How can I save my emails. ?

I'm afraid that if my computer goes down, my emails will be 'lost '. How can I configure my computer to automatically download copies of all my emails from Thunderbird to my cloud account "a player"? Otherwise, if it's a bad idea I want to load it on

My Firefox shows obsolete in brackets?

Hello, I am writing to inquire about the fact that my Firefox install on my two Android devices shows the application as being (depracated) in the settings menu. My phone is the Nexus 4 by LG and glasses. My other camera is the Tablet Asus TF-201. I

Satellite Pro A continues to go in the slep mode

When I stop using the computer for a few seconds or set USB etc, the screen goes to sleep mode and I have to keep hitting a key to wake it upward. When I log in I have to quickly start using the laptop to stop going againChanged all the power to NEVE

Excessively the CPU usage high on my Equium M70

Hello Recently in the last month my summer CPU usage hit 100% when I m not running any software tax (only internet explore and windows media player). It is slowing down the load time and the area near the fan is hot enough. I have a Satellite M70-337

Satellite A200: Need driver sound

Hello! My problem is that I need a driver for my laptop Satellite A200 (it seems that I have is not working properly, I can listen to a track only once, after that-no sounds at all.) How can I get sound driver for my laptop? Best regardsDaria

Alert on said Safari that I downloaded a virus.

I have an IMac.  Alert on said Safari that I downloaded a virus.  MacCleaner came and I sailed through it, thinking it was an Apple product.  When he wanted to enter my HD, I decided to ask a few questions.  It is said that it will remove the "proble

Photos shows no connected camera or iPhone. What can I do to import my photos? Thank you!

Photos shows not connected device. What can I do? Thank you

FCPX stops on opening the program

Can anyone help? When I opened FCPX, the calendar is displayed and then stops completely?

Motorola Droid 2 more Widget photo frame

Hello: Anyone knows how to make the image widget play photos from the record that an image? Is this possible or am I just spinning my wheels? I am able to get up on a screen, but beyond that every time that I try to point to a folder it just displays

Roll back the update of Silverlight

On 29 September, Microsoft Update has eliminated an update of Silverlight. I suspect that it was the cause of the changes in functionality in a program that I use, so I want to uninstall this update to conduct tests. How can I do this? It doesn't see

Fake or real email!

Ref number: * / * / * batch number: APEX-ENGINE * Dear customer, we congratulate you over your success later in the official publication of the results of email Sweepstakes online sponsored the Apex Foundation held 17 November 2013. Your email ID has

The Inbox messages disappeared

Hello I opened my Outlook Express yesterday, and all the messages received after 29/08/2009 had disappeared. All other folders are intact. Any ideas where they went and how to get them back. See you soon Bob

I have a legal copy of windows Vista Home Basic, but I lost my registration key. What should I do?

I have a legal copy of windows Vista Home Basic, but I lost my registration key. What should I do?

X 51 - R2, update of the graphics card?

X 51 my son that R2 only started having graphic problems. Now, the GTX660 has stopped working completely. Is there a list of other cards that will work in this box of SFF? Any help would be greatly appreciated! System Specs:CPU i7-4770GTX660 GPU330W

Simple pop-up with the Menu Options

Greetings, I create an application that monitors the MicroSD card to a file.  I have the application auto-start and an alert is triggered when a well-named file is changed. What I want to do, is any application that they are currently using, I want a

Windows 7 active but not authentic.

Hello guys,. My windows was working fine and after a month or two, I suddenly after as a reboot but I got a message that my windows is not genuine. Here is the verification of diagnosis I pasted below. Pls help me. Diagnostic report (1.9.0027.0):----

Change of the position of the context menu ALT - TAB (change active windows)

Hi all I would like to know if there is a way to move the position of the menu that appears when scroll you through the windows when you press ALT + TAB. Currently, it appears in the center of the screen, but is it possible to move to, say, the left

Smartphones blackBerry app world disappear, bold 9780

Hello, my app world disappear when I tried to upgrade my bbm to the version the most recent also disappear after.I have tryied to download several times and I tried to remove it from my apps and reinstall and nothing does not work with me.Any help pl

Why my NetMeeting works with Windows 7?

I am now able to use NetMeeting with my version of Windows 7 Professional Enterprise (SP1). It's strange for me because all the messages that I read said it should not. And I have not any virtual machine to use XP or other to do. The only proposal I

Can I have two emails related to the weekly report

Is it possible to link two e-mail accounts on weekly activity? I gave my old computer to my sister for her children and I am their reports, which is fine but also want their mother to get a report as well. Are also nephew use it every once in a while