My Mac mini smaller base model is really slow

It's so boring and when my Mac is really bad, it freezes and won't pass the mouse and this Mac is not old, it was purchased, form the Apple Store last Christmas. It's terrible and this Mac costs £399.00 and may not seem much to some people but it def

BBCNew on iTunes Radio - not more

Where's BBC on iTunes Music Radio? I listen to the app on my iPhone 6 regularly on my drive to work.  I listened this morning but when I got to listen to it in the afternoon (you know, to deal with the new Brexit), the app was suddenly not where. App

Why Vista offers two different processors in my A200 SP?

Hello world. I m new here but have a very important question for my new laptop that I just bought. OK here goes if someone can help? Just bought my new Satellite Pro A200GE - 26 Q Intel centrino computer core 2 duo t7500 2.2 ghz, which came with 2 GB

I can't not router work faser

I have the WiFi A6210 adapter. I have a connection speed of 150 MB/s broadband. However, I use only at 50 Mbps. What is the problem and how to fix it. I am running Windows 8.1 and changed in Windows 10 last night. I could change it in Windows 8.1 how

Yoga 2 1050f touch screen does not

OK, so I thought that all problems were gone after my last frost. now, I turned on and the touchscreen is unresponsive to a touch and I have no idea how I can restart lol

FGV VI within the class method called the array of objects in a for loop

I have an array of objects connected to the loop for I call the VI method on the object in the loop for. If the method uses/calls some VI with state/memory (such as FGV) State is shared for each method call in a loop despite the called VI is reentran

Error Impossible creatures: the resoucre you're looking could have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporairly unavailable

original title: Impossible creatures did you remove the link to install the trial version impossible creatures, otherwise why he always say the resoucre you are looking for has been deleted, its name changed or is temporairly unavailable

How to write a letter and print it using Windows XP

How to activate the programs that will allow me to write and print letters

Cursor position using TextField

Hello Is it possible to get information about the position of the slider component TextField? It is property of cursor QML TextField component, but I can't find something similar in the Cascades. ARO Maciek

BlackBerry 10 update 10.3

The new design is ugly. The new tiles, decors, the button super size in most applications, it is ugly and not ergonomic.I'd get the previous version, which rejected with happiness all the new features. I would uninstall the amazon appstore, I do not

Error barsigner, cskpin, csjpass, cskpass PlayBook: load keystore: store the incorrect password

I can't try to decode whats required in the process of signing, I have instilled by 3 certificates and just got another one comes along, I'm very careful when you use my last chance to sign the application. I get through all the steps correctly but n

2602e Aironet setup help

Hi all First: Sorry for my English, it is unfortunately not my mother tongue. I have to configure a 2602e Aironet Access Point, as a standalone access point (without WLC), but I can't find the Configuration Guides for this. I just found the "start gu

Need an alternative to Spamfighter

Original title: Spam filtering I want to replace Spamfighter, is there another recommended program that I can use?

UCS fabric Interconnect after Failover (primary, subordinate)

Dear team, After the changeover of FI - A has FI - B when we check show state his FI - B as primary and FI - A cluster as subordinates The FI - A is now back online and HA shows as ready, but when we check to see the cluster status his shows still FI

Retention time of journal ACS

. Hello I have the ACS SE 1120 device running version 4.2. My client wants to know how long it can preserve the newspapers in ACS. I checked several other positions that they speak " when a log file reaches 10 MB in size, ACS starts a new log file. "

Error parsing blackBerry Smartphones

I get a "parsing error" on every email that I receive. The body of the message is not visible. Everything that comes is the expression "error analysis the message body cannot be demonstrated. The name of the sender of the e-mail and the line crossed

Sticky notes stuck

When I open Sticky Notes and create a note, I can't remove them or change their color. They seem to be stuck everytime I try

Could not stop windows 7 hibernation

my machine windows 7 will not stop in hibernation.  whenever I come back in the morning.   I went to the power management and hibernation, and sleep is set to NEVER.

Windows 7 Home Premium 'type a different product on this computer key.

Dear friends: I bought a Windows 7 Home Premium in Doha, the Qatar. It has an Activation of Restrictions, he says Distribution and activation required must occur in the Middle East and Africa. Ok!! I am living in Doha, the Qatar, and I bought the sof

Link to the database of Oracle 11 g to SQLServer 2012 - 11.0.5058.0 (X 64)

Hello.I read a lot of discussion and documentation on this subject, but the things I'm trying to work.I want to connect from Oracle to SQL Server. I did the following steps:(Taking into account, that I want to connect to a database SQL SERVER called