Satellite Pro L500 - Webcam stopped working

The Web camera integrated on my Satellite Pro L500 stopped working with the following message:C:\Program Files (x 86) \Toshiba\Toshiba Web Camera Application\TWebCamera.exe The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is

Satellite A100-014: connection Wireless D-link router problem

I think that it is working properly. I keep getting kicked from WLAN (connected to the dlink DWL 900AP), but if I plug the Ethernet cable it works very well. This vista software is a major pain. It will let me install the d-link software. Does anyone

The webcam is there or not in this laptop

My friend got Compaq Presario CQ56-219WM laptop. We are not sure that she has webcam or not. However, we can see on the LCD screen that looks like there's a webcam. Unfortunately, there is no software to check the features also.

Docking station x 260 x 240

Hello I have a X 240 with docking station ThinkPad base Dock Type 40 A 0 20V, 4. 5a. We know if it will work with X 260? Thank youKris

W520 win 10 legacy app freezes

After winning 10 updating win 7, an application crashes at startup. Worked fine on Win 7 and works on a desktop Dell 10 win now Also works very well in safe mode. Known issues with drivers Lenovo or apps in Windows 10? Thank you PAA55112

printer is not visible on the network

I have traveled, but could not find anything that matched my problem. Here's my problem: The HP LaserJet 5200 dtn and PC are both connected to the router through an ethernet cable.A configuration page have been print the printer successfully with it'

How to create a nested local variable control custom?

I inherited code which has a cluster of CTL control nested inside another group of control CTL.  If I drag the control nested outside the border of the other, I can right-click to create a local variable, I need to connect to the bundle name.  Howeve

I backed up all the data on external hard drive and did a clean install of xp pro. I can't find a lot of folders, files or programs.

I'm looking for advice search to find photos, documents and MS Office applications, most seem to be missing. I had a large photo collection and cannot find a few hundred off more 4 000. How can I do to get the MS DOS programs? I have more drives. Is

Example: Pavilion dv 6500: Coprozessor for dv6513eg Win10

I'm looking for a driver coprozessor? To win 8 or 10-64 bit HP Pavilion dv 6500 (dv 6513eg) Is it possible to fix this? Who can help me? cordially chris

How to make a program on my pc and my USB to store?

I have my connected flash drive.  My pc recognizes it as removable disk (j).  How to transfer a file to it the world?  I'm trying to get the creations of SPORE etc out of my pc and my son on a flash drive to store for him.  HOW?  I'm going nuts.  Tha

Problem with controller network after installing win 7

Installed win 7 and now I'm missing network controller driver.  Existing driver is Intel Pro Wireless 2200.  Thanks for the help.

T400 sound card?

Can someone tell me what sound card is in the T400. Support 6-channel audio? Thank you guys

Change the cartridges on a HP 3055 printer

I have a HP 3055 printer.  I want to change the black ink cartridge.  I can't open the machine to get in the cartridges.  How to do this please?

Error messages from backup system «Ox8078014B and Ox80070570»

When you try to back up my Windows 10 System I get error 'Ox8078014B and Ox80070570' messages and backup fails?  What can I do?

3750 stacked switch question

Hi all If I need to reboot the switch due to a mistake I did on an ACL to get the boot configuration, can I restart the breaker or the whole stack? Thanks in advance,

Problem with error message 'invalid credentials' program of Jobulator software

I agree with jobulator. I just renew my subscription and checked my real account of ASEOP and both were good. However, when I turned on my computer yesterday jobulator displays the message 'invalid credentials '. I never got this message and I used t

HP Pavilion dv6 6120sb early and watch problem

My computer HP pavilion dv6 6120sb laptop has a few problems:Sometimes when I push the power button it looks completely dead and I mean no response, no lights, no noise, nothing.I always have this problem when I just have it turned off.So when I wait

How to fix my windows media player 12

I was with the windows media player 12 to broadcast my media from my pc to my xbox 360 I have installed a codec pack to get mainly mkv and other formats of media for playback support It worked fine for a long time. recently the windows media player 1

I have a problem with the USB3 Kensington docking station.

Original title: Kensington USB3 Dock This device worked perfectly until today when the audio and LAN work ceased. Device Manager shows no drivers for these 2 items. The display works fine, USB ports very well. Tried to search manually and automatical