Messages on my macbook has stopped working

I have a MacBook Pro retina 13 "Early 2015 running OS X El Capitan v10.11.6 Last night my iPhone has been automatically removed no conceivable reason to my secure devices.   As advised I changed my password and it reinstated.   However, since Message

I downloaded Firefox 24.0 for Mac, but the websites read like Firefox 14.0. How can I fix it?

For some reason, a number of Web sites (for example, NovoEd web site for a MOOC) tell me that Firefox is not updated, and a web site said I was using Firefox 14.0, even if this is not what we call the file on my computer. In fact, by reading my compu

How to adjust shared video memory - R10/R600 teacher of Win7 32-bit size

Hello I use two laptops in the business - R600 and R10. Both with Intel 4500 graphics card and shared video memory. Both win Windows 7 Professional 32 bit. In both cases the system of reserve 1 159 MB of video memory. As I do not play no matter what

Satellite Pro L850 1DR - problems with Windows 7 update KB2887069

I have problems to install the KB2887069 update. It seems to install OK... prompt me to restart... when I do it, says it configures... GETS to 7%, then starts rebooting... watch it configures again... up to 7 or 9%... and then reports it is defect an

How to restore the information bar that shows the prevention of opening a pop-up window?

After Firefox open the InfoBar telling me they have blocked a pop-up window I inadvertently clicked on the link option and delete the new coming information bar.How to restore the information bar that shows the prevention of opening a pop-up window?

Satellite Pro U400: Is it possible to automatically turn on webcam

Is it possible to activate the webcam automatically face a silent picture when you start the laptop without the user knowing? Laptop: Satellite Pro U400Windows XP. Thank you.

Re: Satellite L450D - 13 X - is it normal that the wireless light will be red?

I recently bought a Satellite L450D - 13 X laptop and have just noticed that the led of the wireless system is red.I have a 100% a good range wireless connectivity using my BT home hub v2a.Is it normal that the wireless light will be red, or should i

DVD - R can't read my DVD-ROM on Satellite A40

I don't know what is my DVD-Rom capabilities or something wrong. I updated the firmwire, installed powerdvd and tried video and data DVD-R, but nothing happened. When I put the DVD the DVD - ROM trying to read for a minute then the light remains fore

keyboard and touchpad not working not

Hello I hava a HP pavilion touchsmart sleekbook 14-b133tx laptop running windows 8 and is still under warranty because of a defective touchscreen. A few days ago my touchpad does not work correctly. When I tap the touchpad, it's a richt click and whe

I missed something on my Droid Turbo?

I got my Droid Turbo less than a week. I only had to load it 3 times. I'll wait until he gets to 10%, to plug my charger and it took 1,5-2 hours to load 100%.15 minutes?

How to save the program to Flash diving

My netbook has no cd player. How can I return/copy of program mechanic IOLO system on a flash drive to use on my netbook?

How can I get filtering alternative for Windows XP?

Replacement of Windows XP CD Hi to all I need reformat my Pc, but I broke my Windows Home SP2 OEM CD, I still have my cd can Microsoft key send me a new CD?

My documents access denied

Hello, since I've reinstalled my Windows XP, I can't access old "Documents" folder where I have all my picturs, videos, etc. Whenever I click on the folder, I get a message "access denied." Is it possible to get there somehow?

I can't run a sweep of security on the computer.

Original title: Security Scan does not work I tried to run a Security Scan.  I get the download bar that shows 100% download so he said start scanning PC, a few seconds later, which disappears and nothing is scanned or loaded.  How do the scan to com

When I try to use transfer of files on my Windows Vista machine, I get an error saying that "this update is not available."

I have a new Win 7 laptop and want to transfer the files from my old Vista laptop. Recently I used Easy Transfer and a USB cable to do this on a machine for the wife swap so I know it works. However, when you try to load transfer them easily on my Vi

Printer keeps printing a blank cover page - don't want

My printer is a HP LJ 3050 all in one.  "In the preferences of the printer, the" Paper/quality"tab shows that under"special pages", I ask"covers"so many pages printed on different paper."  I don't know how these choices got there, don't want and can'

DIMM ERR appears in the system BIOS System Information

I have a new FM066UT #ABA z400.  I received the additional memory from Crucial.  When I installed the DIMM in slot 2 was defective.   I went there with slot 4 and it was also defective in this market niche.  They replaced and I installed today.  Now

Not found Windows 7 OS loader.

I have my windows 7 Dell Inspiron. It does not start, so I tried a one-hour startup repair. I watched the Microsoft article, but I don't have a dvd to boot from. So now I have to try to get to the boot options by pressing f8, but that only led to the

Smartphones blackBerry "BOLD" numbering option is wrong language - how can I change

Hello I have a "BOLD" and the auto-numbering feature (left button) is the Dutch language updates No idea how to change that? Someone talked about some software that I need to download, but I don't know where I get it.  And navigate to the file on my

BlackBerry Smartphones Blackberry Curve... switching on Bluetooth

Hi all... y at - it a shortcut to turn on Bluetooth [only for when I'm driving] without going into the 'options' > 'bluetooth' and could hurt if I left Bluetooth enabled all the time? see you soon