Wallet Acess on locked screen ios 10

I'm unable to access my portfolio on a screen locked after upgrade to ios 10.  Anyone with this problem and do you have a fix?

Firefox load ad site while displaying the correct url

Attempted to load: www.powned.tv, displays some site infomercial (those that replace obsolete sites), while showing the "www.powned.tv" in the url. Earlier today, a reboot later, it was ok, now he does it again. Active phone, the site's browser works

IE me can connect to the website of the Daily Mail, but firefox can't, gives the wrong user name or password.

Until a few days ago I could log on to the site daily mail with firefox or IE, now I can only connect with IE, firefox gives the username/password invalid message.

C410 all-in-One: C410 all-in-one

There are several gliches power while I was away and my wife said the printer printed giberish subsequently. Currently it scans and copies fine. I haven't checked the fax features. It also prints documents very well, but when I ask it to print any fi

stock quotes

Went through the relevant information on this subject and most recent seems to be starting in 2013. Hoping there was some progress. Is it possible for me to enter a formula in a cell that will automatically fill the cell with current stock quote data

Player Blue ray BDP-S380

He can't get registered Pandora. No problem getting netflix and hulu had registered. Could you give me information on how I can enter Pandora

Impossible to update FW

I have this same problem when you try to upgrade 6.2.5 except that if I power cycle the box, it restarts in 6.2.0. What can I do to upgrade to the latest FW since 6.2.0 on my box has problems with the files to be copied. I tried several versions in t

iPhoto does not connect to buy prints

IPhoto does not connect to the server in order to buy prints and maps.  Is there a solution for this?

How many Slots of RAM is available in Yoga 500-14IBD laptop (IdeaPad) (80N4)

Hello I'm trying to increase my RAM capacity, but I would like to know if this model (Yoga 500 - portable 14IBD (IdeaPad) (80N4)) was the second RAM slot or is it a single RAM slot in this model?

HP 6005 pro desktop pc: PSU compatibiity

A standard POWER supply (any brand) will fit in this PC (small form factor or format microtour)?

How to reverse the action of the vi PID control?

I want to control a starter that regulates pressure in a pump application. The application has already exists, but the customer wants the software to automatically control the strangler around a pressure setpoint. The operator controls manual, output

Why is my blocking to keep windows XP fails

my windows xp keep blocking down on me. It starts and stops which can make. I use the Cd it comes with no change.

KB2633880 - KB2518864 - KB2572073 installed, but not "seen" by Windows Update

KB2633880 - KB2518864 - KB2572073 installed, but not "seen" by Windows Update Today (Tuesday 22 may 2012), after seeing the yellow icon in the taskbar, I ran Windows Update and KB2633880 - KB2518864 - KB2572073 successfully installed, I turned off th

Can someone tell me what is in the kit of NI MultiSIM base for $400? For example, a brief table of contents.

I thought learning how to use my program of MultiSIM now that NEITHER has decided to make such a provision.  I can't find any information on the hands on exercises of MultiSIM.  I downloaded several examples of circuit to experiment with basic circui

Pavilion dv6-3010ej: processor upgrade

Hello I have a HP Pavilion dv6-3010ej with Core i3 350M, and I'm interested in upgrading the processor. Is it possible to upgrade the processor on this model? If possible, what are the options I have? I prefer Core i7 Your help is appreciated. Please

Is there a button auto double text line spacing?

Hello!  I am writing a manuscript which is to be presented with text double-spaced.  While I have not physically go through all 40,000 words and insert another space is a button or function I can use to do this for me?Your help is much appreciated, t

DEP closed Windows install when you try to install Windows updates.

change the title: DEP and Windows Installer issue. I tried to install updates for my laptop from Windows Update, and every time DEP closes Windows Installer. I've searched around and could not find an answer to my question. Can someone help me?

Some kind of virus in Excel is not allow me to save the file.

During the recording of an Excel file, I got this message: '... zzz.xlsx cannot be saved in the document library because it contains the following virus: EngineError; "Tagged ID: 02471A18_B38E_4ADF_9891_A4BA4213F900 '. What can I do here?

my mailbox has exceeded the storage limit.

System administrator told me that I have exceeded my storage limit

Display selectedfile filepicker

Hey guys, I'm having some trouble getting the picture that I chose in the filepicker to display in an imageView. I have already read other messages about displaying images of filepicker and I tried their solutions, but still can't make it work. My im