How to configure the IKEv2 VPN on Mac OS Server 10.12

IKEv2 is mentioned in the release notes for Server 5.2 but I can't find instructions anywhere are related.  Anyone know where I could find a tutorial to set up?

I live in a town where Comcast caps using 300 GB/month data. To watch a movie that I bought it through my AppleTV, it downloads to the AppleTV device before playing, or it flow (therefore using data)?

Question about the use of Apple TV2. I live in a city where Comcast caps using 300 GB/month data, more of exhaust us sequences of movies and tv via a new Apple TV2 (64 GB) and our application of Samsung Smart TV. I just bought my first movie via iTun

Satellite U500-10F - creating recovery disk after upgrade Windows 7

I bought a Satellite U500-10th with Vista OS and I decided to upgrade to Windows 7, so I ordered at Toshiba upgrade disk and installed it. * My question is *: * it is possible to create with Windows 7 recovery discs? * in order to avoid the downside

More than 2 Sockets of RAM Qosmio X 770 - 107 or another?

Hey guys,. I found two entries in tools Systeminformation, and I can't believe if its right. [4 Slots of Ram |] If there are really 4 Ram slots, has perhaps its best to run Notepad with 16 GB of RAM.

Satellite P30-145: is not an audio device in 'sounds and Audio devices '.

Hi guys,. I've just corrected a problem with the help of a member of fantastic, but now I have another!My speakers suddenly decide to not work! I checked the volume etc. and alll was fine, but when I went to control panel > sounds and audio devices,

(FIXED) Screen XT1068 gel

Hello! recently started having problems with my phone XT1068 unlocked bootloader After locking the screen when I press the power button / stop I slide to unlock and is it the screen is frozen can not do anything work a sometimes lower and upper part

Paint erasing tool

I'll have to get used to paint for the first time. After I selected a box with the tool delete, how to enable it? (I'm just stupid?) Moved from the community involvement Center

Printer is telling me it's printing, but it never does

Original title: device lexmark 6400 He says its printing but is not. Everything is on and communicates with the computer but does not print anything. Its low on ink, but it usually prints sort or tells me its down to print and its not tell me anythin

HP Officejet Pro 8620: Which usb cable I can buy?

Plan to buy a HP Officejet Pro 8620.  Description indicates that the USB cable is not included. Which cable USB should I buy?


I'm playing the old games starwars [tie fighter & rebel assault] held on win95 can help you

Just a note that even though I am running windows vista forums title (way) above shows windows 7 forums. Seems to be an error in the list to the windows vista forums.

Hi, just want to let someone know that when in the forums Windows Vista here, as the links above show that we are in the forums of windows 7. It shows answers > forums Home > forums windows 7 > windows update The path is not displayed properly and ju

Multiple windows of the same Subvi?

Hi guys,. Firstly: sorry if my question is stupid or anything, I have reviewed through many threads and still have not found a solution to my problem (been using labview for a few days now and once a few years back)... At the moment I'm writing a pie

Is there a way I can get even SP2 and SP3 for windows xp home edition to my pc that had been in storage since 2007?

I tried to go to windows update but redirected to micrsoft support page, which offers no SP2 and SP3 for windows XP Pro, and yet I don't have a network of computers running windows XP Pro download the SPs would be a disater as it is intended for more

Impossible to uninstall the Roxio software and fails to say that I need to download the latest version of ISScript.msi

I tried to uninstall the software of Rixio but it is not window pops up saying I have download the latest version of ISScript.msi. How can I install and its site please Original title: ISScript.msi

CD problem

Cannot copy anything to drive (CD r discs used that appear like OK on the front disc). Will play music CDs and show content when you use explores. Put on a regular basis (data) CD in the drive it just periodically click on and does not and will not a

Windows Mail - can't find the receiver on my imported "sent items".

I recently exported all my old articles 'sent' to a backup location and then removed from Windows Mail.  Today I imported them insert it again but the folder imported lists not the recipients, just the sender (me!) - how can I fix?

Printer does not print the entire page.

original title: printer does not print the entire page.  Sometimes it will display only the left 2/3 of the page. It is running Vista and the printer is a HP Photosmart Premium. Problem HP printer.

How to change the region code for DVD ROM on Acer Vista

See the title, I don't ' want to rewrite this, once again. Thank you * original title - my computer won't let me change the region code for my disc drive. I have two different with region 1 and 2 DVDs. How can I change at will? Help! Good grief! My l