MacBook Pro freezes when connected to external speakers

Hello This happened to me twice in the last two weeks, both times in the same circumstances. I take my mac at the Apple Store tomorrow, but I found it worth to post the question here: My Macbook Pro freezes when playing iTunes AND connected to an ext

test of his problem and my friend can't hear me

New update make me sad because my friend can't hear me.or when I call Skype sound test. I can" My voice... pls fix it as possible soon...

Qosmio G30 gel mode failure & installation

HelloMy Qosmio G30 (Vista Ultimate installed) freezes during startup. In safe mode, it hangs on crcdisk.sys. I tried recovery from Vista DVD but still it crashes just after loading files when it shows the progress bar for the Microsoft Corporation be

Qosmio G20 - how to reinstall Windows XP without the recovery DVDs?

I am trying to install windows XP on the laptop. I bought the Qosmio without the reinstallation cd. It has no operating system installed on the hard drive at all. Everything is OK, until he asks for raid drivers, then he said: put the disc in the dri

Windows8 upgrade

Hello I use the pc hp Pavilion dv6-6015tx laptop. I just bought a year ago. I now want to upgrade to Pro Windows7 HomeBasic Windows8. Is it safe to upgrade? I actually checked with the Assistant of Windows8 upgrade & it has just shown that some 6 to

KB976569 offered via windows update again and again, properly installed

Hello I have XP Home Edition SP3.  I installed this update several times, but he continues to appear in my list of updates on the site of Microsoft Updates of the software to install.  Whenever it says the installation was successful. It appears in A

email ePrint

After the update of the printer I had to reset webservices, eprint, etc.. I now can not continue to use my previous of @hpeprint address as after claim to address code function tries to change my preferred address come㧠to the top with "taken". Any

No sound - no audio device installed

No audio XP Suddenly I have no sound.  Computer says no. Audio Device.  That's happened?  I have not installed anything new lately!

Sansa fuze is not detected on Sansa Media Converter

I used the converter of media before and it worked fine.  Yesterday, he said that there was no legacy avalible.  I reconnected it in several times.  I've changed modes.  Nothing has worked.  It is detected on the computer, but not the sansa Media Con

Lost the default screen fonts in Win Vista

I run my Vista 64 system with the 120dpi screen fonts option enabled. I had to go back to the choice of 96 DPI, the other day because of a characteristic of the display with a particular program I was running.  When I'm done with this program I have

When I send messages in windows mail, icon that says unable to choose the recipient

When I send a message in windows mail, I have an icon that says that I am unable to choose recipients.  I use windows vista 64 bit

The driver for my GL1 Camcorder will not install.

The driver has charged several times in the past, but right after that I uninstalled a program of edition of smoking. I suspect that the driver is included in Vista. Canon offers no support for firmware for this device.

How you turn off notifications of people loging in?

notifications are really bugging me, it makes a noise every time that someone I know connects.

Movie Maker 6.0 when you try to publish it on a DVD is only a small part

Issues of MovieMakerI made a video in Movie Maker 6.0 and when I try to publish it on a DVD, I get only a tiny part of it.  What I am doing wrong?

7510 Photosmart Photo tray

I just bought a Photosmart 7510 and I'm a little confused by the photo tray.  My confusion comes when you have to lift until paper is inserted in the regular paper tray.  When we look at on the instructions in the manual and online photos to believe

Bug report: assigning a Photo Caller ID using a Pic that was sent from an another Palm Pre (easily reproducible)

To reproduce: Open Contacts > choose a contact > edit contact > press small photo icon (this will open your photos... Note that the background is white and not the regular dark) > choose a photo in the e-mail folder > press "attach photo" > tap done.

Screen saver shows photos in black and white

I have my screensaver set to display the photos in Windows Live Photo Gallery.   It will work just great... then all of a sudden the images change color in black and white.  Can't understand why.  Any help will be appreciated.

InvokeRequest bbm contact id

Hello email "mailto" and "to ="... but for BBM, what is the way of InvokeRequest a text message at 1 and many users BBM assuming the id is in Contacts. Thank youJames Tan

Cannot start kkkkk

I had problems with the speed of my computer, so I have disabled auto-start kkkkk. The system restart, I get the error kkkkk may not start. I searched the internet for plausible solutions, but could not find because all have resorted to kkkkk first u