Satellite P105 S6158 - how to recover the password for HARD drive?

I forgot my massword HARD drive and I can't reboot my system.How can I recover my HDD password in my laptop [P105 S6158 |]? Thank you

Cannot send messages to group on the iPhone 6

Hello I just got my first iPhone (6, iOS 9.2.1).  Although I selected group in settings messages, whenever I try to text more than one person, I immediately receive a text "message send failed.  I'm sure it's me!  N ° TIA, Laura

Re: End of the data partition

What is the purpose of the data partition? I see that he holds the files for HARD drive recovery, and I guess the hidden restore pictures are listed also, does it to other purposes? The reason why I ask is that I want to dual boot with Linux and I wo

problems by recording the activity without signal

I was walking in the Scottish Highlands.  I was wearing my Apple Watch one carrying my iPhone 5.  There was no signal (not in any form: no GPRS, 3 G, etc. - the message at the top of the phone was 'no service'.)  My walk lasted at least an hour.  Lat

ROM update / update system YOGA book Lenovo YB1-X90F

According to the update system it is has updated of YB1-X90F_USR_S000111_1608261730_WW06_BP_ROW. However, if I download this update with update system in the Android update process is stopped / during the 'search' with the error is not enough space.

How can I add my iPhoto events to the Photos app again?

Is it possible to do if I already have a library of Photos put in place application? is it possible to reset so he invites me to ask if I want to import my iPhotos events?

VISA series 2012

Hey all,. I worked with LabVIEW 2011 to develop a program to drive a motor via the VISA series block. I've updated since for 2012, and I had problems to get the LabVIEW program to reward the engine. I have a 3rd third-party program installed that I c

Photosmart 6515 stopped printing black

Printer worked fine for a year.  Low so changed black cartridge (HP only), did the setup and does not now print black. Completed all the steps, cleaned vents, print heads cleaned, etc.  Still does not work.  Tried another new cartridge, still does no

This application has failed to start because uncdms.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem. How can I fix it? Kathy

This application has failed to start because uncdms.dll was not found.  Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.  How can I fix it?  Kathy The above explains the problem, my problem is I don't know what it's etymology comes.  Is this window

Multisim Simple pulse with sw?

Mulitsims SPDT switch with battery of 12v dc, capcitor, resistance and ground view scope gives a different answer in the real world, why? Should give impulses but the switch does not change the State.

NAS200 USB card reader

Is it possible to install a multi card reader into the usb port on the NAS200. I have no problem with the usb key, but can't seem to map to the card reader. See you soon

Hyper links in messages has stopped working

In Outlook 2010, I am unable to open the hyper links in messages. I am presented with an options box and asked to choose the program I want to open this file. Have made no unusual changes to the other PC IE my default browser.   

How to get back 1 day to correct the changes that I made for my home page? I have Windows Vista.

I changed my home page to word windows by mistake. How to return to 05/06/2010?

HP color laserjet 2840 printing and copy blank page

Hi all I have hp color laserjet 2840, printing and copy empty, I change the toner and drum but nothing! any idea? Sorry for my bed English Thank you

Access the printer on XP to Vista 64-bit

I tried to set up a local printer with a local port in the Vista box, but when I try, I get "the system cannot find the path specified".  Vista can see the XP machine by name 'Library', but cannot access its attached resources.  In this case, impossi

I recently ran updates on Windows Vista.

Now, when I place a disc in the drive, it does not recognize it and spits it back.

Vista seems to ignore the free arp packets. There are details about this problem with Vista?

There are details about this problem with Vista?  Thks Jerry

How long does take to get a reservation, upgrade to Windows 7 10?

How long with that I take to receive the invitation presumed to be able to download Winows 10 during the upgrade to Windows 7. I've literally been waiting ovwe 2 hours now.  :(

How to get the color of a single pixel?

Hi all. Part of my application is transparent. The other party is not. But I would like to have 'match' colors (is not very pretty orange to pink, but it's a matter of personal taste, I guess). That's why I need now to a background color. That's what