ICloud files recovery

Hello I accidentally deleted all my files from the Finder pages in my MB Air. I tried to erase a single document, but I didn't know that the folder has been selected. It seemed that it was immediately deleted from my computer and not moved to the tra

How can I change the color of the bookmarks bar and the border of Firefox?

My bookmark toolbar and the border has been a nice dark orange color. It changed to a blue baby and I want to go back to orange. I didn't do anything he changed by itself.

Application of the lock screen?

Is it possible to disable the lock screen, so when you turn on the iPad it passes directly to the home screen and the various applications you have on it? Thank you

Satellite C660-15R: no applications will organize

Hello, hoping you can help me. When I start my laptop, it starts as usual, connects to networks etc but when I try to run firefox, microsoft Word, or any other application, it won't.I discovered that I can restart in safe mode, and then restart the l

RoboForm 6.10.1 does not work in FF4

RoboForm 6.10.1 works very well in 3.6.16 but it does not work in 4.0

Tecra 8000: Desk Station V + chipset/HDD on Debian Linux?

Hello! I have a Toshiba Tecra 8000 and a desk Station V, currently under Debian Linux.The HARD drive I have in my docking station is functional, but very slow (and I know that's not the drive itself, it works very well in another computer). I can't s

CQ61: Reboot for Compaq CQ61 error

After rebooting my system, I come to a screen to enter the system password.I tried the battery take nothing helped.This is the message I get after too many password attempts.deactivation of the system key is 73589451

Satellite U400: webcam does not work with MSN - it is used by another prog

My chicony webcam will not work on windows live messenger I want to use it for video chat. An error message appears saying 'we couldn't start your camera. Please check that your camera is not currently being used by another program, and then try agai

How to delete the EDS sheet technique list?

Because I need one and I have about 100 to the choice.

ERROR unsupported CPU, motherboard s5610f H-apricot-RS780L-Μatx, AMD Phenom X 4 965 hdz965fbgmbox

I have a slimline with card s5610f mother H-apricot-RS780L-Μatx, athlong X 2 250 3.00 GHz. BIOS Version 6.05 07/09/2010 Basic version 08.00.16 The HP Web site says I can update AMD Phenom II X 4 9xx /9xxe/8xx Quad-Core (core Deneb) So I tried AMD Phe

taskeng.exe window flashing upward on the screen of the monitor

Don't know what triggered it, but a small white screen with a heading of "taskeng.exe" keeps flashing on my monitor market.  Cannot capture it to close!  Can anyone help?

recovery rates have been deleted - help!

My father inlaw was recently scammed by someone claiming to be from microsoft, out to deprive him of £300, they also with remote access to his computer and seriously messed. I was about to restore it to factory settings only to discover that the D dr

Installing second hard drive in hp envy 17

Hello I would like to add a secondary hard drive to my HP ENVY 17 1050ef. I know that I need a caddy and cable connector - I'm looking at this one: http://www.newmodeus.com/shop/index.php?Main_Page=product_info&products_id=481 Please can anyone advis

videos freeze on and outside

I watch videos of film from a site. video will freeze and thaw. the site says, you're on the right connection speed.

Dell inspiron 15 computer, printer HP Envy 5530

Now I get the message "nothing can be printed from the office".  I try to print from a computer Dell Inspiron 15 to a printer HP Envy 5530.  I tried 'Ctrl-P' and who has not solved the problem.  I'm very old school, so is there a solution to this pro

Conflict of Driver HP Deskjet 1050a

Printer HP Deskjet 1050a, Windows 7, driver conflict error I noticed that whenever I went to print, the elements would be appear in the print to see what is so would disappear and not print. When I could not print, I ran the HP diagnostic tool, who m

IDT Audio control panel update

Hello Can someone tell me how I can my control panel IDT Audio update ipdate? 10 x, Ronen

Problem with the installation of visual studio 2015 community

I try to install visual studio 2015 community and having an error in the screanshot below. any help please.

BlackBerry Bond in privacy and the upgrade of the OS

So I upgraded the OS on my jump, only to find a very invasive Amazon application that obviously cannot be deleted.  The whole point of an unlocked phone is to avoid this kind of applications.  Is to return to the old operating system, possible to get

Dell Vostro 220 does not turn on

Hello I have a Dell Vostro 220 desktop computer purchased in 2009. I noticed yesterday that is not switching on.  When the power cord is plugged into the outlet, I see a green light on the back on the power supply (under the voltage 110V setting) but