Apple Watch keeps a running total?

I do not like the brand "Fitbit" because they have reset every day.  Apple Watch maintains a 'running total' miles I have finished or does it reset every day like the Fitbit?

Install Windows 8 on Satellite P300

As usual rushed in and installed Windows 8 on satellite P300. What error - slow, loss of functionality. How to get back to Vista was preinstalled or is there a way I can fix it to run windows 8.Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU [email protected] 2.4

Satellite A660-1FH fails to back off with Win7 64-bit

Hi, a friend of mine asked me to watch his Satellite A660-1FH (PSAW3E). It is currently running windows 7 64 bit. There initially could not activate so I said I'd take a peek. It just would not start the power on, it would go beyond the initial scree

Z240 SFF Workstation: Z240 SFF beep Code 3.3 (graphics)

Greetings, We bought the Dells years but has recently begun to give HP a glance. The first unit I received just stopped working during testing of deployment and gives me 3 long beeps (red LED) with 3 short beeps (white LED). According to the manual,

I tried all the susgestions to solve the problem of some web sites don't load completle IE works well please fix this or I am done with Fire Fox, you retain to do fancy menus put he problems are still there

I started using Firefox initially because of problems with IE that are now corrected. Fire Fox 3xxx was big then 4 came out worked ok until the first update, then pages will load completely, wheel just keeps spinning 5 was the same thing and 6 is the

I can't turn on my IPAD?




MainStage 3.2.3 is copy audio when recording as files

I'm on a Macbook Pro OSX 10.10.3 running.  When I record under, is copying audio files and continuously take up more hard drive space.  The files appear to be associated with a patch of Mainstage stock, as they have "Steinway" in the name of the file

ThinkStation P910 video card

Hi all I want to buy 2 cards graphics GeForce GTX 1070 for my P910. It is compatible? Thank you.

All cards taken AC wifi supported by the new BIOS on the Yoga 2 11?

Hi all Read a lot of posts on the dreaded white list. If something has changed with the latest revision of the BIOS in the support measure a compatible AC wifi card? Thanks in advance... Eric

Need new video card for an HP dc7900

The original video card failed on my dc7900 (purchased in 2009) - a Nvidia Quadro NVS 290 PCie x 16. A repairman replaced with an ATI Radeon x 300 / x 550 but performance index increased from 3.2 to 2.0 and the driver is apparently causing BSOD when

Erase a hard drive for Presario C714NR

Hello! I have a C714NR that I haven't used in over a year. He stopped to connect to the internet one day and we couldn't understand why, so we finally gave up and bought a new laptop. Now, I seek to dispose of the computer and will have a terrible ti

Read the latest version of the driver NOR-RIO by program

Hello.Is there a way to read what NOR-RIO's version of on my RIO programmatically? I know I can get this information through MAX, but I want to get this information at run time.

How to set the parameter of the BIOS under XP?

I'm trying to boot into the recovery console windows using a bootable XP Recovery console CD. But I do not know how to set the BIOS to achieve this. Can someone give me instructions step by step? Thanks in advance.

Can you help me? I have run chkdsk, as no problem noted, but player says corrupted and can not run defragmentation.

Problems to run defrag. In Windows XP or back tells me c is corrupted and running chkdsk.  Running chkdsk does identify a problem, but I can't always run defrag.  Tried several times, but no luck. Help welcome!

Test of impregnation of the Motorola Xoom

Matt, The Xoom also has Soak test like the Droid X? Thank you Dark

Windows online lottery?

OK, I have 2nd thoughts if it is a phishing e-mail or not cuz he uses the microsoft domain. Below the email is sent to me WINNER! From: "Microsoft @ Council." TO: Votre-email-have-won-vous-$552.000.00, (FiveHundred-And-Fifty-Two-Thousand-Dollars), Su

10 1511 Windows release

I get this error when you try to use the Image help - 'it is a upgrade version and is not supported by this tool. This is after the upgrade to 1511

V860 inside Panel icons

Does anyone know where to get a read of what all the icons on the average of dam? I looked through the manual if you want to say, but not luck. Thank you

Unwanted pop-up: fix common computer problems

I get this pop-up "solve common computer problems" after executing a malware program, restart the computer, Dr.Web Cure it and an anti-spyware program.  I restarted my computer after each, although this pop-up keeps returning.  Anyone know how I can