12.5.1 VBScripts does not

Hello I use some VB Scripts to keep my iTunes library in sync with my library of music stored on my network. After the upgrade to 12.5.1, all the scripts do not run. All I get is an error message "library not registered". I tried to remove and reinst

How can I change the order of the profiles in the Profile Manager?

I have several profiles and I know that I can use the Profile Manager to delete the profile without deleting the files, then add the profile to return, but it's somehow very awkward to change the order that they are in. Is there a faster way to chang

Download iTunes date does not

Just two days ago iTunes began to put the incorrect date and time for the date added field of new downloads from the iTunes store. The dates are in the 1970s and times are in every sense. As I often sort by recently added, it's frustrating because it

When I open a browser, I get a talker telling me which site I opened it. I want to stop this feature without stopping the sound, I need to watch other TV or YouTube

When I have multiple windows, I click on a site and a computerized voice will tell me what is the Web site. It's like if everything I do receives a voice of Firefox. I want to disable this aspect without causing any problem when I really need sound l

Utilities Pro PC - Optimizer Pro

Hello. In the search for the 'Bank' on my HP Pavilion (windows 8) recommended for Apps (for a free program 'type of office'), I seem to have carried over to downloaded a piece of malware called PC Optimizer Pro at the same time. I tried to add/remove

Upgrade Windows and reactivate MS OneNote

HelloI have a Satellite M30X.It starts only in safe mode. It will not even use last known good configuration.I think I'll wipe and start over.XP Home SP2 came to this topic, but I have an XP Pro SP2 volume license that I prefer to install.But I think

Qosmio X 770 - internet connection keeps going off

Hello I've had this laptop for about a month now, it's the Toshiba Qosmio, Qosmio X 770 model, 7B438248K series, the problem is that it continues to lose the internet connection.I just behind me, when I'm sitting in the front room, I keep losing inte

My iphone has a problem

¿I need help if someone in this group know this problem please help me I really need technical supports or give advice or a solution to this issue. I guess that this problem has come to the material?

Sony XBR - 65x900b Youtube stopped working!

I just hung up the phone with the customer and they informed me that the youtube app has abandoned, however I am able to connect and see the application. I wonder if other people with Sony XBR with the same problem. If so, we should together for yout

HP Envy 4500 will not print computer

Hello My HP Envy 4500 works perfectly for some time now.  Unfortunately, it stopped printing from my Dell laptop, running Windows7. It scans to the laptop very well.  It copies fine, and it prints from my iPhone fine. I've reviewed a ton of messages

'Num Lock' keyboard issue w / Pavilion HP Pavilion dv9000 laptop

The HP Pavilion dv9000 Laptop has a built-in keyboard, which has a separate numeric keypad.  However, when I active blocking of numbers, it also changes my alpha characters to numbers, i.e. the letters j, k, l become 1,2,3 and you, i, o become 4,5,6.

Satellite A300 - 1 DG: where to find drivers for Win 7 x 64

Hello I have Windows 7 x 64 by MSDN. Now I'm looking for drivers.Where can I find them? Toshiba Satellite A300-1 DGModel No. PSAJ4E

FWIW, 10.11.2 OSX update available

To anyone interested, OS X 10.11.2 popped up right on the Mac App Store. Also an update recovery El Capitan. No combo or again separated in charge of the download site.

Lack of choice on the part of Facebook

Installed at el capitan and now Facebook lack a choice of share to send photos or videos.

Somehow, word, excel and powerpoint have been REMOVED from my office

Okay, I don't know how - but the entire programming of word, powerpoint and excel have all were removed from my office. And no, I'm not kidding. And no, I'm not stupid; I don't really know how it happened.I was looking at the different programs insta

Impossible to uninstall AVG antivirus program

This is the error message that appears when I try to uninstall AVG Antivirus: installation of the local machine Installation failure: error: Action for key registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows: creation of the registry

space available on C: dr

I made my biggest disk, the partition C:, windows tells me I am low on disk space, but I 30 000 space.when Mo I go into the virtual memory in the system, says drive c: 18045 mb available space. can of space (18045) changed? E-mail address is removed

Error: Insert the CD into the CD player when trying to burn disc Windows Media Player

Original title: cannot burn music from WMP. Try to burn music from Windows Media Player, does not drive D: burn: A cd I burned another computer, read in my drive D: as "CD ROM".  But I got a 'blank' CD - R in drive D: and it has not recognized - msg

Problem with using Windows 8 SD card reader

I have a desktop HP Pavilion H3V97AA #ABG, no model 8 p6 - 2304 has Windows running. How to view photos on an SD card using windows 8.  When the SD card is put in the drive, it does not open automatically, and I can't find a way to do it.  There is n

I have access to the internet, yet my browsers don't is not loading.

So I have a problem with my load of browsers. Last night, I opened Google Chrome and the pages started to load, my BitDefender Antivirus, notified me that it had removed a potential virus. As he did, my browser stopped loading. I've refreshed and got