Untrusted connection for all sites

I'm getting "this connection is Untrusted" for each external site/link outside my msn home page. I copied the text of the troubleshooting of a word doc page, but I can't send it because I can't have my office e-mail! What I'm doing!

How to make a double search

Basically I have spreadsheets that come in I want to organize. I need to do a search in a column, when it finds what I want, another column for another search string and then return data from a column of the third. Sounds confusing, I know. Here's wh

Satellite U300 - strange problem with volume control wheel

I bought a U300 last week and I find that the volume control wheel doesn't move very easily. It seems that you have to push it slightly to adjust the volume, and when you release your finger, the volume goes in the direction you moved to slowly. Ever

El Capitan will not install. Error message "file system check or repair a failure." Had to reboot with the snow leopard disc.  Any suggestion what happens?

Trying to upgrade Snow Leopard to El Capitan.  El Capitan will not install.  Get the error message "failed to file system verify or repair.  Quit the installer to restart your computer and try again. "After Setup could not restart without using the S

HP Officejet Pro 8100, Windows 7 64-bit.

Print is not centered on the page. large left margin and missing letters on the right side of the page. The exact same txt printed on a different printer is perfectly centered. This printer is on a network with 3 different computers and this printer

You can open several windows in Windows 8?

How to open multiple windows in Windows 8?

Pavilion 15-p168ca: slow need to RAM?

I am under Lightroom 5 but its so slow, I think I need more Ram.  Can I add to the product J9M62UAA ABL

Advanced Docking Station vs T400

We ordered only 5 Advanced Docking stations for use with our T400s. We were assured that they would work. So they arrive today and imagine my surprise to see that the Ultrabay housing on the side is not compatible with all things ultrabay, we already

Will not download updates for Windows 7

My machine tells me there are 17 downloads available, but when I try to download the green progress bar tells me something's happening, but nothing ever happens

Multiple operating systems

I had windows 8 with my PC and I really hate it, can I keep several operating systems on it like windows default, Windows 7 and 8. I like windows 7 best HP Pavilion 15-e084ca Model: E1X77UAR is he going to ruin my warranty if I install windows 7?

Restore backup files

On my old computer, I had to restore XP to factory because of problems with system settings. The option I have chosen has allowed me to save my files and I can see the lists of directories and files in the folder "My Backup", but could not find the f

Outlook 2007 receives all incoming mail

I have been using outlook express on an old emachine.  Upgrading to a new desktop computer with vista and outlook 2007.  I don't get the same emails on the new platform that I receive on the former.  I use verizon as my Internet access provider.  Any

SPA9000/SPA941 Conference issue

HI - we have a SPA9000 and in the course of running, but we are having problems with the Conference feature. In three Conference, there is always a phone that can not hear another thing everybody hears that conveys this phone.Internally using SPA941

Calibrate the touchscreen CM1415fn

When I touch a button n the screen of my HP Laserjet CM1415fn the wrong button get clicked. I can't click on the buttons on the right side

Activation of Vista 0x004f061 error code

What to do about activation * original title - what is the 0x004f061 error code. Trying to activate vista Ultimate edition is not activated and no one will allow me to know what to do next? *

After format, my original vista product key isn't accept

Dear Sir I have format my laptop last week, I reinstalled my vista home basic 32-bit after free trials used windows 7, during activation, it says that the product key is already in use. buy the new product key. I'm angry why he like that? I used the

OS Script issue with the new Version 6.6.2

Hello Here's the scritpt for the information of OS, plus version his 'name' and 'osDisplayName' then '\n '. It goes to the next line. In the new version, he won't go to the next line, no change was asked after the upgrade or there is another syntax f

Cannot retrieve Windows 7 theme. Help!

My brother has been messing around with my computer and changed the look of it, and we can't find a way to recover. Here's what it looks like now... http://i45.Tinypic.com/nd350g.PNG


Then I place a RichTextField in a VerticalFieldManager and copy and paste does not work. class MyField extends VerticalFieldManager {}RichTextField m_textField = new RichTextField ("abcd");public MyField() {}Super (Manager.NO_VERTICAL_SCROLL);Add (m_

ASA Anyconnect VPN do not work or download the VPN client

I have a Cisco ASA 5505 that I try to configure anyconnect VPN and thought, I've changed my setup several times but trying to access my static public IP address of the external IP address to download the image, I am not able to. Also when I do a pack