Everytime I open Firefox I get a message: "an attempt to change your home page has been blocked" and firefox crashes

Everytime I open Firefox I get a message: "an attempt to change your home page has been blocked" and firefox crashes.I unintalled (on my MAC) and reinstalled twice. Makes no difference. Any suggestions?

Suddenly cannot enter anything into some empty search fields, drop-down menus does not and javascript popups freeze randomly. WTH?

I noticed a few things randomly does not not on my computer in the last month or two, and I have tried everything I can think to figure out what it is... still have not thought about it yet. Examples - I was on ebay and the tracking number, I clicked


My ipad is off, how do I reboot it

CC email

Is there a way of cc and emails from British Colombia on the Meadow?

C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC. NT? What is c?

Greetings! I am trying to install a program/game on my VISTA, but this window appears, stating that "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\AUTOEXEC. NT file system is missing... " How can I replace the file or else install this program/game?  Currently, I believe that

To look at question 6 with folders

The old folder is in; C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator.STUDY\Administrator\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\ {F96A58C9-9C77-491E-A6E0-FE373539DCCE} \Microsoft\Outlook Express The new files are loacted in: C:\Program Files\Outlook Exp

Office automatic however, patch cumulative for Activex killbitts for windows XP (KB2736233) has failed. error code is 0 x 80070017

During an office automatic however, patch cumulative for Activex killbitts for windows XP (KB2736233) has failed.   error code is 0 x 80070017... How to fix this?     He tells me that the installation failed, and when I close it, it asks me to instal

J4540 all in 1 print cartridge problem

Solve the problem of ink cartridge (black) refer to the device display States documentationto - nothing is blocked. stop it, has released the plug, replaced the cartridge - any thoughts?-thank you.

Cannot start the various services of the system; "Error 5: access is denied."

While the usual game of services configured to start automatically, they, well, aren't... And trying to make em start manually translates "access denied" or "dependency service or group could not start" error. Only a small handful of load on their ow

Basic embroidery software PED by Brother Sewing machine "Help windows system" only is not supported

I downloaded and tried to install the patch (. Windows6 0-KB917607-x 64.msu) on Vista Ultimate SP2 64 bit and it says this update is not necessary for my system, but when I try to access it using a window opens and says go here and this, install the

E520 OSD for missing volume

I ran the Lenovo update program and got a bunch of system updates.  Now my OSD for volume does not work.  Any ideas? Thank you.

Samsung series 7 Slate PC - upgrade to windows 10 and battery performance

Hello Currently, I own a Samsung slate PC with windows 7 and have used for more than three years now. Even if it is a versatile tool, I always found that its battery life is very poor. Does anyone know if windows 10 is more efficient energy than wind

TLSIOException with reason '0' and no trace of the stack on the WiFi

Hello I am downloading a file via SSL. On most devices, the file is transmitted without any problem. Probably 20% of devices, transmission of files fails with a TLSIOException with no trace of the stack and no message. The execution of TLSException.g

BBM where bbm pulls notification sounds of?

Hi on my s3 when I opened the bbm and choose a sound it only shows that a few not all my sounds notification someone knows why this is? Thank you :-)

JavaScript TimeZone (GMT offset) work is not on the BB Torch

Hi Blackberry Admins & developers I work for a software company which, among other things, develop HTML5 apps for mobile platforms. We use a handheld device Blackberry Torch 9800, original carrier of the phone is vodafone. However, we use WiFi instea

How tdo I add a device supported in the supplier portal?

Hello 'Potential' user of ours sent me an email saying that it was not able to download our application to his BlackBerry "BOLD". He'll be back to me with the exact model number. We support only 4 models of "BOLD" from now (not touch ones). In fact,

I would like to print envelopes on my 8600 officejet n911a a7.

There is not a "custom" menu drop down size option. I've owned a lot of HP printers and always been able to do this.   I use windows xp, word 2007 Thank you very much for your help!

How to unlock locked blackBerry 9000 SFR smartphones?

Hi all! I have huge problem - I need to unlock my old blackberry Bold 9000. I got it when I lived in France, but now use another operator in other countries. And my new blackberry is stolen, and I have to use an old. How can I get the unlock code? I

With a dynamic IP address DMVPN spoke

A DMVPN Hub-and-Spoke scenario. Hub is in HQ Corporate whileSpokes are based on Internet only. No idea how I could establish peering relationship if the rays are assigned dynamic IP address? He should learn via PNDH? I wonder how Zero Touch (ZTD) dep