How can I find the update history and find something installed yesterday

I clicked on the option to install some kind of 'filter' on Oct.2/15 (the only facility to this date. I need to cancel it. How can I find?

rendering of fonts is Blur / Blur

Occasionally, text on a Web page appears blurred but if I scrolling becomes obvious. Doogee DG310 | 5.0 Android | Firefox 40.0.3

How to create a shortcut to the desktop as with IE?

I changed my browser "Firefox" to "Internet Explorer and I would like to know how to create a shortcut to my desktop."

After that the BIOS update can not use Debian

I upgraded to v3.70 Bios and now my Debian has following problem:at the start of the adage about stucks kernel:PCI: BIOS Bug: f0000000 MCFG area isn't E820 - reserved. Did I screw the upgrade (Win startup, run the bios update and follow the instructi

A second iTunes for the same account using the phone?

Say a password is forgotten and you do not have the password for the other music on the phone, can you buy extra pieces with a second iTunes account using the same iTunes library and transfer all the music on the iPhone?   This less recent purchased

Why the fan of my Satellite A500-19W of bizarre acts?

I bought this computer a week ago. I have Windows 7 64 bit. When I surf the net or watch a movie or listen to music the fan starts for 2 minutes, stop for 2 minutes again. It's a cycle that never ends, and the sound of it that bothers me, making me t

When I create a photo album, how can I keep the photos to reorganize when I move it?

I create a photo album and I move them in the order I want them.  But when I move the album to a flash drive or yet another album, they reorganize in a different order, probably by date.  How can I keep them in the same order?

Constipated because of the HUGE email

Stupidly, I tried to send an email with the way too many large pictures in the annex. He would not go. He keeps trying to go, and my poor phone just beeps at me all a few minutes to tell me that it has not been sent, but it won't let me open the e-ma

How to solve the problem of overheating laptop computer

Hi all suffers from an overheating problem in my laptop so I think I should update my bios my model is vpceb44en e Series notebook PC so please help me how to update my bios for this version of my laptop it will be a great esteem, if you help me plea

How to get the Subvi (the virtual path is in .exe) reference in Run Time System

Hello world The problem is how to get the reference of the Sub - VI in run time system, when the Subvi is in .exe after construction. More details: Top of page vi called the Subvi dynamically, so that the Subvi is always included, and the source obje

When I send hotmail to my friends, he finds himself in their spam folder

I had another friend of mine try to send e-mail to my gmail account and its hotmail went straight to spam.  I also try to send e-mail to my area of work and it returns an e-mail in my Inbox: It is a State that is automatically generated delivery Noti

no updates will be installed. I get error numbers (i.e. Windows Vista KB2677070) are not not in "find an answer. PC cannot get out of hibernation but restarts so far.

The problem seems to come from a Windows attempt update may 9.  Almost all the subsequent updates have not except when I got on that date.  That no longer works.  I can't find any of the myriad of error codes.  Need help!

BlackBerry App question BB protect & BB ID

Hello everyone, we have a problem with Passport BB, we bought a while ago. The user created BB protect function as well as BB ID 1. Now you are asked BB ID after startup. 2. when we enter valid BB ID and password, the BB is back: "protect the BB serv

How can I prevent users to connect to a USB storage device?

I would like to block the connection to a device of USB storage except adminisator account? Referring to the following link, there are no instructions on how to do it. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do this in Windows 7?Thanks in advance for y

VPN with usernames in the pix firewall

Is there anyway to make my VPN connections in my specific user pix? I know it's possible with the concentrator 3000 but don't know if you can do it with a pix. I have about 10 people who need VPN in. Can each VPN cause a different password? Reason is

Cannot fill and sign the constant blue circle on the mouse.

HelloI am writing today because my ticket 0188187579 have not yet been resolved. I am currently under the latest version of windows 10 that began to cause problems with Adobe Acrobat DC. This causes many problems for my end users. They were unable to

Using WinSCP as default CC Dreamweaver Ftp Client?

I had the strangest challenge.I do stuff webdevelopment and webdesign. And I use Dreamweaver for many years for many reasons, especially since he WYSIWYG feature which really help me to work with more ease. [Sorry for all those who have repeatedly re

Fullsceen Slideshow works does not after update (2015.2)

Hi-Since the upgrade to the latest version, I note that the slideshow widget full screen does not work. He works within the Muse app (although that it crashed Muse sometimes when using), and although it will display with the built-in preview of Muse,

HP G61 (hard drive 301) error message

Hello I get error 301 HDD and after looking at other responses to a similar question forum, I think I need to buy a hard drive. Can someone tell me the real hardisk should I buy for my laptop and a link to online procedures to fix hard drive myself i