iOS 9.3.2 stops iPhone when my alarm is set to wake up

Instead of my alarm in the morning, my phone turns off. How can I fix?

Top Sites

I just added Firefox to my Samsung Galaxy SII (GHS I757M). Best sites shows 4 iterations of Google. I want to change Top Sites. Is it possible to do this? Is there a way I can get rid of 3 Google references and get other sites? John OlsonOttawa, Cana

Keyboard for Satellite A200 - 1 g - (PSAECE) - has stoped working

Hello I have a problem. During the first round of time on my laptop, my laptop keyboard has no response (means any respons keys when I press on them). When I introduced external USB keyboard, laptop keyboard work.I have the latest version of bios and

There is no hard drive

Try to use the recovery disk to restore a Pavilion notebook but without success.I want to look for disk hard manufacturing information. I followed the steps described in the support menu, but a message shows that there is no hard drive (or no operati

Multiple Skype accounts on the same email

I just reinstall windows, and now for some reason Skype just open some unnecessary user randomly associated with my email. I have one with credit and friends what is what I wan't to use. So, how can I switch between the 3?

Satellite L505 - 10 p is identified as L500 - why

Hi guys,. recently bought a Toshiba L505 - 10 p and had to reinstall the operating system to use it in my language.So far so good, I downloaded all the drivers and everything works normally. However, a question is asked to run that software and the S

Envy laptop: my notebook of envy not turn off when I stopped in Windows 10?

Hi all I tried everything to get my HP laptop work properly.  I am a computer programmer and my laptop not stop using the power HP power and sleep, using Windows 10.  I have to update the display driver, I tried different settings in the HP power set

Pavilion 500-281: where to install a SSD and the best way to get the operating system on it

I have a Pavilion nine 500-281 with Win 7. I bouight a SSD 128 GB to load the operating system on it.  Where can I get inside the chassis? It seem not to be berries of classical records. It came with an adapter with the screw plate, but it's not obvi

Finished win 7 corrupt c drive after updates.

Hi guys, ive just to get win 7 ultimate and do a clean install. Everything fine until I make the first set of updates. After update im get corrupt c drive errors. Ive used the check disk utility win 7 reccomends but no help. I can't download updates

USB connected HDD not displayed in my computer

An old sata HDD I temporarily connected via a usb adapter is registered as a usb storage device and a player in the hardware device manager.  But not entered as a drive in my computer, why?  I don't see how I can format it for use.

Visual memory settings

I get an occasional "visual low setting.Can you please advise action I need to takeThank you1477

Can't open downloaded files

I can't open downloaded files, a program that I paid for, among other things. I got the message, "choose what file you want to open the program with". On May 9, I downloaded files will be open, after that no. Please note: I ran a scan of viruses & sp

Deactivate the voice command

I accidentally activated the voice command on my laptop and I don't want to use it. How can I stop this?

IBM Thinkpad T41 crashing

Hi I was wondering if someone could help me fix my thinkpad. I ran each test, you can think and download all the drivers. He wants to plant with a blue screen, then I have to stop the restart. Any help would be great.

Impossible to uninstall C4385

I have a C4385 some loses connectivity wireless with my Acer Aspire One.  I have to uninstall drivers and reinstall them to make it work again.  Now the HP software will not uninstall.  HP uninstaller does not or is missing, somehow.  I can't get rid

printing black and white to color on hp 8600 change

I have a hp inkjet printer 8600, I'm changing the print settings of black only to color. I can't find anything anywhere to make this change. I have a Toshiba laptop running windows 7. I have gone in the print preferences and print settings, nothing..

Loooow Volume with srs 'premium sound' on Inspiron 5010

I have a laptop Dell Inspiron 5010 and when you move the volume to 100%, I can barely hear the sound. My husband has a Dell Inspiron N5110 (we have two Windows 7) and its sound is supreme!  (My 100% is his 20%!)  I have all its parameters set in corr

strange, puk, sound, on intervals

its starts when I restart and the Runnin' bar is over the puk sound goes and the round logo with the sound, and when I open internet explore his Dungeon, puk, intervals, I don't know what it is that has not had before, I rebooted just the operating s

old HP 3740 printer to new computer HP recognition problem

How can I get my old HP 3740 printer to work with my new HP computer? I don't have the original CD.

ISE 1.2... nest AuthZ rules?

It is possible to nest rules 1.2 ISE? For example, rule 1 of the parent group matches, then rule 1.1 is a subgroup that applies policy 1, rule 1.2 corresponds to another sub-group that applies the policy 2. So now... Thank you.