My iPhone 6 more used to turn past the Apple logo

I get the Apple, date and time, and the shot then it restarts again if I try to drag.

Why is text on Google lists more small that it's in my Internet Explorer browser?

I have already solved this problem myself, but I don't know how to get rid of my question! In settings, I opted under Options for a certain size of type and that solved my problem, and I learned this control and two characters will increase the size

HP deskjet 3540 series (D142AF: print validation error)

I am trying to print from my computer hp laptop on my wireless printer and I got valedating of the printer... Please can you help me now?

Firefox crashes as soon as I click on the Firefox icon.

When I click on the firefox icon, it opens at all. IT appears just the reported crash. It crashes immediately when I click the icon. It does not start in SafeMode either. How can I get my Firefox working again?

Siri/Voice SMS/front Mic camera does not

I filed a complaint for this March 12 in an Apple Service Center, but they said mic is stuck can not fix it and already altered sound. I told them the only person use it and no way to alter what I force gave to another authorized service center befor

a610n - fan error of the system after replacing the motherboard

Hi all I just replaced the motherboard on my system (phone and now I get this error when starting: Fan failure system, PC service to avoid any damage. I thought

Satellite L550-1See - MXM slot?

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite L550-1See who buy from the Germany. I don't know an mxm slot on my laptop?

Pavilion p7-1054 PC: plug a second monitor

I have two video outputs.  One VGA and one DVI.  I recently bought a TV with an HDMI input.  I bought a HDMI cable and a HDMI-DVI adapter. As indicated, I turned off the computer to hang it to the top.  After everything booted up I got a perfect imag

HP officejet pro 8600: software in place of the stands to check out more of network environment

My printer was not scanning.  I uninstalled software and keys record, then downloaded the new software, but to put in place the stalls on verification of network environment, and he said: HP Officejet NO ANSWER.  After that, I start HP Print and doct

X 1 display carbon 2014

I have the all-new X 1 carbon with WQHD display. I wiped the drive and installed Ubuntu Linux 13.10. Everything works perfectly. Sound, WiFi, camera, trackpad... everything works fine without any problems. I also have a new T540p running Windows 8.1.

using the table grid

Hi all I have a 2D array of 8-bit binary data. I want to add data to a table and change the color of each cell according to the values of data in the following wayIf any bit of the 8-bit data is '1' the cell must be red otherwise the cell will be gre

PCIe-1429 randome time-out errors

I use a card National Instruments PCIe - 1429 Camera Link which gives timeout errors about 20% of the time every time that the show clock is stopped and restarted. The problem I see occurs for a 1-tap 16-bit and 8-bit 8 - tap camera configuration.  E

Microsoft TMG

We use subnet as VLAN1 in our configuration LAN, TMG is configured as below Internal Ethernet card: The connection-specific DNS suffix. :IPv4 address...: Subnet mask: Default gateway. : External Ethernet ad

Problem of FreeCell

I tried the suggestions (delete the game, reinstall System Restore) none of them worked.  I have saved my computer last week. I have to restore the entire system every time that happens? It's so frustrating! My cards slide not just above the side whe

Incorrect name appears when locking XP

I gave an old Dell computer to a friend who was in need of a PC.  I uninstalled all my apps and docs and then implemented their applications and their docs from the old PC to mine using the files and Settings Transfer Wizard. Everything works fine. 

I received an e-mail which I can't open or delete? When I try to remove it, a bulletin board is telling me that Windows Mail will restart. Why can't I delete an email on Windows Mail?

This is no e-mail spam but I know.  I click it and it will send a message that Windows Mail will restart and it does not start a 2nd time.  Then I try to access this e-mail again, Windows Mail stops and I have to restart Windows Mail all over again. 

How to down load for epson sx200 printer installation disc

How doen load for epson sx200 printer intallation disk

I can't send mail errors come to the top, but what are they abd that should I go?

Every time I try and send an email from windows live, a box pops up saying error that I don't know what they are, or who to ask.

Windows Defender is more work, get error 0x800106ba in Vista

When I try to start the windows Defender I get error 0x800106ba, I tried by following the recommendations of the help and support

PC repair

is it possible to fix the javascript expand collapse message id true on your pc