Caveat! A false Jobform company sends a questionnaire on the use of Firefox and promises a gift request credit card number to cover publication fees. I have inte

They use your language and everything including the Firefox logos seem original and tht is why answered questions often asked about how I use Firefox etc... When you interrupt when they ask for your number of credit card they will send days nex sends

How can I add a new address to my existing account?

I had 3 email addresses on my account. It developed problems with the hosting server, and impossible to fix, I have deleted the address and thought I'd start fresh with the new entry. However, I can't find out how to add a new address to my account.

Indicator on the previous tab open?

Is there a way to know who you last tab was opened before the tab currently? Sometimes I quite s a few tabs at the top on the same site and it's easy to forget which tab was the last one you had open if you need to go back for more information, etc.

Seagate 1 TB SSHD

Can someone help me please? I tried to clone my 10.11 hd disc 1 TB of Seagate using the pny SSHD (usb adapter 3) and superduper, but the drive randomly disconnects from the computer. I'm going crazy here because I really don't want to do a clean inst

Satellite T110 does not load

My computer is 3 years old. A month ago, when I turned it on it only showed the THOSHIBA logo and a black on the screen (like its waiting to start, but he used). The assistance Center has guided me to unplug the AC adapter and the battery and wait fo

Re: Equium L40 - 17 M: recovery disk left material inactive

I had my 17 m crash Psl49e L40 and die. I phoned for help and they advised me to run my recovery disk.I do so I can boot my laptop BUT no usb device connects, no card network is found over a host of other issues. He asked me if I had an add on disk (

HP 630 A6E72EA #ABV: hp 630 core i3 380 M with intel HD graphics driver required

Hello I am so tired of looking for a graphic Driver for my laptop HP 630 (product number: A6E72EA #ABV). Processor: intel core-i3 380 m I looked about a year for driver for windows 8.1 and couldn't find, now I'm looking for windows 10 we. I'm almost

I could not activate my ipad

Hi when I update iso 9.3, my ipad could not activate by me and I forgot my email address which I use apple ID that will help me.thanx

Satellite U400-151 - where to find the drivers?

Hello I need help to find the last version of the DRIVER on my Toshiba Satellite u400-151, but where in what site can I find the drivers? Thank you.

Impossible to update microsoft silverlight in safari

I tried to update silverlight in Safari on my MacBook Pro (yosemite) but I keep getting the message that I need to update.  I'm not able to videos on Amazon unless I use Opera. Any suggestions?  Thank you very much!!

memory warranty information do not to find on the Web site

Hello, I need warranty on following memory information:(11 S) IBM P/N Z W/C S/N: L 38, 4895 Z FHSBN 41800A1 GB PC2100 CL2.5 2.5VV D N (128MX64)OPT (4L) origin: KR: 10 K FRU:10 K 0034 0035I bought this RAM in 2004, but it must still be guaranteed beca

My hotmail account has been hacked, how do I get it back?

my hotmail account has been hacked on 18 April 2011, then 19, I have completed the account Validation and password reset information, and they successfully I want to reset my account password, but then the same day a few hours later, when I tried to

LaserJet MFP M177 PCLmS Pro: live wireless

We have a team who have several of the LaserJet MFP M177 PCLmS Pro.  As you would expect, whenever we use a USB connection with these printers that a new driver is installed for each printer.  I was wondering if I would need to install a different dr

Min and Max on a table

Hello. I want to make a program where I want to generate a sine and take only the monotonous positive part. So I thought to find the min and max of the function index and make a program like the one attached. As you can see that if you set the freque

HP LaserJet Pro M1536dnf: Re: help cold reset for M1536dnf]

Hello Please send me the instructions to reset cold this printer. I can't access the web interface or the menu of the printer. Thank you.

problem with dvd Panasonic Matshita UJ862A

I have a Matshita Panasonic UJ862A DVD +/-RW and when I use it to burn the ISO image I get the following: ======== Sense: 02 ASC: ASCQ 04:08 (00 command)-------------------------------------------------------PX.dll:

Cannot open the boot even in safe mode.

Used Windows Start, I can not even start in safe mode, happening all of a sudden just start, keep getting the blue screen of death says are of course hard drive attached / pilot State failure, I managed to install and run Linux Abuntu no probs to all

Downgrade HP 110-100 a for Windows 7

As the title says I want to downgrade my HP 110-100 desktop pc from the windows of the factory 8 for windows 7. I've seen loads of positions similar on other systems of HP but couldn't see any info for mine. Can someone help me to identify drivers th

HP probook 430 g1 display is empty and flashing

Anyone having problems with the display when going black and flashing on battery. Press the power button not to bring display on. Turning off suspend and cover also does not change. Seems to happen only when it is on battery power. Should be able to

Windows 7 install locked to "transfer the parameters of files and programs.

Original title: install 7 locked @ "transfer file settings and programs." Windows Vista Home 64, home of Windows 7 64. Off the coast of the plateau a6500f HP, 4 gig of ram, SP2. Latest updates. Disabled the antivirus and the start up programs, cancel