After uninstalling firefox 15.1 completely another computer and download a new copy of 16.1, I get must restart to complete update

Made of total uninstall of 15.1 Firefox on another computer that is running windows vista 64, I went back and double checked everything to try and make this system was clean. Also went in the system and verified before installing Firefox 16.1 I downl

Bar does not address of Firefox

I enter a URL in the address bar, press ENTER, the browser starts to act like he is going to go to the address of the request and then stops. The browser will not anywhere, go except the web Google pages, if I use the google search on the home page.

A Web site that I built is not working properly in Firefox, but works fine in Safari and Explorer.

I created it in Adobe GoLive with embedded flash files. the overview of the "home" button disappears and do not have links to the pages that they should go to.

contact customer service link does not work

It indicates that the service is unavailable, whenever I click on the link to try and get intouch with them.

Skype crashes because of this. Someone knows why?

Name of the failing application: Skype.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55311f54The failed module name: igd10iumd32.dll_unloaded, version:, time stamp: 0x5319ef7cException code: 0xc0000005Offset: 0x00216a70ID of the process faile

HP OfficeJet 5742: enlarge print

How can I enlarge print when copying

Re: Satellite L300 - how to turn off the green light below the F11 key?

Hi, I have a Satellite L300 There is a green light on as the key F11. Given that this happened only some keys on my keyboard, I use a usb keyboard for now without any problems. How do I turn off the green light or is it a fault of keyboard?

In the Solution Explorer window, how do add us a comment to a folder?

Windows Explorer has additional columns that can be shown - which is the comment column, another is the Title column.  How one actually fills these columns with text.  I have a long list of files I want to id and sort not only by the name of the fold

mid operating system are WINDOWS XP. El sistema audio no works

To repent los dejaron sea output. Cambie, pero los nuevos tampoco lo hacen Los. Probe todos los puertos audio y no hay sonido. Por favor una ayuda.

blue screen error 0x0000007B and 0x000000D0

Help! 2 out of my 6 computers now show spontaneous blue screens.  Both on WIN XP SP3 automatic updates enabled.   A new version of Mozilla (4.0) was installed on the first computer last night, but no change to the second and no change in the material

I have a question regarding windows mail. I was send and receive mail with no problems until last Thursday. I can still receive mail, but I can not send.

/ * moved from answers Feedback * /.  I have a question regarding windows mail. I was send and receive mail with no problems until last Thursday. I can still receive mail, but I can not send. My email is with and comes in my computer th

to convert BMP in JPEGF files__ files

I'm trying to find out how to convert BMP files I downloaded files to JPEG.

Desktop problem.

Most of the icons on my desktop have changed to a white paper icon. When I go to open a program the 'open with' box opens, and many times, I can't even find the program I am trying to open. This is a big concern, and my itunes seems to have completel

[TRE] I tried to use the system of TAR utility (compress does not)

As above, I use system() to call the "TAR" command, it works with - cf, I tried to add compression using - z and the archive has not been created, I use test.tar as the example of name of archive and the file has been created, but it seems to be empt

How can I get the Windows speech recognition to dictate into Gmail compose window?

Every time I try to dictate in Gmail make up the area or other similar form boxes, WSR goes crazy!  It keeps saying "what was it?" over and over, or trying to run a command. I have to use Notepad and paste it in.  Any fix for that?

I can't remove the users account

Hello I tried to find a way to delete a user account (user standar)I followed the instructions of windows help Open a user account by clicking on the button start , by clicking on the Control Panel, click user accounts and parental controls, click on

An unattend file fails on a specific model for laptop...

I have an answer to work unattended installation file that I used on the 64-bit Win7E one year machines. I used it on Dell and Panasonic computers desktop and portable toughbooks. Now, I have a laptop e6430, and the unattend file fails to pass Spec (

Synchronize Contacts from Outlook to Run Time Error blackBerry Smartphones

Office returns the following error message when you try to synchronize Contacts in Outlook 2003: RUNTIME ERROR: "Application Section not is not based on files." Here all the patches?

Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit freezing

I install window 7 Ultimate 32 bit, and last night I got a problem, my Pc suddenly freeze in the middle of my work, after that when I restart manually, asked me to start window normally or repair. First I start normally and it took about 45 minutes t