Where several menu bar buttons?

I just installed 33.0.3 and there is no "Advanced" button or "back". There is no button 'reload '. There is no stop"" button. Where are all the buttons, that we used to use them to customize the bars on firefox?

I downloaded El Capitan and can't drag and drop Photos for pictures of Mac to my documents Pages.  Is there a solution?

I downloaded El Capitan and can't drag and drop Photos for pictures of Mac to my ' 09 Pages documents as I did before with iPhoto.  Is there a solution?

in my facebook system is not working please hepl me quickly

Sir in my system Facebook does not work Please Sir help out me quick plllzz

Apple pay works for me, in the United Kingdom, but not in the United States

I like to use pay Apple at home to the United Kingdom and it works fine. I think it's a convenient way to set safe shopping. I went to San Francisco for 2 weeks very recently and was surprised to find that my transactions decreased to each retailer w

not all the thumbnails load on slow sites

Here is a slow loading site: http://www.elbisemodelleri.com/HM-2011-YAZ-bikini-Mayo-Plaj-Koleksiyonu.html If I have NoScript or Adblock Plus enabled, then some of the thumbnails will not display. (This happens on many slow sites, not just this one).

Restore backup - 7 + days.

My new 6s goes on to say that he is restoring from backup.  How can I check which is always restore?

receive and send files over Skype

Hi all Well, I get this message (this unit is not compatible with the new features in Skype photo sharing, but you can see it in the browser here): link... What wrong with my Skype I still use windows xp 3 kindly help

Re: Format drive on a Satellite A200 - 1 H 2

I found a lot of visits to the problem of not being able to format a HARD drive on the A200 series. Once installation has started, the dropouts and wrote: Make sure that the hard drives are powered on and properly connected toyour computer, and that

Satellite P10 804 of illegible text view

Hi all This is problem 2 weeks ago. in which the text on some site have become illegible. I have not had this problem before. the screen is wuxga, 96 DPI definition.tried to reduce wsxga, wxga, wxga definition nothing helps. even increased to 120 DPI

Y at - it a Twonky update for ix2 soon?

I bought the ix2 several weeks ago and get more for work every day. The main thing that I do not operate cheek of the movies of my ix2 on my samsung smart tv (F8000 series). Sometimes it will work, but the connection is very unstable (everything is v

Printing with a 300 - J310a deskjet

For some reason, the printer refuses to print black even after many uses of "printer Doctor" and changes in black print cartridge The test page will print the models of the black box like blue, gray and light gray. It is a new phenomenon. If anyone k

How to scan more than 1 page

can not scan more than 1 page in a file... How to set preferences?

Application of IE 8?

On my DELL Dimension 9150 with 4 MB of RAM and a pure Win XP, I get a blue screen crashes about once every day and at the bottom it says: 0x000000c (0x00000002 0 x 00000000 0xb3159a38) portcls.sys - address B3159A38 BASE A133158 DATESTAMP 0XB3159A38

No Audio Beats Bass... Help!

Hi I have recently updated my OS Windows 8.1. The problem I have is the bass disappeared completely and the sound is terrible and spindly. I have a Pavilion DV6, Please help! Kye

I want to install Avg free security information...

I am prey to XP Home Security 2012. They keep themselves forcing on my screen.  I can't get rid of them. I clicked on AVG and instantly went it to work and all cleared and sent me a report that my computer is free. I've also updated my AVG free for t

Printer problems. Error "computer cannot communicate with the printer.

I had problems to access Windows Explorer and the rep Dell IT installed Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 10 for my Windows Vista as an alternative.  Now my Dell AIO 946 printer does not work.  Whenever it is fixed, it prints until I am notified to download a

the avg software upgrade

I try to update avg software to version 11 and this message: The Windows Installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running Windows in safe mode or if Windows Installer is not installed properly. Contact your support team. Sev

C3765dnf Scan-to-eMail does not work

Hello just get Scan to E-mail (= ste) cannot work. everything works fine: fax and networkprinter. any fine. but ste does not work. I know, I have to enter the ip address of smtp gateway entering the name instead. I probably know email address passwor

System 5 using MySQL error

I installed Mysql.  When I type net stop mysql I get: error System 5 has occurred access is denied.

Microsoft Paint - how to do it?

MS Paint would come free on all Windows computers, but I don't seem to find it on mine.  How can I get?