I need to reinstall the LinuxO.S. on the master computer sync, how to protect the data and transfer it to the new facility?

Simply, I need to reinstall the operating system Linux on the mainframe of FIrefox Sync, changing the distro. I would like if it is possible to recreate the same configuration of the hand on the new installation of Firefox without losing any stored d

Display map mother bip

While removing a mouse, my brother dropped our HP Pavilion Slimline s7613w. There he raised only slightly above the ground (no more than 1-2 inches) until he dropped. The monitor displays a light waves on the screen. Then, I turned off the camera and

Satellite A30 Eve and cursor jump

My Satellite A30 suddenly stopped allowing me to 'move or scroll' smooth - all jumps and vibrates when I try to drag. Is - my A30 collapse?It suddenly stopped allowing me to 'stand by '.It is set to 'stand by', then closing the lid-, but it remains l

Need to go XP Display Driver Nvidia GeForce 7600 for Satellite P200-143

Hello I started my P200 - 143 Toshiba Satellite Vista double. But I can't find the NVIDIA drivers on the site Web of Toshiba. I tried many downloads of the nvidia Web site, but no one has been installed properly resulting in the flicker of screen on

Why is my help requests being deleted?

3-4 of my requests for help last week disappeared. I'm still waiting for assistance. My messages were respectful at all times. Why is this done?

Need drivers of Windows XP Home for Satellite P205-S6307

Hello... I have Toshiba Satellite P205-S6307 and I want to put Windows XP, but I have no drivers for it.What laptop satellite model is compatible with my Satellite P205-S6307? Thanks in advance

Satellite L300 - 16L - unrecoverable system error

When you try to reboot from the recovery disk, I get the message"STOP: c000021a (fatal system error)." The initial session process or the process of the finished system unexpectedly with a status of 0 x 00000000 (0xc0000221 0x0010034c).The system has

All compatible with Netgear products?

I have an AC750 WiFi Extender and thought buy a Powerline 1200 and use the extension as an access point instead. These products will work together? Thank you -Victor

Chipset drivers

Hello I have acquired and an older Thinkpad, the model is X 23, it has windows 2000 on it but its corrupt and does not start. I bought a new CD for Windows XP Home SP2 and would like to install. I'm looking for the Chipset drivers to install after th

HP deskjet 3050 ALL-IN-ONE J6 has: windows 10 driver for hp deskjet 3050 has ALL-IN-one, j611 series

After that I updated / downloaded 10 Windows on my laptop, I can't connect to my printer. It is even not appear as option in Windows, even though I made an UPDATE of Windows looking for my HP. How can I download a new driver? A new driver is availabl

Transfer of register in Labview

Hi guys,. Forgive the question, but I'm completely new to Labview and recently inherited a fairly large code base that I will work on in the coming months. The code is quite complex, so I don't know that I'll be referring to documents available to th

sampling time changed the buckle timed

Hello world I use the timed loop to control the DC motor with the vi of PID. in the loop and the sampling time are defined as 0.01 s. However, after I added a few other screws in the loop, for example, writing of measure file.vi, to collect the error

I have the problem of diversion of google redirect

you are looking for on the one hand, and it redirects to a commercial site or a list. Pages now freeze and when you click on a link, that nothing happens again from time to time, it works. I did a lot and fast MS malware Defender, research etc and no

Digitization of diagonal irregularity

MX922: I just had a very strange scan irregularity: when you scan from the scanner flat bed, the released image turned about 10 degrees.  He repeated.  When the feeder, scanning it analyzed correctly.  Thinking it was a mechanical error in the mobile

Acer Aspire E5-511-P7SJ reinstalled with windows 7 32 bit. Brightness of the screen does not

I use Acer Aspire E5-511-P7SJ windows.81 preinstalled. The system had Intel HD Graphics. I formatted the system and load windows 7 32 bit. After windows 7 installed, I am not able increase or decrease brightness. How can the problem be solved? At pre

How to cancel the option "copy of documents before printing?

I bought a HP Officejet Pro 8600. When I was setting it upward, I clicked an option that said I could copy all documents before printing. I would like to know how to cancel this option because delays copies my printing time and the printer pushes on

Windows Vista will not wake

Windows Vista SP2 wake mode not sleep if Internet is turned on. I have need to close the connection to the internet before you put the computer in mode 'sleep'. concerning

C4385 does not recognize the new router

Just changed internet service providers.  Although I used this vendor before and not had any problems with my printer, I now have a problem.  My C4385 will not recognize the new network.  Hp network connection software that I run has no effect.   It

Windows Vista configuration

When loading from my computer, that it says please wait the current configuration 0%, the config is not the case and the computer automatically stops and then restarts, and then comes back waiting for registration. How can I fix it?

Laptop battery does not charge when it is plugged in, running Vista

I have a portable three-week old and it is connected to the electric, but the counter said "96% available.(plugged in, does not support). How can I recharge?