iMAC OS 10.12 unable full screen

Installed OS 10.12 two days ago. Whenever I try to go full screen with an application, the screen goes to the screen of "sigh in" computer. I have to enter my password of the computer and the screen goes back to where I was earlier. I restarted my iM

My Favorites don't remember a site

I'd like to mark different bookmarks but default firefox only to a single site. I have change the address in bookmarks organize area and close it. The text on the place of the default address to address a single. Any suggestions?

How can I get rid of a web page that I don't want?

When I want to browse the internet a page is in place called IN BOX I want to get rid of it! How?

Firefox has an option to display compatibility as IE 8 and 9?

IE 8 and 9 beta have an option to force compatibility in the browser for web sites that use older technology. Firefox has the same option? If Yes, where is it?

Virgin Media hub great connection

Hi all, just to upgrade to a new super hub Virgin Media-150 200mbs - everything works fine. However, my Airport Express (used for streaming music) refuses to connect. EI appears in Airport utility, but when you try to connect by using the SSID name o

HP Envy Phoenix power connectors

Hello, I was just wondering since I don't have my HP ENVY Phoenix 810-145qe CTO desktop PC even if there will be some additional power connectors in the camera so I don't have to buy anything, I know that I need 3 to sata cables hd additional, anyone


Hello community, I bought, receive and use the P780 for 2 months. I love this machine! But I have a problem with the electronic mail Manager... Theres no problem with my main account (IMAP on and SMTP on, no problem to retrieve all m

Try to install PCI-GPIB on a Windows 7 System - x 64, variety of errors and problems

I am trying to install a PCI-GPIB in my system Windows 7 after installing the version of NOR-488. 2, I asked problems and the card itself interfacera not with any software. I tried to reinstall the driver several times without success. Pr

Tasks of installation of WSUS 2012 Server Message fail - access denied

I couldn't find the right place to post this. I have a Windows Server 2012 who was executed on this WSUS.  One day, it just stopped to receive updates.  Several attempts to make it work again failed, so I uninstalled WSUS and re-installed.  WSUS inst

X 220 - TN to IPS. Are they compatible?

Hi all I have a X 220 with a screen broken, which took place over the weekend. I have read a number of posts on the topic, but there seems to be no definitive answer to my problem. I got the model number of the current screen, i.e. B125W01 v.0 - whic

Error code 80073715 won't allow me to install Service Pack 1

I just installed Windows Vista Home Premium.  When I load updates to get Service Pack 1 I get the error code: 80073715 and now I'm stuck.  Any suggestion would be certainly appreciated! Thank you! Ruthie

When the computer is turned on after force Firefox to quit, Firefox has tried to install a "helper something (maybe ap)." What is c?

At some point given last night, Firefox did not, so I forced to leave. That took some time, and I had no idea why, so I shut down the computer. When I started Firefox again, there is a dialog box that tells Firefox tries to install a ' add-on support


4 February - OS: WINDOWS VISTA BASIC !After successfully restarting my computer. I left it all night like without any input from myself FORCED me to install the updates of windows.When I returned the next day, the bar windows continuisly load with th

How to restore the default libraries in the Navigation pane

Somehow my fault 'libraries folder' on the Navigation pane, who holds the ' four Documents, music, pictures, video files"has been deleted, how to restore," ". I tried many things, but not anywhere near the restaurant.The people at 24/7supportexperts

Can I download the updates to a usb key to install on a computer that does not have internet access?

I have a hp pavilion bk232AA all in one pc and Lan and wireless drivers were deleted the computer when I did a full restore because the computer had crashed and I used my laptop to download the drivers, but he repeats to me does not meet the system r

The old cartridge for Foglight 5.5.8 I like sorta. all stores of data, etc. cards. But when I went to install Foglight for storage includes a cartridge called " 2.0". Any way for me to keep both?

Limited connection, card network wireless Qualcomm Atheros EG AR9485WB on Windows 8

My Asus G55VW unable to connect to the internet, it is listed as limited connection, but all the other devices works perfectly well. I installed the latest driver for the network card. What should I do? I have Qualcomm Atheros AR9485WB - EG Wireless

Adobe 2015 LUTs available in the color of missing Lumetri

I am interested in the LUTs that are available for people in the tutorials on Youtube, and they have a large selection of available LUTs (5 d, 7 d, etc.).(source: Lumetri color Panel explained - first Pro CC 2015 - YouTube )I have like 9 available fo

a single license and several platforms

HelloI'm trying to figure out what to buy for adobe. I have Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign have the most need, as a graphic designer, but the creative cloud seems to have everything.The problem is, that I have quite the number of platforms and I