Why I don't receive the password change confirmation emails?

I tried several times to reset my password and the confirmation emails are not appearing in my Inbox.

My iMac will not complete boot the system

After an unexpected break in power, I can't finish the start of my iMac. I tried to start in safe mode several times and loading bar appears but stops at halfway to load, then eventually the computer turns off. I tried to reset PRAM once. Same thing

Cannot delete the Facebook of Skype contacts

Hello I have looked & looked for a solution to my problem nothing works and I'm now out of my mind with this. A few months ago that I connected to Facebook to Skype thought it would be a good idea, but it is not good for business (I use Skype for bus

631158 002

Hello readers, I just got my 610-1030y return of Service HP Touchsmart. Everything what they give in the sent info is part replaced is 631158-002, but nothing in the measures taken. Someone at - he a clue as to what is this part? I searched HP parts

can not cancel 8500 hp officejet print job in windows 8

I can't cancel print job on a HP officejet 8500 in windows 8

Satellite Pro A120 - no sound

Just installed Skype with MS Lifecam - no there is no sound at all!

ex6200 brick?

Hello I don't know why, but my ex6200 wifi extender to connect with my router stop. I try power ON / OFF with a reset to factory-> nothing! Cannot ping the ex6200. NETGEAR and LAN led are lit I try 30/30 / 30-> nothing I decide to plug in a cable ser

IPhone 6 battery but don't read do not zero percent

My iPhone 6 is underway to due to the battery is exhausted, but the percentage of battery remaining display is not zero - usually in the range of 30 to 40%. I backed up and restored like new with iOS 9.2, but this did not improve the problem.  Is thi

Pavilion video double a6057c

I installed a pci video card and the default computer for the new card. I went into the bios and changed the video setting default for the integrated video card. The computer does not recognize the pci video card. When I go into the Device Manager is

cRIO communication as a PLC with NOR-OPC-Server

Hello I have the task to implement communication between multiple cRIO and NOR-OPC-server. The OPC OR server should act as a data manager for a complex interface. I tried the NO-OPC Server and I managed to communicate with the server OPC-NOR as OPC-C

Chinese language pack for Win 7 Taiwan

Can someone tell me where I can download the language pack Chinese of Taiwan for Win 7 ? Please let me know urgently.

renamed touchsmart drivers

I have a Hp Touchsmart all in one model # TST renamed 0301 023 WBEN The hard drive crashed and the touchsmart features don't work after I replaced it. The company is no longer, we bought the computer exists. The model # is not on the lists of HP driv

M240 removes IDv2 MP3 and album art.

Well, I have a question about my M240. More of a complaint and a WTF. I had my m240 for... 6 months or more. I put my songs on my microSD card. Well, my 32 GB card is to fill to the top, so I decided to put a little on the internal drive on the m240.

Windows cannot display the control of volume on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installed

Windows cannot display the control of volume on the taskbar because the volume control program has not been installedWhy a how can I fix this is where, until I rebooted after a windows update


If your Windows product key label is worn out or unreadable, you can forget about getting any help from Dell or Microsoft. You're basically on your own. Microsoft will send you to Dell. Dell will send you to Microsoft. Microsoft will try to charge yo

Sending parameter using the METHOD (HTTP POST = PROBLEM WEBSERVICE)

Hello world I need help here I tried 1 week to the code to send the parameter but the error still result It sends no parameter at all the Heres my PPC ApplicationUI::ApplicationUI(bb::cascades::Application *app) : QObject(app) { m_pTranslator = new Q

Which JVM is used?

Hi friends, Which jvm is used in BB for running our application? and if you know it please explain to me how the application will run... ?

IPS - SSM password recovery

Hello I have an ASA 5510 with active IPS module and I m trying to retrieve the login credentials, trying the module hw-module 1 the cmd returned a ERROR password reset: % invalid input detected at ' ^' marker. Tips please how can I recover the login

I have a problem with the settings of Internet Explorer.

Original title: inter explore crashes me to use internet Dungeon putiing internetexplorersecurity windo clubfoot it get stalled and I must go to controlalt and delete to delete cannot open Internet anthing box-internet explore security reappear will