What version of Java 8 choose to download?

He says I have to update Java, but the automatic link takes me only to download 7.51 which I already.I know there are links to Java 8 but I'm not tech savvy enough to work your version.Usually, I need to download a 32-bit and 64-bit version.Can someo

Can I add a button to my Firefox home page that connects to my MS Outlook email account?

I just want to be able to go to the e-mail of my pages in Firefox or receive a notice that I have mail to read? If this is possible please tell me how. Thank youJim

Satellite Pro L10: Unable to update BIOS

Hello, I tried (three times) to update my BIOS using the Windows version, but everytime I try, it fails and sends a report to Microsoft - anyone know what is the problem and how to fix it?

Open the link in a new tab

Is it possible to open a link in a new tab? Installed extensions: None

Laptop HP Pavilion: mass storage device problems

I have a 1 TB mypassport mass storage device connected to the computer.  When I access the camera or only 32 MB of storage is displayed. You go to properties and looks like it is partitioned and do not show the capacity of all of the device I'm so lo

Update the BIOS on the Satellite Pro L500 (PSLS4E-00C00HIT)

I just received the newsletter of thir FTP - URL of the bios - 20100629135948.zip Data di ultima change 29/06/10Ragione social ToshibaUpdate the BIOS typeWindows-based SottotipoSize - Super (Kb) 2679Version 2.10 - WINUniversal linguaa World WideDescr

HP Elite 8200: Windows Driver required for Port 10 series PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_1C3D & SUBSYS_1495103C & REV_04

I installed Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro, and now I don't have a driver for the Serial Port PCI (VEN_8086 & DEV_1C3D & SUBSYS_1495103C & REV_04).  I read on other forums of this issue in the forums, but I can't find the spxxxx files in my C drive.

Calibrate the accelerometer and orientation sensor

Is it possible to calibrate the accelerometer and orientation sensor? For my motorcycle G sensors are not accurate? I think there is a way to edit some system 4.4.4 android files.

What is the normal temperature for AMD Turion 64 X 2 Mobile TL - 60 Tyker 65nm technology?

now, just after I turn on my laptop (HP Pavilion dv9533eg, bought in September 2007) the chip temperature is around 60 c. When I then my two browser (Chrome and Firefox), the temperature goes up to more than 70 C, sometimes 76 C! I use my laptop in b

disabled trackpad?

I accidentally pushed a key combination and briefly saw this image of a stop on a finger sircle.  AND now my trackpad is not working.  (No cursor) When I plug a mouse (Logitech Wireless), the cursor is visible remains in its original position (Center

Compaq NC6120 stuck at 'hp invent' screen

Hi all I have a laptop HP Compaq NC6120 that no longer starts, it gets stuck at the 'hp invent' screen, and I can't do anything... OS is win xp RAM: 512 MB Any tips, advice or tips? thx a lot!

using LVOOP with several instrument drivers

I created 3 classes SigGen.lvclass, HP8657B.lvclass and HP8648B.lvclass. The second 2 classes inherit from SigGen is simply the address of the instrument and virtual functions. I created a VI that initializes a class according to the configuration in

Is there a practice of the Windows Server operating system environment?

I'm looking to get some practice with the Windows Server operating system (2008 or other).  I came across the downloadable 180 trial period, but I don't mean to create a true server temporarily.  I'm looking to be able to have a completely 'virtual w

Cannot install updates security KB2281679, KB2296011, KB2387149. Error 800b0100 cod

Hello I can't install these updates.  I use Windows 7 for several months now. I ran the system update tool, and installed a KB947821 hotfix.  I don't have to restart, but apparently installed the update history.  I try again to install updates KB2281

HP Photosmart C310: HP Photosmart wireless Printer C310 - says offline but works on other devices on the network

One of my laptops - HP envy, does not work with the printer. Message says that the printer is offline. However, it is turned on and works with the iphone 6s and another laptop. Works perfectly so far - it's something new. Have not changed OS or whate

you try to reset the password for windows live messenger

When I try to sign in with my password an error is reported 800488fe

8500 HP OFFICE JET PRO 8500 A909n error: B87126D0, unit will not turn off or print

I'm having the same problem as described by others, "error of 8500 HP B87126D0, unit not turn off or print. I followed all the instructions from documeneted on this thread. I also replaced the power Module, in the hope that would solve my problem. I

where can I get a sleeve to hold a small original to copy in an HP 6500 E709a printer?

I need to copy an original that is too small to be accepted by the Copier. Anyone know where I can find a rack that will carry a small original through the Copier?

Ben neden giremiyorum Fernandes

Ben ned_en fecsbuka giremiyorum?

WRT54G sleep?

Hi, I'm using a Linksys WRT54G at my house and I put it in place to allow access (VPN and RDP) working distance. I do it every day and it works perfectly. The problem I have, however, is that all morning it does not until my wife wakes up his laptop.