How to make and receive an email that is password protected?

A seller wants us to send and receive emails that are protected by Word. I don't want this option to apply to all other communications. How do I configure this?

Need to change battery RTC in NB10-A-102

Good evening everyone, I need to change the buffer battery RTC from my PC (is the clock battery, whenever I turn on my PC it at another time).I do not know how to disassemble the right and I don't want to break nothig. can someone link me any guide?

Anyone know why the printing options has been removed in the contextual (right click Menu)?

Application Web has a window (javascript) template, cannot print more unless Ctrl-P is used, no mouse > right click > print...

Equim P200: Should what BIOS I use 32 or 64 bits?

I have a portable Equim P200 and I want to update the BIOS after receiving an alert that recommends updating the Tempo Toshiba software. I downloaded the update to the BIOS, but when I unzip the zip file, it gives a 32-bit version and a 64-bit versio

Adapter Qosmio F30 AC fried (burnt cables) is it the fault of notebooks?

Laptop = Qosmio F30/695ls I was wondering if other people have encountered this problem? Is this a fault in the design of the adapter? The adapter model number is; * PA3237U-3ACA. *. The cord was fine until today (looked perfect) death of my laptop I

ICloud locked, I can't activate the phone!

I got a 5 (United Kingdom, Vodafone) iPhone as a gift from my friend, now I can't can not activate the phone here in India, I saw specialists they said his blocked iclod/itunes, how can I solve it?

Can I use my pencil on iPad 2

I just bought the pencil, but I can't use it on iPad 2

Satellite M60 guard give up WiFi connection

An M60-144, I provided one of my clients has problems with its WiFi connection. It will be ok for 5 to 10 minutes, and then suddenly will drop the connection. Turning off the WiFi and back on again remakes the connection and everything is very well f

the CPU usage is at 100%

Hi, I have a HP Pavilion dv6 - 6128ca. When I connect to wireless internet with my CPU usage is at 100%. If I connect the LAN cable the use 100% CPU and temp 70!

Find recently updated files in the folder or any name of a file in a folder

Hello, I am looking for a quick way find the most recently updated file name, name of GOLD really a single file in a network folder.  My file has a lot of files inside, so I prefer not to use loops, etc.. My confusion begins here: I can use wildcards

Epson StylusSX420W Series.Works only o.k.stand, can scan to the computer but nothing transfer from computer to printer

Printer Epson Stylus SX420W Series scans and copies autonomous and can read and copy photos and documents on computer. Does not print anything from computer to the printer. Just silence. Run Fixit for printers. Said me okay even if it says my "printe

b small Server 2003 rsp2 shows that several domain controllers have been detected

event ID 1011 to SB CORE (source) I have only 1 server running this VERSION under LICENSE OF MAPS We just did a repair last week and it worked until today.  Help

Run the program without the need to license labview labview. is this possible?

Hello I'm wondering - is it possible to have a labview program that can be run without the need to license labview? Now we can produce programs executables labview but they need licenses for labview. Best regards s Farashi

Wireless password offline then computer restart, that kb871122 fix it until you restart

terminololgy help I use a Dell with XP pro laptop and I was directed to the article 871122 # where I used a function fixit to fix my wifi.  Knowledge of the problem is that when the device is restarted, it disconnects. In the suggested solution for m

direct parallel

OK I have a problem with the direct parallel driver in Device Manager, it is struck with a 31 impossible code to load the driver, I tried to uninstall it and search for new hardware (shot in the dark that it deems the driver) however I can't uninstal

Event ID 1542, the Service user profile and lack of Classes Root Key

Hello OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit Symptoms:Assosications not continued resets (among others) Details:HKEY_USERS\HKEY_USERS\MySID_Classes is missing on reboot  Event Viewer says: Event ID 1542, the user profile ServiceWindows cannot load

I had to restore my computer to factory settings and now I can't get on the internet

I had to restore my computer to factory settings and now I can't go on the internet. I have Windows 7

How to install the Microsoft Isatap, Teredo Tunneling adapter Microsoft, 6to4 adapt card

Can you explain me please, how can I solve tis problem. I don, t know where I can find this adapters, because they are not installed on my computer. The computer asks me to solve this problem. Is there a link on the internet for download? Or another

C20 TC6.0.1 update: fan fails test

Hi all Anyone else have an indication of the failure of test tan on the homepage of the web on a codec C20 interface, updated since TC5 to TC6.0.1 freshly made? I mean on the system information page / general tab, Fans report 1 or 2 test failed on on