iOS 10 bed - sleep analysis does not

I use the new feature in iOS 10. The first night, he showed me a graphic analysis of sleep. But every other night, the alarm sleep wake up properly but there is no data from the analysis of sleep. The days are just empty. I did disable the feature or

New Phishing Scam tries to steal passwords and Apple ID

Not apply for assistance, but just a heads-up.

What is a backup to a CD or a recovery CD. ?

What is doing? It's just a disk to reboot or it reinstalls Windows or what?

MS Win 10 of BootCamp: date jumps back

Hi all! Last year, I bought a Mac Mini (end of 2014) with OS X Yosemite and MS Win 8.1 on BootCamp = NO of PROBLEMS. Then I put to MS Win update August 10, 2015 = NO of PROBLEMS. Then I upgraded to OS X El Captain = NO of PROBLEMS. January 2016, a pr

Suitable for Satellite A200 (PSOFOA) cd/dvd players

Hi guys Had a little drama combustion got sorted, but now he s a real pain because it does not recognize more than two layers. I read on the forums that they are driving a real picky when it comes to media he will recognize. So I m get, I m planning

My address bar, my headers file, editing and tools have also disappeared, how do I solve this problem?

The address bar, file, editing, tools, etc. disappeared, how do I get them back? AlmostEVERYTHING is gone. This has happened Just once or twice == My nephew was playing games 5/28

Satellite 3000 514 graphics driver does not properly

Hallo, When you use the above mentioned Notepad I allways get a warning message after only 20 minutes of win xp.It is said the graphic driver nv4_disp does not work correctly and the display is only onequarter of the size that it used to be.It can al

Problem NVIDIA Tecra M5

A couple of days, I got a blue screen with a message This nv4_disp was in a permanent loop. Following the instructions on another forum, I deleted the Nvidia files in safe mode. I also installed a The computer is now working again, but has some probl

Help accidentally, I installed the motorola wrong driver on my phone

I was looking through the motorola drivers on my computer after I downloaded and installed the driver suitable for my phone I accidentally installed the wrong driver what should I do? I noticed how helpful you have been with other people, so I hope y

More low, muffled sounds Couture.

I noticed that the sounds are lower, such as the notification looks like Facebook (sound view and refresh the page) as the sound of receiving a text message. Also get a 1 phone call and sometimes the second ring is very low/muffled and then it sounds

Not updated by Labview VI Step property

Hello I am currently using 4 TS and LV 8.2 with Win7 Pro. I created a custom step which employs a lower Edit level. The lower Edit level name successfully a Labview vi, which allows the user to change the values. The intention is to copy the user val

I'm trying to set up a wireless network and it is said that something does not work with the driver.

Hi there tried to hook my laptop up to wireless as ethernet cable keeps me tripping. I am complete technophobe and propably have the only laptop that gets used especially to open the door. Have tried everything I can think even threaten her with glas

C5180: C5180 change to the previous version of the operating system in the drop-down dialog box

I tried to fix the parse error: 4, [(0,12,80004005), (2,7,80040007), (3,7,0) error of scanning hp] and stumbled upon a fix in support of HP that says if the scanning functions work properly before an upgrade of the operating system to try to use the

HP Photosmart all-in-One printer-D110a Installation failure

After spending the better part of today trying to install this printer on my new Dell Inspiron 660 (Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit), I'm ready to renounce HP printers.  This printer is less than a year and I had it installed on my old Dell Dimension,

photo albums - send link doesn't work anymore

more than 3 weeks I am not able to send the link to my photo album! What is going on It is a mistake We can't show you this page Our server has a problem. We are working to address them as quickly as we can, so try again in a few minutes. PCs used at

Prevention of data Excution

I have a problem when you try to repair Xp SP3. This problem occurs when my progress going to install DEVICES. green bar go to 1/2 it is stopped and not continue 1 hour or 30 minutes > not continue? . How can I slove my problem >?

flash player Adobe 11.6 has stopped working?

flash player Adobe 11.6 has stopped working?

Winmail.fol can't import to Windows Mail

(1) I exported my Windows mail message in a folder. (2) I've reformatted my computer and then re-installed all programs. (3) I imported my e-mail Windows messages. Mistakes: After importing, I see my mail folders (Inbox, sent and other), but the fold

MSN Messenger for Mac unable to sign v8.0

How the hell can I get in touch with someone from Microsoft to see if my Messenger account information has been corrupted. I got an Error Message "unable to connect to Microsoft Messenger because the service is not responding. The service isn't avail

accidentally installed Vista Home-need to reinstall with Vista PRO - no install disks

Original title: cannot access the boot, do not have the instalation disks (I'm lost)... Im running on a hp Pavilion dv6000 entertainkment Center... at first I installed a new computer cd/dvd drive does not recognize it(like before) half my programs,