WiFi disabled in Windows Boot Camp 10, can not reinstall the driver

Running an end of 2013 the MBP 15 "retina I got 10 Windows Boot Camp installed for more than a year without difficulty. But suddenly, my wifi doesn't work in Windows 10. He could see networks and said it was connected, but it has never been an intern

Why I can't install Mavericks on my 4.1 early 2009 Mac Pro?

Why I can't install Mavericks on my 4.1 early 2009 Mac Pro? The 1 TB with 500 gigs available 10.6.8 drive gives me: "has no requirements. What are the requirements? W.W.

Updated my Apple iCloud ID still shows the old email with no way to change this, but

I recently changed email providers and updated my Apple ID to reflect this.  However, iCloud keeps wanting me to verify the information but is always invites me with my old email address to do not accept my valid password with the wrong e-mail addres

P850 satellite with Win 8.1 - Hercules rmx dj controller does not

Since installing windows 8.1 on my P850, I could not use my rmx Hercules dj controller. Team support for the State of Hercules is usb 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller entry is recommended to go to the link and follow the instructions to update the driv

HP Deskjet 5150 driver Windows 7

I have the HP Deskjet 5150 printer. I did a fresh install of Windows 7 32 bit and I noticed that even if I didn't install the driver included with the CD for the printer (which I doubt would work on Windows 7 in any case), it seems that Windows 7 is

The battery icon has disappeared from the taskbar

Hi all Yesterday, my battery in the taskbar icon near the clock completely disappeared. I went to control panel/power options and it is checked to always display the clock. I use Windows x 64-bit Any help as to why and where it disappeared is greatly

control of DC motor speed with a controllable power

I'm looking for a way to control a "toudeft PL330P Thurlby" controllable power in labview. My knowledge of labview is very little and I'm sure that's probably not so difficult. I need to be able to vary the tension passes to food so that I can contro

Xilinx Coregen does not appear in the palette

I would like to you can generate FIFO for my LabVIEW FPGA Xilinx Coregen project. The help file says to look on the palette of programming within an FPGA VI, but I did not. I have the node IP integration and all the functions the FPGA but not Coregen

using activeX causing problems

I am programming using c# in VS2008. I installed the required ActiveX controls. I am trying set a return on investment in an interactive way. When I try to use the SetupViewerForRotatedRectSelection task: (axCWMachineVision1.SetupViewerForRotatedRect

6450 disc HARD switch b

I have a Probook 6450 b, win7 and fedora 17, everything, and I was hoping to spend my hard with the other drive I had laying around. (Reason: I use my computer at school a lot and want to be able to Exchange if I managed to catch a virus) It's a Sams

Additional SATA SSD drive

Hello I have a new HP Pavilion HPE h9-1100eb Phoenix-desktop pc and wonder if I can add an extra 256 GB SSD OCZ-Octane, and if so, how can I go about it? Thank you very much in advance. John. System information: REF.. H9-1100ebProduktnr. H1G71EA #AK6

When we look something up on the internet, I'm always redirected 4to7 times before I get the page I'm after. What is a virous and how do I get rid of him?

When I try to go on the internet, after you type in a subject, I get the usual list of items to the choice. But when I try to select one of them, I redirected sometimes up to 8 times before iget the page I want. I redirected pages yellow and many oth

Reinstall WIN XP SP3 to new computer with no operating system

I would like to move my WIN XP SP3 old laptop with no operating system Thank you

My computer restarts when the awakening of suspension

It's a mobile Athlon 64 with Windows XP (32 bit) and SP3.When I press the suspension button or select suspension in the stop menu, it suspends its light flashing and all. Problem is: when I move the mouse or press a key any wakes up, it starts window

error 322 when reinstalling the wireless modem

Hi all I have WAG54G2 wireless modem. It was working perfectly until I formatted my computer desktop and reinstalled Windows XP. Now I want to reinstall my modem but is giving this error: 'Error 322 new router or gateway not detected '. The old confi

SSD and RAM on my W530 installation will void the warranty?

SSD and RAM on my W530 installation will void the warranty?

E-mail "Notepad."

When I receive e-mail "Notepad" and try to open it I get is incomprehensible, that is to say the letters, numbers, etc.

How to go back to the Windows 7 default color scheme?

This way: I had the same problem. There is no DEFAULT botton to change the colors of W7 return to the default color settings, but I found something (by the grace of God) by accident. FOR THE DEFAULT SETTINGS: 1.) permission open WordPad. Type somethi

Division of the relationship; the account partner administrator was the owner of information security.

Hi, my former partner managed all our COMPUTER security, internet accounts, cloud computing, etc., the site administrator. Unfortunately, things got nasty. It occurs to me now that they could be ghost my email accounts, see my files in the cloud and

my USB is not detected in my pc, but it is detected other pc and laptop. and if I restart my computer at that moment there, it is detected.

I have lenovo ideapad laptop z580. i5, family basic Windows 7. in the week, I have a problem as "my USB is not detected in my pc, but it is detected other pc and laptop. and if I restart my computer at that moment there, it is detected. "so please gi