Satellite T110-121 - broken the hinge/bracket

Anyone know the part number of a set of display/hinge for the T110-121 media? Mine broke last week and I can't seem to buy a replacement or a suitable alternative.Thanks in advance.

Diablo 1 does not at all, 12 years old game does not work on the new computer

Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 with Windows Vista 32-bit, it has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400 video card. I also have 10 installed Direct x which, according to the manufacturers of my video card is compatible. I ran a test game that was inc

Slow printing with HP printer wireless

I am trying to print on a HP B210a printer wireless (via Airport Extreme). The print dialog box indicates that I'm «connected to HPD8F456.local...» "but then it takes forever (sometimes days) for the actual document printing. After having reinstalled

Tecra M10 - 17 H no support DVI via docking station not

There is already a message asking this, but I wanted to point out that it is a problem affecting more than one user. Too, I bought a Toshiba laptop for my business as it was supposed to be a laptop a serious matter. However, I must say that I am losi

Re: Satellite A100-220 - 250 GB hard drive update

Bought the new 250 GB hard drive, but with it cant start System. The version of the BIOS is 1.80 I have to update so that it will support 250 GB? I think that's the problem because when I remove the hard drive from the system can start. Can you post

Satellite L750D PSK36A-009008 - CPU upgrade question

Sorry that I don't know what series this Lappy is but his performance is pretty bad.I'm sure it's the CPU graphics card must be able to run some games with a better cpu Yes? I know there is a processor more powerful that will fit in but the bios and

Satellite P100 - boot failure after BIOS update

Hello I wanted to update BIOS on my Satellite P100 - (PSPADE) with the latest version, downloaded from the Toshiba site.Quit all applications.Run the zip file error file not found %path\phlahnt.sys.Keyboard not working unable to stop even by using th

Can I update to this processor DC7900 SFF?

-Hello, I have a PC HP - Compaq DC7900 SFF with a processor Intel E7300 (Core 2 Duo), and I want to update this processor by an Intel Q9650 (Core 2 Quad) (only to change the processor)? -Thank you.

OS x can not be installed on your computer

I downloaded the OSX El Capitan update for my Macbook Pro (5.3) Started the installation, install the system has restarted in osx mode, I had to choose a drive and installation. After several minutes, I got this error (translated from Dutch, so it ma

HP Probook 650 G1: G1 Probook 650 screen resolution upgrade

Hello, I have a laptop HP Probook 650 G1 that is configured with a HD (1366 x 768) display. The laptop is also sold with a full HD (1920 x 1080) display. I want to upgrade the hd to full-hd screen resolution, and I know how to replace the screen of t

Recovery of Microsoft account details from a phone to reset.

Hello I am new here, first post and all. Due to a boot loop issue I had to reset my mother's hard phone. Naturally, all data has been removed from the reset. I bought the phone and used it myself for a few months before handing over to my mother. But

DAQmx bug?

With DAQmx 8.8 and LabVIEW 8.6.1 'DAQmx reading (analog 2D DBL NChan' Asking a finite number of samples let the current task execution until the task has been stopped with DAQmx stop  This seems contrary to the help file "propert

DataSocket PSP data buffering

I have a VI that writes to a shared variable of network using DataSocket.  The URL DataSocket using PSP.  I have an another VI that reads the variable shared network also using DataSocket.  I'm experimenting with buffering to see when data is lost if

I need help with an update

I have already.have Internet Explorer 8. The time stamp to keep trying to make me put in place again. How can I get ridof the update?

Offered NVIDIA GE force 8300 GS driver through WU

whenever this update installed on my computer, everything becomes small as my tool bar icons fonts etc... so I uninstalled. but he said it is important to install this. to get my computer back as if it was before the installation... what to do?

0xc0000409 in windows XP repair error code: Setup keeps restarting!

I tried to fix my network on my netbook detection problem by performing a repair of Windows XP, and I get error 0xc0000409 to the adage of part record of components: the exception unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in the application at

My Super Antispyware says that it is Malware: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Taskman.

It came as Malware by my Super Antispyware Remover is this malware really or is it a fales reading by it?

Wrong Date format in Serbian

The locale for the Serbian State that the date format is DD. "" MM.yyyy "which is not true. No correct date format in the end, IE. DD."MM.yyyy. » Where can we report this bug?

Sansa Fuze does not illuminate

I didn't witness it turn off, but since he did, he will start. It was to be kept and used as it would normally be, and my attention was taken out of it for a few seconds. I went to use it again, and it was off. I tried to turn it back on, and it woul

WRT320N laptop computer connection issues

Hi all I decided to upgrade my router today to WRT320N. I connect 2 computers wired, wireless 3 computers and a printer of HP Network on a home network. I was able to get the wired machines and the printer goes very well with Windows Vista and the Li