My iMac can boot from an external drive?

Hello I have an iMac 21.5 "Mid 2010 which starts to show its age with slowness. However, I plan to upgrade the Basic 4 GB of Ram either 8 GB or 16 GB of Ram, depending on price... and my main question.  I know that the Mac came initially with a 500 G

"Reactivation" corrected automatically on "disable."

I tried typing "reactivate", and it automatically corrected to 'disable '. Twice. Why? I say again, WHY? I tried to type a word which * is * a Word, in fact finally I was walking on a dictionary, he was there. Is not correct automatically supposed to

should I install McAfee anti-virus on my Mac Book Pro 2008?

should I install McAfee anti-virus on my Mac Book of 2008

I thought that 4 new but it has finished downloading 5. What is a beta? and should I have downloaded 4?

Fire Fox 4 reminders kept popping up and finally I had time to download. FF5 was available so I download it, but I was wondering why FF5 was not shown or mentioned in the video. Now, wonder if it is a Beta?

Dv5 - 1010ea SPDIF?

Do I need a docking station to access the spdif? Why is it not available via the front headphone port I really didn't know that it's true

Toolbar - address bar: I can shorten? I've moved all the stuff of navigation bar in the menu bar (to save space), but I need to shorten the address bar, so it does not cover the Wolf/Moon icon. How can I do this?

I just started using firefox (yesterday). I moved stuff navigation bar on the menu bar to make room for gameing toolbars, I want to add. Problem, the location bar covers, which is now part of the Wolf/moon picture that I would like to know. Can I set

M40X - how to turn on the cd/dvd buttons?

Whatever I do, I won't get it their work.Via the Assistnat I can configure (or choose a function), but the buttons do not respond. I'm missing here?

Bought a refurbished Z800: can I install a PCI - Express 3.0 card game?

Hello I have a Question. I bought a refurbished Z800. Can I install a new PCI-Express 3.0 graphic card Gaming in my Z800? Thank you very much for your answers. Gunnar

Need help recovery product

Hello I need to make a product recovery and as a non-technical Silver Surfer, I'm very nervous about doing things.So far, I've kept all my data files, but I don't know how to save my favorites and all my messages in outlook.Due to the validation erro

Notice of solicitation - Stick with Yosemite, or switch to El Capitan?

I hesitate to upgrade to OS El Capitan, because I don't want to open the door to potential problems.  Want advice from people here.  Why should I switch/why should I not pass.  Thank you.

original Cliq 2 ROM/firmware

Long story short, I can't update my cliq2 1.1.30 new OTA update, it downloads it, reboot the phone, trying to update, crashes, restarts. Talk to a friend who "fixed" one problem I had with a soft a couple months ago, it turns out he had rooted my pho

LaserJet 500 color MFP M575: Laser Jet MFP M575 500 - cannot print in color

Hello I managed a MFP M575 located in a secure Terminal room. Thus, the printer is subject to many security requirements to lock the printer and has An interal encrypted hard drive to store all of the work on. I use a print server and the gpo to push

SVideo connected to the TV, but do not have pictures or sound on TV

connected s video to TV, but still has no pictures or sound on my TV we hp pavillion

Outlook Express for XP

I just got a computer with XP installed. I need to import some (not all) my old computer (Windows 98) remittances. Can I export just one file at a time or should I export all the messages at once?

material, which I am trying to reinstall won't pass Microsoft security and therefore will not install my equipment

last spring, I got the operation of a Medion MD1768 PC, Windows XP, which had a separate DVD and a separate CD player that installed easily. Recently, the hard drive has been replaced and I followed the same process to restore the PC, except that thi

Disabled in the registry Security Center.

A Malware "think point".  Took care of him.  Ran Malwarebytes.  Now Security Center starts.  went into services and rebooted but stop down after about 10 seconds.  A ran spybot and it found Cool WWWSearch.OleHelp: $F3F8B2C7 [SBI] Autorun settings (sv

Computer unable to detect the external hard drive after installed update

original title: update for the usb drive problem 2 things really: Should I really all these updates unhappy? My computer spends much more of his time fiddling with updated it and update that never it does nothing I want to do. (Where do you want to g

Retrofit Bluetooth for X 61?

I am trying to decide on the best choice for laptop / Tablet light I can view in portrait mode.  ThinkPads seem to be the right choice.  There is an opportunity X 61 age of two years that I can buy has no BlueTooth - easy to renovate?  I intend to us

network username and password

Hello. me and my brother using two laptop computers with win 7. 1 laptop, I created a network using wireless (WI - FI) connection (network name:-ABC). and the laptop 2 my brother joined in this ABC network. But when computer access mobile 1 portable