Order of items in a collection

Hello! Make changes to the order elements within a synchronization of collection between a mac and ipad iBooks? I'm arranging my books (ePub from the ibooks store) in the collections and the order in which I choose in ibooks (mac) does not synchroniz

Cannot print, open print preview or get into the page layout

I can't print from Firefox, open the preview before printing or enter the menu of configuration page. When I click on print, it just sits there with the expectation of circle icon.

How to "replenish" my iphone backup after being hard drive recovery

Hello. (its my first time here) My windows 10 was then I copied all my data off the coast and decided to do a reset. It was only after I realized that my iphone backup was on it. Now would not be a problem on a normal day like what I have to do is ju

After uninstalling Firefox and click on the box that asked to uninstall bookmards too I can't open my old links I had for years. (IE) Help, please!

The only links that are usable are those I've had on a Yahoo toolbar on my home page IE I never deleted or changed during this process. I tried the system restore and restore to ClickFree. The Clickfree has been invested hundreds of icons on my deskt

Pages take a long time to load in versions 6,7 and 8, version 5 works fine.

Version 5 works fine, when I updated to 6.7, and now 8, pages take a long time to load. It's on 2 different computers, one with Vista, Windows 7 other. If I restart Firefox it helps, but the problem comes back. Does not happen with IE or Opera.

What can I do when I'm there on the permissions in the top bar I get yahoo search results and not Authorization Manager.

I'm putting my authorization manager info, but when I put on the permissions in the top box I have yahoo results research and authorization manager is not started. How can I get another way to authorization manager? Or how to get the address bar to w

7.0 Debian Skype crashed by calling

When you make a call on Skype on Debian 7.0 it crashes, I ran from the command line and managed to do plant again and it produces the following output... ALSA lib conf.c:3314snd_config_hooks_call) cannot open the shared library libasound_module_conf_

Re: Portege R400 - cannot install 3G on Windows 7 driver

Hello I installed Windows 7 Beta on my R400 Windows Vista cannot use on the R400 (way to slow down).Everything works fine except for the 3 G module.I am not able to install the drivers. The latest status info is "copying new files" before the beginni

Satellite 1640 CDT HDD Upgrade

HelloI'm trying to upgrade a Saturday 1640 CDT HDD 20 GB because the original 6 GB is small for Win XP, anyone here knows if it's possible? I can't find any reference on this particular problem. Thanks in advance for your help Concerning RasPro [Edit

where before scam emails

I received another email from phishing.  I lost the email address you want to send emails to... someone at - it?

Satellite L40 - question about the CPU temperature

Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite L40 17 Q with Intel Celeron M CPU. The usual device temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. I read that the Tj to this type of processors is 100 degrees Celsius. So my question is dedicated to the owners of laptops e

Mac mini started to freeze at sign on and does not sign on.  also has popups to allow access to keychain and other pop-up windows

Hello, I am not a tech savvy person, so be patient with me.  I bought a mac mini, 5 months ago.  everything has been working great until 2 weeks ago.  kept popups have occurred, including Keychain Access, and many others that I've never heard of.  al

I want to buy street and travel 2013 but I want to have all the information I have in the old version 2006

I want to buy the new version of the street and travel 2013 but I recolected a large number of points that I don't want to lose, because I have version of streets and trips 2006, I would be able to have all the information in the new version? and if

Trying to connect to a homegroup, but I need to activate IPv6.

Trying to connect to a homegroup, but I need to activate IPv6.

After downloading the updates, I can't reboot my pc, so now I can't receive updates.

After downloading the updates, I can't reboot my pc. I code pops up that says that if I end now that I'm going to lose all unsaved data. So, I can't log out or restart without losing my updates. I can't get my active X to work now... I can't download

XP will not update (a few tasks)

Today, I learned that I had a few 12 installed updates. What follows, downloaded and installed OK - KB890830, KB2596785, KB2596843, KB2596912 (first is the MSRT tool, last 3 are associated with office2007). What follows are asked to download, but wil

HP Probook 470 G1: 470 need drivers Probook

Hello Please help me find the drivers for the following items: Controller - Network device ID: PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_08B3 & SUBSYS_00708086 & REV_83 PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_08B3 & SUBSYS_00708086PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_08B3 & CC_028000PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_08B3 & CC

WRT350N: how to specify the default gateway?

Hello I want to use my wrt350n as dhcp server, but to specify another router as the default gateway. I have my wrt350n ( and another modem/router ( When a client connects to the wrt350n, it is automatically assigned as the

Establishment of Dual Boot with Vista and XP - Presario V3780UT

I have a laptop Compaq Presario V3780UT which came with Vista installed. I created another partition of c: Shriking and I want to install XP on it because some software will not work correctly under Vista. Can guide you please how to do this, and als

Error message "a required CD/DVD driver is missing" - install Windows7 via USB

So I recently built a new office because my laptop fried itself, and I ran into the famous message "drver cd/dvd required is missing."  I tried many solutions to internet: change SATA AHCI, ATA, IDE; starting with only the hard drive; and the solutio