Because my father died, he left his phone with us. ID or pword is available and now its blocked. Can I reuse and reset or do I throw? Cannot find even the purchase of documents.

Because my father died, he left his phone with us. ID or pword is available and now its blocked. Can I reuse and reset or do I throw? Cannot find even the purchase of documents.

you want to create the white list. How to do?

I want a white list, but cannot find a place for it. I see < block sender >, but I want to create a list < allow >. Thank you.

We will monitor the system and the home button is so close to the edge of the screen. Sometimes I accidentally click on the monitor of the right hand and lose what I'm working on. How can I move a button at home on the left, if it belongs

I use a dual display screen, and when I sometimes click on the home button my mouse over to the right screen and change what is on the screen to the right. I would like to move the home return button to the left side of the screen where it has been o

Portege A100 suddenly started going very slowly

Hello I have a Portege A100, which suddenly began to go very slowly. It takes 5 minutes to load completely upward when it was much faster. I tried to reload Windows on it several times, but as soon as you start loading other pieces of software on the

My button on the return address bar does not work. Worked yesterday. I rebooted twice without success

Back button does not. only way to go back using the history out of the menu.

old macBook 6.1 can operate to Yosemite?

Hello everyone, I have a fairly old MacBook (see below) with the OS running. X 10.6.8. Safari and Chrome, I heard will take not longer support the real system after April 2016.  So here's my questioned: (1) is it true that Safari and Chrome will stop

nVidia SLI restarts my laptop

My NVIDIA Control Panel indicates that my system is capable of SLI. When I try to combine my two cards in SLI mode, my laptop stops and restarts itself. Why is this?

Using your Tube

I You Tube on my dashboard, but it crashes every time. Is you Tube only an application of Chrome What is using You Tube other than the Chrome browser? I El Capitan, and browser updates (Safari, Firefox & Chrome) The You Tube Worm is 4.2.8.

brightness key does not work after waking fast

Hello My brightness function key of function perfectly, but not until I put my VAIO and sleep on her back. But I tried to restart my machine, and everything is back to normal. I have day all my drivers to the latest version through Windows Update and

Analog triggering PXI-4472

Hello everyone, I am currently having a grip on analog option trigger PXI 4472 Council. I found on this forum a few years ago an engineer designs OR the vi ' "(attached here) Acq Cont & chart voltage-Int Start of Clk-analog as a good starting point t

HP LaserJet 1020 printer: Download the drivers for the HP LaserJet 1020 printer

I would use my HP LaserJet printer, who worked previously with Windows 98SE with my HP/Compaq laptop which runs on Windows 8.1 (x 64). My HP/Compaq laptop is not connected to the Internet. However, my laptop HP with Windows 7 (x 64) is connected to t

HP 3520: HP Deskjet 3520 does not print requests

Printer is connected and looks very good.  I can print the Configuration Page from HP network.  The IP address is good.  But don't want to Excel, Outlook or other applications.  "Unable to communicate with the printer"... etc.  mention the connection

Internet Explorer does not work after you install the kb2761451 update

Original title: I downloaded the update and now Internet security security update kb2761451 explore does not open.  So I deleted it and Explorer opens.  This update is listed as important.  What should I do? The Explorer is 9.

Why not a dialer interface must a 'chain of Dialer?

Hi guys, when linking an ISP using xDSL why does not need a "Dialer string"? The dialer interface is not supposed to make a call or dial or something like that? Thank you.

To vpn Site to Site of DMZ

Hello I recently install a vpn site-to site between a pix 515 running 6.3 (5) and a juniper netscreen. The tunnel is configured to only allow communications between two hosts, one at each end of the tunnel. Then, the client wanted to be the host behi

Cannot pin a website to the start screen

I am trying to add a website to the W-8 splash screen. When I right (or left) click on the page, I don't see a "Pin To Start" icon or choice any where.  Any browser that I use. I looking in the wrong place?

Where we use lookup table?

HelloWhere we use lookup table?Thank youPOOJA

Clear data not working somehow

This is the strange, I couldn't understand why, we have Essbase, cube BSO with typical dimensions (accounts, periods, years, scenario, company, customer service), accounts and periods are dense, I try to erase a month balance sheet data and

Contact Adobe

How the hell can I contact Adobe?  I'm sick of getting emails from them that I can't answer to and there is no guideline on the setting of my account.Very frustrated.Steve

Oracle Database Vault

Dear Guys,I'm looking for Oracle database security software and got some information that Oracle database vault is aimed. Please let me know what are the versions of database supported (8i, 9i, 10g, 11g) which can be integrated with the latest versio