Password files differ between versions of Firefox?

The 'profiles' page - where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data ( seems to give different information (without specifying what it does) according to

Mid 2012 MacBook pro test equipment

I got the error 4BAT/1/40000000: 0x8984fb90 while doing the test hardware. Can anyone advise if this is a question of logic board or battery? I checked in the coconut battery test and battery seems fine. I had this problem all of a sudden as I was ge

Which is connected to my Tecra A3 COM ports?

I want to know if there is a way to know what devices use my port com 1, 2 and 4. I know that the com port 3 is used by the internal modem. What about the other 3? The reason is that when I connect a serial port adapter full USB port, it is immediate

An apple user received a warning message that his phone has been compromised and that it has to download a program before it can use Safari if his picture files will be in danger of being stolen. What should do?

What to do if you got a warning message of * as your phone is being hacked and you need to download a program to protect the data of the phone and photos to be hacked? This occurs whenever you try to use safari (this is what happened to

Satellite C660 - Broken output Audio Jack

Hello ;) I'll give a brief overview of how it happened. I was listening to music, with the speaker cable plugged into the audio output jack. I myself am moved suddenly, not realizing the speaker cable was wrapped around my leg, pulling off so it out

Double post

Cannot figure out how to remove this element.  I'm the worst.

Satellite A665-S5170 reset to the factory settings

I bought this laptop in February 2011 from best buy, I went on holiday in April, my father at the House-sit to the left and he used my computer. Said there are infestations of virus and its 'techno' friend installed linux mint OS on my computer and I

Upgrade SSD in a laptop 15.6-inch HP laptop laptop 15-ay011nr

HelloI want to buy the laptop next: HP 15-ay011nr laptop So, I want to put the ssd build-in to a Samsung evo 850 500 GB ssd (2.5 inches).I can not find on the internet what slot is used for the build-in one. I saw something on the M2, but not sureCan

Problem with scanning chips string token

Hi, I use the string scanning for token read in a string of tokens that contain key "*" char in front of each string and ends when the token index = - 2. It works fine if I said * 12345 * 1234 and so forth, but if there is incorrect data, say 1234 th

Update of Microsoft showing the white screen

I have a problem with windows update, it shows a white screen with #ElementModuleHeaderText #.#ActionCustomInstallImportant #.#ActionCustomIntstallOptional #. and that's it nothing else, the page is empty, don't cancel anything. You have any ideas wh

TDMS write to the auto folder causes the flicker of the cursor

I joined a project (8.6 LV) showing this problem.  When writing to a TDMS file in a folder of automatic settlement, the cursor briefly becomes a hourglass.  This behavior is not seen when a folder is not monitored by LabVIEW project through AutoFill.

I want to introduce my original docunt again changes were made and I want to return the original

I've made changes to my paper and is not happy and I want to recver my original document

Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 & 2008

If you have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable is already installed, and then an automatic update install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x 86 9.0.30729.17 - you can uninstall the version 2005 without it causing damage/problems/iss

(Playing games of N64 on Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit with emulators) (A game won't load)

Hello, I do not know if everyone knows the ROM & emulators but, I need help with an old favourite N64 called Mario 64 that is running on the emulator Project64, I can record an APR or a DAT file but I can not load the saved file when I run the game a

Windows XP Professional

MEU if e Windows XP Professional, o Office 2007 home and students eta rodando sem problemas, will but take long ele tera some type of problem?

can not get the printer to work when sending my laptop computer that he used to work the printer is on and functional

Can't get printer to work when sending my laptop computer that he used to work the printer is on and functional. Canon pixma MP180

an unhandled exception error code will not leave my screen,

An unhandled exception has occurred in a component in an application, Microsoft .NET Framework. Can't get rid of it, can not use microsoft update this message is running continuously, so will not delete or update anything for me Another post: An exce

How can I remove a program that is not "Uninstall".

IB than incredibar Updater has downloaded on my computer.  I can't uninstall the program because it will not uninstall through Add/Remove action.

Failed to update for MpTelemery

HelloI have a Microsoft update failure... (although she does not appear in my history of update folder)... with it I have "Microsoft Malware PRotection Signature Update Stub".and the following:Problem event name: MpTelemetrySignature of the problem 0