Video display Pavilion 1620n bloom

I have media 1620n hp pavilion desktop pc Center.  My monitor has recently made much too bright whites and wash much of the type face characters. (i.e. in flowers, like a television saturated picture)  The colors are beautiful and pure.  I substitute

Enter more logic plug-ins in FCPX?

I'm starting to mix more with FCPX.  Instead of send to logic.  I wonder how I could add some more effects of the logic in FCPX?  For example: EVOC 20 Filterbank? Is there a protocol to track down and adding new filters of logic to the effects FCPX b

My HP LaserJet 3055 All In One does not scan with Windows 7-64 bit.

My HP LaserJet 3055 All In One does not scan with Windows 7-64 bit. I can copy and print only. Thank you.

Why my text ringtone doesn't ring when I get a text

I just upgraded my iPhone iPhone 4S 6. Before upgrading my 4S would only ring occasionally when I receive texts.  I put it in crickets for my text.  When I upgraded, I put my phone to a ringtone for texts as well but it only vibrates.  I disabled the

export Photo from Mac iOS slideshow

If you export your slideshow to iTunes, why can I not see the movie file in the video under your own movies app like I did on my Mac?  When you check the "import to iTunes", where you see it exactly?  I can see it on my Mac, but how can I see it on m

The SD cards are recommended to be used with the cDAQ 9133?

Embedded controllers that are the recommended type and size recommended SD cards to be used with the cDAQ Win7 9132 and 9133?

Recovering files of the T60 with a broken winXP installation

Hello everyone, I'm saving the files from one especially deceased ThinkPad T60 Window XP. The T60 has a fingerprint reader, and I was crazy enough to put files in a secure volume. When I start Windows, it gets as far as the start screen and crashes t

I installed a version of avg undated and cannot locate because it did not create a shortcut on the desktop

I want to find the AVG file so that I can make a shortcut on my desktop

Help error message

I tried installing an update of Windows, said that it is important, but cannot install it. Always come back with code 643 Windows has encountered an error. How can I fix it?  I can ' t download itunes says I'm in safe mode (which I checked, and I'm n

Follow-up of command line question

Earlier today, I asked for advice on how to remove a troublesome file using the command line. When I opened the command prompt, it is set to c:\Documents and holder I tried led annoying file The command prompt said not found However, my embarrassing

Backup in a TEMP folder files

There is the home screen where I used to click on my username to connect to arrested Windows that appear. (I am the only user of the computer and never used a password.) But the computer just charge now completely on its own. Now all my files are in

HP G62: Enter the password administrator or power on password

I can't access my own laptop and use "Disable System 54175349" HELP! ".

WRT54GS UPnP cut wide Internet access

Hello, everyone! Having an Apple TV for about a year and just recently get a Roku, I noticed a strange question. Whenever I use UPnP to broadcast locally videos, all access to the internet are cut off and stays off until I unplug the router and plug

Windows Media player 11-C00D10D1 error message

While you are using the windows media player 11, I received the message missing C00D10D1 codec, Windows Media Player cannot play the file (or can't play the part of the audio or video file) because the XVID MPEG - 4 (XVID) codec is not installed on y

GeekSquad reinstall Windows Vista instead of Windows 7. I don't want to push and install. Is there anyway that I can do at home?

I had to have my CPU repaired to the Geek Squad, now I don't have Windows 7. Geek Squad repaired my CPU, includling a new motherboard.  They were supposed to be to reinstall Windows 7, but when I got home, it was Windows Vista.  They said that I migh

I have a laptop compaq presario C762NR which keeps freezing upwards. Help

My computer laptop presario freezes when I try to connect to the internet or to run a full scan of norton. I turn the power off using the power button. Tried system restore and it didn't seem to help. Delete all cookies and history and so on. No help

How do I refresh my browser on my Facebook page?

Game on Facebook is not working, no noise, endangered buildings, etc. How do I refresh my page? I try just restart the game but do not know if this is what they meant...

[ERROR] Cordova initialization error: undefined (Cordova 3.3)

Hello developers I'm developing a cross-platform app and it works on iOS and Android. But not on BlackBerry 10. The error that occurs is [ERROR] error initializing Cordova: undefined. I tracked down the error and can be found in www/plugins/org.apach

ImportingOutlook list of contacts in Windows live mail

I am running Windows 7 basic on my netbook.  I downloaded my outlook on a USB key contacts list and I would like to import into Windows live mail.  When I open Windows Live Mail on my netbook, it opens the Inbox.  The "help" gives online feel from an

Can Fax and Scan works when the computer is in standby?

I am relying on Windows Fax & Scan (WFS) to try repeatedly fax a document until it succeeds.  He will continue to try even if it goes into mode after the time period specified in power options?  Right now, I've set High Performance from switch to "st