Family sharing problem

So I have sharing enabled family and my brother got a new mac that comes with iMovie, numbers, pages, and keynote and she has family active sharing but these elements are not free on app store from my mac. She share my Active purchases that says "sha

How can I clear the history of firefox url 10.0

I just want to keep clear of the previous url url.

songs deleted from Ipad... cannot get them to play after new ipad sync

I deleted some songs from my IPAD.  I then resynch with Itunes on my PC, and the songs will not play on my ipad after the synchronization of the album and individual songs.

T0Z73PA: Installed WIndows 10 own os because of the mistake by accumulation of insiders

After the latest update of Windows Insider Preview Build of 160620 after the sign in the windows just hangs and recovery drive failed so I did a clean os during the installion bootable usb it didn't accept to install in the present generation, so I h

Skype do not sync.

I installed it on my Mac (OS Mavericks of current) and an Android phone, the Skype application. Also, I use Skype for the Web. The problem I have is that Skype for the Web and my Skype app phones are sync, but is not the desktop version. The last mes

Integrated Webcam doesnot work

Hello world I bought a new laptop HP Pavilion 15-p056ne, which is 25 days worth. Now, I get an error when I try to access the Webcam. Imaging systems option is not available in Device Manager. Can help! His frustration.

MacBook Pro 2015 13 inch retina battery

Hey! I have my MacBook Pro 13 inches since November 2015 retina and I have some problems with the battery life that it only lasts for 4 to 6 hours with the navigation through Safari. I already brings to the APR and they tested and the tests, everythi

What is *.seproj, how to open it?

I just released a file whose name is *.seproj, but I can't open it with my LabVIEW software. What is *.seproj, how to open it? Thank you!

How to determine how long a device in active?

This seems like it should be pretty simple, but I'm having a hard time finding a solution... I wish I could have 2 timers on my user interface.  A single clock will display the total time, given that the application has started, and the second timer

Gambling problems, Windows 7

Then I used Windows Vista, Unreal Anthology workedd perfectly. Now that I've upgraded to windows 7, Unreal does not play in full screen. Instead, it gives me the black bands. Ways to solve this problem? Oh, and I updated my ati drivers for windows 7.

Chat on facebook-all I get is an icon in the shape of a yellow triangle with an exclamation point

When I go on facebook, I have more a chat column. At the bottom right of the screen is a yellow triangle with an exclamation point. I do not happen to get on the chat at all.

opening program minimizes and optimizes all the time

progam start showing some problem of its own. progam was started for the first time after starting the computer indicates a sound problem, windows Explorer minimizes and optimizes all the time until he is arrested. Pls suggest a solution for this typ

Problem with the executable files

Hello all, I need a help from you... I use LV 2009 SP1 Professional Development Suite on Windows Seven and I have a problem with the executable files, a problem that I have ever found with other versions of LV (8.x, for example) and I'm a little surp

Installed printer uninstalled after reboot/restart of the computer

During the last two weeks, I had to reinstall my printer (Kodak ESP3250) manually after every reboot/restart my computer running Windows XP with service pack 3. It's never happened before with the same printer and the same computer. I have made no ch

Windows IT Help desk

At 3:56 pm is I got a call from a guy who claims to be an employee with Windows IT Help Desk; Adem Smith/ID # ADM209. The call came from the following number; 69-666-6961 adem Smith gave me another number to contact him. 646 243-2811 he was telling m

No sound after meetings

Can someone help me get my sound to work.  I've been everywhere andtriied all that I know to do.  I'm not very founded in computers am so ignorant of many things that I can do thanks

fwss23. ISO - impossible to create bootable CD

I'm trying to update the firmware of my Samsung SSD with the fwss23.iso of unfortunately I am not able to create bootable CDs by burning that ISO to a CDR. emp

HP ENVY losing dv6 wireless connection periodically.

Hi all First of all, thanks to all those who wish to, or be able to help with my problem, I appreciate the help. I bought a laptop HP dv6 ENVY of Costco today, running Windows 8, Atheros AR9485 map and the connection to a Belkin Surf N300 Wireless N

Password changer problem; I forgot the password computer

I could not in my computer I have apparently you have forgotten the password.  However, I have now spent online from my husbands computer and changed three times and he agreed each time but my computer still won't let me.  ?

Connecting the highway to CM unified using TLS

Hi all I have a question for encrypted internal/external calls. I have some problems with the configuration for the Protocol TLS encrypted calling between 11.5 CUCM and highway-CEspecially in the case of certificate:-Iam using the xCA Oppensource too