substitute 6 s iPhone questions

Hey guys. IM writing because I'm a little desperate right to know. I bought a new unit of the iphone 6 s about three months ago and it was really ok. good battery life (as a new phone should) and no hardware or software problem. But after these three

Can not find my videos after upgrade

Hello Since I upgraded my iPhone camera 5 I can't locate my videos in the film nor in my backup iCloud account. Curiously, when I connect the device to my computer via a USB cable it says that only 5.7 GB GB 14.7 is free. It seems that my videos are

at the start of firefox download platform XUL Runner error

installed on windows 7 kb2607712 version 6.0.2, but get the error XUL Runner version 6.0.1 of the platform at the start of firefox is not compatible with mivesrion > = 6.0.2 maxversion > = 6.0.2'. have uninstalled and downloaded and re-installed but

How to connect by Satellite M105-S3084 on TV?

I have a Satellite M105-S3084 equipped of XP SP-2. How can I connect to a TV so that the image appears on the TV? I looked at the manual and it doesn't have a description of the ports on the back and sides of the laptop, or it identifies not what kin

Pavilion p6267c: compatibility Windows 10

I have recently installed Windows 10 on my HP desktop. My Microsoft Wheel Mouse Opticcal works fine at the start; But if the computer goes to sleep, the mouse does not work when the computers came back upward.  I have to unplug the mouse and plug it

My Touchpad broken BIOS update!

At the suggestion of Tempo, I upgraded my BIOS from 1.70 to 2, 20-WIN using the bios - after the restart, my touchpad is completely insensitive - including buttons.I had to reboot 3 times just to get Windows (Vista Busi

Printing plates-contacts

Time to resurrect an old!  HOW to print a contact sheet appropriate using the software available on an iMac? My iMac is up to date with the latest ElCapitan OS etc, and I tried everything.  Photo is completely useless for this process, preview not mu

Etrecheck shimming macbook pro / can't stop

Here is a copy of my report to etrecheck.  MacBook Pro info in the report. Have you tried a second Etrecheck and he's basically freezing my computer where I have to stop and restart manually. Thanks for any help. EtreCheck version: 2.6.4 (224) Report

RPC server is unavailable in time & Date autosinc?

Windows XP > Control Panel > Date & time > Internet time > Auto Sync > server: > update > ERROR: an error occurred getting the status of the last synchronization.  The RPC server is unavailable.  ???

Photosmart more B210a: I have a Photo smart Plus B210a which will scan but not output to the computer image file.

Hi eveyone. I go through the motions of scanning photo via web server embedded on safari, the scan occurs and the scanned picture appears in the preview image on the browser tool. So far so good. I right click to download the image to the computer wh

hard drive showing the low amount of available space. slowdown of the programs and not allowing not to defrag or run cleaning

never heard of a partition, but I have 50 + in the unallocatted space. Why have a partition and how to use this free space in C drive.

Taskbar programs when the group option is disabled

I'm a TI support person for my company and we run Vista Business 32-bit on Dell Optiplex 7xx machines. One of my users noticed that he will come in the morning and begin to open its programs. Outlook, IE, internal program, IE, another program interna

Cloning of my hard disk always fail

Lately my computer showed signs that animate my C contains errors. The check disk at the beginning of the startup of the said only this: Use the system restore feature in the control panel to restore the system to a point prior to the installation of

reset password - for my Hotmail account

How to reset my hotmail password and I forgot my secret question?

AC VPN: vpn-session-timeout and prompt the user

Hello Is it possible to invite the user to continue the session shortly before it hits the vpn-session-timeout value (ASA). Thank you Sean

Windows 7 Build this copy of Windows is not genuine error 0xc004e003 and 0xc004f057 messages

A few months ago, crashed my XP system.   Made to a local computer repair guy.  Had to do a little DIY but for the most part everything was fine.  This morning, after an update has been installed, then I started to get these messages.  It remains on

Update in C++ created GroupDataModel after loading the interface user of Cascades

I created a simple GroupDataModel in my C++ code and show it inside my Cascades UI. After once it is posted, it seems that I can't change the content of my GroupDataModel. If I still try the user interface crashes. In the debugmode I get this error:

Used to synchronize address book to blackBerry Smartphones

When I sync my Pearl fine until the address book.  I get the message 'Unable to real application data' and it closes.  I tried to get just from Outlook for the Pearl, but it's the same thing.  Any suggestions?

Questions of Smartphones blackBerry with Facebook (Mobile Site)

I have problems with the Facebook app. I have the Blackberry 3 G (9330) through Sprint and I updated my Blackberry 5.0 to 6.0 software. Since then, the (Mobile site) Facebook will allow me to type in up to about 20 characters at the presentation of m

Impossible to verify the account him link in the email is going nowhere.

Separated from this thread. had the same problem, received by email to check, clicked on the link and it goes nowhere, then, how to check when the link does not work?   There should be a way for this brainless and easy... Correct the problem so that