How to disable automatic translation on Youtube?

Whenever I go on youtube it automatically translate English into Danish. I did not have this problem when I was with Safari on my mac. How can I disable this feature?

BUG IOS 9.3.1 typing in SMS, imessage, or Messenger crash iphone

Dear support, since I upgraded my iphone 6 (120 GB with 80 GB still available) IOS 9.3.1 typing in SMS, imessage or Messenger crash the iphone, or the keyboard disappears or the unlocking function does not appear more! I need to turn on/off the iphon

Satellite A200-1YW - missing some drivers Win 8

Windows 8 Pro, Toshiba has 200 1YW After the installation of Windows 8 for some drivers do not work. Laptop does not read the SD card (are not) and is still missing some driver that I can't identify. Why Toshiba does not have an automatic "deskupdate

Wi - fi connectivity issues

Hello In my house a number of apple devices that connect wireless or an airport or any other wifi device. The issue I'm facing is only with the macbook pro. Every few minutes, it loses its internet connectivity without losing wifi connectivity. It is

Yoga 13 yellow tint

Hey guys,. I had my 13 Yoga yesterday and it concerns me greatly. The screen has a very strong yellow tint. Not as if there is something really wrong with it, as if it has a color temperature very warm like an old CRT to low or of the first generatio

icloudhelper. XPC is an element of a set of keys locked. What specific item does?

Hello friends! Wake up, a dialog box appears. " wants to use the bunch of frobnutz. This "frobnutz" keychain is locked (intentionally). I would like to move whatever it is that icloudhelper wants in the (unlocked in the morn

How the REMOTE HTBasic command?

I'm trying to understand what actually do exactly orders remotely and CLEAR in HTBasic GPIB communication. I think remote sets the REN line and CLEAR running a selected device clear (SDC). Does anyone know if this is correct or if these functions als

How to know what are the applications requested?

I get notifications that my child asks permission to use specific applications.  But when I click on it, and on the page of queries - it doesn't tell me what are the applications, or lead me to a link so I can check.  I would like to know how can I k

the sound in my pc does not work

the sound in my pc doesn't Iwas tp headphones by train and since then, no sound, I remove the helmet and not sound at all I don't test the speakers works but no music came from you better not his tube at all

accounts not blocked, no answer for the account recovery after 24 hours

I am the user of * address email is removed from the privacy *, who was blocked yesterday because someone sent a large number of spam. I followed the account recovery process and seized the agent information to recover my account. But after wating fo

FSX and FS9 does not start

FSX or FS9 will work on Windows 7 and when I try to start I lose all sound.

Is there a way to make an update not to see the?

When I use Windows Update, it is an update of flash player security, try to download the update, then fails. I need to find a way to disable this update, so it does not appear, or fix it.

Questions on camera WVC2300

Hello I'll try to find how to connect to the stream mpeg4 WV2300 using the VLAN, Mediaplayer or similar. Also, how do I connect via RTSP. This old thread Control of WVC2300 covers a few orders, but still lack a lot of commands to remotely control the

my computer does not connect to my receiver stereo kenwood

I used the method described in one of the answers where you connect through to the line out on my pc, but I can always connect. my computer speakers work very well even if I really want to use my receiver's speakers.

Charge of Tungsten E

The only way that my Tungsten E seems to be able to be fully charged is when it is activated. It takes about 2 minutes to indicate the level of the battery fully charged when the and never completely fresh when loaded in the OFF position.

Windows does not allow me access to my Windows live messenger.

It informs that there is a problem of imbooster I tried to download a new version of the program; However, it still cannot me axcess to it what other options can I?

Custom class

Ive has create a new class for listening to the phone call /* * PhoneTools.cpp * * Created on: 27 Jul 2014 * Author: anditsung */ #include "PhoneTools.hpp" #include #include using namespace bb::system::phone; PhoneTools::PhoneTools(QObject *parent) :

Error Java Twitter

IM creating an application for the PlayBook in webworks. This application will have a twitter share button, when I type 'share' I get the java error. How could I solve this problem? Code using IM in the .xml

Use of external ports on the fabric of the UCS of interconnections

Hello everyone We have a new UCS with 2 fabric interconnects and I want to uplink the ISCSI NICS to an external server not cisco.   What I read, it looks like using a port of the device is the way to go.  However I have noticed on the port configurat