How migrations (El Capitan) not come to the photo library?

Hello I want to use the Migration Wizard to move my user account for my MacMini BUT put the photo library on a separate hard disk from the system drive. My MacMini has two internal drives, the library is huge. The MacBook (early 2008 - running Snow L

Paperwork and Firefox

The most important features of the bb are not described. You can easily put web links to the bb with drag-and-drop.You pull a link out of the Browser and a reference for web content is created on the bb.(You can also extract the first line of the bro

How to change the destination of the mp3 download

I'm eager to save my mp3 downloads to a specific destination on my computer, but when I try to download an mp3 file firefox just registers but I don't know where it is just him, save the download box appears. How to ask where to save downloads of fir

Satellite U400 not reconnect to WLAN after coming out of hibernation

I have a Satellite U400, and I connect to my office wireless network. It works great until my laptop goes into hibernation mode. When I bring it from hibernation, it do not reconnect to my wireless network and I have to restart.Once restarted, it con

"App: unplug the slave" method

I tried to use the ' Appslave isconnect "method on a project with a goal of RIO (MyRIO) currently connected and the method completes without error, but it does not cut the target in my project. I tried to play, selecting items in the project window a

Photosmart more 209 a: I just want to thank Kosh to his instructions on cleaning the print head on a Photosmart Plus 209 has.

I just want to thank Kosh (61 115 message) for instructions on cleaning the print head on a Photosmart 209!  I did it, it worked, I can print in black again! Thank you, Kosh!

HP Officejet Pro 8600 more: password protect my wireless printer

I want to put a password on my 8600 Pro Plus.  I looked in the guide and went to the printers IP address and the password. It shows not protected.

What is a Patch MS11-002

When that I start, I get a message of Panda Global Protection re vulnerabilities! He advises me to apply patches "MS11-002, 003,006 and 007. How can I do this? Windows Update also reported to date.

Video stream always locks up my computer

computer crashes after the first minutes of watching an episode of tv or another video stream. Any idea what can cause this? How to solve this? I use Internet Explorer 8 on Windows XP.

The profile of my Vista won't let pitchers PC game run game applications - a fresh profile works OK. A registry problem?

Last weekend my PC has become infected with a malicious program called 'Vista Antispyware 2012' (probably due to a problem with my Norton subscription renewal).I used Norton Power Eraser utility and it seems to have removed the infection, but since t

Security Windows Vista 2012 pop ups

Today, I get pop ups on the security of vista 2012, now I know it's a scam so I have not downloaded the program, but some can on tell me how to stop the pop-up to appear? They come every 2 minutes and its getting on my nerves just a bit! Thank you

Impossible to uninstall Clickpotatolite, get the message error «an error has occurred during unintall ClickPotato»

I'm trying to uninstall Clickpotatolite program from the Windows Control Panel.  I continue to receive messages from programs and features, saying "an error has occurred trying to unintall ClickPotato.  It may have already been uninstalled.  You want


This tool of Bled is NEVER going to get fixed. It's quite definitely broken. Twice today, lost a lot of work. Description The failing Application path: C:\Program Files\Lenovo\Lenovo Mobile Hotspot\LnvHotSpotSvc.exe Signature of the problem Problem e

Loss of pre-installed software

When I bought my Dell Inspiron 660 a few months ago, I paid for Microsoft Word 2010 that was installed unfortunately the system has crashed and everything was lost. I got most of my programs, but not Word. I contacted Microsoft telling me to reload f

Maps JSON data with two data in the list

Hey all,. Been working with JSON data and informing the lists for a some time now, but im stuck now on a single set of data. The data structure is the following: [ { data: { children: [ { {} {} {} } ] } } { data: { children: [ { {} {} {} } ] } } ] Th

The voice to text conversion

Hello The numbering of the Application provided by the vocal Blackberry converts voice into text. RIM generalized all of this API to convert the voice into text that we can use in an application third party. If not, does anyone know or has some refer


I have a pdf file titled 'Cisco Security Agent with Intrusion Protection for Remote Corporate Users' in which she declares that one of the characteristics of the CSA is "Location-aware protection allows The Cisco Security Agent normal network use, fo

Set a value for an inputComboboxListOfValues before loading the page.

HelloJDeveloper Version want to put the PersonName (PersonId) value of the inputComboboxListOfValues as well as the value - PersonName display of the inputComboboxListOfValues before the page loads. I have PersonId and I can get the Perso

dv2416us bought in the United States, in India

I bought a HP Pavilion dv2416us year last Septemberi in the USA. The laptop does not light and when it does after hours, wireless network does not work, the pc gets really hot after a few mintues. HP is aware of this problem and offer free repairs. I

Microsoft Solitaire Collection pyramid daily challenge

The pyramid game for 24/12/2014 all four Queens buried and I don't see how the game can be won. Please let me know the secret or solve the problem. Thank you.