How can I delete cache

Delete cache and cookies in the browsers on an iPhone?

Extracting XML error. The XML file that is assigned in the configuration.xml is either incorrect or damaged.

1. some web pages gives "error extracting XML. The XML file that is assigned in the configuration.xml is wrong or corrupt. 2 Youtube gives, after having pressed the button start, message "an error has occurred. Please try again later.Even youtube ope

Cable length of lightning.

Lightning cables are available in various lengths, length improve or degrade its effectiveness?

Change my country without credit card

I changed region Apple ID from my iPhone to the Canada because I wanted to download a game that was available only in this store, he never asked me fot a credit card to go to the region of the Canada, but now I want to change for the region of the Un

Satellite Pro A40: Cannot read music - looking for an audio controller

Hello I have a satellite pro A40, my DVD rom drive no longer works and I get a message on the search for material for a multimedia audio controller! Cannot play music or anything more. Can I download these drivers safely?Don't want cluttering up comp

The upgrade of my 2011 27 "iMac

Hi people well informed,. I have a mid 2011 27 "iMac with processor i7, 16 GB ram, 256 GB SSD and 1 TB HDD (config when I bought it).  I would like to know if it is possible to have more RAM and if I can replace the SSD with another which is equal or

Impossible to update software for B590

Hello My Lenovo Solution Center tells me that my "Lenovo ThinkVantage System Update is obsolete. When I try to "Run" the update, it gives me a popup that says the following: "System update has detected a serious problem to load language files and can

Battery and type of machine T420

I want to buy a new battery 9 cells for my lenovo t420 and I wanted to know the machine type important when buying the battery is? For example, my machine type is 4178-A2G. The battery is supported by lenovo t420? Thanks in advance for the help!

Problem with the PXI-6534 elimination change detection task

I ran into the following problem.  I use a PXI-6534 and PXI-6602 with for detection with a timestamp of changes.  My code works fine and I get data exactly as I want, the problem comes when I try to call the task.dispose function. When I call

The MS window update Portal is now faster and better

Hello Thank you for the upgrade of the Portal window update. I have recently reinstall my Win XP and found that the cumulative update takes less time to complete. I really appreciate the ability of this new software that is capable of downloading the

Using average a single point to start the acquisition.

Hi guys, I have a problem with the average. I do an acquisttion and that you want to use the average of the top 10 point a single point to start the rest of my test, but I can't stop the average calculation on 10 points, the vi continues. I want to u

Error message: the site has encountered a problem and cannot display the page you are trying to view. The options provided below may help you solve the problem.

Im trying to update after a new installation of windows xp, and I get as far as he analyzes the updates, but then this error pops up and I'm not finding any help on this issue.

Can't get rid of an audio alert

I get a noisy (compared to the volume on other things) alert when I hit caps lock.  Can be linked to the icon of the RealTek Audio Manager that suddenly appeared on my search bar.  Well, suddenly appeared after I put the book on my keyboard by pressi

PAP2T loses the connection when the external ip address changes

I have a PAP2T adapter connected behind a Netgear DG834GT router.  Usually, I have no problem, however, my ISP has been known to change the dynamic IP address from time to time.  In this case the adapter will stay online until the reg expires during

HP LaserJet 1020 has stopped working.

Windows cannot open.  Add a printer.  The local print spooler does not work.  Please restart the spooler.   No printer found. Please install printer. HP LaserJet 1020 - the name of the file is not valid.

Function Discovery Resource Publication "0x80070005: access is denied."

I started having problems with my group home and found that my network discovery is turned off, and when I turn it on and click 'save changes', there is not.  During my investigation, I found Function Discovery Resource Publication is set on auto but

Windows cannot change the permissions.

I am running windows 7 as my operating system. I tried to make a change to a file in C/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts, he tells me I don't have permission, I am the only user of the pc, and I have administrators full permissions. C / I \have all

Is there a way to launch my application immediately after the restart to the BB10.3?

Hello I want to start my application automatically after restarting the device. Would it be possible to 10.3 BB?

Video playback again

People somehow samples that come with d, including the recent 6.0, contain no examples of video playback (?) Instead there are articles and even video how to implement it. But there are still a few unanswered questions. Here is the latest article on

Break the password of ISE in a virtual environment.

Hi all I forgot my password of my ISE. Infact, it is running in a Secure Network Server 3415.  This equipment has been installed by my colleague and he left the organization. Please help me and let me know how to break the password in ISE; that runs