Japanese language does not display correctly.

Japanese symbols do not display correctly. On some sites, I see only a long row of squares instead of what is supposed to display. Sites Web appears correctly on Chrome and Internet Explorer. My system is in Japanese, and I use Windows Vista. The onl

Firefox no longer accepts my master password when the browser is launched.

When I run firefox it normally ask my master password. That's fine, I put a master password for me, but now when I go to enter it and press OK nothing happens. I have to hit Cancel at the prompt for a master password for the browser to launch. Then i

Where to find the keyboard for my Satellite Pro U300 13F?

I accidentally distroyed my keyboard with wine? Who can give me a hint where to buy a replacement keyboard or a secondary market?The type of my laptop is: U300 13F p/n PSU31E-00X012DU Your advice, please, keesl

Re: Satellite Pro M30: cannot enter hibernation mode or standby

I have a Satellite Pro model M-30 # PSM35E-000NU AR recently the hard drive crashed and I installed a new 80 GB replacement.Now I can not access the 'characteristics of hibernation or standby.In addition, shortcut keys are inop. When I go to programs

Re: Satellite C50-B-13D - cannot find the Win 7 drive wireless and WAN

Hello Basically, my problem is that I do not find a wan driver and wireless for my laptop.I tried every single driver out there but none of them worked. I use a Toshiba Satellite C-50-B-13 t with windows 7 x 64 and the Atheros AR956x Wireless Network

Tecra S2 - another Nvidia Go 6600 graphics card?

Evening of Goode, What else fits in a Tecra S2, except the original Nvidia Tecra S2? Furthermore, anyone know the price for a new Go 6600? Is it still available? I can only find it on eBay. Thank you very muchBen

Satellite C660 - wireless connection works with AC power

I have problems with the connection Wireless on my laptop. It works when I plug in the power supply. It does not work when the laptop is running off the battery voltage. Is it possible to get the wireless to work without AC power?Thank you

Satellite A100-TA6 - Windows XP Driver needed.

Expensive Clubs, I need * Toshiba Satellite A100-TA6 * (PSAA8C-TA620C) drivers for Microsoft Windows XP SP2.I lost my driver files. Please help me. Best regards Great

Siri on Apple Watch does not

Siri S does not work on my Apple Watch, voice or by prolonged pushing the scroll on the watch button. When I look under settings on my iPhone 5s, I can't Siri under general settings. Using my iPhone so is 9.2. How can I solve this problem?

'Show in finder' leads to an empty window

Work of research Spotlight, displaying the list of matching files, although I suppose not always a complete list. However, if I select "Show in finder", I now (generally) get an empty window. Until a few weeks ago, he has always worked very well. Now

Cancel advanced repair service

One of the moderators on here can you please cancel my order of repair and remove it from my card, this process takes too long.

How to give priority to a task of counter

Hello I'm sure that this issue has been discussed previously, but I wasn't sure how to phrase the question to find the previous discussions. We are a gated counting vi photon using a pair of 6229 cards. Generate us a portal with a meter and count the

Did someone already bought a HP dv9700 Entertainment PC & find out more late it is a model of dv9810us?

Hello.  Has anyone ever bought a HP dv9700 Entertainment PC to find out later that it is actually a model of dv9810us? I bought my laptop as a HP dv9700 Entertainment PC. However, the properties of the system display incorrectly.  The property system

Passing an array via one RT FIFO network shared Variable, Code error-1950679034

This should be simple.  I'm just passing through a table via a single RT FIFO network shared Variable element.  And yet I get nothing.  How could - not working?  What is this error?

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 game freezes

I just install FS2004 and when it is executed after about 3 minutes the sound disappears and the screen freezes. The only way I can get out is to force close down. The COMP is win xp pro. SiS mirage graphics card is quite old. Could be the problem?

VPN and the visa Server

Hello everyone, Do not angry with me if I showed him suddenly to the top and raises questions. I have 1 question to ask: Any body ever user Visa Server on a computer on which VPN client to connect to a shared network secure? I Im trying to do is set

my Windows XP home edition SP3 computer doesn't recognize my password

After scanning my computer SP3 of Windows XP Home Edition and removing threats with Anti-spyware, my Windows password is no longer recognized.  The question of recall is that I put, but when I type (correctly, I might add) the password in a ToolTip a

Configuration of the files out of connection & synchronization

OK, at work, we set each user to use offline files and synchronize with a log off for My Documents to the user. I am wanting to make sure that it is the right way to implement. The following example shows how offline files are set up now: 1. on the u

Vista 64 bit security Assur. Norton Center not running, cannot start

cannot install the update or view the history, retore Center not available, I try the update says the system doesn't work not, vista 64 bit, security internet norton 2011, adaware free internet security.thankyou

Equalizer sliders missing from MAXXAUDIO 3 Manager

Hello I have a DELL XPS 15-L502X and I recently updated my laptop via windows update. I guess MAXXAUDIO driver has been updated, but the only thing is that when I clicked on the tab "equalizer" on the left side, it was completely empty. There not the