Input language is not the same as in the language bar

Language bar settings work fine in other programs, Inc. of Thunderbird, but went unhinged in FireFox. I checked & reset and rebooted, no change. Takes 5 minutes to write 2 sentences!

Satellite Pro 4360 - HARD drive replacement

I have a SP4360 with v.nosey 12 GB of HARD drive I want to replace. In the technical specifications for the 4360 it is listed as EIDE. I looked on EBuyer and there are a couple of replacement if necessary:Western Digital Scorpio 40 GB EIDE LP 2.5 540

How can I get my account number of the device Apple Watch and iPhone 5?

How can I get my account number of the device Apple Watch and iPhone 5?

Laptop crashes when you use the CD player

A few days ago my laptop started occasionally crashing and restarting when I use the CD player. He only made 2 or 3 times but I've seen this happen with a previous (non-toshiba) laptop and it ended up happening all the time, even when not using the C

Some keys on my Qosmio G40-10 do not work

Hello Some keys (y h and 6) on my Qosmio G40-10 do not work for some unknown reason and I'll have to use the keyboard for on-screen typing.I bought my laptop at while I was in the United Kingdom, but now I'm in Mauritius (Africa). I hav

Cannot activate Vista using the Portégé R500 series key

Hello I have a Portege R500 with Windows Vista (Business I think).After a system crash I had to change the hard drive.I didn't have a Toshiba Vista DVD so I reinstalled Vista from a DVD of Vista Business I found in the office. Once a few days windows

setting up outgoing e-mail profile

Hello I am configuring a new outgoing e-mail profile to use for the scan on my HP 8600 using a gmail account. I keep getting "Incorrect credentials" when I test the configuration (my credentials are correct).  I tried different ports and turn on and

Desktop HP Pavilion 500-374na: the upgrade of processor power and power

Hi man, im planning on upgrading my food processor and the power tomorrow and just need to check that my choice is compatible?I have a HP Pavilllion 500-374na desktop pc, with a processor Intel Core i3 4150 and a power supply 180w.My scheduled update

Pavilion dv6t - 6 c 00 CTO Quad: need to find a compatible HDD for my motherboard

I have a HP Pavilion dv6t - 6 c 00 CTO Entertainment Notebook PC Edition Quad [model: A1U59AV] with 2nd-gen-intel-core-i7 processor [ ] my hard dr

Cooling fan works not properly.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum (Please direct me to the right place in this case). My fan is not spinning and overheat in a few minutes, I really don't want to use my laptop for fear of damage. I have completely disassembled it, has taken the fa

An error occurred while renewing interface wireless network connection: unable to contact your DHCP server. Request a expires.

I use an Acer Asspire One with Windows XP. We have wireless through AT & T Uverse. The netbook has an Atheros AR5007EG Ethernet card. A number of things have taken place lately: I had not used the Acer for some time and the battery was dead and would


How to install a wireless printer

Windows switches mode standby when you connect

Old desktop computer goes into sleep mode when someone is trying to connect.

BHO. DLL not found. Could not start the IE3SH application

Recently when I start my computer I get 2 messages. The first says BHO. DLL not found and redownload and the other is IE3SH application cannot open. I'm not sure what one of those is or how they work on my computer but she likes to solve this problem

Vista program

Bought this new computer about 11/2 years ago. It's an emachine with Vista program. There always at some point while I'm online just stop working. The page, I am freezing and the colors will fade to a pale color and the small circle next to the point

I am curious about OEM vs. retail and retail sales are expensive but OEM work on any pc or only specific PC

I have a question for OEM, my computer is a HP pavilion ze2000 since 2004 there windows 10 pro about it right now but it has not enabled which means no product key so im going to buy sp1 windows 7 pro 32 bit from a seller on amazon called MC OUTLETS:

Replacement H200A PERC - inactive volumes RAID - controller okay to activate?

Hi all, quick question which I * think * I know the answer, but it's a new one on me and all juggling RAID settings in a live environment make me sweat. Situation, is that I have a PowerEdge T410 with a PERC H200A controller and two RAID 1 volumes, 6

External hard drive not detected with the error: "You must format the disk in the J: drive until you can use it."

Hello I have an external hard drive to work perfectly. I'm back from vacation, and it does not appear under "My Computer". It appears under "Devices and printers", however. This is a link to a screencap of Device Manager:

To run the basics of microsoft on 64-bit microprocessor, I need to upgrade from 32-bit processor. What should I download to do this?

After that the hours spent download mirosoft essentials, said that it was not compatible with my computer

Sound will NOT play.

I scanned a few discussions here on the sound of some people invoke to correct but nothing has worked for me so far. My file config.xml Script: var playerInstance = new"local:///woosh.mp3","audio/mpeg", true); playerInstance.