I need the URL for the default home page so I can put it in my homepage protection, because all I get when I open the browser's "about"white."

I'm going to hell to get just the URL for the browser/Firefox start page. I just did a recovery image factory and all I get after downloading and installing the Firefox browser a tab that says 'about white." I don't get the URL in the address bar so

Firefox does not start in Windows 8 and none of your suggested solutions worked

I was not able to start Firefox and I get no message at startup. I tried all the solutions of your support pages, but none works, as for most of them you need to open the browser.I uninstalled and reinstalled the browser, but in vain.

Satellite Pro S300 - 117 PSSB0E Bios Recovery disk?

Hi I have a Satellite Pro S300-117 PSSB0E-04J00UEN, and it seems that the BIOS was damaged when turned on the power lite 2 flashes green and 2 orange I'm looking to be able to rewrite the BIOS using a usb floppy drive or usb key that emulates a flopp

Recovery CD will return original BIOS state (version)

Hello world. I already asked about logo at startup, but answered knowbody now... hope that someone will do it. But another small question? which is indicated in the subject. If I you Recovery cd on my laptop will be it affects the BIOS?

Satellite L670 - update the BIOS

Hello I own a Toshiba Satellite L670 running on Ubuntu Linux. I want to update my bios from version 1.00 to last version 2.30. But the site offers serverals versions window and one version of the OS "independent." I downloaded it and the .zip file co

Hypervisor vs XP

I develop code RT on a chassis PXI while that started in Hyperviser Mode and it works fine. Can I deploy the code in the RT and I have windows GUI to display my system etc... My question is why not only operate under Hyperviser and does not work in X

15 - d051sa does not connect to wifi

WiFi worked fine up until today where it says "no connection is available. The wifi worked perfectly for all other devices, please could you help?

Impossible to update Media Center Security component

Original title: Media Center Security Update In order to use Overdrive Media Console software, I must first udate Security Media Center.  I am unable to do this.  I get an error message stating that a required component cannot be upgraded.

How can I use my resaltech modem to hang on to the xbox 306 to the internet?

I have a netgear switch to help get the extra cord ethernet ports. I can't connect thinking over 1-internet tho because it says that you can't find the ip address that an xbox is connected. I also have a computer (a netbook) to use as a support syste

HP4645: HP 4645 - change the router for Humax and now always invalid password

Hello HP / person Please help me, I change my ADSL internet fiber and provider gave me a router Humax. However, when I tried coonect Assistant wireless via HP4645, it always show me "invalid password" this wireless I use 5 to 6 devices so I'm very su

HP 19-2113w: the request by e-mail to technical call

I had a technical support call which was very important. I had been scammed. I called to ask them to send me an email of the summary of this call. The person said she would, but did not. I need for my folder. Anyone know who I can call, who cares? Th

HP Pavilion dv7-7100sb-Bios + drivers

Drivers are not updated page one product! Even the bios is old! This need for urgent action on HP!

Problem Internet explorer with yahoo page?

When I open my yahoo account, I have a message that Explorer has encountered a problem and must close and then all of a sudden I lost my content. Can someone help me solve this problem? Kind regards

Scanner Canon CanoScan 3000F color Image

Now that I have Windows 7 I find that this scanner is no longer supported by Canon to update the driver. Is it possible to use this device or I'll have to, scrap it?

Determine what text is selected

Hello I use ActiveTextHandler to manage touch on event on a textfield, ActiveTextHandler * activeTextHandler = new ActiveTextHandler();messageArea-> setActiveTextHandler (activeTextHandler); QObject::connect (activeTextHandler, (triggered(bb::cascade

Cisco CUIC stand-alone NFR of installation

I want to install a standalone cuic to customize reporting for our environment UCCX.  I followed the setup steps, but it doesn't appear I can "change" the current Data Source to be able to imitate on the standalone.  The Edit buttons are grayed, and

Friend to blackBerry Smartphones from a friend upgraded his Bold 9780 on OS7. is this possible? & amp; will it work?

Hi everyone, < br > < br > has a friend of a friend of mine updated his Bold 9780 running under OS6 OS7 to a gadget shop. I am currently using the same as it is & amp; very curious about it. I asked my friend if the proper functioning of the 9780 upg

link to site

How is it when I type in a Web site, it stands as a link to the Web site for example.    www.thebesticemelter.com

Windows Media Player is invaded by hundreds of different logos

* - Original title - my Media Player like suddenly been overwhelmed by hundreds of different logos etc, do not know how or where go but can't get rid of them connected, multimedia player, one day only to find my pictures overwhelmed by loads and load