Database/list of iMovie Audio followed?

In iMovie, you can scan/see the list of formats of title and transitions, but there is a long list of Audio effects and tracks, with lengths, etc..  Anyone know if Apple released a printable version of the list, or if a user has entered to the top an

Developer account name problem

Hey, I would like to know why is the default name of my developer account different from my Apple ID because it has been created from this same Apple ID should some sort of confirmation from Apple to make it the same or I have to do something else? T

When I type in the address bar, firefox is no longer 'guess' the web address and instead takes me directly to bing.

Firefox used to "guess" what Web site I was looking for when I typed in a few key words in the address bar. FOR EXAMPLE; When I typed "bbc sport" firefox would take me directly to however, it takes me right to with res

Partition, forgotten password recovery

How can I use the recoveryfunction of the hidden partition on the HARD drive if I forgot my password of connection for Win 7 Home Premium? Saturday C660-15ZPost edited by: Palle

Link to the variable of the scan engine

I have the attached labview, the settings on a variable diagram and shared block.  In my project I have a cRio who is using the analytical engine and signals some time RTD.  in my computer, I have a shared variable that I have an alias to the scan on

Hi, usbscan.sys unloaded without canceling operations.

Hello I use a Canon printer + scanner. When I try to update the driver for it, I get a BSOD. I analyzed the dump file and this what I got: DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS (it) A driver unloaded without cancelling the timers, DPC

Microsoft Works for Windows XP free download

I have microsoft works but he don't watch calendar and address book, how can I download the whole version with purchase?

You can use a 16GB Micro SD on the view?

IM wondering if the display reads Miro SD 16 GB?

Error updating service runs is not impossible to install Windows update

Original title: Windows Update Windows Update may not work because the update service is not running. There is no error message for this error number.

a second hard drive

Hello everyone, I have a dell optiplex gx 580 desktop computer and I want to know if I can add a second hard draive of SATA that he Thank you shesagordie

House of indicator screen blackBerry Smartphones won't go away

I have an indicator at the top of my screen that, no matter what I do won't go away. It resembles an indicator of voicemail, but now I have no voicemail. I tried leaving a message in the voicemail box and then remove it, but that didn't work. Does an

Neon of blackBerry Smartphones abroad

Is it possible to get an international reception for sprint on BB Curve?  Bought in the USA and no reception in London. What is with that?  Do I need to get an AT & T phone?

j611 3050 a convert print USB mode

I have a J611 3050 a printer with a windows 7laptop - how to convert usb mode from mode current wireless that I moved to a wifi not environment? The options do not seem to be available. Can I do a factory reset and reinstall the printer? If so how to

The file on the network drive management home

My Win 7/64 Pro is connected to our home network, that has a Maxtor drive.  If I use my PC to edit the files and folders on the network drive, the changes do not appear on the other computers on the network.  I am the only user on my 7 box and have a

Where is stored in the FDMEE database PERIODKEY?

Does anyone know where the current PERIODKEY that the user selects in the POV is stored in the database? I'm trying to run a method that will pull the current year that is active in the POV in a BefImport Script and then look for this period data in

Results of the query allows the elements of the screen

HelloI use - JDeveloper Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1I have an application where a query will always return a value of a screen element and may or may not return one value to the other. Thus, it5 will always have a value, it6 can be

Cannot find my serial number on my account.

I bought 3 licenses CS6. 2 win and 1 mac. The victory of two I have already installed, but I'm about to install the mac license. When you are looking for a serial number on my account, I don't see any of my purchases listed anywhere. Can you help me.

Links for Wireless 1505 howto/documentation request - service/configuration-layout

I'm looking for documentation, howtos, etc. for the way in which the Dell Wireless 1505 interfaces with Verizon Wireless WLAN card route. Please note that I am not asking people to teach me.  I prefer to read and understand the configuration and the

Panel with QMacNativeWidget ceases to receive events to draw

I have another problem with QMacNativeWidget. I have bakery on it and it appears fine. But after I have then disconnect the Panel no longer receive events to draw. So my bakery that is placed on this Panel is not redraw. Although I can open the conte

DeskJet F2480 guard printing alignment page

I installed a new Deskjet F2480 and everything was fine.  Had to replace cartridges soon after.  I installed the HP cartridges.  But now, when you print a document, it STILL prints on an alignment page.  Computer has Win XP Pro, Office 2007.  I've se