for Mac iTunes, playlists, etc.

I have iTunes for Mac I miss the sidebar and find navigation arse-about-face. All the advice that I've seen to restore a semblance of the side-bar is to click 'playlists', but this isn't an option that I seem to have... the only visible opt

Problem with the mouse and trackpad

I bought a MacBook Pro a week ago and am just learning how to use it - took computers from the 1970s, but it's like learning a new language.  New laptop has a memory of 8 GB and 256 GB SSD. The touchpad on the laptop is defined the way that Apple pre

An undesirable JPG image of washing the hands came into my address bar?

I had not searched for anything to do with health or wash their hands. It was as if I had asked a question about preventing the flu? I had just finished reapply for California lifeline on my phone service and had made online. I then I went back to my

iTunes ignores the titles help to synchronize

Since yesterday, my iTunes refused to add new music, I put in my library on my phone. I'll start the synchronization, it will finish the sync, but when it comes to determine the securities to copy, he jumps, then performs the synchronization. He ackn

Scan to large

I have a J6480 and when I scan to email each page scanned is 1 MB or more. How can I get these little ones?

What is google on my desktop is displayed on my IPhone, but I can't find the story ony my counter top that was google on my IPhone.

What is google on my IPhone or IPad recorded in history somewhere on my desk. They are in nature. If yes how to find and remove history?

Qosmio F750 - glass free 3D 3D non-active

I changed HD, first with the last drivers I could activate 1080 p 3d games I saw them in 3D. now I've changed my hd, I installed the drive recoveryI installed the same driver version The nvidia control panel active 3D 3D game does not start NVIDIA 3d

Update maverick el capitan.

I have several items to update a being from maverick to el capitan. What first day?

Satellite showing C55-5-137: no boot device please don't restart

HelloJust bought a computer portable satellite c55-5-137 and when I start the computer shows this message: no boot device - please reboot the system.Tried to boot from usb win7, same message. Also in bios I don't have the option to disable secure boo

Is it possible to install WIn7 on Equium A200-1V0?

Is it possible and how to do it? I already have an a * e to install xp, so I thought I could really a * e things going win 7. I never touch Toshiba laptops again, I've never done worse, it was to buy this. I never met anything so hard in my life. I n

New Macbook Pro retina striped out of box

I bought my new retina Pro Macbook at Best Buy and the next day after using it for only 3 hours and go to sleep, I noticed that the screen was broken when the Sun hit my screen. I don't know what it is. Help, please

deploy the web service to xp embedded

Hi all I struggle to run a web service on an xp embedded system. The web service works very well in my LV 2011 development environment and I have created an installer for my main application it is the lvws file is included as described in web service

Subvi or not loaded controls - missing localization misc.llb files

When I try to load VI Labview 2012, I get several files missing errors: C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\NI ELVISmx\misc.llb\subRecordEEPROMValues.vi C:\Program Files (x 86) \National Instruments\NI ELVISmx\misc.llb\subGetDevProductType.

Cannot print using HP 4500 printer, the message on the queue.

Original title: printer I installed a HP4500 wireless on my laptop and when I send a print to her troubleshooting tells me there was a queue vinifies it upward, but the problem has been fixed, but I can't yet to print can help you

Audio driver updates

I just downloaded and joined Microsoft Fix it, I need a update on 5 drivers, the main one being SigmaTelHigh Definition Audio CODEC, but they don't seem to notice. I went to the Download Center and I got this commercial program who wanted $29.95 to f

Windows errors install 1722,1723 when trying to install java__

trying to install java if mistakes 1722,1723 not not what to do

F4 - keys no work in dv7 7077ez windows 8

He used to work normally this menu changemonitors and see the screen mode, do not work with the fn key to. rest the Active keys working without problem...

computer laptop display on monitor Dell

I have a U2410 monitor with a HP desktop computer. Also have a laptop Lenovo T520. I want to connect the laptop to the screen, so I can watch 24 inches instead of 15. I tried to connect the laptop to the display with a VGA cable, but nothing was dete

BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphones & not sync with Documents to Go

Hi all: I just bought a Torch 9800 using the latest desktop and OS 6.  I have loaded on Documents to Go that works fine on the BB, but it won't let me sync the Office for BB.  It gives me this message: Your Blackberry device seems to be connected wit

Setup error 0 x 80070656 the installation of batman arkham city

When I try to install the city of batman arkham on my pc windows 7, I get error 0 x 80070656.  I tried to restart, but that has not worked.  The only antivirus that I am running is MSE.  Help, please