I can receive emails in Thunderbird but not send

My email server account works fine, but when I use Thunderbird I get this message:The message could not be sent using SMTP server mail.casaromawellness.com for some unknown reason. Please check that your SMTP server settings are correct and try again

Pinned taskbar links no longer work

Since the update Firefox 24, pinned taskbar links that I added to the launch of Firefox screen is no longer working. I get a popup that reads: "Unable to open this Internet shortcut. The "FirefoxURL" Protocol is not a registered program. » Firefox 24

How to adjust the brightness of a video clip?

Hello Using the latest iOS on iPhone6s with the latest version of iMovie. I could not find how to adjust the brightness of a video I import to iMovie, it is quite dark and I want to increase the brightness or exposure. Thank you

Re: Has Satellite R630-131 MXM slot?

Hello.Wanted to know more about mxm presence slot in model Satellite R630-131.

Laptop HP 2000: Please help with code

I have a hp and asked power on password or password administartion. The disabled system code is 55614723

HP Vision 2000: "enter the password administrator or power on password' pop up immediately at startup to the top

I get 'administrator or power on password password' jump to the top of the screen immediately on startup, the password is lost, and when I'm entered in what I thought the password could be 3 times I had this code - 54667991 Help, please

Satellite C850D - 11K - what CPU should I use for the upgrade?

HelloIs the processor possible to install the C850D 11 K to make it faster without the risk of overheating. Thanks in advance

Make new partitions

Hello!I bought a new laptop m-70 of toshiba, I want to make new partitions on my drive hard if I delete the partitions and make new and install windows xp not from the recovery disk, will be to that effect the performance of my laptop or any effect o

Picture opened and edited in Photoshop will not show the version published in Photos.

I don't know if my title sufficiently explained, but my photos in the Photos app that I import into Photoshop to change will not appear in the Photos app after edition. Let me explain in detail: 1. I opened a photo in the Photo app Photoshop. 2. I ed

IMAQDX in qt

Hello I try to get to use IMAQdx for image delivery via C++. I use QT. However, I'm getting questions examples of loading. Because I don't have afxwin.h. Which is commented as "basic MFC and standard components ' is different from the examples that a

HP Compaq dc 7800: how to get a disc to install windows vista on my Compaq dc 7800

Hello I just bought a used HP Compaq 7800 dc with windows 7 as operating system. There is a product key for Vista, but no disc. Is it possible to buy a disk via HP? Kind regards kolswadet

Installed PCHealth Software says that my wife was mandatory fixed for windows seven, $285 need help.

Installed PCHealth Software says that my wife was mandatory fixed for windows seven, $285 need help.

Update net framework do not download and install

In the automatic updates, it says I need NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3.    But, I can't get Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3, English Version installed. The automatic updates window says "the following updates have not been installed, t

KB971033 fails with errors

Hello! I have a new laptop Sony Vaio Z11 with one installed at the factory of 64-bit Windows 7 Professional. Recently, I tried to install Windows XP Mode on it. Is necessary to install Windows Validation, who has asked to install a file called Window

heard that it takes up a lot of the system resource

What is the percentage that the use of windows 7 on the resource of the system? also, my wife has a lap top Vista hat on it and is able to upgrade to windows 7.

XP update problem.

I just installed Windows XP on my Dell Lattitude D400 and when I tru to do an update, I get the following message. [Error number: 0 x 80244019] The website has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options prov

Cannot create the folder on the storage device

My flash player works well, but lately, I can't create a folder: it simply indicates: cannot create the folder?

When I add photos to my Media Player folder removes it, how can I fix it?

In the last two days when I add a new file in my media library and add the work, the file disappears.  How can I fix it?


Hello I am writing because I was the victim of what I believe, it's a "Dell inside job" in this scam of technical support for users of computers Dell off warranty or expired support based in INDIA. I've been a customer of DELL since 2003, was always