associated with another iPhone Apple - not mine ID!

I bought a second hand iPhone retailer (not Apple) online. When I try to get help with this phone, Apple told me that the phone is associated with another Apple (not mine) ID so that they cannot help me. What should do?

Long left clicking displays the right click menu

When I press and hold the left mouse button, the right-click menu is displayed.I want to turn this feature off, but can't remember which extension it controls or if the function is built into Firefox.

App Pro film and Rode microphone go external mic

Hello! I have a question about my newly purchased Rode Mic go. Once connected, the filmic app Pro automatically selects the external microphone rather than the internal MIC - or what I have to do something with the audio settings in filmic Pro to mak

I changed my ID and password, but now I can't make a purchase. When the sign in it appears has the old ID

I changed my Apple ID and password. I can sign into my itunes store account. When I try to make an application to buy the sign comes with the old ID. If I enter the old password it says account locked. Help

G6-1b79dx Notebook PC Pavilion

My g6-1b79dx Notebook PC Pavilion touchpad does not work. Can you please give me the link that I can download the driver? Best, Noom

HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP: I forgot password and admin user name

I have a HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP and I forgot the username admin and the password.  They were the two changed wwhen the printer was purchased. Is it possible to reset back to factory default admin/admin?

HP Mobile Printing on the Samsung Galaxy S4 - no app needed

Watch this video YouTube showing the ease of printing for your HP printer is from the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4. Best.

4.4 kit upgrade

I have a problem with my new HP 8 1401 tablet. I went to the support page, read the instructions for the upgrade of 4.4, downloaded the for my HP Envy, then copied on the micro sd card. followed the instructions for the upgrade, but step 8

Satellite L310 - has HDD shock protection?

I am from Asia and the proud owner of a L310. Recently, my friend bought a Toshiba netbook. When I checked and shaked... He encouraged and appeared on screen a notice that the hard drive is parked now properly to avoid damage. I had mine L310 laptop

HP 800ps: misaligned print heads and tracking errors

It seems to have problems with the growth of transport often does not complete diagnostics because errors appear: error 79:04 susprimitives., 221 error 86:01 carmotor.c, 2403 error 7904 Mech.c 1299 error 02:10 SB.c 228 error 79:04 Mech.c 1299 error 0

Phone Boot - Auto on USB to the computer?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone had seen this quirk... I let my Moto-X run to the bottom of the battery until it stops. I then plugged my charger USB (not a computer) When it reached about 80% then I unplugged and plugged into my USB connected to my

Current file to use when it is disconnected from the network wireless/wired - shared network drive

Hello We have a problem where we receive a "file in use" message when you are disconnected from the network. To reproduce the problem, what we do is: (1) connect to the wired network wireless disabled with (2) create a test document (3) to enter text

Using misleading function of MultiFileSelectPopup

Hello NO,. When you view the function of the selection state of the MultiFileSelectPopup I was a little surprised to see the value of VAL_NEW_FILE_SELECTED: I am not aware of the possibility to choose a new file in the MultiFileSelectPopup... I misse

His record game do not work with Schroeder

three days before it is working well. but now the sound only works with the phone in mind, I do not why it does not work with speaker right now. so I need help from you. Thanks for your kindly help.

cannot open with xp viewnx2

put the cd in viewnx2 and no way to open them.  I have xp

Is it possible to play a game of ms - dos on a windows xp computer?

I have an old game that works on ms - back, would it be possible to play a game of ms - dos?

XP has changed the user accounts is now impossible to access the administrator account

Something has gone wrong when changing my user accounts. I don't have an administrator account can create a. I can't even restore my system. It doesn't let me do anything! What to do Help!

a newer version will replace the operating system if defective or damaged

Hi I have a dell laptop, for 4 years, recently he would have even started, took to a computer guy? They said it was riddled with viruses and it could not start (too to cut a long story short I paid them $180) they had fine, deleted the virus to a poi

Snmaster.idx database file is missing

This was initially the synaptics pointing device is not work error appears to restore and now snmaster.idx datasase file is missing and ask to restore but there is not... using toshiba vista wireless private network American online went down uninstal

I bought a converter cable for my drive hard ide but can't see are getting access to them

I bought a drive hard ide to usb cable but cant fing or get promition view them on my drive hard ide of my old computer I right click and tried to change the owner of this which has woeked but still cant view or im port photos and other music