Black bars on my desk?

What is the big black bar with red and yellow marks little bit about this, and how do I get rid of him?

Firefox is locked up and the problem seems to be linked to plug into the container. Is there any solution for this?

Using Windows XP, a tab open in Firefox, selected an element on the Web page, loading icon appears and continuous, closed Firefox, tried to open Firefox, message that Firefox always on, closed firefox.exe by using the Task Manager, able to run Firefo

android on pc Sync tabs

I installed Firefox Sync. On my PC and the android device.I can see the tabs that I am browsing on my PC on my Android device, but not vice versa.I use Firefox beta R28 on my phone.I have Director account reset. Set up an account for the computer fir

All of the questions

I'm a longtime Firefox user (version a little older) on XP, up to a few days when I upgraded to Windows 7 (x 64) and new Mozilla. And with this switch came together questions I have not a quite experience earlier. "Firefox is already running but is n

Re: Can I put Satellite U300-15A to Windows 8?

The upgradeassistent says that the bios does not support NX.Is out of this problem?

Upgrade RAM or OSX first?

I want to speed up my end 2011 MacBook Pro by adding RAM (4 GB to 8 GB) and update of Lion to El Capitan.  No matter what I do first?

Filtering MAC DGND3700v2 problem

I administer this router for my club, and we must use MAC filtering and assignment of IP addresses and seem to have reached the maximum number of devices in the allocation table. Anyone aware of what I can do to increase the size of this table or in

Signal steady decline

Hello I use a transducer of pressure with a maximum flow of 100mV. I connected this pressure for an SCB-68 transducer that is connected to a PXI-6289. The transducer is connected in differential mode (ai0 & ai8). I'm supposed to measure a constant ba

Print E

I have an officejet 6500 E709 I looked for a print request code E and cannot very well there. It is not on the Panel and I have printed the printer status report and don't see there either. Any suggestions about where else to look at?

LabVIEW license diverted from 30 days trial license

The other day, I bought and installed a NI Developer suite and registered the product through the internet. When I run Labview to edit the screws I can see the following screen indicating that my Labview is allowed for ever. But after a few weeks, ar

How to build and use a clock for triggering signal internal.

Hi all Please excuse my ignorance, but I have been assigned to programming a system/operation of data collection for the experience, I'm trying and have no idea where to start. My goal is to generate a clock signal 0 - 5V with a frequency on the fron

my wifi stopped working suddenly. It shows no available networks. However, another iphone is able to connect to the router. Help, please

my wifi stopped working suddenly. It shows no available networks. However, another iphone is able to connect to the router. Help, please

Mouse problem - everything about score opens! Help, please

Using Windows Vista Home Basic. I had no problems so far. I guess it's a touchpad problem but I tried everything I know and I can't fix it. When I pass something, it is like I left clicked it. This is happening everywhere, including desktop, Windows

Every 3 hours of fire alarms

Hello I build five different Services. I created five different rules, that each of these rules has brought on specific services. Now, what I need is: each of these rules to fire every hour or three must the name of the function name on the host comp

Defective screen connector

The cable/Ribbon from the motherboard, via the right hinge on the screen is faulty, which causes the screen sometimes flashes. Are there any known I could try? ~ Viper13

BlackBerry Z30 try a Z30 in Toronto at the Canada before buy you

Hello I tried each number on your Web site, but no one knows how to guide me to a store of brick & mortar in Toronto to the Canada which would have a Z30 a sample to try. I need that, because otherwise, I will propose to my current BB torch for an Ap

Windows Media Player 12 lose his library

Whenever I start Windows Media Player, I have to tell him to add most of my music in its library. All my music is in the same directory, so I can't imagine why most of it would disappear, and yet some rest. Any ideas on why this is happening and how

BlackBerry 10 Adobe Air gone permanently.

One of my most used apps was Vault by XLabz. She and a dozen others are dead on my Z30 in BB10.3.1. Here is the response from XLABZ. "Arch and most of our older applications were built using a technology called Adobe AIR. BlackBerry ceased support fo

Converting from 32-bit to Windows 7 64 bit... How?

I am currently using a 32 bit OS... I want to install Windows 7 64 bit... What can I do to save my settings and install the 64-bit version? Or, what is the most effective method to make the switch and keep my files? Last - is it possible to simply up

Smartphones blackBerry calendar application?

Hello quick question if I add another my 8320 email address does everything my calendar from the past entries are deleted or they do anyway? I just checked this morning, and all things in the past has been removed, is - this normal? Thank you