iOS 10 takes a lot of time synchronization and backup iPad to iTunes

Has anyone noticed that it takes unusually long to synchronize and back up their iPad to iTunes after that 10 updated iOS? What used to take three minutes, it's now at least 15 minutes. My iTunes is up to date. Thanks for ideas or confirmations of th

How can I separate my iPhone and iPad photos?

I have an iPhone 6 and an ipad 9.3.2. Between the two, I continue to see that when I take a picture on one it also shows the other. I keep getting messages that my iCloud is almost full. I almost nothing of my choice (applications, videos, music, pic

Is it possible to combine the TWO Apple id

I had an older apple ID that I made a purchase with and then I added new ID apple later and one of my purchases (subscription journal) does not open on my i pad in the apple ID I think that when I subscribed first I used my old apple ID and now I do

Restore iPad from Apple Configurator. Ask for credentials to connect?

Most of he says title.  I'd just put up Server Manager so that we can manage the iPads at one of our client sites (we're a MSP file).  Given the "supervised: No. ' and started looking into it.  Apple Configurator downloaded 2.  Had some initial probl

HP Compaq 6910p: get my notebook to print

I have 3 problems (Ive fixed just a hooray!) on a laptop I've had for 6 months and despite an apparent guarantee of 12 months that the laptop computer cheap seller company ignores all the emails and phone calls. This is apparently standard practice f

Qosmio G20: Pointer mouse gel in Media Center

I have a new G20, and everything seems to work fine, except... When running MS Media Center, once at a time the mouse pointer will freeze. (I use the touchpad). I can't Alt - F4 to kill Media Center, and the mouse is still frozen. If I close the lid

Air iPad server functions do not but works on the iPad 3

I wrote a Word document and my iPad Air lost the connection.  3 iPad for my husband is still connected to the server, and has no problem.  I tried to stop the iPad, restart the router, reset the network, lease renewal, forgetting the network, disabli


I have a MBP with a HDMI port, as well as the thunderbolt and usb ports. I need to connect it to a VGA projector, but AFAIK, the HDMI port will be only digital player displays so a HDMI/VGA adapter does not work. (more I notice that apple sell not on

Old mini mac as a media server?

I have a MacMini 2.1 Intel Core 2 Duo, 1.83Ghx, 2 GB RAM Mac Mini that has only a DVI video port.  Currently, the mini does nothing and I would like to unload my primary iMac iTunes account and share the mini for different computers in the House and

Impossible to upgrade to El Capitan 10.11.2

Have tried several times to upgrade to 10.11.2.  Whenever it comes to the recovery, I get a box that says that the available updates have changed, please click "View details", but after clicking, the details never present themselves.  I went through

not able to install windows updates

When I try to install the update to windows I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" IN Internet Explorer I tried in firefox I get "the connection was reset". If the help is much appreciated

I am trying to download an application on my cable company, but it won't be over because my computer 'administrator' will not allow him. How to solve this. I'm the only person using the computer.

I am trying to download an application on my cable company, but it won't be over because my computer 'administrator' will not allow him. How to solve this. I'm the only person using the computer.

Drivers for ergonomic keyboard E06401PS2

Had to run my recovery disc for Windows XP and now my E06401PS2 ergonomic keyboard will not work.  Where can I find XP drivers or where can I get a download for the drivers? Hope you can help me. Ken has...

After the automatic updates received after 11/5, my computer started to stop itself after a period of inacitivity (1 h 30 or more). Updates could cause this problem?

Updates have included: Office 2007 Update of security for Microsoft Office System 2007 (KB2289158) Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Automatic updates Office 2003 Update of security for Microsoft Office 2003 (KB2289187) Wednesday, November 10, 2010 Automa

received email does not display the exact time

My computer is a Microsoft windows XP version 2002.  I use Enternet Explorer Windows to my email.  The problem I have is when I get e-mail, time showing when it was sent is not the exact time.  This happens on all the emails that I receive.  For exam

Slow connection USB HD with WRT610N

I have connected my router a FreeAgent Go 500 HD using the USB connection on the router.  The problem is that upload and download speed is very slow.  The average is 328 KB/s. They are a bit faster on my desk with a gigabit connection.  Should what s

Cannot reinstall Dell backup and restore support center

Hello A new Inspiron 3521. Upgrade to 8.1 Windows before you create backup discs. Now when I try to create the backup, get the message: Reinstall Dell backup and restore To use Dell backup and restore with this version of Windows, you must reinstall

S - 10 netbook problem

Ok I wiped the OS and re - install a new copy of WIN7 (32 bit) starter on my Lenovo little. Downloaded the latest drivers and software. Now, it keeps telling me "turn wireless capability", when I try to connect to the net. I have: -you press FN + F5

How can I delete the previous owner name?

My brother bought a used computer from a store.  Previous owner's name is all over the computer, and I would like to remove it.  They do not appear in the accounts, but they appear otherwise.  Is there any method to completely remove the name of the