prevent restore session when starting

Sometimes I get these annoying popups that will let you close the window without responding to a command prompt. According to my experience, it is best to kill the process firefox instead of answering the prompt (who knows what will happen when you c

Why Firefox will not agree that I have updated? Really, I have.

I downloaded and installed the 8.0.1 more than double, but I always get "You do not use the most recent version" on the home page.

HP Support Assistant on my laptop or desktop does not detect the other machine.

HP Support Assistant on my desktop or my laptop does not detect the other machine.  They are both on the same network.  Both are HP machines. Both are running Windows 10.  Is normal.  I would like to kind of monitor my desktop with my laptop when I'm

How I leave a group chat conversation?

How I leave messages as before group conversations

M70e Dual - VGA and DVI (Quadro FX380) display adapters

Hello Recently, my team received M70e SFF machines with two monitors to work on. These computers for some reason any, that all came with nVidia Quadro FX380 workstation GPU, I installed the drivers for nVidia cards and chips intel integrated (both wo

all games crash in 5 mins__

I just installed windows 7 64 bit, and now when I play champion online and other games it will freeze or black-out and lock up. I have a nvidia 9800 gt and 6 GB of ram, an amd 5400 64 bit 2.80 ghz 1000 watt power supply. I have all updated for latest

Help with Husqvana transfer 3D for Windows 7 XP

Husqvarna 3d will not be copied in windows 7, you can tell me how I can do this. I want to transfer my embroidery on my Windows 7 and can not. Help! I've heard XP did put at day end October so need to do very soon.

My hard disk crashed - I have questions about the network now.

My hard drive crashed on the computer that was the computer on which the files shared.  We had a T: climb together on this computer where we recorded the files and programs that we wanted to share.  My questions are this... We have replaced the hard

Why can't we create a folder with the name "con" or "prn"? __we can do only by using back!

I tried this on Xp, Vista and win7 and still the same resultI can't name a folder with the name "con" or "prn". THX


I read a few other posts on similar problems, but none of the answers seem to solve my problem.  I have a WRT160N that the border to my home router, then I have a RV042 for a home office which is located behind the WRT160N.  If I reboot the WRT160N a

I can't access my Hotmail emails after the signature since December 16, 2011

I use IE8. I couldn't click on anything whatsoever after I connect to hotmail. She stops just to the hotmail home page. I tried to use it on Firefox... same thing happened. I didn't have any setting changed recently. Please notify emergency as I e-ma

I tried to uninstall the AVG antivirus, but it used to uninstall.

uninstallation says I don't have permission, but I am the only user of this system and I am the administrator - as far as I know

I don't know what to do with what you send me

you keep sending me Email and I don't know what to do with it.

pass data from childCardDone to a textfield in QML?

I have a card camera call function that responds with the path of the image once a picture is registered using the childCardDone function.  I have no idea how to pass data from c ++ to qml.  I know that during the passage of the QML for C++ database,

MFELX1 62.5/125um fiber, could go far to how?

I am currently a network of design IP cameras, but they want to use the existing fiber, which is 62.5/125um multimode fiber. So I chose SG300-28SFP + MFELX1. But MFELX1 with fibre 62.5/125um, could go to find out how far?

BlackBerry smartphone App World does not connect to the App World Server

Carrier - Verizon Curve 8330 OS App World BIS After loading App World on my curve, the program will load, but does not connect.  I get the error "BlackBerry App World is had problems to connect to the server BlackBerry App World. 

Codec of Tandberg C series - DVI - I adapter

Hi guys,. I'm trying to understand the DVI ports on a codec C60. I need to connect a VGA (from PC) input and an Hdmi output (on a plasma screen). I can only find vga-vga cables and hdmi to hdmi cable (good quality). I want to know what type of DVI/VG

Windows 7 will not allow HP D2430 printer to print

I had to have my computer to re - install all programs etc and nowe my printer does not work?  It hangs just the light is on but nothing will print?  I changed the cartridges too?