Received notice that my account is closed by Apple

I received an email "We notice that you do not use your iTunes account because a long time so we're abligate to close your account in accordance with our policy, including your email i-cloud also."  Is it a scam?  I buy via iTunes almost every month.

4 s phone shows only Apple icon & black screen.

4 s phone shows only Apple icon & black screen. Computer message said: my phone cannot be updated and I should delete the data to create the space,. But how if she will not activate?

I totally got it with iTunes my music

Tonight connected to iTunes on my PC and a lot of my music has disappeared or has been moved. I know that music is somewhere in a permanent folder on my computer but I can't access it or he can stay in the current iTunes library. Why I get so much no

How to set up so that apple tv doesn't display photos

I am owner of a holiday home. I put in Apple TV for guests to use.  I want guests to be able to play movies that I bought but I don't want them to be able to see my personal photos in my icloud account.  Who can I configure things so that no photo do

HP Mini 210-2080ee recovery media

Asked me to retrieve a defective HP Mini 210-2080ee with a hard drive. I can't source a recovery DVD or USB because the machine was bought in the Middle East and media are not available in Ireland or the United Kingdom. Any suggestions welcome

Satellite A30: his missing - pilots & sound card works fine

I have a toshiba a30 and all in the distance suddenly my sound disappeared, pilots are intact and he says my sound card works fine, start melody can be hear very low if the room is in total silence and you hold up to your ear for it. Recently, I have

Satellite P200-10s - problem with the Tilde key

Hello I recently bought my laptop and installed a game (Oblivion) and in this game, we can call the console of the game but I can't call because the key does not work. The Tilde key about 1. I have been googling and noticed that a lot of people with

Accidentally formatted partition 0 disk 4 BOOTCAMP Windows 8.1

Yesterday I bought Windows 8.1 and began installing Bootcamp. I got through all the steps and got to the page collection of information on the windows OS. I filled everything, product key and all. Then I got to the page of partitions, I chose 0 4 Par

How can I download FaceTime if deleted?

How can I download FaceTime if deleted?

Satellite L670D-159 (PSK3JE) - Touchpad freezes then all freeze

Hi everyone, I am working on Windows 7 64 bit, Service Pack 1. My laptop is 3-4 months. Readers are updated and what more? Ask me so necessarily. I have a problem with my mouse "touchpad": it happens suddenly. As a first step, the cursor moves very s

4620 prints extra blank page except for her print header and footer on the blank page

4620 all-in-one, I am trying to print an email from the firefox browser, there is only a single page, but the printer prints 2 pages. The second page has only a header and footer on that printer. I only want a page and select 1 page, but still.

How to choose not to install a Windows Update?

There are some updates I don't want.   Essential direct window is one of them.  If Ido choose not to update, the update indicator never goes away.  How can I choose to reject an update and get rid of that flag or opinion? human resources management

Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit

I had a total of six newspapers of update failed in my VIEW UPDATE HISTORY. I don't know if we should do it, but I know it can be done. I managed to remove a specific "failure" journal there are still five newspapers to update 'Failure' more specific

Impossible to update computer

whenever I try to update my computer by using windows update, I get error 0 x 80070424IM on windows vista Home premium

Trying to conect my laptop Motarola Quntico to my Dell notebook down load Photos

I try to connect my Motarola mobile to my laptop book note from Dell. It is detected but with errors. He says that the device has no driver. Fix, he tried to install a driver, but the installation failed. I don't know what else to do! Any ideas? I tr

SBH20 LAG after a few seconds of inactivity

Hello I just bought a SBH20. I use it on my computer with Windows 7 and I could sync it with no problems and it recognizes my computer. However, if I don't listen any noise for a few seconds, when I reanude my music/movie/whatever there very late, un

Computer laptop dv5 off suddenly when the battery charge reaches46%

First of all, thank you in advance for any help possible. Of heres my portable computer Spec Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU P8400 2.26 GHz 2.27 GHz 3.00 GB RAM Windows Vista. Problem: Well my laptop around 1 year and something weird started happening

need driver for lg cdma usb modem is a phone and amtrying to get images of your device

the phone is not activated it come in a box and want off images

BlackBerry Smartphones Chang SIM card

HelloIAM, traveling to LONDON - I'm going to change my SIM card - if I change all my data and contacts and bookmarks will be available as the same as before?Please advice

Error message from 0x8004fb3 blackBerry Smartphones

I have a Tour 9630 by using v5.0.0.732 and the synchronization of Outlook 2007 in 7 Ms.  I had to create a new profile in Outlook 2007 and realized my BB does not synchronize in the new brightness > I traced the new profile in the configuration of sy