song plays again and again, can not read albums

after update 10 iOS on iPhone 5 Asia, iTunes 10.0.1 will only play individual songs not albums. It doesn't seem to be a way for me to select shuffle play all or repeat. the icons are simply not there. anyone else having this problem? Difficulty?

Controls full screen not there to watch ESPN.

Hi, so I can display the controls full screen in Chrome and IE, but not firefox? its strange. I don't want to switch to another browser, because I like really 28 FF.

I have a macbook pro 10.11.2, I would use netbeans/eclipse/oracle/mysql, which I can't... so is an alternative to my problem or advice on what he should do.

I have a macbook pro(10.11.2/2.7GHz/8GB(RAM)/256GB), I would use netbeans/eclipse/oracle/mysql, which I can't... so is an alternative to my problem or advice on what he should do. I installed netbeans three times, but everytime I open the app I can't

Re-use of an older iPad

My daughter has left her old iPad with me (it's so 2011!) and I'm looking to use it as a specialized unit to run certain applications of music.  I have already purchased these applications and use them on my iPad but want to run (and re - load withou

I accidentally entered my password in the field 'user ID' a website connection, and pre-populating it now appear in the list of suggestions for that field. Is there a way to make the pre-fill 'forget' a specific entry?

While connecting to a secure Web site, I was typing too fast and accidentally included my password in the field ID used while connection and press enter before I realized my mistake. I then connected properly, but now Firefox include this false entry

privileges safari block iPad

They are wonderful at Apple. It's been 5 days that my iPad is blocked. Impossible to activate the in privileges Mail or Safari or Notes or Messages. Huge global bug 9.3. No communications site on. All right. I tried this morning to call the Apple sto

OfficeJet Pro 8600: new wifi protocols

I have an OfficeJet 2012 8600 on a WI - FI network.  Until recently, we were running on a 802.11n 2.4 MHz network. Recently we got two new computers (will my laptop audio/video cards and their cracking laptop screen.)  New computers have network card

Enter the administrator password

On my screen appeared to enter a password and he showed a certain number [51428068] can someone help me? Please

satellite A60 - wireless networking

I'm having problems understanding if this laptop is enabled for wireless networking or not... in the manual the user spec, it has information on the card and a Wi - fi but does not actually specify whether or not it is all turned on. the laptop also

Battery not charging not not at all HP Pavilion dv6

So yesterday out of nowhere my battery stopped charging (only noticed because when I accidentally pulled out AC, the computer power to immidately adapter). I searched all over the internet a solution, I tried the bios update, turn off the computer an

C#-OPUI: how to check that the model/SequenceFileLoad is over?

Hello I created an OPUI in c#, which I call TestStand2012. Now, I have the problem that I need to know when the SequenceFileLoad of the pattern sequence is completed. I can not find an event for that. (or is there a variable for that?) How can I chec

Scanner: no registered application pour event

error message so that the scanner is visible in the list of devices


So my girl screwed another computer p. I cleaned the hard drive and now I can't go back the pilots placed my DSL on my laptop. I have prcheased it second hand. This can be really difficult? I'm really sick of having to use dial up just to try to find

Problem installing G510n - "open cartridge access door.

I want to install a printer/copier/fax g510n - just installed the ink cartridges and still receive the error message 'cartridge access door open - closed door acess cartridge' even if I closed the door.  I can't continue the installation. Suggestions

XP SP1 problems

Just reload Xp on a Dell 2400 and can not load SP2. Any help

Aspire V13 V3 - 372T can I redo initial set upward?

Hello I recently bought Acer Aspire V13 V3 - 372T with 10 Windows installed, but my brother has opened in front of me, crossed the initial installation and installed a few things for me (nobody said he should or is allowed to do, on the contrary) and

Acer G257HLBIDX monitor HDMI audio issues

Just today, I bought myself a G257HLBIDX monitor... I had read, it was stated that the monitor provides basic audio features. I have limited through my HDMI on my GPU and thankfully to start my PC. The resolution was neat, imagination was great, I co

What is the latest hardware and drivers for windows XP

What is the latest hardware and drivers for my windows xp

Pavilion dv6-6145dx and Windows 7 - touch pad sensitivity

Cannot type without cursor jump around randomly. I looked for the setting parameters and they do not actuall exist. HP chat support has been no help. They suggested downloading the new configuration BIOS and still questions. Thanks for your suggestio

Docs never leave print queue

I can't print. My documents stuck in print queue.I can clear the queue and print again, but they continue to bestuck in the queue again. Nothing goes through the printer.I don't even no error messages.I checked all the basics: -Printer connected & po