How can I migrate my profile Thunderbird XPSP3 (old laptop) to MS7x64 (new laptop)?

I find my Thunderbird profiles on XP laptop but I can not find my Thunderbird profiles on the laptop of 64 x 7 Ms.

Gray screen when playing a purchased movie

On my late 2009 iMac with latest OS X when I try to play a movie or TV show, I bought it opens on a gray screen and that's all I get. No sound, no control, the only thing I can do is press ESC to exit the player. I can read movies who did not buy thr

Transfer of contact

My father has a new 6 iPhone more and I transferred her liked and signed in his apple SIM card ID. When I did this, it reproduces all the contacts of the family in his phone. We had this problem with the contacts and whenever I see a new contact and

password reset does not work here

OK, I use OPERA browser because Firefox will not get past the password on this site!Tried twice and still no SOAP, he seems to accept the change of password and asks even if I want to remember, but won't let me sign in! What is the problem?Firefox 24


I bought two designjet z6100 printers.  I sold the first one I had running through the web server.  I had the same problem with the first, but someone talked me through how to give the printer a new IP because I could not access it through the curren

QuickTime (already installed) not found

I'm on a page (below) that asks me to download the plugin. When I do the Quicktime download page is started, but it is already installed. When I download and repair Quicktime and go back to the page, Quicktime is not always present.When I go through

All-in-One copy vs functions Scan

What is the technical difference between the black copy function and the function of scan (Document to the printer setting) in HP-each when you print a black and white document?  Sometimes I have a HP Photosmart C6280 but imagine a similar software i

Iomega StorCenter ix4 - 200 d rebuild failure

I have a StoreCenter ix4 - 200 d, which had a disk failure. I bought another disc with the same model number and I replaced the damaged drive. During the restart of the screen on the StoreCenter says "disk 1 requires overwrite confirmation", but when

Need of 2.5 "to 3.5" support/caddy/adapter for TS140

I've seen suggestions for other models, but none for the 704 TS140. I want to put 2.5 disks main both background "(un SSD, un n'est pas) in the Bay 3.5" 3.5 "Bay. The two bays have a blue plastic handle to chase him sliding. Reivews from the Vantech

Bronkhorst driver for LabView 8.0

Hi all For my work, I built a new machine. I'll have to measure the gasflow and flow critical, open a faucet. On the side, I measure a difference in pressure and weight. As my background is far from the programming, it will be a great challenge :-) O

change scale wave numbers in letters

Hi I'm new to this forum and I have a question, I can't fix on my own. For an assignment for school, I need to create a program that can tell the diffrence between English and Dutch turned out. I want to solve this problem by comparing the precise am

Table 2d-sort of string

Hello, please go easy on me since this is my first post here.  If I'm "hurting" Please let me know nicely.  I have the attached vi, for example from here.  If all goes well, you can see the picture I inserted, otherwise it's in attachments. My proble

enable or disable windows features window is empty

While trying to solve my problem installing .NET 3.5 SP1, I found that my features window is empty.  Any ideas?

DeskJet 3420: deskjet 3420 other driver installed, but the printer is still not printing

Hello everyone, I followed the instructions under the "alternative install print driver for Win 7 for USB. Once the Windows Update over the 3600 was not present, but the 9800 has been (I've read is also a generic driver). I can see the printer in my

How can I send a file "adobe", it's my 2009 taxes my lawyer needs him to PDF?

I tried most of the day to get the 2009 income tax return that I have on my computer of HR block that I need to send this tax documentation to a lawyer and he is coming through HRblock as a format of Adobe but will not let me send email online?  It i

Why windows folder shows size much larger than the actual content

When I check my Windows folder properties, it shows the size of the folder as 16 GB. But when I open that folder and select all the files (including the hiden files) and then check the properties it shows the total size is 6 GB. Why is there a differ

I can't synchronize my contacts list or calendar of PC to Smartphone LG

When I use the function sync on LG PC Suite IV it connects OK but it does not synchronize contacts or calendar from my PC

Received the email I have DGTFX virus and needed to update Norton Security

Received an e-mail saying: I had a DGTFX virus and had to update for Norton Security with an IDE7565434 warning code. is this phishing or real

Diagnosis of Norton reports that 'key performance or security patches' lack of Vista

Diagnosis of Norton report "key performance or security patches" are missing from my OS again Microsoft Windows Update has nothing * original title - setcurity performance or patches *.