iMovie has stopped working since iOS 10

iMovie has stopped working since iOS 10 Now, all I see is a black screen and then it throws me out of the app however does not close the app and the problem does not improve. I lost my summer and extra time making a super great way to 5 hours difficu

How to download with a direct link address

How do I start a download if I have a direct link address? I don't really know what downloader is installed on my PC in Win10 and I don't find it in the list of programs my PC. I use a VLC Player. Thanks

Another iPhone 6 battery Post (but with pictures!)

Take the iPhone 6 and my daily struggle to keep the phone, still less use, as I documented below.  The following image shows the exhaustion of a 100% charged battery in the space of 4 hours at most, 5 interactions with me. Let me, at the head of some

HP 250 G4: HP 250 pilots missed G4, help!

Hello, I installed my operating system, but I can not install these drivers, find them on the official site cant or so it seems. * signal processing PCI data acquisition control PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_1903 & SUBSYS_8135103C & REV_08 * unknow device ACPI\

Qosmio X 500: power adapter no longer works no reason

Hello Now I have my Qosmio X 500 for a year and I love it, however I have little problems with it, and I would like to know if it can be problematic. The first thing is that my adapter stopped working without reason,So I bought a new but always makes

Favorites missing name

Recently, as my favorites upgraded record with no name field provided, as the name of the file for example name and fichier.htm with any information on the page. Any help on how to do so that he can recognize the page?

Screen flashing after migration to Windows 10

HelloThe screen flashes and I can't do any action except (CTRL + ALT + DELETE) just after the migration of Windows 10 on my laptop Satellite L855 17V.Help, please. Kind regards. Laurent

Need me a SIM card for iPad mini 2

IM thinking about buying a mini iPad 2. But not sure if I need a SIM card. Anyone know?

Remove yahoo opening page of safari

How to remove Yahoo from the opening page of Safari?

Satellite L500 - keyboard does not work

Hello I have Vista L500 with a dead keyboard. This machine has not been abandoned or anything it is spilled on it. I plugged USB keyboard external that works. The laptop keyboard does not work. I flashed the BIOS, update drivers, held shift for 10 se

Can I have captions on FaceTime with IOS?

Dear Sir, my wife has hearing problems but can read the subtitles. IF I can have subtitles on FaceTime, I can communicate with her over time face.

EliteBoook HP 8530w battery problems

I am running Windows 7 Professional on my Elitebook and having battery problems. What happens when the computer is plugged into the wall it will load and allow for laptop turn on or stay even if the battery is removed. If it's just the battery and no

folder Tutorial

I try to go to the tutorial in  The turtorial says I should have a folder in my installation of cvi tutorial, but I don't (see page 18 in link above).  My CVI comes with the suite of developer and I have bee

i MAC mid 2011: error saving a scanned image by choosing Documents with text... the drop-down list of Preset MAC

When I scan a text document and try to save it as a PDF, I get the error message "could not save scanned image. If I use parameters for general use, it records OK.  Any thoughts?

Key removed

O computador cylindrical uma menssagem dizendo than EU tenho as instalar windows original. SE EU tenho esse computador one 6 years using windos xp proficional so agora as vem essa menssagem o.

How can I put in a new hard drive to replace the main HD that crashed and that contains the operating system

My HD C: broke down and needs to be replaced.  It contained the operating system (XP).  My other drive is OK.  I have all the original cdroms, including the operating system.I need to know if I should be careful what it is.

How can I activate Windows XP mode in Windows 7 Professional so that I can run my old programs?

Where can I find the download from Windows XP to Windows 7 Professional version of windows. Yesterday I've upgraded Windows 7 Premium Home Edition for Windows 7 FEATURES. I upgraded to I can have access to Windows XP for some older programs that were

How can I delete everything?

I tried to go into my compputer and then the drive of the device is in, but it shows no files. Yet, when I unplug it, it has a TON of music and photos, I don't want to. Accidentally synced everything on friends computer

E250 problems with PSG

My computer recognized the device in the past when he was in MTP mode.  Now, however, is not.  I opened the Device Manager, and on the portable device tab, it says device MTP with a small yellow "!".  When I right click and open the properties, it sa