Don't forget turn flash plugin later

I have Firefox set to ask me if I want to activate the Flash plugin. I use this function to stop Web sites play videos unwanted during my browsing session. There is a site I often discover that a lot of unwanted video who download and play with Flash

How to remove a news app

The very good app Apple News is overwhelming my iPad2 when I use the function for you.  It blocks every time.  Reset the iPad doesn't affect him.  How can I remove and reinstall this app?

Need NXT Firmware Update for my old brick NXT.

Hello I now LV 2013.  Also, I now have the new Module of Lego LV downloaded on my computer.  I think my brick needs an update of the NXT Firmware.  Is it so?  Have you directions and a link to download? Thank you for your time dunnor

Real-time data display

Hai guyz/galz. Im just a beginner start in the field of labview. I just started to design a temperature measuring VI and Im having a problem at the moment which is I cant seem to leave when I press the QUIT button the VI if it is running unless I hav

script to change the print queues for use on Server 2003 winprint print processor

Need to change the winprint print processor to 2003 Server backup and restore on Server 2008.  Was hoping to use a script to do

How wajam came on my PC?

I don't know how wajam got on my PC, ive tried to remove it, but it takes hours and to disable it, just keeps saying, wait that he uninstall, do I need? original title: wajam

How to uninstall pccleaner when windows won't

I'm trying to uninstall PCcleaner but they block some how so I can't do it. Also, how do I completely get rid of bearshare. I uninstalled it but he always comes back.

I have a kodak w100 webcam which has stopped working.

I tried to get drivers updated kodak online but can't. I have uninstalled and installed software and unplugged and pluged in the USB several times, in different ports. nothing seems to work. The camera runs on another computer. It also shows a pictur

Microsoft Outlook Express... Closed e-mail Express desktop

It's driving me crazy! My cousin sent me an email and everytime I click on it, it closes my Outlook Express on my desk. I can't get rid of it. It is not yet open for me. Help please!

Do Acer b286hk 4K monitor has the ability to upconvert standard content HD?

I wonder if this monitor can upconvert content as TV can do. So my films, if played on my PC would be better on this 4K monitor on a regular HDTV.Thank you for all the answers.

Missing entry time.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\DLCC: RunDLLEntry

whenever I start my computer, this massage is coming: Missing entry time.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\spool\DRIVERS\W32X86\3\DLCC: RunDLLEntry What is this for?  Can I do anything about it? Thank you Roya

CD error after burning of 2 or 4 songs

After burning the 2-4 songs in Windows Media Player, I get error messages that windows can't burn CDs, check if the cd is dirty when it allows to work properly

Missing Windows Vista key

Hello I recently visited Tiger Direct to remove a virus from my dv6000 (bought new at HP in 2008). They advised that it was better to wipe my system and reload everything, so I let that happen. Now I like my version of Windows is not genuine and to e

Error 800b0100 KB2564958 Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit.

I am experiencing 800b0100 error when trying to install KB2564958 on Vista Home Premium SP2 32-bit.  I ran the system update tool and tried to download and manually install the KB2564958 without success.  Any ideas?

Bluetooth mouse

I just upgraded from Vista to Win 8 on my laptop Compaq 6715 b.  How can I get my bluetooth mouse working again?  Control Panel devices said HO integraed Bluetooth Module and Microsoft Bluetooth enumerator work correctly. Concerning Don Bailey

Help to buy a new battery.

I have a HP Pavilion dv7-6157 CL. product number: LW465UA #ABA. My battery is is more licensee a load and I am looking for a replacement one. I went to partsurfer and got PN 636631-001. Any battery on ebay with this job number will be? What should I

Sound goes silent in Win7

My sound shuts in Win7 - completely, both locally than on the net.  I can get it back with a cold start again.  Two questions: why?  Is there an easier way to get back on that goes through a cold start?  Because it is new with cold start, I think we

Toshiba Satellite M115-S1061 laptop-not of his

Toshiba laptop no sound I just bought a used toshiba laptop (satellite M115-S1061) and discovered there is no sound.  We brought a computer specialist and he couldn't fuigure outside.  The maneger device audio device say high definition and in the me

Smartphones Odd blackBerry message to turn the unit off!

Anyone able to advise what does this message mean when I switch off my camera? "For light/handheld off the coast. "Next time 27 August 09:00. I'm puzzled! Thank you

How can I remove shortcut arrow sign of my desktop shortcut?

I know some software (TuneUp Utilities) can remove desktop shortcuts arrow sign. But, is it possible to remove the sign of the arrow from shortcuts on the desktop settings in Windows? Please, let me know. So, how can I remove arrow shortcut in Window