Apple ID forgotten security question and answer

Hi all I'm having a problem answering my Security Questions that I forgot my security questions and I'm unable to edit these sections security and Apple ID devices: 1 password 2 rescue Email 3. security issues 4 two-step verification 5. the devices I

Firefox will not export all my favorites to an HTML file.

When I export my bookmarks to an HTML file, some of them are missing when I open the file. Is Firefox displays only not all correctly, or is there a limit of bookmark that I missed? I have about 3 734 bookmarks. I know it's a lot, but I still want to

Satellite L500 - 1 9 - GPU with more memory

I would like to ask if this model can take a video card with more memory or if this card can take more big memory«ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4500 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM v1.1) "»Thank you.

What does "an error occurred while trying to add the selected device: average 0xffffffce.»

Hello "I'm in need of answers get the resolved message." "an error occurred while trying to add the selected device: 0xffffffce. This happens when I try to add my printer Epson WF 3640 in my queue via WIFI.

With Firefox market, my computer (XP, sp2) cannot complete the program of FF.

Usually, I close the Firefox window before turning off the computer (Windows XP sp2), but sometimes, for example when power fails, trying to shut down the computer in a hurry, while FF is still open, but no Web site is open. The program then ends and

Satellite A500 - NVIDIA driver stopped responding and has recovered

Hello. I have a TOSHIBA Satellite A500 1pj. I bought this laptop 1 mounth ago and 2 weeks before I start to have problems with him. The screen it goes black, like 2-3 seconds, after East appear this message "Nvidia driver stopped responding and has f

Ini_ReadFromFile file head

I use cvi8.0 and you want to use Ini_ReadFromFile (), which is the main file should be in like below: #include#include#include        #include

HP Photosmart C4480: problem HP Photosmart C4480 print cartridge

Tried to change ink cartridges, but they continue to fall.  Never a problem before. They snap, and then falling forward again. Tried to get the old empty ones and they did the same.  That they are really expensive, I can't go out and buy two others t

Get and set local variables in c#

Hello I am instantiating a .net (c# 2005) of Teststand assembly. I want to get all the local variables of Teststand in my c# application and also to be able to define Teststand inhabitants of c#. Does anyone have a solution for this? Thanks in advanc

Pavilion P6235UK - information required

My family bought this PC for me for chrstmas so I do not open the box until then. It is a relatively new PC, only to be out for a few months so not much info online. Is this computer ATX or BTX? I thought BTX has been deprecated by intel years, but l

microphone will not work if prgram Skype

When a Skype program, I can't not micro just send message to Chester.

fix Microsoft cannot install powershell

I'm trying to install Fix It and I get this message: "Fix it troubleshooting cannot continue because an error has occurred."  We're sorry, but Power Shell could not be installed. Please try again later. » I tried for 2 days. How can I install made it

No error response

I run Windows Vista, every now and then when on the Net or my laptop, I get an answer no message and I can't nothing until it emerges or I close the program and restart it.  How can I prevent that from happening?

F1D Dell poweredge Dual Xeon quad core 2.0 1u

After searching the Dell support site I can't find any documentation on this machine.  Would appreciate any info relating to drivers, especially those that could relate to a Windows 2003 Server installation.

Why my pictures become black and white on my screensaver?

When my screensaver comes on, my personal photos appear.  After about 5 minutes, they become black and white, as they begin to color.  Why is this happening?

BBM BBM for iPhone

How to adjust the font size used to enter and display messages. The default font is too small for me (and many others I think).

Dev Alpha Crash

Hi all. My Dev Alpha had five crash in two days... If stay an hour standby... accident! I had install only two Apps... Help me!!

I want that dish of BBM user interface

now, the style is not suitable for iphone, why not try the flat user interface

BlackBerry Smartphones 8130 Pearl General Options

I read in the online user guide to make simple changes, for example, change the volume of the ringtone, go to Applications > Options > General Options. To do this I noticed that I didn't 'General Options' as a choice. How can other than to set a diff