10.11.6 and Microsoft Office is not well

Since the upgrade to 10.11.6, Microsoft Office does not work on my computer. I use Outlook and Excel almost everyday as well as Word and Powerpoint, and none of them will start even on my computer. Try to open the program a pop up comes up saying tha

How change the font size screen writing only

Thunderbird (dial) screen writing allows the choice of fonts for HTML e-mail messages, but no fonts sizes, traditional 'points '. Is there a button up/down on the screen and a configuration option for the small/medium/large, etc. By sending me mail a

HP Notebook PC TS 15: Adding a bluetooth to a laptop HP 15 TS Device

My son is trying to add a blurtooth headset to his laptop computer, but there is no option to select the bluetooth settings.  We looked under settings of laptop and PC, was not an option to add a bluetooth device.  I have a HP Notebook PCs with the s

SPU Download Manager

I have a DCR-DVD camera 300. I am trying to run the SPU Download Manager. Instructions said "With Windows 7, you may need to change the USB mode of the product to the mass storage Mode." How can I do this? My screen LCD says only "USB Mode". When I c

Satellite C660 don't start from the HDDs or recovery

Hi people, Post this question for my neighbor, as there is now no internet access as mobile does not not - Satellite C660 running Win7. In the event of power he gets the Toshiba screen then a white screen with the cursor at the top left flashing. Tri

No video picture when the connection by Satellite 2410 to TV

I have a 2410 satellite that has taken video - RCA-type.But when I connect to video in on my TV there is no picture but its OK use the headphone jack.Can someone help me please

4th gen Apple TV... can he take over 480 resolution or 1080i?

Yes, I have an old CRT 60 inch TV that has just 480 p and 1080i and I love it!  Apple TV 3rd generation, I did currently 480... so can the most recent Apple at least 480 too?

Windows 7 on HP TouchSmart M6-n012dx Sleekbook ENVY

Hello I need to know, is it possible to install windows 7 on the ENVY of HP TouchSmart M6-n012dx Sleekbook machine. While the machine is pre-installed with windows 8.

Custom installation folder (LV 2009)

I was instructed to build an installer from a customer for a base of existing code written in LV2009 (windows XP, Vista, 7). The code is not well written and a LOT of hard-coded paths.  I'm not paid to recode, and I would like to avoid that if possib

Enable or disable the write lock filter remote with a script

Hello Is it possible to enable or disable the filter of writing EWF remotely with a script? Sending a command in a batch or the vbs. Thank you.

E HP 4500 printer won't stay on, but for 3-5 seconds. What's wrong?

My printer HP e-4500 will not remain, but 3-5 seconds then turns off.  What's wrong?  What can I do about it? [Moved from the community centre of Participation]

Silent allways orange but work and volume/tone are not displayed.

I have a 1100-DV8T running win7 pro.  Product #vf836av.  Once Microsoft fixed a few issues that I noticed that the Mute button is still orange but works correctly.  Settings mute, volume and tone do not appear on the screen when you use the touch but

Install SSD in HP Envy 17-j053ea

I bought a 256GB SSD to go in my HP Envy 17 - j053ea with an existing 1 TB drive. Is invalidated my guaranteed license or windows if I install Windows 8.1 on the SSD and replace the existing 1 TB drive? * Removed second question and raised as a separ

I get an error message 'Microsoft Shared Fax Driver' is not installed.

I was able to select 'Fax' from the list of printers and go through the Fax Wizard to send a document from my computer. Now, the document goes to the queue, but is not sent. The only message I get is that the Microsoft Shared Fax driver is not instal

Remove startup programs

Trying to get rid of the pop - up "Windows Live Mesenger" and "Extended Service Plan" can someone help me thanks... Each time I connect or change programs and swap windows I get those pop ups.

313w printer has left

I have a 313w printer that has stopped printing.  Window opens indicating 'impression', but nothing happened.  After several attempts, I tried the new facility.  Now, I can't even the printer to work with usb cable (nothing happens, although says "pr

SGE2010 will be marking?

Hi all I'm trying to find out if the SGE2010 will make the following feaute: Port 1: Vlan X unidentified 2 port: Vlan Y Unttaged Port 3: X Vlan tag, tag Vlan Y. 3 port would be an ASA device with two virtual interfaces on this VLAN. Swich will add ta

BlackBerry 8310 Smartphone email and MS Exchange Server

How can I configure my blackberry 8310 to sync with my college Microsoft Exchange Server. My ISP is AT & T, I have the bb plan. I want that my blackberry to get up to date with calendar entries I enter as well as send and receive emails.

Separated from Smartphones blackBerry personal work schedules

Work of synchronization of Outlook calendar into my BB calendar that my personal Google Calendar synchronizes also who crosses appear on my work schedule.  Don't want my personal calendar showing on the work schedule.  Is there anyway to separate the

PS4100X - Set Initial configuration (vSphere 5)

Hi all We just bought a PS4100X with 12 x 600 GB 10 K SAS (7.2 to RAW) This unit is due to replace our existing Powervault MD3000I device is used in a Vmware ESX environment. What RAID / Datastore ESX configuration would people recommend. Currnently,