Changes Options QuickTime?

QuickTime is? How to put a Keynote file or iMovie on a CD or play on other platforms (e.g. Windows) now? Options?

How to become administrator

I run win8.1 and when I run spybot and correct problems, it keeps telling me that I need to be admin to complete the fix. How to become admin? In addition, the plugin shockwave flash15.0r0 keeps giving me a pop up to stop it or continue. I can fix th

I don't want Bing as my default search engine. I've tried everything, and it won't go away. What can I do?

No matter what I do - I tried my search engines, the reorganization remove Bing in the list, all together, ranging up to about: config and change all values from Bing to google.comand even reset Firefox - every time that I reopen it Firefox, Bing is

Any page, I try to open in Firefox, the page is always white - page charge, but remains always empty.

Yesterday, I downloaded the new version of Firefox, and now whenever I try to open a new page that is nothing more than a blank white page.The first tab is functioning normally, but the first tab is the ONLY tab that I can use. If I open another page

Need help with the 2011 Macbook Pro, OS x 10.6.8 upgrade

I have a Macbook Pro, Mac OS x 10.6.8 2011. I don't know the first thing about software update, but Safari browser (currently version 5.1.10) displays funny websites, and I can't download some plugins. According to me, because my laptop is so old? Wh

Question about the use of the Bluetooth on Satellite A300 - 1 MM

I have a problem with connecting my Bluetooth phone to my laptop Satellite A300 - 1 mm. Are there measures where I can see and install the new software, or repair the old one?When I try to connect to my mobile phone via Bluetooth, my Bluetooth device

HP Pavilion Elite HPE-140f: can I upgrade my NIVIDIA GeForce GT 230 NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 (or 750Ti)?

I would like to upgrade my video/graphic on my HP Pavilion AY602AA-ABA HPE-140f.   The vehicle currently has the NIVIDIA GeForce GT 230 and I would go with 750Ti NIVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or GTX.   Would one of these work with my system? I have not yet

Re: My Satellite A200 - 28 p has stopped reading all DVD and CD

Hello My Satellite a200 - 28 p used to read CDs and DVDs, but all of a sudden does not recognize cd or recordable cd brand he does not even recognize the recovery disc came with my laptop. I only got November laptop of Dixon's so ask why I'm having t

Hard drive replaced on Satellite A10 wouldn t

Hello I have a laptop A10. the hard drive died on me and was contracted. I bought a new hard drive, put it in and turned it back. Comes up with the media test failure, check the system cable\insert disk in the drive. I do not have any disk system, I

iTunes will not be up-to-date to 12.3.2

I try to update iTunes to 12.3.2 on my PC Windows 7 Pro SP1. In the past, all updates to iTunes have updated without problem.  However, with the 12.3.2 update, I get an error message saying; "The feature you are trying to use is on a network unavaila

HP dv6 Notebook PC ENVY: password remains for HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC

Hello I need help to change via the bios boot process. When I choose the F10 key and it goes into the bios but asks for a password after that 3 times, it gives a code. I need a reset code 85661466. Help, please. Thank you.

where can I find a windows 98 Download driver for a tie ' 512 mb flash drive

where can I find a windows 98 Download driver for a tie ' 512 mb flash drive

How to export address book in outlook express 6 for window live mail?

I can't find a compatible format of address book for outlook window live mail express 6

People's Republic of CHINA simplified Chinese

When I arrived at the regional language settings I only have options for the people's Republic of CHINA Chinese and I need Chinese simplified people's Republic of CHINA.  Y at - it somewhere I can download or... ? Thank you, it is not coding for Unit

Microsoft Word Pad upgrade to Microsoft Word

Recently, I loaded Microsoft Office with Word in my computer. Now when I try to open previous documents that were sent by e-mail, it opens it in Microsoft Word Pad. How can I prevent the documents to open in Microsoft Word, but now in Microsoft Word?

What processor can I go to for studio xps 7100.

What is the fastest I can put in?  I guess that the 1090 t that I saw that some 7100 is sold with?   Not the 1100t even if I guess? Is there any documentation on this? Thank you.

Application has stopped working - dll files appear to maintain cause a lot of applications on my PC Vista crash

For several weeks now I have experienced an error where my apps keep crashing, and I get an error message "Application stopped working" Windows. I use Vista Ulitimate, with service pack 2 now loaded. My PC is a strengthened high-level consumer GM5446

I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I am trying to remove a wireless profile, but he comes back.

I am running Windows 7 64 bit. I am trying to remove a wireless profile, but he comes back. Also, I can't change the profile. A post said to delete the registry. Where is it in the registry? original title: removal of the profiles in Windows 7 wirele

Difficulty reading the text of low contrast.

It is difficult to read the light gray text on a white background - please use black text and stop trying to be so artistic.

Application of blackBerry Smartphones that requires credentials at startup only

Hello I don't know if I'm posting in the right place, otherwise, please my present his apologies. I'm looking for an application that requires credentials only on startup and in case the password is entered 3 times incorrectly, the device is reset. I