Satellite 5100-201 and HW-Setup / Boot-PW

Hello! We have a 5100 (XP SP2, just installed freshley, pilots from today at Toshiba, update the Bios from today ' hui) where it it s not possible to access HWSetup or Boot password (essential). No probs defining a super-pw protect hwsetup, change or

How to connect by Satellite Pro L10 to TV?

Hello I have a Satellite Pro L10, which has a VGA out put but put no s-video output and I would run on my TV! Someone know what I get or do to allow me to do this? I have a VGA to SCART, but this dose doesn't seem to work! See you soonRay.

I forgot security issues for my Apple ID. There is no support by phone for my country. What should I do?

I forgot security issues for my Apple ID. There is no Apple support by phone for my country. What should I do to get help?

Measurement of the current rail voltage > 10V

Who am I to measure the current and voltage on a 15V supply rail.  (Here's a copy of my circuit attatched) I use an acquisition of data USB-6225 and Lab View, I have my camera to test connected to a power source. I connected two differential channels

Nilvaiu.dll missing when deploying VI

Hello I have a problem when you try to deploy a .VI on my cRIO 9082. The .VI is to control the speed of a DC (KOLLMORGEN) motor with a servo-drive. However, whenever I try to deploy the VI I get the following error message: LabVIEW: Unable to load th

Wintec jump drive

How can I get a USB key to open it?

How to solve a problem installation software re. the Windows logo test

I tried to install the sorftware for a new kodak printer and display a window pop up that tells me that the software did not test the windows logo and think I may need a device driver installed. Continue installation can compromise my operating syste

HP1212nf scan to E-mail (Windows Live Mail 2011) does not

Printer: HP 1212nf MFP OS: Windows 7 Home 64-bit E-mail: Windows Live Mail 2011 Problem: Scanning for the utility using HP trying to document Scan to Email. Scan process works but when you have to open Windows Live Mail, it fails. in the application

Files on a CD SLC

Explorer Windows indicates that the files on the CD are CDFS but no detail is shown. How can I open them. the system is XP sp3. Help appreciated

How is to send the native port of the printer command, when the printer is set as the default printer?

I installed on a Windows XP printer and set it as default printer. I also have the manual provided by the manufacturer of printers, which defines the commands that can be sent over the serial port, then the status of the printer is extracted. Thus, f

webcam works but the software cannot start the capture device

Original title: webcam problems purchased the software igambin movie2 stop motion, as well as a logitech c500 webcam. The webcam works but the software cannot start device capture. The support of igambin seems to think that it might be the interface

options of the printer, check the printer port option.

I have 3 printers, when I click on the printer properties---> ports---> there 'Add port, port to remove, configure port' options are disabled. Please let me know I can help them.

CAN´t install service packs, etc. from Itunes.

Trying to upgrade my XP (with SP2 TE) the installation process stops nearby to finish saying: securing the computer install Windows * stops the process. I m really frustrated because I have can´t install anything now. Help!

Windows updates? (KB2478663, KB446708, KB2160841) - repeatedly offered the same updates

original title: Windows updates? (KB2478663, KB446708, KB2160841) Why my computer keep install these same Windows updates? (KB2478663, KB446708, KB2160841) Whenever the stautus indicates successful. I can turn off the computer after the update the ne

You can change information e-book?

Anyway is to edit an e-book for self reference, such as syntax highlighting, adding of text color, etc... to ensure that the e-book becomes personal

Hosted e-mail security

Hello I recently change my virtual for the option of hosted email security solution. I have a few unanswered questions... -How long can save the hosted all of our emails verification?  (not spam) -possible to set up the reverse DNS on the DNS MX: "co

Q5 Q5 blackBerry cannot be unlocked?

Bought a Q5 of Koodo Canada which has been unlocked through 3rd party unblock, who broke down and was replaced through the warranty by Koodo. The replacement phone seems to be a refurbished phone.  This device could not be unlocked by 3rd party unloc

Can someone tell me please how to get my game going 2 installed and playing on Windows 7

Y at - it a hotfix or an update so I can play again from the risques2 on Windows 7. It will install but will not play. He can play on my system. Thank you...

C# Visual Studio 2010 Express

Hello. where I can download Visual c# 2010 Express offline Studio. Thank you

My samsung laptop screen is half pink I can do 2 fix

My samsung laptop screen is half pink how do I fix