El capitan Safari won't play YouTube videos

When I fall on a You Tube video on a Mac, or go site directly on YouTube, the videos are empty (black) with massage «Your browser does not currently recognize the video formats available.»  Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTM

All the music removed from the iPhone

I was listening to music on my phone today when he stopped playing. Looking at my library, all my music not downloaded from iTunes has been removed from my phone. I do not press anything and have no idea of what has past. Does anyone else have this p

3rd party addons are shaded

Hello! I switched to Firefox of IE because there are too many shady things going on with Addons, plugins, toolbars, etc. Now, I'm having the same problem. It seems that I install the applications themselves add to Firefox makes it slow and unstable.

Siri still works in the background?

Hi, I would like to know, Siri and dictation always run in the background and drain the battery life? In addition, app background refreshes CONSTANTLY checks the updates? I mean, is it always refreshing?

My Firefox says 7.0.1 this is but webpages and Firefox update page say that I use an older version. What is going on?

I have Firefox 7.0.1. It says this in the help-> section of my Firefox. He said: I'm updating. When I navigate to the page of updates online, however, I'm out of date. And some sites, like Pandora, say that I use an older version of Firefox that is n

Problem Installation plug Adobe Flash Player

On several sites, I was alerted that I need to install the plugin Adobe Flash Player to see everything correctly. When I select the button install, I get the message that it could not be installed, and I had to install it manually. By sele

Qosmio G20: Cannot read discs DVD + RW brand Roco

I have Roco brand 8 x DVR + R and the G20 Q does not recognize the drive. I think that this may be due the Roco brand since the Sony DVD + RW works fine except that I can't record video of the Sony on my HD. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Satellite Pro L830 - 11G - upgrade to SSD, 2 SATA or SATA 3 connector?

Hi all I recently bought a L830 - 11G, I would like to upgrade the SSD HARD, I can not find anywhere if this laptop is SATA 2 (3 Gb/s) or SATA 3 (6 Gb/s). The information is not in the online form. Can someone tell me what version it is?

LEGO Mindstorms 2.0 crashes at startup when LabView Signal Express is installed first

When NI Circuit Design Suite education edition is first installed in a computer and the LEGO Mindstorms software second, the LEGO Mindstorms software does not work, he reported the following: Error: A required file is broken Possible solutions: reins

How to create a digital control (of any type) which can be increased or decreased by a 'unit' at the same time?

As in the title.  I want to create a digital control (no current limitation on its type) with a range of 1 to 10 (and a step of 1).  The only difficulty that I have, is that the user should only be able to increase or decrease 1 at any time.  Code in

Windows Media Center can read online them videos (Youtube,...)? How do you set it up to do?

I read on the internet that Macrotube doesn't ' t work anymore, are there other alternatives?

OfficeJet 4650: Reminder continued to buy the new ink

I bought and installed genuine HP cartridges, but after each draw, I get a message thanking me for the purchase of genuine cartridges and asking me to buy some more.  How can I cancel this message?

HP Pavilion DV6-6100se: upgrade Ram?

Hello I have "HP Pavilion DV6-6100se" and I am planing to upgrade my computer laptop memory. How the maximum memory capacity and memory frequency I can use?

Battery ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock (250410U) display will not extend

I have a T400 (2764 CTO with a Radeon HD 3400), an Acer 23 "monitor and an advanced Mini Dock (part 250410U, model 2504). I am trying to expand the display of the T400 to the Acer monitor via a VGA cable. When I plug the monitor directly into the lap

My modem is not detected in Windows XP Service Pack 3, and I have to choose from a list of options.

I use saved Window XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3. I have the Types of Standard modems available in the list. However, when I go to control panel-> phone and Modem Options-> Modems-> add-> Next (check don't detect my modem; I will select

Problem with directinput in dxdiag and the launch of the games

I recently started having problems with launch of some games.  Two games, at present, are 'Black hawk down' and 'Dead space '.  When I run Dxdiag I get a direct entry access error.  If I click on 'no' in the pop-up window that dxdiag errors access to

cannot bring up 'word' to type a letter or a document

Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone! Ideas: You have problems with programs Error messages Recent changes to your computer What you have already tried to solve the problem

I turned on my screen and it was all red background

I turned on my computer and he went to the red color on everything I tried the menu on the monitor to adjust and it won't go back that I even tried factory reset and nothing.

Why are there two drivers for my printer in Device Manager?

Product: HP Photosmart Premium C410 all-in-One printer I had several cases where I had to reinstall the printer software. Several times in the course of the last few months, without reason, that I can attribute it to when I try to print, I get an err

Which of these provides better security?

I have access to several free antivirus programs which two usually require the purchase or subscription, but I get free through ISP and my college.  Please list the following three programs in order the best according to you or analysis and statistic