Why YouTube HTML5 video will not play since I've updated to v10.0 Sierra and Safari version?

Since I've updated for Sierra, the new Safari will not play videos from YouTube, saying: "your browser does not currently recognize the video formats available supported» I didn't have this problem before the upgrade.

Solid State Drive "wakes up" slowly

I have installed a 1 TB SSD SATA of Other World Computing in my iMac in early 2009.  Works great with one exception.  When I put on standby, it takes 30 to 40 seconds to wake.  I understand that I should not put an SSD to sleep because it has no movi

Someone please Help

Anyone know how to remove an Icloud?

Can I use 2 GB on Tecra S1 SD card?

Can I use 2 GB on a TECRA S1 laptop SD card? Formatting the card does not work. Command displays a 4 GB instead of a 2 GB size. I am not able to read/write on this type of card. Is there a new or specific driver for these new SD cards.

Satellite L500 - nothing happens if I eject a USB device

I just bought a Satellite L500 with Windows 7 pre-installed. When I try to eject USB - memory stick devices and a mobile modem, nothing happens and the indicators on the devices show that they are always connected. My old laptop with XP was capable o

Generating signals simultaneously on two channels (SMU-5451)

Hello! I'm trying to generate 2 different signals on the two output port of my SMU-5451. Signals transmitted from data read from the file of PDM. I'm able to generate 1 1 channel signal. But I can't ' figure out how to complete the data for my 2 chan

TestStand error when using waveforms

The error I get is attached.  I also enclose a labview def type.  For somereason, when I have a picture of these clusters in a vi for a custom step type.When I go to the adapter module and you try to assign this table to a stationoverall, I have, whe

ENVY 17 t-j000: some keys on the keyboard do not work. ENVY 17 t-j000 Quad Edition CTO

I checked the status of my keyboard in the Device Manager, and it indicates that the keyboard works correctly. I also checked for updates, but it is already up to date. The keyboard has done this before and I sent it back once to fix, but why is - do

Need help with building. EXE for stand-alone applications configured to NOR-DAQ

Is it possible to create files .exe to the evaluation of Labview with App Builder trial version software? Will be LV8.6 of purchase with App Builder but tried to write a simple code to build as an executable file. The VI does not run on a PC w/o LV i

70 d EOS problems

My 70 d EOS started giving a message to BUSY State whenever you press the the shutter button if the flash is open automatically or manually.  The message will appear for about 10-15 seconds and then an error code 50. I also get a fairly persistent me

I try to open the program 'Quattro.Pro' with Windows XP Home Edition

Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone! Ideas: You have problems with programs Error messages Recent changes to your computer What you have already tried to solve the problem

Clip will not play when AC load via USB

Hello I took delivery of my Clip to use permanently connected to an electrical outlet using the USB cable that is supplied with an adapter that plugs into the socket.  It is just a 3-prong plug with a USB plug on this subject. When you plug the clamp

Hard drive crashed. Want to get the Win Vista original license to new hard drive

My laptop is running Win Vista. The hard drive recently crashed. I was unable to recover the operating system. Y at - there no possibility to retrieve the activation key for the Original Win Vista OS?

8600/scanning HP Office Pro orders desktop.

Windows 7.  Wireless printer. I can scan from printer to the computer using the screen on the printer, but can not find the order desk top page.  Someone on this forum told me to double click the icon of the printer, but not much.  I belive that I us

Optiarc DVD RW AD - 7560A ATA DEVICE cannot read the PC DVD - ROM.

I have sony vaio VGN-NR38S. It has a Optiarc DVD RW AD - 7560A ATA DEVICE. A few days ago I bought a DVD of driving test. I can't use this DVD in my laptop. I tried this DVD in other laptops and it works perfectly, but when I insert in my laptop, it

Can I run a 32 bit AND 64 bit Windows Vista on the same computer version?

I have laptop SONY VAIO 64 bit and a new digital microscope that has a driver 32-bit. I can't the microscope to work and it is not a driver 64 bits for the microscope. Their tech support suggested the installation of a 32-bit version of Vista on the

PDFs from a third-party program causes Windows permissions errors

I work for a company that has created a software that runs on all versions of Windows and you can create this software PDF reports. I ran into a few people who have our software on a Vista computer and when they run a report creates the file in a loc

Print development App issues

Have searched throughout your site to find answers to these questions, but because the current site is closed I could not find them. 1. what developer support offer HP business inkjet printers?2 HP offers a SDK or OXP support for developers to work w

No sound on pavilion g7

I've had this laptop since last Monday.  It worked fine for the first two days, but since there is not sound, either through speakers or headphones.  Is there a diagnostic tool to identify what is needed, or a link to reinstall the software?  Thank y

How to use the print face feature two automatic? I get only one side printed.

I just got a new HP Officejet Pro 8600 and it says it's supposed to automatically print double-sided.  When I have a paper face two feed the paper from the upper bin feeder, it takes in and it then prints on one side, then he pulls the book which he