How to "sidebar" bookmark in Firefox 9.01?

Just install 9.01 and look for the option to display bookmarks in a sidebar. Doesn't seem to be an option in the drop down menus from the top left "Firefox" with arrow. I have it working on an earlier version on a different system.

I want to have a version in English instead of Dutch

Hi, I live in the Netherlands, but I can't change my Firefox Dutch to English. Help, please!

Satellite A660 - USB 2.0 ports are inadmissible

My laptop series Satellite A660 is a month old and worked fine so far. However, I turned on the machine and all the three Ports USB 2.0 are inadmissible. I Shut Down and restarted the computer - no change. (Windows 7-16 Bit OS) Control Panel - manage

Satellite C850 - problem with driver AMD/ATI GPU

Windows Action Center lists these 2 problems but no fix available as not connected to the internet. I am connected to the internet. I downloaded the latest driver from AMD, but the problem persists.Can someone tell me what to do?Also, when I go to To

My Apple Watch works fine, but now the time is 12 hours off - he thinks it's night now - how can I fix?

My new Apple Watch works very well for several weeks, but today the time is 12 hours off - he thinks it's night now - how can I fix?

Save a LLB VI as autonomous VI

I received a Bachelor's degree in LAW. I only need a VI thereof. I can't understand how to do a save as for a VI.

Compaq Presario CQ70-116EM notebook: overheating, stop, "Lightning symbol" flashing.

Hi people, My laptop (type in the title) is working absolutely fine for the better part of 18 months until recently where it was extremely hot underneath (I guess it's overheating), but he then turns off and when I press the power button to wake it u

WE set with delay

Hi guys,. I am new to LabView, programming as well. What I need is to control with LabView Arduino microcontroller and is nessessery for my diploma. I tried the solution of my problem here in the forum and all over the web, but I'm a bit confused of

While an OfficeJet Pro8610: print template to the correct size using an Officejet Pro8610

When I print a model for sewing, it does not print the right size. Each model has a square inch test and the test square on the printed document shall measure a square inch or model will be wrong. My test of square inches measured five eighths on a t

I have Vista installation problems

I bought Vista Ultimate in March 09, I bought a seagate Barracuda 500 g to install it on.Aiinstalle it ok andcommenced transfer my files a few days later, my new hard drive crashed with vista and all my files. I bought a new drive 650g go digital and

How to put a ringtone for Acer Liquid Z110?

I can't put a ringtone for my Acer Liquid z110, how can I do?

Sharing media files to the Palm of Xbox 360 WRT160N

Anyone know if I send a port or a Hanger a frame or do something? I do change all the settings on my PC or what that it either when I changed from my old G series for this new series of N, but for some reason, the 360 cannot find the PC but I see on

Log Windows username and password

When I try to send or to receive my email via e-mail, windows security asks my username and password that was set in place 4 years ago and I don't remember or know how to change.

More big power supply for Dell Optiplex 7040MT - please help

Hi all I recently bought a dell optiplex 7040 mini lathe and it came with a 240 watt power supply. I want to update and would like to know what my options are. Thank you

HP pavilion d7 cutting guard screen

Hi I have the portable entertainment d7 and the screen begins to turn in a random way and have difficulty making him Turn on. I have to close and open a bunch of times. It lights up at startup and then stops, I'll close it then open it and it turns o

Windows Vista is stuck in 640 x 480 after upgrade

Let me explain from the beginning. Recently, I've updated for Windows Vista Basic x32bit. Now, I do not understand that every time you upgrade your computer try to read the old graphics card and if it cannot it will install the base. Now, normally th

Why I can't decrypt the files on my Windows 7 system?

I have Windows 7 Professional that allows you to encrypt files and folders.  I encrypted a file tax but now find that TurboTax is unable to open the file of the tax more.  I tried to decipher, but the encryption option is now gray (properties, genera

recovery for sr1830nx disk

Need recovery disk (XP Media Center) due to the new hard drive installation. Missing drivers cannot be acquired HP drivers and software site.  Unknown device remains in Device Manager.  Card reader not working not not because of this missing pilot. D

License of CME and max joined

Hello I have 15.4 (3) M4 / CME 10.5 on my 3925 router and my HS detail cme-srst license shows 60 licenses: Feature: cme-srst Version: 1.0 License type: RightToUse The license status: Active, in use Type of lock: node not locked Seller Info: NOTLOCKED

Need a computer compatible with Windows 7

We have a computor running XP andf we love him. It is our understanding that XP is endangered and we want to know if we need a new computor as well. We are not geegs computor but I ran some of the Microsoft tools and he said a lot of what we had is n