photo for iphone

Hello Please help me! my iPhone was almost complete and photos that were in my iPhone has been optimized by iCloud to get less memory in my iPhone and save in my iCloud and they were vague in my iPhone... but they were always in my iPhone until yeste

I went from a Win7 32-bit on a 64-bit win7 machine computer. Now, I get "this connection is not approved" any solution? tried everything

I went from a Win7 32-bit on a 64-bit win7 machine computer. Now, I get "this connection is not approved" on many pages, including support for Mozilla, Yahoo, send a mail to yahoo, etc. The only thing that has changed is my computer. Everything worke

Why can I not open gmail on my computer, but I can't on my iPhone?

I get this message on my PC:The page is not redirecting properlyFirefox has detected that the server redirects the request for this address in a way that will never end.This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies.

RDXV60KB - tuning menu does not appear after Exchange of power supply

The earlier fault of decommissioning has been cured by replacing the PSU, but since the setting menu does not appear. The other mistake is the selection of VIDEO channels can be seen but on HDD and DVD there is only sound and a blank image. It's the

Satellite S50-B-151: Upgrade RAM will cancel my term?

Hello I have Toshiba Satellite s50-b-151 and I want to add 4 GB more RAM, but I don't know if I can do by myself or if necessary to send it to the technical service. Because I don't want to lose the warranty. Thank you!

Satellite L50 - B 241 - headset not recognized

Hello, I just got a new laptop at work, (it's a L50 - B Satellite 241. it uses Windows 10, although I suspect it was sold with Windows 8.1 when I put in my headphones, the sound does not pass by the helmet. when I check the sound settings (right-clic

Watch videos from a USB drive and load!

Are there adapters that will allow me to watch videos stored on a flash drive and reload my mini ipad at the same time? Or an iDrive which has a charger passthrough I bought a sandisk iXpand, but when I plug the USB into the load and the iPad it char

Satellite C660 BIOS update does not work

I downloaded the bios-20120613151531 and extraected in a folder with the same name.But I don't see the list as indicated in the instructions, but I see only "BIOS_V200_WIN.exe".Double click that gives:Install UEFI WinFlash 0.02 - this program will be

Audio Jack can not insert

Hello, I have my MBP 13 inch retina display audio input is not pluggable. a third of jack may be inserted. I tried to insert it complete but failed. The red light is visible inside the hole and my internal speaker does not work. The sound icon has be

Function key stops working on NB200

Hi all I have a NB200 "netbook" running windows 7. When I boot, everything is big, depressing the function (fn) key shows a menu at the top of the screen and work functions. After a little while of some programs running, it stops working. When I pres

L80 Gigaframge driver for Windows 7

Hello There is no driver for gigaframe L80 for Windows 7 working as a clone or something else?I also tried looking for a vista driver but I found nothing. Thank you

Is it possible to use the power line is in PlotText?

Hello I was wondering if I could print two lines just below the other on a chart using PlotText control and a jump in the line text string? Unfortunately, I could not do it using "bla\r blah" or "line1\n line2 '... Is there such a possibility? Thank

Trying to install HP 3050 on preliminary DJ can not find the driver.

I tried to install dj hp 3050 all in one j610 on preview of Windows 8 Windows, but Windows Developer responded to no driver found for the operating system. What I can do.

switch wireless Toshiba L7555D

I have a laptop Tosguba L755D.  The instructions tell me to press FN and F8 to turn on wireless. It tells me to turn the switch on wireless on my lap top.  As far as I can see that I have a?  Can you help me please?

How can I reinstall Windows on a new drive without starting from scratch?

I have XP installed on a FAT32 32 GB to a 160 GB HARD drive partition.  I ran out of the room into the partition and want to delete the partition, wipe the drive and start over with him as a single partition NTFS drive.  Is there a way to preserve XP

I scan a document to an email

I can't get my HP Deskjet to scan so that I can email a document. Can someone please

Beach of Linksys and Wr110 problems with Inspiron

Bought a new router Linksys range more router and my Dell Wireless (1490 dual band wifi) did not pick up signal. My laptop is an old inspiron 1501

What is forms of IEWLO?

A few days ago I began to receive a pop-up window titled IEWLO forms when I start my laptop.  There is a tab in the lower left corner that reads "Clear Logs", but the window is not stay up long enough for me to click on it.  I am running Windows 7 Ho

Upgrade processor PET100

Can anyone confirm if the SLAPM E3110 stepping C0 is validated for the PowerEdge T100? I couldn't find the SLB9C E0 stepping. Thanks in advance.

Remote administration of a PIX running as a VPN client

Hello I have a setup where a PIX501 works as a VPN client upward against my central VPN3000 concentrator (LAN-2-LAN with NAT - T mode). External interface of the pix is behind a firewall managed by ISP to the remote end, and get it via DHCP IP addres