I want to reactive my credit card

HI my credit card was spended as I had active illegal on my iTunes but its been resolved how can I reactive my card now pls

Ringtones on iphone 5 s

I'm sure this has been asked and answered.  I want to do a song my ringtone.  Cannot open itunes on my pc 10 win to start the process.  Can anyone help?

I would like to completely remove the nightly build of firefox. I searched for this info already and you have not found anything that could help. I am pretty new to linux. I am currently running ubuntu 11.10

I'm just trying to remove every night of my computer. I deleted firefox 10 already. I'm going down to firefox 4, but before I do, I want every night of my computer and it is not listed in the Installer package synaptic or any other. There's a reason

Menu favorites was on my home page and is now gone. How can I get that back

On my home page, Firefox. I got a Favorites menu on the left side. Now he's gone. I can get my favorites of the tools but really liked bar on the screen for easy access. HW do I get it back?

The magic mouse has suddenly got very slow

As the title says, my mouse works OK, but the answer is really slow and sometimes the cursor jumps and jerks on. I tried to clean it, put new batteries and totally forget and then by reconnecting it to Bluetooth, but it still happens. I even bought a

iMessage works only on my mac

My iMessage suddenly stopped working on my Macbook pro - I get iMessages and send them to my phone and they appear. But when I answer on my mac it say imessage - then sends in green and does not go through. He worked all day and has been since I got

Help in iCloud

I want to help me, I forgot my password to iCloud and I don't remember any new information on this subject just the birthday and the logout button, it is not to allow

Very old game

Defender of the Crown

Connection microphone to EOS Rebel T5

Hello. I was wondering for a school project if I can plug a microphone for my rebellious T5. In my view, there is a plug of some sort in the covered Panel where to connect the USB microphone is. What's the microphone port? Help, please.

recover emptied recycle bin items windows xp

The files placed in the trash were accidentally empty and now they are needed.

want to scan document into word document, says I need XP Professional with FrontPage?

I want to be able to scan a document into a Word document.   I'm going to start, programs, and he said: scanning of document, but when it initializes said he needs from XP Professional with FrontPage?   where can I download it so I can use the digiti


My computer tells me that I have a problem with DDS_CAD.exe. It is said that it has stopped working.  I searched the web and found only 2 possibilities, unfortunately, they are both unavailable. So now what? Even Microsoft has nothing about it.  Help

When I turn on Windows Defender I get error: 0 x 80070424.

I try to use Windows Defender. When I turn it on I get an error message... Windows Defender encountered an error Ox80070424. The specified service does not exist as an installed service. Can someone help me with this problem?

Problems with check disk etc.

I am constantly message on start up that I have a problem with NTFS, I do the consistency check, but I can't do it, my system just flicks and that's all! I also have a real problem with sound distortion and cracking more remarkable in games, etc. can

How can I re-imstall vista without recovery disk?

A series of virus has damaged my version of Windows Vista Home Premium. I had removed the intrusion, but the computer was a verion of the display and did not come with the recovery disc or other necessary programs that come in the box. How can I fix?

E5H53AA #ABU - HP Envy - No sound

I have today received this monitor, but cannot get sound.  I checked the technical details and it comes with built-in speakers and beatsaudio.  No sound via the headphones don't jack either.  Help, please!

Difficulties of distorted impression of the Barcode Coupons

* This is my second time this announcement as my post yesterday did not get responses *. Printer more than 6500 a Can you help me please? I have a problem with my printer where it is not print coupons ONLY correctly. Nothing else I have print, print

To access data from different pages

Hello I want to know who, how to access data from an html page to another html page using Javascript or HTML5? Thank you and best regards, Tejas

stall read() Socket

Hello Latelely I've been working with the class connector, use it for raw TCP socket connections. I do turn my dose of reading in a different thread and have some problems with blocking read(). Normally, that's fine when no data is available, but for