Continue to be "online survey" when I try to log

Surveys online & pop-up advertising reappear when I connect to my email or visit different sites, that began last week, is at - it a virus on my computer to dictate this and how then I block it. I tried to block browsing history already.

Bp-0e7b391a-aa4b-4dbf-b189-91fa52130919 accident

One of the several Crash Reports\submitted I who all have common last seven digits except the final 2. For example: bp-0e7b391a-aa4b-4dbf-b189-91fa52130919 (included this one as well - c) bp-1c89e9c6-f5eb-466f-ac32-02afe2130918 bp-4f6550cb-cd29-4d2c-

HP 56 black cartridge 3/4 full, will not print

I just finished several rounds of print head cleaning on a HP 56 black cartridge, which, when I installed it, wouldn't print. It still does not work. When I go to the Toolbox of the HP Officejet 5500 series and click the estimated ink level, it indic

How to add a second iPhone number to account for help a separate activity for both phones?

All, My wife and I share the same apple id account. How do I add additional phone number, so we can separate the activity such as a phone log and imessage? We all have two iPhone 6s. Thank you...

Satellite C55-A-1R8 - lack of 64-bit Windows 7 drivers

Hi everyone, I need your help guys.I just bought my new Satellite C55-A-1R8, computer PSCJEE laptop with windows that I hate windows preinstalled to 8.1 and intel cpu onboard, but because n3520 8 I decided to downgrade to the thought of 64-bit window

install windows 8 on computer hp laptop pavilion 14 ts

Hello When I want to install windows 8 on my computer, the windows process goes up to the section to choose the disk to install windows on. the message says: , we have found all the disks. For a storage driver, click on load a driver. What should I d

Excel template for the spreadsheet

Hi all. With your help, I'm almost finished. I use a 'writing on worksheet' and would like to know how I can create a header, so to speak. The operator will have to create a new file each time the Vi is executed. So, along the top, I need each column

Crash with Matrox camera mvBlueFox

Hello I'm trying to interface with a camera mvBlueFox of Matrox.  It is a USB 2.0 camera, and the driver supports DirectShow interface which means that it should be usable with IMAQdx.  I downloaded the latest version of the Matrox driver and registe

error code 0 x 643 returned when Windows Update failed in the XP Home laptop system

Could not install Win Update (KB951847) x 86 called MS .NET 3.5 service pack 1 + update .NET framework 3.5 .NET 2.0 to 3.5 worm family.  I need help to fix my laptop Win XP Home to accept this update, but also cases of simultaneous failure of (KB9696

Setup xp Outlook Express 6.0 problem - no support.

I am trying to configure Outlook Express 6.0 on an old XP, my modem is connected to AT & T and my regular internet e-mail is through  I get conflicting information about the POP3 or IMAP protocols, and if I have to use or



Why my D257 an Aspire is no longer listed or taken in charge on the Acer site?

My Aspire One was bought on 25/11/11 and now I have an opening window on startup stating that the program compatibility Wizard. I wanted more information and decided to check the Acer Web site. When I try to find information for my particular model,

error 77718906.exe keeps popping up, how can I get rid of him?

It keeps telling me to tell microsoft about it and send then report or don, t send, I ve sent dozens of times and continues to return

My office is in train to the screen of death, I tried many things, but they n ' technique seems to work what do I do? __Please help!

a blue screen of death indicates a problem has been detected and windows has shut down to prevent damage to your computer techniques imforation 0 x 00000024 (0 x 00190203, 0 x 00000000, 0x81B4E960, 0xc0000102) Please help!

No sound through speakers when using Skype

I have Windows Vista 64-bit operating system.  The following situation began around mid-April.  Although all the sound settings are correct and healthy records on his Equalizer lit bar, there is no sound coming through the speakers.  With some parame

my browser was commandered by the program called moy. How can I get it back to normal

My two primary browsers have been taken over by AVG, I have no idea how get my settings back to normal, was tried for 2 days now with no luck

screen saver goes too fast

Vista Home premium 32-bit I use my photos in the screensaver and I fixed it to slow, but it's still too fast.Anyone know how I can slow down as you would in win xp

I try to understand why my hard drive or any which is suppose to read CD work ive got photos and he used same pop-up won't do anything

CD drive won't read, finished with the error on the page, I can't transfer songs to my iphone

which processors can be used in my 396696-001 motherboard?

What CPU can be used in a card mother 396696-001? I had this defective card, I bought to replace and used the original processor in the new Board of Directors. Installed in a laptop computer and sold it. later returned to the defective Board and said

Hard drive from another system - Pavilion 790n recovery

This old computer was abandoned and the hard drive is used in another system. I decided to let children use and have it up and running again, but used a hard drive from an old emachine computer - I thought that I had endured, but could not remove the