Ubuntu Remix on Toshiba Satellite 110 series

Hi guys,. I installed ubuntu remix on my Toshiba Satelite 110 that I just bought, but the wifi card gives me a lot of trouble. I can actually see it in the Bios. I can turn it works, but it tests not at all. It is the output of "lspci - tv. As you ca

iOS 9.3.1 update - what should I do if I don't have the access code?

I want to install this update, but my iPad won't without a password. This is different from the 6 digit digital code which is sent when you allow connections between devices. Where can I find this authentication code, or how to work around it?

Satellite P - new driver AMD (ATi) for Firefox

Would it not be possible to persuade Toshiba to publish an update for the graphics driver before Firefox 4.0 is released this month? For the average user with an older driver that October 2010 hardware acceleration is not available.

Satellite Pro A300 PSAGDA-02000R, driver missing in Windows 7

After a clean install of Windows 7 Ultimate, I met a pilot that I can't know what it is.As far as I know on this topic is on system compatible ACPI Microsoft and also the path of the device instance is ACPI\TOS6205\2 & DABA3FF & 1Any ideas?

Satellite A300-1EH - where to find the key for Microsoft Works?

Satellite A300-1EH My laptop has been repaired. Exchange service throughout the system. I have serious problem since then.The new version of Microsoft Works requires me 25 - the key of the product registration. I don't have him. Where can I get this

laptop Hp 15-r006TU, you do not have compatible VGA hardware or driver to run youcam

I have the Dos version for Hp 15-r006TU laptop, I installed Window 7 Ultimate. For YouCam, I install driver sp65795 . But when I try to run YouCam I got the error message you have not the hardware VGA compatible or driver to run youcam Pls help me to

Birthday Facebook notifications

I am a new user of the CLIQ. So far I really like it, but I can't seem to find a way to remove or change my Facebook friends birthdays. Most of them are not close friends and that I must not have their birthdays on my calendar and most certainly no n

viEnableEvent returns error 0xBFFF0083

I try to activate the interruptions in a driver using VISA and I get an error that makes no sense.  Here are the calls that I do to the VISA and viEnableEvent returns 0xBFFF0083 or VI_ERROR_INV_LENGTH. status = viOpen (defaultRM [0], desc, VI_NULL, V

Cannot install KB2434419.

Original title: KB2434419 will not be installed. Only partial installation and it stops the installation. Help please - 80 year old man who needs help. Thank you kb2434419 will not install completely.

I plugged my xbox to my laptop recently now the xbox will not collect my pc

B4 this i could release all and everything through a wired connection.now that my media center says no extender found on my network, under settings, there is no xbox 360, in fact I deleted itmonths there when I tried to set up a wireless connection.

fxscfqwz.dll download - file missing

MS offers a download of this file? After a system crash, I rebooted my system, and my HP Officejet 6500 says he needs this file but can't find it: fxscfgwz.dllIs there a SAFE place to download this file without some malware or other annoying program

We have a license for vista how to go from xp

We have a vista license and want to update my windows xp how do it started

You can control a peltier with DAQPad-6015 chip?

Hey,. It is a simple enough question.  I was controlling a DC power supply with a labview code that I wrote.  Then my colleague told me that it was possible to control the chip peltier directly via the DAQPad.  Is this true?  If so, how I would contr

Allow a standard user to install software designated as updates of Adobe reader with group policy

Hello I have the users configured as standard users to prevent them from installing unapproved software. This causes problems with products such as java and adobe reader running automatic updates.  We then get cranky users because they are prompted t

Update BIOS killed the headphone

First off, this is the problem - I have a vostro V131, i5-2430, running win7 x 64. Earlier today, I flashed the BIOS A05 to A06 (downloaded from the dell support page). Everything works well, and my laptop speakers work fine as well, so I'm not alert

Microsoft Security Essentials Program

Hello... I have a question I need help... I just downloaded your Microsoft Security Essentials program and got this error code... (an error has occurred in the program during the installation... If the problem persists, contact your system administra

Windows 7 laptop: occasional, power flickering of the screen

Starting yesterday (31/07/2012), my laptop has a flicker of frankly boring and occasional screen. At first, it was just the refresh rate being turned down to 40 hertz, for some strange reason. However, it is now at 60 hertz, can go no higher and stil

When I click on the recycling bin icon, the icon of 'libraries' opens

Original title: Microsoft 7 My basket is linked to my libraries. When I click on the recycling bin icon, the icon of 'libraries' opens. In addition, my 'documents', 'homegroup', 'computer' and 'network' options are now located in the trash. I recentl

Boot & Firmware SG300-28

I received a new SG300-28 with FW and Boot version  A couple of weeks, I got a SG500-28 and I udated on Sx500_FW_1.3.0.62 ros and Sx500_BOOT_1.3.0.03 rfb.  I checked for the current version for the SG300-28 and I downloaded Sx300_FW

Display.getWidth vs Graphics.getScreenWidth ())

Hello What is the difference between these and who should be used? Thank you. Display.getWidth vs Graphics.getScreenWidth ())