Apple TV4 user accounts

Hello I wonder if there is a way to load the user accounts at the start of the apple tv4. I want to be able to choose between two accounts when I start the apple tv. The two accounts have different sets of apps.  Thank you

work copy and paste into iTunes 12

How can I copy the work of a song and paste it into the work for another? In addition, in older versions o iTunes you can scroll the playlist and the cover of the album would scroll. Y at - it a display that allows only 12 iTunes?

Can I use Time Capsule as a router to connect wirelessly with a pc

I can all my products easily connect to the internet using Airport Time Capsule? I know I can save wireless my Apple products, but can I also backup my computers portable windows on the Time Capsule via a cable?

I keep having a problem with this error message. Firefox is already running but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system. I've tried everything.

I keep having a problem with this error message. Firefox is already running but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system. I tried everything the internet suggested but it conti

Version 4. Where the orange Firefox in the upper left tab?

After installing Firefox 4, I watched the tutorials. It is supposed to be a tab of orange color in the upper left corner of the browser - tab is called "Firefox". After installation, I found that I have no tab. Where is he? Is this necessary? I use X

Envy 15 k233ca: memory upgrades and hhd

I'm trying to find out if the k233ca has a capacity of upgrade. By reading the plug here and there, the motherboard has 2 slots and there is 1 to 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3L module. When I called customer service to see if there was a favorite of the seller,

Office Jet Pro 6830: Office Jet Pro 6830 slow scan or fax

I have been using this printer with mixed success. Initially it would scan and send faxes quickly.  I have a set on my network IP address and is not into a power strip or backup power.  I have the latest drivers, etc.. HP just released. However, give

Satellite A300D - cannot start webcam after reinstallation

Hi guys,. I just reinstalled Windows with a Windows Vista disc, not an a Toshiba.My camera seems to work very well, but I can't find the file to open it. Can you show me how? Thank you

Assignment of a new Apple ID to an iPhone to share the same ID with another iPhone

Professional Hello, In my family we shared the same Apple ID between two iPhones. Now, if you come to separate the Apple ID, it seems that the two are intertwined between. Two Apple ID mix of both users email addresses. How to "clean" it for each ide

Y410P Nvidia GPU works only when plugged in?

Hi all I know that this is a frequently asked question, and I also knew that the Nvidia GPU raised only when an application heavy 3D graphics is charged. This is the case. But I don't get a bad 3D rating (1 star or higher) during the game. I have con

Weighing balance + Serial Port

Hello I am reading and working with values of weight of an Ohaus scout pro scale connected through port series, so far only can I concatenate the string sent by the scale and display it on the front panel. The needs of my application is 10 items of w


How would you rate NAN in Teststand.  Using a 4070 and measure an open circuit... infinte.  This is legitimate. I need eval in Labview and then send pass/fail until teststand? Thank you

Want nr 4-1117 does not start after the upgrade.

New installation of Windows 8 and 8.1 update, everything's fine. During computer shutdown installs several windows updates to restart 8.1 Windows Startup Repair and then it fails to repair. What I was able to go back into safe mode, tried all the boo

DeskJet d2430: printer does not appear in the hp Solution Center

I installed the HP Solution Center. My scanner appears but the printer does not work so I can't align the cartridges or print test pages. How can I get the printer on the solution Center

Why my Acer laptop not restore my laptop the original software (factory) and leave all other files on it.

I tried e twice Acer recovery tool to format my hard drive and return it to the original settings, but it does not work. any advice?

Product name: HP ENVY 15 Noteb: recovery after upgrade to 10 section

Upgrade to Windows 10 and I was wondering about my recovery disk section. He is also upgraded to 10 or if I used it, it is up to the plant win 8? Should I remove if it is always 8 and free up more space on the C: drive? I don't plan to return to 8 at

Unable to run .exe files, getting message asking "preferred program" open with

One day my computer simply stopped allowing me to open .exe files. When I try, I wonder for the "privileged" program  I had this problem with opening of Mozilla, games like Scrabble and others.  It's as if there is a broken link.  I am a novice compu

shortcut missing with restoration of XP.

Windows XP files was deleted when I tried to uninstall a software of teleconference. Once I did a XP Reinstall a message said that my files and folders were stored user profile / ntuser.dat. I can see the files, but every time I try to access the fil

Increase the size of the hard drive.

My total hard disk size is 250 GB. I created a new volume, but it's only the size of 568 MB. When I tried to extend the volume by using disk management, it does not extend. Please can u help me?

Vista don't forget display settings; move the second monitor from top right.

Windows Vista is often (not always) forgotten my display settings for my external monitor. I have a Dell XPS M1530 laptop with a NVIDIA GeForce 8600 M GT graphics card.  The laptop is running Vista Home Premium SP2 with all updates applied.  I have a