Why can't I connect to my account of Sainsburys store to place an order? Sainsburys it's my browser.

Since last week, I was unable to open a session in my Sainsburys shopping account using firefox. Sainsburys said it was because of Firefox.

Drop-down list retains the sign misspelled names. How to modify this list?

From time to time when you connect to a Web site, I type my user name. This is an example that I could type the first letter of a username and when the drop-down list appears, I accidentally miss the mark and click on new in the box. After realizing

Corrupt user account

My mac pro with OSX 10.8 book has a corrupted user account.  When I connect my normal user account it opens but I get the spinning ball.  If I connect to another user accout, fine. All the patches? Thank you

HP 17bII +: yield to MATURITY of bonds

Hello! I'm trying to calculate a yield to MATURITY of bonds. Liaison for £110.5 trades, has a coupon of 9%, that has just been paid and the next payment will be in exactly one year. The binding is exactly five years to maturity (at £100). How can I u

Satellite C660D - 19 X - touch pad or external mouse not working not

Good evening Touchpad of my neighbour does not work.She tried an external mouse and I tried a different external mouse.No luck with either Any ideas?We tried it in safe mode too and no luck.We tried the system restore, but no luck. Thanks in advance.

HP ENVY x 360-15-u011dx Touch: WiDi support does WiFi?

I want to buy the laptop and the specification shows: "Wireless: Intel 802.11ac (2 x 2) and Combo Bluetooth® 4.0; WiDi.

Satellite L50 - 1st - need to default BIOS password

need bios password by default L50 - 1 satellite

Satellite A200 - no audio device after the awakening of the mode 'sleep' or 'putting into hibernation'

I own a Satellite A200 laptop computer with Windows Vista. Sometimes when I put my laptop in 'stand by' mode or 'Hibernate', he wakes up with no audio device. (Error - no installed audio device). The problem is solved by restarting my computer, or by

All new ThinkPad 10 has a located on the BIOS supervisor password!

I tried to do some exploring of the BIOS and found that once I started it, I was invited to a supervisor password. It's a brand new/sealed ThinkPad 10 I got 2 days ago. Is there a default supervisor for the BIOS password? I tried (which it does not e

my e-mail address (_ @_. _)

my e-mail address has been hacked and I changed the password, but it has been blocked Please help me to unlock the email account and retrieve It is important becauce much information at this location I can receive the answer here on this e-mail is th

Need help for upgrade from Windows Vista to Windows 7

Hello I have a laptop Gateway FX which was purchased January 2009 with Windows Vista.  I'm now receive messages indicating that operating system is no longer supported and I want to upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit.  I can't find a version upgrade purchas

Registration - I need to make large letters-

If anyone can help, that's a very simple problem - I need of major characters to sign - only larger than a4 max - I guess that about 4 times as big word that will allow.I tried using paint - but the program wont allow or I don't know enough.

MS outlook 2007 Error 1923 office source engine engine could not be installed?

I am unable to get outlook 2007 installed, he asked why the system I have variefy I have permission there is a pc at home (never a working pc) I am owner and administrator. Can someone help me get through this.

All emails going to spam, and I can't get it out.

Original title: all of my spam goes and I can't move it. mail problems. ACCT can be disabled and not lose my photos in v skyway MY JUNK EMAIL IS GOING AND I CAN'T MOVE IT. IS BACK IN THIS WAY. I can DISABLE ACCT AND NOT LOSE PICTURES AND REINSTALL YO

USB 3.0 dv7 does not

HP Pavilion dv7-6015tx Windows Edition home premium x 64 My problem is that my usb 3.0 ports do not work the only time where I can make them work is to power off at the wall for 5 minutes, but if I restart the pc after cela or even let him go to slee

DeskJet 3050 j610a all-in-One error code 620060E0?

We have a Deskjet 3050 j610a (all-in-One printer), which has recently started to display error code 620060E0. This happens when a wireless print job is sent to the DJ3050 by a Windows laptop or a Kindle. The problem seems to disappear briefly wheneve

Simulator 1.0.1. request password

There is no installation procedure for me there is no password given to me. Here's what I see:

Tracking of Multiple Point in Blackberry Maps

Hi all I wonder if it is possible to use the webworks geolocation API to plot multiple points on a Blackberry or a Google map. Has anyone tried this yet? Are there references that you could give me to kick off development? Thank you!

Site to site vpn problem

Hello world I have a problem with the vpn site to site between two cisco routers. The configurations are: Site has crypto ISAKMP policy 10BA 3despreshared authenticationGroup 2life 86000ISAKMP crypto secrettestkey key address x.x.x.x!!Crypto ipsec tr

Synchronization to Smartphones blackBerry - specific connector error problem

Suddenly, I get the following message when I try to sync my curve for my Windows 7 PC.  "Connector specific error. It means maybe the son died, but, if so, how it would link?