Bluetooth network is not available

Been trying for a while to use AirDrop on my MacBook Pro (Version OS X El Capitan 10.11.6) and my iPhone 6 s more. Just realized today that it might not work because the Bluetooth on the Pro does not work. With each device I try a pairing, it says th

Hard drive on the Satellite L450-136 with Win7

Hi guys all ideas welcome on this strange anomaly, the last time I check, I had used less than half of the available hard drive space, I only download on it very often. Today, I got a warning from Windows telling me that I have only 64 MB of space, o

HP ENVY 15 Notebook PC J6P01UA: Viewer guides hp force display of user's guides in word

At the opening on the user guide HP for the first time on a new HP laptop, I was presented with an option to view the user guide in Word or PDF and maybe other choices.  I have happpen to choose the WORD.  Big mistake.  It was unknowingly a permanent

Satellite L500D-118 - CD inside

Hello world! Thus, it seems that a CD is stuck inside my laptop and when I mean inside, I think that this is in fact the part were the other components like the motherboard are. So, to remove it, what is the best choice? Use the warranty (I still hav

Lenovo ideapad y500 Bad_Pool_Caller when I pluged in 3g Modem?

Whenever I plugged it to the 3g modem in the usb ports, my recently purchased y500 ideapad restarts and gives error Bad_Pool_Caller

HP 15-1004wm: disabled system - power on password

Hello I bought a used HP 15-1004w and now I am unable to get back in. Everything worked very well until it is completely unloaded and the original seller forgot the power on password. I received the code 92471973 after the notification turned off, is

Register events such as void / vi

Hello! So, for the embellishment of the events code register in a vi of its own and the ref is sent as an indicator of Ref event (ERI). The main program of the event structure connects and everything works fine. (With a lot of user events it is looki

Lack of BITS and WU after downloading the XP SP3, tried the ID Article: 883614 but not CD SP3

Computer has worked fine until the update to SP3 this week. Now, WU hangs and refused to work. Distressed, I get the message that the registration for the service is missing or damaged. When I run services bits both WU files do not exist. I tried the

The touch screen does not work

After the upgrade of win8.1 to win 10, the touch screen has failed since then.Model. : aspire 5642 V7-482PG... TOUCH SCREENI can't figure out why?

Re: HP Support Assistant

I have a 57-229WM computer Compaq Presario CQ and need to know if there is a more current than the available HPSA or is it the last available version... ? Any available info would be greatly appreciated. The op sys is Win 7 Home Premium 64-

How do I vew video streaming?

I'm currently downloading a video with utorrent.  I clicked on 'stream '.  I can hear the video on Windows Media Player, but nothing appears...

space car

Is it possible to turn off the auto space after selecting a predicted Word? It is mega boring!

Updates not configured correctly, return fees

Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone! Ideas: You have problems with programs Error messages Recent changes to your computer What you have already tried to solve the problem I have se

PCI simple communication

Hi all. I have a Hp Nc6220 I again return to the sources to one new disk (other die) we found all my drivers except the infamous drivers PCI SIMPLE COMMUNICATION because I guess the modem. While this works fine without it I don't want any question pe

Desk top HP does not recognize the external hard drive

My HP Envy Phoenix 810 does not recognize my external hard drive Seagate 3 TB, which is installed in the drive enclosure hard Bytec HD-35SU3-BX. Have you tried two different 3 TB HD and two boxes of Bytec and nothing works.  When I installed my 1 TB

Not supported by this version of Windows

I recently downgraded to windows 7 on my desktop Windows 8.1. I don't really like the feel of everything. Which is besides the point. When I reinstalled windows and went to update my drivers and I get a dialog box that says something in the sense of

BlackBerry smartphones can not receive text messages

My blackberry pearl deletes my messages text before they are read. Can anyone help?

Pictures of the blackBerry Smartphones save to file "images".

BB 8520My blackberry has recently stopped saving images in the folder "images", instead, they are only saved as files > shirts > Media Card > BlackBerry > photos. Have not been able to figure how to get it with images automatically saved in the pictu

How import/insert a file Animate CC 2015 HTML 5 canvas in a file HTML in Dreamweaver?

I create a web site with Dreamweaver based.  I also created an Animate CC 2015 HTML 5 file with some animations.How can after I publish the Animate file, I work with it in Dreamweaver to integrate it into one of the page HTML in Dreamweaver?Please no

Lightroom 6 error message when moving files

Here's my problem of Lightroom. I installed LR 6 on a new iMac OS X El capitan 10.11.3 firstly I copied my photo of LR on my hard drive internal files. I loaded a copied LR Lr catalog.ircat to the correct file, launched LR then used law impor