Restore the toolbars

I lost my firefox toolbar (history, etc.) and my add on operate, how can I recover them thank you for your consideration and cooperation

Sprout J4W72AA: Destruction of HP

HP have invaded my computer and updated the workspace softare Sprout. The 'new' software seems to be less easy to use. I say ppears, because despite the mulgtiple reboots it up the first time that I try to scan a document. I called support and after

Satellite C660D-16F - horizontal lines on the screen flicker

HelloI'm having a problem with lines flickering cityscape randomly appearing on the screen during a random time (during all kinds of situations, video playback web browsing, the CPU usage high or low, etc.). A very similar behavior can be seen on the

decommissioning of windows 8 for windows xp

My sister jst had hp 650 with windows 8 on it and wants windows xp loaded on it.will appreciate solutions to the ds.tanx in advance

Qosmio G20 - Unmountable Boot Volume

Hi all My G20 starts, I get the standard screen of Windows XP, then a vile blue screen of death, then a message "unmountable boot volume" still more hideous. The systems recovery disc is not an option because he wants to clean up the entire disk. Is

How can I set up the AEBS as a router with sky Hub as a modem?

I have sky broadband with a Hub of Sky SR102-Z router. I had the problems of slow speed, and the tour engineer told me that it is caused by the interference of a wi - fi connection. I have an Airport Extreme Base Station that I stopped using when I g

What WLAN drivre I use for Satellite A100-787?

There are several drivers for my computer Satellite A100-787 (PSAAN) for wireless local area network. Some are by Atheros and some by Intel, which is mine? I can't.

USSD code unable?

I am from Indonesia, I can't use ussd for any vendor in this code.Can I use USSD code only to see my serial device number "* #06 #How can I fixed? any suggestion?before THX

Unlook Apple ID

Unlook Apple ID and iCloud عدي الجبوري E-mail: * .com password: *. IMEI: *.

Is it possible to get programmatically the end points of a Switch Executive road connected in LabVIEW?

I am writing an application for plotting of curve for evaluation of ASIC devices and should link all of the pairs of pins possible to do this. I use the main switch to load in the roads, there is a specific ASIC and want to get programmatically the e

Implementation of multiple digital outputs with a box USB-6009

Hi all I write the code to implement a USB-6009 multiple digital channels, digital outputs independent.  I have configured the function of "DAQmx create Channel" to create 'a channel for each line', but I can't understand how to access and control th

Files offline of Windows XP on a domain

After installing a second NETWORK card on a Windows XP box that is in a domain, the computer continues to indicate to the user the connection is interrupted and she works offline. The second NIC is configured for a separate network that is not on the

Aspire V5 - 122P Max RAM

Is anyone else can confirm that they have been able to use/detect than 6 GB of RAM for this model?  I just read this and think seriously going to buy a 8 GB key just to see if it works (I already updated to 6 GB of RAM using a 4 GB key I had laying a

Network Magic is dead as a product?

I noticed a lack of support and maintenance of the information of Network Magic.  I also noticed that there have been no updates or upgrades for quite a while. Network Magic is dead as a Cisco product? Cisco please answer!

How can I delete my hotmail account?

How can I delete my hotmail account?

How can I fix the blue screen that appears after the Welcome screen and also the compaq screen changed after windows update the or to the 03/23/11

March 23 windows set to date. a failure and then managed. After that, the compaq screen has changed and the blue display lights for a little after the Welcome screen.

On the LX-3000 LifeChat microphone has stopped working.

I bought this helmet a month ago, and it worked perfectly until I unplugged and plugged in.I hear more audio very well on it, but the microphone stops working.I have restarted my computer several times and tried to start up in safe boot mode but noth

Upgrade Windows 7 Home/Windows 10 Pro Dual boot computer CPU

I plan on upgrading my CPU to a core of an I5 Quad model, dual Pentium G630. The card mother won't be replaced as it can accommodate a socket LGA-1155. I can also be tempted to replace my current system with a 250 GB SSD drive. It is a dual-boot comp

What is the best program of free fax for Win 7

Anyone has any suggestions for the best program available fax that works perfectly with Windows 7 (64 bit)?