Videos YouTube showing constantly circle loading and does not.

So I'm watching videos on YouTube and all I get is the spinning loading circle and nothing more. I am running version 37.0.2 (latest) and the most basic add-ons that are up to date. I tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Flash, I uninstalled and

I can't get my Ipod Nano to sync with windows 10. When I run diagnostic Ipod nano does not appear as an option?

I recently got a new laptop with Windows 10. I can't my Ipod Nano to sync. When I run the diagnostic the Ipod Nano does not appear as a device

Equium M70 will not pick up my wireless network

Hello I have a Satellite M70-173. Laptop will not pick up my wireless network even though it shows on the other networks nearby.I tried to update the list of networks, I deleted the network and added it again but still no joy. This worked OK until al

How do I open the .snp with Microsoft Office 2007 files is installed? It works with MS Office 2003, but not with MS Office 2007!

I have MS Office Pro Plus 2007 is installed on my computer. I also MS Office 2003 is installed on a different computer. Snapshot viewer is installed on both. My snapshot of work files works with MS Office Access 2003 but not recognized by MS Office A

Black screen when I restart the Satellite M305D-S4830

Hello I bought my Toshiba Satellite M305D-S4830 laptop a few months ago and I had a little problem with it.Whenever I choose to "Restart" of the computer, it normally stops and begins to restart, but the screen stays black and the DVD player seems to

Pavillion 500-223w: startup problems

My hard drive crashed. (I presume). Operating system loss. Bought the new hard drive, and on starting with the recovery disk I get 6 beeps and no video. Unable to get to the bios. Have reinstalled everything after everything unplugged and powered up

These graphics cards are compatible with the computer

Hi I wonder if these graphics cards will be able to adapt and work in my machine It's my computer I wonder if these graphics cards are compatible have not decided what to buy yet AMD Radeon R7 250 4 GB g

I need to access the e-mail account of my dead son, the account is locked and I don't know the password, nor answers to security questions... Help!

My son's e-mail address is * address email is removed from the privacy * I tried to reset the password, but the account is locked... apparently, someone else tried to access his account.  My address is * address email is removed from the privacy *. 

: Error 5800 script.

: Error 5800 script.[Extended information: script error.]   [[Extended Section: Info: detail, event: OnBeforePrint line number: 0 Description: a Fatal Exception during the script excution.]] Hi all. I get the error msg above when you try to print doc

Why is my, IMG the loupe show a black window on some websites

I use XP, IE 8, Firefox &. IMG MagnifierWhen I enter my bank or building society and of ebay Web sites, There are other, the expansion window becomes black. On most websites the magnifying glass works well. Thanks in advance for any help Mocall

need the driver for a mission of pc joystick sv-200 please?

its an old piece of 1997, was made by PERFORMANCE co... called button Pc Mission 2 axes, 2 port usb not game. Help, please

EliteBook 2170p: administrator BIOS password reset

I bought a used laptop on ebay and installed Windows 7 above. I am able to use it very well. But the BIOS is protected by an administrator password that I can not understand how to clear. I tried to reset/reinitting but TPM module which has not helpe

Error: "unable to start Windows XP" after recent updates

Original title: Windows XP blocked Hello, I have 2 computers with Windows XP with SP2 and automatic updates. After the updates (17 June), two computers refuse to start. I get the message "Unable to start Windows XP" with different options to choose f


I recently installed SQLEXPRESS on Server 2012 and also set to update to the latest version of 2014 of the gold mine. I can not connect to the GoldMine to SQL part unless I'm logged on as administrator. As I am not technical SQL, could someone let me

Stream 7: Stream cannot install 8.2 windows 7

My HP Jet 7 does not start correctly, I get about 50% by start before I get an error sying that the installation failed and the device needs to be restarted. I opened all the start Menus and no full reset options work. I tried using a BIOS setup but

My HP Officejet J3680 all-in-One printer prints sometimes and then stops.

original title: my HP Officejet J3680 all-in-One printer prints sometimes and then stops.  What should I do? My printer was out of paper before I have had already sent a message to print.  Bllinked, meaning light that he was in the paper.  However, w

DV6-6190us AMD update package fails. Necessary for recommended MS hotfix

I get a blue screen of death after installing the recommended MS hotfix KB2670838 and using Internet EXPLORER 9. I stopped the problem by uninstalling the patch. Others on the MS for a report of similar problems with computers laptops HP and AMD swit

inserting photos in Microsoft Paint.

"I am building a website using ' 2 minute site" and want to insert multiple photos in a particular order.  As the site only allows me to insert. JPG or. GIF files I use Microsoft Paint to achieve this goal.  However, I can't add photos to painting!  

Connect pc with win 7 to an instrument THEN use the com port and the PPP protocol

Dear all, I need to make a connecting series between a pc with win 7 and one instrument. To achieve this I have to use the com port and Protocol PPP. In win xp is possible but I'm not able to find the same in win7 concerning Diego