Why do I see "device not found" airport Admin?

I have an AirPort extreme and my parents have a TimeCapsule. They are both showing the message "device not found" in the administration of the airport. We tried cycling power etc. Our networks still work, however we can not connect to manage and back

change time zone

I recently moved to Europe with my Airport extreme router.  I had it set to the time zone IS in the USA.  Yesterday, I put the schedule on the network to block WIFI durning the night time.  We are 6 hours in front of the USA (EST).  Thus, the WIFI di

change bookmarks

I'm not allowed to edit bookmarks. Safari and IE let us add or delete bookmarks - Firefox does not let us do the same?

Satellite U500 - themes changed after Windows Update

Hello Last night, I turned off my Satellite U500 with lots of updates install. But today, when I've reconnected, the start-up took more time and the model had to restart, then it when on the login screen which is now silver instead of blue and when I

Pavilion dv7 6c95dx: password reset BIOS

I forgot my password for bios

Do not print in black

If you have a problem with Black print does not, try the following steps... It is necessary for the following printers Photosmart 5510-5520, 6510, 6520 3070, 3520 DeskJet OfficeJet 4600, 4620 (1) check the ink levels & replace empty cartridges. (2) c

Recovery disc red - no unnecessary files!

I have a Pavilion dv7 with Windows 7, service pack 1. It came with a recovery partition. The partition has recently turned red. I followed the instructions to ensure there is no unnecessary file and there is not.  Any other ideas?

How to change the order of photos in pictures

Hello.  I am using Photos and my photos currently appear in the order that they were imported to the Photos.  I would like my photos to be displayed in order of the date they have been taken.  Any idea on how to achieve this?  Thank you!

Satellite M70-337, I want to upgrade RAM

Hello world.I have equium m70-337. There are two slots for Ram cards. at the moment I have 512 MB, I want to buy 1 GB.can I leave the old 512 MB card inside and add 1 GB? It will make 1, 5 GB? or it will work only on 1 GB anyway? and I would like to

HP deskjet 3055a: can't choose my network on the printer hp deskjet 3055a

I changed my router with an Apple Aiport Extreme 2nd generation but now I can't connect my printer to the wireless network: the integrated printer display does not provide a menu in which I could choose any wifi network. I have already connected this

Can not find my taskbar / start button programs / installed, ect. Is hidden!

Someone borrowed my computer and hid the taskbar and all things with (Start menu, ect.).   Where and how can I find it?

Receives a BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x0000000C2 error when I shut down the computer.

Original title: Blue error screen bad pool caller on the shutdown of Windows XP. Hi all I have a small problem here. Sometimes when I stop my windows, instead of going through close, it just gives an error of BSOD BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x0000000C2. Windows

ehRecvr.exe - Application error the instruction at "0x53801d4f" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read".

Message MSVidCtl broadcast system receiver: ehRecvr.exe - Application error the instruction at "0x53801d4f" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "read". This error will not go away and I can not disable or delete the file. How c

I can't download Microsoft Fix it Center

I have downloaded/saved it but I keep getting errors, a window opens Autorun.exe titeled - Bad Image C:\Windows\System32\wship6.dll is not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try to install the program by using the original installati

"windows exlorer stopped working" & "drivers installation is stopped working.

original title: Hi all... Hi all... im using windows vista sp2, my problem is when I am using my system, I get the error message "it's stopped working.for all the example:1.for windows Explorer "windows exlorer has stopped working".2. to install some

Windows Vista 64-Bit - clock, waste of time

I recently bought a Toshiba recently renovated with Windows Vista 64-bit.  Currently my clock is waste of time when you are connected to the internet and connected.  I also get errors when I try to synchronize by using one of the internet clocks.  I'

HP LaserJet 1505N

Anyone know when the pilot is ready for Mac OS 10.6? I just get the same answer... we are working on it! What is the problem? I knoew I should have bought an Epson!

parental control icon

How can I keep control parantal icon to appear in the taskbar?

BlackBerry Z10 1. Passage of 9900 to Q10 and 2. Installation of original ringtones

Hello This is my first post, so please bear with me! I've had in my 9900 to a Q10. Giving my partner my old 9900. Save both devices two weeks ago, when I changed my phone so our data is secure.   My data has been moved over my Q10 (screw connection).

How to use two custom on one screen fields

Hello friends, I'm trying to customize LabelField and EditField. Both performed well individually in separate projects. Now I want to put them in the same project, same screen. Please help me. My Code is as attaché // BBEdit field class...customized