I don't want to use icloud drive

When I implemented this new mac I clicked together icloud drive. He then copied photos on the disk. I don't want to use the free space of 5 GB and I don't want the photos in the reader. I deleted it. I want to just make sure that the photos that I to

Firefox can be installed on a laptop of Chrome?

No further details. I would use my Chromebook to run a programme of work, but it does work through Firefox.

Report of panic, panic GPU

Hello. I can't work on my macbook pro at all during the last month. It restarts several times during a day, 5 to 6 times per hour when I'm working with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign or Autodesk Maya. I get a message my computer has been restarted due to

Re: Portable Satellite C - CD/DVD Rom drive is corrupt

My driver for the CD-ROM/DVD-Rom drive is corrupted TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS L633C(Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)) I UNINSTALLED THE DRIVER AND RE STA

Re: Satellite A300D-11 t - how to install Windows and software provided?

HelloI have a Toshiba Satellite A300D-11 t (model: PSAK0E-00700DGE.) Due to the mistake of hard drive, hard drive has been formatted and I lost my OS. When I bought it two years ago, the laptop came with Windows Visa and other software. But I don't h

Domain migration question

Hey! I kinda a strange question... Recently a contractor migrated our domain Server 2003 on new servers Server R2 2012. Domain level is still 2003. This brings me to my point, we have an old Windows 98 PC running a piece of legacy software, since the

Connectiong XP computer to a Windows 7 homegroup

How connect us our laptop Windows XP to our Windows 7 homegroup?  We have a Netgear wireless router.

Can I install msn on my mac preium

Can I install msn on my mac preium

backgroud Bureau function disable

I have windows vista, im trying to change my background to a different image and perhaps tiles or something, but when I tried to open the change of wallpaper in the preferences tab in the control panel it says:this feature has been disabled.  Please

3 USB and USB 2

Please advise on the UPGRADE of my 2009-(?) or 2010-make Windows Vista 3 G RAM/300 G Hard Drive PORTABLE BETWEEN USB 2 and USB 3, to improve performance, especially when surfing the web and also occasional (black for most old & white) download movies

HP Photosmart 7515, 7510 (model C311a) turns on itself

New regulations for the ENERGY STAR® have imposed an automatic off in electronics new products feature, if you experience a symptom where your device will turn off by itself it can be linked to this feature, you can disable this feature by following

Launcher main exe stopped working so my logitech webcam does'nt work, what can I do?

My webcam logitech 170 does'nt works because Launcher main exe stopped working what can I do about it?

Tried Unity3d of load on the PB Flash export

For someone who is interested, I tried exporting my Unity3D game Flash and tried to load on the Playbook does not. I tried to create a .bar with the .swf with blackberry-airpackager and I tried to put the swf file in an html and do a WebWorks app so

Alert blackBerry 8300 Smartphone

He had a massage in my BB 8300, "ECEPTION EXCEPTION: EVENT THREAD DOES NOT" what it means

Windows store is not able to download apps.

Every time I open the windows store and tries to download an application, a message appears "call us overprotective." It is that I have changed my phone number and cannot text or call him again. I even forgot to change in my outlook account. Now I ha

Searching for a string in an array (complex) token value

Look at this example:with tableA as(Select 1 nn, name of the 'HAND', sup 'GO','STE; VEP; URC; ELL, DAV; ID; FOX; FID; TIM; ALINE; IRON;' double modulUnion of all theSelect 143, 'GO', 'Development','DAV. ID; FOX; RON; GIL; BERT; FID; UC;' of the doubl

4440 HP printer all in one reject job "Delete" in what.

Can not get the print job indicated by "delete" to get out.  Pinter do not print!  The ink is fine, no paper jam, print glass but don't print computer screen.  Help, please.  Thank you

Find missing files does not work - what don't get me?

I have had my photos stored on an external hard drive and upgraded to a bigger external drive. My husband has copied the files to the new drive. Now I can't access photos on the drive. I followed the steps to update the location of the pictures, but

Help the CBO to make the right choice

Hello everyone. I have a related question performance. I would like to hear your opinion on this. Here's a simple query on the transactions table: SELECT      * FROM      transaction t WHERE          t.transaction_method_type_code = 'CREDIT'      AND