iPhone 6 not recognized by itunes

My Iphone 6 is recognized by my computer but will not appear in Itunes.  I updated all the components and restarted everything.  My computer is running Windows 10, Itunes is updated to version and Iphone has been updated to IOS 9.3.4.  I cha

Weird symbol

What is the weird symbol next to the battery life that resembles a small set of stairs? This is on top of the lightning.

Why my "display windows and tabs from last time ' does not work?

Hi all I used to have my settings set to "display windows and tabs from last time." For some reason, it does not. Whenever I close my tabs, Firefox warns you me I close many tabs, and when I reopen it Firefox, I only get my home page. In the menu opt

Filter of keyboard for Windows 7

Which continues with the release of a filter of compatible keyboard for Windows 7.  I use the full retail version, not beta.  I have a dv5-1235dx.

Apple music always spoil information and album artwork exist?

I had the trial for Apple music when firstly, he came out and tried but he kept switching my existing cover and I think that some of the information too (e.g. Summer Jams 2013 work would replace the 2Pac album artwork). Apple music would be preferabl

White screen after you disable the primary monitor and secondary on Satellite

Hello I tried to connect a LCD screen on my laptop, in the first place, I went to the Panneau--affichage--controle--avancees--controler--proprietes--device use settings: disable! This allowed secondary LCD screen but the most stupid thing, it is that

Information on the State of the battery

Hello I bought 4540 s Probook Ci7 four days ago. I installed windows 8, 64 bits. I checked the status of the battery with HP support assistant, and the result is: Cell voltage mV 1: 0 Cell voltage mV 2: 4184 Cell voltage mV 3: 4183 Cell voltage mV 4:

Safari is Mac does not

I have a Mac Pro (early 2008) installed the latest updates for any Mac (El Capitan, Safari, etc.) and this question actually followed me from Yosemite, hoping that El Capitan upgrade would solve, but but did not. Behavior: My Mac will become partiall

Re: My HP spectrum XT screen has been cracked!

Yet once I had the same problem. Just shut the laptop after completing my work, and when I opened another day, touch screen on the right side of the laptop just stopped working. Then I found a crack in the lower right part of the laptop. I was wonder

Automatically update the sequence files (any)

We have a very large number of sequence files that must be updated.  The "Types" have changed. Is it possible that TestStand (f1 2010) updated all the files in a directory, or if all goes well recursively? What I am used to doing is to check all the

CAN-bus interface on RIO Eval Board

I am trying to use the interface on the assessment board sbRIO CAN. I installed the driver from RIO 101 shipped package, and the "Embeded CAN for sbRIO" functions are now on the range of functions. However when I place a CAN function on the block dia

How to use Sync high speed (HSS) with the HVL-F60M on a NEX-6

I recently bought the HVL-F60M flasgship flash for my NEX-6. I can't see how to exploit the higher with the NEX-6 synchronization speeds. The built-in pop-up flash is limited to 1/160th shuter speed flash sync. The HVL-F60M claims can I synchronize t

What is the average of database in internet.

What is the average of database in internet.

Computer Hangs Windows Movie Maker.

Every time lately that I use Windows Movie Maker I can import a video file, import audio files, all put together in a film, but when I try to save it in a file of movie or any other function under Save the file, the computer crashes.  I can't close t

mind of its own... restart

I am running xp, my computer few matter what his doing.to let it run without having to restart, it must be in safe mode. What can I do to solve this problem.

Active Desktop Recovery appears all night - does not disappear.

Sometimes my computer switches to Active Desktop recovery, usually at night.  It asks if I want to stop the execution of scripts, but no matter if I answer 'Yes' or 'No' - nothing happens.  Sometimes I can fix by changing my desktop picture or screen

How can I turn off microphone on a laptop?

I have a portable E-system and the microphone suddenly turned on itself yesterday and I could not go down... I tried all the tips and nothing works. Please help :(

Vista backup cannot find the backup device, is to say "searching for devices to backup...". "

For Windows Vista-32 SP2: I recently had the hard drive replaced on my laptop.  Now I'm doing a backup, but when I start Windows Backup, it gets stuck constantly "looking for backup... devices. "I have a WD My Book external hard drive formatted NFTS

Reference Dell FS12-NV7 information?

Hello There is a seller on eBay unloading a bunch of servers listed as "Dell FS12-NV7" models They have a list of equipment of: 2 x 6 AMD processors, 32 GB of RAM, 12 (no drive included) HARD disk trays, dual-port gigabit ethernet (looks like on boar

Virus email

I received an email from Microsoft Windows Support saying that they have detected 7 virus on my computer through the network detection they said to call immediately on the phone: 1.855.343.4931 before the start-up or restarting my computer due to app