Many questions about the HP 50 g

I just ordered a HP 50 g graphic calculator! I have a few questions about this so hang on tight! What is the USB connector on the calculator? Mini-USB, micro USB, or is it a connector owner, "custom". Then, it would be possible to connect a keyboard

refund of billing

Refund from ITunes

British television SKY forr DXV60KB HDD recorder does not

Hi Im post for one of my friends, they're trying to hook up a toshiba rdxv60kb 9 years old sky box recorder, and the EPG option is grayed out on the recorder. They have no phone line connected to the satellite box and I was expecting a confirmation a

installation of Intel X 25 - M SSD in my TX2513cl change a blue screen in XP Pro product

Did someone tried this combination again? HP tx2513cl Intel X 25-M (new) XP Pro First of all, I updated the BIOS of the laptop to the latest, version may 2009 F.0C Then, the installation of XP Pro, I get a blue screen with "stop: 0x0000007B".  My res

Pavilion 550-047: Intel hd 4600 Open Gl worked then stopped

I bought the PC for 3D OPEN GL graphics modeling.  Everything worked very well Out the Box.  So I upgrade and was pulled away from the computer of a like maybe 2-3 months a lil longer. Finally released some time and started back to the 3d and now say

Satellite L20 - battery does not work

Hello! Today, I tried to turn on my laptop only with the battery and does not work. When I connect charger green light lights up but when I disconect charger all disappeared... .not workink... Whats happened? :(

Will Dell optiplex 620 clean install without disc

I have a desktop Dell Optiplex 620 with Windows XP Professional installed.  Is it possible to clean and reinstall without disks?


Error code 0x0000000A (0x0000001C, 0x0000BAB3, 0x8053FA89, 0x00000001) Does anyone know why BS appears and what wrong?

I have a 9800 that prints x 2345

I have a 9800 that prints x 2345. What should you do?

Application failed to initialize 0xc0000142

About 2 months ago I had service pack 2 installed on my computer. Everything was working fine until about a month. When I try to open Microsoft Office Powerpoint and Excel, I get an Application error message. But I can't open and use Mircrosoft Word

I accidentally put in place an Administrators account and I forgot the password. How can I remove the acct?

In fact two years ago, I created a Directors account and I forgot the password. I have to delete the account but do not have privlages now for doing as well as can not download new programs without password.

How to change Windows Movie Maker photo duration

I have all of my uploaded photos, music is ready, transitions are on, but now that I play the photos are too quick and you barely have time to see what they are, how do I change the duration of the picure (how long they show) to each of them at the s

Desktop Window Manager has stopped working after installing Defender Pro 2012 5 in 1

Hello My father has a Windows Vista. It works very well. Until we installed Defender Pro 2012 5 in 1, It was a bit slow... the screen flickers of its lights for a few seconds every 10 minutes, I get this... I already have contact Defender Pro, and th

Online backup service for my Vista Home Basic

I tried to do a full backup of my Vista Home Basic OS. By following the instructions on the Web help and Support site, I used a total of 12 CD to do a full backup.  It took a such incredible amount of time and money and I still don't know what the co


WHRE I can find, fool proof simple instructions to set up ePrint so that I can print from my iPad. Note, I want instructions that don't make any assumptions. I want they assume I am weak of mind and seven years! MaddoxRod

(Redirected) Why my touchpad disable? 15 Inspiron 7000 series 7559

Hello, I just got the Inspiron 15 7000 series 7559 i7 processor Windows 10. It's my first Dell and I like it so far. However, I can't disable the touchpad. I went into the settings and turned away but its not going off. I use a USB mouse or the touch

PowerEdge 2900 Perc 6 / i internal Raid Controller

OK, so I use a server Dell PowerEdge 2900 with a PERC 6 / i integrated RAID controller I have configured the RAID array very well, installed Windows 2008 R2 and works fine and dandy The only problem I encounter is that, when starting the server (Post

Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12 does not update the library when I add an item to the library - please help!

Windows 7 Windows Media Player 12 does not update the library when I add an item to the library, also, when I delete a file from the folder that contains the media player does not remove it from the library. Can you help me please?

Allow domain Standard users to install fonts

Hello Several Standard domain users who are designers of Grphic often obliged to install fonts. I wish to white list the program which actually installs the police using the Microsoft application compatibility tool. To this effect, I need to know wha