Firefox 38.0.1 get up errors in the console with JS and CSS htaccess enabled compression

Hello I worked on improving the performance on my Wordpress site, one of the things I've done, I switched to a dynamic delivery of CSS and JS files (so they are compressed by PHP), which has worked very well for the performance tests. Now, I ALSO add

I want to download firefox but am unable to do it using ie8

I have problems with unwanted ads in firefox that I couldn't get rid of so I uninstalled with the intention of doing a system restore I did and he still had the same problem so I tried to download a new copy to ie 8I'm able to get mozilla web page to


Hey guys,. My first post on the forum and I just had this problem after installing a BIOS updated, updated Bluetooth Stack like touchpad drivers on the computer updated. After the reboot, it cannot detect the modem and it is not on the wireless setti

I rented a movie in HD and my computer says it will not play on one of my screens because it is not HDCP. What should I do?

I rented a movie in HD and my computer says it will not play on one of my screens because it is not HDCP. What should I do?

Satellite A300D - 13 X - cannot access the internet through wireless

Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me, try and tell you my problem as clear as possible. I am more able to access wireless internet. Tried to conect via the ethernet cable and that does not work either but broadband still work as my PS3 is still acc

replacing the motherboard for hp pavilion

I have a HP Pavilion model a4316f. The system no longer recognizes any of the readers. This system has a motherboard Violet 6 and from what I read in the forums, this is a common problem. If I replace the motherboard with another motherboard of viole


can I have the app stop to stop applications on my iPhone with password is it possible?

Is the card in Satellite P100-437 reader also supports format SD HC?

Hi all not sure if the card in Satellite P100-437 reader supports also format SD high capacity? Thank you.Kind regardsteo_ost Post edited by: teo_ost

HP Pavilion dv6-2150er: upgrading RAM. Looking for my laptop-compatible modules.

Hello. I have now 2 x (2 Gb PC3-10700 667 MHz Hyundai Electronics - Hynix DDR3), CPU - Intel Core i5 520M, 2.40 GHz, motherboard - 3659 of Hewlett-Packard.You want to upgrade.Two questions:1 is it true that my laptop is unable to operate with more th

iPhone will not show up as a device in iPhoto

Phone (5s) syncs fine with iTunes. But all of a sudden it will not be displayed as a device in iPhoto, so I can't import pictures. Tried to restart the phone and the computer several times. None of the older questions directly seem to solve this prob

Satellite A300 (PSAG0E) - DR Watson 32 starts on all applications

When reinstaled my XP, I found that, after a day of use, DR Watson 32 starts to run on applications.As a result, he begins to report errors and will not stop. I had to reinstal it again. What is everything? Pls help already 2 days trying to reinstal


have AMD 64 X 2 DUAL CORE 6000 3.00 GHz.  information system. the display shows 32-bit OS.  He shouldn't say 64-bit?

close the class constant

Use the classes in lvclass to 8.6, if I create an instance of a class, do I need to delete?  For example, if it were a RefNum, I would use the close to dispose of it.  Should this be done with a constant of class?  And if so, how?

Windows license

can I transfer my license to another device 1 windows, from tabtet to laptop?

Gives Windows Update: Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage

MS Windows XP Home Edition version 2002 SP 3 Norton Internet Security 2010 Start button...  Windows Update... immediately pops up a window of Internet Explorer 8, saying "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."  with a diagnose connection prob

I have a Lifecam cinema how to you turn off the autofocus?

I downloaded the latest version of the software for windows 7 64 bit that came on the CD when I bought it last night. Appears not to be more up to date which is available on the microsoft Web site. Research on other sites say most people go in the pr

4.4.4 inventories

Hello After update to 4.4.4 I encountered a bug. Wipe cache partition in the rebuilding of inventories does not seem to work. It restarts after a while, but when I check under settings > storage > Cache it doesn't seem to be any change?

Need help with problem: KB2518864 and KB2572073 several times trying to install/link id 212828

I use Windows XP and this is the first time that refuse 2 updates to install. Hope someone can help me. I am a retired and not particularly technical oriented.

RUNDLL error loading C:\WINDOWS\nstex50.dll

We saved a hard drive from one of the staff, but when booting from Windows XP service pack 3 the RUNDLL error now. Error loading C:\WINDOWS\nstex50.dll the specified module could not be found.Do you have info on this dll please?