Trying to access the Archives of emails to a version of thunderbird 2006

I have some old email with the information that I need to access. I have saved on the disk, but they have not used in years. Now, I need to try to access the files. The external file is named "mail" and 3 subfolders named 'local folders' and then two

I want the 'Inbox' available on the screen when I turn on (by default).

The 'Inbox' is not easily available and can be activated by using the arrows at the top which is cumbersome and tedious practice. I need the 'Inbox' to be easily accessible when I turn, but also a quick way to do if there is a need. A relatively simp

Toshiba virtual Store account Reset - 34099

Hello Reset the account 34099 Thank you

Satellite L850D PSKECA gel - BIOS blocks

I have a portable as l850d PSKECA - 01 M 002 it starts normally, you can access the bios Setup by pressing F2.It shows the toshiba logo when you turn on my problem when I go to the bios Setup by pressing f2 and load the default configuration freeze m

Cannot install itunes. Older version of apple software update is a ghost file.

I had itunes on our laptop a few years ago and uninstalled through the normal route of the program uninstall Windows 7 a few years back.  Now I am trying to reinstall itunes and it comes up with the error "failed to remove the older version of Apple

DOA Y500

So, I recently bought a new y500 Lenovo Web site. When I opened the package I found the cracked screen. 1 year warranty supplied with the notebook it will fix? What I can do...

Hoax scam call

This is perhaps only one, a new.  I was sleeping during the day and my phone rang; so I replied.  The appellant said, "Hello, it's the federal Ministry of Windows.  I call you on your Windows computer. "The voice has a foreign accent.  I had the feel

Windows Server 2003, SMall Business and Window XP Service Pack 3

I have a Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 3 for Windows XP.  We could always map drives and view readers to share.  However, we got a worm and it took 2 days to solve this work with Trend Micro.  Now 2 workstations see actions at some at the mai

I want to upgrade the RAM in my Acer Aspire 5736z-4826.

I want to upgrade the RAM in my Acer Aspire 5736z-4826. I've seen different specifications on the laptop. Some people say that it can hold 8 GB of RAM and some say 4GB. I don't know the exact type of RAM that works. I ordered 2x2gb RAM PC3-12800 DDR3

Windows XP cannot be updated. Any help? I tried both auto and manual + software distribution 3.0

Update security for Windows XP (KB2436673)Update security for Windows XP (KB2443105)Update for Windows XP (KB2443685)Update security for Windows XP (KB2440591)Update security for Windows XP (KB2296199) Microsoft Silverlight Update for Microsoft Silve

New drive

Does anyone know how to get a new drive for Windows XP Professional if the disk you have been physically broken in half?

My windows live id is separated from my xbox live gamer tag. I need my new associated credentials.

My windows live id is separated from my xbox live gamer tag. I need my new associated credentials.

WRT610N can be used to connect to the net via the canopy wireless

Hi, I have a subscription fixed antenna wireless here in the middle of the rice fields and that connect you to the Internet through a Web Access Manager whenever I restart my computer. It looks like this: The antenna connects to a brick of power with

Persistent: Windows Photo Gallery does not open photos

Using Vista Home Premium V 6.0 (Build 6002: Service Pack 2) update In the view of the folder all the files displayed as icons in all ranges of dimensions of the tab "views".All files will be opened with MS Paint, regardless of the situation 1. in the

the system failure 0xc18a0206 error ink photosmart 3210Options

Get 'ink system failure' with error code 0xc18a0206 on the front of the HP Photosmart 3210.  Black and yellow cartridges are full, while the other cartridges are low on ink.  I tried reset with hosting help and OK buttons and that doing nothing. Any

Composition in WM/WLM

How to type... (s)... without the result turns half moon? If I type 'or' people, the half moon will appear behind "nobody."The only way so far is to put a space between brackets... ( s ) t-4-2

VSNClient.exe - the application failed to start correctly (Oxc0000022) click on ok to close the application.

I have the - 'VSNClient.exe - the application failed to start properly (0xc0000022). Click OK to close the application ".» After having clicked on the desktop does not come and the background is also black.  I can get to the Task Manager and using sa

I have pictures in my Windows Photo Viewer that I am unable to do anything with.

Need help please, I have some pictures in my windows photo viewer I'm nadou nothing to do with. I can't right click and copy and paste, the ability to email, print, burn and open are not available and in the bit files everything I am able to do is to

I want to accept only Arab characters in the input text

HelloIs it possible to let the user just write in Arabic in the af input text?If he enter English tank when you use keyboard ENG that I want to prevent this event and not let him write without error msg and if it helps keyboard AR I want let writeTha