Adobe Flash Player update

I got a popup indicating that "an update to Adobe Flash Player is available" popup has a black background with a red Adobe in the upper left logo.  Options below are of "Remind Me later" or "install". Additional popup States: "This update includes im

iCloud will not synchronize contacts to new iPhone

Hey,. So I recently bought a brand new 6 iPhone and I put in place today, but I ran into a problem: my contacts and messaging (which are on my iPad) will not be displayed. I lit all the iCloud settings in the phone settings and I don't really know wh

HP 5740: Mac OS 10.7.5 + HP 5740

Where and how to set preferences to KILL two-sided (duplex) printing in Word? None of the solutions posted for this problem worked for me. If I print from a web site, printing options ask whether or not I want to double-sided. But if I print a Word d

Pavilion 17-e055nr: Ram windows use 10

Now my computer uses less ram on my games before then for winows 8 he used as 1 500 000 now he's using less, then 500 000. I have 8 GB but its 7.22 says is usable

Thin client HP 420: thin client usb problem

We test a workstation 420 and everything seems to work fine except when you are connected to an RDP session to our server 2012R2 farm, usb storage disks/keys are not recognized. Everything seems to be ok on the thin client in local resources and the

Satellite U505 - S2960 - drive external Supermulti cannot burn

I use Satellite U505 - S2960 and I bought just driver Toshiba external supermulti for burning of jobs. After I connected the external hard drive, it can read DVD but cannot burn a DVD.The USB Sleep and Charge page always pop up the same I disable so

Pavillion dv9700: hp Pavilion dv9700

If I wanted to restore this computer, what do I, as when it was bought Frist but using windows 7 I know that the web site hp does not sell the dics and restore all drivers also

HP Pro Tablet 408 G1: HP Pro Tablet 408 G1 GPS

Hello!I have a HP Pro Tablet 408 G1 p / n L3S96AA, after buying immediately updates to WIN 10, during driver Broadcom GPS driver installation of the messaging system is not supported.Question: Is there a GPS sensor integrated in this configuration, i

We get an error "NETWORK CONNECTION ERROR, make sure a firewall is not blocking access to the printer.

* Original title: printer error... I was printing with a printer wireless for months and now all of a sudden I'm getting an error, NETWORK CONNECTION ERROR and then readings make sure that a firewall is not blocking access to the printer.   I checked

A security update for windows THAT XP cannot install (KB2707511). Code received the error 0x80076BE. How to install this update?

A security update for windows THAT XP cannot install (KB2707511). Code received the error 0x80076BE. How to install this update?

How can I add on my current C drive unallocated disk space?

Recently, I removed a partition of my Win XP laptop running.  Unlike the example of how to do it, I was unable to extend the drive C partition to new disk space unallocated.  Just try to get more space program.  Already had a split of 50% between the

I get the windows login screen and I do not know the password for administrators

I accidentally deleted my account and when the computer starts and I get the windows login screen and I do not know the administrators password. Also how can I reinstall windows when I got a disc when I brought my laptop. Thank you, Lorraine

Update the BIOS of motherboard ΜATX-RS880-H

Hello, I'm trying to update the bios for this card (H-RS880-ΜATX) in my HP Pavilion. I am running windows 8.1 (probably a problem) My current BIOS version is 5.03 (May 2009) I found the version 6.11 of 2012 on the hp Web site: http://h10025.www1.hp.c

My computer gets really hot, lags then freezes.

The computer works ok in the morning when I first turn it on.Very quickly, it's hot.It freezes.I have to turn off is to cool.I turn it off after each use.I keep the computer plugged all the time as I (think) I'm supposed to.I passed my 9-6 batteries.

Wll update don't load error 80073712 #.

When I try to install the important service pack I get this error every time.

Hi a program called pc powerful max instaled on my laptot wants to buy it but can not security, I don't want that he can't remove

Hi, a pc program powerful max installed it itself on my laptop keeps warning me that my computer is infected, he wants me to buy mighty max my computer is procted but I can't remove this programe that he keeps popping up can not get rid of it...

Cannot install the program easy to tie

Im trying to install the program easy to tie and the Windows Security window comes open will not let me click on install or not install all the I can click is the exit button and when I try to click on install or not install button it says windows do

Recently downloaded programs do not find the internet connection.

New programs I downloaded recently can not find my internet connection.  I get messages such as 'need Internet to continue', 'no internet connection', etc..  My internet is running and I'm able to send and receive emails, download videos (i-tunes, hu

Laptop will NOT connect wireless, my drivers ARE up to date

My Windows Vista laptop, USED to connect to my router wireless very well. Now it won't, it doesn't even recognize that a network is available. I looked for answers and have updated all my drivers on windows suggested and still not connect wireless. M

Horizontal management; Animation of land

Hey,. I'm not sure if I came across an error within the blackberry platform or not, but this is the situation. I have a CustomManager that contains 25 fields with a horizontal scrolling. Scrolling of the field is great and all the fields appear. Howe