ios10 notifications when the screen locked and I'm on the phone

This must be a bug. Nothing else makes sense as to why you program this function in iOS10. I rely on notifications for my work in the newspaper industry. I use so many apps like Twitter, Facebook, TXT Message, etc. When my phone goes into auto-lock m

7 adapter w/lightning iPhone headphones. The caller does not hear me

When I make calls or receive, the person at the other end of the line can't hear me but I can hear them. In this case more than 50% of the time until now, in fact I would say more like 75% so far. Sometimes its fixed by pulling me on the adapter of t

applying kernel panic same 10.11.6, Combo Update mode safe

Panic the kernel always when you try to apply the 10.11.6 updating, even using the downloaded update mode drop-down list without failure. This is panic, ideas? Panic report *. panic (cpu 0 0xffffff80003ce5fa appellant): Kernel trap at 0xffffff7f80ff1

Why is firefox updated by another instance?

clicking on help - about - getting the above message?


Just to format my iphone 5 and then he ask apple ID. Contact the older owner but he forgot his apple id how?

Where the hell is the extinct miracle tab?

If I update my firefox and beta, and just at the moment where the mirror tab function is presented in the Tools menu, it disappeared again! What the hell, come on guys... I do something wrong? Or are you?

How can I increase the storage on my iphone 6?

My i-phone comes with a notification that there is not a lot left on my phone storage.  I don't want to delete all of my apps.  How can I increase the storage capacity?

Skype keep me disconnecting?

the title says it well the I tried to reinstall Skype & passes amended, why get signed on Skype? someone help me please.

How to export the photo albums in a pdf file in pages of the Board-contact with the titles of the intact photos?

Help!  I have a project with thousands of images that I have listed and classified albums & now I need to create pdf files of each album to the contact sheet format ~ with the titles & Description intact.   Files should be sent to Kinko's to print, b

loading K900 problem

Therefore, the next thing, k900 is bug. Games are not as smooth as I thought. now for last days im really annoyed as my k900 had stopped charging and is dead now. It loads just for a few seconds when I try to push or tilt the usb cable. I tried other

Problem installing Windows: A required program would not run when installing updated for iTunes

I have a desktop HP Pavilion with Windows-7. When I try to install my iTunes version 10.6.1, program I get a message: "there is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact y

CameraMonitor (VX1000) does not

On shutting down my computer, I get a window with the info. that Cameramonitor (VX1000) does not. I have to close this window before the PC turns off. I am running Wiondows (XP SP 3) According to my installation for Webcam software LifeCam 3.0 produc

Mp3Tag stupid question...

Based on a large number of the recommendations made by the members of the forum here, I've recently switched to Mp3Tag as my primary tag editor.  With Mp3 files, everything is exactly as it should and I can create perfect tags easily. I also am a new

USB and ext.hd does not, but the mouse is?

Windows Edition home premium 2Acer aspire 5930 portable A few days ago I tried to connect an old usb that worked for 2 weeks with no problems... The computer says there was an error on the disk, then windows Explorer froze and had to reboot.  Later I

upgrade to windows 8 and blue-ray no longer works

I have a HP elite hpe 570f clubhouse and I have upgraded to windows 8 and the blue-ray player no longer works.

What is the problem with the police in Google Chrome? How should I do?

I use a Toshiba laptop Satellite 2009 that is running the 32-bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate. My favorite browser is Google Chrome. A week ago, I noticed that about 40% of the text displayed in Chrome seems quirky and hard to read, as shown here --

BlackBerry Smartphones how can I auto delete e-mail and other messages after a certain period of time?

I am a new user of BlackBerry and searched all over the web and documentation.  How can I configure my BlackBerry auto-Delete e-mail (since the BlackBerry only) once they age a certain amount - say 2 days?

BlackBerry DM 6.1 smartphones does not import encrypted voice Notes

Bold 9650 v5.0.0.699 Sprint BlackBerry Desktop 6.10_b034_multilingual The new Desktop Manager 6.1 will be important encrypted photos and videos, but not the voice Notes. Everything recorded by the camera, video camera, and Microphone on the media car

Purpose of "null is not null" and "null is null" statements

Hi allPlease can someone explain the purpose of these statements and what it means.1 null is not null2 null is null

Download the patch done is available for gold OPN members

Dear Experts,We have the OPN membership we have development projects.We need to test 12 c have some bugs.We can download patch from oracle with this subscription gold account Web site OPN.Thank you