When I try to singning in I have the cloud but it show your id is blocked for security reasons also paswrd is correct Please unlock my icloud id

My icloud id had been blocked when I apply the right password in my icloud id then display shows the error msg contain, your id has been blocked for security reasons "I forget my security questions help me kindliy inthi held. Thank you very much

Comcast and xfinity

I'm trying to connect my TV to start provider to watch something on my apple (newish) TV.  Why I find each provider on the drop-down list EXCEPT Xfinity/Comcast?  My big cable operator is not enough?

Why you don't put a "missed call" icon on the status bar?

Hello and sorry for my English, I hope you understand me. Why you don't put a "missed call" icon on the status bar for example next to the wifi icon? The problem is, I missed a lot of calls, because I don't see a for example missed call when im liste

Replace hard drive SSD on end 2009 27 "iMac

end 2009 27 "imac OS X 10.11.3 3.06 GHz intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB memory According to the genius bar, the Seagate 1 TB hard drive on my end 2009 27 "iMac is a failure.  They told me that they do not have the parts to replace and suggest I do myself or ta

Partition missing Bootcamp after the upgrade to EL CAPITAN

Hello Finally decided to upgrade MAVERICKS to EL CAPITAN. Unfortunately, I was not checking the compatibility of Bootcamp with Windows 7 running on it. After upgrade, only the OSX partition is visible (hold ALT key at startup). The boot partition on

Ratings are not available

I don't know if the parameters of a change or a need request feature. I am in Ireland and when I go in the Restrictions, I can put them to the movies, but TV Shows is grey. I noticed the same thing in iTunes (v, TV restrictions are grayed

Question of PCI express slot!

I have a HP Pavilion P7-1203 with the motherboard IPISB-CU (Carmel2) and everything he says, it is a PCI express x 16 slot, can this motherboard suppost a PCIe 3.0 graphics card?

replacement hard drive and using recovery discs made by myself.

HPdv6 mobile 2119tx. After replacing hard drive and loading the recovery discs (which I did) successfully, now it reboot something messages cannot locate the disc or load bootable disc (sorry, don't remember the exact wording, but back to the beginni

Launch The Witcher Enhanced Edition in administrator mode

I just bought The Witcher Enhanced Edition and installed. When I go to run the game it says "insufficient privileges: you must be an administrator to run this application for the first time." So I right click and select run as administrator, same thi

When printer ICC profiles are stored on a Mac?

I have Pro - 100. When the ICC profiles are stored on a Mac? I looked in library/Colorsync and couldn't find them. Thank you

Need to renew the password in microsoft windows xp on the desktop

notified today by what is called microsoft tech "Kevin Brown' saying he was to contact me on my computer has been report microsoft... so many errors ask if he was selling something... when he says no, I enabled him to take control of my office... whe

Disk Cleanup is not showing me the ability to clean the system error memory dump files

Hello. When I run the disk cleanup utility in Vista, it does not show the option of cleaning the system error memory dump files. It is a very serious problem. I had to delete files that I really wanted to keep, because I thought they were taking too

EOP printer should not be default, possible?

Hello We have activated EOP printer for the userers who access it via the Web portal remotely or at home. EOP printer works fine, when they connect to the default printer home House is also a default printer in the vdi. but when the user returns to t

Widget deployment problem

I'm new to the blackberry widget dev process so bear with me. I have trouble getting my widget to work on the device itself. Here's what I did to get to where I am so far: 1 developed a web application (Calculator). Coded in html, Javascript and css

How can I recover the forgotten password?

My daughter put in place and I forgot administrative password for windows 7 and I need to download microsoft office. He asks the password that we don't know, in what I can do?

BlackBerry Smartphones passwords is no longer multitap

All password fields on my Pearl 8110 (apps, web, device password), used to use the multitap input method, even if the device has been set to Suretype.  Now they are all Suretype and I can't seem to find a way to change it without changing the overall

How can I find the region on a DVD


Installed lightroom 6, but he did not recognize or uninstall the previous version.

Hello, I just upgraded from Lightroom 4.4 to Lightroom 6.  During the installation process it does not recognize 4.4 has been installed, and even it does not uninstall it.  Can I safely uninstall 4.4 Lightroom without affecting my installation of 6 L