Anti virus companys.

I remember when I am gone from Norton to McAfee Mozilla me asked my new antivirus company and I replyed McAfree. Now, I've changed from McAfee to Norton and me, nothing would change anything. I've searched and can't find anything tell me how to go ba

I need 64-bit drivers for Windows 7 for HP ENVY 17-jo27cl

I searched the forum for a solution to this problem and didn't see anything for my particular model. I gave to Windows 8 a relatively long test - about 2 weeks.  Hatred is not strong enough a Word.  I "upgraded" to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.  I have

Photosmart HP 6520

I have this printer and came out just in black ink. I replaced it and it does not give me an error message / black ink levels show that it is complete, BUT black is not printing at all. I followed all the steps to align/clean the head printer etc, I

Battery empty CMOS on Satellite Pro L

My Cmos battery seems to have lost power, took the laptop share for change, but seems to be soldered on the motherboard, what I do?

Compaq mini cq10: Necesito ayuda para quitar UN enter current password?

one compaq mini cq10 series cnu01326b8 You can help me?

SQL Server 2005 - Error Code: 0xD59 (cannot install KB955706)

When automatic updates are trying to upgrade Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition Service Pack 3 (KB955706), installation failed. I keep getting this error 0xD59 Code. I find answers online, and nothing seems to work. Help, please!

firewire acquisition

Hello I have a pc with firewire port, can I use it to acquire image without the use of PCI8255. What software (driver) should I buy, knowing that I have tne generator of vision.

Outlook express photo attachments to mail out

I have problems with the creation of outgoing emails in outlook express that contain photo attachments. I type them in as attachments only when creating the email, but as soon as I hit SEND it adds to the body of the email and ends up holding still t

How can I fix my task manager

open my task today Manager and his blank don't know why thinks that my son did something for her or can not someone help please tyvm

Windows Live Messenger blocked!

Because someone used my Messenger, Microsoft has blocked my account. I tried all the help with Microsoft Portugal. Useless! My account is still blocked. No one can help me! Please, how can I ask Microsoft to unblock this account? Does anyone have a u

What type of drive used to burn an .iso?

I just downloaded Google Chrome OS on and I also had a software burning .iso. When I click on "Copy to Disc", he said that the media are not supported. I use a disc of DVD - R Memorex with 4.7 GB of data. Wut do? ~ Mystery.

How can I reinstall Solitaire in Windows Vista?

I deleted my computer solitaire awhile back. Now, I want to come back. How can I download or reinstall of Vista Home Premium 32 - bit OS Solitaire? I just tried the following method: Control Panel, programs, turn Windows features on / off (disabled S

138 (net_err_network_access_denied

I was wondering if someone can help me, I'm not very good with computers, but I do know a little, my laptop was working fine, it says im online but I can't access internet explorer or other browsers and I do not understand why, ity is possibly due to

Strange colors

Hello A few days ago I pulled to the top of my Pavilion dv6 3240us and he did something weird. The colors are a little unhinged. Bright white area shows as Cyan and dark (black) are a kind of Burgundy or dark red.  I can adjust the contrast a bit dow

Remove vista boot screen

Hello I'm planning a check disk to run at reboot, but I couldn't see the activity and results of the operation of check disk because of the vista boot screen.  I never noticed this problem before.  However, I wonder if anyone knows how to disable. I

evolution of the coast on the .avi and .wmv files

Have windows vista 64 bits, windows media player 11.  Have the movies, photos and music on my computer.  Have a PS3 in the living room that I use to watch movies, look at pictures and listen to music.  Everything works fine as long as the media is in

Questions of edition

Hi all, I bought the z2 two months ago and now I have a problem with the photo on the phone edition. Whenever I have use the blurring of the background or any other style and edit photos, it says "Download resources, some available tools" it does not

Logo on Quickbooks & PayPal does not print OfficeJet 7210 All in One

Spin Windows 8 (64-bit). My logo on invoices from Quickbooks & delivery notes and mine and logos of PayPal on the PayPal online forms do not appear on the output of my HP OfficeJet 7210 All In One, BUT they do when printed on other printers I've test

White screen after hibernation

After that "recovery windows" appears on the screen, screen turns off and remains empty. Must say / reconnect power to desktop.