Get double entries in sent folder

New to Thunderbird. Sent a few messages and checked the sent folder. Found two entries for each of the messages. The messages were sent twice? To continue my confusion, I found double entries for a couple, but not all, messages sent before the instal

Remote access

Hello world. I am currently using a Macbook pro and recently I suspect that someone has been accessing my macbook remotely I saw my screens sometimes change alone. My settings on the 'Sharing' tab were all together for people with reduced mobility, b

Is there anything else I can try?

The two options did not work for me. I still have photos that do not match.

How can I make Firefox my default browser on my Android?

I'm trying to choose Firefox in browser I want too UNITED Arab Emirates. Usually its between Google and Firefox. Now he chooses automatically Google automatically. I dare not remove the cause of Google it came with the phone.

Firefox has stopped working completely

Firefox has stopped working after I changed my preferences to have clear history at the close. I reinstalled 3 times (new version) will not launch. It does not restore Will not open in safe mode. At the very least, I would like to recover my favorite

Firefox toolbar icons now flat after 14.0.1 update?

All the toolbar icons are now flat and look terrible is a hidden somewhere parameter to restore the 3D icons?

CQ61-420US and Erorr 0 * 7 b

Hello! I bought the USA CQ61-420US laptop but can not configure XP Home SP3 I liked in this topic: drivers for XP (solution on BSOD 0x0000007B) SATA But it the same blue screen Ok: (1) I used 32bit_ATI_SB7xx_RAID & driver SATA AHCI_driver_v9-4_WHQL a

Upgrading RAM on Satellite L500-1XC up to 8 GB

Hello world I'm looking to replace the 2 GB memory factory fit existing with 2 x 4 GB. I bought memory after the confirmation of the memory required by the manufacturer and the model.When properly installed the Bios reports 8 GB installed yet when I

View errors view Option

with most of the video files on my Mac, I count a lot on the info point. For a long time, he gave me very specific information. Not so much lately! Like, there are videos in a folder, it says "No. Items" that is happening now on many issues. (Before

You try to view a movie and it says to install Silverlake, but she is already there.

You try to view a movie and it says to install Silverlake, but she is already there. I tried to remove it, but continue to get the same message...

Re: Satellite A500 - cannot install on Vista x 64 VAP

Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite A500 L 00, 00 with Vista x 64. When I installed SP2 I had to disable all the services of the "msconfig", but when I turned back, the Fn key stopped working and some of the buttons touch too.So I tried to install the a

SICK Ranger camera Toolkit - can not see the Image on the flag

Hey,. I understand the toolkit SICK Ranger camera is not supported by OR and is a 3rd party toolkit, but I wonder if anyone has used the Toolbox to create their own applications with a SICK Ranger camera? I have trouble integrating functions of the b

Create a procedure SQL with SQL toolkit

Hello I use the SQL Toolbox to get data from a MySQL database (using ODBC connectors). I would like to automatically create a procedure on my DB when lauching my application software, so that I do not know there is when I use it. But I can't figure o

Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 32-bit blue screen Crash

Hello Our company used a Windows Server 2008 Standard 32-bit R2 as a database server and the Web server at the end of 2009. It was working fine until recently. In the last 6 months, we do experience error blue screen and system crash. It happens at r

Power SVFA - with an average of question spectrum

Hi all I used the power spectrum of SVFA to treat a signal from a trasnducer of pressure. All the options associated with this block seems to work very well with the exception of the settings on average. I used Linear/One Shot mode and assign number

"Client service for Netware has disabled the Welcome screen. To restore these features, you must uninstall the Client for Netware Service". How do we uninstall client services for Netware

Original title: How to uninstall a program that does not appear on my conputer? I need uninstasll for Netware client services so that I can geyt my back to the Welcome screen WHENEVER I TRY TO go BACK to MY SREEN WELCOME ORIGINAL SHOWING the USER ACC

Wireless router wired to the router wireless help?

I have a linksys wireless router and have run an ethernet cable to my desktop which is outside my house. I have the ethernet running into a hub for computer cable then switch (hub). I want to add wireless access in the office. Can I add another wirel

XPS 730 x company vista plug-and-play does not recognize the dell aio 962 printer

XPS 730 x company vista plug-and-play does not recognize the dell aio 962 printer

Win 7 - cannot restore some files from a successful backup

I recently bought a new laptop with Win7. I managed to restore all my important files to a backup of my old computer which was under Vista. When you try to restore my emails from the old vista computer, although I can see the files in the backup file