iPhone not appearing is not on PC

I plugged my iPhone 6 on my pc (Windows 8) for the first time since the update to iOS10. Synchronize perfectly well but when I tried to export a few photos from my phone to my pc I could not find my iPhone appearing anywhere outside of iTunes.

Locked iPhone 5, help...

Hi all, this morning I received a message that my iPhone is locked. He asks me a username and pass. I get my Apple ID and pass, but it remains locked. I did it online too, but oddly there is no device attached to my account...? I was the sole owner o

Given that v37 Firefox for Android crashes soon after startup

I use a HTC D316d (CDMA) with Android 4.3 in China.Up to v36, Firefox to work without problems, but v37 crashed seconds after starting. I reset all the data, but without success.Then, I installed the nightly version (38 at this time here), and it wor

I want to get rid of 'Conversations' in my email

I get these fools tabs some kathy popup"and other idiots! I don't want 'conversations '. How can I remove it? If I want a conversation with someone, I'll call them! This is another Yahoo benefits they did not ask anyone if they wanted to!

Satellite L850 - cannot play Minecraft - graphics driver problem

Hello I have a Satellite L850 with this specs: Intel Core i7 3630QM with an AMD Radeon HD7670M and 8 64-bit windows.I installed the latest drivers display amd by toshiba Web site and java 64 bit. Walker I launch Minecraft is as usual, but when I clic

If you see Firefox full screen can you get a toolbar preferred to appear with the address bar?

When you put Firefox in full screen all toolbars disappear. When you hover over the top of the screen in the address bar and appear bar "open tabs. Is it possible to get the toolbar Favorites to appear as well? If not, is there another way to access

Does anyone still use old video devices Flip w / el capitan?

Someone at - it still use old Flip video cameras and el capitan?

HP ProBook 4740 s and Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260

HelloI need a WiFi card faster as she currently the Intel Centrino Advanced - N 6235 is the map intel Dual Band Wireless - 7260 AC will work in my computer HP ProBook 4740 s? Where can I find the list of WiFi cards compatible with my computer? Best r

HP Photosmart 2575: HP Photosmart 2575 on Windows 10?

I know that this unit is old and out of taking care of and so I realize that there is a very long shot, but I wonder if anyone has found a way to get a HP Photosmart 2575 network to work 10 (home, 64-bit) Windows? I did a clean install of WIndows 10

Compaq cq58-301ew - drivers for windows 7 - where are they?

HelloI bought a laptop compaq cq58-301ew pre-installed with Windows 8, I have no intention to use this system without hope and installed windows 7, but nowhere has the drivers for this system! Where can I download the drivers for the bluetooth device

HP mini 110-1144nr current password series [SN edited]

HP mini 110-1144NR give me the current password. Serial number [redacted] Caddy

Problem with pole-zero analysis using multisim

Problem with pole-zero analysis using multisim


Well, this is my first post.  Hopefully not my last... but we will see. I waited a year for the Pre get to Verizon and now that I bought I find that I can't connect to our server to access outlook.  I have send and it seems to work very well but if I

Message "Microsoft (C) Register Server has stopped working and was closed" appears

When I start up I get the message "Microsoft (C) Register Server has stopped working and was closed".

c309n Printer code?

(1) name of the printerhotosmart web premium all-in-one (2) model #: c309n (3) windows 7 64 bit I printed "printer status report", "wireless network test report" & 'configuartion hp network page. None shows a 'printer code' or the email address of th

startup programs are missing

Hello ·         The problem : most of my laptop computer startup programs is missing (originally, I had 42 now 11) they does not appear in the startup list in msconfig. ·         Effects of the problem: most of the programs initially installed on my

My rating of "office for Windows Aero performance" graphic is 4.9, the lowest performance rating I

I have a GeForce 9400 GT Board driver version 258.96. 16 CUDA cores, 550 MHz core clock, Shader clock 1350 MHz, Memory clock 400 MHz (800 MHz data rate), 128-bit memory interface, available graphics memory total 1755 MB, Dedicated video memory 1024 M

Groovy Script extended of two Topologies in a rule

Hi all I am trying to create rules, where I can reach to the memory of the physical hosts of special services. Here's what I have in theory up to now, by themselves, they work, but I would like to know how I can put the two together. It works to foll

Laptop HP 2000-2b09CA need drivers for network

I just installed Windows 7 on my HP 2000-2b09CA company. I found the drivers located on the web site, but is for States that it cannot find the drivers. I tried to install SP58944 and SP58586, and they say that's not the driver. Miss me the following

BlackBerry Smartphones Contact photo is very small

I added pictures of my contacts.  When a call comes from one of them, the image is VERY small. Is there a way to make the picture fill the screen, just like the photo on my homepage? Thank you.