Travel in America of the North-help purchase iPhone 7 Australian

Hello I happens in Vancouver in a few days and roamed in Banff, Jasper and probably Calgary, then probably South in parts of the North of the United States, possibly including Montana and Oregon before returning to Vancouver. In addition to beautiful

How to manage 2 iphones

I have 2 iphones with separate lines and one is for daily use and the other is for use of outdoor activities. My question is what is the best method to configure other phone as to causes no conflicts? I'll be maintaining one of these phones. Thank yo

split screen

Plan Apple update iOS to allow iPhone users break the screen as iPads capabilities?  I have an iPhone 6 s more and would love to use two applications at the same time as does the Note4.  Very productive feature.

Tecra A11 - 1EG - cannot be accessed after the supervisor setting BIOS password

Hello, I would like to know if anyone can help? We have started to put a supervisor on our laptop Tecra A11 password so that our students can not set passwords on the hard drive, etc. To enter the BIOS and set a BIOS password, press us F2 that the ma

Properties of specification to Build FPGA, compactRIO

Hello I am in particular by following this guide: example LabVIEW FPGA project - but I also experience the issue in all other projects I do To define the FPGA to "Run during the loading at the FPGA" I have to open the specifications of construction a

Draw a curve on a graph with an equation xy

I need to plot several curves on a xy chart. I know how to plot multiple curves, I do not know how with an equation. example y = 2.039 + 1.116 * exp(.01468*x) I did this with a point to manually, but will be a lot of these with positive and negative

Step VI works at the time, but not by operating normally

I am very new to LabView and have created a simple VI to register a single measure of my multimeter HP 34401 via a RS 232 connection. The problem I encounter is that the VI works when I run one step at a time (clicking the button on the stage has end

When I connect my ipod nano I get an error message of corruption

Apple say that the ipod is great, but my laptop does not recognize

Change of the antenna of WRT54G V8.

I need to know how to remove my antenna on my linksys wrt54g v8. I'm afraid I'm going to break the thing, I really need help here linksys. I'm trying to replace it with an improved antenna I bought.

When I try to set up Parental controls on a standard user account a message comes up saying unable to Im. Is there a way to fix this?

The exact words that the message says: when it comes to the top is: "unable to make changes to parental controls settings. If this problem persists, see your system administrator. " Is not supposed to because I was on an administrator account when it

Blue screen on Vista after the Green loading bar

After turning on the computer, the message "loading Windows files" with a white bar in below appears, then the normal green roof bar. Shortly after, the screen becomes fast black, then blue. The mouse arrow stays on the screen and nothing happens, no

windows\system32\Restore7.exe - runtime error

My son has a laptop HP Compaq Presario CQ70-220OEM, OS Vista Home Basic (32-bit) with service pack 1.A couple of weeks he lit the machine - it would not start and he got the message "no boot device - insert boot disk and press any key". Unfortunately

Windows 95 version of Print Shop Deluxe is not compatible with Windows 7. If anyone can solve this?

. Windows 7 64 bit printing problem I used the Windows 95 version of the Print Shop Deluxe on XP for years without problems, but now I just got a new laptop running Windows 7 (64 bit) and the CD will not download. Dialog box shows is not compatible.

I am administrator still needs administrative privileges to a game? Didn't happen until 2 weeks ago.

I'm the only account on my system using Win7 Home Premium and up to 2 weeks ago, I had no problem playing a game that I have enjoyed for years. Now, all of a sudden I can not open the game because I don't have administrator privileges, my account is

Product key location

Well, here's the deal I have a laptop with Windows 7 Ultimate installed and after using it happily for a while I had to run windows repair today. I did and to start windows again, he demanded to be reactivated. Problem is I never had no windows with

ISAKMP initiation

When you configure isakmp on the routers to set up an ipsec tunnel, which side will open the session for udp 500? Or both sides will attempt to open the session at the same time? Thank you

BlackBerry smartphones continues to go to the home screen?

Hello, I got my Blackberry a few weeks ago and if I never leave it on my massage or something like this goes back to the facebook home screen, so I have to keep in touch with her. Any halp would be very convenient. Thank you

The list of audio devices connected to the operating system has been changed

Hello, I have a problem with rendering in Media Encoder CC. When I realized the video suddenly a message "THE LIST OF audio devices connected to the operating system was changed. Open Audio hardware preferences? "and rendering are collapsed by increa

Adobe Creative Suite 5 Design Standard - re - install

HelloI had CS5 on my old Mac. the hard drive failed and I have a new MacI have 2 questions(1) how to disable my copy of my old Mac CS5?(2) my software is on the disc, my new Mac does not drive, I can download and activate with S/N I have on the disks