How to disable the feature CALL SOS?

I've just updated to iOS 10 and 3 watch OS, but I can't find how to disable the feature of emergency SOS on my Apple Watch. I thought it would be a good feature for me so I turned it on, but my fingers are clumsy, so I struck the wrong cursor when I

No email confirmation letter

There is no confirmation letter from my email ([email protected])I checked the spam folder, I try to send back confirmation.and there is no result after one hour of waiting Thank you

Should I install python 3

I started playing with python, mainly because I just installed Sagemath, also to play with. I see python 3.5.1 is out, considering that OS X python 2.7.1, and installation of python 3 seems simple enough; However; should I really bother to install it

who, relying on the fact of anyting, windows key indicator and button 'r '?

Last night, someone with a very strong accent called, addressing me by name, saying that he had been contracted to communicate with people and to warn of a serious problem that affects many computers.  He asked me to press my windows flag and the 'r'

Why use my original USB cable charger for more than a year now is startig to show a sign that it is not compatible with the device? o

I used without problem my USB cable for over a year, it is original Apple and yesterday began to show a sign that it is not compatible with the device. How can not be supported if it's Apple.

Is it useful to make the pencil to Apple if you are not an artist?

I'll buy an iPad pro this weekend and I was wondering if it was useful to draw the pencil of Apple as well?... the thing is that I'm not an artist so would walk if it's better what one finger for others applications... are you using as standard if yo

Guest access to computer specialist to resolve network problems

I work in an office with a server that is used by several people. I need to give our access outside IT consultant to my iMac and the network settings for my Time Capsule. I don't want to give my password for my iMac or the password that I used to set

SSD in laptop computer DV8339US?

I want to know if I can put an SSD in my laptop DV8339us? He seems to have 2 100 gig SATA hard drives now with one of them partitioned for a recovery disc. I know that it is only SATA I and I will not get full benefit the SSD, but anything would be b

How can I get Cossacks to run on vista

is could someone please tell me if there is a patch that I can download that will allow me to play Cossacks on vista 32-bit home, thank you

Windows XP Outlook Express 6 can not go to the links in the email.


Need drivers for hp n-011TU for Wiindows 7

I recently installed windows 7 on my laptop, I am unable to find drivers for windows 7 on hp Web site. especially the drivers for audio, graphic, touchpad, card reader, chipset... All the others that are available for windows 8 would be also useful.

Vista 64-bit goes to blackscreen for 5 minutes after the connection.

I have a normal starting time, then after I have my login screen displays Microsoft spinning circular icon for 1 to 2 minutes, then the screen goes black with the cursor to pointer. Normally, it takes about 5 minutes before my screen loads completely

My video files have disappeared.

I looked everywhere for them, I have tried the restore, I looked in the trash. I was I tried to move the 'Vidéos' folder in my Start menu and just be deleted by itself, but I lost all my videos in this folder, only most of them. Please help someone!

I have hp5520 one and broke my cartridges set if it won't be in place which can do?

I have a hp 5520 all-in-one, trying to define until I broke the implementation of cartridges, and it will not be implemented without them I tried the new but he refuses to implement and a message saying use the implementation of guard appearing cartr

PS 6100 and Hyper-V

Just set up my server EQL 6100 and r.620 (Windows Serer 2012 R2 Datacenter). I have Hyper-V configuration in the past, it will be the first on an EQL. It is a nonclustered environment. A server and an EQL. In the future (later this year), we will mak

I need to reload windows on my laptop from the diskette.

I have a virus and need to reload vista.

pregnant not sound

no noise sometimes it works sometimes, it the computer tell me nothing is plugged

Wireless HP 309 has issues

Hello I need help. I have a HP 309 a Photosmart All in one. I used wireless for the past months. However, I am having some problems with getting the printer works wirelessly now. It doesn't work anymore wirelssly. I am unable to get an IP address, I

How can I get the viewer photo and fax for windows on windows 7

my computer does not have windows fax and picture viewer but has the windows photo viewer. Unfortunately the windows photo viewer is not moving images. I need help Thank you

Hide Menu button once the page open definition

Basically what I want to do in QML is set the property 'visible' for a menu at the top to 'false' button, once it has been clicked and the new page open. For example. in the picture above, once I clicked on the 'Settings' button and open the settings