East-audio/video or advertising photos in the tab 'not open' affect the performance of Firefox?

From what I understand the audio Forum leaking by a tab can be cut. This means that the most important activity such as periodic updates on a page to download advertisements could also affect Firefox performance even if the tab has not been clicked.

Toshiba 40TL938G blue screen on the initial screen - invalid service page

Hi guys,. Today my Toshiba 40TL938G give me a bad joke.When I turn on the TV it gives me a message on blue screen (like windows) tells me"frequency of update and you have to search again for channel" and later "is not a valid service. I can't do noth

Siri handsfree "Hey Siri" February 22, 2016 does not

I'll implement speech recognition of Siri the thing free hands while it is plugged into the charger, and it shuts off hitch the first time. Then, I took my iPhone and play music through it while driving. Much to my dismay when trying to get direction

PX1220E - 25 1 external hard drive does not not Linux

Hi, I just bought the drive above, and it is not recognized under linux (Ubuntu 8.04). It works fine in Windows XP.Is there any way to make it work? Symptoms:-The following message is visible in dmesg: usb 5-8: high speed new USB device using ehci_hc

IPod corrupted after the recent updates to itunes

My computer says that my ipod is corrupted since I allowed the updates on my ipod. I did just a few days before and now it says it's corrupt. I did the restore on the computer, through the computer diagnostic test (I said nothing detected), malware a

Problem of drift incredibly strange clock in Windows 8 on ENVY 14 t-1000

I have a ridiculously strange and frustrating issue running Windows 8 x 64 (RTM) on my Envy 14 t-1000.The first time I noticed this problem was when I ran the consumer Windows 8 build preview earlier in the year. I noticed that my clock might drift o

The instruction at 0x0040f2d9 reference memory 0 x 02895008 memory could not be read.

This happens when I shut down my computer I recently installed an update program for my anti virus.

Microsoft Outlook express Outbox does not transmit messages - Messages remain in the Outbox for ever

When you create new messages, outlook does not transmit messages. They remain in the Outbox for ever

All my system restore points are gone, can I get them back? They were here before, I did a restore earlier in the day.

I have read through many of the issues with my problem similar but found no answers I thought applied to my question.  I use Vista Home Basic and it came on laptop. He began to get a blue screen, the other week that close... I signed on and it allows

OfficeJet 4630: Setting up for the second computer

On behalf of my father who has a Macbook Pro and a 8.1 Asus which are both able to print: I tried the scanner now and then that the Mac has a utility program that I used for the Mac can receive scans the Asus doesn't seem to have any HP software. I s

HP mini 110-3131 dx: unknown PCI device

Hey everybody, I have trouble finding the suitable driver for my hp mini 110-3131 dx. I bought it 2nd hand, did a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate. Everything seems fine, except when I checked on Device Manager and discovered that there is a yello

NTLDR not found, do not start the cd

Recently, I reformatted my hard drive to solve a problem with my computer randomly, making a rude noise beep and turn off. with my freshly formatted hard drive, I put in my windows installation disc and got pretty much at the end of the installation

search for networks

Hey guys I'm a total newbee, so hopefully that might give me some advice: The problem is that I live near the border, so my BB sometimes chooses the wrong mobile network. Now I want to write a little app, allowing the BB to do a new search. Benjamin

Portable printer all-in-one HP Officejet g85

Windows 7, 64-bit system. Trying to print photos stored on my HP Officejet G85 printer, it starts to print then remains in the same place on the photo to print paper until the pictuer should be done. It only prints in the first inch of the photo pape

installed the new hard drive, but could not find the original CD.

I have a hp w6243p desktop computer.  I installed a new hard drive but cannot find my original driver cd so I ordered one online, I have nothing on my computer, please help

BlackBerry smartphones can not connect to internet by wifi when stop the data plan

HelloI use a Blackberry M1, provider of Singapore internet service. To manage the use of the data, I turn off the data plan across mobile networks, but then I also cannot wireless internet. Why is this? Furthermore, how to manage the use of the data?

VPN problem when local lan IP is IP LAN Corp.

Hello I'm having a problem to access corporate services when an example of one of our servers IP address matches an IP address of a local host from the local network, accessed from. Is there a way to bypass and or solve this problem? I use split tunn

Arabic to English language change in Windows 8

Dear team, Is it possible to change the language of Windows 8 unique Arabic edition into English.

My 2nd image will not download without logo - shows as a license...

Hi, I can not get my second image to download without a logo. My first image downloaded perfectly.  The second image shows as a license, but opens with the logo spread across it.I think it has to do with being in the evaluation mode?

Is it possible to pass the portfolio across AdobeIDs sites?

I want to transfer my site Adobe Portfolio of my work to my own account. Is it still possible? Or would I need to rebuild the site on my personal account.