Why is apple tv (4th Gen) using subnet different comcast

I need to figure out if there is anything special/different regaurding how ATV (4th Gen) made the resolution DNS when wired to a Comcast cable modem only (no wifi and no router)?  I notice that my ATV selects a different subnet when ATV is set automa

Cannot drag AAC ringtones to the iPhone 6

So there's iTunes decided to swap my record library iTunes for something that he created, so I lost most of my music (later everything came with the boring exclamation point next to it, feel stupid iTunes cannot locate the files - redirect tried it b

How to view stereo channels separate on the timeline

With the help of FCPX 10.2.3 I want to be able to equalize my chanel left and right separately.  But I can't find any way to separate the left and right channels on the timeline or edit them separately in Inspector audio. Thanks for your suggestions?

Re: Satellite Pro P300-1FP - no ball calls when low battery

My mother just bought a P300-1FP. It's great, but the laptop is not pop up a balloon invites when battery becomes low. We are aware of the possibility of passing the mouse on the battery in the notification area icon, even though this is not always a

How to create partitions

Hello world... I just reformat my laptop (SA60-144) using my recovery dvd rom. now after that I have reformat I noticed that I don't have any partition more... for example I don't have my D DRIVE more I don't have DRIVE c... now I want to create two

MacBook as a remote drive

I need to start my MacBook Pro as an external drive, but cannot not use disc target as with Firewire. Is there a way to use the connection of lightning to start MacBook as a remote drive? I have to use a source computer to run Disk Warrior on the Mac

Airport Extreme will not read Time Capsule trying to create network roaming

I have read all the forums on that alone and became frustrated. I am creating a roaming network for a time at an airport extreme capsule. I followed the directions of countless times without success. Time Capsule is set to DHCP and Nat, while the ext

High-speed FPGA personality my Rio

Hello I started on a Rio My 1900 I am programmer in C language so without by Ferryman Labview. I wish I could sample a signal to a frequency higher than those possible with the standard personality FPGA provided. The doc of the RIO my dt requires hig

S20 and CPUID HWMonitor tensions

I'm having some trouble with a S20. I ran HWMonitor and it reported a low voltage for the + 12V rail for the Winbond probe. Anyone with a job S20 yourself run HWMonitor to check if this voltage drop is a bug in HWMonitor or a problem in my S20? CPUID

How to dispose non alphanumeric key into a string?

Hi all To start an application I developed, I would like the user to write his or her password in the first round table, but I want that whenever the user must type a character in the control of the chain Hide_Password (see photo), it is automaticall

Update installations of Windows Live problems.

Windows Live essential (KB2434419) I continued to receive messages several times a day I have to install the updates and then says "could not install the program - you already have a taste of different construction of Windows Live."  These are essent

HP G2: Error hard drive check

I have failure ID GGDL90-0007PU-MFGJL1-60AV03 Product ID: G8R97AV That means for me? What do I do now? Help

KB2584052 fails to install error 1402

original title: security for Microsoft 2003 update fails Code KB2584052 continually used Micrsoft this problem, said however fixed are always the same problem? (added error code 2nd edition) Then I just remove the 2003 edition to correct this problem

report amenazas por e-mail

Buenas tardes quisiera report amenzas en mi trabajo este email * address email is removed from the privacy * mi number are ROBERTO CORTES RAMIREZ MI CORREO ES EL SIGUIENTE * address email is removed from the privacy * y me entan enviando amenzas a mi

How can I use my computer in romainin laug

I want to type in romainian on my lap top but to see English words, so I can understand what wrote im

Fan of cycling

My 8100 happens every 10 seconds. Dell technical support said it was a software problem and it would cover not under hardware extended warranty. All the solutions out there?

Venue 11 7140 pro micro HDMI does not work after upgrade windows 10

Has anyone tried connect a HDMI microphone on their place of dell 11 7140 pro after windows 10 upgrade? Mine does not work after the upgrade, but the HDMI from the dock works.

Exception during consumption of huge data from a web service.

Hello I m developing an application to receive data from a Web Service and retain the data received on the device. App is developed for OS 4.3.0 The Web Service call is made using Ksoap. The Code receives the data from the web service, analyzes the d

Screen resolution of RV120w

When I connect to my router, the screen is partially hidden and I have to scroll down to see the entire photo.  Any ideas how I can fix this problem?