Activate the new app emoji on iPhone 10.0.2.

How do activate you the new iOS emoji 10.0.2 application?  It's created a problem by not allowing to see the keyboard button in the Messages at the bottom of my phone?

I downloaded Sierra.  Installation failed saying corrupted download.  App Store still says downloaded, but there is no button install and I can't download it again.

I downloaded Sierra.  Installation failed saying corrupted download.  App Store still says downloaded, but there is no button install and I can't download it again. What should I do?

selected item is not currently available

Some of the videos - everything (with NBC News) cannot be seen: "The selected item is not currently available. El Capitan 10.11.6, Safari. At the same time, that these videos are available at the same place using Chrome Firefox for mac. It's NBC or S

trackpad is not working I use an external mouse

trackpad is not working I have to use an external mouse.

El Capitan forget password WiFi

I own a MacBook Pro 13 "retina early 2015 3.1 GHz i7 16 GB RAM running El Capitan 10.11.5 (currently the latest version). The problem is that whenever I re - attach a known WiFi system forgets the password and asks me to re - enter manually. Here is

Installation of new add-on doesn't work and causes some add-ons do not want to work more.

When I tried to install an addon, it downloaded and tells me to restart Firefox, which I did. However, when I opened the menu of the addon, addon was not there. In addition, some (and some) addons like Adblock Plus, has stopped working. I tried reins

Sound with Equium A200 problems

My sound is really slow and cracky after I had my computer for 30 minutes, the sound is crystal clear from the start, but after 30 minutes, it becomes really bad and noisy. Is not a question if I have a headset or speakers speaker och internal, seeps

External HARD disk PX1267E appears "Unallocated" in Windows 7

Hello I have a problem with my external drive PX 1267E with password security.Given that I have connected to Windows 7, it no longer works. He's always asking the password enter the security data, but the disc is "unallocated" in windows Disk Manager


Hi I have a TOSHIBA SATELLITE PRO M30 LAPTOP 1.7 CENTRINO that was dropped it is moved that it restarts every time (long story). Works fine if it does not move otherwise. No idea why it's happening and it can be cured?

Satellite A300 - keyboard does not work sometimes

Hello the boot of my Toshiba Satellite A300 computer laptop keyboard doesn't work sometimes? After a reboot, everything is ok! Anyone know why the keyboard does not work sometimes?Greetings

example simpftp does not compile

Hello I'm developing an application in which I use the ftp InetFTPAutoSend function.  When I compile, I get unresolved symbol error: error: Undefined symbol "[email protected]" referenced in the «...» XPSWrapper.obj ". I decided to check if it was

the pci-6238 digital output current

Hello, I referred to the NI 6238/6239 specifications, but I've not seen this specification.I wonder if the maximum output current is the same as the current (9mA) of entry?

HP Envy 14-1200 Prod # XQ103AV: "we could not create a new partition or locate an existing one. See the Setup log file.

System - HP Envy14 - 1200 Beats Edition Notebook PC Series - product # XQ103AV.  It came pre-installed Windows 7. Error message "we could not create a new partition or locate an existing one.  See the Setup log file. appears in the new installation o

This operation is only valid in the context of a container of app?

Hey guys,. I try to practice loading DLLs in LabVIEW and I wanted to start from scratch. I created a simple dll add with Visual Studio C++ from 2013, but when I try to load of LabVIEW, I get this error I did some research and it seems that the dll is

Execution of Powershell in Windows Server Core

I have a computer that is running Windows Server Core R2 2012. I don't have the GUI or all installed roles. So all I have when I connect is the command prompt. I'm surprised that I can't run Powershell commands. How to add the GUI or get powershell r

Upcoming USB does not screen n

Hi - my USB is coming as a device that is unrognised and a convenience store. I use it every day, but nothing appears on the screen with I now put it in - suggestions appreciated!

I ran Microsoft Security Scanner, which has removed a virus in a few days, however, he's back, it is "Win32/Pdfjsc.G.

Original title: how to remove Win32/Pdfjsc.G Not sure if this is the right category for virus removal - it's also a security issue. I ran Microsoft Security Scanner, which removed a a few days, however, he's back. I just ran the scanner even

How to overcome error * stop: 0X0000007b (0xf78d2524, 0xc0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

Hello.. I'm editing O. S XP for my laptop of Lenovo ideapad Z560 after reformulating BIOS and copy the files over and before the program installation the following error will come (it has no virus in my laptop). the error is: * stop: 0X0000007b (0xf7

I have a Dell Dimension 4700C, his office at the beginning of fashion and the custom of saving!

Seeing orange on monitor-tried F8-F10-F2-all do nothing! When you press any button on the screen, it tells you his power in economy mode - press any key on the keyboard or move the mouse - that does nothing! Help, please!


I'm unable to start the computer in normal mode and get the error 0x0000008e and ataport.sys error. However, the system works perfectly in safe mode.