Different boot disks

Current have a 480 GB SSD and a 2 TB HDD installed on our end 2009 27 "iMac. What I want to do is to use the 2 TB as start player for my wife so that all its data (about 300 GB) is stored and to use the SSD 480 GB to store my data. Question 1: Is it

Compaq 6820 s: Wireless after I changed my OS

I recently changed my OS from Windows XP Pro to Windows 8.1 using a DVD to a clean install.  Now, I can't get a wireless connection because my wireless button lights (orange stays).  Can someone please help.  I am posting this using another laptop. T

Numbers of COUNTIF with two Variables

Hello everyone By the numbers, I made a table with the meaning of the letters: -'x', like 'come' (for a class), -'a', as participated in At the bottom of the table, I tried to calculate the percentages of attendance by doing following: "COUNTIF (A2:A

How to exit properly ChangeDetection thread?

I call the function ChangeDetection of the NI USB-6525 with C in a C++ program code: DAQmxErrChk (DAQmxCreateTask("",&taskHandle)); DAQmxErrChk (DAQmxCreateDIChan (taskHandle, "Dev1/port1/$line0", "", DAQmx_Val_ChanPerLine)); DAQmxErrChk (DAQmxCfgCha

Removed bone. Pavilion 11 x 2

OK so I accidentally erased my entire operating system off my flag 11 x 2 model f5w69ua # #aba.You may be wondering how. Heres how. I had, I had a ububtu live cd boot on external hard drive. I went to install it on the hard drive and installed by mis

transconductance amplifier and analog output

Hello everyone, Sorry if I asked a perhaps trivial question, but I'm still a beginner in data acquisition. I need a negative pulsating current my PCI 6251 and measure the resulting voltage on the load output at the same time. To do this, I thought ab

How and where can download a copy of service pack 3 for windows XP install on the new motherboard?

I bought a new motherboard and processor; an Asus M4A78LT, I have an older version of windows XP Pro. This motherboard wants service Pack3 installed with xp before installation of devices and drivers for the M.B.Download a copy of sp3 to facilitate t

How to remove 'Search' "Classic Start Menu" in XP?

A solution was found after all these years? A suggested in MS #292504 "NoFind" solution is not an option because it disables the search function in the browser together. Thank you

Appearance settings

Someone went and changed my appearance at the "windows classic style" settings When I tried to change this back to "windows XP style" I eventually found the desktop icon text in a rectangular blue. I remember before all these changes, the text icon w

validation advises my vists update is already used, but I reinstalled in another computer, all first be retired

I recently had to be scrapped a PC which I had upgraded from XP to Vista with a genuine drive to upgrade Vista Home Edition.  I have another PC which was installed with XP and this improved Vista too, using the same disc.  The validation process advi

Thunderbird does not load when open, even in safe mode

When I open Thunderbird, it charge about 16 MB in RAM, and wedge. If I'm lucky, I can open Thunderbird using the Windows safe mode and safe mode of Thunderbird, run the program as administrator, but only once. Fail other attempts to open the program.

HP deskjet 3000 j310: change language

I need to know how to change the language in a hp deskjet 3000 j310 to English. I'd appreciate your help with this problem! Thank you!

Instal Windows 10 canoe continue to get this error 8007002C - 4000D can anone help code

I can't install windows 10 that I continue to get the error 8007002d-4000D code Can you help me or at least tell me how I can download it to a Flash drive. Thank you Francis Elmes

Disable ScreenTips, Windows 7

I have a Windows 7 tablet running Windows 7 Pro.  I really don't like all the little TootTips that appear when you hover over anything in Windows 7 and seemed to be a part of Windows since the beginning.  Maybe if you are a new user of Windows, you m

DES/3DES license needed for the PIX 515 active/active configuration.

Hello I am setting up two PIX active/active. My problem is that the PIX without restrictions, the 3DES activated license but the FO - AA that just the license OF. I would like to know if it is possible to downgrade the 3DES to just unlimited license

The benefits of VPN and security top-level document

Hello all; I looked high and low and cannot find a high level (for executives not analysts) for a white paper which can show the benefits and safety of the use of VPN client solutions to allow small businesses to configure remote users. Many of my cl

BlackBerry Blackberry Curve 8900 Smartphones - access to App World error

Hello Can someone help me? I went to my network provider, but they are without help. I downloaded with worldwide success of blackberry app on my blackberry but it says I need to upgrade to a plan that includes browsing. I have web access if im not su

How can you add more options of basic research for the Service Profile Configuration Directory profile

In the CUCM, under Service Profile Configuration.  I created a service profile.  In the profile directory section, I can only have 3 Research Bases.  I have 6 domains I have to link them.  They are in a forest.  How can I extend the search to users?

Comments ISE self-provisioning Portal

Hello I get the portal page comments and my credentails authenticate correctly and the device is authenticated using MAB. Then I redirect to the portal and get this message This device has not been saved You must manually configure your device Config

HDX 9010nr - hybrid HDTV does not not in Win7

I tried the SP45500 but still Windows Media Center cannot find the TV card. Any other ideas? Thanks again for your help. Still love the HDX 9010nr.  Wish you guys always done them.