MainStage randomly change patches with Korg nanokontroller 2

Help! I have spend hours setting up 10 patches for a mainstage concert constantly saving everything than to go back and find that my tasks evolve at random.  After putting a text parameter with the predefined names, I see that for some reason any cha

Why these intrusive permissions? (take pictures 'at any time'!)

Why should a browser permission to take pictures of what my unit is to see "at any time"? I like Firefox, but I'm very unhappy about it.

Pavilion a6500f: can I use my old hard drive as a second drive to the new I install.

I have a Pavilion a6500f I can access is no longer as he continues to tell me there are registry errors.  My recovery disk (I got a) or do a hard reset or else he will start.  It came with a window that says recovery system or start Windows normally.

Re: Differences between Satellite L505-144, L555 - 11K and Satellite A500-1GL

What are the main differences between L505-144, L555 - 11K and A500-1GL? They are the same price and seem to be very similar, with only small differences in processing power, graphics and sound. What is the best model?

I checked view bookmarks bar, but it does not show. I have no place to put my favorites that I use a lot.

I went on the view menu, selected bookmarks toolbar, but it does not show. I use it a lot for my url frequently used. I prob won't use firefox more if she does not have this feature. I don't want to have to go in bookmarks regular just to check my em

What is the battery model number 9 - Satellite Pro A300

What is the model number of the battery 9 cells for the Satellite Pro A300? I'm ready to make the leap, but I can't find the battery. Thank you JB

Satellite P10: The drive will not burn DVD

Hope someone can help me, I have a Toshiba Satellite P10 and have just received some photos software, burningBut my drive will not burn DVD, I try with discs DVD - RW which must work my laptop.What is happening is when it comes of the burn on the par

Y700: card video hd graphic driver 530 problem

Recently, I bought this laptop new y700. After that I start to run the centre of Lenovo solution, he kept giving me the failure to run test mathematical operation of video card. I double checked that there is not an update of the graphics card driver

All my sounds work very well on my iPhone more 6s except the 'duck' sound does not work

MY iPhone, 3 week old 6 s more, 64 GB using iOS 9.2... for my "Mail" alert sound stopped working during the night.  The phone always vibrates when I get an email but th 'Duck' sound is no longer working. When I change to use any sound, new sound work

monitoring an acount

How can I moniter my account?

Nor of Bluetooth in Wireless Assistant on my dv7-3111ea

Hello. I have a problem with the Bluetooth on my laptop (HP Pavilion dv7-3111ea, Windows 764 - bit). since making a plant re - install Bluetooth disappeared from the HP Wireless Assistant and in spite of being in Device Managermy startup folder (Star

I am getting error 0x8104000d during the installation of windows live messenger on windows 7

Hello world I try to install windows live messenger on windows 7 32 bit, but I get the error message failed to download the Setup program check the internet connection. I tried to download 5 times, but I get the same error 0x8104000d please suggest.

Is it possible to move an e-mail to a Hotmail account folder in another folder in e-mail in the same account?

I can move emails from one folder to another, but is it possible to move an entire folder to another folder?

Context menu disappeared

Here's a little head-scratcher that happened to me today.  The menu shortcut for the command string and indicators seems to have disappeared.  All other controls have normal menus, and if I find the right place in the empty space, I get the submenu v

6500 copies too high to the top of the document

Printing: 6500 has more E710n-z Op sys: Windows 8.1 The printer prints too high on paper: the 6500 prints even his own test page with lettering half cut off at the top. Printing from Word is the same, so it's not a software or application problem. HP

synchronize to the opposite!

Hello world I have a problem with my smartband swr30 synchronization with my phone (android 5.0.2) and my tablet. I downloaded the talk of liflog and smartband of the apps successfully, they recognize the swr30 correctly, no problem with the Bluetoot

I want to be able to view television programs recorded on an external hard drive WD brand computer.

I want to be able to view television programs recorded on an external hard drive WD brand computer.However, windows media player says that it cannot read the file. Is there something that can be downloaded for recorded (to a receiver HD DIGITAL) TV s

I got a valid activation key and my OS is corrupted, how do I get a copy of this

My OS is the original version... but my HD is corrupted and my warranty for the sys is over... I'll b able to use the same key for the operating system. If yes then how..? where can I get a copy of the OS...?

Problems of the HP Pavilion dv4-1155se

I am having some problems with my HP Pavilion dv4-1155se sound. The problem is the sound distorts when reading there. The distortion is not always present but it distort once or twice every minute even when only applications that are running are "win