Extending Apple WiFi

I have a base station extreme in my basement and then 3 units Airport Express in my whole House connected through ethernet cables, creating a network of 'Roaming '. (I think that's the right terminology). Each express uses the same SSID and password

scheck selection boxes are not displayed in the window options, nor does the scroll bar - why?

Firefox is very erratic running. Scrolling is choppy at best. Usually, rocking it and descend is too far or no movement at all.Also, the scroll bar is black and there is no visible grab buttons to go up or down. Up and down arrows at the top of the b

Can I transfer my favorites of a home PC t o other with USB?

I have a home computer with FireFox above where I have all my selected favorites. I had another computer and I need directions on how to transfer the bookmarks form one PC to another via USB key.

Strike number CP 2025 printer cleaning/fault

Hello My company has invested in an HP CP2025 printer a couple of weeks, that is used on the network of eight or nine people. However, there is a problem where, after printing several pages, generally 3 pages, the printer goes into cleaning for a whi

C870 satellite - Toshiba Service Station problem

Hello for a while, the Toshiba Service station software won't work on my computer when I open it nothing happened and I can't do anything. And another problem:When I turn off my computer there is an error message "Program prevents the closure of wind

My system crippled Windows Update

my system crippled Windows Update. Lights on. All the tests of transmitted material. Try to restore but it does allow me to enter a restore point and none come up when I click on the show more restore points box. What should I do?

Satellite A300 - a RAM module will not work

Hello guys,. 6-8 months ago, I had a terrible accident with my laptop, I spilled:(coffe là-dessus.) Initially it has worked very well, but after a few days I just couldn't start it. When I pressed the power button, 'satellite' logo turned on, I could

in the tables on Pages duplicate entries

I have a Pages ' 09 with a table document. It contains hundreds of entries. There seems to be a lot of duplicates. Instead of using all of them manually find and delete, is there another way to do this? Also, how can I stick to the top of the table a

e/s digital simultaneous read/write channel

Hello In the VI attached labview 8.5, I try to write data to a digital i/o port and at the same time monitoring the status of this port.  I think that this should be possible, but I don't know how to code.  If it possible, I would like to know what I

Windows 7 do not install updates

After I selected the Option 'Install updates and then close'.   It seems to install without problem.  The next time I log on, I icon in the system tray showing the same amount of updates are "ready for installation.  They are the same updates each ti

Media Gallery x 64.msi (Setup error)

Hello, I write here because I had installed a new software for Media Gallery, but still have errors.Installed:SOAMGA-00262449-1040SOAOTH-00250111-1040SOAVUD-00260867-1070The problem is that opens an installation window each time ask for a file.Screen

Photosmart HP 7520: photosmart 7520 printer all-in-one fell my SSID wireless

My photosmart 7520 worked well until a few days ago.  It has stopped printing.  Wireless test report I am not connected.  I tried the wizard wireless set up to get reconnected but my wireless router number has disappeared from the list.  I typed it i

OR Communication CANOpen cRIO-9022 (9853 CAN module) and EPOS2 MAXON

Hi all I am implementing a control loop of speed on my motor Maxon EPOS2 controller, using the AOP, sent through my real time controller (OR cRIO-9022) with a DRUM module (9853). I set up the mapping of the PDO in the dictionary of the object of the

LaserJet P1102: do not print landscape

It is surely not normal... I just said my new P1102 cannot print landscape. I have not heard this kind of thing being said since about 1987 Symphony finally worked out how to print spreadsheets in format landscape. Surely this is not right? Can peope

HP Laserjet M553: HP Laserjet M553 leaves two-sided printing

I'm running 10 Windows on a desktop HP Envy with a printer HP Laserjet M553. I have this printer for a little more than a month.  I was able to print two-sided dox on this printer with only one or two times before this opportunity not to print on one

MP4s not showing upward

Hey, guys. Thus, it seems that the Sansa Fuze SHOULD be able to play MPEG-4 (video) files. I'm assuming that MP4 is exactly that, but my video never appears. Any ideas?

How can I restart my computer?

last night I turned off the power my computer without closing correctly, today early upward, I received this error box instead of opening windows: error isass.exe - application (this is the title of the box) it is written in the box: failed to initia

Should I installed Flash and Silverlight? They do the same thing?

Hey Microsoft, I just wanted to ask if I could just have silverlight installed on the computer, because it's a right flash player? I have Adobe Flash Player, so I'd really like to than a flash drive? Or I would not of silverlight and adobe? Thank you

How to stop Data Execution Prevention of crash Live Movie Maker?

I'm trying to import video from a dvd of LMM.  When I import it, it appears on the timeline, and then the program crashes with the message of the dep

Is crushed, now I can not detect the router

I was using vista when it crashed on me, and when I rebooted I found I couldn't connect to the internet more. I have not changed anything that lead to her or since, but poking around I know now that even if my computer is directly plugged into my NET