How to remove the status bar at the bottom of the browser full screen

We have an application that is running in mode full screen for public display, so having the popup status bar at the bottom of the screen is annoying when it moves between pages is distracting and takes away from the experience of the user.How to tur

Windows 7

I have an older Compaq HP 6820, s with 2 GB of RAM.  I'm sure that the RAM can be upgraded to 3 GB.  Is it enough to support WIndows 7 n this device?

Intel Pro/wireless 2200BG (RFC)

Hello! What I can say. I have a problem with this card. Had tried more recent Toshiba drivers Intel ver 9.0 (support of WPA2), but who brought more problems.Does anyone know if Toshiba will come out their driver based on 9.0 Intel 2200BG and adding i

Apple TV to restore via iTunes

I get the message "the software for the Apple TV is not currently available. Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed. I use the latest version of iTunes but the first generation Apple TV. What can I do?

Satellite L500 - 19 X - HDMI to TV connection

I am a beginner with it, wanting to watch iplayer on a larger screen. I have connected a Satellite L500-19 X theToshiba VGA cable to the TV - fine image, no sound, but I realize that an audio cable is required as well. I decided to try a connection H

Satellite A50 does not work after BIOS update

Hi allI tried to Flash my BIOS through windows such as recommended on my website of the manufacturer of the laptop (Toshiba). I guess that the process was not as after only 2 hours still "don't interrupt" message displayed. I had to force power off o

15-g006nv HP: HP 15-g006nv

Θα ήθελα καθαρισετε αναβαθμήσω την cpu στο λαπτοπ.Για την ωρα έχω μία AMD Quad - Core A4 - 6210 APU στα GHz.Μπορώ καθαρισετε αναβαθμίσω.Αν ναι pursues είδους επεξεργαστή με την 1.8

Satellite A300-1MC: network controllers drivers are not installed properly

Hi guys... My first lol just purchased Toshiba and I can't ge the wireless to work?Toshiba A300 - 1MC Intel T5800 3gig of ram 20gig hard drive Vista Home wired Internet access works ok, but in Device Manager it says my network controller drivers are

iMac slow since upgrade to El Capitan

Hello I've recently updated to El Capitan, and I have a lot of questions to slow down. I was advised to use being check he can find the problem. Can someone help me with the below result? Any help would be appreciated EtreCheck version: 2.6.6 (226) R

Pavillion DV7: unlock the password

After that 3 attmpts I get the 85462466 code can help you?

problems with the project of example LabVIEW FPGA

I'm trying to adapt the example project record on CompactRIO and LabVIEW FPGA Waveform Acquisition for my hardware, but can't seem to do things. I'm just following the instructions in the tutorial, but can not make sense out of section adapt this exa

BRAVIA kdl-32bx300 hdmi 1 malfunctionbravia kdl-32bx300 hdmi 1 malfunction

I have a sony bravia kdl-32bx300 and yesterday my HDMI1 malfunctioned I my computer or netflix box any is connected to HDMI1 after about 10 minutes of each device running on HDMI1, the TV turned off farm and would not until the device is disconnected

Photosmart 6520: Printer Installation Software Suite

Hello everyone, I have 2 HP printer: HP C3180 and HP6520. Currently on my laptop, nothing of this printers are configured, because I use to print on the C3180 that is configured on another office in my home Lan (3 pc..) page. Now, I'm going to upgrad

Keyboard: How to fix a few dead keys?

After cleaning the keyboard some keys isn't is no longer function. I carefully removed the lid of one of these keys in order to check if the switch would be blocked, but it seems that the switch doesn't work anymore. Is it possible to replace individ

Microsoft popup

Hello I started very recently to get a popup box with several smaller boxes inside.  It seems arbitrary, and I can't navigate my mouse cursor of what it contains.  I think that it is a part of microsoft, as the box in the lower left corner is the sym

Impossible to change the location of network "home".

I have a connection to the local network (crossover cable) between 2 laptops. I am unable to change the location of 'the House' because the usual blue undelined 'link' is black & not highlighted! A computer can Ping each other but not vice versa Ever

Why the computer freezes in stop mode? I have to unplug it to restart.

I have Windows Vista and Internet Explorer version 9. Sometimes when I quit the screen freezes or crashes so that closing. There is no update to apply. I have to unplug the computer before you can start it again.

web sites, by using the bookmark tab

all of a sudden I realized when I changed web sites, the last of them, I was on, was still there, it not to file as usual, so I stacked about 3 or 4 Web pages and there is no x I closed firefox and he left me, he didn't say that I was trying to close

photo icons do not come up as thumbnails

New computer with Vista Home Premium 64-bit - when I saw the photo folders icons have some generic pictures rather than the smaller versions of the photos that I'm looking. How can I activate the icons in real thumbnails?

Backup of files on a CD is not

In preparation for the upgrade from Vista to Windows 7, I tried (firs time) to make a backup of files on a CD.  After a time, I received the following message: "the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error (0x8007045D)." What is