3 USB sockets do not work on Satellite click Pro P30W-2B

When I connect to the plugs in the USB 3 docking station the PC does not detect the device.When I connect to the USB2 plug in for this Tablet?

Where is the support for the iPhone with some of these issues?  It's amazing that none of the iphone Tech responded to the unanswered questions.

Where is the support for the iPhone with some of these issues?  It's amazing that none of the iphone Tech responded to the unanswered questions.

Satellite Pro M10 - location of the mini-pci slot?

Hello I have a M10 Pro of the Satellite with a mini-PCI Intel Pro 2100. Now, I wanted to put in a new card, but I can't find the mini-pci slot? I opened all the way down, but there nothing. Where is it located and what is the best way to open the lap

Download speed slow r7000 (wired and wireless)

I have the R7000 for about a year now and originally, I had the good download and upload speeds that corresponds with my ISP rates. Right now my ISP (cable) delivers 120 Mbps down and 12 Mbps to the top. However, I read an article on a website it my

Update to the latest version of iTunes fail...

I recently bought an iPhone 6 s more. Then when I tried to plug in my computer (Windows 7 64-bit), it said on my iTunes I need to update my iTunes to the latest version. So I installed. But when I try to open my iTunes, it always pop up on my screen

NI PXI - 8361 PCIe card not detected

Hello community, I'm trying to mount this PXI system and running on a computer that is running Windows 7 Enterprise 32-bit. We already have a system running on another computer running Windows XP 32-bit. Chassis OR PXI-1036 OR PXI-8360 controller con

force the scroll bar vertical table

I have a control which is an array of enums. I show only a single element. LabVIEW will allow me to display a horizontal scroll bar. I need the scroll bar to be vertical to match the other controls and LEDs on the front panel. LabVIEW seems hardcoded

My laptop camera image on the upside after the upgrade to Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

I have a laptop Asus G50Vt - X 1, which is a 64-bit computer. It had Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit installed on it and the unit worked properly with him. I ran the update of Windows 7 Advisory on this matter and he said I could upgrade to Windows

I want to restore my computer to factory specifications

Original title: I want to restore my computer to its state when it was taken "on shelf".  How? I have a Dell laptop gave me my grandson.  He has "stuff", I have no interest.  I would like to "resurect it than it was when it is brand new."  Don't need

Resolution scanner HP 8600

When the printer installed on my computer, I had Windows8... I've since upgraded to Windows 8.1 and I try to reduce scanning resolution (my documents are too big to be received by the receipents) it does give me the 'Analysis Actions' option where I

will not install Excel 2003 KB2687481

When the automatic download attempts to load Excel 2003 update of security for my XP program attempts to download for about 20 seconds then rolles everything back and a window opens and says installation failed.  I ca't install disappear and it remai

HP 6830: HP 6830 cannot communicate with printers

Hello wehenever I send you a print through my laptop, I get a dialog box indicating that the computer cannot communicate with the printer. (It's also seems to indicate a correction option that is not fix something). However, the print job is done per

Emails are sitting in the Outbox for most of the photos for 12hours how to send them without having to remove all

I send you pictures of family and friends I have a total of 8 emails sitting in my Outbox for 12 hours, I don't want to not all over again what I do to get them by moving some have 10 pictures a is 60. I wonder if its too at the same time. Help pleas

my computer has never been able to upgrade to vista service pack 2, it is said that he failed and error code 80070570

my computer has never been able to upgrade to vista service pack 2, it is said that he failed and error code 80070570. I have also a box gray volume that keeps popping up on my screen. It is grey with a yellow speaker and a red volume bar that says 0

Error activation... license already recorded.

Hi, I know that some of this seems pretty obvious, but could someone please confirm my status please about the question. I have a Dell PCs, which saw me a quality service, and is powerful enough for my use, its Vista/Office running and my accounts pa

Missing taskbar when the TV is connected as external monitor.

When my TV is connected as an external monitor via hdmi with the help of Windows 7 and my TV is off, the task bar are missing on my computer screen.

My computer is 24% fragmented (hard drive)... is that bad?

Please help me... in plain English once more... computer won't defragment... could someone help me? Nannette

GetHeight() LabelField 0 back in the custom handler

Hello I have a LabelField in a custom handler. When it is added to the screen and the subLayout is called the first time, the LabelField getHeight returns 0, making the fields below stop it? After a few seconds, getHeight returns the correct value an