Two-factor authentication

On my iMac after Sierra was an option to unlock with Apple Watch (security preferences panel). I click it and it says I need to disable the verification of two factor and enable two-factor authentication. Fine. Did. Now the option to activate Apple W

Is it possible to spend in Firefox 4 on a machine running Mac OS 10.4.11?

I can't upgrade my OS as our machines (Mac mini with 1 GB of RAM) do not have CPU Pentel needed for the OS 'Snow Leopard', and although I can DL the installation of programs for FF4, I am prevented from dragging and dropping them in my Applications f

More Ram in Qosmio X 300 W

HelloHowe can insert more Ram of Qosmio x 300 W, I'm on Vista Ultimate 64-bit so I would have 8 GB of Ram.But I can't know that it is possible where the extra 4 GB Ram should be.Frank

Re: Tecra M9 necessary driver (PTM91E) for "simple communication controller.

I have Win7x64 on my installed Tecra M9There is a material that I can not know what driver is needed for is the hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_2A04 & SUBSYS_00011179 & REV_03and in Device Manager / it appears as "controller of communications (single

My keyboard has stopped working - please help!

Hello.For some reason, the keyboard on my laptop Satellite 1000 series has stopped working (I think someone was able to associate some liquid above...). Device displays Manager ' easy internet keyboard "and"logitech HID-compliant keyboard"(which refe

iMac, keyboard no longer works

Hello My iMac is less than a week and I noticed that the keyboard stops working when the two USB is used.  Is there a solution for this?  Can I have a defective keyboard?  It's really frustrating. Someone at - he lived it and have any tips?

A lot of ARP broadcasts from RackSwitch G8264s

I get constant ARP broadcasts for router/gateway from G8264 RackSwitches running 7.11.6 OS. Whenever I have check "sh arp" or "sh ip arp" I see the age of the IP.1 gets ever more 1 - it is usually 0. They seem to send emissions every 4 seconds or mor

CPU upgrade in dv6-6159... i5 to i7?

Hey guys, I really need an asnwer to this question, can the i5 2.4 ghz, can put b upgraded to a quad core i7? I need for the game, he has a graphics 6770 m, thnk so I should have a quad core i7 instead How much can it cost? is HP one such update? Tha

memory allocations

Hi, I am struggling with this problem for a few days now. I use a PCI card that is used for a multiplexer to test ultrasound. I am developing a LABVIEW application to access the map and data acquisition. I have the card provider code samples and some

Real Player does not start "web video search" IE needs to upgrade

Real Player don't look for it on the web for "web search for videa" research and I see on the bar "pending response" State but eventually he reads just that my browser needs upgrading. Although Real Player seems to go well and communicates onlone to

is there a possible solution for compatibility between windows vista home edition sp2 and virtual pc 2007

When you try to install virtual pc 2007, I get a message saying that it is not compatible with my Windows vista edition operating system sp2 family. Y at - it a update for the compatibility solution?

SmartWatch errors

Hellofirst of all, I want you to know I love all Sony products but right now I have a problemI have Sony Xperia Z1 Compactand SmartWatch 2they worked fine, but after updateing my Android to be compact z14.4.4 build number 14.4.A.0.108 There is error

App - V 5.0 support in vWorkspace

Team, Good day to you! One of our clients is looking to application virtualization taking into account implementation of VDI. We proposed to App - V because it is a supported solution. However, it seems that App - V 5.0 is not currently supported wit

How to pass for window 7?

Installed windows 7 none of my programs and files showed how to get transfer them old windows of windows 7? Thank you

Error 1606 could access the network 0 location

When you try to install HR block Arizona State Tax program I get this error message, please notify

Client Server Runtime Process (csrss.exe) problem?

When I right click Properties of csrss.exe in the Task Manager, the action request closes down the Task Manager and I don't get any list of properties.  If I right click Properties in C:\Window\system32\csrss.exe windows Explorer I get the list of pr

Fullmenu poster, furthur screen is not displayed

Hello I am facing a problem displaying a screen once the call server response arrives. I display a new screen after follwing sequence: (1) the main screen (just like the midlet) extends UIApplication and called screen1 (2) screen1 has a button where

Completed task - adding device to MSC

Hello world I was able to add to the asa at the WSC, 4.3 Add a device on the network. ASA is in production Https connection was successful after he asked me to create tickets for this step I created tickets need to know why this ticket is necessary?

Error in the configuration of DNS server via the netsh command

When I configure a local DNS server for my test-domain with the netsh commandnetsh interface ip set dns name = "LAN connection" source = static addr = get a messge for error (translated from German):The DNS server is wrong or does not

Looking for support for a Sony Bravia KDL32EX420 table top

Someone at - it support for this model tv lying around.  Wall but now needed to stand.