The Safari search returns top hits

When you type in the address bar URL Safari on my iMac, the first character keeps replace them with the next character, and returns the Top Hits.  For example, when I try to type "safari" in the URL address bar, the ' is replaced by 'a' and he return

I forgot my answer to my apply questions id

I've forgotten the answer to my questions of ID apply

How to stop the music played when I open a new tab. This just started to happen.

When I open a new tab, the music begins to play. It sounds like something Publishers Clearing house could play.I didn't add everything add on.

Comes from Maxthon and want to be able to place a site tabs directly in already on bookmark in the bookmarks bar?

In Maxthon (Mx2.5.8), I am able to place files on a toolbar similar to FF7 bookmarks bar. These records may contain more bookmarks. For example, I have specific folders for specific web sites: folder for fishing web sites, etc. So, when I come across

each time is looking for something that I'm redirected. should I remove firefox

whenever I have to search for a topic, or a site, I get redirected to another site. How can I change my firefox so it makes me only for the site that I asked?

Inkjet e: 5740 5740 printer does not print color cyan & alignment problem

Hello Recently, I replaced my lights on my P 5740 printer ink cartridge while trying once photograpgh print [6 x 4] & have had nothing more than headaches since. The cyan color does not print ink levels indicate that it is used. I cleaned the heads o

HP Pavilion G72: Og power on password administrator password

System to disable the Code = 85000506 Help, please

Work of doesn´t of reading binary file on MCB2400 in LV2009 ARM embedded

Hello I try to read a binary file from SD card on my MCB2400 with LV2009 Board built for the ARMS. But the result is always 0, if I use my VI on the MCB2400. If use the same VI on the PC, it works very well with the binary file. Theaccess to the SD c

On screen keyboard

Just tried to get a cat to support with the support of HP through the web support page for the Pavilion x 2-filled ALL the fields then pressed next - nothing! refresh the page and just deleted input fields. So here I ask for help. I have a problem wh

Dr Watson postmortem debugger has encountered a problem and stop windows...

"Dr. Watson postmortem debugger has encountered a problem and needs to close windows," not only tries to close windows... it freezes. This forces me to shut down or restart the computer through Task Manager. This happens when I try to open JPEG with

HP ENVY 700-203eo: image of DVD Burning 0xC0AA0301 error

Hello HP ENVY 8.1 700-203eo/Windows I am trying to burn an .iso to a DVD image, but it fails with 0xC0AA0301 error code. I also tried to burn the DVD using the included bloatware Power2Go, with a similar result. Downloaded and tried ImgBurn - which a

Cannot install KB2570791 in Windows vista error 80070643.

Original title: error code 80070643 whenever I have try and install an update for windows vista KB2570791 I get an error code 80070643 how fix this?

When I start my computer I have the error message: "failed to connect to A Windows Service.

A few days ago, I received this message by turning on my laptop: "Could not connect to a Windows Service - Windows cannot connect to the System Event Notification service. This problem prevents limited users to logon to the system. As an administrato

Volume icon is not displayed

I'm putting a logo of volume on the lower right of my computer. Logo of volume has disappered.  Can only control the volume of the speakers.

U2713HM, cannot display 2560 x 1440 in DVI

I'm trying hard difficulty but cannot display 2560 x 1440 on Dell U2713HM monitor DVI. I have ASUS Radeon R9270X - DC2T - 4GD5 Graphics Card nothing more than 1080 p, the screen lights up green. Help, please

Windows Update Agent fails to detect the updates (Windows Server WSUS with SCCM)

Howdy We recently integreated WSUS in SCCM 2012, which means WSUS updates are now provided through the software Center instead of through the Windows Update client. This does not work as expected. However, we are using Kaspersky Endpoint Security, wh

Receives the message pop up saying that my laptop is very insufficient disk

Original title: A SPACE DRIVE TOO Hello! I get a message saying that my laptop is running very low disk space even if I had deleted multiple files as well as up to 1 GB. I also ran several hours of disk cleanup, but it still happens and when I checke

Key of registry in Startup Run 'E '.

Hi all As the title suggests I discovered that I have a registry key in my startup folder (HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun) called "Thinking" with the value of "regsvr32.exe C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Local\Ection\qhgsihbrzet

Error installing CSA

I tested the upgrade of the CSA v5.2.0210 to v5.2.0326. I have several machines which, according to the newspapers, managed, but once I restart the PC, the computer crashes. I found in the event log applications that csauser.dll caused an error in ex

Connect my B209a-m to my wireless network

Everything worked well, my internet went out, my modem was replaced, my router stopped working, I replaced it with a new one.  Now, I have my internet and all other devices are connect except my printer.  I've tried everything and can't seem to get t