What is wrong with this picture?

Can not believe it!

read/write speed

Hello I want to know how read and write speed of the last GEN TC?

I used superstart, then it dissappeared, I downloaded several times, it says I have it, but there is no evidence of it - what is happening?

Has it changed while I can't even recognize him? Before, there were empty blocks in the middle of my screen; I click on one and assign it to a web site, so I can access it easily. That is what superstart is supposed to be, correct? Now, there is noth

Firefox does not leave my mouse click on the top of a web page, that he will not let the mouse of course recognise that linking and custom allow to click the links in the top of page 2 "of a web page

If I'm looking at a Web page any and I move the cursor over a link at the top of page 2 "more or less of the page, it will not recognize that there is a link and I would click on the cursor remains as the arrow and move by hand to make me click and o

How can I find komakai who answered my question 3 answers, I can't find my original thread or komakai what's wrong with me?

An extension that apparently, I downloaded 18 months ago has just started playing up and preventing me access the Internet with Firefox. Komakai (bless his heart) has proposed a few solutions. I tried a desire now to return to him with results unsati

Slow DVD burning on Tecra A9

I found that when burning DVDs my burner works about 1 X I have checked this on the web and found other forums, which suggests to make sure I'm set to DMA if available on the transfer mode. I have it on the "primary IDE channel" on device 0 transfer

iCloud photo library stuck in an interminable loading which slows down and stops my entire network.

Last month I've upgraded successfully to El Capitan. Since then, after choosing to automatically download and store my entire library to the cloud, the download process caused a lot of problems. First of all, I had to leave the laptop on day and nigh

duplicate photos in iPhoto and cannot empty the trash

After update to El Capitan, I found that iPhoto was no longer on the machine. I prefer to use this program, so it downloaded. When I added my photo library, I had lots and lots of pictures duplicate. When you delete them, I found that I could not emp

Real-time TCP/IP communication

Hello I use the following materials: SMU-1062 q SMU-8108 OR PXI-5600 (02 card for 40 MHz of bandwidth) SMU-5641R (two entries are used; one for each NI PXI-5600) PMA-1115 LabVIEW 2009 I use the mode of the instrument to detect the signal to jump and

Average implement properly sampling frequency

I am writing a program for the acquisition of data that reads the voltage and data current with a 3 phase generator, IE. There are 3 channels of voltage and data 3 (also represented under tension) current data channels come in my USB-6009. The wavefo

A friend's XP user and in a care home for now & about to use a "dongle" Mi-Fi for its banking services

Hello How to secure my friend uses the Windows XP for its banking services while she is in a nursing home? (This could be short term or permanent, unknown still.) She has not used the Toshiba laptop to come to 6 months. I don't know if it uses Norton

computer running slow, I did a scan disk and Defrag

What can I do else.. .i have done a scan of the disc and a Defrag... .my computer running slowly?

Windows not can find new updates (code 80004002)

original title: Windows not can find new updates on the windows updates, I get a message that says "windows has not can find new updates a mistake due to the new updates for your computer errors found: code 80004002 Windows Update incountered a unkno

I have entered my product key for validation number, but he says that it is incorrect.

Product key I have entered my product key for validation number, but he said it's a mistake - I double checked and that's okay!

All-in-one 8500 - A909 replace ink cartiridge

I get a message that says that the cartiridge of ink must be replaced even after replacing with a new one.

Monitor arms MSA14 - setting?

Just spent 30 minutes on the phone trying to tech support to help set this monitor and I was disconnected.  I don't know where or how you adjust the weight for the arm goes down, as shown in the diagram.  Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Bluetooth works only with windows 7 ultimate

I'm going round in circles trying to get the bluetooth to work Model: Sony vaio VGN-Z11VNWindows 7 ultimate x 64 When I go, control panel, add a device, he finds nothing. Bluetooth devices are turned on and discoverable. I tried downloadding the broa

I use home to get on the net and there dncp but I get an error not a valid ip address

I have through my husbands computer network and there srt dhcp upward on his we have a special, but I can't get my computer to connect to the internet through its it is not a valid IP tried everything

upset with my plan of cloud creative photography

I bought the package of photography for creative cloud adobe under the assumption based on the description of the add-in and online, details that I would have all the apps included to install and use, advertising showed me and said would be included