Is "com.historiograph.plist" something that people know? It was created at the same, I accidentally downloaded MacKeeper

Average of horrible judgment, I downloaded something that turned out to be just another way for MacKeeper Run Amok.  I turn on my firewall before you download anything either, and I'm glad that I did because weird things happened.  Chrome unexpectedl

Audio popping up on imported Clips

Hello I am very new to Final Cut Pro and 2 major problems: First of all, I hear audio pop regular, strong throughout my clips. Second, my exported files are far too great, to more than 9 GB for a 9 minute clip. My company is video teaching of music o

Where & how to install driver LAN for Satellite U200?

Hello I bought new Toshiba satellite U200. I don't use "product recovery cd" because there were PL version of windows. I have installed IN windows XP Home Edition and I downloaded the drivers from the Toshiba site. Everything works without Ethernet L

script stopped replying to the questionnaire chrome://tavgp/content/libs/include.js:2449

Does anyone else get this problem? Happens to me a lot too many times a day I get the script has stopped responding error chrome://tavgp/content/libs/include.js:2449 I have to stop the script but I often have to restart my laptop so that he could res

Downloading 7.1, it will not be completed...

He soon to download and almost upon arrival, it said to contact you because there is a problem.

Compaq cq57: HP Compaq bios cq57 password code 92624228 master

I forgot my bios password and the error code is: 92624228 Please help me!

Keynote will not export Quicktime 4 k

Hello, I have a question where I can't keynote to export my project with my iMac native resolution of 4096 x 2304. I have my slide size the value 4096 x 2304 and I am able to export images at this size, but any resolution custom, I put in the format

Re: How to remove the front panel of the screen of the a500?

Hey I have a broken in my satellite a500 screen. I ve already bought the new screen, but I have problem of take-off of the front frame: I unscrewed 4 screws of glasses everything is fine but I can't unlock the area around the hinge I know there is a

Portege R500/Vista - Why SQL Server installed?

Why the Portégé R500 (with Vista) come with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 pre-installed? What is an idea of Toshiba or something to do with Vista?

Beats on my 20 want suddenly to his terrible

I wanted on my new 20 a few days ago, and I noticed that my sound is not working. Then I go into my properties audio beats and its says that "the program currently does not work, restart your computer to confirm changes" and I have even not all of th

record data in the Spartan 3rd text

Hi all I would like to kindly save the data table text file or a spreadsheet on vi using fpga spartan 3e as an fpga target. Once I added any function related to the file operation, he gave error that these functions are not supported by the target de

level of tension for the serial port sbRIO

What are the levels of RS - 232 votage on sbRIO serial ports?  Signal levels might be: 3.3 V, ± 5 V, ± 10 V, ±12 V and ± 15 V?   ±12 v what I often see for a direct connection to the serial port of a PC.

Canon MP530 6500 error code

I have a MP530 all-in-one that gives me an error code of 6500 on the screen. I have tried turning the printer market and have also unplugged it and waited for a while, as indicated in the troubleshooting guide. None of them have made a difference.

'Phantom', 'Ghost' button on the touch screen "FT200HQL bmjj".

Hello A few days ago, I just bought new 19.5 ""FT200HQL bmjj" and after the first hour of use, he began to experience what can best be described as random" phantom/phantom"key." Touch screen registers the keys at random but while no. we're actually t

QuickBooks does not recognize the valid registration code.

I use Quickbooks on Vista, but it will not install on XP. QuickBooks say some windows files may cause the problem but don't tell me more without me if subscribe to a package of support that I have generally not need. Can anyone help?

EA3500 Classic Speed Test

I did a simple speed test comparing my EA3500 and Linksys WRT54GL. I used the DSL reports for the test. I was very shocked and wonder if the difference is due to the poor driver wireless in the classic firmware that has been updated in the firmware o

opening folders

HI I hope someone can help, I chose the option "open each folder in the same window" I clicked on apply without result, also to him before and is no "back" button (top left of the screen), it is only when you use folders, in Explorer, the buttons are

Wireless communication has been disabled

I have the same problem that many have already posted for my HP Officejet 4620: wireless communication has been disabled.  Can someone send me the solution?  Thank you!

Windows Vista administrator issues

Help, please! I just bought a new computer, and somehow, I'm not the administrator! I tried everything I could think of it won't let me edit my account or log in as administrator. I was going even to reinstall Vista but I can't do either because I'm