Apps to keep opening by themselves in Watch BONES 3

Since upgrading my OS3 shows to watch, I noticed my apps opening shows randomly by themselves. The update makes the screen more sensitive to the accidental keys? I often find my calendar app or open when I least expect it.

My IPhone6 does not move to the landscape portrait on pictures, photos or videos

MY Iphone6 no longers moves to the landscape portrait seen on photos, video or screens in all?

Software update to the United Kingdom

Why is the latest version of the software "OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 update improves the stability, compatibility and security of your Mac." not available for the UK market?

How can I install Windows XP on NB200

How do I install windows xp on my toshiba nb200 pll23c-00c01f come winth windows 7 starter edition and where can. I found all the drivers, thx

Can I link to my desk top home with my desk top?

I am looking to buy another computer for my food truck business. I would go with a desk top and mount it on a counter. Can I connect my software so I can work my truck and home? Thanks for any input. Kim

Need to unlock iphone without losing any data

I have pictures and videos on an old phone. The last backup of this phone does not have these data. Is it possible to unlock the phone (I couldn't remember oassword) using itunes not needing restore from previous backups? Any help is appreciated. Whe

Neither mydaq against usb6008

Hello I want to control the speed of a motor 3 phases with the PID command. Can some recommend that DAQ to go with. NImyDAQ or the USB6008. I don't know that I read on this forum somewhere that the USB6008 cannot run with PID control. I just go with

Too small impressions can not read

I have the HP Officejet 6500 a when I print something it's too small to read.  I downloaded a new driver who says he'll fix it, but it didn't.  Any help would be appreciated

Display strange scrolling

Hello I have a W520 in a mini dock 170W. I have two screens connected to DVI and uses the W520 display as a third monitor. The main display is a 24 "1920 x 1200 running. It is in the Center. The left screen is the W520 and the right screen is a 21 "1

Remote access Windows Server 2012 through internet with desktop connection

Summer messing about with it for days and don't get no love. Try to connect with Windows 7 Ultimate edition to Windows Server 2012 Data Center version from outside my home network, Starbucks or McDonald's or my server at home. Tried all these steps f

HP ENVY 700-214: map new graphics for HP ENVY 700-214

OK, so I have a HP ENVY 700-214 (plug here: ) and I'd like to get a new graphics card that is compatible with my setup. Everything is wxactly the way I bought it. I want a graphics card that will be easy

Keys on keyboard state becomes wen__bein frozen or unresponsive press.

I have the keys ave two on my keyboard located between you F and J keys. TAT stops RespondinMD typin at any time. Tey will be insensitive for any period of time and ten aain workin for a week or two before becomin aain unresponsive. BACKSPACE key you

Pavilion dv7t-3300: install the kit for SSD dv7t

You want to install an SSD.  Have the naked reader.  Need for cables, screws, software cloning.  Recommendations?

How can I uninstall blinkx beat Windows vista

I run windows vista and I have a program blinkx beat try to uninstall to uninstall problems

Driver Installation Failed: Could not find media device for this driver

I have a HP with Windows Vista (32 bit) dv6646us and have had a problem with the audio device. The sound works sometimes, but above all the system does not even recognize the audio output device (in this case, I see the speaker icon in the taskbar wi

try to set up widows mail

don't know what is my incoming server; is it (POP3or IMAP) and what is my outgoing server SMTP... have a gmail account

has lost its completely

I recently added Word 2010 on my computer. I have Windows Vista. now I have no sound ever HELP! No headphones nothing

Problem with the State showed up in BB10

Hello After the upgrade of my DevAlpha to the latest version,, I have problems with 2-State buttons. Example code: #myBtn{ background-image: url(btn/myBtn.png); background-repeat: no-repeat; background-position: 0px 0px; } #myBtn:hover{ b

BlackBerry Smartphone email question

I am a new user of blackberry and you have the 8830 World Edition. I want to tell her to NOT download e-mail unless I he REQUEST.  I found an option in help who said that I could tell him not to do so when it was connected (charge), but this option d

Can I use a + CNTRL (letter) to shortcut writing a sentence repeated all the time?

Hello. I think remember me years we could insert a much repeated phrase easily in a document by using CTRL + (another key).  I think I had to go (somewhere) and to see the keys on which were available to use, choose one and assign the expression to i