print without Preview in Windows 7

Up to 28 version I could pick a section of text in the browser. Click the printer (icon) button and save the selected text as a pdf on the hard drive. From 29 fr higher, I have print preview and I can print only a full page. This does not work for me

Which statement is there in all: \windows\system32\conifg\system

I have fire fox opening yahoo for me in 2 tabs at startup. 1. go to yahoo 2nd one now goes to the Manager for the addons Manager. I know how to get to the subject: config and the browser.newtab.url but I forgot the instruction to enter to go to yahoo

Satellite Pro A120SE and Dynadock (PA3541E)

I'm after some tips with the help of a dynadock and satellite pro A120 - after installing the drivers and utility dynadock and connected everything up to the dock I am unable to get the screen plugged into the docking station to display. The laptop i

Satellite L655-1F0 - problems with download ATI display driver

I have a Satellite L655-1f0 and I recently had to re - install Windows 7.Of course, this meant losing all pilot plants I had before, but I was hoping that I could find on the Web from Toshiba site. And many of them that I have found, however, the ATI

A reading from an arbitrary point in the buffer

With the help of the DAQmx API, is there a way to read part of the buffer from some indexes (non-zero) to aribitrary?  I would like to combine this technique with the recall of DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent, so that I can post a video screen to the

Insert table table 3d 2d

Hello everyone, for datalogging purposes, I need to query data from a data acquisition, add a timestamp and post-processing data, then save it all in a .tdms file. I also need to create a buffer of data for a given event, that I intend to store with

Server spam 2007

Hello world If I have some problems with my server running Exchange 2007. What has happened is that we had a large volume of spam coming lately, so by using Exchange 2007 anti spam tools I have developed actions for SCL and such. The problem I encoun

How to build a simple calculator?

I would build a calculator with the slide to control the operation (+ -* /). Maybe someone can help me? Thank you very much.

Need help to re - install VB 3 on Windows XP SP3.

Original title: VB3. I'm trying to re - install VB 3 in Windows XP SP3. I need to change a program written in VB3. I've read that XP allows you to run 16-bit applications. I tried different things available on the Internet, but without success. Any h

Aspire V3 772 G overheating

Hi there and a happy new year to all. My Acer Aspire V3 772 G I bought 18 months ago begins to behave very strangely and I would like to know if anyone has experience that they can share or no solution to offer. The machine began to run more slowly a

Installation of MS Virtual PC 2007 on my XP Professional SP3 platform issues.

Problems with the installation of MS Virtual PC 2007 on my PC of Office XP Professional. Tried several times. Program crashes at halfway through and not complete the installation.

It always appears. :( HELP ME PLEASE!

It still appears on my desktop. Help me please someone! Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click on continue, the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. If you click on exit, the application closes immed

Vista takes network offline printer

Vista continues to disconnect the network printer. I have uninstall and then re-install the printer in Control Panel. Never had this problem with XP. It is not the network, because I can print from our cell phones. All the drivers are installed and u

BROWSERUI.dll is missing.

I am currently running Windows Vista SP2, but when I turned on my PC it came with an error message saying "this application has failed to start because BROWSERUI.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem", so I'll have to u

Dell inspiron 5559 overheating where the game and stop

Hello I have a new dell inspiron 5559 I bought two weeks ago, I got a problem with the fan that was really very strong without any reason and after doing that for a few days, the laptop began to close when the games due to overheating. I sent it to t

Dell Latitude E6400 running slow

I have a Dell Latitude E6400 - it has 4 GB of RAM and a processor 2.53 Ghz running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit - how is it is slow? I ran all the troubleshooting I can think, made malware scans, virus scans, and it is still slower than my other lapto

How to call the browser from my application

Hello I'm new to blackberry, cascades, in my application, I had to choose the top-up amount and time of payment that I wanted to use the native browser and that the transaction should go, after the successful operation, it should go back to my applic

My plan renewed creative cloud without Adobe let me know first and the cost also increased by $100.

I knew that my plan creative cloud would renew by the end of the year, but I had no recall or anything from Adobe. This resulted in a deduction beyond what I have in my bank account, which is a huge problem for me. This was compounded by the fact tha

Motherboard of Dell Studio 1745 Upgrade...?

OK, so I have a Dell Studio 1745 complete with Intel Graphics Decelerator and T6600 Core 2 Duo CPU Of all my research, the 1747 and 1749 the motherboards are "physically identical" in what concerns the shape/size, and whether or not it will physicall

Can Visio subaddresses links be maintained during conversion to PDF?

In Visio, I'm inserting links to addresses within the same page to switch quickly from one object to a large table. When I convert the Visio page as a PDF this feature seems to be lost. Am I wrong? I can reproduce this feature in the PDF version of t