Get a message "do not answer." It gets worse every day. Nothing seems to work, including to reset.

I get this message for weeks. And this is the 3rd time I asked for help with that and nothing works. I think to deserting a ship to Internet Explorer. Can't believe I'm saying it since I was with you guys for years. Please can someone help? Get this

Books to learn the logic

Greetings, As a beginner of logic, I'm not find logic "Helps" to be very useful.  So, I am looking to buy a book that might be more useful.  I found a few on Amazon, all very expensive, so I would like to be sure I understand.  So I hope I could meet

I just started firefox as my new browser... How do I enlarge the text on my emails (gmail)

I'm very new to all this 'stuff'... and don't understand the vocabulary... I just want to enlarge the print when I receive my emails... it's so so small... Due may change Internet explore for firefox last week?

Photosmart7520: Black print cartridge stopped working completely and even change to a new fail - black picture very well

My Photosmart 7520 suddenly stopped printing letters or any what blcak although the photoblack works very well on the test Replaced by a new cartridge, but still no printing - letters go out in white Wireless - BT hub upgrade - latest No other change

Equium L20-197 - spare battery

Hello. I noticed (in the wrong time too) than the my Toshiba Equium L20-197 autonomy MEDIOCRE battery life. On a long load, it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes max. I'm looking to extend the battery life of my camera. The problem is that the More4You does

Trying to understand HT203325: cannot connect to the server with the account of the user of a network

It is a kind of home network issues.  Basically what I want to do is set up a unified environment with the profiles of school boards.  I have a couple of iMacs, a couple of the MacBook and some iPods, iPads and iPhones. I would like to run the server

Quality screen/questions/problems

Hello I recently bought Lenovo3000 Y410 of Thailand. Everything else is fine - I'm just too anxious to display quality. It seems that the LCD screen is not as bright and clear enough. I used a Compaq Presario with 15 "WZGA who compared to this one wa

Rename the VI in dll

When you build a dll, I select 'Rename this file when generating' for an exported vi and enter a different name of the vi.  I was expecting this would change the name of the function exported in the dll, but it doesn't.  Is it supposed to? TIA, Bill

Compare number 0

I noticed something special in the TS 4.1. When I have a few, like 1e-14, the following comparisons take in an expression: Locals.VerySmallNumber == 0-> False Locals.VerySmallNumber is 0.0-> False 0 is Locals.VerySmallNumber-> True 0.0 is Locals.Very

Ping the computer of the user but does not '\\user\d$ '.

Hello friends, I have a problem according to the files and folders in my network. A Client PC using windows xp. Ping PC correctly but the '\\user-PC\c$' does not. Also not connect to vnc viewer.

Downloads, going the wrong way

Hello How can I get my downloads headed to my C drive?  The program .exe files are currently sent to My Documents where they do not open properly.  I can't send drive away - not an option.  I don't know how it happened. Thank you. Hudson

My Center of security windows, protection against malware, it seems that my Virus information cannot detect my current antivirus Avira? Help, please

My Center of security windows, protection against malware, it seems that my Virus information cannot detect my current antivirus Avira? Help, please

to remove all of our vids and pix?

My kid deleted all our family videos and pix. can I find them here and restore them? How?

Cannot respond to emails that are HTTP supported.

I receive the message that Microsoft supports more Windows Vista HTTP e-mail. (or something on that order.  Why? I tried to answer an emailer Craigs list and this is the message I received.

Helps the FS7610 PS Series SAN, 10Gb network design

Hi, we have currently a square of infrastructure EqualLogic SAN and NAS (2 x PS6510E, FS7500), a stack of two PC8024F 10 GB switches, 2 envelopes chassis m1000e blade with the A1 being a set of switches 1 GB m6220 fabric (fabric A2 a battery of the s

update to Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit

I tried to update, which was automatic.  Noah get the error 80246008, tried their solution about adding to hidden igons.  Did not work.  I tried Fix, he received the error 2203.  Trouble shoot I tried could not fix.  Lost!

"Windows Media Center cannot detect the IR control cables, which are necessary to control the set-top box. Fixing parts IR that supports the IR control cables and then try again. IR HARDWARE NOT FOUND ".

Original title: when setting up Windows Media Center, I get the error message: "IR hardware not detected". I have an internal TV Tuner that has been installed by HP, when I bought recently a "computer build-your-own." (According to the control panel

Is the product key that appears on the back of my PC for my Office 2010?

Microsoft Office 2010 is a software that is came with my PC HP TouchSmart I finally found the product key or I think that I found the product key? At the back of my PC has a sticker labeled "Window 7 Home Prem OA HP certificate of authenticity Label

WLC5500 and AP1250

Hello I have a few questions about WLC5500 and AP1250: (1) how SSID is supported? (2) is support for EAP - MD5 in this AP? (3) what is the speed of the WLC for encrypted traffic? (4) possible is Authenticate user (802.1 x) in the physical interfaces

Failed to start service websigner

I downloaded and installed the BlackBerry signing, tool generated ID (is he really mine to choose randomly?) and the name of the signer and sent the file to myself.  When I try to start the service he gets stuck in start mode and are never in the sta