All my calendars have disappeared apart from birthdays

As of today (probably) I'm not able to see the events calendar on my iPhone (Mac and iCloud are works well). All I see in the calendar on iPhone app is a holiday calendar. I can't add a new event. I already tried to change deactivation/activation of

Lose here!  How to start old OS OS later?

After weeks of shut down randomly, my 2011 IMac with OS 6.0.8 died apparently today.  It won't start, just to see the gray screen and the wheel without end.  Ironically, it has not transformed the black screen at all today.  No downtime, but nothing

P20: Can I recover the data after the recovery procedure?

HelloI have a toshiba P20, when I buy, I made 2 partitions, C program and the BONES and F to my personal data. I use the restore tools toshiba to restore my windows XP OS, but the restore tools has also reset my partition table and I don't know if I

I updated firefox 3.6.10 to 3.6.11 and rebooted... when back connected in firefox does not start and gives an error saying 1.9.10 aren't compatible wth 1.9.11

This is the full error message"Error: platform version ' ' is not compatible withminVersion > = < =

HP 15-af131dx: password bios need

Need password for Hp-15 here is the system off the code 'I 95123667'. Thanks in advance

M7-K111DX: need Windows 7 64 bit drivers for laptop HP-M7-K11DX

I had to reinstall Windows 7 Pro complete with a valid product key. However, Windows 10 was loaded before, so the drivers are not compatible. HP does not provide drivers for this model for W7, only 8.1 and 10.  I miss several pilots and have found no

playback device error - idt hd codec

All of a sudden I am having problems with my playback device.  The sounds have been working properly until yesterday (08/10/12) and is now showing an error.  I came across the problem when I was trying to Skype, but the videos will not play with soun

Peripheral USB is displayed is not on the desktop

whenever I have connect my GoPro to computer or insert a camera memory card or a flash drive, it appears on the desktop. iPhoto opens to import images, but several times I don't want to import them. It uses to appear, so I'm sure that I moved in erro

Index a signal from a TOC file by attribute

Hello I need to search a waveform within a TOC file by its name attribute, then pull (if possible just) that the simple waveform for later processing. I have attached a diagram where I am now: Data storage - filepath to open and pass its refnum Read

__Vista update is frozen__

My computer was the automatic updates for Vista Home Premium and is now blocked for several hours on the Configuration of the stage 2 of 3 to 25 percent.  The text says not to shut down the computer, but it is now fixed.  How to get out of this situa

Temperature control MLC9000 + 250 West by Ethernet/IP

Could someone help me? I'm doing the Ethernet/IP protocol for temperature control West model MLC9000 + BM250 S160 AE I have a software MLC 9000 + workshop, but I can not find information or documents on this subject. The best and considers Kelbert

I have a 512-ES1-P84G with a handle leak when running Firefox

I have Windows 10 When you use Forefox version 45, 46 47 4th, even in safe mode, the number of handles for Firefox coults upwards forever. I have the factory Intel HD Graphics driver version There is a much more recent graphics driver a

M6-1035dx Pavilion: delay in mp3

Hello. I am totally non-technical, assume it please I need to hold the total hand. Thank you!  My flag has a problem reading of mp3 files, where he stutters, crashes, offsets and buzzing during each song, and especially when almost anything else that

Computer laptop closing drank himself and the battery goes from fully charged low battery in a short period of time?

Hi I have a question about my laptop Toshiba Satellite. I've had it for almost 2 years and it worked fine up until just recently, my laptop stops itself and I thought before that this could be due to a heating problem but when it stops my laptop is n

I turned off my computer vista accientally when she was updating windows, now computer stuck at 'Configuring updates step 3 of 3. "

and now whenever I start it up it goes from an expression of the form "Configuring updates step 3 of 3" then it fails and restarts and goes to the screen even. Help!

WAG120N wireless bridge with E1500

I have my internet to come into my WAG120N and out wireless. I want to install a wireless bridge between this and an E1500, so I can connect my TV to the E1500 (via ethernet cable) and have access to the internet. Unfortunately, I can run a cable fro

XP8500 Radeon 7770: Multi Monitor Help (more) - New Post

As requested by osprey4 it's a new post asking the same question I have a 8500 XPS with 2 GB AMD Radeon HD video card 7770.  I want three monitors VGA to the fastener.  What would be the best configuration? Thank you.

command line to create the debugging token has problem with the bbidtoken

Hello I tried to use the BB ID token to create the debugging token.  Following the instructions of the command line, I got an error. BlackBerry-debugtokenrequest - bbidtoken bbidtoken.csk - storepass mypassword deviceid - 12345678 Error: Only


I have a router 2901 ISR in the main site. I want to build a site to site vpn using a SR520W-FE-K9 to the branch. I want to know if the 2901 vpn site to site SR520w is possible. Thank you.

ALT tab the Oops!

I accidentally hit alt and tab and now have a huge blue box and an announcement on my desk.  How should I do?