Garmin communicator plugin and Safari 10.0

So just upgraded to V10.0 of Safari. Went to connect my Garmin gps and download a new cache of but says need new version of the Garmin Communicator plug-in. downloaded and installed. He acknowledged my GPS but I couldn't send the new c

Why Firefox icon is not displayed in my browser?

Then at the place where it says file I used to be able to see the Firefox Logo, now I'm more, why? The reason why I ask this is because 01/06/2015 a program called Crossbrowse showed on my computer, is an undesirable element that I can't get rid of,

The TAB bar and the LOCATION bar are now hidden - how to display the

with the latest version (#37), the tab bar and URL bar (addresses) are hidden until I have the pointer of the mouse to the top of the screen. How the visible all the time? (i.e. it back as it was on the previous version)

Why do want to download app for the Firefox browser

When I try to download Firefox browser several times since the game of Google app store in my Virgin Mobile galaxy s Samsung 3, I get a message 'url download not valid'.

Fingerprint reader and login Novell (Portege R200)

Hi all Does the fingerprint reader on the R200 works when you have to logon in a Novell environment? As I read in the manual it seems to work only when it's just using Windows. Novell still needs a password before you can log in before you can connec

Update hard disc on Satellite L350 - 10L

Hello Anyone has improved their Satellite L350 - 10L for one SSD hard drive and if so, have you noticed a difference and the big question, was easy? Thank youChris

Pavilion fan questions after replacing fans.

I have a 4 years, HP Pavilion Elite m9500y equipped of Windows Vista. I had received messages from 'system fan failure' on startup from time to time and had heard loud grinding noises still occasionally. I changed the power supply and a video card, a

July 24, 2010, firefox will not load a Web page. I uninstalled 3.6.8 and you want to re - install 3.6.2. How can I do this?

My firefox updated version will not work. I uninstalled and want to return to my previous version that still worked. I have Microsoft Vista. Please help as soon as possible. This has happened Each time Firefox opened July 24, 2010 User Agent Mozilla/

Omni 10 5601tw: upgrade from 32 GB to 64 GB internal storage

I can move my omni10 5601tw internal storage to 64 GB if yes then how and I had pay for it

Need advice on backup files

Could you please tell me how I can easily (I'm not technically proficient) back up the following:-Microsoft security updates-Updates to Norton Security-other downloaded software program updates-e-mail-List of 'Favorites' Internet-Desktop display sett

HP pavilion g6: BIOS Пароль


Darks Satellite L350 - 03 M: after changing the display resolution of 1024 x 768

Hello I just bought a Satellite L350 - 03M and the resolution is set in 1440 by 900 and I want put it in 1024 x 768. When I do that I get 2 black inches around all 4 sides. Can someone tell me if there is a updated driver that can help? I have the sa

OfficeJet Pro 8500 a A910a - cannot save pdf in multiple files via touch screen

Hello worldMy problem is that I can't save my scans in multiple files (.pdf) If you use the "scan to file function" via the touch screen on my Officejet Pro 8500 A910a a shortcut. It works when scaning manually from the computer, but I need to work f

HP Pavilion x 360: brand new HP X 360 11 - k107na Blue screen DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS or EQUAL (rtwlane.sys)

Brand new laptop hangs. A blue on the screen with the error DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS EQUAL (rtwlane.sys) OR 5 times, and has locked up twice ctrl + alt + delete compltly don't work so had to turn off via the power button / stop. Windows update not instal

Use the USB port to emulate keyboard

Hello Is it possible to use a USB port of an on-board controller (PXI8108) to replicate a keyboard when plugged on a device waits a USB keyboard? Thank you Gary.

Windows Update continually wants to install Sql Server SP3...

I have a 64-bit system running Sql Server 2005 (64-bit) and Sql Express (it seems that it is 64-bit).Windows Update said I needed sp3 for both versions, but after making a stop, I always get the message that he wants to apply the service pack. I went

HP Photosmart D110 scan option

The printer will print, but it does not scan.  Unplugging the cord from the wall outlet; and printer reconnected; restarted computer and continue to receive this message when I try to open the scanner, "unable to log on to the device" any suggestions

having a wireless connection can only connect at home, at work, he says internet explore cannot display the Web page

I have a laptop when I use the wireless at home I have no problem, but when I use the internet at work I can not connect it says Internet Explore cannot display the Web page so I have no internet access Can you help me

1 850 HP: HP 2013 Ultraslim Dockingstation

Hello First post on the forums. I have a user who is having problems with the HP 2013 Ultraslim Dockingstation where sometimes you disconnect and then reconnect some of external devices to operate. He arrives with the connecting cable into the ethern

Had to reinstall WAG120N router modem on desktop

Now cannot connect wireless laptop. The laptop can see the connection, but when I click on it to connect it just does not work. Tried to restart the mobile, desktop and modem, he left the next day, unable to connect smartphone him either. All worked