Change the delivery address

Hello Could you please tell me how can I change my delivery address. I use to live in Paris and I've been to London 2 years now. I was able to change my french account to a UK account. But I realized that my shipping address always in France. I need

Warranty on the laptop second hand

If I buy a 2nd hand notebook which is less than 1 year old can I still fix it under warranty?

Satellite A100-003 - flickering screen then shows black alone

My Toshiba has been flashed with the latest available v6.00 BIOS and has a geforce go 7600 gpu.About 2 weeks ago the screen started to Flash and loud gray lines have appeared, momentarily, in the days that the problem has increased in frequency and t

IMovie crashed when trying to share a movie at the theater

IMovie crashed when trying to share a movie at the theater. When you restart it hangs again, a background task seems to try to re - share the movie. How can I recover the film in order to share this file and to the theatre? How to stop the background

Satellite U400 - doesn't have a Bios update procedure

Hey guys,. I need help!I was updating my laptop works Bios and I had the power cord plugged in (no battery, he was at home).In any case, we had a power outage in the heart when I was doing the set date. Now, when the computer starts all the lights co

When I try to restore my 5s Iphone it shows an error (-1) and I can't update or restore it please help

I already tried different cables. I tried to update first, but it showed error (-1) then I tried to restore but he quieted showed error (-1).

First installation on Satellite A500 - 14 k does not end

Hello world I'm French, Taylor my name is, I 26.I just got my new PC, a Satellite A500 - 14 k. The first facility started more than 2 hours ago and I still have a blank screen in which it is written: "Please wait... The end of the installation may ta

HP - Spectrum x 360: product of the different numbers N5S04UA / N5S10UA

I ordered the N5S10UA #ABA model but has received N5S04UA #ABA. What is the difference?

HP Pavilion 15-p231ax: Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11 b/g/n. How to activate ' only mode?

Hi, I just bought HP Pavilion 15-p231ax. I see that the wireless for this portable device is Realtek RTL8723BE 802. 11 b/g/n. How can I activate ' only mode for this network adapter. I don't see an option to activate ' only mode on wireles adapter se

Windows Explorer

When I want to enter a Windows Explorer application restarts automatically.  I can't get into my control panel, my computer, etc..  What is missing or what is the problem?

I keep getting these messages [not only respondents] and locks my computer for at least 1-2 min. whenever that happens often when im doing multiple tasks at the same time help...

can someone please tell me how to solve this problem, I can not open or run several programs at once. and often it can take minutes for a program to open again. Ive cleaned the old files, errors in registry etc... nothing seems to help. but it doesn'

Unable to reinstall vista ultimate upgrade disk after you have reinstalled the system

error "this disc is too old to reinstall" but I had it only for a few monhs

AutoDesk Inventor 2009 will not work

I downloaded the program that inventor 2009 Autodesk (Autocad) is a program that I have access to the school that it is installed on my computer.  I used it for about 2 weeks and everything was fine.  In particular, I was using the program last Frida

My HP printer appears as "not specified" in devices and printers

Original title: why my HP printer appears as "not specified" in printers and devices? Running Windows 7 64 and my computer detect my printer as "unspecified" material under devices and printers, so I'm unable to verify as my default printer.  How can

Foldable list help

Hello Help QML and Javascript pro.  So far, things work fine, I can get the list to load and collapse but I can't edit the styles of the components.  When I debug it seems to ignore the component settings that I have.  I used the sample code from thi

How to delete the process and free up memory?

Hi - I have 110 processes running, using the memory of 78%. It started quite recently and I had the computer a long time.  I have a JPG file with a list of processes. I don't know how to tell which I can remove.  And, since I don't know how they all

Overheating system, how can I check the temperature of the system crashes?

Overheating system, how can I check the temperature of the system crashes?

Is it possible to pick up call on the cordless phone 7925?

Hello Is it possible to pick up a call with the handset 7925? I checked the model of the phone button, but could not see Is it possible to phone collection with a different method such as a specific code... etc. Or any other solution... CUCM worm 9.1

TSST TS-H653A Quit on me

Vista 6.0.6000 on a C521 Dell here and my TSST TS H653A quit on me. Suddenly my CD ROM/DVD does nothing.  I checked the driver and it says: "Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) "

Help save indicés dance in circles

I have a new HP desktop computer. 10 64-bit Windows.I am a leader of the round dance. I taped indicés towers because I went to years cd. If I'm sick or something I play the saved index towers.The voice and the music must be completely separate tracks