I can rearrange the email component and seen to be side by side rather than stacked?

I can rearrange the email component and seen to be side by side rather than stacked?

Apple Mail regularly stop smoking

For a long time Mail was to quit randomly several times a day. I'm under El Capitan, but I remember it was the same thing with Yosemite. Y at - it a bug recognized or is it sounds like something specific to my Mac? I report it to Apple many times and

SAYS: Close Firefox a copy is already open. Impossible to find a way to do so; Force quit is not a choice.

Cannot close the second copy of FF app. Can not find why this is true; only have a single FF.app; kept only one profile. It must be a kind of superForceQUIT, BUT DOES not have FQI worked at the level of the Mac OS looking for using Firefox, but it is

ProBook 6570b: need PCI Simple Communications Controller driver for Probook 6570 b W7 64 bit

HP Probook 6570b running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OS of the hardware id PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_1E3A & SUBSYS_17AB103C & REV_04 PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_1E3A & SUBSYS_17AB103C PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_1E3A & CC_078000 PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_1E3A_0780 Thanks in advance!

Cannot use system due to demand from iCloud connection preferences

Hi all I have problems with my Macbook Air - he constantly asks me to connect to my Icould, at the menu prompt my password is already entered and it loads constantly "Enter your Apple ID for... @whatever.com '. I can not access System Preferences suc

Satellite C850-1j1 not boot not

my PC laptop Satellite C850-1j1 unbootable.He arrived after the partition is changed. Displays an error screen telling me that the computer must be repaired with recoverymedia. I have a work hirens boot cd and usb (tested on other COMP.), but the lap

is identical to any VNC speed of Back to My Mac?

First question, is the CCMM a VNC? Is equivalent to the speed of Back to My Mac all VNC, or would a VNC applications faster and better? CCMM is more secure than applications on the App Store? Thank you j

Sony vpc-f12yfx/b does not start

I bought a Vaio vpc-f12yfx/b 2 days ago and was playing a game of tonight, and the locked computer. He did not respond at all, so I did a hard restart and now won't start at all. The power light turns green, but nothing else. I let it sit for a while

Driver webcam Win7 VGN-CR320E

Where is the driver for it?Ive already tried Vista homepremium pilot it does not work.I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.

Code conversion code VB6 of NIDAQ DAQmx.

OK, it's time. We have two machines running Windows XP and a VB6 written inhouse application, which controls a card PCI-6704 D / a card, using traditional NIDAQ.  These machines are replaced by WIndows 7 machines.  I need help (i.e. orientation) on h

How can I save images in 16-bit grayscale in Labview without IMAQ

Hi, I'm trying to record images in grayscale of 512 x 512 16-bit of the camera for each period of time (eg. every 5 sec) and also display them in the control panel in the corners. However, I can get a bunch of pictures of bluish and greenish rather t

Windows Search draws BIG > 3GB WINDOWS. EDB file, even when the search service is disabled!

Search for Windows XP generates a very large WINDOWS. Index EDB file (> 3 GB).  At first, it seemed to be a 5 GB OUTLOOK indexing. PST file *, however, I disabled the indexing service and unchecked the "allow Indexing" box on all disks and uncontroll

You can install new drivers CPU on an OEM operating system or a clean installation of the is your best bet.

I bought a new motherboard and CPU to replace an old motherboard and CPU on an old machine OEM is there an easy way to install the drivers.

Problems with songs

Hi everyone my name is Gaston and I am of the Argentina, I'm really happy with my sansa 8 GB clib, here, this gadget is really expensive and even more difficult to find. My problem is that some songs appear not in WMP or Rhapsody, a good number of so

Help? Laptop Dell 620 router wireless, Charter ISP, WRT54G2 disconnecting Internet

I met a ton of messages on other sites with the same problem, but impossible to find a solution - can help anyone? I bought a Linksys G, set up using the CD. My wired Office Gets Internet very well, but my Dell laptop wireless find internet, says he

Restore XP on the computer I put Vista on

I put Vista on a computer that had XP on it.  I want to remove Vista and it restore to XP.  Help, please

Update from version track in purchased version.

I bought a computer last week that came with the trial version of Microsoft Office. I bought Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 and I need to download on my computer. I have two questions. #1. What do I need to uninstall the trial version before as I hav

How can I retrieve the name of the server and the database to a system dsn

Hello I am trying to create a database that will be used by many stores. Each store has its own server and the database and the access runtime version. I want to create a system dsn name, but allowing the administrator to modify the server and the da

Little extra fun to the point of restoration scheduled for each new installtion of hardware or software

As I put my machine to sleep more often than its reboot. I noticed that I don't have many restore points. I also noticed that I do not get one restore point with new facilities I thought default configuration. More I don't seem to find a guide to con

Error of groups based on MAC "it has no resources for this range.

Hello I have a SG300-52. My goal is a facility, where a client can connect to all ports and is automatically placed in a vlan are dependent on its MAC address. For this I put up some VLAN. Ports created by virtual local network name ---- ------------