Why my wifi keep disconnecting on iOS10 on iPad?

My wifi turns off on its own on my iPad since the update to iOS10.  It seems to do both to the course while sitting idle and actively to the iPad.  Any ideas on what could be the cause or how to stop it?

In Final Cut Pro, Ken Burns my button does not appear when I click on CROPS

I try to use the Ken Burns effect to a clip in Final Cut Pro. Tutorials tell me to click the CROP after selecting my clip. I've done several times and the button of Ken Burns is supposed to happen. This isn't. Can anyone help?

Micro? Satellite M30 series

Hello Could someone tell me where to find the microphone?It is not described in the manual, but I am sure that I have, because I use Vioce on IP. Best regardsMartin

Re: Cannot complete the process of recovery on my laptop satellite

I have a Toshiba Satellite running the home edition of Windows XP Home edition. A ran the CD recovery last night, having run before and had no problems. But this time... after it executes without error, he asks at the end to remove the CD and press a

Qosmio Q50-10 - need info on brightness on power electric battery

I'm looking for someone who has the QOSMIO Q50-10 to check the information on the low light that appears whenthe computer is running on battery and after that we're going to restart windows without mains. I use FN + F7 I looked in power options, but

Deletion of snapshots via SSH

I have a RN102 with 2x3TB red WD leads to XRAID2. I deleted all my photos except one (instant action is 191 GB). However, snapshots take up a lot of space: He has not recovered "over time", so I thought to delete manually via SSH. My gaze of 5 action

Notification sound USB connection

Is there a way to disable the notification of audible on the Droid x USB connection?

Restore & repair CD?

On Xl how do I create a restore & repair CD?

Windows Vista Service Pack 2 update (KB9448465) Failure Code 80200013

I tried several times to install this update. Whenever I get up to 45%, and it stops telling me he could not install and gives the error code 80200013. Help, please.

HP8562A and NI GPIB-ENET/100

Hi, I would like to access my Analyzer of spectrum HP8562A from my computer using the NI GPIB-ENET/100 material. Is there a screw or drivers out there ready to achieve? I searched online and on ni.com, but I can't find them. Please help me. Thanks, R

my keyboard the screen is as big as my office and I can't minimize it to the small size were it was at the beginning

my keyboard screen about as big as my office is and he want to minimize to the original size how to proceed

ox80070005 code error on xp

try to schedule task to automate computer maintenance schedules. on disk cleanup, Disk Defragmenter, when finished I get error code ox80070005 access is denied. Help

Unable to get Windows XP back to the top, either normally or in Safe Mode, after the download and installation of the SP3

Installed Service Pack 3 from Windows Update, now I can't get Windows XP to go back upwards, in the normal way or in any configuration of Safe Mode.  I am in the Recovery Console using my drive now.

the color went from Windows Vista how I get it back

the color went from Windows Vista, but if I'm going to monitor the settings it shows color is available.  How to vista windows, rather than black and white the color back?


I'm on Windows 7 Pro X 64. When I try to move a file or when I try to delete a folder, and try to do a lot of other normal operations, said Explorer that it has stopped working, will try to find a solution... It happens so frequently, I can hardly us

Sending long HTTP POST with URLEncodedPostData

Hi all. I try to call a REST service that receives the parameters string POST and I did it successfully with URLEncodedPostData until I needed to send a 'long' String param (around 40 K. It is a single HTML page). Then, I got a 500 error from the ser

AM and pm do not appear when I put the time as "hh: mm tt" or "SS tt" on Windows 7

Hi. I recently installed Windows 7 and everything is ok, but I can't set the time, like I always do. You do know that Windows has the set time as "Hh: mm" (a short) and "HH" (a long) by default. I love the 12-hour format, and I always change... But o

Low volume from the speakers.

I have pre-installed Dell with windows 7 Premium. The sound level of the speakers is LOW even when the value to 100%. What can I do to increase the volume. This problem started very recently. Need your suggestions and help. Thank you...

An Explorer bar is stuck on my screen

I apologize if this isn't the right category. This information can be unrelated: I run regular updates of Windows 8.  I just upgraded my MS Office from 2010 to 2013. I now have a white bar stuck on the top of my screen.  However, there is no icon.  L

Copy and paste to create

How can I copy words and images - separately or at the same time - a PDF file to create a new PDF file? You know, copy and paste... I know maybe it's simple, but I can't make it work. Seems easy enough to do. In addition, the chezdwilly is pronounced