What is Firefox Setup Stub 38.0.exe? Said my worm. 37.0.2 needed

I checked to determine if my plug-ins are updated and a message appeared saying that I was not running laterversion of Firefox. I am running version 37.0.2 and do not know what is this Firefox Setup Stub 38.0.exe, or whyI would need.

Equium U400 - battery is not detected

As a result of an accident in June of this year, I just couldn't pick up and drop the laptop, desktop/tablet so used instead. I now have to use the laptop and it says "no battery is detected." I tried to take the battery, unplug the power cord and pr

Pavilion dv6-1030us: there is no hard drive

I have a dv6-1030us which today would not initialize, said that no boot device and the hard disk do not exist.  Works very well yesterday, without any hard disk problems.  I have the original recovery disks that I created when I got the machine.  Whe

Impossible to reinstall Snow Leopard in MACPRO

I can't reinstall Snow Leopard but it comes with a Leopard system. What I left in the BAY is a brand new totally empty HD In the Mac Pro, I installed an additional NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 In the Snow Leopard installation disc fails on Mac Pro 4.1with

How much memory a W500 can be seen on Vista 32

I know how 32 - bit operating system has a limit of 4 GB, but on my W500 system sees only 2.46 4 GB. My Toshiba laptop Brothers sees 3 gb 3 GB installed. Oh, when I say see I mean usage, it's how much can be seen in the applet to task manager or info

import different tables of different sheets of an excel file

Hello The task is to get several (different) arrays that are in different sheets of an excel file. I tried to use the report generation tool, get Excel spreadsheet, Excel get the data functions. but the problem there is that Excel get worksheet funct

DMA FIFO and node VHDL

Hi guys! I am writing here after many days of attempts without success... My request is 'simple', send data from the Panel of Labview RT within a DMA FIFO target host. Then the FPGA core receives data and imported through a knot of VHDL processes, an

Use of memory in a while loop with a xy chart

Hi all I have problems using memory with a vi that loops, records data and plots in a xy running chart.  I wrote it using shift registers and functions "subset of the table", which I assumed would reduce overhead costs, but apparently this is incorre

generation of reports using office

Hello I made a request to the customer site by the construction of a Setup program. The application is running ok however seems to refuse to generate reports.  The customer has office 2010 starter, and I wonder if the fact that it's the Office Starte

Need new hard drive, but have not the disks in Windows 7 OS

Recently, I had some problems with my PC and was able to restore the factory settings.  Now it seems that my hard drive is bad and needs to be replaced.  I have a HP G71-449WM model, produces WA606UA. Will it also find Windows 7 OS disks somewhere?  

Question weird battery canon 60 d

Hi, im as a canon 60 d and it came with a battery attached grip. I then bought a shoulder rig had to return the battery grip for the follow focus work. However, after the withdrawal of the battery grip and taking the batteries out of the handle and o

Control of user access rights

I want to do my second drive invisible to the user accounts on my PC. I downloaded a Microsoft program a while, but no longer have it. I don't remember what it's called and if I find it hard to find. It allow you to control access rights. Does anyone

Volume icon missing in the taskbar?

Hi, my volume icon disappeared from the right corner of my taskbar.  I tried to add again doing so in the Control Panel, but I can't select 'volume', it won't let me!  Someone at - it ideas I don't know what I did to make it disappear.  Thank you.

How to take ownership of a folder

All the experts for you help, I trying to claim a record like below but failed. "Right click on the folder you want to take control and then click Properties. Click the Security tab, click Advanced, and then click the owner tab.Click on change. If yo

Laptop 15.6 inch HP 15-g070nr: I install Windows 7 on Windows 8?

I'm looking at a 15-g070nr 15.6 "HP laptop that comes with Windows 8 is installed. However, the main use I want this laptop for uses WIndows 7 and is above all incompatible with Windows 8. Can I legally install Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit OS on t

Questions after the hard drive recovery. No longer can run backups or disk defragmentation.

This weekend I had a problem with my C: drive. It is in the format of RAID and replace one of the disks. However, I had some problems during reboot and had to use the installation disk to recover. I finally returned the operational system and thought

Notebook settings

Windows 7 Ultimate: in some way, Notepad parameter has been changed.  I want to "word wrap".  In every note, I have to fix this.  How to make this setting permanent change?

Need help to install the all-in-one Lexmark X 2600 printer

I was dual booting Vista and XP, 32 bit and my printer worked fine.  I got a new computer for Christmas, Windows 7 64-bit, then my printer could not communicate with my computer.  I deleted my computer Lexmark and even had to enter in the registry: "