Mail blocks of Time machine?

On my MAC AIR s/n CO2M71MSF6T6 with Sierra 10.12 I run TC s/n C86RG0LYF9H5 2 TB. TC is connected to POS. 3 GB, Ethernet, LAN. My main activity is with opening. I have recharge frequently old Versions of Aperture. Sometimes I can't receive mail. A mes

ITunes backup

IM using windows for itunes, it allows only currently a backup unlike itunes on mac. So I have 2 phones and an ipad. If im can transfer to my new phone with active encryption. What is happening. What caught when I want to save the ipad which someone

My googlemail is blocked due to a forgotten password, but google for the recovery procedure continues to send me round in circles.

My frozen Googlemail account a few days ago, and I had to use the procedure of recovery to thaw, which included a series of new passwords, provided by Google, which I was told that I would not need to memorize or note down. After a few hours of work

Software for creating music for the suggestions of the ipad?

My partner gave my sound mini iPad to a trial for a month or two to see if it's any good for creating music on the go. At home, I use Logic X on my 2008 Mac Pro. Apart from Garageband, is there a good music creation apps (drum machine, synth, daw, gu

"Realdownloader has stopped working".

Unable to download Youtube and other videos for an update... Using Windows 7, Firefox 18.0, Realplayer 16.00.282, Realdownloader 1.3.0. In Firefox Realdownloader is activated as displays the button 'disable '. Youtube videos 'Download this video' but

How to configure the buttons on the Qosmio F50 - 12J LED?

I've recently upgraded to Vista with Windows 7 Ultimate edition. I downloaded the drivers of value added package and it seems to work, but I can not configure some of the buttons because when I press the LED button and the support of key Toshiba star

Satellite A100: Vista can't microphone with Skype

I call on Skype cannot hear me, although I can hear them. Vista doesn't seem to be picking up a microphone. Help appreciated.

15 - f003dx: full recognition of the Ram

Hi I tried to go from msconfig to show my full ram but rest of 4096 MB 3 470 what can I do to show full

Connect 2 USB drives to WNDR 4500

Hello I have a 4500 WNDR / N600 router. I already have a connected USB drive (nls_cp437 (\\READYSHARE) (T which works very well.)) I want to join a second USB stick the other location. I can fix and however when the router is enabled/disabled again d

H P 1426: network controller and the controller of Communication Simple PCI driver does not install

PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & SUBSYS_1483103C & REV_01PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & SUBSYS_1483103CPCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & CC_028000PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4727 & CC_0280 PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_3B64 & SUBSYS_1426103C & REV_06PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_3B64 & SUBSYS_1426103

This item is temporarily available. Reinstall help

Hi, I just bought a MacBook pro from my friend today. and I try to reinstall, first make disk utility. And then I try to reinstall it, they beg me to sign in to download on the app store. I invited it's the old id, but I have an Apple my auto ID When

How can I find my model TC?

Now that Apple has dropped support for some older products, including a few Capsules of time, I wanted to check if I got one of these models. I can't find any info on the Time Capsule itself, but the Airport utility shows me a serial number.  Is ther

A digital control takes no account of the limits of data at entry entry is typed, why?

Limits of data located in the property entry seem to have no effect on data entry. A value written to a property node limit the contribution of the increment of buttons but not the data which are entered in the control. How to stop digital control to

Pavilion: I can't find my USB on my laptop Pavilion

When I got to my laptop I got also a USB key with her. I plugged this in and it has popped up, but I don't know where I found it. About 2 weeks after that I plugged the USB again and it didn't pop up, and I'm really getting annoyed with this laptop n

2 request - Glide part emulators Windows 7; Set of 8 install the King Quest

Anyone has properly installed and used an emulator of sliding (of 3dfx graphics API) in Windows 7, 32-bit or 64-bit, with any game? Second, no matter which successfully installed and executed game King's Quest 8 in Windows 7, with or without support

Could what harm be if the swap file is deleted manually?

In order to better perform on the drive C: of HDD (1), I put the drive V: on HDD (2) for virtual memory. If I have window shutdown properly without going into sleep / hibernation, I would like to know if I delete the file manually on V: drive, what h

My Vista laptop looks like it is meant hotmail before mail spam messages to everyone on my contact list, even those that I deleted

I'm getting occasional failure to deliver messages with a spam message sent on earn money at home or something similar.  I have never seen the original and never passed all these messages.  The address line has almost every address that I sent in, ev

Cannot change lockscreen options

Anyone can solve this problem? I used the pin code as my lockscreen. Now, I can't return to the rear scanning options. He says the peripheral administration and all that.

Keyboard and mouse input buffer and delay

I have a logitech wireless mk520 combo. I used it for about a year know and it worked perfectly on a proffesional (without SP1) of windows system 7. A couple of days, I bought a new PC and installed windows 7 Professional SP1 with all updates and on

Windows 7 Ultimate would update, reset everything and he lost my computer, how can I recover?

I noticed that I had updates ready to install and need to restart my computer, so I clicked on the update computer and turn off. He did the updates, then stop. I turned it back on and it makes more updates. When he returned to the top, I logged on my