Add some Will Mozilla Thunderbird on Google game

Hey everybody, I use Thunderbird for my email because I am a user of outlook. I tried Google email, nitty gritty for me. I wanted to ask you to Mozilla this myself, but I don't think he has an option to contact them directly. So does anyone know if M

Web links open in a new tab or a new window, how to make the web link open in my current tab?

I could find ways to do the reverse of this and make the links to open in new tabs, but none that answered this question

How can I sync the playlist of Safari on my iPhone for Safari on my windows machine?

First of all, I must say that I was really happy to see Safari for windows! Thank you!!! Chrome and IE were all two overclocking my machine and the cooling fan will not turn off. I did the same 'stress test' with Safari and the memory usage is less t

HP ENVY 17 J053EA: 2nd Sata HARD drive cable

Anyone know where I can get a second HARD SATA cable from? Have tried searching online!  None is available.

Install Win XP not Presario F500

I have a Compaq Presario F500. I want to install Win XP but I can't find any drivers. Can you tell me where I can find all the drivers for my pc? Thank you very much. Max Pozzi

Generation of functions NI PXI-6704

Hi forum people,. I have a question about the generation of functions, to be precise, without the adequate hardware PWM. I'm under NI SMU-8135 embedded controller in a chassis NI SMU-1078. It is equipped of PXI3 OR-8532 (DeviceNET), NI PXI-6515 indus

align the text in multicolumn listbox to Center

Hello world... How can align symbols text and multi-column list box point toward the Center? I attach a small picture of my multicolumn list box... Thank you

last messenger problem

Can't seem to install messenger later. Keep getting error ox8000404

error code 0x80070426. update of Windows, microsoft security; Windows Defender

All my Windows products is no longer up-to-date.  I deleted Microsoft OneCare (a wonderful program that will sorely missed me) and installed Microsoft Security.  Next thing I know nothing updates.  In addition, Windows application now that I'm is no

hot to install ck out in windows XP

can't add ck out my toolbar on my windows, tried on internet explore, but when I clicked on the 'do more' options... impossible to find the spell ck?

Lost tools cut and paste

Even if I right click on the icons are not available

Sansa Clip + FM radio is dead.

All of a sudden, the FM radio does not work. In other words, there is no sound for FM radio. He makes the auto presets, accepts manual presets, etc. Currently on USA FM and FM stereo. The music works very well. I do not think that I messed up setting

I had to reinstall Windows Xp Pro, the product key will not work.

I have not changed any hardware or anything like that. I downloaded the updates of msupdates and my computer went the fritz would not do anything. I reinstalled windows xp pro from the restore disc that came with my computer. The product key is not a

I get e-mails duplicate in my windows mail inbox. How can I stop this?

My Windows Mail emails arrive two... each email is delivered twice. Any suggestions on how to stop this?

attempt to load windows. 25 charater product key request. Can't remember / find him. Were can I get this.

Try to load windows vista. 25 charater product key request. Can't remember / find him. Were can I get this.

HP Designjet 500: Driver for Hp Designjet 500 42 invalid in Win 64

I downloaded the driver for mi hp designjet 500 42 (c7770b) printer in windows 7 Professional 64-bit (with all the software updates for today 02/20/2015). When I double click on the exe file you downloaded here:

Injector for a WAP551

Do the a SB-PWR-INJ1-NA can power a WAP551?  Someone can certify this information.

Cannot install Geogabra

Original title: geogabra.exe Unable to install the program. Get a message that says I have to load Java 1.4 or higher.  I installed the latest version of Java but still no message. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate. Tried to run in compatibility mode, n

Desktop icons changed to the "Presidency".

OK, so I don't have the prettiest desktop computer in the world, but I don't know how to navigate to everything when I need it.recently, I noticed that some of my desktop icons and folders have been renamed "Chair" and "Chair (1) «consecutively...»»I

Re download creative cloud

HelloSo my Macbook Pro (mid-2012) is VERY slow. I already updated to 16Gigs RAM and that helped for a time, months later its back to slow, that was before about. Before you spend hundreds on an SSD, I want to try factory reset. Before that (of course