Independent external drive for Time Machine backup

Can I save two external hard drives independently in two separate backup drives? 2 TB DHM supported with a 2 to DHM and 5 to DHM supported with a to 5 DHM The 2 TB drive holds the content inventory which changes often but never amounts to more than 3

How to install windows 7 Firefox without 'Ask search' and other software?

I would like to install Firefox pure, lean without other complementary software, such as "Ask search. Please download from the home page of Mozilla. Thank you for helping.

Find email when you re - enter address in Thunderbird

In collaboration with the e-mail inadvertently, I had one of my addresses appears twice. I removed what appeared to be the latest list but when it has been removed it is also deleted my Inbox and all messages, that I intended to leave. I can see the

How can I remove istart webssearches please

I want to remove a hyjacker browser called istart webssearches

Using annotate preview - delete + insert?

Hello I just started to use the feature to annotate previews for annotate PDFs on a MacBook Pro, after you use the GoodReader app on an iPad. In GR, there is a way to expunge erroneous text and insert the correct text in a single action that perfectl

Satellite Pro L500D - I can not install the ATI from Toshiba page display driver

I reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.No, I have the problem, I can not install the Ati (HD 4100), downloaded displaydriver from Toshiba for my Notebookmodel.

Lost bookmarks not helpful info, no position of torbutton, impossible to restore the Favorites!

Updated Firefox 3.6.3 delete all bookmarks, no post of torbutton, in lost bookmarks help, profile has only 1 record xxxxx.default. Cannot restore Firefox 3.6 original environment. How can I fix this bookmarks lost?

Add the floppy

My CQ5624P MB has a floppy sleeve.    Can I install an old three density floppy drive in my machine?   The old floppy drive cables are still usable on this machine? The only downside that I see it is degrading the face of the machine by removing one

G7-1202er HP: Hp Pavilion G7-1202er processor update

I have an amd a4 - 3300 m apu with radeon hd graphics card and I need to know which processors I can update

Issue of Windows Live Mail.

My new email on Windows Live Mail would appear as soon as I opened the e-mail.  Now I have to manually go to send/receive to get the email.  What happened and how do I get this automatic return?    Thank you

Courier vs. courier regular

I write a script that requires a courier and specifically says: no new mail. I found the regular mail. which is the same as mail. the description is to use Messaging 12 because that generates about 10 characters per inch.

Vista - Windows Update error 80072EFE

Original title: 80072EFE Microsoft Update will not work!  Advice please... (Vista Home Premium)

Cannot install 2 important updates - unknown error: Code 80070026 and Code 26

For months now, I have tried to run updates for Vista Windows, but I get these two error codes. I thought I might have a virus that my antivirus regularly had not taken, I went to and performed a

Can I backup my Outlook Express on Lacie?

I have greated a lot of files to store emails from work and want to go back to their place on an external drive... How can I do this?

Computer does not detect the DVD.

Original title: I just want to look Across The Universe...: Then, when I put a DVD in my computer always says me it cannot detect a dvd. What should I do?

Steps for non-techie replace HDD on T42?

My trusty T42-2378-R6U runs out of room.  I want to upgrade the hard drive, but I don't know what steps I have to take for this.  I am running Win XP.  Please start from the beginning... I've never done this before. While I'm this should I install mo

Why is my connection procedure changed? It's too long to type the full address

Previously, when I clicked on hotmail, it prompted me to my logo sign, now it is asking me to enter my e-mail address and my password. Why has this changed? How can I change this back?

Restore the computer to Windows XP Home Edition without original HP software

I have a Compaq Presario 5430US. He had Win xp Home Edition pre-installed with hp software. He had a virus (I think). I used the recovery disc. It worked until I opened the 2nd partition (where system information are stored on these models). The next

Simple server status monitor (online/offline)

Hello. Is there a rule + agent to SIMPLY follow the status of a server? I want an email if the server reboots, for example. It comes to vFoglight 6.7 PRO. Thank you!!!

DeskJet 2544: Printing problem

My printer prints a Word document, but does not print not an email or anything on the web.  Print pop up option appears out of the box where the print preview is supposed to show just has three dots jumping around and preview impression just never ca