El Capitan and 10 + Mac I have installed so far

Because I can't find too many reports on bugs that I lived during the installation/use a variety of Mac with El Capitan, I thought it would be a good idea to list the most interesting problems that I have encountered in the process. It is perhaps use

Droid Life indicates an update to D3

I've seen three (. 903,.905 et.906) potential updates floating around the net in the last month or so. I suppose that the latter is the version that we will actually get. http://www.droid-life.com/2012/03/07/droid-3-looking-at-new-update-from-Motorol

Mail will not work after Migration Wizard from the old to the new iMac

A Migration Wizard transfer everything what a processor Intel Core Duo 2007 19 "an i5 2012 27" iMac iMac.  Everything worked fine EXCEPT Mail.  She appeared a dialog box for each account of email asking for passwords. When passwords were seized said

Question of trivial case structure

I am using a chain with a structure of case control. According to the string value, I want the VI to show some sort of an indicator on the front panel. If the value is 00 I want to show him "Local." If the value is 10 I want to show him 'Off '. If th

failure ID MC2MBX-66879-x-MFKt01-60SA03

In my view, it is a hard drive problem, but I'm not positive. I turn on the computer and it starts and Windows attempts even to start, but after a few minutes, a blue screen appears, but not long enough for me to read what is on it, and then the comp

4340 proBook s: 4340 Probook s camara doesn't work anymore after upgrading WINDOWS 10

Internal to the device doesn't work anymore after upgrading WINDOWS 10. All the drivers are up to date. I also downloaded the HP device drivers, but they offer several types.  I don't know what device to install. Also, I don't know what I can do. If

HP Laserjet 200 color M251nw: I lost the password of admin for HP Laserjet 200 color M251nw

I lost the password of admin and also deleted the printer on my PC. It is connected to the local network. Thank you for the help Waiting patiently

Impossible to move to windows 8 in a vista program.

Original title: you try to download windows 8 I have the problem of vista and I bought windows 8 and my system tells me that I can't download windows 8 in a vista program. How can I replace it my vista program has run its course. Thank you

I get constant attention that my Vista is not valid. How can I turn it back on it?

How to re-enable I turned off my ADSL router and it made my phone freeze and not be able to restart again. Send in repair and store PC has managed to recover the Vista, although a lot, a lot of my data has been corrupted and could not be recovered. I

Why my computer won't start, and where to go safe mode?

I had nothing but problems since then tried to switch to Windows7.  Several attempts over the past two weeks, none worked. Then started getting the blue screen of death at random times. Today they came more often until it got the point where computer

After the vista update, the file came out: \boot \BCD with status 0xc000000f. window cannot start and no response my installation dvd

Last week I've updated in my vista once it was released the file: \boot \BCD with status 0xc000000f. I put my recovery disk window answered, is not obtained in the boot, press F8 did so. I considered that my hard drive was broken, so I changed the ha

EXW problhma me thn o8onh soft

EXW problhma me thn o8onh soft! soft emfanhzei mia asprh o8onh, kai ena louketo sto katw meros ths o8onhs pou soft leei 'gia allagh kante diplo klik'... kai gia na boresw na dw thn o8onh soft prepei na pathsw to koubi sto plhktrologio ths enar3hs gia

I bought the PC Version of Fable III of this year early and installed and created an account with games for windows Live!

I bought the PC Version of Fable III of this year early and installed and created an account with games for windows Live! About 2 months ago, I formatted my computer and reloaded windows 7! Last night I downloaded Microsoft Flight and used my existin

How can I find the number of Reference Dell on my diet?

I could use it for reference when shopping for a replacement.  Feeding is a Delta DPS350VB-1A

BlackBerry Smartphones real time to sync with the calendar?

I'm relatively new to Blackberry, my Motorola Q would make a synchronization of calendar in real time with my Outlook calendar on my pc at home. When I added an appointment in the Q, the Outlook calendar could be updated shortly, is it possible to do

BlackBerry Smartphones O.S. v 5

I have the 8520 and it says on the blackberry site that it is supported by the new software but still can't install or maybe I'm just trying to install incorrectly but fails in every way that I try. I'm with Fido. I tried emailing them on this subjec

Cannot connect to internet or router

Original title: Wifi problems I struggled to stay connected to the internet/router since I was at my aunt's House and their DSL guy used my laptop to troubleshoot internet problems here.  Any thoughts on what they were doing or how can I fix?

cursor slow to respond

Why my cursor is not working now I click on, and then have too wait for it to click on the next page on most sites. He started all this.