Cannot use address book Contacts

When I write an email and click on one of my recipients from the contacts list to add them to the area in the area fired at the blue and does not add the recipient.

Can not open in safe mode / clear the cache because firefox is frozen

I tried to load a page which seems to have had a built-in buggy video ad, and now Firefox is stuck. It stops responding, but when I force quit and reopen it, it opens the offending page, still too and it freezes again. I tried to restart my computer

Need help to install itunes on my computer

Need help to install itunes on my computer.  I get an error message from itunes64setup.exe is not a valid win32 application

BDX3300kb wakes up in the middle of the night

We bought a BDX3300KB for use in a bedroom. Unfortunately, it seems to wake up in the middle of the night (around 04:00 hour of the United Kingdom), probably to verify the new firmware etc. As I activated of CEC, the Toshiba TV connected to wake up a

J1F08AA #AKL: Driver for HP 110-433 l windows 7 (32 bit)

I bought HP Desktop back someday l 110-433. I'm trying to get all the drivers, but simply find 64-bit. but, not 32-bit. Please, help ASAP... Zee

Satellite A300-1 M 1 - skates from CD/DVD, makes noise but does not read the CD

I own a laptop Satellite A300 - 1 M 1 He reads some DVD, windows media player or VLC, but fails to read CDs and many DVDs The drive is recognized in Windows Vista. I updated the drives and rebooted. Then removed from devide Manager and rebooted. The

External GPU enclosure

Does anyone know any good external lightning strike 2 boxes GPU for say a 980 GTX graphics card? Other then the sonnet? $900 for a speaker is almost as stupid as the price of a mac pro to our days All of the popular recommendations

IOS 9 - no iMessage on lock screen notifications

If my iPhone 5 under IOS 9 is locked and I get an iMessage he does not display on the lock screen. I have all the settings of notification of Messages on or off. Any help would be so appreciated!

Re: Satellite A300D-11 t - how to install Windows and software provided?

HelloI have a Toshiba Satellite A300D-11 t (model: PSAK0E-00700DGE.) Due to the mistake of hard drive, hard drive has been formatted and I lost my OS. When I bought it two years ago, the laptop came with Windows Visa and other software. But I don't h

How can I cut the internal of my Satellite L670-1JP louspeakers?

How can I disable the internal of my Satellite L670-1JP louspeakers, without inhibition of output?

Satellite L640 - Wireless icon is missing

I installed Windows 7 SP1 on a Toshiba Satellite L640. The wireless icon is missing when I press the FN key.The wireless light is orange all the time and I can connect to wireless networks. However I can not activate the wireless, or disable the F8 f

Best method to pass a resource between classes

Hi all Relatively new to OOP again and worked on a project of OBJECT-oriented programming.  My basic architecture is a machine to States OOP, each class represents a different test.  I have a test that will go through all the tests, so I thought I co

Tablet cheap for labview?

I'm looking for a tablet that can run in labVIEW. Y at - it tablets cheap compatible with labview? I know that microsoft pro 2 surface can run, but his expensive way. -Adam

Extraction of elements of the array

An array of output of 16 x 1, I want to extract 9 x 1 output array. Someone has any idea how to proceed in labview?

HP ProBook G2 450: get crash with blue screen ((rtwlane.sys) driver_irql_not_less_or_equal message

When I use internet through Wi - Fi some message crash put in time with blue screen (driver_irql_not_less_or_equal (rtwlane.sys), my adapter Wi - Fi is Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11bgn (new version) how can I solve this problem? please help me...)


My games won't play keep will pop up that my glworker.exe has stopped working, .whats that a how do I get rid of the pop up and get? RETURN TO WORK? OH MY BAD THE FIRST TIME HERE SO HEY, AND I HOPE THAT I AM TAKING THE RIGHT FORUM

Failure of the system to Vista Home

I accepted a download of the sytem on 10.8.09 updates crashed my system giving an error message! Oxc 0190036! 2745/93173 (regsvc.dll). -What this means and how can I restore my system?

HP envy 5640: unable to print from Word or Excel 2010

After you have installed Windows 10, I am unable to print from my desktop applications.  If I print to a PDF file first then I can print. I uninstalled all drivers and programs related to the printer and reinstalled.  I chequed firewall, and no solut

HP Pavilion Notebook with Windows 8 g6

My profile/sign in seems to have been corrupted. When I try to log on, the password is accepted but the splash screen doesn't disply apps for my sign on. It just keeps flashing a few applications on a loop - so all I can do is ctrl, alt, del to close

HP c310a with the new macbook Air with os x 10.8

I just bought a MacBook air. I've migrated everyting for my macbook pro (which worked fine with the printer). I could feel air but cannot scan. When I run the app to scan I was following: HP Scan cannot be opened because of a problem. Check with the