my iphone has activation lock

Your Service and Support coverage iPhone 5 s Serial number: DN * NJJ Check another serial number Valid purchase date A valid purchase date allows Apple to quickly find your product and provides the help you need. Telephone technical support: Active Y

I want to save a m4a file to a wav file

I want to just convert an m4a file to wav.

How can I activate mode lost and in the air of the ipad?

I put my air of Apple ipad to lost when she was taken without permission. I used "find my phone" app to track down. After retreaving, I don't know how turn it back on or take off the lost mode. I went through "icloud" and "devices" to try to unblock,

Satellite L640 and Bluetooth functionality

Satellite L640 come with Bluetooth? If so, how to enable it? If not, should what accessories I buy to get the Bluetooth functionality?

NB200: 92-95% after charging battery

The laptop has only 92 ~ 95% battery after a fully charged (about 8 hours before). Is this normal or something wrong with the battery? (I have an another toshiba L40, not such a problem).

Overheating on Satellite A50 problem

Hi all For a long time I've been on the forum, but here I am yelling help me, lol. In any case, I have a Satellite A50-109 which serves me very well over the past years. It is essentially on 24/7 downloading files and also used to burn them to CD/DVD

Compaq presario sr5518f sound card

Anyone know if this machine may have an installed all external sound card? I know that the stock is not integrated, but a friend of mine has one and its sound went kaput, no sound at all card detection.

Power-exponential window in FRF

Hi, I'm trying to find a diagram to be clear, that the window exponential force does on the FRF function. If I understand well, if force is 40% and exponential is 20%, 40% at the beginning of the signal is "left alone", then the exponential Part appl

Scan to MultiPage Deskjet F380

HP Deskjet F380 Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit operating system. I need to scan a multiple page document so that I can send email, but I'm currently only save each page as individual JPEGS. I already downloaded the recommended HP driver. Suggestions p

explamation point error in the Project Explorer near cRIO

Thanks to anyone who can help me... I created a project for my cRIO 9074 with several modules and is works well on my desktop PC...However, I have to use, instead of the desktop PC computer, a laptop (two computers with Windows 7 platform) which has

Update for Internet explore

I use Internet Explorer 6 with Windows XP Professional 2002, service pack 3. Can I switch to IE 7? Can I switch to IE 8?

Can not get updates after SP2 installed on Win Vista Home

I just installed SP2 on two computers. A Compaq laptop and the other a HP desktop computer. I can't receive any update on computers. Windows Update insists that the computer is up to date. In comparison, my own computer with Windows Vista SP2 has man

Register Microsoft server stopped working

I'm trying to laod cakewalk home studio in my Vista Ultimate machine. When he arrives at the party register I get the message "Microsoft register server stopped working" and he left. Any suggestions outside the DEP, one I have taken registration but

5580 HP is by default to print CD every time - when I want to print a page

Greetings, I have a 5580 HP that worked fine until I changed systems (Dell 8250 to 8300), now whenever I try to print a page I need to go to properties and change the "print on a CD" print on page. In other words, he has somehow to print CD default p

Error code: 0xA97

How can I solve this problem?

application error look at files on the xbox extender

Xbox360 application error/vidio I have the new xbox 360 and I try to play movies that are on my computer (XP media center). The xbox will open media center, see the video option, view the video file and the individual films & home made videos. When I

No admin password... repair at a standstill

I tried to repair a hard drive that has kept a loop at startup after post. He would get for posting, you'd hear the beep and then screen turns off and it would start again. I put the XP installation disc in and then when the screen came up, I selecte

System Restore Startup disk

Hello: I have a registry problem complicated that I can't get an answer to, and I would like to create a System Restore Startup disk. How can I do this? I am running windows xp (I think that sp3) on a lenovo thinkpad t61.

Removed from Garmin using MSconfig and now I can't print. The print spooler is not running

I wanted to speed up my computer and remove an item off my msconfig.  Now I can't print. missing spooler.  What should I do?  I tried dating back to some time earlier, but all previous changes are missing Operation could not be performed.  The print

Need help with Media Player (latest version)

Well, I tore my first two CDs in Windows Media Player (11) and which went well. I have synced them (because I can't figure out how to do drag and drop) and which went well. So I started to rip CDs more and got as much as 4 when a message came and I d