After my wife 5 iphone update ios 10.0.2, ringtone sounds is more when a call comes in.  What should I do?

After the update my wife 5 iPhone and my iPhone 6 ios 10.0.2, we met problems.  His phone will not ring when a call comes in, and my phone does not sound an alert when a message arrives.

I have a netbook 10 ", how do I get the newtab page displays more than 3 thumbnails?

A few versions back (maybe mozilla 30?), the newtab page to view 9 thumbnails on my netbook 10 ". However, with recent updates, which was reduced to only 3. I know a netbook has a screen size much smaller than most of the computers and having more th

Since Firefox downloaded 13, my Hotmail Inbox has continued to update in real time.

I always keep a tab open for my Hotmail account so that I can see at a glance if new messages have been received. Now, I must go back to the Inbox and refresh the page.

How can I remove a lost HDD?

Hi, I have five authorized computers and you can't remove everything until June (?) One of them is a lost HDD. How do I remove that? Alternatively, how can I allow all before that date at random? Who writes these ridiculous rules? Thank you!! David G

Why iphoto and facetime video images appear dark?

Hi all! I have the Macbook Pro 15 inch, late 2013, OS X 10.9.4 retina. My iphoto images appear dark that they normally used to look like on my Macbook. Even when I do facetime, video seems to be dark. I first thought that there could be some problems

Why is my macbook pro took so much space

Hello! I'm new to macbook pro, and now I started to realize that my mac has used a lot of space in just three days. As you can see, Photos reached 1 GB and films reached 2.41 GB. Although I have only two photos now in my Mac, 300 KB and 2 MB (I had i

eBay "Contact the seller" page does not load properly it is, no message box appears

When you use the eBay link 'Contact seller' the page that opens does not display the box in which the message must be entered. The other browser I use does not have this problem and it appeared only in Firefox. I get the same result by trying to make

Playmemories Mobile on Blackberry

Hello I recently bought the HDR-AS15 Action Cam equipped with a wi - fi connection. I know that it can be ordered via Playmemories mobile application. This app is available for the Blackberry mobile? Thank you K

Lenovo Thinkpad T450s, Sierra EM7345 and windows 10.

Hi all I really have been helped by this forum in the past and really hope that you can help with this question. I installed the card and installed the driver - who went down without a hitch. The calculation recognizes the card without any problems.

YouTube no longer works on Apple TV Gen 3

We have two Apple TV Gen 3.Model A1469Firmware Version 7.2 (7512)At the present time, is no longer on YouTube no longer works. We can search and browse videos and look at the pictures. Videos will not play. (Everything was fine yesterday) It still wo

What is VISA % 3F components how to use this % 3F

Hi all I'm a beginner for labview, so I want to know clearly about the VISA components and how to use it? Please help me learn LabVIEW Thank you in advance,

F4480 error message 095E7C2B

On the F4480 printer, I get the following message error code 095E7C2B. Anyone know what this means?

Printer HP 4215v said 'in paper '.

I have a hp officejet printer, but whenever I put the paper in it to print, it says "on paper." The paper does not roll, but only, it seems that there is something still and turn on the printer, the paper never moves.  HELPPPP!

How to access the hard drive USB on E3000? Am I missing something?

I have my router configuration fine to the internet, as well as the media server.  I can't understand how to access the hard drive of my laptop, however.  The manual says to put in the field the address of windows Explorer, but it gives m

My hard drive is half consumed by a single file in the Content.IE5 hidden folder, can I just remove it?

Original title: Content.IE5 too big. My hard drive Go 102 is that half eaten, suck up to 53 GB, in a single file in the folder Content.IE5 hidden. Full path is C:Users\Owner\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\TemporaryInternetFiles\Low\Content.IE5\LHV89

All directors have been taking off my computer.

I don't know what happened. Last night, I was an administrator now, I'm not and there is no Directors on my pc. I can create one in my account that I need a password for administrators. But it is not administrators, so I have no idea what to do. Help

Pavilion dv7... How to block programs requesting access to the computer (updater.exe)

The HP firewall intervenes and asks if I want to accept or deny programs requesting access to the laptop... it's good... but a Trojan horse (updater.exe) after I deny access, comes back every 15 minutes... 5 or 6 active applications if ignored... tir

UCCX 10.6 Workflow

Hello world How can I configure Workflow in UCCX 10.6? Please note that we do not Finesse. Cisco Desktop following under Cisco Unified presence Settings, I can see the workflow but there is no option to create a. All I see is found, select all, clear

Remove windows xp

I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 from windows XP. I have now 3 files of Win files that take up a lot of memory. I have the ability to boot into Windows 7 or XP during initial start-up. How can I determine what Win file corresponds to the active

How to convert a QString in full

Here, I want to do some calculations on the user to input so iam takeing user using textfield using the function text() but he returned QString then how to convert QString in full