I can't add more common sites that I use to the toolbar

For example, I want access to Google Translate, my e-mail personal, Blackboard, Bank of America, YouTube, etc... and I just click on the toolbar and I opened the page I want. I want to do this in Firefox, but I have not found the way to do it.Please,

Firefox crashes apparently no reason, no perceptible trend

I'm going to be reviewed, and Firefox will stop. It's usually when I click on something, but sometimes when I'm looking at the screen. After the last crash, I have opened Firefox and all my tabs are back. It happens once a day, sometimes more. The fr


I upgraded 9.3.1 on my iPhone 6, not my text does not work. What is the solution?

HP 430: Laptop freezes and stops...

Dear hp I bought this laptop about 3 years ago... Last week when I was using suddely fan speeds up and tour stop... I knew a sudden black screen when I used it too... after the fan black screen crash and Tower will stop... I went to a repair centre t

My Pavilion does not recognize my ethernet cable

I have a desktop HP Pavilion Slimline s5623w with Windows 7 64 - bit o/s.  This computer connects to the network via a Belkin 54g router that connected to the Internet by cable.  All of a sudden I can't access to the Internet (cable) and get a messag

Maintenance of the Cybershot RX1002

Does the RX1002 need annual maintenance? I'm going on a trip to Tonga to photograph whales and hold my camera in great shape. Do I need to repair the camera? Thank you Sandra

A40: problems, I think that with a hard drive

Hello! Bit of background - had a laptop Toshiba SA40 ISI during a little less of 2 years, and there have been some major problem with it in these last days (until then it had been beautiful and functional with brio). He started working yesterday incr

Equium M50: State of battery power remains on 12% and will not load

Hello. I bought my M50 about 6 weeks knowing that I had a few years of work in Goa in India. My problem is since I got the bloody thing works with the charger connected. The battery shows that 12% full and go any higher. I put a meter on the charger

PSC IP address changes when disconnected

Hello I have a 2200 CFP with 1 input module of the I-110, 1 output of AO-200 and 1 relay RLY-423 module module. Whenever I have to unplug the power supply from the system of the CFP, then again plug the IP address changes. I wonder what I have to do

Try to reinstall WinXP Pro, but it won't let me activate.

OEM OF VISTA HOME PREMIUM, DOWNGRADED to WINXP Pro... Hard drive failure try to reinstall WinXP Pro, but don't let me activate.  Everyone I have cn talk?  Don't auto activation wizard no good.

Latest version of the driver VN7 - 591 G 2016

Where can I download the latest driver for VN7 - 591G? Intel doesn't let me auto update. He says "pilot of custom computer manufacturing. But ACER never updated the driver... I constantly have error graphics card intel, but I can't update the driver!

WMP will not play dvd - r with the video on this subject:

Audio WMP plays well. But no video. My panasonic dvd player (about 4 years) there will be no more. A friend told me to go on a free website, www.filehippo. to download a "fix." Don't know what I ' d be downloaded, because I am NOT tech savvy. " I hav

Can XP be reused on another computer after upgrade to Vista?

So I bought a disc xp and then upgraded to Vista can I use the xp system on the computer on which the operating system lost on... and keep Vista on the newest one... ? * original title - I lost my nail system *.

code 80070663 for updates of security failed pls help

begins to put update security update, then he said fails, I tried several times and continues to be the same thing, seems to be for 6 other programs including 1 of update for office 2007 pls help

Problem setting deskjet 3050 610 a for wireless printing

Hello. Try to put in place a deskjet 3050 610 a in a wireless network. Printer works fine when connected to USB, but it fails with "Error_000057" when trying to print wireless. Router is a BT Home hub 2 With the help of an acer laptop runing windows

Generation using the api of ContactService vcf file

Hi all I wrote a code that retrieves all contacts using ContactService api. The code is as follows:- foreach (const Contact &idContact, contactsList) { // Fetch the complete details for this contact ID const Contact contact = m_contactService->contac

Simulator crashing / help please

We have the thread here, but two different (me being one of them) are not able to launch the Simulator; We get the error below. http://www.BlackBerryForums.com/developer-forum/137916-Simulator-not-running-component-Pack-4-5-fled... Signature of the p

Remove the chassis decomission fails

Is there a way I can 'kill' the WSF process so I can get passed to this instance?

Screen of blackBerry Smartphones will not turn off and kills battery

When I had first the curve 8330 screen turns off after a while and kept my batterylife. Now, the screen never stops and I change not any opportunity to do that and its killing my battery. How to fix this?

How can blackBerry smartphones, I open the file on my computer from backup

Outlook 2007 synchronization with bold 9780 no, y at - it another software, we can open the back contacts of my version of bb upfile 9780 6.1 on the pc. kindly Guide