Understand migrations from iPhoto to Photos

After you migrate an iPhoto for photo library, the file extension of the iPhoto Library is changed in .migratedphotolibrary, and my understanding is that the two libraries share the same files through the use of "hard links". I've also read that if o

Why my e-mail messages not not loading when I open tnunderbird

This problem just started. Always before when I opened thunderbird would automatically charge my messages. Now I have to choose the option, get all messages before load new messages.

First Calculator in radians?

Hi, this is my first post on this forum site and hope that I'm doing all this correct. But my question is how do you spend between radians and degrees (regarding modes) on the first HP Calculator? I thought he was touching the upper right and then ta

Satellite Z930 UMTS Stick does not work

Hi all Since a few days, I have a Z930 ultrabook. I am very satisfied with this portable fast, smart. The ultrabook is absolutely silent, I hear nothing. My problem: I don't get UMTS 3 G glue to work. When I plug the stick into the usb port that it i

Importation of folders as projects in Aperture 3.6

Surprised in the impossibility to import into Aperture suite path 'file - import - folders as projects' from an external drive (actually an old generation 2 TB Time Capsule used wireless as a network disc;) MacBook Pro can see it and open the picture

Best way to extend the network of Apple using Cat5 and wireless, but with access to the same network

Appreciate any help here. I need to extend my network coverage for the part out of my house where the current signal does not cover. I have a Time capsule in the office connected to my Modem and then created a wireless (XXXX) network that connects to

Find iPhone using iPad found location but the phone is off

What would do you if you lost your iPhone (abandoned by your vehicle) in a neighborhood residential but find a few doors more far using your iPad. After a short period of time the phone is turned off and the folk at the location of denies knowledge o

Windows update error 52F CODE


"update.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience.

Hello Uses a deployment tool to deploy the patches in the environment, and this time after doing so I am getting an error below "update.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvinience. Please help its critics. Con

How do I change Windows Live Mail to get mail in HTML?

How do I change Windows Live Mail to get mail in HTML?

restiore audio sound-Email to * address email is removed from the privacy * goes looking for answers

Restore the email sounds Audio response to-* address email is removed from the privacy *.

Remove earthlink update mannger

an obselete earthlink program keeps poping up on my desktop, how do I get rid of this pop up I am running windows xp

RMA process

Hello I just RMA has my opinion 8G that I bought in February (the process literally took about 2-3 hours from the time of the call to the dispatch of the mp3 player on). I was wondering about how long an anyone of you had to wait for the replacement?

Analyze the error "C:\Windows\Panther\unattend.xml" after the recovery attempt (computer laptop gateway)

I had a problem, which lead to the other. I'll just show what I posted in the other thread. Thus, I have provided the link for reference. This is the excerpt from this thread: http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en/vistawu/thread/a42818dc-4037

Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Hello community: I try to use the Microsoft XPS Document Writer, which came with Windows Ultimate.  When I press the "print" button, it brings up a dialog box stating "save under" and he doesn't let me go forward with an impression.  I don't understa

en - us has stopped working

Hello I get this message periodically on a toshiba satellite a-215 running vista Home premium sp2 with 1 GB of ram, 320 GB HD. It does not seem to affect what anyone. I am currently in a reconstruction of the system (version from the manufacturer) so

My system crashed and now I just get the blue screen that says to reinstall windows, when I try to use my recovery disks that it won't work.

Is there anywhere to get a new copy of the system recovery disc for my windows vista computer.  I have a HP Pavillion and I get not anywhere when trying to start repair, it tries to fix my computer and takes forever... and then I get the blue screen

computer does not start upp

Hello I start my PC. it freezes. I have to restart my pc. and have to alow the machine to scan. message - computer @your impossible to srtart @, then his scans himself. Finally, I am able to log in. What is the cause. Could NIS be causing it.

Phone network Orange UK and HttpConnection speed

I have real problems with phones on the speed network and connectivity Orange. Take the duration of the request to the server can be a very very long. I tried doing a tcpdump on the server and time set by the server see the HTTP of the time I make th

Language Input Support section missing Desktop Software and blackBerry Smartphones

I'm trying to remove some languages of my Torch 9850. I recently spent the unit from a torch defective 9850 in a replacement as new from Verizon. Entering BDS V, loading Applications gets me only for the applications that I installed from Bl