How can I restrict websites to download to my browser keeps appearing on my browser. How to stop this type of activity?

During the warranty period, Apple will give me a new or refurb device?

I sent my iPod touch 6 extra set. He had a discoloration/tint around the edges, and a rattle noise 'lose' noise coming from the back of the ipod. I still have the warranty, and I just got my ipod not exceeding 3 months (23 March) They will share the

Updates have old address

Bad Apple I've had shows up when updating apps

Screen Toshiba Innovation by turning on the Satellite P770

Hello I have an older P770 of 2 weeks.Last week the laptop off itself all of a sudden. I was a very hot day - I don't know if this had anything to do with it? It seemed very warm.I put on the fan next to the laptop and realized the fan to the vents.

Where can I find a PCMCIA driver?

Hi @ all I have a problem with a card PCMCIA-TV. I think it is the PCMCIA driver problem. Another pilot is the pilot original Windows XP? The pilot of the TV card does not work correctly. There is not another pilot of manufacturing. Thank you. Frank

BT Stack is not installed on the Satellite A200-10 X

Hi, I have a Satellite A200-10 x PSAEC.Recently I discovered that my bluetooth drivers have been uninstalled. Now when I try to install (I have windows VIsta btw) the installation hangs at the beginning. What should I do? The site offers no good solu

create recovery discs

I'm trying to create a set of recovery disc for my office after the restoration of the Vista system with a set of HP recovery disks.  It crosses the 1st disk, but when he goes through the verification process I get an error message that says: there w

run dll errors

IM Alfred, not so good to solve computer problems, but I'll give a try.  Im getting this error on startup c\user\alfred\appdata\roaming\precp.dll module is not found. I need to know how to stop this error message, thanks

Boot Manager Windows couldn't start?

I have an advent netbook that is not a hard drive. my laptop suddenly stops while I use it and when I turn it on it says that you cannot start Windows. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To solve the problem: 1. Insert your wind

New product key required... where to buy?

Hi, I want to buy a new product key for my Vista installation, but seem to go in round cirlces, on the site of Ms. Can anyone offer a definitive link where I can go and get a? Please don't tell me that they are no longer available... :-(

Call Log Blank/White player

Sometimes without any reason... I opened the call log is empty, it goes the same for Walkman Application when I open it I find some songs without artists no album I had to reboot the device to regain access

Desktop Dell XPS 8500 - Raid config does not

All- I received my new 8500 a few weeks ago '' that came with only (1) 2 TB HARD drive which has been loaded with the W8.  For the last week or two, I was setup with additional drives / cables / etc. So now I have a 120 GB SSD that I use for the prim

Is it acceptable to detail discovered while exploring the Simulator?

I'm late to the game (but catching up, I hope) so I may have missed in the messages earlier, or perhaps in some subtleties I've "skimmed." Is it possible to display the information discovered, for example, while exploring the Simulator?  I've been po

WISN blade install

Okay, this is probably a silly question, but can I just push the WISN blades in my 6506 s with the power on like any other blade of 65xx? I have read the documentation provided with the blade, and there was no mention of turn off the switches. Thank


It seems that HP has virtually rid the option FAx pager coverage as a selection to add to the fax electronically via computer - are all printers offering this there HP now. My old hp 5510 had this feature with XP. Now with windows 7 times 2 my printe

Weather gadget issue, error: ' unable to connect to the service.

Original title: weather gadget problem I am running Windows 7 and I'm trying to change the weather gadget in my city.  I typed in my zip code, it recognizes it, but says "unable to connect to the service.

Smartphone blackBerry OS 5.0 for the 8330?

Looking for info on whether or not there is an updated version 5.0 for the 8330? Especially for Telus Mobility. If this is not the case, there will be? And when? Thank you.

Need a driver for my wireless nic card

I have a wireless nic card and cannot find a driver for windows 8. I don't know what brand or any info about this card because windows XP always loading a driver. How will I know what it is if I can find a driver for the card?

Photoshop - how to make a book cover?

Hi guys!I need someone to point me in the right direction for a tutorial or something my dad is currently writing a book and they want me to make her a cover in Photoshop. We tried a few and they were all pretty good, but I was just wondering how to