Qosmio X 870 - J11 and 3D problem

Hello I have problems with the 3D nvidia vision. What I see is a blurred image and not a 3D image and configuration utility always comes back to failing to test equipment like glasses just dim synchronized about three times per second. It worked very

Why is-songs from iTunes by the same artist?

I'm a Star Wars geek and a big fan of soundtrack buff, so I recently bought a copy of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Bo and ripped the CD using iTunes. I have 17 other albums by John Williams in my iTunes library, which were under his name for arti

Is it possible to reset iTunes to new settings?

I would like to put iTunes back to how it was when I got to my Mac. I want to get rid of all backups and everything and start all over again. Is this possible in El Capitan?

View contact help

Hi all, my apologies if this has been answered before, but I've not found anything with a search. I am new to Android, used for an iPhone 3G. I put in my facebook and twitter accounts in the Bank (Best Buy) when I bought my Atrix and any guy all my c

How to implement the automatic calculation is Visual Studio (I'm new to VS)

IM new vb and I wondered how I would do automatic calculation in my application Here are my Apps UI (I wasn't expecting to get out that big) What I'm trying to do is 1. number of nights * $55 = Total cost night 2 total cost of night * 10% = load of E

X120e Battery Charge problem

Hello I bought my x120e about a month ago and it's been great since, but recently I had problems with the battery. When I charge the battery to 100% and then unplug the power adapter, the battery is fine for an hour or two, and load will decrease to

the Ntuser.dat.log file size

Hello I found this hidden file (located in the C:\Document and Settings\MyUsername\ folder) ntuser.dat.log , keeps changing itself... (every few seconds/minutes) its size is 1 KB to 400kb ~ Is this normal? I thought that he should only updated when l

My keyboard stopped responding during the installation of Windows XP.

Reinstall windows xp - keyboard unresponsive I'm reinstalling XP from an official CD after reformatting the HD.  On the Welcome to Setup screen, where I need to press ENTER to set up XP, nothing on the keyboard gets a response (type F3, R).  It's as

Error while installing windows Xp on my E Aspire 13 ES1-311-C4VK. Error is STOP: 0x0000007E.urgent pls help

I tried so many times to install windows xp on my Aspire E 13 ES1 boot cd - 311 - C4VK.Xp first, then load something. After that, it shows the error: STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0XF73B9D66, 0XF78D9EA0, 0XF78D9BC) ACPI.sys - address F73B9D66 base at

get a system for windos xp restore disk, to fix a computer that you were never created to

I need to create a restoration/repair disc of the system on a differnet computer so I can fix that does not work, I need to do a restore/repair disc of the system to Windows XP Home Edition. Windows has been installed on the computer when it was purc

Windows Live Mail crashes on the update of the calendar of events

Windows Live Mail broken When I hit update just as it hangs on the update of the calendar of events. Don't send mail in the Outbox. I'm on a live time alwaya DSL on connection.Incoming mail is not in.I have to click stop to do and download. How can I

Windows Photo Gallery is very slow, deleting files or folders, how to solve this?

I'm trying to remove the additional copy or copies of my pictures in Windows Photo Gallery and after clicking on the photo and delete it it takes 2-4 minutes to remove.  What can I do to fix this?

Drive H is?

Dwnld photos and other through H drive, but now it usually has dissappeared. How can I restore it.

Update the Firmware of the HARD drive

Hello My paintings tell me that I had to upgrade the firmware of the HARD drive. I have SyncRep enabled on these paintings and I want to know if this is important?

The upgrade of Inspiron 580 s

Hello! I am trying to upgrade my s 580 Dell Inspiron (i5 with * easy *) for purposes of games.  I recently installed a MSI GeForce GTX 750 graphics card ti low-profile and is now looking to upgrade to the power.  The PSU in my computer is currently a

How to fix Windows 7 32 Bit error: the trust relationship between the th workstation and primary domain failed

How to fix Windows 7 32 Bit error: the trust relationship between the th workstation and primary domain failed

uiapp starting from Ribbon and bb app menu

Hi I'm new here - apologies if it's a clear message I have a developed gui application and work - typical boot sequence - MyApp extends UIApplication and the MyApp main() method creates a new instance of the app and call app.enterEventDisplatcher ();

We get an error "your PC is offline" during indexing in Windows 8 PC.

* Original title: connectivity Windows 8 start, it shows my email address and then asks the last password I used to connect.  I've already happened, even went to my phone to change the password.  Everything works fine on my iPhone, but when I try to


If the impression I get after reading on this subject, is that TIMESTAMP (SE) stores a zone offset? And this timestamp with local time zone stores standard time in hour UTC.At first, I thought TIMESTAMP is the same as the DATE, but with fractions of