I'm not able to delete some of the files or some of the bookmarks in my favorites!

I tried to delete/clear with the built-in library, this is the way that fails. It's strange, I can rename and replace the files, but I'm not able to get rid of them. I even installed Xmarks. When I remove the Xmarks, desappears file folder, but only

When you access Intranet sites that use SSL certificates issued by our internal PKI, FF for Windows gives an error of "incorrectly put in the form of message coded DER"

When to access Intranet sites who have the SSL certificates issued by our internal PKI, FF for Windows gives an error message - an error occurred when connecting to myshaw. Security Library: improperly formatted DER encoded message. (Error code: sec_

Transfer of data to a new iPhone

Hello, I bought a new iPhone (iOS 9.3.1) using a new SIM card and the different Apple ID from my old iPhone (iOS 8.1.3). How can I transfer messages Viber and media to my new iPhone iCloud sauvegardΘ (that I don't use iTunes)? I sign with the same id

Re: Driver for Satellite A305-S6872 media control buttons?

OK, so I just got this laptop Sunday.There the media control buttons, but they do not work.I read a few posts about this, saying that I need to download the driver control...Well, I spent hours last night looking for him. :\Anyone got the direct link

After the 10.11.4, update Mac mini wake with WOL

After the 10.11.4, update Mac mini wake with WOL. I have a recovery Partition, but it does not start in Recovery (⌘R) How to return to 10.11.3 (or fix the WOL)

Windows 10 compatibility issue (IdeaPad Z510)

Hello Compatibility issue tracker Windows 10 says that I meet problems with: Bluetooth audioBluetooth AVRCP (Qualcomm-Atheros Communications) deviceSupport Bluetooth virtual (Qualcomm Atheros Communications)LWFLT Bluetooth Device (Qualcomm-Atheros Co

Ports don't appear not not in MAX - VISA installed.

Hi all Had a rather strange problem today that I couldn't solve with serial ports not appearing is not in MAX (and thus be inaccessible to LabVIEW). In the windows Device Manager, it shows 4 COM ports, and I checked with an external program that they

Where can I find a newspaper that was sent to me, but is absent from my email?

I have any other newspaper with the exception of the a specific journal, I need. I got all the other reports by e-mail. When I log in, there is no "view activity report." Is that what I can do to get a copy of this newspaper?

Pavilion 7000: Computer freeze once the fan CPU runs at max speed

Product name: Pavilion 7000 Product model: 7 p - 1090d Product no.: QP177AA #UUF Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit version. Computer blocks once the fan CPU runs at max speed. Initially, the computer would occationally freeze after wa

The initial start-up of Windows media player takes a min.

Original title: it taek 1 minuut for media player too start. After the first start he go nomal.

Error when installing iTunes: Microsoft. VC80. CRT. Type = "win32". version = "8.0.50727.6195".

I tried to download iTunes on my laptop and all at the end of installation, I get the error message: Microsoft. VC80. CRT. Type = "win32". version = "8.0.50727.6195". public key token = "1fc 8 b 3 b 9A 1e 18th 3B" ProcessorArchitecture = "x 86". See

Emails in my Inbox are endangered.

Windows Mail emails in my Inbox are endangered. Not even go to another file as deleted, but which disappears.

Palm Desktop by Access removal of contacts

I have a Tungsten e2, I use Palm Desktop by Access version 6.2 and use hotsync manager version 7 with Windows 7. I've recently updated it Palm Desktop software for the Access 6.2 version since then he started to remove about 2/3 of my contacts from t

The USB headset volume buttons stopped working

Let's see if a second go make me somewhere... I have the Travelite ASUS HS-1000w headset. It is compatible with all versions of Windows. I got this headset special for about two weeks before the volume buttons stopped to change the volume. It is plug

screen has black and white lines after that video finished playing age of empires II

Age of empires II graphics glitch age of empires II and the expansion do not work on my HP Pavilion Dv6 laptop. When I open the game, the start videos displays fine, but after I finished I just get a screen with black and white lines horizontal and p

How can I set my default printer instead of always default to a single Note?

you want to set my default printer.    When I click on the printer, set it as the default came not even as an option.

Even when column names display no data found in IR

Hi gurus,Here is another question.I created an IR with the following querySELECT nvl (to_char (task_id),'-') "Title.""-'"Type. "NVL(description,'-') "Description.""-'"Category. "NVL ((SELECT v ('APP_USER')(OF sys.dual),'-') "last updated from."NVL (l

PS CC 2015.1.2 why my images maximize click on the title bar?

For the moment that I have a problem whereby I will have some images in floating windows, and just one click on their title bar maximizes their.  It becomes boring that I constantly have to restore them to their usual size.The same problem has been a

Image editing in the browser edition

I can't change my picture via in the edition of the browser, what I need to adjust the settings when I placed my image in muse?

Can I move the destination of Documents on Dropbox folder

iMac, last El Capitan.Captivate had to move the folder my projects in Adobe Captivate to Dropbox, as I will be away from home for a bit. I needed to be able to access the files while there.I have Captivate just put them there for a second