Intel graphics drivers

Then I looked around my graphic driver updates and I don't really know where to go. The Intel Web site has NONE of the Mac (proof compatible graphics drivers, and is the Intel Windows d

If I have a small Firefox page I can not open a NEW page. He let me just open a new tab on the reduced page

If I have a small Firefox page I can not open a NEW page. He let me just open a new tab on the reduced page. I used to be able to open a new page in browser icon on my desktop, but for these last days, it won't let me. It is a desktop computer, runni

Removal of phishing site warning

A site I visit frequently Gets the warning from Firefox to a dangerous site. I know the dangers of this site and have no problem with the site. How can I get Firefox this site a "white list" and attention is no longer dangerous site? ".Currently, I'm

where the spam is stored

some messages have not arrived. I guess they must look like spam. What happens to them, please?

Replace the cookies all blocked after the installation of new

When Firefox recently stopped working (would not not connect to the Internet), I first uninstalled Firefox. Then, I downloaded a new copy from the Internet (same version) and reinstalled from scratch. However, all my "blocked" cookies are now missing

Connection problem Apple ID

Hello! I've just set up Apple ID. Online everything works fine, however, when I am trying to upgarde my operating system to El captin, application to the App store for my Apple ID I put my Apple ID and password, however, it tells me connection fails.

Link does not appear in the frame, but it will appear in the new tab or window I have maintained this site for years. Recently, rather than posting the photos on a photos storage provider and publish them to facebook, I've published on facebook and then related site (select the link to photos).

Suddenly my online ID and a lot of preferences Web site, or cookies are not saved despite trying all the different privacy settings

Last week, maybe since I downloaded a new update of Firefox my cookies are removed whenever I have close or restart Firefox. I deleted the cache and my tracking setting is to "don't tell sites anything on the follow-up of my" although I also tried ot

Links in the menu

Just moved over IE.On 10.0.2 on W7 A feature I found useful in IE, was that I could activate a "favotites bar" which mean the most frequently used links were "nail" at the top of the browser.Can't seem to get that in Firefox 10 I can activate "Most v

Re: Black touch screen failed 2

CHANGE NOTE: This message was moved to the top of the thread in order to help us to make an ascent. For all future post and comments please continue posting in this thread. I'm having same problem with black 10 2 that I just got. The touch screen sto

HP C3180 printer: restore the backed up files

Hello With the help of Sunshyn2005, I recently realized a system recovery to restore the HP Solution Center I had lost that has fortunately been successful, now I want to replace the backup files that have been put on a USB key. Sunshyn2005 told me t

WebOS SDK 64-bit

I tried in vain to download the SDK for Windows 64-bit for WebOS. The link goes on to show that the SDK is not available. Y at - it all mirrors to download other than the one replacing?

Any attempt to access Microsoft Update leads to "Internet Explorer Cannot Display the Webpage"

No error message appears. "Analyze the network connection" does not work.I have XP with SP3, IE7, automatic updates on, no firewall other than Windows, all other work on Web sites, including updates for antivirus (Avira Antivirus personal), I've dele

Cannot use the fast user switching.

Me and my partner to use a laptop running Windows XP Home Edition. Up until recently, I was always able to use the fast changing users to switch between myself and my partner (the two administrator) accounts. Since installing AGV PC Tune up, WAS not

How do to deselect control-a

I used control a to select everything on a window now, it highlights all the desktop icons. How to disable the desktop icons?

When the update of maintenance for ICS come from?

5 months since the last update, so far, there has been no update for my Xperia Ray. Sony developers allow a calendar?

I try to install windows vista professional, but a message that I need a pilot. Where can I find?

Need professional driver of hard disk for the installation of vista partition. I try to install windows vista professional. I want to partition the hard drive; However, it says I need a driver. Where can I find this driver? I have a dell optiplex 360

Add another computer to the wireless router

Wife just HP pavilion.  I have WRT54g hssve.  How can I add his cmptr as cmptr back to the system.  already have portable added.  Cannot find procedure on CD.  What Miss me

Helix camera problems

Rear camera: How do you get this focus? It is incredibly blurry. I tried to manually set the foucs, but that made no difference. This is a photo I just took with her. Front facing camera: Doesn't work at all. Just a gray screen. Everyone knows this a

I have Windows Vista, can I use Microsoft Windows Office 2010

I have Windows Vista, if I can use Mirsoft Windows Office 2010 is compatible with Windows Vista?