Excel to Pages equation/formula

Hello In Excel, I make heavy use of the dollar sign so that when I copy a cell content of this cell will not change. Example (in Excel) $A2 When they are copied will retain the 'A' part, but the number will change $A$ 2 reference a specific cell and

Cyberduck vs Duck Mountain?

Which correspond to the difference between Cyberduck e Duck Mountain? And, for you, what is the best choice?

My 160GB Classic iPod won't sync to iTunes

I use a Windows PC. I just got it connected after questions there.What's music on an external hard drive?The iPod has been reformatted and restored so currently has nothing about it. When I plug it into the computer iTunes said "(étape 1 de 1 détermi

G20: Are not lit when the Mode2 selection in Bios

HelloI bought the computer 1 month ago or not, and I've just realized that it is not possible to activate all the LEDs on the front at the same time. When I got the laptop it has light buttons firs 2 (TV and music), but there is no light at all in th

Problems with clicking links on google

Hello Whenever I do a search on Google and click on a link I am redirected to a page at random.For example I have to slam a site on the psychology of the University and redirected to some shopping at random spam site.I copy the url of the link shown

Why is the largest part of the URL, with the exception of the domain name, in cast iron? It is difficult to read. I would like to make the entire address in black police

Screenshot of the behavior Before that I've upgraded to Firefox 6.0, the URL was displayed in black text. After the upgrade, it is now showing only the main domain name ( mozilla.com, for example) in the text in black, so that any additional text (li

Omen of HP: HP Omen control lighting does not

Today I started having a problem where when I try and change the color of my keyboard via the software HP Omen, it has no effect on the keyboard. Initially, my keyboard was glued to a magenta color, until I bios updated and turned my back to the Red

How to restore the button 'new tab' ('+ ' sign)? It seems not delicate on the tab to the right.

The + sign is missing to the right of the tab to the right. How can I restore it? Thanks, M

The fan runs loudly during startup.

When I start my Mac in the morning after I turn it off the night before, the fan made a charge to rush sound for about 30 seconds.  It is a pulse sounds similar to the waves of the ocean coming in and out.  At the same time, it freezes sometimes for

Satellite U400 - Illumination keys does not

Hi, I tired a few different versions installed PPV, but still not getting installed Toshiba button support (so the buttons for the illuminations and CDDVD do not work). Anyone know how to get these installed application? I uninstalled all Toshiba app

I have reset my iphone5c and now its FIR asking former owners find my iphone id is all played in ways it HELP

I have reset my iphone5c and now its FIR asking former owners find my iphone id is all played in ways it HELP

Need help with my keyboard

My keyboard has suddenly changed language even if I did nothing to him? I think that its american, and I'm in the United Kingdom. Any ideas? [Edited by: admin on June 3, 2007 19:32]

Black does not

I have a hp Deskjet 3520 printer all in one and it has always been great so far. I recently put all new hp ink cartridges, but black will not work.

Several preprocessing steps

Hi all I'm new to the Vision of LabVIEW module and I am trying to create an application that locates the iris of the eye of a given image of an eye. My algorithm would work as follows: (1) fill the holes in the image to get rid of specular light by r

Troubleshooting Keithey 2400

Hey guys. I have a problem Keithley 2400 to connect with LabView. I already Keithley 6220 running in the installer, so I tried just copy and paste the code for it (don't not written by me, but it works very well) and simply change the GPIB address, b

Black wired xbox 360 controller for windows flashes and freezes games

I installed the xbox 360 accessories 1.2, I plugged my black Xbox 360 wired controller for windows on the computer. I let it install its drivers. The ring of light continues to blink all the time, no matter how many times I have uninstalled and reins

Unable to start bluetooth stack service

I can't not connact my phone to my laptop via bluetooth and get the following ERROR... UNABLE TO START BLUETOOTH STACK SERVICE. A large part of the obligation for any help. Thank you

VN7 - 791 G-76GA questionable form to the seller

Hello community, first post here, I recently bought a couple of new laptops Acer E-series for a few friends on the market and were overall very pleased with the quality and performance, so in my search for a new laptop found an Acer Nitro that I am i

Problem of initialization for the HARD 3 to disk

I have 2 x 3 TB hard drives that I'm trying to make it work in my desktop Acer Veriton M498G. I checked the BIOS, there is version 08.00.15, release date 25/11/10, ROM ID R28000012. Intel Rapid Storage Technology technology reports readers

No Yahoo Instant Messenger on my phone after update 1.3.5

Ok... Let me tell you how I discovered it. I updated my phone with the new update, and I noticed that the app catalog was not install applications. So I did a partial deletion on my phone and it started working properly. Then I noticed that I would g