ios10 - hide/show purchased music

Since I updated to ios10 yesterday, my music list has been flooded with undownloaded purchases. How to hide these? I can't find the setting more. I checked General >..., iTunes and App Store >..., music >... Where is the setting to hide the purchases

External hard drive does not

I have a Seagate external hard drive purchased from Apple and placed many files, now it does not appear on my MacPro? How can I see the files backed up? Or how do I fix this?

Why firefox did ask to make changes to my computer whenever I open the browser. Why is the screen pixelated all?

When click on firefox on my desktop that a message appears to ask me if I will allow firefox to make changes to my computer. It happens every time. each page is also all pixelated and barely visible. the Explorer IS NOT to do THIS.

How do I enter options now?

When I try to access the options, instead of the window options, I get a tab which seems to be going up to about: preferences, but it says "problem loading page", with the message:The address is not validThe URL is not valid and cannot be loaded. Web

Enter the current password for HP Compaq Mini CQ10

Hi, can you please help me with the problem of "enter the current password? cnu00554x8

Clean install of Windows 7 on Satellite L655

I have a Satellite L655 and replace the HDD with a SSD (2 sheets) system (more small capacity, 1 partition). I also want to do a clean install of Windows 7. I'll be able to use the recovery disc for this? If so, will I have to reactivate? Thank you.

Battery on Satellite L50-A00M problem

Hello I would like to just a few comments on the expected useful life of the battery on my C50-A00M.The computer is a little more than 2 years. It can't hold a charge, and the health assessment aboard Toshiba tells me to replace it.Is it by for the c

print only part of the screen

On portable MYMAC OSX 10.9.5 I struggled with printing only a part of what on screen, what Miss me.

iPod Touch 5 G freezes at boot

HelloI had a problem with my iPod Touch G 6:I played a game and all of a sudden the unit off. I thought it was too much for her and needs a short break. So after 5 minutes, I tried to start my iPod, but it only shows the white Apple symbol / splash s

Satellite L650D - LCD noise in the background

Hello! Please tell me there is someone knows solution or tool that will synchronize the LCD?I have a noise on my LCD screen which is very irritating, is the strongest on a gray background.On a white background (or other light colors) is ok. I can wor

license after restoration

My os got risk of stuck and could not start.  I did a restore and now I need to enter the windows product license.  The sticker on the bottom of my machine is worn to the point that it is unreadable.  HP retains information of license provided with m

ENVY 7644: Driver Software will not unbundle

I bought a 7644 envy and try to install the driver on my desktop Mac OSX running 10.11.4. I downloaded the image disc, double click the icon and a dialog box appears and says: Checking the "HP ENVY 7640 Series"... This dialog box includes a progress

system restore an unspecified error occurred during restore of the system... why it can not restore for me?

I tried to restore my system 3 times because something is wrong and I wanted to get back to normal... but it keeps saying

Cursor stuck while playing Mahjong

During the game of Mahjong from Microsoft, the cursor hangs. My system is Windows 7 Ultimate on a DELL Latitiude laptop. What can we do?

X 34 monitor LED "MNT STATUS" supposed to show g-sync power?

Hello I got my X 34 delivered today and very happy with it, everything seems to be working great I don't have that one query, that I was wondering that if somsone could respond, the LED below band has an option for 'STATUS MNT', which I assume means

How can using XP Pro, I view pictures saved in the UDF on a CD?

Is there a simple download that I can get to open files UDF on a CD?

I can't activate the quick change. He had worked and I think that I screwed up something in the registry

I tried to reset the HKEY_users\. Default\Control Panel\Desktop Scrnsave.exe but I must be a bad thing.

Limited or No connectivity on XP using the Wi - Fi connection.

Hello My husbands computer recently hit the skids. He was traveling for work and took his personal laptop with him. While trying to access wifi in his hotel room, there is no internet connection icon in the system tray and the connection to the folde

0x800FFFF error code

I am running Vista Home Premium SP2. I'm trying to back up my files to an external drive WD. I have my system set to auto. It will not workin auto and when I try manually I get the 0x800FFFF error code. I use McAfee Viris. What can I do to solve this