My phone transferred to my husbands phone number

I got a new iphone 7 so I gave my husband my iphone 6.  I have deleted my old phone and implemented as if it was new to using its backup to icloud.  He moved all his photos, contacts and all, but it uses my phone instead of number.

Thoshiba Tecra S1 DVD player

I have new hardware and installed Windows2000Prof. My problem is:After that a starting the computer from the cd-rom station (now Z) does not see the files on the CD-ROM drive. After the suppression in addition (new material) the CD-ROM driver it stil

HP Envy dv6 CTO - 7300 Quad ed.: Simplepass mainly work - Can t Open Settings

When I try to open Simplepass via click right (so I can change the settings), software startup screen briefly appears, then disappears. I've never up until I can slide finger (log or manually) to change the settings. All other Simplepass functions se

Please help me guys! No external screen and record Charlotte? hard drive is ok!

Hello I have problem whit a macbook pro mid 2012. I bought it used. The screen was black when I had lines Pentecost inverted on the screen. I managed to change the backlight fuse so now it lights up Pentecost inverted colored lines. At first I could

DEH-P9800BT & P1610 & bluetooth stack V7

Hello.I have a problem during the upgrade to the latest version of the bluetooth stack.I would like to ask for your help. Before you begin, let me explain my bluetooth environment.----------------------------------------------------------------------

How to select Favorites with the command key

I recently installed El Capitan on Mavericks and with him came to 9, Safari, which seems to have lost a feature I used. IIRC, the key command followed by a number from 1 to 9, would go directly to this favorite. For example, I had Google and Wikipedi

HP Photosmart 5520 e-print: printing with my project problem

I had a document that I scanned and I wanted to print it. The original size is 5 X 7 and I want to print at 8 X 10.  He printede very well, but when I printed it he left a border on my the sixe 5 X 7 original work. How can I get rid of this border so

F4140 HP all-in-one will save not scanned

I wonder if someone can help me with my scanner.  My OS is Windows 7.  It's an HP f4140 all-in-one, connected to my laptop Aspire 5251.  The last time I used the scaqnner somewhat successfully, it wouldn't let me save a document of any kind except as

How do you reduce the sound of the main traits?

My husband often complains about the noise of my computer when I strike the keys.  No matter how sweet I try to type, it's still a lot of noise.  Is there a setting somewhere that would allow me to reduce the volume or activate completely disable whe

Canon optura 50 on HDTV playback

I connected my camcorder to my new Samsung 55 inch HD TV.  I also have a DVD and the bar of its connected to this unit.  When reading a tape, the sound passes by, but the picture is black and white.  The camcorder display video playback in color.  I

I can't remove photos from the Gallery

I can't delete photos in the gallery.  I tap on the photo and can't find anything that relates to remove.  I CHANGE, but there is no deletion.  Thank you

Windows XP Pro Edition Blade installation

I recently bought a c7000 enclosure brocante blade Hp filled with 16 xw460c Blade (all wiped hard drives), all the blades have windows xp professional Blade edition COST, but I can't seem to find xp pro edition installation blade anywhere to buy? Can

Cannot open applications. All open them with Notepad

Most of my programs on windows xp opens as a Notepad.  I tried to do a system restore, but a Notepad window appears.  How can I get my computer back to normal?

Mysterious user account appeared in the Administrators group - should I remove it?

I recently noticed that a user account has been done on my computer in the Administrators group.  The account name is a random combination of 12 characters of letters, and I know that I did not. In addition, no one else was using my computer. What is

The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000007b). Click OK to close the application.

I can't use my shortcut on my desktop, or go to the website to log into my hotmail account

Error starting 3

original title: error starting My computer just started this doing. any ideas on how to solve this problem?  with 3 error loading key

Q5 icons blackBerry email accounts screen

I unloaded two department heads and the icons do not appear in the screen. How do I create an icon on the screen for each e-mail account? Is it possible?Thank you.If possible answer in SpanishPedrulo

"Play to" option for files mp4 with subtitles

HelloI turned on media streaming to read WMP video to my TV. When I right click on a file .avi, the "Play To" option is available. (1) how to turn on the option 'Play To' for mp4 files?(2) how to turn on the subtitles of the movie when I use the opti

Facebook and blackBerry Smartphones blackberry app world really slow down or do not work

Hi I have a new 1 month blackberry curve 9300 6.0 bundle 1879 worm Since the 21st off may I have had these errors on the application of face book it is really slow or sometimes does not connect to all the on the blackberry app world, it too

Is there a way to look at the photos from the camera on the surface?

I tried to connect my camera to the USB port on the Surface to see what would happen. Open File Manager, so apparently the device recognizes the camera as a disk, but not as a camera. When I clicked on a single photo, the Photo app opens and displays