Health Dashboard missing IoS10?

I use the application health to fire the blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar levels on a daily basis. In earlier versions of IoS, I got all this information available on a single screen--dashboard - but this seems to have disappeared from IoS1

Download error = 3050

Hi, I was wondering if anyone else keep getting the err = 3050 message? I tried to download the new album from Skillet, Unleashed, after I bought on my iPhone 6s, but I won't let me download them on my Mac. Anyone else having these problems? What els

not able to update applications on iphone

When you use application of updates to IOS, I updates and everything to update or update for individual app in need of update. If I click on the button to update it the icon of circle as if it starts to update. But it does not update. It changes quic

How can I change my RETURN to Google search bars?

My home page is the default and my new tab page has a search also bar. Both of them used to research Google bars, but now, without changing any settings (that I know), they are Yahoo. I searched for how to fix this, but Firefox help only tells you ho

Computer does not start after the screen of the bios, Compaq Presario SR1023WM

Ok. Trying to fix a friend's computer and seem to have met a strange barrier. Problem: The computer does not start after the bios screen. Details: When you turn on the computer, the compaq logo with intel inside is and has the < F1 Setup > and < F10

TEMPRO Utility from Toshiba and driver updates needed?

Hi I'm a basic user and not that technically minded can install, uninstall windows updates programs but have been little disconcerted by this Toshiba Tempro tool. Do I really need to use it as am really satisfied with the way my laptop works, no grap

Upgrade processor to question 6100 speed

Hi, I have a Sat Pro 6100 and currently my processor is powered by: -.Manufacturer: Inteltype: Mobile Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor - MClock speed: 1.8 GHzFront Side Bus: 400 MHzlevel 1:12 KB cache2nd level cache: 512 KBBasic voltage (AC): 1.3 Vcoproce

How can I get rid of pop up in safari that said my mac may have been compromised and told me to call a 855-244-7750

How can I get rid of a pop up in Safari that's happened when I miss typed a URL for It gives me the following at all times when I click OK pool-98-110-139-241 with this phone number to call 1-855-244-7750. I can't use Safari to access

entering data in the table of clusters

Hi guys. I have 2 table of the clusters tab. My cluster have elements of different types. I need get referance data entry. I can do it for a whole picture about the structure of dynamic event but cannot do it for others. My vi as an attachment. Can s

x 64 printer ethernet 8700

I can not connect my HP photosmart 8700 printer to my new computer pro 64-bit Windows.  The printer is connected via Ethernet USB not.  It seems that there is no 64-bit driver available.  What should I do next?

I cannot connect my laptop to a verizon mifi device.

I think because of the security issues of Protocol. How can I determine which protocol is using my computer? and how would I change it?

Can I install an SSD in a Pavilion DV9925NR

I want to improve the performance of this laptop and thought it would be useful that I went with an SSD. I put one in and if I can exactly what I look for in an SSD that will work in this phone? Also now I have 4 GB of ram, I can improve to 8? Thank

Error: "cannot find the path specified for the old driver X5XSEx_Pr135.

Original title : can not find the path specified for the old driver X5XSEx_Pr135 is the message I get.  How can I solve this problem?  What is a legacy driver? Can you help me solve this puzzle?  I have no idea how to solve this problem!  Help

What ram DIMM upgrade is required for a want hp 23d203d all-in-one?

I need more ram for my new computer purchased HP Envy touch all-in-one.  What brand is the best and can a 4 GB and 8 GB DIMMS BE USED TOGETHER or reason you need 2 like ram DIMM?

Moscow time is not calculated correctly

Windows 'Date and time'-> 'Additional clocks', Moscow time calculation is incorrect. Can you please have this changed? I am in China, China time should be 5 hours before Moscow.

Update of new Windows 7 installation problems

Hello After windows 10 road test for a few months, I decided that it wasn't going to work for me. So I used my drive of windows 7 to do a new installation, after I formatted the hard drive. I installed the operating system successfully, but when I do

Windows 7 - freezing problems

Hi all For the last few months that we live a question with different Windows 7 machines in our office. The issue is not limited to a specific machine, as it was experienced across many HP Z600, Z620, HP HP Elite desktop 800 G1 Question: Computer han

Desperate cry for help - Win7 and SBS 2008 sharing network/disconnections

Hi all I am facing a problem of bad guy who frustrated me for several weeks now! Scenario:1 Windows Server 2008 SBS Premium Edition (not R2)Network share: \\Server\DBSharealso mapped as J:\ on client computersShare contains some databases Access 2002

How do I ignore the cloud authentication when you navigate from Saas to JCS - SX

HelloI have deployed an ADF application into JCS - SX and try to open the link from the fusion applications. I pass in parameter JWT for authentication. But when you navigate to JCS - SX, it requires identification of cloud (username and domain) info

KB2838727 and KB2845533 gives the error code: 80073712

Original title; Two day errors followed inviting this update 06/12/13 Need help! A mistake has maintained what prompts when I tried two updates: (1) cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8 (KB2838727) &(2) update for Windows