How to remove pop-up virus?

Does anyone know how to remove pop-up virus? Congratulations google user reviews, it then asks me to answer 3 questions to be in the draw to win an iphone7. Please help, it keeps popping up every time I have using the site "Kissasian".

email from Apple asking to restore my ID...

Is - this legitimate or someone just phishing?

IPhone disabled 6 s!

Hello everyone, I have an iphone 6 s 6 or 7 months ago, ive done all settings including the touch ID so I didn't use the phone for a while, now when I turned on again, it seems that I can't use the id of the button until I use the password if I enter

Why my phone does not work?

SO this morning so I went to bed my home button mysteriously stopped working. I tried to close the application that I was and nothing, so I tried locking my phone and still nothing. When I got a text it always pops up and I was still able to use the

Qosmio F20-130 - damaged USB socket

OK, I don't want just a response 'Please take it to a reputable Toshiba dealer! I just tried to put a USB device into my USB port the closest, and he seems to have completely pushed into the workings of the plug! I have not forced or something! Are p

F20-137: Bluetooth does not work if connect my mobile phone

I recently bought a F20-137 for my son and when I hack with her at Christmas bluetooth apeared in configfree, but today I decided to try and connect my mobile phone via bluetooth and there is no bluetooth option in configfree where it should be accor

How to make album covers to download with the included drive att?

Can it be done or do I have to get a different player. I load my music with windows media and it works well, but none covers. I tried droping the covers on the map and even the music itself, no luck folder.

M40X-250: X600SE: cannot change display resulution!

Hellomy screen resolution is turning always to the maximum setting: 1280 x 800 pixels. When I go to properties > settings and I change the resolution, a message says that I need to reboot the system. While restarting, when I see my desktop, it change

memory 4 GB 1600 MHz can be used in early 2011 book pro

memory 4 GB 1600 MHz can be used in early 2011 Mac book pro running El Capitan?

Relay switching

DUT is followed. Power is given through relay. The current control system is taking to this time delay relay is on. If the current increases up to a certain level relay must off the coast. And at the same time when the stopped program relay also chan

Curious about DebugTips.dll

Hello I installed SP2 2013 ICB on two different computers - that I have a directory Packages/Debugger/Visualizers containing exactly one file, NationalInstruments.Common.DebugTips.dll. (It's on the computer where I have also all hardware drivers inst

FPGA - count inside a statement box

Hello, LV users - type of intermediary with the LV, fairly new to FPGA.  I use LV2010 with the FPGA with a PXI-7852R RIO module.  I have my working for all practical purposes, with the exception of a decision point FPGA application that is controlled

When that I log out, I thought that someone else is also connected to my account. What is c?

When I try to log on to my computer, I get a message telling me that someone else that me, is connected to my computer. What is going on?

How to transfer 'tailor-made' comments using Windows Media Player files?

I'm trying to move music from 1600 files, which I spent hours countless added 'Custom' fields in WMP (help me to recognize and classify).Now I want to move them to another computer - I can save/copy the files and move them, but I don't get the 'custo

Latest updates do not keep install

Hi there, updates for framework 3.5.1 WWindows7 & updated for windows 7 for x 64-based systems (kb2158563 & kb979538 keep do not install on my system.) Any suggestions

Update not installed: unknown error found code 80073717C

My computer tried to install the, "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer 8 for Windows Vista (KB2183461) ' without success for 2 weeks; whenever the update fails.  I spent hours going through your blogs trying to solve this problem - I dow

Diference between 2 laptops?

Differnce between 2 laptops?  Acer Aspire 17.3 "LED, processor Intel Quad-Core, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB portable drive HARD Windows 8.1 and Acer Aspire E 17 E5-771-74E7 17.3 inch laptop (silver iron) HD?

Updated the Windows 10 Qualcomm AR9485 Atheros Wifi Card Driver

Currently, I encounter a similar problem with my HP Envy 17 Qualcomm AR9485 Atheros wifi adapter. The ethernet connection works but not WiFi. I can only connect to wifi after I immediatnly reset my router. All other devices work with the router. If t

low on memory virtual computer running slowww

Hi all I have never done this befor I have a professonal windows 2000 I HAV been to virtual memory message, I tried to fix it in my system via the options for pervormence propertys I ran my spybot search and destroy to see if it is a virus and it cam