How can I view all PDFs open in Firefox?

I have difficulties, preview of PDF files using Firefox. My OS is Ubuntu 14.04 and I use Firefox 38.0, Firefox for Ubuntu canonical - 1.0. I'll have a problem that sometimes when I select PDFs, instead of preview of the file, I get a pop-up window to

Another sim will fit in mini iPad 3 besides Apple?

I bought a mini iPad 3 (refurb) and he came with a card Sim Apple. So, I bought a byo tablet nano AT & T sim. It is too wide to fit in the status bar. Wil, it works if I cut it down?

Manager ElCapitan of components of carbon for hosting Audio Units.

WHEN USING LOGIC PRO X: Logic Pro X starts up quickly, but when you choose a saved project, it crashes. I have to leave at least 3 times before, he manages to open the project. The problem was reported in the newspapers of the console. where the seco

Difference between manually manage photo library

First of all, this is a workflow that I am creating and need help. First of all, I import a batch of photos from my computer.  I then tags that will affect each photo in a smart album. A smart album, I'd like to have is 'Remove the Photo from Compute

1. in the most visited past bad worked. 2 but a week is totally gone and I can not restorere with

1. in the past the most visited worked poorly, often disappear, but I can restore with view, toolbar, customize, restore default set.2, but last week the most visited toally lost one it is imposibble to restore.

IM thinking of buying an iPhone

I have a Mac and it.  I have a basic cell phone.  The reason of my need to upgrade to some sort of smart phone is that I now have a security surveillance system with 4 cameras in my house and Im usually away for a week at a time.  Living with a smart

Skype constantly not unresponsive OSX Yosemite

Hello Everytime I open Skype it is unresponsive and I force quit it. I tried to download it again and delete the old Skype, but it still does not work. I have attatched the accident report. Thans for reading.

Notifications bar won't slide down

Hello recently, I bought motorcycle g 2nd GEN that everything is working well, but sometimes the notification bar and menu icons at the bottom do not react. If I press the button to lock twice then it works well. Please tell me that is a bug in the o

Looking for the character "$" in a regular expression

I try to use the vi "Regular Expression to Match", but what I'm trying to find is a dollar sign followed by a space. Using the slash codes allows me to specify a whitespace character (\s) but I can't find how to specify the $. I tried \x24 and \36 tr

M127fn: HP Win 10 App against HP Full Download

Volunteering for a non-profit. The organization just got a HP M127fn. Manager received error messages when you try to install the full download software package. I came and tried twice to do so, but received an error message that she was "too long" a

HP ENVY 15 t-j100 Quad Edition: upgrade of the current HARD drive

I have HP ENVY 15 t-j100 Quad Edition laptop which currently has a 1 to 5400 RPM HARD drive. I'm looking to upgrade to SSD drive and need help with the following responses (1) the laptop does support more than 512 GB since the laptop computer mainten

HP G42: Enter the password

Cuando prendo the computadora me appears enter password administrator or power on password. After 3 question appears este Código. 59441284 Por favor su ayuda.

Windows won't start after crashing... What can we do?

My daughters computer is crashed and now when we turn it back on, it cannot start windows properly.  It displays the progress bar and windows screen but then goes directly to the start menu.  We have tried all the options on this menu, and nothing wo

Windows XP Setup error: the file ohci134.sys is corrupted?

I was on my computer when my power cut off, and now it used to boot past the Windows XP loading screen, so I inserted the windows disk to run a chkdsk command or a repair, but I get the error: the file ohci134.sys is corrupted. Press a key to reboot

service pack 1 said it installed but does not have...

I have downloac DED sp1 several downloads and installed. my computer doesn't recognise it, causing all updates and upgrades impossible.

How can I change the destination folder to Windows Picture import in the Vista autoplay version. ?

The destination folder somehow Autoplay went under the windows default 'Photos' parameter in a subfolder in 'Photos' when you use the option 'Import using Windows' Auotplay. Default AutoPlay program area does not choice for import folders, only actio

Clip of broken 8180 Photosmart printer ink cartridge

Hi do anyone knows if it is possible to replace the clips that hold the ink on the Photosmart 8180 All in One Printer.  If Yes, where can I buy a.  Just the end is broken where it clamps down.  We have tried several different ways to paste the clip,

Windows 8 and 6110 utilities

New laptop Toshiba.  Also my 6110 laptop successfully and prints OK.  However, do not have other facilities - HP Director, commercial imagery that came from the original CD. This has given support up to XP. How can I get the facilities I had before -

Cannot retrieve lost password, because the email no longer exists on games for windows

Recently, I went to play a game (BulletStorm) that I've not played for a few years. Email related to my Games for Windows Live account more exists because I reinstalled at the same time and when I choose the link "password forgotten", it takes me to

Encode the part of the URL (search)

I want to be able to do a search on Google in a webview, by setting the URL "' ' + encodeURIComponent("+"), but research that results is actually % 2B."  Strangely, when I type the resulting URL in my computer, I get