Get several pop ups password at startup of TB.

38.1.0 TB when it starts, I get multiple pop ups password. This suddenly started happening. I have three different e-mail accounts with one main Gmail. I tried to close all the e-mail TB while leaving the Inbox directory displayed, close TB and resta

I have the recovery key, but when I try to use it, I said it's the wrong recovery key?

Please can someone give me some tips or advice to help me with this problem is annoying. As I mentioned I saved my recovery key (RK) because I think it's a great tool, but when I tried to use it for the first time on my brand new computer, I was quic

Why have I lost all my favorites with the last update?

Updated to the latest version and all my favorites have disappeared

How to find the amount of data is transferred. AT & T are to put a 'ceiling' of 150 GB per month.

I hace heard there is an available for ATT customers 'meter', but I can't. Firefox has such information available?

Impossible to update the graphics drivers Satellite P200

Hello I recently bought a Satellite P200 (PSPB3E), running under Windows Vista 32-bit. The graphics driver is an Intel 965 Express Chipset. Vista indicates that there is an updated driver available that he downloaded from the Intel Web site. When I t

VI refuses to run when the published network shared variable is not available

I have a VI of logging data on my PC that gathers data from several sources, including several shared variable published network hosted on an RT target. The problem I have is that the data logger VI refuses to start if the target RT is disabled and t

I have a DAQ Assistant configured to read several channels at the same time. When I have a graphical indicator of wire to the output, I see all my signals mixed together. How I divided them into separate signals?

I have a DAQ Assistant configured to read 2 channels at the same time. When I have a graphical indicator of wire to the output, I see 2 signals mixed together. How I divided them into separate signals? When I wire any type of indicator, it is show th

I need A Windows Xp Home Ed Disk, how do I get one?

I need a windows xp Home edition disc. How can I get a?

Photo gallery tags backup?

Is it possible to backup photo gallery tags?  I have thousands of tags and I don't want to lose the chance

Unable to connect to the Dell 966 wireless printer.

Original title: unable to connect to my wireless printer My laptop is a dell running windows vista and I have a Dell 966 printer all-in-one. I can't have printer to pick up the signal from my laptop wireless. Im not to share the printer also. All the

M177fw MFP: Color Laserjet MFP M177fw Pro do not leave the page logo star HP & energy and go to the home page

I have a HP Color Laserjet Pro M177fw MFP multifunction printer.  When I power on, I get the HP & Energy Star logos on the touch screen of the printer, but then it crashes and the screen lights up.  My MacBook Pro will see the printer (I'm wired to i

Dell will offer 10 Windows as a more air move to current customers?

Hi all... I would just ask Dell if they will keep the customers happy by offering a more upgraded digital air or save location should current customers who would like to do a new installation back to how it was at the time of purchase, BUT with 10 Wi

Use StringBuffer on BlackBerry

Hi there everyone, I'm trying to give a sense of the documentation on best practices to use when developing for BlackBerry. One of the elements addressed StringBuffers: Avoiding StringBuffer.append (StringBuffer) To add a string buffer to another, mu

In a Qt application screen orientation

Hello Sorry, another Blackberry/Qt number... Is it possible for a Qt application to receive messages when the display is rotated? At present, it seems to create a QMainWindow (or any first level widget) with a fixed size - impossible (so far as I can

Future gear

In light of Google's announcement that they are no longer developing Gears and gradually in favor of HTML 5, how does this affect the Widget SDK?

Cast/EMR integration documentation?

According to the course of 3 days I became the 'expert' DMS in my organization and Tuesday have to go and set up the cast for someone who has 27 4400 DMP (without remote controls - AWESOME), six 2200 DME and 27 1100 DME.  The thing that that concerns

Does not appear under "Homegroup".

I have 3 laptops A, B, C, & all with Windows 7 64 bit.  Laptop shows B & C under him is put in "Homegroup", but B lists only C under "Homegroup" setting and C only lists B less is "Homegroup" setting - none of them list has!  Why won't A see the?  Ho

How to get Windows 8 to be able to play MPG or MPEG-2 video files?

I just bought a Lenovo ThinkPad 2 with Windows 8 (not Pro).  I love the Tablet - this is really a replacement upgraded for the iPad! My problem is that I record videos on a Sony camcorder and they are recorded as MPG files.  When I click on the file

Windows Mail does not sync

To access the emails via the mail tile does not sync my account. Know that because access to the account Hotmail/Outlook through Explorer are still up-to-date. It is new and is not happen before May would be the question seeks to correct. Thank you.