Satellite Pro 4270 drivers

Where to find the driver for the display - need to reinstall. Inc. S3 Savage/IX w/MW - everything I can find on the internet is a cost... I have Windows 98. Now, he no longer accept low-resolution, small screen and I can not change the Settings´... r

Slow to start after installing SP2

Hello I had this problem after istalling SP2 on my Toshiba M30. I istalled SP2 a few times before and uninstalled it is for this reason. The starting time is now about 2.5 min istead of 30 sec prior to installation. I have installed SP2 on a clean co

Problems with MAX tasks on different stand-alone

Hallo! I have problems with my MAX-tasks and my V12 Dasylab on different stand-alone. I have 3 devices on the first PC. OR USB-6009 dev1 NEITHER USB-6210 dev2 NEITHER USB-6501 dev3 Now, I had programmed a file Dasylab which uses the device 2 and devi

How to revive the VI without the start and stop?

I have a VI that processes the incoming data. I would like to erase the shift registers and be able to deal with (1) the same data file on my interval selected by the user OR (2) a new data file, selected by the user. Problem is, I don't know how to

is there a way to limit the cursor at the end of a line in the source code editor?

In the source editor, the cursor will always follow where to click. But I want to restrict it at the end of a line, just like the other text editors don't. Y at - it an option or sth? I can't put up with it any longer.

Reference any Dell is not even recognizing the camera

Original title: sony dcr-hc26eI have a sony handycam tape camera dcr-hc26e and problem by capturing the vedios.i bought a cable fire for 4 t0 pins 4 pin but my any dell is not even recognizing the camera.if I connect with a usb cable it says no drive

Implemented DHCP in an existing network?

I was in charge of implementing true DHCP in our existing network.  I say true DHCP because we currently have domain controllers redundant (Windows 2008 r2) allocation of IP addresses on a booking system where the MAC address of all the equipment had


Het lukt mij niet meer (voorheen wel) om snelkoppelingen you maken. Hoe los ik dat op?

How can I reset my original Photosmart HP 6520 to its original configuration?

How can I reset my original Photosmart HP 6520 to its original configuration?

Acer V7 ZQY: battery (AP13B8K) suddenly dead

Hello This laptop is a little more than a year. The accumulator has been in charge of 30% to something like 70% when I realized that the percentage has not increased more. I have read the information of the battery (charge status, tension etc.) but i

Visa and executable

Hello everyone! I have a problem with the visa and files executable labview. I did a VI that use a serial port visa and who have a control to let the customer choose with serial port on which he wants to work. The program works correctly in Labview.

geographical activation restriction

in the name of God Are there geographical restrictions of activation for windows xp? Thank you


I have a legal version of Windows XP Professional that I am trying to re - install on a system that has failed.  I replaced the hard drive and now I have to leave the Windows XP installation disc in the CD drive.  Can you tell me why a clean install,

How can I get silverlight to run on vista 64?

I watch netflix on my computer. Netflix is says I need to upgrade my silverlight, but it won't let me upgrade. That is to say that it is not compatible. Operating system does not support the 64-bit version of silverlight.

Disable unwanted default Vista shortcuts

I need to disable all the shortcuts, + which come pre configured with Vista, but may not know how or where to do. These shortcuts are constantly fires incorrect key activation through a game, the applications being run in the background, eventually h

Not able to download the updates of WIndows Error Code 80246008

Moose title: System Update updates microsoft windows My Windows 7 will not update anything. Error code 80246008. Help?

BlackBerry smartphones can not remove an additional icon that resembles the icon browser (Earth)!

Recently, an additional icon that resembles the browser (Earth) icon appeared in my icon page.  It says Mobile of NASCAR Sprint Cup, I don't even like NASCAR... lol... I tried, and if sprint technicians tried everything... Cannot remove it. We have r

Windows Live Messenger on Windows 7 - error 80072f0d

Hello I can't try to connect on Messenger and I get the above error. I already tried all the troubleshooting of things without success. I have recorded various. DLL, deleted the cache SSL etc, but I get the same error.Help, please! Thank you!Susan