Windows fax and scan

Windows fax and scan program have a system tray icon to reduce to a minimum and be avaiable in the background for receptions of fax?


It does not show in the system tray, but it can be set to automatically receive faxes (including settings either manually answer or answer automatically after X number of rings).  This will be repeated so that reduced to a minimum and running in the background display of the task bar.

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  • Windows Fax and Scan cannot detect Photosmart C4580 all-in-1 scanner connected to the wireless network

    I have no problem printing or scanning when I connect my C4500 to PC via USB.  When connected via my home wireless router I can print OK but can not scan - it's the same for other users and computers.  Windows Fax and Scan gives me the message 'no scanner found. '  I need to work so that all users on my netwrok home can share the scanner.  I use Windows 7 64-bit.

    Thanks Travis_C (HP).  I actually found the solution just before receiving your answer!  I discovered that, although the Solution Center says it would uninstall the existing files before allowing me to reinstall with the latest version downloaded, it didn't remove all the files.  I only discovered this because the new facility has not taken me through the whole fresh installation procedure, he simply asked me what additional features I wanted to install and asked me if I wanted a local printer or network etc.

    I thought that there must be a mistake or problem with whatever existing files were left and the new facility would not correct it.  So I used the control panel to uninstall the existing files, and I made sure that everything was gone.  I then used the last download to reinstall, this time through the new correct installation procedure, and everything now works perfectly.

    With this method I always had a problem on another PC, giving me the same problem I had before.  I realized that this was due to a USB dongle connected to the PC to a wireless keyboard that seems to affect the installation.  When I removed the dongle installation worked again perfectly, and I now have full printing and scanning ability on all PCs.

    I think the installer for this printer wireless (and perhaps others?) should be updated to solve the problem, and also the center of Solution must be fixed to ensure that if you uninstall the software it should not leave anything.

  • Windows Fax and Scan "Sender Name" empty (Windows Server 2008 Standard)

    Hi all

    I am using Windows Server 2008 Standard (32-bit) with a RocketModem III card.  I have the latest drivers for the RocketModem.

    Using Windows Fax and Scan, I can send and receive faxes fine.  The only problem is when I see the fax, the name of the sender is blank.  I am trying to display the telephone number that someone sends me the fax to.

    I had thought it might also be under CSID, but everything I have complete options because it puts there.  I guess that means I want the CSID show for all those who sent faxes to me.

    It might be worth noting that I have active CallerID and you have a real fax machine that shows the incoming number very well.

    Does anyone have an idea where I could go wrong here?  Thanks in advance for the help!

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  • HP Officejet Pro 8500 has more: I need help to setup windows fax and scan on a network wireless home

    I'm stuck in the box of / address of the fax server in the Windows Fax and scanning configuration wizard. Where can I get this information? I think I can finish with this info.


    Windows Fax and Scan allow scanning from Windows, fax of the printer can be done by the HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910 software or Print Fax - printer HP Officejet Pro 8500 A910.

    Windows Fax and Scan to allow fax when your PC is equipped with a fax modem that you can find below:

    Follow page 58 of the user guide below to send a fax from your computer using the HP device all in one:

    To receive faxes on your PC follow the section "to set up fax to PC (Windows)" on page 69 of the instructions.

    Kind regards


  • Don't know where to find Fax Server when Windows Fax and Scan in Windows XP Setup

    I'm trying to set up windows fax and scan to receive a fax, but I do not know how and where to find a fax server?

    Hi C.V,.

    Method 1: Follow the steps mentioned in the article below toenable and configure the fax service

    How to enable and configure the fax service in Windows XP

    Method 2:
    consult the steps mentioned in the article below in order to send a Fax

    How to send a fax in Windows XP

  • Windows fax and scan without adding contact

    I use Windows Fax and Scan to send a quick fax to someone.  In the dialog box "New Fax", you can enter a name of my address book Outlook or to a phone number.  I would like to enter a name and a number for someone who is not in the address book without having to create a contact for them in the address book.

    The cover page editor allows me to insert the two {name} and {recipient Fax #}, so I expect to be able to enter this information when I send the fax.

    Thank you.


    You do so by using a one-off Fax address as indicated in this article:

    The names that you insert in the cover page editor cover fields in your address book to be filled in by the address book when you select a default contact.
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  • Windows Fax and Scan does not appear in the start menu

    : I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium and you want to (a) send faxes via a modem local fax and b scan docs from a local scanner. I mean, there should be a program Windows fax and scan shown in the start menu. I clicked all programs on the start menu, and it doesn't always show. Suggestions?

