All of a sudden, multiple problems suddenly, as no address bar, back button works do not, etc.

On my computer starts, when I opened firefox, everything was different (at the time I installed Lavafox and darker Google) home page has not been loaded (instead, it was the new tab page with recent history pages), the address bar was visible, but di

Satellite L - can I get guaranteed in sri lanka for Australian notebook?

I bought my laptop in the Australia, but now I'm in sri lanka. so I need to know, who can get guaranteed in sri lanka?

Satellite A300 - Cd/Dvd drive is not recognized by Windows

My cd/dvd drive has stopped being recognized by windows (7). I don't know what has caused this because he previously worked and allowed me to install office 2010.There seems to be no restore point shown around where he was working.

Lag and slow on the new iMac

I bought an iMac nine retina 5K on a month and half ago and it's already in trouble with the slowness and delay, mostly online. Video and audio, struggle streamer and freezes often after a minute or two, sites are sometimes slow in general, Facebook

Toshiba secured 500 GB does not work with Vista 64 bit

I bought a Toshiba 500GB (PX1668e-1he0) guaranteed, and I can't install it on my PC with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.On the box says it works at least with Vista, but I can't install it.When I plug it i and autorun start I have an error message: th

Group case

Hello Maybe this could be something for LabVIEW 2014... ? Or 2015... ? Or maybe it already exists, but I don't know it yet? I have a large structure with a structure of the event that triggers a State of many cases machine, I now have about 30 cases.

Best practice code LV2013

I am still fairly new to LabVIEW programming and learned about the online than yourself to the rhythm of the classes. I started in June of 2012. I am currently working on a new Panel before vi (host) program and I am trying to determine a better way

Disperse cards

LabVIEW 2013 Hi, I was wondering is it possible to use a map of point clouds XY in LabVIEW and the user can click on a point and it would display the data on this?

Envy 5540: 5540 HP envy not printing

I just bought a HP ENVY 5540 printer.  I spent almost 7 hours trying to get this setup of the printer.  The wireless to the printer light is solid.  I tried everything to get this printer to print.  Printing failure rises.  But I can print test HP pa

widowed in live. money\sign

I have recently upgraded money 2007to silver and sunset now money and sunset does not update my actions and watchlist silver 20007 lets share update my actions and share watchlist pleas advise?

ThinkPad FRU Service videos

Just a quick reminder to those who may not know these videos now that many of our TPTs approach the end of the warranty period. Here is a link to the ThinkPad Tablet Service and Support training videos. Each of the FRU Service videos can be downloade

keyboard USB not recognized by when you try to install from WinXP cd

Try to make an own insntall of Win XP on a computer with malware. Everything is normal until the installation program screen 'welcome. ' You will need to press Enter to continue but usb keyboard apparently not recognized. Have you tried several keybo

WVC54GCA won't see wireless network

It will be not see or even to find the wireless network... All my other PC sees fine I use WEP 64 bit. When its plugged with a cable, it works fine but when trying to get the wireless network will not find everything, it will not work with WEP? I hav

Port port TCP 690 forwarding worked until all of A sudden, it works...

I need port before I developed 690 for application server and it worked for a while until none where it has stopped working. The funny things is that I had port port 80 and 21 passed and they still work very well. So I do not know why. I tried other

C410 charger problem

When I copy and scan and I place the document on the glass, press scan or copy and printer tries to feed a document at the top and gives me an error document feeder jam. It does not analyze the document that I placed on the glass.

order of color toner

I have a CP1525nw I love a little. But recently, I have lack of toner and had to replace the cartridges. Somehow I seem to have screwed up and removed the existing cartridges before installing new and am now unsure of the order that the cartridges go


It worked fine for a long time, however, I think that someone "messed with" my computer.  When I try to do support remotely, I work in tech ctr, anyone I invites to help receives a message of F U on their computer.  How can I stop this?

Downgrade IDS 4210 problem

Hello I want to downgrade my IDS 4210 system due to performance issues experience after the last update to IPS-K9-sp - 5.1 - 4 service pack. Can someone inform me for the path relevant downgrade? Urgent... Thanks in advance

Split tunnel P501 CVPN 3005?

I have a pix 501 configured as easy VPN client and CAN connect to my VPN from Cisco 3005 concentrator without problem in a test environment. Basic config - looks like this: vpngroup vpnclient * password *. vpnclient username * password *. vpnclient S