I bought a new macbook Pro and I can't get my iMessage to work advice?

I recently bought a macbook Pro and I'm not able to send messages through iMessage. He repeated to me that the person that I send a message to is not a user of iMessage. It was working and then all of a sudden just stopped. Any advice?

I want to remove my iTunes balance to change the country from the United States towards my country Jordan

I want to remove my iTunes balance to change the country from the United States towards my country Jordan

Desktop for mac Firefox doesn't save history

Using desktop for mac firefox. Recently, he stopped saving my story. The front and rear buttons still work, typing something into the address window it will draw places I have visited in the past, but only the ones I visited two or three weeks ago. N

How can I get permanent marker off the screen of the iPad?

I left my nine iPad Pro 9.7 "sitting on the kitchen counter and came home today to discover our 5 year old daughter had drawn with a Sharpie (permanent marker) on a sheet of paper just above the screen. The Sharpie ink soaked through and is now all o

After running a Norton PC Cleanup utility, some web pages are formatted incorrectly

I had installed Firefox v17 and it was running. I installed a copy of Norton PC Tools and ran from cleaning that removes temporary internet files, cookies, and other things. After running Norton, some web pages do not properly format. Instead of the

I can't install the modules from the official site of mozilla Add-ons. I click 'Add to firefox' and nothing happens! Help!

I can't install the modules from the official site of mozilla Add-ons. I click 'Add to firefox' and nothing happens!

Display on Satellite L850-1PD - no warranty case problem?

_Old year_I contacted Toshiba web support December 5, 2013.On 9 December, I received an email from an official assistance centre who asked me to send him a picture of the screen.After that, I sent this picture what they told me to send my phone to th

My wireless is not working

HelloI was working on my computer laptop that today ' today all of a sudden, I found a red X on my wirelessI tried to solve the problem but could notnow, I work with a wirecan you help me please

Satellite P10 873 cannot read SD cards > 1 GB?

Cannot find a driver more recent for Secure Digital host controller so left with a problem of my laptop just hung when I insert a 2 GB SD in there. Anyone know a solution to this problem or do I just use the USB drive instead of the built-in slot? Ch

Satellite L30: A few questions about the change from Vista to Win XP

My satellite L30 has Vista Home Basic preinstalled, but I decided that Vista is still a little slow & buggy and would like to change to WinXP Pro. I have 2 questions- 1. a change to XP will extend the battery performance? (currently 1 h with no wifi

HP Jet 11-r010nr: stream hp 11 does not startup, the led next to the button / stop is on

I have a friend who brought me their 11 2 weeks older HP flow because all day yesterday they tried to restart the laptop and may not have to start at all.  I tried the famous hard reset by holding down the power button for 8-10 seconds of course whic

X 360 spectrum: spectrum x 360 pen/stylus assets compatibility

I recently bought the spectrum x 360 (13-4003dx) as well as the feeling of Bamboo Stylus carbon. Unforunately, the stylus was not compatiable with the spectrum, and I had to return it (after reaching the customer on their support). I still want a pen

Filtering with Butterworth

Hello world I tried to use Butterworth as a low pass filter to limit the frequanies of my signal. I have provided the attached code, in which two simple sine waves with frequencies of 2 Hz and 10 Hz have been added. I used the of Butterworth low-pass

Recover Backed up Files of Robocopy

I'm kinda new to use Robocopy.  I gave to my new job to recover some files that are located on a server using robocopy and Task Scheduler to run backups.  One of the computers on the network was achieved by the Cryptolocker virus so it costed one of

S820 data and wifi auto switch off... can fix it?

My lenovo s820 auto always turn off my wifi and data?all you have to solve? I miss a lot of message cos he...

DeskJet 2540 all in a series: connection to the laptop using WiFi.

Installed a new deskjet 2540, use WiFi, on an old desktop running Windows XP. Now try to install it on a laptop running Windows 8.1 but get an error message indicating that it cannot read the software from the disc so impossible to install the printe

Cannot install (win8.1/win10 overview - I tried both) on a newly created partition (PC Vista)

1 Im on vista 32 and created a new formatted partition. 2. downloaded win 10 iso. Also tried with win iso 8.1 3 used WinCDEmu to create a mounted drive from which to run the installation on the partition above. 4. that's what I got: 8.1 Windows insta

Error code Windows Update 80070490 and the message "Windows cannot check the updates.

Windows Update 80070490 error code appeared yesterday (21 September 2013) and the message "Windows cannot check for updates. I'm using Windows Vista 32-bit, Service Pack 2. I tried almost all the suggestions on the Internet (including on Microsoft We

On laptop CD/DVD drive is not recognized/is missing. Having read the other topics, problem still not solved.

I'm on a computer laptop gateway and my cd player does not work all of a sudden. I can eject and put CD in there and it will hum for awhile, but nothing will happen. I went to Device Manager and it is not yet listed. I read the other topics and the p

attached photos to e-maiil cannot be considered

Something happened today while I was sleeping on my compurter where photos attached to e-mails that I received do not open. Of course, I did something to block these photos to appear when I open each e-mail message. I'm on hotmail, and there may be s