Help Apple Watch

im going to be getting an Apple Watch and I want to know what is the equivalent of double iPhone watch by clicking on "the home" button and close running apps? In other words how you completely close apps on a Apple Watch? On Mac, it of the Q command

Spectrum of HP 13-3004tu Ultrabook: video playback choppy after you install the latest video drivers

I upgraded my video drivers (Intel high definition (HD) Graphics Driver place) for my Ultrabook 13-3004tu of the spectrum and after reading so online video (YouTube, videos on the sites of integrated information ect) play jerky and the

My Canon MP980 will not print 10.11

I just bought two sets of very expensive cartridges for my printer Canon MP980 to print some important documents. Guess what? Is no longer, it will print in El Capitan. It shows the document sent to the printer and the arrows go awry, but nothing hap

Re: Satellite P200 - TS - L802a Won't burn DVD on Windows 7

I have a Satellite P200. Due to the original HDD becomes full, I installed a new drive hard more - and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I can't get my DVD burner to work (TS-L802a). The DVD player is fine because if I put the old hard drive back (

Satellite m30 Soundspeaker produces serious noise

Sometimes the right speaker makes serious noises.It's like the whirring, what do you know about this. Thank you

Satellite L500-1XM - go to black screen

Hello After about 30 minutes of being on, my laptop screen goes black, laptop turns on but nothing happens, I have to turn off and restart, but same thing happens again. I hope someone can help Thank you Mark

TPM B5Y67AV Bios setting

I've recently updated my laptop 7200 dv6z (product number: B5Y67AV) to Windows Pro 8.1. I tried to configure my BitLocker, but it says that my TMP is not enabled. In the BIOS, I can't find where to get them to market. When I looked for a bios update

Set up a wireless network on EA60-155

I have laptop EA60-155 A60.I have trouble to set up a wireless network between my desktop and my laptop.My office works well online via a network of 576 Thompson router. I use a BT Voyager 1060 portable card in my laptop, but the two will not connect

Satellite A210-14 - why I often get Bluescreen Error?

I own a Toshiba A210-14 for about 3 weeks and got the 6 bluescreens now! Twice, he came that I transferred data from an external to the computer HARD disk portable HARD drive.Once after installing ICQ to my external HARD drive.And three other times,

What connectors SATA speed do I have on my motherboard?

Hello This is my first time on this forum posting. I would like to find on what SATA connector should I "plug" a new HARD drive on my motherboard. What SATA connector is best to have the primary/boot HARD drive connected to? The PC I have is quite ol

Driver for ENE CIR Receiver for HP Pavilion dv6 2040 el 64bits VT 949EA #ABZ OS: Windows 8 Pro

Install the new device ENE Cir Receiver driver in Windows 8 Pro

"HP Pavilion dv2810us Entertainment Notebook PC

where can I download the drivers for this laptop for windows 7?

EliteBook 8460p: battery not detected - update Bios?

Right now my Elitebook running WIN10 and I get a message that says no battery detected.  I read that possibly the BIOS update "might" help with this situation. I looked at the details including the suggested site: Date of revision of the BIOS - 26/08

W700 (2758 - 74G) need driver for SM Bus controller

I'm invited to a driver for the SM Bus controller. I searched the forum and it is suggested that the installation of the Intel Matrix Storage Console should fix it. I've installed two times using this file:

I bought this printer (P1102w) and paid more because wireless.

I've never been able to get the wireless to work. I have Win7 and badminton wireless. I tried the disc and tried to get the drivers online. No luck.

Why my computer crashes upward at startup after installing a new external hard drive Western Digital

I am running windows XP with service pack 2. When I unplug the external drive the computer starts very well.

Impossible to put up-to-date internet explore, real player and mozilla firefox

I am unable to update my application on my pc. I use xp SP2. I recently tried to update my mozilla firefox from old version to the new and my real player too and even the Explorer internet, but after the installation of the internet at the end of the

path of the audio file

Hello world I use the path of the sound file to play with play Sounf I select the file again every time I got close and open labview. Any suggestions as to how I can make it permanent? Thank you.

Error message "Xtray application has stopped working."

I get the following error messages when I start my computer and enter the part of Windows Vista from the boot sequence.  I am able to close these error messages and works normally, but I fear that they could be a precursor to more serious problems la

Extended memory laptop HP G71 - 345CL G71 - 345CL:

Hello I have 4 GB installed on the laptop. I was wondering how much more expansion of memory I can do on this laptop. Is it easy to install and worth it? If so, what type of bars of memory that are compatible.  I know that I read on this form by an e