Untrusted connection Firefox

I tried all possible ways to correct this error, none of the work site, the only one which is yahoo and they all say the same error If you normally connect to this site without problems, this error can mean that someone is trying to impersonate the i

What can I enabie javascript on my galaxy s3 using firefox?

l have tried to open an account on twitter, but seem to need JavaScript to do this. Pull your hair doesn't seem to help.

Satellite Pro L20 - disk hard keeps spinning down

Hi, I have recently updated the BIOS on my Toshiba Satellite Pro L20, and I noticed that the disk hard keeps spinning down after about a minute, even while typing or surfing on the internet. I checked the power settings Windows XP and have it put on

Qosmio G50: Vista Ultimate loads slowly

It takes Vista Ultimate on my Qosmio 3 min 10 seconds to load (until the desktop). I think that its too long, is it posible to load faster? Only the programs that came with the charge of the laptop, I have nothing else has not installed.

Satellite A200-1 g: Fn keys do not work on Vista

Ont. A200-1 g just to reinstall Vista Ultimate version. Drivers installed page value Pack added. With the mouse clicks on respect all works of FlashCards, but when I press Fn + F1 - F12, nothing happens. When FlashCards started I normally use functio

End of 2009 Mac Mini won't start in recovery mode

I have a Mac mini end of 2009, the latest version of El Capitan. I recently stopped a partition bootcamp by mistake and now I have 80 GB of my Mac partition filled by anything. Repartition the hard drive does not fix it. I want to reinstall the OS vi

LeCroy WaveRunner 64Xi - using LabVIEW

Hi all I want to contact Lecroy Waverunner 64Xi, I downloaded the driver from lecroy vi of our website or (http://sine.ni.com/apps/utf8/niid_web_display.download_page?p_id_guid=078549B4E9E85646E0440003BA7CCD...). I've been through these examples its

Error code: (0xc000012d 0x001003a8)

Hello, I have a problema bastante serio. encender Trato computadora in el inicio pero no dice as el operating system no works, con arrancarla reserved Linux desde CD y tampoco pude there pulled me este codigo error of: (0xc000012d 0x001003a8)

Errors and warnings in the event viewer on the new laptop

I have a HP 2000 Notebook PC with the product number QE279UA #ABA Bought and started using it at the end of December 2011. -Since then, I had immediate problems with the WiFi adapter (HP tried to solve the problem by sending a new network card, but t

missing partition

Hi, I've been a user of XP sp3 with a disk partitioned for years and suddenly last Sunday my D: partition became unavailable hollow win Explorer, he is still there, intact, according to dskmng, it's ok but I can't touch except through firefox... what

CommView for Wifi pilot

Try using the network card driver (AR5006X) also called net5211-Commview for Wifi - but the Device manager says that there is something wrong and gives me code 10.  I have the Atheros 5007 802 WIRELESS network adapter. 11 b/g.  At first, I

Cannot install updates error 80050570.

Updates to try MS but get error thir. Computer then sometimes all goes off. Ideas?OT:Update error 80050570?

notification and instant preview

Hi all is there a sampe notice and overide instant preview? as to prevent them from be triggered?

Impossible to get apps working on Dev Alpha WebWorks

I was not able to get any application WebWorks has been working successfully on my alpha dev device. I downloaded the bbjs.ui repo and you want to run a few samples. Therefore I replaced the WebWorks js with the last file in the source for t

BlackBerry Smartphones Will never learn all this? Help with contacts & ILA

Glad this forum is here and many users savy! Help! I have all my contacts transferred over other phones. I went through and cleaned and updated for each contact. She is now my problem or screwup. You can use one or more of the phone numbers for a con

BlackBerry Smartphones Cant access basic applications

I am running desktop manager 4.7 for my storm and my "BOLD" on 2 PC.  In the application loader for the Manager of office on my PC, I can access basic for phones applications and add and remove languages I want.  On the PC I can't access basic for ea

BlackBerry 9550 Smartphone touch screen buttons not working not

I've been around and with the customer service on this - the buttons on the lower right corner of my phon (including red buttons and return) do not work.  I pulled the battery several times and wiped the phone, making it very well run for an hour or

How can I disable Sites suggested in windows internet explorer 9 in Win7?

I tried to go to such tools as suggested by Win Help & support but I do not see 'File', said, would be available to disable suggested Sites. All I get is Sugested Site under tools and when I click on the popup appears asking me if I want to discover

How plan 2 separate backup jobs using Windows 7 backup & restore?

How plan 2 separate backup jobs using Windows 7 backup & restore? I would like to back up some files more frequently than others.

I have the new Windows 8 and cannot sync my Ipod Nano

I have the new Windows 8 and cannot sync my Ipod Nano is anyone know how to do this?