How will I know if I'm connected to my computer laptop and desktop are kept synchronized?

I clicked on help in the menu to see if there is some sort of indication that I am connected, so the laptop and desktop computer are synchronized to the top, but I do not see how to disconnect or "UN-sync '.

He had to start ff in 32-bit mode

I begin by saying that ff 'help' is far from useful. How pathetic it is meet allegedly possible solutions that are for versions of FF many years ago. No one has even had intelligence to separate the mac from windows help articles tells me that it is

Cannot restore my Satellite L670

OK, let's go... I have a Tosh Satellite L670 with all the trimmings of toshiba, including the center of recovery and the recovey disc image hidden. Everything is good so far. Until the I had a failed drive :( So, no toshiba Recovery Center and no ima

Cannot find or install android applications

I just bought a special edition Slate yesterday. But when I try to load applications, there is no aps android on it and I can't seem to register the device. It shows my old tablet when I enter via browser and mu apps for it, but I can not install any

Best laptop

Hi, I'm going to United in September and I am looking for a laptop. I was wondering if anyone knew the best laptop to buy. What are best to work on many different programming languages.

How do you turn off the coast of Narrator in visa

I want to know hoiw to turn off Narrator (ease of actess) in visa 64 bit sys opr

I can't remove cyber security on my computer. Could someone help

I get Cyber Security tell me that my computer is at risk, to eliminate the risk, I have to buy software. I don't want that, but I can't remove it from my tray Panel or control systems. It does not allow me until I have buy there product. When I'm onl

Alienware 15 m2 ssd: PCIE or SATA?

Hello I tried to search, but couldn't find a clear answer on this. Is the m2 slots in the new Alienware 15 compatible with pcie SSD m.2? or just sata SSD of m2? Example: Can I use the new Samsung XP941 ssd m2?

TZ500 send the log when it is full

I have several tz500, all configured to send emails from newspapers when it is full.  Two are 1 mail every hour.  The two are on different firmware.  Others send them 4 mails in 8ish hours.

Involuntarily, my computer turns off.

Whenever I turn on the computer, it stays on for a little while, then stops herself turned off without and provocation. No one presses a button and I checked the power of the purse strings and everything there is no apparent reason to do so.

PS_App could not be found in foglight monitor agent areas

Hi all We have configured the monitor agent PS App for Peoplesoft-Windows machine monitoring. We gave the home path and the path of smoking in the properties of the Agent and the cartridge is we use. the agent is unable to find the areas for

Missing files in the document library

Hello! So I got a few files in the folder my documents. I have them accidentally deleted/removed from the library and the library folder, so that the files are missing. Is there a possibility that I could get back them? Thank you!

Win 7 Media center must rebuild the library whenever he starts.

I have a frustrating problem with Media Center in Windows 7.  He is a dedicated Media PC that is used primarily for music.  Whenever I have run media center and select the music option, remember all the information of the library for each category. 

Disk and the virtual disk drive records corrupted (code 19)

I recently had a virus and it corrupted my drive and drive virtual and perhaps deleted records. I tried all methods on the site of Microsoft Support here and not to have borne fruit. I uninstalled the drivers and quite well done all recommended from

Invoking in QML image viewer

Hi, I searched the forum and couldn't really find solutions. I am trying to invoke the Viewer to display a picture but does not work. Here is the code: Button { text: "Invoke" onClicked: { invoke.trigger("bb.action.VIEW"); } attachedObjects: [ Invoca

Generated JAD file lists the strange COD files

I use BB JDE 6.0.0. and it generates a JAD file for the project. The problem is that it lists the COD files, which are not used. I pasted the contents of the JAD file below. COD generated file is AstralEffects.cod, but there is no file AstralEffects

Get the error message "error loading DLL communication" when trying to access Wireless Utility Setup with a LexMark impact S305 printer

Original title: trying to access Wireless Utility Setup with a printer LexMark impact S305 on windows 7, can nybody help me? lxeapss: error loading DLL communication, I get this pop-up box several times trying to access Wireless Utility Setup with pr

Windows Update was not able to verify the new updates for the last 30 days, go to windows update to resolve this problem

Hi people I'm on Windows 8, and in these last days, I get this message " " Windows Update was not able to verify the new updates for the last 30 days, go to windows update to resolve this problem" It is on a blue banner that goes directly to the scre

Phone Samsung Galaxy S3 not recognized in my computer (HP Pavilion 20)

I connect my phone to my computer with usb port computer does not recognize it. the phone is a galaxy s3 is the computer hp Pavilion 20. both are only a month and this is my first smart phone and computers [Original title: connecting a mobile phone t

Seems to lag... but maybe 200 pages, it's too.

Muse seems surprisingly lag, almost bloated, now it's maybe just because my site has nearly 200 pages, Yes, maybe that's the issue, but it surprises me that it is like that. For example: right click > menu options > "exclude page from menus"... then