I get multiple copies of all the messages in my Inbox

SP email: exmail.qq.comwhenever I check my mail with thunderbird (POP3) all mails in the inbox server are downloaded again.I tried all the suggestionn of the form (removal of the index by removing the date file, unchecking leav on the area of the ser

Camileo H20 questions

I think to buy the camileo h20 but I ave a few questions: It the remote control also has a button for recording on and outside? How long the battery lasts if I want to shoot a game of tennis to a position without zoom or move the camera? Is it possib

I can't sign on Citibank Online more. When I click on the 'Sign In' button, I get "javascript:void (null). This was not the case until a few weeks ago.

You keep popping up a message box saying that the page is probably to use the cross-scripting. It is complete idiocy. It's a LEGITIMATE Citibank Online site. I am able to access it through Internet Explorer. I was already able to access Firefox. So w

CZ284C webservices problem

Hello I just bought the HP Deskjet in Adavtage 4625 domestic work of the wi - fi network and connected to the network printer, but I find a problem activating Web Services When I try to activate Web services of the printer and the computer, I get an

need help to reinstall XP on X 60

I went through several pages of this forum, but I couldn't find a lot of this color in my situation. as a complete beginner in the field of the computer, in order to make the partitions on a thinkpad X 60 (it came with only the disc hard C :), I form

Could not load the Age of Empires, error "only part of a ReadProcessMemory or WriteProcessMemory request was made.

Original title: Windows XP, Age of Empires 1 I had problems to play old games on windows 7 so I went out and bought a new computer that runs on windows xp, im trying to play Age of Empires 1 but when I try to load it I get an error message "a part of

HP envy m6 1105dx: Please help admin password required

Required administrator password. entered the wrong code 3 times and now showing a code: 59587632. Please help the laptop is a hp envy m6 1105dx. Thank you

5700 sucks not start windows cannot use recovery CD

I have an Aspire 5742 running Windows 7 Home Prem When I try to start windows I get a message from windows Startup Manager File: \windows\system32\config\system Status: 0xc000000d Info: Windows does not load because the system registry file is missin

Eurosport on tab

Hi on my box for the A700 Iconia was a sticker 'Eurosport live on Iconia tab visit Acer.com' well my visit was unnecessary so far... Anyone know how it works? Is it free? See you soon!

Leaving the Remote Desktop application, the host closes all applications

I used the wording of another post which did not have a clear answer: Oh yes, XP, Sp3 operating system Before you get a new computer at home I could Office remotely from my laptop to my desktop so I could sign out... then later sign in my office and

How to activate oem xp pro?

I have Fujitsu Tablet PC which was very slow.  I tried to format it and reinstall XP OEM CD Fujitsu have me.   He could not install it because it seems that windows could not detect my hard drive.   After trying 3 days to try and do not, someone sugg

Kasperski gadget installation problem

Hi, I have two machines of Pavilion dv5.  Both are on Vista, both are 64-bit.   Intel Core2, the other has chip AMD.  I just changed on the Pavilion and Kasperski... Intel installed everything as planned.  However, on the machine of chip AMD the gadg

No reclassification of WRT54G to E3000 no access of local working group

I'm trying to upgrade my WRT54G to the E3000. 1 run the installer and all PCs (XP, Vista, W7), TV, TiVo can access the wired Internet or wireless with no problems. 2. when I try and 'see the workgroup computers' it fails with the "workgroup is not ac

Cannot install and uninstall itunes "the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation."

I tried to install I-tunes on my system and I'm unable to do - I have the following error: the system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation.  I tried to follow different directions to fix this - who usually start by uninstalling

Black printing only using HP 4500

Please give me the steps to program my printer to print in only greyshade.  I'm wasting too colorful!  Thank you.

Can connect to the server (although very slowly) but unable to connect to the internet

Original title: network connectivity I have a user who has been connected to the internet through our SBS server.  All of a sudden, it can connect to the server (although very slowly) but unable to connect to the internet.  The network and sharing sh

DVD/CD RW drive does not open

Drive DVD/CD-RW door does not open.  Tried to open it by going to my computer, media player and selecting "EJECT", but I get a message "error with the player."  Any suggestions?  I have not had any problems in the past with the drive and burned many

Doestnt Smartphones blackBerry Desktop Manager recognize the new operating system

I downloaded the new OS device for 8520 in my PC, but the Director of office don't informs me of the new OS.does this 7.1 version recognizes the new device OS after being downloaded on PC? Help me guys