iTunes on pc does not recognize my iphone. the pc does. the iphone asks me to allow access to what I do

iTunes on pc does not recognize my iphone. the pc does. the iphone asks me to allow access to what I do

Cannot find the button for value Automation

I think I have a pretty simple question: I am looking for the setting to get control over the value of automation (control option that I traced a circle around the top image). In my last project, this option is not visible (see the lower picture). Ho

If I chose the wrong file as defaulf for downloads to go, how can I change?

I use the Download Manager. I hit Yes when asked if I wanted to make the folder indicated by default for next downloads of this type. I didn't do that. How I change the default folder?

I transferred data from backup, but have not all the books that were on my Kindle App. How tdo I get back them?

I upgraded to the iPad 2 Air after all iCloud backup data transfer that I found I was missing most of the books from my kindle app that were supposed to be in the cloud. How can I get the my new iPad?

HARD drive caddy for old Satellite Pro A10 need

Hello I recently bought an old Pro of Satellite A10 but it doesn't have a hard drive or a caddy, anyone know if one of the other Toshiba Notebook Caddy is compatible with this model? I've been watching autour fleabay, but not a lot of Pro A10 caddy o

Satellite M30 don't start more

Hello My Satellite M30 wont start... when I press the power button, the power led lights up, the cd light will blink once and then nothing happens... can certain a plez point me in the direction of Scripture? Help, please!thanx Cheerz

Portege R600-10 q Finger Print Utility not recognizing not print

I have a laptop Portege R600-10 q, which has been upgraded to run Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) using the provided upgrade drives Toshiba. Recently the digitization of finger printing became unreliable so I followed my usual practice and removed th

When the scrolling of a delay in the loading of the screen look help

When the scrolling of a delay in the loading of the screen look help

Make error at startup on another device using my IP address

The last 2 weeks, I get this error message when I start up my Power Mac, "another device on the network use the IP address of your computer."  When I go to the network window in system preferences says Ethernet is connected, but all DCHP info is empt

CVI2010 10.0.1:Combination ListPrealocate, ListCompact and ListDispose cause error

Hello I rebuild od project of CVI7.1.1 in new CVI 2010 10.0.1 and when run I get the error "NO FATAL RUN - TIME ERROR:...". Attempt to free the pointer to the memory not allocated by malloc() and calloc(). "the line source with function call ListDisp

My Super Antispyware says that it is Malware: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Taskman.

It came as Malware by my Super Antispyware Remover is this malware really or is it a fales reading by it?

Why is the background color of my WINDOWS XP Dell now yellow instead of white as usual?

 When I logged on topday. the background color is yellow instead of the usual white. Someone knows why? TYIA

My office and the icons have disappeared. How can I restore them I use windows vista

My office and the icons have disappeared from windows vista and I'm havng restoring their

Quicken - the installation program must be started by the Windows program manager

I used the special edition of Quicken 2002 on multiple computers - which this one with Vista for 3-4 years.  I accidentally deleted and tried to reinstall it.  Using the installation application, the system makes the installshield, then stops and say

Missing system files

Morning all, I have a Dell Inspiron N5110, laptop running Windows 7 Home Premium, SP1, 64-bit. He came with no disk, but has the product key Windows 25 digits on back. A lot of RAM and disk space, more than 500 GB. The Inspiron progress bar gets to a

Is it possible to set the stereo output to mono in Windows 7

Stereo to mono in Windows 7 I looked everywhere in the settings of the sound and the accessibility settings in Windows 7. I can't find THE settings for the computer stereo sound to MONO.  I have the card REALTEK sound integrated on my Gigabyte mother

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit ISO

I'm looking for a link to download Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit ISO. The links that are provided on the community are broken and frustrating to navigate the link than most ads. Really sucks and I am led to wrong Windows. Why something cannot be simp

alternative for the printer drivers on Mac OS10.9 system

Until they are available at HP, is there another way to access drivers for office jet 6700 for Mac OS10.9 system? Or at least another way to print, scan and copy... until the drivers come out?

Cannot connect Dell U2414H monitor to my laptop

Hello world Just bought a Dell U2414H, I can't connect it to my Asus U56E there no display Port I tried to connect via HDMI, but it did not work (gave me a message "No Display port cable"). Today I bought the adapter HDMI / DP, but my laptop does not

Try to install windows 7, the process stops at 98% with the error 0x8007045D code in a file dialog box

I'm building a new computer. Motherboard Intel DZ77BH - 55K, Intel i7 - 3770S. I load files terabyte disk WD Caviar, 16 GB Coarsaur vengeance DDR3 1600 RAM, Windows 7, but hangs up on their expense. What should I do to complete the installation of Wi