Firefox keeps my online banking

I am unable to long on my online banking. The Bank and the trend say it's the fault of Firefox. Firefox is a new browser for me and I did my default. It's now my second day to deal with this problem.

Why not the films I did with iMovie 10.1.2 by sharing the file play on anything but my computer

Movie with iMovie 10.1.1 and 10.1.2 and sharing file then responsible for the thumb drive can be displayed on my computer.  PS3 shows corrupt file, Media Player WD is trying to read but the video is degrading and uneven sound, Samsung TV wonder for i

Why Firefix does not load my homepage?

When I open a new window, Firefox does not open with my home page, but with the last page I was on before closing the browser. Why is this happening? How can I fix the problem? Respectfully,. Cristina Herrera

Upgrading processor on Tecra S2-163

I think about upgrading the processor in my Tecra S2 - 163 and wondering if she can handle the Pentum M 780... I thought that, of what is written in the manual, it would be at least treat the Pentium M 770, is this OK?

El Capitan Help! I'm stuck on a screen with a bar oblique circle!

I have a MacBook Pro (2011) and I recently got my computer fixed with a new hard drive and this who do not. I went to install El Capitan only then as soon as it finished downloading, it just freezes and returns to a white screen with a slash through

Setting up FTP in Personal Cloud

With my IomegaEZ-8, I followed the help files for: Network > protocols > FTP > on .. .and enabled FTP, but there is no additional instructions on setting up the player to receive FTP downloads. There are some guidelines available? Thank you!

compiled VI works not on the same PC, when running as VI works fine

I have situation where my VI loads external dll, which seems extra charges of the dll. While my VI shows the dependence to only the main DLL, others are not included in the project. This seems not to bother the LabView runtime during execution of the

New print cartridge HP 920 50% full when it is installed.

I bought a new HP Certified 920 CYAN cartridge and installed. Immediately after (without printing what whatsoever), I checked the State of INK to find CYAN showed 50%. Others were 100%. What HP we short-circuit on ink? It's expensive to start.  What

LabVIEW fpga compile: translation error then again translate

Hello everyone, I have a question about the process of compiling LV FPGA. The context: I am compiling a binary FPGA for the NOR-5644R (viterx6 inisde). the process is quite long (up to 7 hours depending on how is our CLIP). I am canvassing any idea o

Letters appear as numbers

3etters one * ear like sy0b63s.  * he3 3ease *. 5s n6t Th5s has 162.

I need to know how to reset my printer

I need to know how to reset my printer to its factory settings, it is a hp deskjet 3630 series all-in-one

I have a micro cell phone memory card, I'm trying to delete files MPG and it says that the disk is write-protected, how can I disable this?

I have a micro card.  I used to put photo files.  Today I'm trying to remove them and I get a message that the card is write protected.  How can I disable this?

Want to downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP but do not have a key. Please provide one.

Vita windows downgrade to windows xp I have Windows Vista (window professional vista OEMAct) so I want to Downgrade to Windows XP Vita, please provide GOLD key of Windows XP guide


I saved emails of photos I want to go to my windows photo gallery so I can edit them and save them in an album, but don't know how to do

IPS of ASA journals collection

Hello How can I collect newspapers of the IPS of the ASA? My firewall is ASA 5515 x, 9.1 (5) with module version IPS 4,0000 E4. Please let me know the commands to view the logs of IPS, also, how can I monitor these logs? Kind regards Martin

In Printer preferences group policy: printer appears but does not define itself by default

People, I have my shared network printer installation group policy preferences. I have ensured that the Restrictions point and print are disabled in the parts of the user and the police computer. Each preference has a targeting rule that identifies c

JSR 172 - newbie help

Hello I've been playing with trying to get my application to connect to a Web using JSR 172 service. I'm currently testing the application using free web services of "h t t p ://". "» After generating the heel and adding the f

How can I get my scanner HP scanjet 4670 for work with W7?

I have a HP Compaq nx6310 laptop originally supplied with Windows XP. I recently upgraded to W7 OS and now I can't start my HP 4670 scanner. When I look at the driver updates, I find there is no driver for this hardware with W7, but the same scanner

BlackBerry smartphones keeps restarting

Hello I delete an app and then it keeps just reboot how can I fix?

Windows OEM and differences of detail?

Hi, I was wondering... I have an OEM (Windows 7) operating system. My motherboard and my video card fail a lot, and I have to replace it. But I read on a forum that I can change one of my computer components, but the motherboard with an OEM operating