Albums Photos custom within folders disappeared after the update of the Sierra

Before the upgrade to Sierra, I had created a lot of albums for specific events (file > New Album...) in pictures and placed them in folders (file > new folder). After the upgrade, all these folders and albums are now missing from the sidebar, but wh

Why the bookmark sidebar load pages of the Amazon?

This issue, for the moment, only happens on Amazon, and it did not start until I upgraded the last time.

On a number of sites internal links work intermitantlyor not at all

On some Web sites (like this & click wheel) a few likns work, but those upstairs don't react at all to my cursor.Bot IE and Safari, but these work

Satellite Pro U400-153 - replacement HARD drive

Hello I need help with a new hard drive for the Satellite U400-153. My wife and I have a laptop (canada) U300 as well with a hard drive of 160 GB and a laptop U400-153 (europe) with a 120 GB HARD drive. I wanted to put the larger HARD drive in the U4

Re: Tecra S10 disorders with drivers

Hey I have on my Tecra S10 (PTSB3E) Windows 7 64 bit installed.In Device Manager, I have the "PCI Communicationscontroller" without the appropriate driver. What I have to do, that this element gets the correct driver? A Secoud problem is with my dock

The Libretto U100 disk partitioning

The Libretto U100 online manual seems to discourage the use of 3rd party software to partition hard drive 60 GB. I want to use Norton Partition Magic to create virtual drives plus 3. Is this a problem?

New Look of Skype in new iPhone 5 with new features

read new here http : //

How to use the digital TV tuner on Qosmio G30?

Hello, I recently got a qosmio G30-175. Could someone tell me how I can use the digital TV tuner mode qosmio player? Thank you

TN 1366 x 768 IPS 1920 x 1080 screen upgrade?

Hello! I consider replace my L540 1366 x 768 to display 1920 x 1080 compatible. I'm sure that a slab TN fits (I guess that Lenovo do not have a chassis of different screen according to the type of screen)? I wonder if it is possible to replace TN wit

Error 403 when scanning to emil

I get a 403 Server "could not connect to Server" message when I try to scan to my HP 6520 e-mail.  I've been scanning to email successfully for a month and suddenly get this error. I am connected to my wireless network. I also unplugged and rebooted

Alignment printer - CP5225dn printer problems

We recently bought the HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5225dn printer and it has worked very well so far.  I have one question though.  We have several models of MS Word which are branded with our company logo, website information, page border, etc.

Is there a way to put my ITunes in a music file so that I can upload in a non-Apple device?

I want to download music on a phone that is not an Apple product. Is it possible that I can do some kind of music file that I can then load on my phone?

I get this message windows installer

is not properly installed and also get the set up of controller has encountered a problem during installation. Please check the log files for more information about the error, what it's all about

BB Z10 STL100-3 a proximity sensor?

Goal: Get the value of proximity. Question: BB Z10 STL100-3 a proximity sensor? If this is not the case, let know us. Action: I can get information of proximity such as min and max. However, when I run sensor_is_supported, dialog box shows that the u


The installation is in a lab with an East and West campus environment to simulate the two buildings, and everything was working fine until we wanted to use AP group VLAN. Once we have configured the AP group VLAN, updated models AP and pushed out - i

Windows 7 update error code: 80070643 and A 80071, 91

My OS is Windows 7 Home Premium. For some reason, my computer will not install the following updates and I get an error code error code: 80070643 and A 80071, 91 (1) to security update cumulative for the stop bits ActiveX for Windows 7 for x 64-based

Some things do not work once Windows 7, re - install...

So far, I only had 3 problems: Desktop Gadget Gallery does not start. When I run Windows Help, I get: I have TuneUp Utilities installed; When I run the help, I get: I'll post other errors that I have their meeting.

menu start restore in white

delete c:/programmefiles/commonfiles/microsoftshared after start blank menu how to restore

Doesn't launch of CC of Adobe Premiere Pro

Hello! I recently bought the suite cloud creative full for the work and installed Premiere Pro for a video project that I'm working on. I clicked on 'Install now' next to Premiere Pro CS6 in the creative cloud Apps section, the program proceeds to th