What extensions I have installed?

How can I see which extensions I've installed on my Firefox

Why the default country is China?

I bought an iPhone SE (model A1662) from USA the Apple Store online. Then I traveled in China. But, when I first opened the box TO take to turn on without a sim card or the wifi, I have found the first option of language at the top on the screen is C

When I click on the restore, the button, the page Web is suddenly too wide and I can't settle it with the black arrows.

Two hours ago, it was fine, but now it won't let me adjust the width when I restore to the bottom of pages. The width is currently half of the screen, which is too big for what I do. The black two-headed arrow appears, but it wont let me make the fin

What is the best method to do a clean install of El Capitan (currently using Mavericks).

I want to do a clean install of El Capitan. I am currently using Mavs 10.9.5 and my time machine goes back to 2010. I don't want to migrate everything. I want to start cleaning up. I read a few methods, but I'm curious to know if there is some consen

How can I update iPhoto if it is not accessible from the UK store

When I run the iPhoto application it tells me that it won't start unless I update to the latest version of the App Store. When I click on 'Upgrade' it tells me that it is not available on the App Store of UK. Has anyone found a way around this? Thank

AC charger does not. How to get a replacement?

I unplugged my charger yesterday, and since then, even after plugging in the charger, my laptop still works on battery backup. I tried to change the power point too, but did not work. Now the problem is that I can't send my HP Centre machine, given t

Photosmart 6520e: 6520e not printing black

Suddenly, printer will not print black. Replaced the black cartridge twice and all the cartridges with genuine HP cartridges color. Power levels are reported as good. The shows blocks of good CMY color print quality Diagnostics page. but just a white

While the loop does not stop within a structure of business

Hi all I have a business structure that works an engine to a certain PWM when my metal detector does not give an amount greater than the threshold that is ' false '. The motor is controlled by a PI controller so a while loop is used inside the false

common indexer for a number of paintings

Hi all Can someone tell me how to set up a number of paintings (string and entries numbers) using the control to the index of one of the paintings to the reversal of all the other tables Thanks for your help guys

I have a sudden, terrible virus and I need help, MSEssentials closed unexpectedly during the download.

All of a sudden, when I try to open a site on the internet for a site (store selling crafts in Monona, wi) I get a page of advertising that has no place to remove. I have to turn off my computer wrong to start all over again.  And regardless of the s

Driver deleted

Formatting a drive external hard (from FAT 32 to NTFS) connected to the drive E:, the disc has been removed and I can not restore the drive.

Problems with receiving mail through Comcast in Outlook Express

I have a situation very similar to others in this form. I can send emails in Outlook Express via comcast, but cannot receive and have nothing in my Inbox more. Everything in personal folders is always there. Here is that I get the error message: an u

Improve the percentage of solitaire

I've been playing solitaire on windows vista for a year and cannot exceed 13%!  Any ideas or tips to help me to increase this score.

My email continuous to send unwanted emails to everyone on my list of contacts HELP!

Every morning my email sends, _ just my name to my business contacts and of his words "buy viagra" or something... I don't know how to get rid of it my email is through hotmail.

Dell Inspiron 14R (N4010) BSOD on restoring factory image

I got this machine, serial number [ADMIN NOTE: Service tag deleted by privacy policy], a customer who has been infected with several horses of Troy and at least a rootkit. Rather than pulling my hair out trying to clean the system of the user who has

Download dupicate photos still after that I used your suggestion

I try to use the answer you suggested but does not work. I have a samsung moment phone and its still downloading duplicate photos. Do you have more advice or a phone number.

I get an error of access denied when you try to import photos from my digital camera

For some reason, windows prevented me from importing photos from my camera, and I get the following message is displayed. (The following error has occurred when importing IMG_ #.) JPG: access denied) I use windows 7. I use a USB cable to connect to t

How to compress the data in binary file?

See some games compressed into bin files and a program to extract these files, I don't know how to compress the game binary form files. I'm not a programmer not so no knowledge of coding, if you can tell me a software suitable for this sick work be g

BlackBerry voice recognition issue Z10

It is actually more a teach my Z10 how to say a name correctly... My daughters name is Ciara Celtic pronouciation (R a key ') however my Z10 refuses to acknowledge the crrrect pronunciation and stress I say call (sigh ra), which is embarrassing. I wa