    From: Hal

    Fax and scan is available in Windows Vista Business and Ultimate editions, it is not available in any of the Windows Vista Home editions.  Since you have a version of Windows Vista Edition family, the only option of fax is a third-party product.  These products work under Windows Vista:

    Snappy Fax



    FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro 7.5

    I have seen reports that the free version of BVRP also works with Windows Vista:

    BVRP PhoneTools

    Given the above comes with the new USR modem, I don't know if it will work with no - USR modems.  Alternatively, you can send faxes via your Internet connection provided you are willing to pay for an Internet E - Fax service:

    Personal Fax Services - Internet Fax

    Another response of the community of Windows Vista discussion groups

  • Contacts lost in Windows Fax and Scan

    I have a file of contacts, but it is not visible in Windows Fax and Scan. How to bind Windows fax and Scan of my contacts?

    What program your contacts take place in?  Contacts Windows is the default fax and scan value if Outlook is installed on the machine.  With Outlook installed, it becomes the default fax and scan uses Contacts application and some settings in Outlook can prevent his Contacts to appear.

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  • Windows fax and scan help

    Original title: I have problems to install my fax and scan for my lexmark x 5650 options.

    I'm trying to connect my windows fax and scan to my lexmark x 5650. Help, please


    ·        What is the exact error message that you experience (if any)?

    ·        You have installed the printer on the system and you are able to print documents?

    ·        What do you do, fax/scan?

    ·        The device appears in the devices and printers?

    Follow the steps mentioned below to check if the printer is listed in the devices and printer.

    1. Click Start and select Control Panel from the list.

    2. Locate the devices and printers and click on it and check if the device is listed in this window.

    Thanks and regards.

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  • Disable Windows Fax and Scan - can anyone help?

    I am running OS Windows Vista Business 64 - bit on a lenovo T500 with 4 GB of RAM.

    Inadvertently, I installed Windows Fax and Scan. This program continutes pop up telling me problems at times and at other times what it says it is ready to send faxes. This pop is boring. It's as if I've been disconnected from the internet and he needs my password again.

    At this point, I need to turn it off so that I can get my work without this constrant irritation. How can I disable this feature?

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  • My windows Vista, SP2 doesn't have windows fax and scan lilsted.

    Original title: windows fax and scan.

    My windows Vista, SP2 doesn't have windows fax and scan lilsted. I followed the suggestions of look in System 32. The required file IS NOT THERE! How dan I installed?  I need this program is not compatible Vista my my printer HP Compaq, so I can't use it to scan documents.   The named file was something with FS.exe (don't remember it all now, but he was not there.)  I see that others have found the same problem, with it is not there.

    Please notify.

    E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

    I read somewhere since the announcement that this feature is not same inclued with Vista Home premium.

    That's OK, Windows Fax and Scan is included in the company and full editions:

    You will need to seek an alternative program to use.

  • Windows FAX and SCAN error reports - request server name. How to find the server name?

    How can I find the name of the server to send e-mail using Windows FAX and SCAN.

    Hi DonaldCombes,

    1. are you able to use it earlier?
    2. What is the exact error message you get?
    3. don't you make changes occur the computer before the show?

    Try to use the full name of your Pc name of the server.

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  • Where can I find "Windows Fax and Scan" if it does not appear under my "all programs"?

    Where can I find "Windows Fax and Scan" if it does not appear under my "all programs"?

    WIndows Fax and Scan is only supplied with Vista business, full and firm.

  • Windows fax and scanning stops of this busy signal says it must first dial a

    What should I do


    see if this helps for your enterprise vista ultimate or fax problems

    How to send a fax

    Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about using Windows Fax and Scan.

  • Windows Fax and Scan-do can't fax any type of attachment "the message could not be sent. These data are incorrect. »

    Original title: Windows Fax and Scan is unable to fax any type of attachment

    I am trying to send a PDF using Windows Fax and Scan Ver 6 Build 6002 SP2.
    I get "the message could not be sent.  These data are incorrect. »
    I can send a cover sheet, or something typed into the dialog box, so the modem works fine.
    The problem is with an attachment to a fax.  Tried to PDF, DOC, ZIP, JPEG, and TIFF.
    I found lots of posts with the same problem, but no solutions or problem.

    Windows Vista Business SP2, Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro using

    Just ran the SFC system (C:\windows\systems32\sfc/scannow) and repair files corrrupt.  WF & S now works well when you attach files.

  • Where can I find Windows Fax and Scan feature in Windows Vista?

    Original title: Windows Fax and Scan function

    I recently installed anHP DeskjetF4400 All in one printer.  When I click Start then all programs I find fax Windows and function in the menu, or anywhere else that I'm waiting for scan. My impressions of the printer and the scans but I can be used only in Windows Live Photo Gallery. I'm not very fimilliar with computers. Is there something that I need to install, I need a software or I'm just using this bad thing

    You have at least the Business Edition? Home Premium does not support it. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP -

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