Outlook for Mac 2016 Question - not color the backgrounds of emails - no response from MS

Can I add background color to an e-mail message in outlook 2016 for mac? As a solid green or yellow, for example? I can't in 2011 using the tab options. Which is available in 2016 to Outlook for Mac? No indication of support for MS and Google comes t

can not set up to use exchange with thunderbird address book

Dear support, I have followed the following link to configure exchange address book with my thunder bird client( I am using the latest version), it is working perfectly fine with some computers, but for few it is not working. the strange thing is i a

Necessary recovery for Pavilion a1310n disk

One of my friends has me his PC this afternoon because he has stopped booting.  It stops at blue screen of the HP and all my efforts so that it can start failed.  Unfortunately she wasn't a no recovery disks for this PC because when she bought nobody

Satellite L455D - How can I disable touchpad & WiFi slow

I just got this new laptop and I really NEED to disable the touchpad. It drives me crazy jumping everywhere when I type. I tried Fn + F9 and it does not work. I looked in the control panel and I can uninstall the drivers, but can't turn it off. I lik

Satellite Pro 6000 memory

Can anyone help?I am buying a memory module 128 MB for satellite pro 6000.The manual says I can only install a 128 MB module with PA3126U - 1 M 12 part number.I tried two different memory sites that said they had compatible modules, but they have tur

Satellite C660-1ZN stops after 30 minutes

I just recently brought a portable c660-1zn but it overheats and turns off after about 30 minutes when I play games like second life on the graphics settings lower. I know that's not it's a new laptop from dust. Should we do this? or is it current on

HP ENVY notebook: battery not charging!

Hello I recently bought a HP ENVY laptop, and I've updated my windows edition to Windows 10. 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my battery no longer works. It does not load: its says "plugged in, load" but its not charging. now my battery is empty, (say 3%)

MacBook Pro 13 "(mid-2012) i7, 8 GB, 750 GB - VERY low LAG high-end GAMES OVERHEATING [Metal fail?]

First of all, Merry Christmas to you all and hope that you guys are doing well. As the title says I am using the updated Macbook Pro Mid2012 Standard (Non-retine). In any case the introduction of the metal, shouldn't this smoothly? I see really no im

How to clear all personal data on iPhone

There are a lot of personal data on my iPhone 5 such as the business contacts, videos recorded. I ordered an iPhone 6 last week and now I have already. There is no need to own two iPhones at once, so I intend to sell on gazelle, with a price to $ 125

How can I retrieve the execution of TestStand 4.0 Test results in a c sharp Application?

I am writing a c sharp application to launch a test sequence in TestStand 4.0.1 and then collect the results of the tests to update our own screens / report (s).  I'll need some sort of recursive routine to collect the following information (if avail

lighting of 3 leds using the sequence meal and time delay VI express?

run the vi and a LED light, 1 second later, the 2nd led should light, 2 seconds later the 3rd led must light up then everything must stay on for 3 seconds, I need to use a flat sequence with 3 images and express time in each image Tips or advice woul

How do I know if the Windows XP-based computer has a virus?

WINDOWS XP PROFESSIONAL. My C drive is maximally. I have 37.2 GB and no usable space. I don't even have 15% so I can run the defragmentation. I found where the additional concert seems to be.  C-> documents and settings-> ADMINISTRATIVE properties sh

I can not access my Webroot AntiVirus & spyware protection to enable it as my security provider. Windows defender keeps "takeover." How can I fix?

For more than a month now, I get in the right corner that Webroot Software would I discover my notifications after his scan but when I click on view the Notifications, I get the mini screen that says loading... Please wait, but nothing happens.  I ca

HP Personal Media Drive - cannot get support

Hello I tried to look for a "soft" or etc. but has not found category. I hope that I write to the rgiht category. I have a HP Personal Media Drive that I am attemptign to solve problems hd0000 part # rf863aa 500 GB capacity The problem I have is when

OpenManage cannot install server Instrumentation

I want to install OpenManage Server Administratror on our servers, the mix of different PowerEdge servers and Windows operating system. It is installed and works very well on some but not on others. The problem is with the installation, the Web Serve

HP T7100 Plotter

We just bought a HP T7100 tracer for our office. The question we have is ink will smear if we run a highlite fallen on pen. The colleague who has implemented has used the same rolled paper we used in our Laser KIP printer. I know with domestic printe

Narrowing of the search criteria for the import of images

So I've been taking pictures and upload them to my computer to work on a daily basis, but it takes much more time that I feel that does take to get my phone for photos. He will say that it is almost finished, but then check each tiny file for another

No Admob Android App?

Now, while my app works on Playbook, I can't the Admob ads to load at all. I know they sometimes charge, but on other occasions, it should. Everyone has seen no job ads Admob Android on Playbook yet?

Adding smart card reader driver

Are there guidelines for adding smart card reader driver? There is a link at the bottom of http://www.blackberry.com/developers/docs/4.7.0api/net/rim/device/api/smartcard/package-summary.html to this resource page, but it seems to be dead. Is it poss

Right way to restart the ISE PSN node in a distributed deployment

Hi all Two of my ISE nodes (in a 1.2 8 node deployment) have expired admin CLI past (I know I'm stupid!) One is the secondary node MnT and one is a PSN node (1 of 4). I have some information on what I need to do to get a new password, but I have to u