When I go to options in the toolbar it is always empty (just a gray screen)

When I go in the options in the toolbar, it is always empty (just a gray screen) firefox 32.03. never happened until I used 32.0

The toolbars in my FF piled - how can I put next to each other?

I work with V25.0 FF. The bar with the symbol of the FF, the file/modify... current bar, and TAB of the web page are stacked.I would like to put them on a line - is it possible?I appreciate your comments.Best regardsHenning

Of a complete log of Information can I find myself with several graphs of selected information

I received a great response here before, here's something that I'm not sure is possible... but maybe you know. Current version of numbers (3.6.1) So, I create a log of the different courses.  Here is a simplified version of what I do: The idea is so

Card Zotac video Mac Pro 1.1

Mac Pro 1.1 8 GB Ram Zotac GeForce 8800GT video card I just bought a Zotac card to replace my 7300GT dead card. Installation, start the computer (can hear the chime) but nothing on the card. I've read about flashing video cards, but how can I do this

Satellite P20-842: Question about product Recovery DVD-ROM

I have a portable satellite P20 842.I received a DVD of recovery of product with it (2 DVDs)I would like to format the hard drive!When I try to use the DVD, I get a message "starting windows 98"some 900ish files copied and then NOTHING! I restarted a

Screen Shots not work - El Capitan

I did it all these years and all of a sudden today, I see that it works at all. Command - Shift - 4 or other keys screenshots. OS: 10.11.3 I tried: Preferences - keyboard shortcuts, change the keys, move the plist files (mentioned in some of the disc

Satellite P200 - 144 FN keys do not work

Hello I have a dual-boot configuration, and I came across a problem. I have XP and Vista installed, and the FN keys do not work under XP. I had a look at the manual and it said something about Fn-Esse. Can someone help me solve this problem? Thank yo

How can I reset my Equium P300-16 t to the Moose Factory setting?

Please, I beg you! I would be back to the original setting, as I just bought!I do not have a recovery DVD or backup all DVDs! Thank you very much!

TPC-2012 cannot read the shared variable

Hello I have a TPC-2012 and can not read variables shared with him. I welcomed the shared on a cRio-controller Variable. On another PC, the variable is read correctly, but not on the tpc-2012. What can I do? No error message is displayed on the TPC-2

Mouse Touchpad no longer works correctly

My touchpad mouse no longer works correctly.  I'm unable to double-click, even after changing the speed setting in the control panel.  In addition, items are selected when appropriate without a click. This could be a virus or a definition that has be

IBM Wireless USB Enhanced keyboard and mouse model SK-8812

This keyboard has a set of access keys that I find very useful I have recently converted from Windows XP to Windows 7, and this function no longer works. + Anyone know if I can get a keyboard for Windows 7 driver?

Unable to connect to an FTP site using Verizon hotspot on a Droid phone.

to connect to an ftp site try to connect to an ftp site using access point on a droid verizon mobile and can not. check the advanced settings of the internet all the ftp boxes are checked in the security

DirectX 11 preventing me from playing games!

I have Windows 7 32-bit, a 8800 GT 512 MB vid card. When you try to play World of Warcraft and Dragon Age: Origins I crash repeatedly. I don't have these problems when I had XP and directX 9 .0c. My video drivers and BIOS are all up-to-date and curre



How can I fix my office after he has been corrupted by the games.

Windows fails to start, keep automatic reboot. When I restart and press F8 and select Safe mode it still won't start. I tried everything and it's still not started.

Access Admin permissions, passwords.

Alrighty.  I created a user account for my brother, who likes to play games on my computer, as well as to download things on the internet, going to make me come and put the password.  However, it seems that this game - as - required administrative ap

Connect three routers?

Hello.  In the past, using all other brand routers, I could connect several wireless routers using the second router as access point. I would like to do with the WRT400N or the WRT610N. I'm looking to connect the three, in essence, in series, so that

HP Pavilion Dv6-2040el

I would like to know what is the size of the screen in inches (15 or 17?) Thank you very much.

Question: two tables in a pool, load balancing, etc.

Hello So I'm sort of confused about how it works.  I know I can put two tables that are part of the same group in the same pool, and I know I can create a volume that spans the two tables and the EQL will spread the volume also between two boxes, etc

Startup Repair cannot repair this computor automatically

My computor will not start past the green bar, it freezes just straight up.  When I try to start in safe mode it freezes at crcdisk.sys and when I try to restore to an earlier point using the command line of my vista disk rstrui.exe/OFFLINE:C:\Window