All my tabs are missing! Rename and copy/paste the files did not help

I accidentally opened two windows of Firefox and closed one with all my tabs pinned first, then the second tab. After Firefox reload all my tabs are missing and I tried to rename files, copy and paste files, etc. as suggests these forums, but nothing

Need help to get the right start!

Hello I have 'given', back to January 1 of this year so far. I am looking for a way to get this info easily and my final result, will be a monthly comparison of the way in which all of my products (9 items) Farouk against each other. My products are:

My Firefox 4 does not a button FIREFOX at the top of the page... Please, where is?

First line... Firefox logo ask a Question Mozilla FirefoxSecond line... File Edition display history bookmarks tools helpThird line... TabsFourth line... URL buttons areaFifth line... Most viewed news

Old software vs new OS. Can I acquire a new multimedia player, or convert my video files?

I have a bit of outdated software, it seems, mostly because my last machine 'death', I migrated everything everywhere, however, there were several changes to the operating system, since I bought my last machine and a large part of the software on it

Re: Graphics Qosmio F30-140 - need latest driver nVidia

The Qosmio F30-140 comes with an integrated Nvidia GeForce Go 7600. I looked on the Nvidia site to find an update for the video driver, but they said that updates for laptop cards are given on their site of manufacturers. But I couldn't find an updat

Pavilion: closed

It is frustrating, as I updated my laptop Pavilion of Windows 8 for windows 10 this summer. Since the update him when plugging into the bottom of the computer, the power and stay with the black screen turned on Wifi. I can't start the computer by pre

Using HWC_FetchSampleErrors with c#

I use a c# wrapper to call the methods of niHSDIO.dll.  I have problems with the method HWC_FetchSampleErrors, in particular the Reserved1 and Reserved2 parameters.

Change the properties of the façade of a text file

Hello. Maybe this question is already answered, but I'm not. I am trying to create a circle of menu in the front panel what strings come from a text file, and I have no idea how do. I input a file a text file with a list of posts, and with this file

Necessary for HP15-G005AX Bluetooth driver

Hello I bought the new HP15-g005ax and installed windows 7 (64-bit). I installed the drivers downloaded from Internet link official hp I can't con

I accidentally deleted C:\ drive during the installation of windows xp

I have Intel Pentium 4It's a desktop PC2.80 GHz512 MB RAMA week ago, when I turned on the PC, I saw the message "DISK BOOT FAILURE", INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND press ENTERI inserted the Windows xp Sp2 disk and press enterIt load files, has agreed to the

V3 - 571G problem cable, laptop does not turn on

Hey everybody, A few months ago, as the battery, the loading of the laptop has stopped, and the laptop was not any more recognized battery icon (like the battery is not connected) so I had to use the laptop plugged in all the time but not biggie. But

pilot of spool printing does not start

I clicked on Start / Settings / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Component Services Then I clicked on Standard down and scroll to the bottom of the print spooler services list and made sure it was automatic. Then I started the service, but when

Failure of P6210y M2N78 - THE mother of Violet.

OK, I have a Pegatron M2N78 - LA in MY HP P6210Y. I was getting a HD failure and I replaced it. Now when I start several times HD is missing and at other times than the CD/DVD has disappeared. Sometimes they are all two disappeared. I put the old HD

HP 6122 and find the ink level utility?

Hi all It's my first post here, so this is.  I have the above printer and am running the latest Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.6.  I understand the usefulness for my printer is integrated into the OS and rises as 3.3.2 HP printer utility. My colors have chang

Compaq Presario 1200Z necessary network drivers

They used to work, now windows sees is no longer in the Device Manager. Help, please


: KNCTR this is a very unpleasant programme which I was not able to uninstall using the control panel.  I get the message that it can not be uninstalled because it is still running.  And that's EXACTLY my problem! Can anyone help please?

fixed height of LabelField

I create the title page with a background.  I would like to put a background to a certain height.  To do this, I guess I have to adjust the height of the label field?  However, I don't want to increase the size of the text.  The label is located with

Mixture of blackBerry software does not

So far, I have been successfully using mixture. Today, I am unable to use it as the hub shows that there is no message today and it seems as if it s trying to load. On further investigation I can go in my e-mail accounts and that they are responsible

BlackBerry 8350i smartphones and cards MicroSDHC

Hello all,. I have read several posts about compatibility with memory cards and the BlackBerry, a post has the following memory card use by the version of the OS. BlackBerry Device Software media card size limit BlackBerry Software 4.2.0 up to 2 GB d

How to change Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit to 64 bit with no disc?

I've upgraded Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit to 32 bit Ultimate.  I want to do a custom 64-bit Setup, but does not.  Now that I've upgraded to Ultimate 32 bit how can I change to 64-bit?  My upgrade was merely a box with an activation key, no disc not