icons and folders on the desktop cannot be moved

I just installed Security Update 2016-001. When the computer rebooted all my folders on the desktop and icons have been in different places and I can't move them on the desktop. I can click and drag, but when I drop back to where they were

New wifi router installed. Why do connect to sites but lose the connection as I browse even though Windows said excellent signal. To deactivate/activate

New wifi router installed. Because then I can usually connect sites OK but when getting around a site or to another, I lose connection even though Windows said signal is excellent. Toggle heals the problem temporarily. Two tablets under the same roof

How to use the Print Screen function?

I've seen various descriptions of how to use the print screen function. It would be nice to actually tell one that works.  None have worked for me. [Fn] and Prt SCr does not work. CTRL and Prt SCr does not work. CTRL, Alt, and Prt SCr does not work.

My search bar redirects my queries to offered

Hello When searching with the Google search bar in the upper right corner of the browser and the address bar my search results appear upward on the site of "www.google.co.il". I would like to than that default on Google.comor Google.co.zm [Zambian si

Lag on Satellite C660-1F1-key

I have the very annoying problem of keys lag on my laptop which is a satellite C660-1-f-1. I had the laptop for about 3 months and have tried on all the parameters without result keyboard settings. I paid £350 for this laptop and I am getting aggrava

Satellite P30 - three vertical lines appeared on the screen

I have a problem with the display on my p30 110 three vertical lines appeared on the screen, the pc has been scanned with three different antivirus programs and seems to be clean any suggestions would be helpful

Install Skype on the new android Samsung galaxy phone

In my existing account cannot see my contacts list. Also is not a contract tab

Impossible to find on the site to support satellite P855 - 31K

Hello world. Recently bought a machine to P855 - 31K (PSPKBE) satellite. When problems with discreetGeForce GT 630 M arose, went to the Toshiba support site to check some drivers, only to discover that my machine is not listed. Or by entering my s.n.

More control on the borders?

Hello world. I'm brand new pages, please bear with me! I want to customize the grey border appearing above and below my title text - beyond the limits of the options of borders and rules. Here's what I do: one of my lines of text is too long, so I wa

Is the HP OfficeJet 7410 all-in-one ethernet ability limited to IPv4, or does it include IPv6?

A new replacement of the router has been installed and I suspect that fast OEM install by default to IPv6, so I may need to break the detailed installation tips to see how to some device limited IPv4 parameter for this ancient printer.  TIA!

Weird error for a build specification

I deleted some files in my project, and all of a sudden my generation specifications no longer work: If I choose Properties to 'view', I get the error message: Choose "build together" ' Building specifications ' apparently still works. I tried to del

by programming the string value upper limit of table 3.1 teststand

I'm relatively new to using Testand... so I would be grateful for all the help: I created an array of strings using an ActiveX/COM action: PropertyObject.NewSubProperty (lookupString, valueType, EnTableau, typeName, options) It creates an empty array

Sony cdx-ca700x - cd error. technical help.

I have this camera and when I put a disc, it will not turn upward and just, the screen lights up and said 'CD' then 'restart' itselves and repeat this beaviour. Im a newbie in elecricial knowledge and I know how to do self service, although I can't f

Power surge and now the XBox will not turn on

We had a power surge, we blew a fuse, everything came back but the xbox. the remote flashes just all around, and the xbox does not turn on?

Error when updating?

Gets the error during the update" "0x8007000B" Best regards, Sohail Patel "MCSE 2003 | ITILv3 | "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step."

does win xp no sound no sound

my desktop pc continues to lose audio after awhile... (win Xp-labs creative SB X - Fi Surround 5.1 pro)

Microsoft Sidewinder X 6 keyboard problem

I had a problem since I got the keyboard.  When I hit the left windows key it will start that in fact then q, w, e, r, t, f, d, s, has, all begin to try opening other programs.  As my computer, my network, internet explorer and others. The problem is

Can I install Windows 7 on P6 2320ed?

Hello I want to downgrade from W8 on my 2320ED P6. But my setup of W7 does not seem to recognize the hard disk drivers and is therefore not suitable hard drive to install. I tried to use pre-installed INTEL management engine interface (from SWSETUP)

Effectiveness of HoTsPot blackBerry 10

Dear BlackBerry community support Has anyone ever tried to use the BlackBerry Hotspot on 8 different devices, like having difficulty trying to support 2. Wonder if I buy a new battery, it would make a difference. My phone is almost 24/7 and when I go

IP http secure-ciphersuite... more course?

IP http secure-ciphersuite [3des-ede-cbc-sha] [rc4-128-sha] [rc4-128-md5] [des-cbc-sha] SSL_RSA_WITH_DES_CBC_SHA SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_MD5 SSL_RSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA SSL_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA ... which is the safest? The order reference mentions pro