How to remove an old address recipient that fills automatically when I type a name?

When I start typing a name in the address line, an old pop address in French – how can I permanently delete this address?

Archive utility: temporary folder?

Hello Where is the "temporary folder" when 'extraction' of an archive using the utility to archive Mac? The archiving utility not always use same folder of temporary mining, say, for example during extraction of a file on a network share? I had a pro

iPassword extension does not install

I downloaded the 1Password for Firefox extension. But when I try to install it on Firefox 3.6.13 I get an error message. Don't know what I'm doing wrong and I want to use 1Pass with Firefox. It works fine on Safari 5 and OS x 7.2 so...? I downloaded

Satellite program-112 P775 - password issue

Hello everyone I became this afternoon to the proud owner of a Satellite P775 program-112.However after going through the windows set up in the first turn on and everything happens as well everything has an abrupt end by failing to recognize my passw

Bad Partition on external hard drive: format the bad Partition or format the entire disk?

I am confused how to proceed. I have an external hard drive 3 TB with partitions (3). One of the parititons cannot be verified. I saved the partition and tried to repair disk. Repair disk failed and invited me to reformat the hard drive. How can I re

iTunes match does not display the works of the album

Hey there, I know that there is much about it on the Internet, but no real solution then maybe one of you knows a trick or something. I have an iMac which I use as primary storage for my entire music library, the files are actually on this machine. I

Are the Photos and videos uploaded (iCloud Photo Sharing) equal to the (ios iphoto reviewed)? If not, what is the new equal to that? If so, can I organize the layout as I wish? can I convert (iphoto ios log backup) to the file (iCloud Photo Sharing)?

I always use the ios 7 because I like my reviews of iphoto, ios 8 and after don't support is not iphoto, I intend to upgrade to the latest version of ios. so my question is: Are the Photos and videos uploaded (iCloud Photo Sharing) equal to the (ios

Whine of high ground by speakers when using the logic or Garage Band

Yesterday, I downloaded and installed Logic Pro. During the last part of the installation process my speakers started to whine. It is not very strong, but quite noticeable and irritating. I use these speakers (Alesis M1 Active 520) for years and have

How do I change the ram on a Phoenix h9-1170 settings

How will we change ram settings for our new RAM on a Phoenix h9-1170.  It reads as 1333 when he is listed as 1600 on the box, system on the website specs say 1600 RAM can also be used. I have JUST the PLEASE READ WHAT 1600, but its it shows like 1333

HP PROBOOK 450 2: keyboard malfunction

Dear community, I come here to ask for your advice. Yesterday, I start my HP PROBOOK 450 G2 as usual, but some keys on my keyboard don't work. I have not install or uninstall a program. Here the keys that don't work: "F9" "equal" "delete" "page up" "

Coersian point on 'stop if True '.

OK guys, what on EARTH is happening here!

HP Scan does not scan after upgrade of the Lion

I upgraded to a Lion for Snow Leopard and followed the instructions of HPs (uninstall, reinstall the driver for 10.6, Lion install update). Now HP Scan can't find my scanner (Scanjet 4370).

Migration of Windows Server 2012 R2

We have a Windows Server R2 2012 set up machine we wanted to copy and move to a new machine.  I tried to read the articles on migration, however the majority of the articles are about the migration of roles and features from one computer to another.

Install Scanjet 7650 on new computer

I try to install my HP Scanjet 7650 to a new 64-bit Windows 7 computer. I don't have the installation CD. I have download the Installer tries to install a program corporate ISIS. I find myself with software to share the scanner on a server. All I wan

Change not anchored to a specific display resolution (HP Zbook15 with adapters dual display)

My HP Zbook 15 contains both an Intel HD 4600 Graphics and an NVIDIA Quadro K1100M graphics cards. When I remove my laptop it seems to use the Intel card (Intel HD Graphics of icon in the task bar). I think that this display adapter limits the choice

can not turn on the windows, using Security Center?

recently, I was infected by the virus of fake anti-spyware program called desktop defender 2010. I think I have all that, but is windows Security Center is still saying it is offline and when I try to turn it on, it tells me that it cannot be started

Windows Phone developer account activation

Original title: what has happened to my order number: 9018227 Hello I bought the developer account windows phone for 4500 inr It's my order number Order number: 9018227 Sep 12, 2012 Can you please activate my account * address email is removed from t

pulling on the pictures and videos on the rival

I took a whole bunch of photos and recorded several videos at a concert and on my personal time... and I want to remove them YouTube videos are too long, and I can't send them just not to mention I want to take the time to send 70 photos especially w

When I tried to do a restore point, I received an error message saying no shadow program. How can I solve this problem. I can't find the answer anywhere. Not one that makes sense

Why the Microsoft Shadow program could not be installed?  I tried to do a system restore and not able to. I tried to update, went into Device Manager. Nothing is workin.  I can have ruined Services because I tried to turn it on.  Please, someone know

Desktop stops

Desktop stops on its own after I connect 5 to 10 minutes