Need to download .zip without enlarging

How can I download via Safari .zip files and there not open (expand) the file? These zip files are designed for a different system, and uncompress loses the special attributes packed with files.  So just re - compress the directory is of no use. I ne

How can you quickly play a slide show of the photos in an album?

Hello How can I quickly set up and making a slide show of an album?  It took about 30 seconds to do in iPhoto.  HELP the ElCapitan photos is next to useless.  It is said: "You can quickly play a slide show of the photos in a collection or a moment."

Satellite Pro 40 unbootable

I have a Satellite pro a40 it was working fine until yesterday.If I try to start the laptop only the LED lights for a while for the rest it does nothing more.

My qosmio G20-105 auto stop after seeing about 30' TV

As the title says I have a problem with my brand new qosmio. I can't find a way to monitor the temprature of motherboards that I suspect is the reason for the automatic stop. This only happens when I watch TV. I tried to raise the laptop so that the

Where can I find a windows zip install for Firefox 3.6.13?

Is an installer of zip (windows version) for Firefox 3.6.x exist, such as that of minefield?

Engraving with 1900-303

HelloPlease can you help me with my cd player? It can read CD, but it doesn't burn CD. He pretended to do, but it doesn't. I have a satellite 1900-303 Thank you

HP Z620: Problem of auxiliary graphic workstation HP Z620 pci-e power connectors

I want to fit my new GPU Z620 workstation card. I see that there are two auxiliary pci - e power connectors on the plastic support. I intend to use these two to put my new graphics card but I see potential problems.The problem is that in these two co

Microstoft Office 2010 product key error

I find the sticker Office 2010 product key on the side of my computer. It came pre-installed. When I type in the product key, I get an error message saying that it is not "a valid product key. I double checked that I am not type the code in wrong and

Update Android from 4.2 to 4.4. problem help move the image to the sd card

After update android from 4.2 to 4.4. My slate 7 cannot copy anything from internal storage to sd card. Before the update, I installed the HD file manager. It is displayed "suite of files have not been glued," after the paste. Can anyone help?

No broadband

Restore windows XP and now I can't it connect to my enter net.

Office has changed to a very small size

Original title :(Windows Desktop Experience) since 2003 my windos XP size very small everything MS Pack and I think there's reason. but please someone where to go solve this * address email is removed from the privacy *

Windows Update shield on the Board keeps telling me to update, KB2656370 & KB2656353 try many time to update installed.

Windows Update shield on the Board keeps telling me to update, KB2656370 & KB2656353 try many times to insyalled update. Tried to solve this LOL. This situation is only 2 or 3 DATS, old and looking at Google 3 days, that looks like an epidemic proble

Windows Update has stopped working and Windows has stopped the unit, he reported problems (code 43)

Original title: Windows Update stopped working Vista Home Basic. HP laptop 550 Vista home basic 32-bit.  Windows Update stopped working, also adapter display Windows stopped the device says it has reported problems (code 43). I uninstalled / reinstal

SideWinder X 8 right click the button and the scroll button no longer works

the scroll button works more out of nowhere and shortly after also the button right of the mouse has stopped working, is in any way I could fix it? I tried to reinstall the software for this, after the scroll button does not, which did not help.

Problem with the Microsoft Lifecam VX-1000

I have problems with the video quality of the webcam, it is very slow with the delayed and blurry motion. The problem seems to be that on the window of parameters of that bandwidth usb is at least (1) and will not be changed. I managed to operate onl

Automatic monthly backup failed.

I do a monthly automatic back up to a 200 GB external hard drive (Maxtor), called reader: K, because the backup Drive: D was only 10 GB. Over time, I noticed the smaller room available GET. Last night backup failed because the disk is full (at least

Problem with the deployment of an application.

Hi, I'm just starting to work on the development of BB and I'm having a problem with deployment/installation of applications on a Storm 2.  When my own app could not load I've compiled some of the demos provided with the JDK and have the same problem

PostScript for laserjet 1300 drivers

Hi, I'm looking for a pilots postscript for laserjet 1300 that I can't, and I'm sure it was on the site of hp...

CSCui26960 - jabberLocalConfig.xml are not sometimes - 1

In August last this bug had a solution targeted to 9.6 so the bug fixes 9.6 was released in October and it wasn't there.  But the ID of the BUG still says it's fixed but no workaround provided or the version where it is fixed. It is a growing problem