I'm under XP SP3, FireFox 26.0 - sometimes when I reduce FF tab in my taskbar disappears.

This began to happen several update there - maybe 6 or 7.

Tab Utilities is not compatible with FF17. Thousands of users are now without an essential add-on. Is there a solution?

This module is an important for me and thousands of other institutions. Unfortunately, this very useful add-on and the feature has now gone to my FF from 17... Many people are without downgrading or refusing to upgrade only because it will break this

C4580 support eprint?

I saw him from engadget that launches HP eprint. Y at - it that supports any printer? I can't find any info on this? Interested in getting a I own a C4580, will it work with eprint? Thank you.

Equium M40X does not work properly after upgrading the BIOS

OK, well... I'm not a computer scientist, but I have a bit of trouble on my hands and I don't know where to go for the right help, so I came here. Today I started my lappy to confront an illuminous Green Office... not all it is green just of great sp

Procss of recovery for HP Media Center PC

Try to restore my PC.  Had to change the hard drive.  The new drive came from HP.  Having bad start to load the restore disks.  Get the message "reboot and select proper boot device."  DVD drive is identified in the configuration of the F10. I think

start-up never ends

Hello I just plugged my iPhone to save some new pictures and Photos opens on the start screen (I changed nothing, although I'm not sure these latest app store system updates so pictures has been updated). I searched here and online answers but not co

Status: Unexpected error has occurred. The timeout of waiting for an answer UVSC error internal

Work with labview ARM and it was working fine this morning.  I went to run a program and the build failed with the following message. [13: 34:50] status: errorAn unexpected error has occurred. [Source: the timeout of waiting for an answer] Internal e

delete the data using the slider to tape

Hello I have some log files that I need to deal with. For some of these files, I'll have to remove the beginning and the end of them. For this I intend to draw the newspaper and set of 2 sliders, and then the user move the sliders in a way that he wo

RefNum Automation near MSWord

My program interacts with MSWord for the generation of reports. MSWORD is reduced to a minimum, but if someone closes MSWORD, the LV Automation Refnum is not valid more. I thought looking for a valid handle (> 0 perhaps) and if it is not valid then o


When I download and install an update (Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (KB891861), my computer won't reboot (reboot), it keeps restart and windows will not start.) Help?

Error for KB974674 "update is not applicable to your computer"

Actual title: KB974674 installation problems I tried to install KB974674 on my new HP laptop under Windows 7 Home Premium to allow me to back up data from my old XP PC but got the message that the update is not applicable to your computer. Unlike oth

where find/install net framework v.4.0.30319?

Update channel MyWeather wonder for insttall net framework.v.4.0.30319. Help Cananyone?

How can I find the network name (SSID) and the chain of security for my network

I have a wireless network with a printer on it - even if the printer is connected with a wire.  I want my laptop to be able to use the printer wireless to another room - instructions for putting in place early yb requiring the SSID and the security c


I have a HP Media Center M1280N PC model that I bought in the United States a few years ago. There a video NTSC Connexant card, well then! Now, I would like to use composite video PAL... Is it possible to obtain and install a video card PAL version?

Loss of wireless - V515W

I have the above printer connected wireless to my Dell Vostro computer via a Netgear router. Regularly, it loses the connection IE I can print various documents and it will work normally. Suddeenly, and for no obvious reason, when I press print, noth

Windows 7 on Dell Inspiron laptop; Error message: "PC came across a problem.

* Original title: Windows 7 Have a query, I was getting an error message in my computer dell laptop inspiron n5010 pc fell on a problem then I tried to install windows 7 OS from dvd by formatting drive C and F, but after the installation of its displ

0x00000D1 BSoD?

My computer has been randomly BSoDing all day, and I can't for the life of understand me why. A similar situation occurred previously, because of Norton, but when you're bluescreening then, it was at the start. Now, my PC just BSOD at random. I get a

The waveform input device "microsoft Sound Mapper" cannot save this format, the reason, the undefined error

I have a program from Magix music machine and precedes guard appearing when I want to record

BlackBerry Blackberry App world works not

One of my clients downloaded app in the past, but while we are trying to open a session now we get blackberry found on I forgot my password http://appworld.BlackBerry.com/WebStore/content/132212 any help appreciated

COD file upload error

Anyone with problems to load their COD files? I get a msg of error transfer error that occurred.