Mac OS damaged Sierra install app?

My system specs are: I tried to download macOS Sierra 7 times now.  Each attempt gave rise to receive this dialog at the end of each download and when a double click on the Setup application: My system works fine.  It passes Apple Hardware Test brill

Mini 4 Apple iPad market always with iOS 9, why?

Hello community, I am looking for information on the iPad Mini 4. Concrete, iPad Mini 4 with iOS 10! On the site of Apple market, iPad Mini 4 always have iOS 9. It is a bad signal for me that the iPad Mini 4 goes well with iOS 10. Anyone know when or

Adding a transition to a Chroma Key

I have a person in front of the green screen video in my calendar. By this I attached a different background and applied Keyer and got the effect I wanted. I put a transition (fade to color) at the beginning of these two clips. When I have both not s

iTunes iOS 7.1.2 connection problem

I have iPhone 4 (model: A1332) with iOS installed 7.1.2.  When I try to enter in iTunes app it gives following message and doesn't show anything on the content. What is the problem? I can connect to iTunes with my Apple ID on my iPad 2 with iOS lates

If I use iCloud photo, why iPad uses 10 times more space than my iphone

I optimize selected storage to iPhone/iPad, using photos from iCloud, and my iPad Pro uses 55 g of storage then my iPhone 6 + uses only 5.8 g

My Thunderbird email appears suddenly different.

There is now a box of Options for each email with remote content. So, I have to click on the Options box every time to see more detail. Only had to do this sometimes before. Also, now compose an e-mail, the area BELOW: (for example; Topic) is now blu

In Firefox (Windows) 30 "Style Editor" adds triggered between the lines in the CSS files.

HelloAfter Firefox update to v30 Style Editor started adding line breaks in CSS files.It allows to work with the very annoying CSS files. Screenshot:

2d line, numbers and dates. How to take into account the date value when drawing a 2d line?

Hello. I just encountered a problem when tracing a line 2d with numbers. I have the following table: Date Total 2015 12-31 R $150 000,00 2016 03-19 R $159 000,00 2016-03-25 R$ 166,090.00 2016-04-01 R$ 159,250.90 2016 04-10 R$ 165,343.41 But when I cr

Webcam not working only not on the Satellite - the unit is locked by another application

I use the webcam on the laptop on Skype that was fine one day following order.I've updated the drivers and all, but I get a message on the toshiba webcam application indicating... .device is locked by another application... when I try in Skype, I get

How to divide a 'moment '?

I want to be able to share a moment as I could in the old iphoto

Office Jet Pro 251 DW: HP 251DW Photo printing problem

Hello My printer HP Office Jet Pro 251 DW does not 4 X 6 paper Photo of HP.The choice of papers on the print job include not just any photo paper.The error on the printer is:"Paper detected does not format selected.Make sure paper size is correct con

be bold in excel rows and columns

I have this Setup I use a library of hakim, "" I downloaded a few code and example here:". can someone help tell me how to do my excel sheet TO I cant seem to get the formatted right rows/columns. Thanks

HP4240 printer scanner will not scan (says USB not connected) also cannot print attachments in emails

1. an email has been sent with an attachment in PDF format, but I couldn't print it. 2. I tried to scan a document and then join an email but the scan says USB not connected. The printer will print however

KB972036-V2 does not install

I tried 4 times-after getting reminders: to install this update. It downloads - start install-, then error message, don't just "Windows has not installed..."I use Vista Home Pack and shield deluxe - never had any problems before - now 3 b

HP 15 - 1030ef: Bios password lost... Help, please

Hello I forgot my bios password and cannot recover my computer. He gave me the code: "67830290". Could you help me with this please? What can I do? My laptop is a HP 15 - 1030ef

I can't install 64-bit Windows Vista with the help of an old license of a dead computer?

Old license Windows Vista on the new computer I have a Windows Vista Ultimate license that came with my 32-bit laptop and I have a new 64 bit laptop. Can I install Windows Vista 64-bit using the old license? I already threw the old laptop, and so I w

Talk when you touch

I have a weird problem, my friend just bought a new xperia when he inserted the sim card and the phone restarted automatically when the phone powered on a thing called 'speak when you touch"turned on every time I tap on an application or whatever it

(Redirected) Dell XPS 15 9550 - battery problems

Have been a customer for a long time of the Dell laptops.  Bought various laptops such as Vostro 1720, XPS Duo 12 etc. I bought the XPS 15 9550 on 27 June 2016 after costing a fortune. Immediately noticed a problem with the battery life that is loadi

launch of DCOM Server service closes my computer

How can I solve this problem?

Laptop does not start upward, Windows error recovery

Hello, my laptop has blocked start correctly. It all started when I was using the laptop as usual and the battery disconnected, I didn't notice right away until I removed the charger and the phone is dead, because then the laptop does not start with