Satellite A 40, upgrade hard disk

Hi, I have a laptop Toshiba A 40 with a DVD-R/RW drive. My desktop pc has two hard disks with an 80 and a 120 GB.What I'm wondering is can I connect hard drives in Notepad using a specially designed adapter or any other kit so that I can transfer the

Apple not recognized with the new update ID

What now, after the update Apple not recognized with the new update ID!

Location for cable is broken on partner Toshiba Stor.E

Hello I have an external drive of 500 GB Toshiba Stor.E partner and the location where you put the usb cable is broken.Can I order this part separately? I opened the folder and there is a small card that converts USB to power in S - ata. This card ca

Satellite Pro A10 - Win 7 with WLan PA3171U-1MPC

Hello I have a Satellite Pro A10 with a PA3171U-1MPC Wireless LAN Mini PCI Card, 160 GB HARD drive and 1 GB of RAM, I want to upgrade to Windows 7 for my son. He worked in XP before.States of Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:"Before installing Windows 7, go

Printer suddenly stopped working with QuickBooks Premier 2012

HP Officejet 4500 G510n-z has worked for years with my QuickBooks programs.  Now, for about two months, I have not been able to print invoices using this printer.  I think it's a QuickBooks question - but how do you know?  I am able to print other th

Satellite A100 - Taken Broken headphones

Hello As a result of obvious negligence, I broke the hack of headset plastic on the front of my A100 until still accept a but is barely staying in there. Anyone know if its easy to replace by myself with a soldering iron and the part? How it is conne

video cable?

I want to 15z j000, recently the video cable that connects the LCD to the material has been destroyed, and I desperately need a replacement. I've been Googling for a while now where to get a replacement and have not found anything that is compatible

Adding firewire to pc slimline

Hello. I have a slimline S5-1126 Pavilion I would add a PCIe firewire card. The problem is that the card needs a power connector.  This PC is sous-acheté, but has no available connector which cuts off the power supply. I guess I can 'Y' connector of

HP Pavilion 17 g 106nf: I have a HP Pavilion 106nf 17 g increase RAM.

I have a HP Pavilion 17 g 106nf (energy star) and I want to upgrade the RAM.  What are the best RAM to get, Furthermore, how high can I do?

Will I be possible to downgrade Windows 8 back in Windows 7?

First of all, I apologize if I put this post in the section wrong forum. I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 on a desktop computer. I tried Windows 8 Preview Release on my friend's cell phone, and I enjoyed some of its parts, but disagree

Failure of the KB974417 security update

This fix keeps appearing on my system tray and I can't get rid of it, and it continues to break down during the update. * original title - update fails for KB974417. I have already installed the prerequisite that is Windows Installer 4.5 for win XP (

Possible to add an existing class as a child of another class?

Hello I need to test a code for features (a PMBus on I2C features on a Board of sup - 20). Ultimately it is a subclass of instrumentation in the higher program, but I did not yet a large part of the overall program. Is it possible to create first cla

Student license labview is able to use LIFA?

Hello I'd love to know is the student permit have access to use the LIFA package too? Thank you.

Acer eRecovery doesn't work...

Hello guys! My computer is an Acer VN7 - 791 G - 76 H 1. I have some problems with Acer recovery tool. When I click on Acer recovery management, I get the screen of the security clearance, so I click on "OK" but then nothing happens. I tried several

WRT to the 1900AC Firmware update problem

I have WRT router 1900AC with the Ver. firmware. I started to install the hardware version 2.0 by mistake (ver. Now the power button blinks 1 hour ago What should do? Restart or wait? How can I fix it?

Windows 7 and hiccups of resolution DNS BEFSR41v4

Hi, I am always followed this problem I encountered a hiccup happens about once a day and since I installed Windows 7 Ultiumate. What resaults is a loss of connection due to the dns cannot be resolved with the site that Windows 7 IE 8 sends a request

Error 1606 could not access network location in Windows Vista

I have a Windows Vista Home Premium laptop and receive an Error 1606. Could access the location %APPDATA%\ network  Can someone help me with this problem?  I downloaded fixit and that has not worked. Nothing seems to work.  I do not understand the th

Clean hard drive and install Windows 7.

I have a packard Bell desktop computer that was originally installed Windows Vista. When I bought it, I downloaded and created via the site of Packard Bell recovery disks. But last year, when I tried to recover my computer with disks that I realized

I try to add text on a photo using "painting".

I'm following "Paint Tool" instructions for the insertion of text - by clicking on the text, clicking on a style of background below the toolbar, by clicking on a color in the color and then box by clicking on the image to allow me to enter in the te

WPD file system Volume driver

Every time my computer starts a window indicates that the WPD file system volume driver should be updated. I'm updating, but it continues to offer whenever I start my computer. How to stop and what is WPD?