some keys don't work (on various sites)

I noticed on some sites, the buttons that are supposed to do something(for example, to play a sound file) do nothing. I thought it was a problem with javascriptbut I'm not really sure. I use Firefox on Android (Kitkat) phone. Here is an example where

Bing has taken possession of my computer. I wish that we delete it, I want to just goggle.

How to remove Bjng from my computer. I have greatDifficult to get rid of it. I followed the instructions to uninstall bing and got no where, I've always preferred Google as my homepage

Pavilion Media Center (XP) freezes at startup

When booting the PC hangs at the Windows screen/logo (which is darker than usual). I am able to start it in safe mode. Note that I have done several virus scans and a format and perform the restore. What is the video card? Any help would be appreciat

HP110-217cb: desktop clock

My desk clock keeps changing time. Now, all it will give is AM and can't find out how to access PM. Have correct time zone change.

What W8 for download and where?

Hello I made two mistakes:1. I tried to install ubuntu alongside w8 on my P870-328. After several tries, I took the wrong way and my HARD drive has been formatted.2 more large one: I don't save any disk recovery (no DVD or USB flash not available and

Satellite A100-311 changed PA-number / series & VirtualSound prob. after repair

HelloMy SATELLITE A100-311/PSAA9E-11L047GR has been in a repair under warranty by a Toshiba service partner.They said they changed the motherboard. The reason is, there not the Bios boot (5.20), which is actually on the Board, too.My problem is that

Cut the audio when the music is 100% (IDT high def.)

HelloMy PC Info is: Manufacturing: Hewlett-Packard Model: HP Elite 7500 Note: 7.4 Windows Experience Index Processor: Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.4ghz Installed (live RAM) memory: 16 GB System type: 64-bit operating system Model: B5H80EA #BEDPen and t

operating system is not found in my new T450s

Hi friends, I just bought my new T450s of the United States. It is pre-installed with win7 64 bit, and I upgraded to win10. After that it is upgraded to win 10, I tried to restore factory settings. Unfortunately, he failed with an error. Then I gave

HP Deskjet 3050 a: problems scanning

Hello I have a printer HP Deskjet 3050 has. I had problems with the scanner immediately: everything that I get from the scan are only black vertical lines in the document. There is no way to make it work. In addition, sometimes it works and sometimes

Subvi display is not updated is open

I have a USB data acquisition application, I want to put all the graphs on a Subvi front.  When a user clicks on the button "Chart" on hand Vi, the Subvi should open and keep up to date while it is open.  But I can't the Subvi to update when it is op

How to zoom on a Web screen

original title: HELP :( I accidentally pressed something on my keyboard and now my internet has zoomed in and I can't see the taskbar when I move the mouse to the top of the screen. Could you please help me as I feel as if I had a visual impairment.

problem opening session: the user profile service failed to connect

original title: problem opening session I have 2 accounts.recently, user when I try login I get this message that says - user profile service is not logon.the another account is still ok.what happened past and how to fix

I can now explore and see the files, but cannot view__application data, cookies, files "local settings."

I get an access denied message.  I need to change the permissions, but don't know how or where to do this. Help, please.

I have the basic family Windows Vista Edition key which is on the side of my computer but I can't reinstall it because I don't have an installation disc.

OK, I got Windows Vista Home Basic on my computer and my hard drive crashed while I do not have the recovery partition. The key is always on the side of my computer. I wonder how I can get a basic Windows Vista Home Edition installation disc without

DeskJet 3522 repair without installation disk

My printer is not available for use in a network or even if it is directly connected to the computer of longerf vi a USB.  I had this problem when I originally installed the printer, but was able to download a driver/software and it solved the proble

laptop no longer plays DVD, g6 pavilion laptop pc

went to for dvd playback, windows came with a message saying that he does not play the DVD. has proposed to amend the resolution, it did not help. I tried restarting, computer laptop only a few months old.

VRTX CMC stuck to acquire intellectual property

I have one of the VRTX chassis with two blades installed.  Now, I don't know what happened, but I was connected to the CMC web interface and activated the DRAC for each of the blades, then I've lost the ability to connect to the CMC.  It goes directl

Cisco-AIR-SAP3702I-A-K9, max and the degradation of bandwidth users?

Hello Sorry if somone is asked this question before, but I was unable to find the answer or by mail. So here's the intro: Symthom: I installed and config with a 1240 AP G base still running the office to provide wireless connectivy, but users complai

With Windows 7 Home Basic activation problem

I bought a basic HP Pro with a Windows 7 Home Edition desktop computer. I did not record the windows originally. Now his watch "this copy of windows is not genuine." I went online according to the instructions, but still, it is still not activated. W

Downloaded Pcitures look like fax instead of standard image

original title: the loading of images downloading photos from a camera, real pictures do not appear in the file, a facimile standard image. What can I do to show the real in the file images, so that I can find a photo quickly and more easily?