What is the PNY CS 1311 SSD is compatible with Mid 2010 Mac Book Pro?

I would like to install this SSD on my Mac, is an SSD cheap I want to use until I finally upgrade my gear. . My laptop is mid-2010 MacBook Pro 13 inches. Is it compatible?

Your message has been sent and saved, but there was an error when executing the message on this topic filters.

Recently received this message when sending emails. Have no idea why. I use filters for incoming messages but none for the out. In fact, I can't find any place to set filters for the outgoing. Please notify.

Flame SAR

HelloI am interested in the Firefox OS flame device. Can you tell me what is the value of the DAS? Thank you


I had to use Firefox Sync recently to keep all my passwords saved from my old hard drive to a reformat. I reformatted and needed to retrieve these passwords for, I went to the options and found NECESSARY THE OLD to GET MY SETTINGS of the DEVICE. and

Satellite M100-126 - Win 7 32 bit indicates 'only' 3 GB of memory usable

Hello Here's the situation: I have a Toshiba satellite M100-126 (PSMA1E - 0PV021FR) running Windows 7 32 bit.He had originally 2gigs of Ram, but after that my brother's cell phone broke down (motherboard failure) I took his 2x2gig of ram and installe

CD/DVD combo cannot read some discs - Satellite 1900

Hi I have a 1900 satellite and I have a problem with my cd burner and my dvd player, my dvd player does not play all the same thow of movies, they all have the same area code and my cd burner, he shows that he has burned a cd, but then it is not read

Satellite A 110 is suspended due to high CPU temperatures

Hello My computer is hung up on me while running certain applications (such as Dreamweaver CS3) or other situations in which work the CPU at maximum performance. I suspect that the reason is high CPU temperatures and indeed download several CPU, moni

Satellite C660 - family of Intel HD graphics - OpenGL 3.1 support

I'm doing my Satellite C660 (PSC1LE) compatible with OpenGL 3.1, but finds it difficult to download the correct drivers. The last update was in 2011.

CPU register accessible in LabView FPGA FlexRIO

Hello people, I wonder if it is possible to get the following behaviors of Labview.  I think that it is not. Description of the system: application of CVI which communicates with SMU FlexRIO via controls and indicators. Problem: The design of a CPU-F

Why my computer is doing every thing appear side dowen?

Why my computer is doing every thing appear side dowen?

Updates do not install a C 8007064 error

How can I solve this problem of update, I don't have Vista. I have XP? * Title *.My laptop runs on XP, but when I try to perform Windows updates, it fails. And when I search the error code, it is an error code Vista 8007064 C. discover, my automatic

collection of the constants

Hi all I would like to save a bunch of addresses of registers (constants) in a global variable, so that the address will be associated with a name, and I can call them later.  My question is that I would be able to organize a variable as below? Produ

Issues scan MF416DW

MF416DW on WiFi. The printer's IP address is static. I can print her fine over WiFi but when I go on the glass and select scan > computer, it says 'connect to the computer. When I had it set up RJ45 he saw the computer very well, but not now? I tried

Impossible to extract music from a CD when I have my internet connected

Original title: my WMP will not access CDDB for information on the track then as CD ripping, but I have an internet connection. Soutions possible please? I have WMP and XP SP3. My default browser is Firefox. I'm ripping my CD in WMP and, although the

I click on closing down and then stops just my pc

It starts with stop and then it stops at this step... https://mysite.uchicago.edu/personal/bsdad_rcarter/Blog/Lists/Photos/112107_1514_ParallelsDe1.png... Please help me!

iTunes more... the conversion to MP3?

I recently bought an iTunes Plus song because I read that since iTunes more is without DRM, should it play on my Sansa Fuze. However, that is not download in MP3 format. I searched for more information, and people have said that if I have an iTunes P

Vista sevice of pk 2 - where to download SP2

original title: pk 2 Vista Sevice Where can I download service pk 2 for vista I don't have it on Windows vista

My microphone does not work. Used also before my laptop crashed and it had to be fixed.

Well, it camed back on me and now I can not Skype. I tried to find a new driver to download and I can't find one. I bought my laptop computer. I don't know what the specific production. Help, please. Its a Vista system. I tried to read 3 different si

Update critical for Windows 7 downloaded 23/02/2016

The critical update for Windows 7 downloaded 23/02/2016 caused my Corel VideoStudio X 5 and X 6 do not run.  According to Corel this 'update' hit version X 3 through X 8.  Please solve this problem?

Microsft Word does not

I can't open any of my Word documents I have previous created... also cannot start a new Word Document... I get the following error messages: Microsoft Word does not and then options to close the program or wait for the program to respond... with non