What is the speed for OS 10.10 on 13-inch, early 2009

My 13-inch, Early 2009 MacBook runs with OS 10.9.5 basically OK on speed, and it's a very good, loaded with the fine software is useful but old and slow sometimes with all additional popups and deflect and is very nervous about the links I don't want

Missing new Page

Hello I've updated to Firefox version 16 (or something) the who's new page has since disappeared. First of all, I thought it's just a temporary problem or something (my modules are messing around with it, or whatever), but now my pc has forced me to

My Chase Bank statements will be open, but with the fox 3.6.17 will open statements

Can not open my bank statement in Firefox with any update past 3.6.17. So I always reinstall the updated older so I can open my statement. It either that or go back to the Explorer for instructions to open. A complete waste of time since I have 5 Acc

Need to boot drive for Satellite L750D

Hello I've owned a Satellite L750D for two years now, she has recently stopped working. So I gave it to my friend tech savvy of mine and he said that the hard drive was fired. So I bought a new one and it install it, the problem is when it starts it'

Pilot PA3541E-2PRP Dynadock and Windows 7

How will I know if I need an update driver for Windows 7 for PA3541E-2PRP Dynadock? Searched the Toshiba site without result for this model. I just bought a laptop Toshiba Satellite C650-19 t. Their web site is difficult to use.Thank you

Equium A100-299: the Firewire (IEEE 1394) port is not recognized

I have a new A100299.It seems that the firewire port is not recognized. Y at - it software or a driver that is not installed? Or what can I do? ConcerningU Molin

Mac Pro (end 2013) is no longer detects the internal SSD flash drive.

How to fix?  I replaced the drive and the wiring without result. Help! MIchael

Update Qbittorent problems

I used the dropbox community Possin qbittorrentr6_3.3.0_armel.deb and since then I can't access the web interface. The default admin and adminadmin password do not work nor has my original password from the old version. I tried to remove and reinstal

RN104 ' readynas btrfs delayed insertion index dir + ' on the Panel

Hi all. After updating my RN104 (2 TB, 3 TB, 4 TB, 4 TB) to 6.4.1 the weekend last everything works correctly. Today I see the messege "insert a readynas btrfs dir delayed index + ' on the Panel and the main unit is not available any more (I think th

PhotoSmart e-all-in-one B210a: Incorrect Date for the installation of ink

I installed new ink cartridges, then print a diagnostic report. The report said that I had installed the cartridges on 15/04/2016, but the date was actually 21/04/2016.  Well, my printer is five days late, but I do not see where to change the date on

Passage of an object by a shared variable

Hi all I don't know if the title is entirely appropriate, but it describes exactly what I'm trying to do.  I have an application that runs on a machine RT which I'm trying to pass an object of the application on the machine of the RT to a host.  The

microphone will not work if prgram Skype

When a Skype program, I can't not micro just send message to Chester.

OfficeJet Pro 8610: Can device driver software corrupt

At least once a week the software of the printer device driver is damaged. When you run thr troubleshooting indicates that the printer is not enabled (although it is) and the shooting hurt program then reports that there is a problem with the softwar

How to make a slide show of photos on my 730HD B1?

How to make a constant slideshow of the photos on my 730HD B1?

Outlook Express cannot send and receive emails and cannot sync to the phone.

Hello I'm a Microsoft Online Customer Service, which contacts on behalf of my client. My client has problem with Outlook Express, which cannot send and receive emails, and cannot sync to the phone. He receives this error message below: The host 'SMTP

A black screen, then a blue screen

The status bar for my CD drive was off the track so I removed the side panel to look at. He was COVERED in dust. So I took a cloth and sprinkled the entire interior. The fan was BAD and got everything clean. I unplugged the two cords that were clingi

RTSP in the camera function is not compatible with most phones.

Outside the usual range of phones that do not support rtsp that cannot access webcams linksys... Add the new enV3 that can broadcast m.youtube.com and rtsp but not able to load the stream. If anyone wants to prove me wrong I'll paypal them 20 bucks..

I get a message saying that someone is trying to access my registry and to scan my computer. Is it a hoax?

I got a message on my computer saying that someone was trying to access my registry on Vista Home Basic and to scan my computer. I scanned my computer completely and there is nothing abnormal. Why I would get a message like that?

recover the lost memory

I had this problem with little mΘmoire opinion. I want to know if there is a way I can get rid of the old photo or old programs that I don't use to acquire a return memory to run other programs?

5505 all-in-one printer not print some pdf images.

5505 all-in-one printer not print some pdf images. the paper passes through the printer, but no image or text is printed on the paper. This seems to happen when the document is an 'image' and the text is not "searchable". Windows XP. no error message