Apple Watch 3.0 update successful, but look at App sows still don't looks no configuration of SOS

My app Apple Watch have not improved completely as old integrated many features like the looks instead of Dock. The watch seems to have completely updated to 3.0 Watch. How is - a updates the application shows?

Try to connect 2007 Apple Cinema Display to the retina of MacBook Pro

I'm trying to connect my MacBook Pro retina 2015 to my old Apple Cinema Display 2007. Apple recommended the purchase of the Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI. I connected everything except directly from monitor adding firewire cable. I can see the im

Importer of bookmarks it removes them to another browser?

Wanted to work around a glitch neo yahoo group - was going to import my IE Favorites, but don't want to delete IE until I see if it works - so need to know if I import into firefox if it removes IE

'Search' homepage won't work, searching for words, should go to the address bar to get one will search for.

When I go to the start page, after clicking on the icon for Mozilla Firefox, if I type in the box and press 'Search', it does nothing. I have to go to the top of the address bar to search for anything. This isn't like Google, where I can type a few w

Cannot alt + click tabs.

Links will not open in a new tab when I middle click / alt + click. I don't know what is happening, since this only started happening when I turned on my computer this morning. It works fine on IE but.

How remove (uninstall) a 4 FF add-on?

I installed an add-on from the translator of FF. How to uninstall it?

Portege R400 - I want to downgrade to XP

Toshiba Portege R400, I bought over a year ago.He had installed vista and I ve worked about a month, but after installing a lot of software on I ve been working VERY SLOW.I decided to downgrade to XP, but Toshiba don t provide a downgrade installatio

How to connect by Satellite Pro A300-1LW to TV - only monitors VGA port available

I want to connect my Satellite Pro A300 1LW to the TV to watch DVDs and videos on the internet.There is only a single VGA output. I have this connected to the input VGA on TV (Sony Bravia LCD TV) and it displays the start-up screens such as the BIOS,

Satellite of swapping screen LCD L850-150 to another with more resolution?

Hello I am owner of a Toshiba L850-150, with a screen resolution of 1366 x 768 and I want to know if it is possible to change the Lcd display to another with more resolution, say a panel that is capable of displaying a resolution of full HD 1920 * 10

my activity tracker is incorrect

How can I fix the activity tracker?  I went for a brisk 71 min yesterday and updated on the tracker section registered only 29 min?

Control the Structure of the event with text file

I'm new relativaly in LabVIEW (experience only about 2 weeks). I am currently control a stepper motor using a structure of the event. Similar to the sample code given by LIFA, I entered my settings how the engine not move away, then press a button on

Wireless ergonomic keyboard

I bought an ergonomic keyboard MICROSOFT wireless about four months ago.  Since then, the letters have mostly disappeared; for example: e, r, t, i, o, s, d, l, c, n and many others we get very light.  It's maddening, because I always put 'o' where 'i

How to recover deleted files

How to recovery of accidentally deleted files

My copy of Windows XP application now to be reactivated. I bought Windows 7 but I can't get into Windows XP to back up my files.

WINDOWS XP Home Edition has BEEN ACTIVATED FOR YEARS AND IT APPLICATION to BE REACTIVATED AND NOT ACCEPT THE KEY NUMBER.  I tried to activate it online and by phone, but I've only had the computer records.   I bought Windows 7 but must recover my fil

Unable to send email in Outlook Express 6 all of a sudden.

Unable to send email in Outlook Express 6 all of a sudden.  I am running Windows XP.  All of a sudden one day I was not able to send e-mail, but I can receive. When this happened, I got "an unknown error has occurred. "" Account: 'Alan ntl', server:

I have a 2004 hp pavilion a527x, which has 32 bits, there seems to be a driver problem, I have windows xp can I switch to java 64 bit?

When I use qualys analysis on my system, the 32-bit java 6 version is coming as a risk and incompatible.

Why can not install xp

My acer extensa 5620ZG labtop comes with vista home premium and now I don't want this os and I want to install win xp prof - retail version v2002... I have change the 1st boot cd rom and fine it boot to the top and starts copying etc and just until t

Is it a hoax or is MSN? __Msn Hotmail account alert. __

Dear account ownerIt is Windows Live Hotmail e-mail and send it to your user account for your security. Due to recording anonymous account that causes congestion to our service so we are closing some accounts and your account was among those to be de

No sound volume from ny computer pls help__

our volume no sound from my computer

Run the Outlook file disappeared

Hello I had a lot of trouble with Vista then got Windows 7 last week. Now outlook.exe seems to have disappeared and I can't open outlook 2007 worm. What can I do?