Question seeks to clean install 10 Windows on the drive of the merger. El Capitan.

Problem: try a clean install of Windows 10 via the Boot Camp Assistant on an iMac 27 inches (Late2013) with 10.11.4 installs hours (more than 8 hours) and then failed to install Boot Camp updates. Essentially installation take much long than normal a

Palm TX 32 bit Windows 7 Pro of XP Update: use XP mode? Or Win 7?

I'm really good at making fatal mistakes with technology and my Palm is too critical to risk, so I bought a portable 32-bit, Windows 7 pro and XP mode installed. I've scoured the forums, but all I can find are problems/solutions with 64 bit (which is

CD of 1710 with LAN Port

Hi, my Satellite 1710 CDS has two Modem and Ethernet ports. The manual and specifications do not refer to a local network. I'm trying to find a WIN ME driver for the connection to the local network. That's the big mystery to me... Peter.

Broken screen, external display mode standby with Satellite A10 S203

Of my Toshiba Satellite A10 S203 screem is broken, it's all guts, the colors and the black spaces. I plugged the laptop with an external display, but as soon as Windows starts the external display is in stand by. How can I change this?

How to block a sender by using e-mail software?

How to block a sender by using e-mail software?

How configure I pad to use my printer wifi

Eevery whenever I want to use my WiFi with my I pad mini3 printer I have to go to the Wifi setting on my printer and put in my password and the reset Wi Fi settings on the rise. How can I set up my Wi Fi HP printer to work with my I pad mini 3. Thank

Screen makes sound when I change the level of the bightness on Qosmio G40

I bought my G40 August 16 and after 16 days, when I change screen brightness level will do some sort of strange noise but if I change the brightness Maxium sound will disappear. Also if I press the surface of the screen inward (tricky), the sound wil

Satellite A60-108 question Ram upgrade

Hi can someone please tell me what I need to upgrade my laptop? I can't get out exactly what I need it please can someone tell me, for example, pc2100 or pc 2700? also what mhz?

iPod touch will not connect to wifi, I have tried everything!

I used this touch iPod for over a year, and all of a sudden, it does not connect to wifi. I type the correct password, but he responds with "wrong password". I checked since then with several computers apple and iPod touch on the connection and that'

Faxing is terminated "error 350".

I have a model HP 7280 printer all in one, using Vista 64 bit OS I had several faxes interrupted / finished, Transmission log indicates "communication error has occurred followed by a #350. error. There is also a note: Image Fax Send report is set to

Why are my dow numbers not apron on my msn

Why my DOW numbers not pass my msn?

4500 envy: how to print in black or grey only

It does not show under options

Xw4100 workstation: I want that my clock wrong

Hello, HP community. For the record, I use a workstation HP xw4100 at work.  It is apparently on an area of the company and date settings and time is not present on the clock. My problem is that my computer keeps synchronization until the time of the

Building with compile.exe made inconsistent project CVI

Hi all I have to build CVI projects using the command-line compile.exe. It works well, except that after compiling when I open the project with LabWindows/CVI, files (.h, .c, .uir...) are not sorted by category more (source files, Include files, User

Unable to boot to the XP system except in Mode safe

When I press the power button on the Tower, it will emit several beeps, but stops eventually. When I turn on the monitor is empty. Nothing shows as usual. The computer is not pretend to start. When I press a button it will say her power in economy mo

Windows XP SP3

I tried to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 when my computer rebooted in the middle of the upgrade. I received a message that my computer has recovered a "fatal error". I tried again and it did the same thing. I use the 32-bit version of XP. Any sug

Impossible to get anything it either appears in the box of Windows features.

When I opened the Windows features dialog box, it acts like it is looking and the box remains clear. I have never chcking option boxes. Have you ever seen this before? I am running Vista Business. Thank you

WRT54GL - two Xbox - moderate NAT... sometimes

Modem: RCA DHG525Router: WRT54GLISP: Cogeco (Ontario, Canada) I have two Xbox connected to my router (cable).  The two Xbox have a unique static IP.  Xbox1 is in the demilitarized zone.  Xbox2 has 53, 80 and 3074 returned for TCP and UDP ports.  Anon

My laptop stops unexpectedly OFF-' Windows must now restart because DCOM Server Process Launcher Service ended unexpectedly.

What can I do to solve this problem my laptop computer unecpectedly turns off after 4-5 minutes of operation, telling me: "Windows must now restart because DCOM Server Process Launcher Service ended unexpectedly.What happens whenever I turn on the co

creating image

is illegal if I create a new custom image and install many laptops with the same model, same unit, same drivers even plug with key product incorporated into each unit?