Unable to start Windows

I have an iMac 13.2 running OS x 10.11 El Capitan, I also use windows 8.1 as a secondary OS for some of my games. The problem is that I wanted to try the Beta of Sierra 10.12 and partitioned my HARD drive for the triple boot, version beta worked fine

iPad corrupted backup.

Trying to save a Mini iPad on iTunes and get the message "iTunes could not back up the iPad because the backup was corrupt or not compatible with the iPad. How can I fix. Thank you

After reset my Firefox is no longer opens web pages automatically when I type keywords in the address bar. How can I fix it?

Before I reset my Firefox I could any words in the address bar and Firefox would redirect me to the Web site. For example, typing ' reservoir dogs, imdb "would redirect to the film's IMDB page, and type a random sequence of characters would take me t

Firefox does not new tabs or windows open in right-click menu (xpsp3) since the upgrade to v 16.0. is there a solution?

Right-click on a link and left click on "Open link in a new tab. nothing happens. No new tab is created.Right-click on a link and left click on "Open link in a new window. nothing happens. No new window is opened.behaviour observed with firefox 16.0

When I am browsing the internet using Safari and I'm looking for something like a plumber he gives met with responses from an area not my own.  How can I change this?

When I'm surfing the internet using Safari looking for a product (like a plumber) all my suggestions come from the vicinity of Tyler, Texas.  I live much closer to Dallas.  How can I change that.  Thank you!

disabled shortcut keyboard keys

I have a W520 and today when I updated my system, the keyboard shortcut system has been completely disabled * the fn + keys) and the on screen display for when you change the volume, mute, turn off mic, thinklight, etc. is not running. What can I do

The battery lasts only 5.5 hours - possible they sent incorrect battery?

So I like my laptop, it's great, but I think the battery is much less than advertised. I used it today to see how long it lasts on battery and it was announced about 5.5 hours instead of 15 hours. I have the T430 with discrete graphics, but I think t

Dynamics CRM - sizing tool

I'm trying to design an infrastructure for Dynamics CRM, a sizing tool exists to help determine the amount of material needed and the configurations and options? Kind regards JAG

Deleting item from my taskbar on Desktop__

How can I remove a point (red and white "X" inside a circle) of my taskbar at the bottom right of my screen?  I get a balloon notification arise from him stating: Fatal Error: Windows can't play the following video files... etc media critics ot error

I received a phone call from someone claiming to be windows saying that my computer has been infected.

only, I was contacted by a person claiming to be windows saying that my computer has been infected and he called for help.  He hit me the windows and "R" key at the same time.  Then I typed in "eventvwr" and who showed me a list of some events with i

Is it possible to change the ToolTips delay?

Hello I often find the easiest way to distinguish it from the similar windows on the taskbar is by the complete path provided in the ToolTip. However, with the display of thumbnails enabled, you must first hovering over the taskbar button, there is a

Pavilion dv7t-6100cto Quad: HP Support Assistant software does not properly

The software assistant support as I understant that it has been recently updated by HP will not work correctly. The objects he finds to put up-to-date in trail drivers and software download but will not be installed. It indicates that an error occurr

HP Pavilion entertainment

I'm going to the United Kingdom, with my laptop... as well as my battery charger need me an adapter or converter, or both?

How can I recover the files from the windows.old folder

original title: had for Vista downloaded again and lost all my files, which are not on "windows.old".  How can I recover the files to the appropriate programs be found Windows Mail, including contacts, etc., but only can bring them into the program.

Why I have not received e-mails from the last 2 days?

It seems that my account has been hacked. All my contacts were deleted and some of my emails from my inbox sent have also been removed. Quite simply, I can't receive emails. I tried to use my son's account to see if there is no message, but nothing w

Is there a way I can get help get full COA serial number of my windows?

Hello Is there some way Microsoft can help me decipher Win 7 Home premium x 64 series on the thumbnail of my laptop? Sticker is in the wrong place and it got scratched way I can't do the last part, last 5 characters. Thank you.

Light keyboard blackBerry Passeportno

Why is there NO LEDS of the KEYPAD BlackBerry passport application. It doesn't help. use in the dark.

How can I change my birth date on my hotmail account

I had my account since 2001, and recently my date of birth has been changed on the account to an account of minors.  How can I change my correct birth year?  Please notify.

BlackBerry software failed to install BB link/mixture

For these last two days I tried to install BB link/mixture on my computer (Windows 10).  The file downloads fine and I can record on my desk; When I run it it goes through the questions usuual and wants to collect the files for installation.  Shortly

WLC issue 2125

Hello I installed a Cisco WLC 2125 and 15 LAP 1121 G for a company that has 130 users connected to the wireless network. There are several applications on the LAN servers and users have the problem of flow when downloading files from servers. I think