How can I make my boomarks drop down menu less wide, from left to right. There's too much white space on the right half.

Before yesterday, my boomarks drop was appx. 6 "wide. Now, without apparent reason, it is of the appx. 12 "wide. It has appx. 6 "white space in half right of the drop-down list, which makes it a lot of time to access information within my individual

What should I do to return a page in a Web site?

I go to a site. No matter what time I go to another area in the site, I don't know what to click to return to the previous page. IE is very simple, because it shows an arrow pointing to the left.

I need to reinstall Firefox almost every day. Otherwise, it just does nothing. Any suggestions for a fix.

At least once a day, I find that Firefox does not open. This occurs after I closed another web site. I click on a shortcut and nothing happens. The only thing that works is to reinstall Firefox. Can you give me an idea of why this is happening and wh

E9L17EA #ABU: HP Envy 17-J110EA Ram upgrade Hyperx 16 GB & GTX980M Kit Impact: Question?

Hi guys,. recently I bought this kit from RAM to upgrade my computer, going to work with my laptop? -16 GB DDR3L - 2133 MHZ NON - ECC SODIMM (SET OF 2) CL11 1.35V IMPACT SODIMM This is what im of ram to help during this time 8 GB 1600 MHZ SDRAM SODIM

Difference between display and iMac Thunderbolt

What is the difference between Thunderbolt display and iMac, in terms of display quality? It seems to be too expensive compared to the latter? Although the iMac 27 "is 5 k and Thunderbolt Display is just HD?

ThinkPad L460, cannot get the BIOS through WMI settings

We used the official instructions and VBscripts Lenovo to set up the BIOS on the laptop ThinkPad T440, T450, L440 and L450 via WMI. It worked well for a while now. A few weeks back, we received our first batch of portable computers ThinkPad L460 (wit

Qosmio F30-140 - error affected

I turn on my Qosmio F30-140 and he is coming following error message: Error affected Failed to retrieve the "THotkey.Error Code - 0 x 00031402, 0 x 00000002 After that, it freezes everything simply. What should I do?

Home Networking issue - Apple Extreme + 2 airports of Apple

I was wondering if there was nothing to do with my current setup or if I expanded my efforts wireless... This is the current situation. Internet broadband from Time Warner. I've reconfigured the Arris modem to act as the router and set up my Airport

Webcam does not... What is the final solution?

My Y550 webcam has stopped working for some reason any last week. I use it every weekend; so, I know for a fact that he has worked the previous week. I went through messages in the forum & done the stuff suggested. -J' I uninstalled the driver and tr

HP Officejet J4660/J4680 all-in-one

Dear hp, I could not instaill my hp on my new Dell Win8 officejetj4660, when I click on download the driver, it opens a new page informing 'not found' or 'download fail '. Help me!

old opschonen schijf

ALS ik op facabook talk wil. Ik wil een gesprek start is een vriend said kan niet. ALS ik contact try you will met f talk. Dan ik heel kort mijn vrienden lijst eventjes squeeze you zien. En dan gaat mijn vrienden van het scherm van mijn computer af l

STOP: 0x000000D1 ndis.sys error during the Windows Xp Setup screen

I have a computer tailor-made with a motherboard Intel D865GLC with a p4 running at 2.5 Ghz, a western digital 200 GB HARD drive, a drive Liteon DVD - RW, this computer was recently given too me by a friend because I can not afford the newer hardware

Why can't I send email from one of my addresses to another one of my friends, in Outlook Express 6 on explorerer?

Why can't I send email from one of my addresses to another one of my friends, in Outlook Express 6 on explorerer? AF

boot.ini Collectors Edition

Why was my first tutor so interested in making points on the boot.ini file. ? 1999. even now, after 13 years, I continue to look to save her and sometimes change to try to understand how this small file has a great impact on the startup of the operat

Failed to create desktop PC USB Drive Utility

I am trying to create a desktop PC USB Utility for my RT computer drive in MAX.  I receive the message shown in the attachment.  I formatted my USB and I have no files inside.  Any solution?

Install HP Photosmart CD does not open in XP

The HP printer/scanner/copy installation CD will not run or open in Windows XP.  It works on other computers running on XP but not on my computer. Any suggestions? Mant thanks!

How to change "Computer administrator" to myself.

My wife has a new computer and I am his hand. I (have always been a user on his computer) had set her up as "Computer administrator" years ago and now want to change the 'admin' to myself, leaving him as a user just in case his new computer is having

After installing Firefox 49 the search bar is missing.

After installing Firefox version 49, the search bar is missing. I can't find any customization to the search bar in the rear. When I try to revert to a previous version, all my favorites have disappeared, so I'm stuck.

HP Pavilion p6625it desktop PC, plug power supply

Hello, I would like to know the technical specifications of the power of my pc (HP Pavilion p6625it desktop PC) because I want to change the video card. Thank you

OpenGL is...

Hi all What are Blackberry phones capable of OpenGL ES? Thank you.