fusion drive

I just start up my iMac 27 "that I received in August 2016. I ordered a Fusion 1 TB drive. What is the profile of what it says. How will I know that's what I ordered? Somehow this iMac has no help.

Why if display "disintegrate" when I page or scroll?

When a page is displayed first, seems ok. Scroll down, generally ok. When I scroll to the top, text appears incorrectly, as if the pixels are scrambled. It happened on this site, when I register and I don't not even scroll. The browser redisplays jus

AirPort Express works fine with OSx but not Windows

Bought my AirPort Express 802.11n just a few months. It worked very well for all computers and mobile devices in my house. A few days ago, all of a sudden, PCs of my roommates started to get 'internet slow, yet shows the power of the full signal. Not

2540 HP all-in-one printer print by wifi only works after the router reset every time

Hi, I recently bought a HP2540 all-in-one printer. I was unable to get the printer to work via wifi after trying lots of different things, but after rebooting the router and try again, it worked perfectly. However, it seems that whenever I'm away fro

Add Label (and other things like SequenceCall, statement etc.) on the main sequence?

Hi all I try to add the label on the main sequence, but the problem is how to run there. Have been made successfully subsequences and their content, but I now want to add content in the main sequence (labels, SequenceCall, statement etc.). You can so

Mouse down? Event rejection does not

Dear community, Please could you help me to work the reasons why the mouse down? Event is not be thrown in the following code. I deleted all but the relevant controls. It must be that clicking a control with the left middle of the mouse or buttons ri

Office 2007 are updates consistently fail

I've got Office Enterprise 2007 (consumption program) installed on a HP with Vista SP1 computer. All MS Office updates fail with 8007006E error. Other updates work - but all Office updates fail repeatedly (per month). This version has not been instal

I connected my sony hdtv for my acer aspire axc603-Collet er25 via a cable HDMI not working do not. Now what?

I see only my background on the TV screen even if my monitor works fine. Do I need to install the new drivers to operate a second monitor?

Save the error code direct 0x800CCCD2

What is and how to fix 0x800CCD2 error code when trying to put in place a gmail.com account as an e-mail account?  Setting correct woul be for both?

location of the key product?

so I just bought a laptop and when I use a word, that it says I have to enter the product key, I tried to read the help section, but I have no idea what I'm doing, does anyone know where I can find the product key? It's windows vista by the way, than

Linksys E4200 - Skype internet killing

Hello Recently, I went from a router D-Link GamerLounge for a new Linksys E4200 using the default firmware, upgraded to the latest version. The router seems to work fine - except when someone uses Skype, and performance of the network decreases drast

Windows Vista does not start. I can just buy the upgrade to Windows 7 to fix this or do I have to purchase the full version of Windows 7?

update helps... Difficulty helps lol I have vista Home premium, but does not start it tells me to put my disk installation and repair process. can I buy windows7 upgrade or should I buy the full version, I'm not going to do...? I got my pc checked th

which is indicated when the computer (C) disc is red?

The hard drive C has a red bar across it on the storage section.

Microsoft Management Console error: this function is not supported on this system. Also noticed that the automatic updates did not install it and returned error 80070005.

Original title: Microsoft Management Console this feature only is not supported on this system I am running Vista 32 bit Business since an administrator account. Recently, I noticed that the automatic updates did not install it and returned error 800

Sending photos to send

When I go to send photos, I get the following error in Windows vista. The host 'POP3' could not be found. Please check that you have entered the server name correctly.Subject ' Emailing: IMG_0001, IMG_0002, IMG_0003, IMG_0004, IMG_0005, IMG_0006, IMG

How can I connect my motorola boost vali to my pc

How can I connect my motorola boost vali to my pc

I uninstalled incredimail but it still keeps popping up. It's a pain. How can I get rid of him forever?

It has been removed from my control panel and the list of program files. He is always on my c drive and cannot be deleted. When I type incredimail in search of start - he is still listed in the programs. When I touch it keeps reinstalling itself. I t

Location in wifi feature

Hello! I'm just a big * beep * or is it explain how to use location based wifi? You are supposed to have the Wi - Fi button ON or OFF when you use the wifi feature location or is it intended to turn on automatically when you are in the range of a cer