Are you bpmbarding your users to upgrade to a 'better' video or a scam?

Gentlemen FF to a loyal user,. I received the "FireFox" pop-up ad invites me to download and update my video player; they are boring and too much turnover and do not reflect the usual label of FF. Despite the rejection, he maintains have usurped my w

Stop Ad Block Plus sign disappeared

using Firefox latest version - Ad Block Plus symbol has disappeared. Some websites that I use need me to, so I can read their content. I uninstalled and reinstalled Ad Block - still doesn't work - even when I disable Ad Block the site it still shows

How can I get old messages on the IMAP server

I used to be able to find years of mail but with IMAP, it seems to be limited to the last year. I hope that the mail from the previous year is still there! How do I retrieve old messages so I can check it on my drive (and search locally)? Thank you

WT8-B-102 does not start even after charging

I recently bought a Toshiba WT8-B-102, and I have some problems with it. First of all, I couldn't install the update to the BIOS for a reason, but this isn't a huge problem for the work of the Tablet very well but now I can't start it over. yesterday

Satellite P200D-139 - blank screen suddenly and now empty start

Therefore, given a laptop to take a look at, now the problem she has is that she played Sims one night and left the phone on during 10 minutes while she went downstairs, now when she returned the laptop screen was blank. She turned it off and back on

BIOS update has not stopped startup Satellite P850 for Win7

Updated the BIOS on the site of Toshiba Australia yesterday which now prevented me Win 7 start. There was no apparent problem with the update or flash. I can't be in the settings of the BIOS using F12 and the start-up operation stops at the Win logo

M91 need card mother specifications

I looked and looked, even called the technical support from Lenovo, and nobody seems to be no sheets on the motherboard M91. The motherboard was MADE by Lenovo! How is it that they have ZERO info on their OWN products? This my Lenovo, he meets! You s

Reset Game hearts

How long should I stay 'inactive' until my heart of note and the number of games played resets

Deleted network driver

Hi, I have a HP Pavilion G6 - 1b74ca Notebook PC and I think I have deleted a driver or something. I can connect to the internet through an ethernet connection, but the computer will not recognize the wifi, and a wireless option is not displayed in n

FFT produces no expected value

My attachment vi opens a spreadsheet attached file and enter values of about 0.37 in the measurement of the Spectra vi. I expect around 0.37 values out of the FFT, but lo I see-80! If I understand it DSP, FFT assumes to display the frequency of occur

New Firmware Canon (1.1.3) on Canon 5 d Mk III leads to problems with the USB Active extension cable

At first I thought it was new version of Capture One Pro 7 or and the last update of OS X 10.8.3, but the camera is no longer connects to Windows 7 with a Capture One Pro 6.4.4 or 7.1.1. And this is always related to Windows 7. When I used a regular

Cannot send e-mail from OUTLOOK EXRESS (without server)?

New computer; trying to set up with OUTLOOK EXPRESS, but get "NO POP SERVER"; need for OUTLOOK EXPRESS as the use of PC main house.  Email address: * email address is removed from the privacy *.  Problem:?  Archie Ashworth

Installation of the printer. error: "printer spooler does not.

Original title: printer Installation Windows XP SP3 home edition: Software printer installation error message, "printer spooler does not" no printer is installed or deposited.

Change the Bitlocker pin with Admin rights

Hi, is it possible to change the Bitlocker PIN with admin rights Also where that PIN is stored? Thanks in advance

HP 15-BA010AU: Maximum of 15-BA010AU HP ram

Can I extend the memory of HP 15-BA010AU? As it says that it uses sdram on board. I had checked the pdf file which is located in your support forum, but did not have any idea. Can you please clearly say on the maximization of the memory of the HP 15

No sound Bose speakers

Speaker configuration? I have no sound from my speakers outside bose still fine when the sound is hdmi is applied. When test config that I only hear the rear party and speaker rear right when the stereo option I have no sound even if the green bar li

CMOS update for HP Pavilion e9260f PC

I have a windows 7 recovery disc installation problem after replacing the hard drive. The reason seems to be that the bios is outdated. All boards

Defragment drive in HP Assistant update takes forever.

I use HP Assistant development on pc Pavilion Elite e9260f, and the session to defragment took more than 16 hours.   The computer has an i5 processor and a 1 TB hard drive. Is this normal?

Mode of AHCI BIOS HP Pavilion A6230N

I have a HP Pavilion Desktop PC, model No. A6230N and I am trying to configure the SATA controller to use AHCI instead of (I think) FDI, because I want to install OS X Snow Leopard as a second operating system on the computer, but nowhere in the BIOS