Search for a substring

Hi all I wonder if the following is possible in number. I have a table like the one below. Name Number of days John Smith 4 Aaron Smith 3 John Jones 2 Would it not possible using the SUMIF function with another function to create a cell that returns

is there anyway to restore the deleted text messages?

is there anyway to restore the deleted text messages?

Impossible to update graphics driver on my Qosmio F750

Hello I have a problem. Can not update my graphics driver.I have a Toshiba Qosmio F750 with nvidia GT 540 m card.

Satellite M60-170: Express media player does not load

Hello I guess I have a problem with the express media player on my satellite m60-170.I have inserted an audio disc or a dvd and the laptop does not work.When I press the cd/dvd button, instead of 'Act' as it should, it just support windows (such as p

Satellite C50D - B - 11 X - weird display problem after installing iTunes

Hi allI just installed the latest version of iTunes on my Satellite C50D - B - 11 X, and now I can not see any picture of video players. reading online (youtube, etc.) or from CyberLink PowerDVD. All I get is a green screen where the video should be.

How can I send 5 photos together

How can I send a video file 5 + concert?

Grab disappeared?

With the help of iMac, OSX 10.11.2 Went to use GRAB and it has disappeared - just used last week and watched in Time Machine, which is not show it either. There is a shadow and 'alias', which does not display the original icon or a link to an applica

Application LTE infrastructure: function strobe pulse

Hello. I'm working on LTE application infrastructure to support my research. I have some difficulties to understand the function of pulse to the strobe U16 module (in DL TX / treatment of LTE DL TX IQ / LTE index generator). I don't know what tearm "

Specified HARD disk failure help needed ASAP

I am an owner of T430 I have hitachi 500 GB toshiba and mini 16 GB ssd Windows 7 Now, while I was working on an assignment I got a Microsoft Warning that my hard drive has failed and I have to run a back up (which I do now) Never had this problem and

GPF using the Table control

Hello world We use a table control to display the log files. Each row of the table represents a log file entry. In addition to that we have put in place Some filter chopsticks (string tonalite) to speed up filtering. This means that only the entries

Ethernet port not lit, no internet

I have 2 problems with networking on my v570. When wire hard connected to a time Warner company arris modem, the computer recognizes the network sometimes but gets no internet access. When it is connected to an airport extreme via the same modem, it

Using Exchange Admin Center with a server Exchange 2012 - R2 upgrade CU 8 in Chrome

Hi all Having problem with Exchange Admin Center in Chrome. Maybe in relation to I have EAC (Exchange Admin Center) through Chrome, the latest version 50 something, installation details for the transfer

HP Envy 110 - cannot scan from printer (using Mac Maverick)

I have a MAC with OSX 10.9.4 operating system and a printer HP Envy 110 with the newest driver printer HP Maverick.  I can scan Mac.  However, I can not run a scan directly from the printer control panel.  The sign says "make sure that the HP printin

crash error code d1

original title: crashing My computer has been crashing. I reloaded Vista and deleted everything before that, but it still crashes. I get this message when it reloads: More information about the problem: BCCode:                                        

Do I still need to run the Windows Firewall when I use Norton360?

Do I still need to run the Windows Firewall when I use Norton360?

Not able to download BB 10 native SDK

Not able to download the native SDK BB10 or momentics IDE of , the same page opens again and again. What is the correct link, I can download it Thank you Maria

Event Viewer Windows 7 'Administrative events' can not clear the log? Why and is there a solution?

Window 7 has many error logs in the "Event Viewer", but all seem to have the ability to "Clear log" except the Administration? Why? I looked at some of the entries, and they you are referencing my "security cameras" this automatic restart after a pow

I can't acess my external hard drive. He dsplay cyclic redundancy error. How can I solve this problem?

How can I solve "error cyclic redunduncy ' to access my external hard drive.

Connection for the user profile problem

On my laptop HP Pavilion G6 of starting a mistake is occouring "user profile service service has no logon. User profile cannot be loaded. »What is the problem? And what I have to do?

Changing to AHCI RAID Windows 8

Helloon my Lenovo U310, I have my hard drive (HDD) set to AHCI mode. I want to change RAID (0) mode because I have an SSD and can I use the Intel RST with this machine.The problem is that when I change the mode in the BIOS appears the BSOD in an infi