How to set default to open in a new tab?

It was when I clicked on a bookmark, a new tab was opened. I did something, but do not know what, so now he opens in a kind of bar on the side of the thing (a smaller part of the tab, I was on). How to reset the bookmark to always open in a new tab w

Need drivers XP for Satellite A210 - 16G

If anyone has a drivers for A210 - 16G support Win Xp please let me know... I am from Russia and English is very very bad.

23 - k027c: ERROR: no boot disk was detected or drive failed

Hello! My computer HP Envy tilt 23-k027c TouchSmart all-in-One desktop PC (energy star) These latest OS Windows 10 (update of Windows 8, which was preinstalled on the computer at the time of the purchase in December 2013) Intel (r) Core (TM) 15-457OT

Limits of the RAM for N-Alvorix-RS880-Μatx (HP p6650z)

I just got the p6650z - 4 gigabytes of RAM. It has 4 slots, and there are currently 2 sticks of 2 GB each. If I read the motherboard plug right (, it seems that it can take up to 8 GB of RAM (for the 64

Satellite P300-156 very slow

Hi people, my laptop is very slow, that pop ups always happen even on the highest setting and like crazy when I bought it I do not have any disk backup!

How to save a photo book spread page in pdf format?

When you create a book with pages of propagation, saving the page as pdf does not create two pages rather it creates one.

Please suggest me for graphic drive for Hp 2000 - 2d49tu

Hai, I had to download graphic deive of this forum and installed it. After this in the Device Manager in the graphics card it shows the graphics card intel HD and identifying material shows PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0156 & SUBSYS_1854103C & REV_09 But yeste

Scale invariant filters

Is there a way to search for patterns in an image independently a difference of scale between the model and the image under inspection?

How to uninstall Microsoft Silver light so I can watch a movie from netflix?

It is as a loop, a support page to another, I can't at the end a solution, whenever I will uninstall, it won't allow him, send me in support of page that runs in a loop, really...

SP2 off the network icon

I installed SP2 on Vista Home Premium.  The installation went without a hitch, but now the wireless in the status bar icon displays an icon instead of the animated icon, he had previously disconnected. The nic has been disabled, so I tried it the rea

Outlook Express 6 is the e-mail client 'default' in Works 8.5, can remove this icon and or replaced by Outlook 2003 or the 'other' no matter what version of outlook?

Hi all I have an old Dell Dimension 2400 desktop running Windows XP Pro. It has Microsoft Works 8.5, which contains a reference to Outlook Express 6 icon, so that it can be launched from inside Works 8.5. I use NO Outlook Express 6, because I have Ou

Reference windows xp Dell does not wake from sleep mode

I am running XP service pack 3. When I try to wake up computer sleep mode orange light flashes but will not start. I hard reboot - sometimes the work - sometimes not. Sometimes he began alone. It is an intermittent problem.

Keep details of the folder is changed in default for any file type.

I would like to have the details for the defined folder to 'Name', 'Update', 'Type' and 'size '.But every time I save a file in this folder, the details in this case happen to the default value for the type of file, I just saved.Ex: I save an mp3 in

HP Pavilion 15-p052sq

Hello I installed the drivers required for my Pavilion 15-p052sq, but I always miss the wireless adapter. In the device under other devices Manager, there is a network controller which is uninstalled and my guess is that this is the wireless network

How to open file Outlook.pst in Windows Mail

I bought a new computer using windows vista and I had saved my old e-mail account .pst on my external hard drive. How this open in Windows Mail to see the old emails.

Compaq Mini 110 bios password removal

BIOS password must be reset to zero Password check failed Fatal error... System stopped CNU937BBR5 Help, please...

Sony Handycam DCR-HC52 will play tapes recorded with dcr-hc38

Sony Handycam DCR-HC52 will play tapes recorded with dcr-hc38 Thank you

How can I contact Microsoft Help, live chat and online.

I searched on the net while trying to find help online live chat with microsoft reprentsentitive (how ever you write that)and I'm pretty upset, I know there is one, where is he?

How can I configure my system clock to match the correct local time

How can I configure my system clock to match the correct local time?

Is it safe to use a new copy of windows 7 on a computer without saving the license key?

I have not registered my copy of windows 7 because I want to save it to a new computer.