Power Mac G5 power problems...

Hello, on a quest to find a G5 computer, I found an early 2005 Power Mac G5 (2x2.7GHz). The first time I plugged it in and turned on, it works beautifully. The second time, I pressed the power button and heard a loud noise from the power supply. I re

Where can I disable 'Send performance data to Mozilla' or if it is enabled?

A few hours after the upgrade to Firefox 20, a bar has been shown at the bottom of the window telling me that some data was sent to Mozilla. the bar had a button called "Select what info" (or similar, I do not have a screenshot). By pressing the butt

NB500-108 - Windows runs very slowly.

Hello Why windows on my laptop (NB500-108) of your company, Toshiba, running very slowly? Thank youIgor.

Satellite A500 - Eco utility in Ubuntu

Hello I own a Satellite A500 laptop and I was wondering if Eco Utility is available for Ubuntu? Bye!

My ip5000 does not illuminate

was the head alignment, it stops just as if a fuse blew! now, nothing, nothing lights up, there is power-115 v!

I have a craft net router is compatible with the printer Hp 5725

Today, I bought a Hp 5725 printer all-in-one. I have the software windows 7 on my desktop & family has 2nd & 3rd generation Apple iPad. We have a router net gear. They are all compatible? Thank you for your help.

Fingerprint reader can be attached on my T400?

Hello world Before I bought my T400 (without a fingerprint reader), I tried one but I forgot it. Once, I opened my laptop and I thought that I can ask for the part which includes the fingerprint reader and throw my existing touchpad... Is someone can

Danaher drive blinking green light

I try to connect Vsio and Ciso on the UMI-7772. Movement system includes a Danaher P70360 and motor NEMA 34 (N31HRLG-LEK). The engine works well when the power is connected. When Viso and CISO are connected and that the motor is disconnected, the Vis

When you try to download the service pack 3 that it downloads and then a mistake.

Original title: service pack 3. When trying to download service pack 3 it downloads and then an error pops up that I do

How can I restore Microsoft Paint to start automatically when I open an image sent by email?

I tried to get Photoshop to become the image of e-mail detault opener and it did not work and (b) he turned 'off' painting.   I want to restore the paint and "turn off" Photoshop. Thank you very much Diana

Windows Defender and Microsoft malicious software removal tool

I'm unable to download, install, or run Windows Defender, I do... I used to have Windows Defender, when I tried to run, I got a 'Closed' very quick scoring, but he disappeared too quickly to see more, so I removed and tried to download and install ag

Need help on the first (Sansa) MP3

I just bought a new 8 GB Sansa Fuze today at Radio Shack ($69).  I downloaded the Media Player 11 MS, but have not yet charged the "rocket". I put in the CD teeny but it seemed that it was just to download music, I didn't want to.  Could someone tell

Media player skips and has flaws in reading hair cds

When I ripped a cd and played back through my Media Player of the id of the library had some faults on some songs

BlackBerry Z10 Black berry Z10 works / stop button inoperable

Hello I hope you do well and the best of your health, that my power of black berries Z10, button walk / stop is out of order his does not work even after by pressing and holding for 10-15 seconds, I am unable to turn off my cell phone is there any ot

DirectX 11 problem: Need to your registry entries.

Hey guys,. I made a small mistake and delete the registry for DirectX 11 for Windows 7 keys. Can you please go to (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> SOFTWARE-> Microsoft-> DirectX). And tell me the names of each key and values... etc... So I can recreate mine. Th

Error 104 when call pushscreen

Hi all I am a beginner with RIM API, and I am developing a small application with Eclipse. In fact, I have a 'class hand screen', which shows my home screen, no problem for it. I have a button when I click on, it displays a menu with many items, I wo

Example TextBoxField

I used the example to create a field that looks like a text box below.  However, I have difficulties to access text.  When I try to return the stored text I get an error for example I am trying to get the data entered, rpc.addProperty ("Username", tx

Making Page tutorial attachedObjects problem

Try to do the tutorial welcome.Already wrote this code: import bb.cascades 1.2 Page { Container { id:rootContainer } titleBar: TitleBar { title: "Welcome tour" } actions: [ ActionItem { title: "Next Tip" ActionBar.placement: ActionBarPlacement.OnBar

BlackBerry Smartphones the letter D above a tick on a text sent

That means the letter "D" indicates.  Thank you

I lost 200GB and I didn't download anything how he back

a couple of days, I noticed that my computer went from 515GB free of 582 GB 443 GB free of 582 GB. I do not download or anything like that. then a few hours later I noticed that the computer has abandoned free 582 GB to411GB. I always him had not dow