Read emails remain on display as unread - how to solve this?

Only in the last days, when I read an email in which the subject is always displayed "BOLD", i.e. as not widely read. Is there a way I can fix this?

Firefox prompts to save passwords of websites. The key to the Password Manager icon appears on the left side of the address bar, but the corresponding window asking if I want to save the password or not, does not appear. I tried all the possible solutions

I installed the latest version of Firefox on my laptop (Windows 7 Professional 64-bit). The thing is that firefox prompt to save passwords of websites. I'll explain you a little more away with an example: suppose I load When I login, t

Portege R930: cannot use the keys FN under Win XP

Hye I'm French. I'm sorry, but my English is not good. I'll try to explain my problem Yesterday, my boss gave me a new computer. It's a PT330E Portege R930-1FE with windows XP, 7 has been uninstalled I can't turn off my touchpad. I can't use the Fn k

HP Officejet 5740 e-all-in-one: HP Deskjet 5740 fax on home WiFi network

I am currently sending faxes using a telephone line (Verizon FIOS). HP has an option or that they are planning to put in place an option to send a FAX using my WiFi line. I know that this is not implemented by any other manufacture of PC printers and

Media Express on Satellite Pro M70-113 player

Hello I have satellite pro M70-113 laptop. I don't have any express media player recovery cd I've read something like this in this forum The problem is that I can't use the express media player What is express media player to support model? When I pr

Tecra A4 - freezing / crashing after start upward

Hello My Tecra A4 is nearly 3 years old and over the weekend, it just started to freeze within minutes of the start.The point at which the machine crashes seems to be when all the various treatments start are completed. The hard drive seems to be sto

Update disk on the Satellite M60-139

Hello Forum friends and once again greetings from Cologne/Germany. Can anyone tell me what size I can switch the disk hard 80 GB of my M60-139 origin? I think it would be nice to have more space but I have heard that not every hard drive works with t

HP dv6 envy: my laptop turns on but it does not load windows

Hi, recently my computer has stopped working. It lights up; However, he will just stay at the startup screen until the screen will Dim. I ran the hard drive DST short test and it comes back as being down. My FAILURE ID is 0LGDAJ-6MP82Q-QFPK1A-60TX03

Combining 2D arrays which are FOR output in another 2D array LOOP?

Each iteration of my table of gererates a 2D of loop, with two columns, several rows, same positions Iteration1 Interation2 Iteration3 etc. A     B               A     B                A      B 1      2               3      4                5       6

HP Pavilion DV6-2090er CPU update

Hello! Could you help me, please? I could change the CPU on my laptop HP Pavilion DV6-2090er for the best? What does not work on my PC?

I have Windows media, but have lost my product key. How do I replace it?

I lost the XP product key I have a windows xp disc but I lost the product key, I want to replace windows can I have a key again?

Double-sided printing option

I have a manual duplexing option in Word, but not in Excel. Why?

HP pavilion PC g6 noise and acoustics

PC Audio and HiFi not installed

I have windows Vista and have recently been doing error msg, "an error prevents this slideshow to play."

I have been using my pictures folder as my screen saver source.  In my pictures folder, I have 9 GB, 169 records and 3 602 photos.

External scan test does not pass---(E-disque DUR-004)

After testing my hard drive, I got this message: "external scan test not past-(E - disk HARD-004) = = If you please run Check Disk to recover the sector hurt-(E - disk HARD-005) =' How can I fix it? Is there a serious problem with my hard drive?

Blu - ray disc player no longer works

I have a laptop Acer 7720 with blu - ray disc player, but the blu - ray disc player has stopped working!  I tried to open it in windows media center, but get the message "blu - ray play disc not installed program".  Acer will not help as they say it

XPS430-SATA2-4 does not recognize drives

I am installing an SSD in my 5 years, with the latest version of the BIOS A01 and Windows7 32-bit XPS430.  SATA HDD / SDD and DVD are recognized by the BIOS, if I put them in the SATA ports 0 or 1. DDI or DVD are recognized if I put them in the 2-4 S

updated drivers for graphics card ati x 1200

my laptop is an acer aspire 5515 comes with Vista Home Basic. no problems with vista but the problem came when Defender got his monthly update of malware and wanted to remove some of the acers (software) programs... so I bought the full version of wi

Reserectes from long deleted files from the hard drive Windows 7 Pro.

Long very old files deleted, appear in My Document (files not necessarily the original). Repeatedly remove them, using a shredder program, they always appear. I wonder if the problem will be resolved to a clean install.

Partially completed sync and now I can't find a list of what has not been synchronized

I spent literally two hours selecting songs from my Windows Media Player to sync with my phone. I had just started the synchronization when my phone rang and disconnnected from the computer. The sync pane is now empty and there is no list unsynchroni