Minimum requirements for Notes?

The minimum requirements here system requirements for iCloud - Apple support , it does not note.  No one knows what would be the minimum version iOS on iPad for Notes synchronization?

Mac Mini Late 2012 restarts randomly

I use a Mac Mini Late 2012 (standard loadout MD387 except for an upgrade to 8 GB of RAM) as a small home server. It is essentially: Plex Server File server Print Server (AirPrint incl.) TM Server VPN server I would say that it is completely idle abou

updates to ios iPhone 5s?

I wanted to buy an Iphone 5s, I am now worried is done it is future IOS updates like (10 and 11 ios..), that is to say the next 2 years, if yes Mr. go, I could buy 6 16 GB iphone is rubbish, please do give State for this Any Info to give you, please

Satellite A40-231 DVD - RW issue

What can I do to change my model SD-R6112 DVD - RW with a better? (I know that there are 2 other models better than mine). My laptop has 16 months guarantee. I'm from Romania and the dealer told me I can't do this. I have problems with this DVD: it c

Firefox 4 warn me / restore when I close the multiple tabs.

Even if in the Options, I checked "Warn me when closing multiple tabs" Firefox 4 don't warn me or restore the tabs when I close the multiple tabs. I use Windows Xp SP2.

iPhone 6 more than the gray screen flicker

Hello My screen on my 6 plus began to have grey bars flashing at the top and sometimes the whole screen, flickers. My phone is always in a case, and I've never dropped it. Everyone has understood how to fix?

Satellite U300: "an unexpected i/o error has occurred."

Hello My newly purchased U300 worked fine, today would not start and is now indicating that an unexpected i/o error has occurred, with a code of 0xc00000e9 The message preceding that States that this may be due to recently responsible for hardware or

Vista Ultimate on Satellite A200 PSAE6 - FN buttons do not work

FN + F1, F2 keys do not work for me computer laptop Satellite A200 (PSAE6), installed Windows Vista Ultimate... F 12. I downloaded driver Package of added value, but support for the combinations given did not appear.Write the reference where it is po

what fits into this model Wireless lan card? HP Pavilion Slimline s5770t

I have trouble with the installation of network card on this slimeline. I bought the normal lan card but I see just enough chipset installation n. or this computer does not support wireless? I bought this slimine 400-500bucks 2 years ago... This is s

Upgrading RAM on the Satellite L30 - 11 d

My brother has a Satellite L30 - 11 d and he bought an extra 2 GB upgrade from 512 MB RAM.HE sent me an email - excerpt below, but does not have regular access to the Internet and so not the time of this post. My laptop has 512 MB of ram and Toshiba

The iPhone of Apple 6 Giveaway scam on Safari?

How can I get rid of the Apple 6 scam iPhone Giveaway that is blocking my Safari on my mobile?

Information scaling of data acquisition

I have a DAQ hardware that measures 0-10 volts of input. We measure a signal that goes from 0-15 volts, so we atenuating the signal by a factor of 2.  MAX I created a scale with a slope of 2 who should be able to display the 0-15 Volt input voltages,

OfficeJet Pro K8600: Officejet Pro k8600 - cannot print

Without warning, my printer does not print. It captures no paper. Error Msgs alternate between paper jam and load paper. I checked carefully for a paper jam and to blow off the dust, compressed air system. I tried online support - no help. Could not

where are stored passwords on my computer found

where are stored passwords on my computer found

Compaq Presario C555NR Notebook CPU

Hi all I have a laptop Compaq Presario C555NR. I think about upgrading the processor to something better. Right away It is a Celeron M 1.6 GHz clocked. This question, I asked Compaq and downright they told me that this laptop CPU cannot be upgraded.

Envy 15: Incorrect registry permissions?

I recently bought this new pc week ago and since then I noticed that my regestry permissions are out of wack.  This all started when I realized that I didn't lock computer option when I used the Ctrl + Alt + Delete. After that, I noticed that my shut

Dell Pro 11 venue buttons power no longer works under Windows *.

Just got my mobile keyboard yesterday. I upgraded my BIOS A05 yesterday installed the 'Fix Power Settings' and ran the Windows updates. Now all of a sudden the power of tablets button does not work in Windows 8. I thought that this could be a BIOS pr

(Redirected) Has no Blue Tooth driver after upgrade to Win 10

Here the device for the Atheros Driver Manager. This device cannot start. (Code 10) STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILUREQUALCOMM Atheros close BluetTooth driver Qualcomm-Atheros UART Transport blue tooth driver for Intel series IO Host 63 9 windows 10 control

BlackBerry help software I need assistance for 10 of BlackBerry Desktop Software install v1.2.0.58 (Mac OS)

I downloaded the installer of 10 BlackBerry Desktop Software (Mac OS) v1.2.0.58. I can not install on my mac pro book. I use MAC OS Sierra version 10.12 Help, please

Today when I tried to log in it says user profile service logon failed

Last year, I bought an Asus laptop. Today, when I tried to connect, says he doesn't have a user profile service. I have tried everything to fix and it made it worse. Now, I think I need to reinstall my Windows 7. Problem is when I bought the laptop,