?  I'm trying to understand how I pretty much available to avoid having to scroll screen space.

Remove Win 8 and reinstall Win 7

I want to buy a new PC only supplied with Win 8 pre-installed, and I would like to replace it with Win 7 (32-bit, I can upgrade to 64 - bit later if I can do it) and avoid having to re - install all my software application.  I was wondering if the fo

Problems with SSH Cisco 871W

Hi, I started training for my certification and now have any posible explanation how to configure ssh to a cisco 871w router, and there is no way I can connect. I used TeraTerm Version 3.13 and 4.69 and he keeps asking me the password that I entered