When I try my ipad FaceTime I get this massage iphone is not available your phone must be on the same WiFi that this ipad to make a call

When I try my ipad FaceTime I get this massage iphone is not available your phone must be on the same WiFi that this ipad to make a call

Streaming video is no longer available, but well on Firefox audio 13.0.1

Ago 2 days still video and audio sometimes were no longer available on my Firefox browser.

Purchase of a used (without the original invoice) macbook air

I'm about to buy a macbook air. The seller gave me the serial number only and not the original Bill. The product is under warranty. Is it safe to buy it?

What is the default Structure factory of HARD drive?

I have a HDD on a L755-1J5 Satellite failure. I didn't create backup of DVD discs. Duh! While the primary partition has ceased to exist, I can recover all of the recovery partition. To avoid buying the recovery disks and waiting for their arrival, my

Photosmart 3210xi, photo tray does not properly

After years of trouble-free use of photo printing to 4 X 6 borderless completely.  The photo tray started loading paper 4 X 6 with a margine (barely perceptible) light white. Little time photo tray continually trying to load, emits a sharp turning so

Like Hulu

HULU plus is now a pay site. #1, you can get the free 1-week trial on a Sony TV? #2 what to do to make it work. I get a message that says need system upgrade make sure automatic updates are on. They are set on so now what?

My email address in hotmail has disappeared from the screen while I was typing

My email address in hotmail has disappeared from the screen while I was typing

drivers for windows 8 to 7 want dv7 7323 cl donwgrade

I need help to donwgrade windows 8 for windows 7 in my hp dv7 7323 cl desire...  Is this possible?  because I ' ve been looking for drivers for windows 7 and I cannot find them. "  If anyone knows how to do. I thank you a lot for help because I ' m f

HP1200dtn: HP1200 printer driver

I have a HP1200dtn.  I can't find my installation CD.  I have the manual but can not find the CD.  I can't find a driver to download from the HP Web site.  Any help on where to find one or how add this printer to a new PC.  Thank you.

Confirming the time set on WAG320N

Any ideas on how to confirm the time and a WAG320N? I have several wireless with planned restriction times and they do not seem to work properly.

2008 T60 - HK4 to Win7 XP update

This T60 2008 - HK4 has the Intel Core Duo T5600 and ATI Mobility Radeon X 1300 graphics card.  I have the Win7 Pro retail pack update that says that this upgrade must be done as a clean install.  I visited the Lenovo site and picked up that many pil

Configuration of the INSPIRON 5520 Bluetooth for speakerphone OONTZ (cant get all sound out!)

Hello I have a wireless speaker, called the OONTZ of Cambridge, fine of my Bluetooth MP3 player speaker works, but when I try to run it from my 5520 Win7 64 bit INSPIRON I can't get out everything running sound. The OONtz is appears when I do the sea

Classic BlackBerry can you change the notification profile shortcut key?

The 'Q' key changes from Normal to silent profile. Is it possible to put it allows to select another profile?

install windows on mac bootcamp AND like a machine... single virtual license?

I have a mac and I want to install windows 7 on my second drive to load via bootcamp for when I want to use all the power of my computer for windows based tasks. I also want to be able to install it on the same mac once again, but as a virtual machin

Icon New Smartphones blackBerry screen when phone calls

Since upgrading my 8900 to the new version (, I now this icon that appears on the screen when I make voice calls - it is a rectangular box with a diagonal of 5 symbols "+" running through it in the upper right of the screen. Anyone has any

Files MSVC90.dll and COMCTL32.dll missing gdiplus.dll

Original title: missing .dll files I have Windows 7, with 3 missing .dll files.  I tried a number of programs that claim to difficulty and install missing .dll files.  In all cases, the program will download, then when you click 'Finish', it gives yo

14 items and question MacOS Sierra

Problem of finding the image in PSElements 14.  Here's what appears on my screen after downloading an image: the images appear below in the area of selection of cultures, but not on the main screen.  Behind the elements, on the desktop, there is a bl

File as blob upload and display an image

I created a browse file to store the files as BLOB in a table. File mail in table but are unable to viewFile can be image, pdf, text, etc.Found an example and tried to implement but can't get the image to display.Do not know what Miss me?I created an

Sell Photoshop license

I need contact to adobe where I must send the form for transfer license. When I login in my account, I am not found any interface to add document or when I find it thanks