Cannot find the overall messages file - db.sqlite

Hi, volunteers! Thank you for being here. The search function of Thunderbird has stopped working. He cannot find all - regardless of the query returned no results. I understand that I need to rebuild the global database to correct this and have read

How to sync music to VLC player

Hi guys,. I'm new to iOS, I'm not sure if I can post such requests here or not. Currently I use iPhone with iOS version 9.3.2 5s. I synced my music files and I'm able to play music using my default music player. Now, I installed VLC player and wanted

Keyboard Belgian Azerty has 2 keys bartered in Boot Camp

Hello One of my clients just migrated to Apple hardware. As they have inherited it Windows apps, they asked that Boot Camp installed on their machines. They have the last MacBook Pro (1 month) and have the Magic 2 keyboard, Magic Mouse 2 and love at

How can I use on my M40X with WinAmp media buttons?

HelloToday, I received my M40X and I have a question.There are 5 media as left button on the keybord (CD/DVD, play/pause, Stop, )Is it possible to use them with WinAmp?With the help of Toshiba, I had the CD/DVD button used to start WinAmp (by allows

Two dead in Kingston SSD on Satellite L850-1PD

I replaced my mechanical hard drive with a Kingston SSD and after two months the drive just stopped working. I found my money and bought another Kingston SSD on another provider. After a few months the new drive has stopped working again. I'm on the

Satellite L30-101 does not turn ON after Vista update

OK well my laptop has played lately and I have installed the new update of Windows Vista.Now my laptop didn't boot.It just won't turn on. I tried everything and its not working everything simply do not. Whats gone wrong turned with her and is anyway

floating voltage solution 6008

Hi there are many questions concerning the entry volatages analog of usb 6008 floating 1.4 volts which is logical because of the electronics. How people come up with to get around this? My circuit is shown in the attached Jpeg format. I effectivly ha

Pavilion p7-1234 DVD drive disappeared

I just bought the computer this week and have been busy installing programs and transfer data from my old computer.  After installing a 2nd HDD, I noticed that he was missing DVD/CD rom drive in windows Explorer.  Active Device Manager and the drive

"Error code: 80070002 0 x ' OR"0 x 80070003"Windows updates failed?

" Error code: 80070002 0 x ' OR"0 x 80070003"Windows updates failed? Regds, 'a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step."

Windows 2000 keyboard

In Windows 2000 how to reset the keyboard to letters only? Currently shows a 6 of the o key

Problems with the blue screen of death (when my computer is shut down)

I get a blue screen of death on occasion, when shutting down my computer (Windows XP, Dell Vostro). It started happening after I installed the latest version of the Synology NAS software. This is the message: BCCode: 100000d 1 BCP1: BA3F1F20 BCP2: 00

I had to do a restore and now I can change is no longer the size of magnafication

I had to do a restore and now I can change is no longer the size of magnafication

How can I edit and save video files?

How to edit video with my Canon Rebel EOS 700 d? I just downloaded a few try to free software and it does not recognize my video. Also, my download of Facebook took more than an hour, so I'm doing something wrong. Thanks in advance.

pc startup

tried ooting pc upward but says boot up from the cd all the time press f1 and innto disappeared, the settings and change first boot to hd1 then initialize hd1 and 3boot until 1 hd when restarting pc always appear the cd boot but hd is very hot

Why is my music library still looking for missing unknown album everyday now never stops

Why is my music library still looking for missing unknown album everyday now never stops

Not possible to burn images on CD

Original title: pitchers won't copy Hi I have a problem with my photos to copy to the disc. CD - RW can not read the disc. could use a little help. Thank you

cannot open a file of adobe acrobat saying not a 32 application oji.pdf valid win

How open pdf flie when it is not a valid win 32 application?

Turn off DEP in hardware

I have a HP Pavilion dv9000 running Vista Home Premium SP1.  I'm trying to remove Norton Internet Security in order to install a different virus program.Uninstall Microsoft immediately blocked and uninstalling Norton works partially before stopping w

Personal profile settings GONE!

Last night I was using my computer, it suddenly stopped. When I tried to start it, it wouldn't start for a little while, then it starts later. When he started, it's the weirdest thing: I logged on my account (Administrator) and rather that start, the

PS4000 - new slave showing by car, not online

Hello I have a PS4000, model 70-0120, with 16 discs. A walk (14) entered into alert and supposed to replace. We have replaced the ST3500320NS (500 GB) with a ST31000340NS (1 TB) and everything looked good. Once I entered the web console, I see the di