export of HDD to STC?

Hello I have a short on 1920 x 1080. Now they are asking is to deliver to the STC. I don't have any idea how to do it and if it makes sense at all. What do you think?? It makes sense. How can I do? Thank you Paul

My iPhone using 6 to the Canada

Having an iPhone from Verizon 6. Plan a week's holiday in the South of Ontario, at the wheel of my car. What should I know in advance, insofar as its use (is there a plan from Verizon for the Canada? Better to buy a Canadian sim card?), I need the da

Solve complex equations stored on the HP50g

Hello I stored the 2 equations Δ & K, but when I try to solve in the Num. solv. I get the message bad guess (es). I searched on google and it seems that it is because I work with complex numbers and the num solv. can't handle them.  However, I have n

Tecra A10 - cannot install usb panasonic TDA drivers

Hello I recently bought a laptop Tecra A10 on which I decided to exercise the choice of vista downgrade to windows xp pro.I am trying to connect to a system of telephone panasonic TDA via USB. When you try to install the drivers, the system ends by c

Satellite L555-10N: toshiba recovery not disc creator no work Win7 x 64

Hello creator of recovery disk Toshiba cannot be installed. need it please help. Thank you http://img517.imageshack.us/img517/5869/unbenannt1ja.jpg Does anyone has the left one to the current version? Laptop: Toshiba Satellite L555-10NWin7 x 64

[HP JET 7] Macrium key bootable usb omitting 7 flow HP Tablet boot

7 HP flow is connected via an otg cable to a 4 port non powered usb hub.  The hub contains a keyboard, mouse, and usb key. The recovery media is through the Macrium Reflect (that is installed on the HP Jet 7 Tablet) on a usb key.  Media is created co

Transparent line on which vertical on the 5th generation, Ipod Touch

I got a second hand 5th generation iPod touch which all worked fine other than to have a line described in the title above. This line is blocking the letters on the keyboard and is quite frustrating if anyone has advice please share!

Battery ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock (250410U) display will not extend

I have a T400 (2764 CTO with a Radeon HD 3400), an Acer 23 "monitor and an advanced Mini Dock (part 250410U, model 2504). I am trying to expand the display of the T400 to the Acer monitor via a VGA cable. When I plug the monitor directly into the lap

Inspiron 15R 7537 does not connect to the mini speakers Bose SoudLink Bluetooth

I can't connect my mini speaker Bose Bluetooth for my Inspiron 15R 7537. It does not appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices so that my cell phone, so I know that Bluetooth is turned on. -I placed the speaker Bose directly next to the Inspi

files copied to the CD in Vista appear in 'read only' on Windows XP

Were copy of a document written on a desktop with Vista on a CD.  When inserted in my Windows XP laptop, it appears as a 'read only' document and I can't type or make changes.  What I am doing wrong? Save me it is bad, they are not compatible systems

How to create an application for a large number of version Blackberry?

I am doing a project for a large number of Blackberry version (9100, 9330, 9650, 9800, 9810, 9850). And it is difficult to define the position of button, label... for the other version. Can someone give me some tips to create quickly and easily. Than

Good wireless, but browsers won't connect?

I have a HP/Compaq nw8440 runing Windows XP Professional. I can connect to my wireless very well, but my browsers, Firefox and IE 8 will not connect. Any ideas?

JDE is not USB

I just bought a BB 8830 and am currently testing an application on the actual device. So far, I have just connected the BB to my XP worklstation and let the OS to install the driver USB of RIM BB by default. I can see my SD card on the BB when Mass S

Pesky voicemail icon blackBerry Smartphones

A few days ago I got a voice message and my voicemail icon appeared at the top - as it should. While I was going to get it back, another voicemail has come and the countdown on the voicemail icon went from 1 to 2. I had only an answering machine, I l

FSCA - recording in privileged Mode

I configured a single client, the remote agent and ACSE. I am able to authenticate on the device via AD network. He invites me credentials, then I'm in user mode. I then issue the enable command to enter privileged mode. He invites then authenticate

BlackBerry Smartphones software that DTM?

We just changed company a supplier off site. I currently have DTM (standalone) v5.0 on my laptop. Should I use a different version of the DTM?

Network connects via radio instead of via the network cable. How can I configure the network card as the default network connection?

Network wireless adapter NIC Ethernet network device I've updated from Windows XP to Windows 7 recently. My internet connection used to be connected directly to my computer and I have a wireless router for other users in the House. Since getting 7, m

Impossible to install Belkin F4U003 Universal Media smart card reader

I have a dell computer new with windows 7, and no matter what I do, my system will not install the universal reader from belkin! I bought this drive because I have several different size memory cards. Help, please! Julie

I can't activate my Windows 7 Professional "the product key you typed is invalid for activation."

When I try to help my window it display massage ' windows professional product key 7 you typed is invalid for activation "but it's the key I have check it is correct. I format my pc and reinstall windows not I m tring to reactivat please kindly answe

The resulttable column is the URL (length of more than 500), can it be established in the form of small static text (hyper link)?

Hi Experts,I have the (link style) column in the results table that displays the URL of the workflow state diagram, URL is too large to be shown in the table of results for each line.Could you please help how to display as simple text hyperlink? 'The