Synchronization with Outlook

box iCloud to synchronize Contacts, calendars, tasks will not be checked

Re: Character numbers 3.0 length sort

I want to sort a list of words of length in characters. If I start with that. Pillow Sheet Fan Curtain Office It would look like this. Fan Office Sheet Pillow Curtain I'm using 3.6.2 with OSX 10.10.5 numbers. Thanks for looking at my question. Todd

block look a jpg images on receipt & filed e-mails

JPGs on all emails are blocked and the message ' loading, if too long click here jpg image file "This opens the window" do you want FF open with Windows Picture viewer (default) or save.» It will then download the image via the download window. (This

Satellite P20 - 504 shutting down / crashing during playback of Medieval: Total War

Salvation; I run a game program, (Medieval: Total War) that sporadically stops or freezes / crashes my laptop. Sometimes it works OK and sometimes it crashes. I think it might be a graphic driver problem nVidia, even if I run other programs of game w

urgent please!

my hp pavilion g6 stopped working suddenly and it shows me a message that says: NOT FOUND BOOT DEVICE PLEASE INSTALL AN OPERATING SYSTEM ON YOUR HARD DRIVE HARD DRIVE (3FO) SYSTEM DIAGNOSIS I'm so worried now if I lose all my files on my laptop! Plea

OfficeJet 8620: The HP Officejet 8620 is not found

Printing works fine.  Scanning works very well with the surface of windows 10 pro.  (anywhere in wifi) Scanning with results windows desktop 10 in bieng "HP Officejet 8620 is not found" displayed on the desktop screen when the diagnostic tool the lau

Update Bios of Windows 8 for m2n61-ar

I need an update of the bios that works with windows 8 for m2n61-ar motherboard HP pavilion slimline gx615aa. All I can find is one that works with vista. I've updated this computer to windows 8, but it works always the 5.09 v of bios and I belive th

Mouse/touchpad does not work on my Satellite C850

Hello Had problems with the mouse and touchpad on the Satellite C850-19Z.It turns off after a while. I tried the shortcut on the computer but nothing helped. I called Toshiba and they said to update the laptop. It worked, and then he cut again a few

HP pavilion g7-2259nr: Hp pavilion g7-2259nr Windows 7

Hello My girlfriend bought this laptop for me that came with Windows 8.I installed Windows 7 Professional 64-bit (Original), but I have some problems with it. I first noticed windows update continues to operate without finding anything and then I wen

Can I use a faster HARD drive on my Satellite P10?

Hello Have a Satellite P10 can replace 4200 drive with 5400 speed without fear more of heating or other problems?

HP Touchsmart 15R017dx: install windows 8.1 on new SSD from the recovery disk

Hello I recently bought a 275 GB SDD to replace a Go 520 crushed SATA HDD. Because I don't have a recovery disk created, I ordered the HP Win 8.1 recovery disks. I followed the instructions and the Disk 1 formatting process completed successfully and

convert LabVIEW 5.0 8.5

Hi, when I try to open the attachment screw, labview gives me error 10: too old record, could someone please convert this to a newer version so I can open it? I'm using Labview 8.5.  Thanks in advance!

Error opening of VISA 1073807246 54642 has brought.

I have a litter of 54642A Agilent connected to COM1.  I can send queris to the scope via MAX.  When I try to run the digital example VI Agilent 546XX Serice CQI Wfm Edge, I get erro 1073807246

unknown device in hp 14-d012tu

I just bought 14-d012TU and install 8.1 pro inside.  The first glance at the Device Manager there are 3 unknown devices that do not have their drivers, 1 is a PCI card, 1 is the bluetooth and the last device is unknown.  The first two after looking a

Pavilion DV6 - 2166SS WH719EA: Wireless compatibility update DV6 2166SS cards

Hi guys! I want to improve my wireless card, I read a lot of post and I just want to be sure if I do things right. My laptop is a Pavilion DV6-2166SS WH719EA product number. I want to know if there is no wireless card supporting WIFI - AC, I don't se

No signal detected from the monitor

Hi all Built for computer spec - December 2005 CPU-Intel P4 3.2 GHz, LGA 775, 640 GPU-Inno 3D GeFORCE 6800GS 256 MB DDR3 PCI-E MB-ASSUS P5LD2 LGA775, Intel 945 chipset HD-MAXTOR WD5000AADS - new may 2011 PSU-foxtail BN106 L7 530W-new in May 2011 The

Reinstall windows xp with the resource CD. But the product key is available

I want to reinstall windows xp on my laptop. I have the product key, but I don't have CD of resources. I can't use the factory reset options because currently, my laptop has a cracked version of the OS. What should do? Where can I get the resource CD

WinowsXP runs slowly whenever Photoshop Elements 6 is running.

I run my fully updated XP to date. Whenever Photoshop Elements 6 is running, even in the background, the computer slows down. In particular, the web pages on IE take much longer to appear, and open files in Word takes longer. The problem does not see

My mouse has frozen on the screen - what do I do?

My computer was working OK.  Then the cursor froze on screen.  I couldn't shut the computer down and so just shut doen the power.  I turned on it once again, but the cursor is always fixed on the screen.  The light on the mouse. Any suggestions? Than

Premium Windows 7 pro OEM install the required support

I bought a second hand laptop, but this laptop has a Guinean windows 7 sticker premium pro product key now, there is no OS on the laptop computer, because there was a change of material. How do we install back the premium windows 7 Pro bones back int