Can I use two phones, with separate numbers on the same account?

I'm not an Apple user, so apologies if this is common knowledge! But my CEO is going abroad next week, so we gave him a second phone as a backup in case something happens - with a separate number (we will have diverted current number if necessary). A

Inbox subject lines and the page any sort of small to read.

Have been a user of Thunderbird for several years a new pc has seen the size of cover page, Inbox and the way a lot of kids to read the modified fonts but good for mail. Not very computer savvy, but frustrating as very difficult to read from my previ

Anti-virus/Internet security for Mac software?

Thoughts about whether Anti Virus/Internet security software is necessary for Mac computers?  How about a new college student? If so any recommendations on which one to use? Thank you Mark

Toshiba NB200 unable to navigate in internet

Hey everybody, I have a Toshiba NB200. I am able to connect to a network (tested on home router as well as prepaid 3G USB modem) and I can ping websites in the BACK. I can not navigate. I tried IE and Firefox, and both have the same results. I tested

Skype crashes when I call someone.

Skype freezes / crashes whenever I try to call someone. Finally, he freezes the rest of my computer and then crashes my mouse, with the only possible escape being shut off my computer. Would also freeze whenenver I tried to change my profile picture,

Number of songs on nano 16

Approximately how many songs can I put on an iPod not a 16 GB? Thank you

Re: Satellite C660-21Z - keyboard and touchpad began to play up

Hi looking for help. I have a satellite C660-21Z and in recent days the keyboard started playing up, some keys don't work at all and the touchpad worked only occasionally. After trying different afew suggestions and uninstall last updates etc. I stil

Satellite L40-139 - cannot stop because it still restarts

Hi all I have a l40-139 with 2 GB of RAM & Vista Home Premium. Since I bought this laptop there was 1 single persistent bug. When I select (any method) shutdown the laptop reboots always. I have disabled all options "wake on" power. I've updated the

How to play iTunes music on a stereo over WiFi

I have a configured Time Capsule as my wireless with a hub Terminal Airport Express as an Extender. EI is connected to my stereo receiver via a mini jack to RCA cable. I want to be able to play the music (either from iTunes or the CD/DVD drive). How

How can I build a permanent application on a MCB2300?

I got an evaluation board (MCB2300), I can create a simple application and download it to the Board of Directors and run it using the ULINK2 debugger. but as soon as I disconnect the debugger from the Board of Directors, the Board stops running. I'm

I missed something on my Droid Turbo?

I got my Droid Turbo less than a week. I only had to load it 3 times. I'll wait until he gets to 10%, to plug my charger and it took 1,5-2 hours to load 100%.15 minutes?

with an average

Hello everyone, I have a question about signal average in labview. Please help me. I have two entries of signals to my LabView code, one comes from a function generator (in saw teeth with a frequency of 10 Hz and amplitude of the 0.4V) and the other

Problems with my new HP Pavilion p7-1449

I bought the computer a little over 4 months ago and have had nothing else with her problems.  For the first 2 months it was freezing, I could finally send to HP and the hard drive and motherboard have been replaced.  When I got to the back of the co

How to convert a waveform to a tdms file?

I displays an ECG waveform and I want to save it in a .tdms file so that I can open it upwards in biomedical Toolkit for later analysis. What would be the best way to go about this?

Microsoft office 2010 Starter

I have a compaq sg3 - 210 UK, which has windows 7 Home premium 64-bit embeded. When I try to use office 2010 in word it accuses several times then stops responding.any ideas how to get back on that?

HP Pavilion 15-e010us: run a time container

computer came with win 8.  I changed it recently for win 7 (64).  When the computer starts it crashes until you press Ctrl alt del, go to Bishop and process at the end of the task to execute a time container.  How to start without having to go throug



Registry Booster Uniblue says I have total of 928 errors on the registry system and users!

PC seems to work (maybe slow sometimes). Purchase of Registry Booster and system Twecker will really make a difference? ALTERNATIVES? How normal is that after four years of use of the lamp?

Recover your PC or install Windows 7.

original title: recover your PC or install Windows 7. Help, please! OK, so here is the situation. I have a Compaq Presario CQ50 which had Windows Vista on it. A few days ago I started having problems with my computer laptop start and then it just sto