What the Hey?

Why apple spent so much time training all users NEVER to click on the home button when the fingerprint detection, but now with IOS 10, it is necessary to click again when connecting. Why? Someone knows why we experienced all users now spend time wait

Why the new update now automatically put my uid/pw in the box? Previously, I had to click on the box. It is a security risk.

The latest update of Firefox now automatically my uid/pw in the boxes. Previously, I had discretion because they do not display unless I clicked on the box. Now anyone who uses my pc (same family), are they 'just' to go to my bank or other personal s

The apps of Podcasts and find my friends does not update in iTunes

The apps of Podcasts and find my friends does not update in iTunes. Applications appear in iTunes as with updates, but iTunes says "Podcasts is available only on iOS. I usually never use the app store on my phone and always update of applications via

Portege R200: PCMCIA Vodafone 3 G question map

I looked on the technical specifications, but can not see if she will allow a PCMCIA Vodafone 3 G card. No one knows if she please? anyway I can do? Thanks in advance

Satellite L315 - LCD can not illuminate when the screen is completely open

The operating system works fine, but the screen went black when opened more than 60 degrees. If it is closed less than 60 degrees, it works again, but it is difficult to see the screen of this angle of gene.I cleaned the surface of the screen and it

Question about video drivers Satellite P100-257

Hello.Question about video driver. Version 14.25... Works (tells... 945 GM chipset); 14.27--works but with ocassional problems (tells... 945GM/GU); version 14,29... (said 945GM/GU) - does not work at all - black screen, but you can hear sounds which

s3710t computer desktop slimline HD and RAM upgrade

I bought desktop s3710t with Vists BONE several years ago and it works very well with no error message. I did not have the large files that would come in the future I am looking to upgrade my HD.  The specifications on the HP.com site lists the 1 TB

Trash won't be empty

Sometimes I can't empty the trash as a pop up window appears. This happened after the update to el capitan "The items are not currently in use... » Any help will be appreciated Thank you

From TestStand ExtraPuTTY installed

Hello I am currently using TestStand 2012, specifically the version according to the button ' words of TestStand 2012 ". I would be interested in using ExtraPutty to send commands to a test remote computer using SSH. I came across the follo

jucheck - Oracle

Is it safe to let jucheck.exe use Java (Oracle) to make changes to my hard drive? [Moved from comments]

Targus AMU75US retractable Compact Optical Scroll mouse

My pointer jumps around and inserts the words currently being entered in another section of the page.  What should do?

difficult to play online on pogo games and a few others

Pogo having problems with connection he played 30 minutes ago stop now computer can not get reconnected. Help

can t get the dvd is plug and play no response

For some reason any can t get dvd to the plug and play have teenager who could hepatitis changed something

Print cartridge access cover broke in J6480

I tried to replace the cartridge in J6480 all in one, the cover is detached. I tried to find a way to replace the cover without success. Each half of the hinge has three edges that seem to fit exactly and won't let go down the back of the cover. Ther

ProBook 4320 s XN869EA and integrated graphics card? Replacement of the graphics card?

HelloI do experience freezes laptop who become regular. My opinion is that the reason frozen fixed in the graphics card. My graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 and I would turn it off and try to use the built-in one. The Intel site said that

Windows Vista. Icons and bar do not list jobs

So yes... Let me explain my problem here. Yesterday, I created one guest and offline account to another, after that, my screen became black and unresponsive to everything I pressed. Even after the reboot of my computer, the problem persists. Now, I h

The status bar icons

I have a star on my status bar that I can't understand.my phone does not ring when I call me. These two things may be related and how do I get off the star my status bar?

How can I open a Simme.P7M file in windows?

Is it possible to open it with Vista Home Basic, or I have to download a third-party program to open it? Can you explain where I can find an if I need a specific program or how I can do it with a program available in Vista. Thank you!

How to use BlackBerry Smartphones in Russia

Hello!I was a student that is traded in the US for 1 year, recently, I came back. My host family gave me Blackberry Torch as a gift, having arrived at the Russia, I tried to use the Russian Sim Card, but he asked me to MEP code, I tried to insert my

Missing indicators of blackBerry Smartphones

I have been using my BB for several months.  has recently got one for my husband.  Found that there is a 2 square with indicator line and one indicator lock when it goes through Web pages, but I'm not on my own.  can someone clarify?