Add it to the opening of new windows in a new tab in the same window

I use a software that opens the Scheduler in a new window. I have in the past had an add on which enabled the new window to open in the original window in a new tab. Add it on disappeared when I refresh Fire Fox but I don't remember the name of the a

Hijacked search preferences

I clicked on something that has installed crooked software which was to have one of these little difficult check boxes to see where you say you want to change your Yahoo search engine (I use Google). Now, I have Yahoo on Safari and want to go back to

How to view all accounts

I still had all my accounts shwing upward in the homepage. I did something that caused one now appears. How can I get all accounts appears again? Thank you

How to get back to my default went recently to the sites when I click on the new tab?

You see, I downloaded kind of something which changed the squares which showed what I... went in front. (Sometimes just recently, but it registers itself it.) I don't mind.) Now it shows Yahoo. And I don't want Yahoo NOT showing when I click New tab.

I need to get a refund on a double purchase

I want a refund on the purchase of a double application!  I really think it's ridiculous that I can't call a number and talk to a live person

I use Firefox for more than 10 years with minimal problems, but recently (in the last 2 months) something has changed and I can't not all sounds to play, even on previous web sites that worked. I'll have to go back to IE!

Windows XP, Firefox 3.6.13 version, I think it would be better to go back to a previous version of Firefox that worked! What was the latest version as of October 2010?

Intel attom: fatal error system halt bios password

Interrupted system fatal error from the bios password HP mini 110 c-1001NR fail help pleas CNU9364JQP

Memory access Internet via USB...

How can I access the internal memory? When I connect via USB, only showed storage is the SD card, I installed. I don't see the internal storage. I would like to add my photos of my old Captivate to my new Atrix 2, but I can't. I have a 2G SD card, wh

Reinstallation of Windows XP Home Edition (new hard drive) does not start properly, please help

I have a HP Pavilion zd7000 that bad on the hard drive. I bought another and used the reinstallation disc to reinstall Windows Home Edition.  Everything seemed to go well, but it starts now to a HP Invent logo black screen that says press F10 to go t

Part 2. Welcome screen

I can't find my question here on the windows logon Welcome screen... I asked about yesterday... That is to say however that I have to uninstall my client for NetWare as services it disabled the Welcome screen and the fast user switching...  I can't p

Cannot open links in e-mail

I can't open any links that are sent to my email. A message box opens: The operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator.  (who's who?) How can I fix this problem?

my windows can't find my backup device it conot see

I have a seagate to the top device (free agent). my xp home computer, cannot write to it. He says he can't find. people from seagate that it was my computer. the divece works fine on another computer, what should I look for a. Help Bobby E-mail addre

Windows Media Player has stopped playing and ripping of CD

My Windows Media Player 11 has stopped playing and ripping of CD. I insert the CD, you are prompted to rip, but sometimes even before the CD auto-éjecte without playing or tear. XP OPERATING SYSTEM. Do you want?

Reinstall the Workstation Service?

Well, I've done all I can think about and I think I've hit a dead end. I can not get the workstation service (lanmanworkstation) to start. When I try to start the service manually, either through the service management or cmd > net start lanmanworkst

Help for parental control

I am running windows vista.  Problem is that I can not put the parental control. Children access the computer through the administrator account and the system does not allow parental controls via the administrator account. I put parental controls on

Internet Explorer will not access the web and my antivirus will not work. I have updated to ie 9 and ran the software programs software and spyware malware. My machine is running on vista.

I have Norton AntiVirus by Comcast and it does not start because of a "connection problem". The only thing I could find wrong was the question would not access the web. I deleted a user account, a couple of days, but do not know if that would do anyt

When I opened my NVIDIA Control Panel, it will crash. What can I do to stop this?

I want to change some of my NVIDIA settings, but I can't. When I opened my NVIDIA Control Panel it crash and say that Windows is trying to find a solution... blah blah... I tried to restart my computer and it always does. I really don't want to reins

V515w all-in-1 printer suggest a new please

My printer dell all in 1, the head has an error. Seen a number with the same problem and we only printed perhaps leaves 200 and had it a year. So do not you are looking to buy this new model Any suggestions on another who is all in 1 printer and wire

Mobile Genie.exe has stopped working.

Mobile Genie.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Windows 7, 32 bit OS Discussions were merged. Deleted duplicate.

How to reset my administrator password

When I configured my user accounts and made an administrator pass word but I do not remember, now I can not make changes to my computer with it. I don't have any what cd to re install all the programs so I can't uninstall windows and put itings ORY s