Phone will not longer automatic locking, no matter what time, I put

My phone is no longer auto-lock. I set to auto power off after 30 seconds, but it will not lock.  He never asks a password or my thumb print more.  I can use my left index finger, for example, to wake and slide to unlock.  Don't never request for pas

Recovery partition, lost the Satellite C870D

You will need to run the recovery procedure but lost the partition on the hard drive. Given that the product key is stored in the BIOS/UEFI, I wonder if I can use the iso provided by Microsoft 8.1 + drivers posted on the Toshiba site.Is this possible

Redemption card Itunes abroad?

Hello Currently, I own a Japanese itunes account and use it exclusively because of the specific content in the Japan I can get. I used to live in the Japan, this is why I have a Japanese account in the first place, but now I'm in the United Kingdom.

How can I change my apple for ICloud ID?  I just upgraded to El Capitan and the old apple ID keeps and does not allow me to change it.

I changed my Apple ID some time last year.  I installed my MacBook Pro at El Capitan and now ICloud is coming with the old apple id and I don't know how to change it.  Can someone tell me how to make this work, you?

HP Pavilion G6 management password!

80668802 is the code, it gave me after not getting the code just the first 3 times. Nobody knows how to help

TEMPRO displays guaranteed non-registered in the toshiba site it is!

TEMPRO shows my warranty status as not registered.Toshiba Product Registration website is my inscription normally... The only difference is that on the site web Toshiba warranty registration as model No. my part number, it is my warranty normallyAlso

Need driver for Satellite A210 - 12Z PSAEGE

Hi people, I need your help. I'm looking to WinXP Driver for this laptop but found nothing of Toshiba. I tried to install the Omegadrivers for display and the VIA Allinone Driver package for the chipset, but it does not work. Can anyone tell chipset

Satellite A105-S361 - temperature of the processor to get high and it shuts

I have Satellite A105-S361 and look like that get high CPU temperature and she off-ramp of the aircraft. I downloaded temperature some monitoring tools, but none can read the temperature of the processor on this unit. Sometimes, what's the problem?

Need to update firmware for drive HDDVD of Satellite P200

I bought my P200 - 17 c, 3 months ago. I tried to update my Firmware apparent more later (TO35).However I can't because I don't have any other installed TO33/TO34. After checking my FW version is TO04! ???? How can I get previous versions so I can up

Broadband for iPad pro because there is no slot for broadband on my iPad air

How can I get my broadband sim card I use on my iPad Air to work on my iPad pro because it has a slot for Sim Card

Difficulty finding display pavilion dv6 6190se driver

I have a pavilion dv6 6190se and I can't find an update of the display driver in HP support and when I download the update from the AMD website, it does not. This site was last updated is v8.882 and I can't stand win8 and it goes back to 2011-11-18.

Drag and drop in a listbar

Hello Do you know if it is possible to catch the event drag-and - déposer in an ActivX listbar and swallow it? Kind regards Julien

The absolute wierdest thing I've ever seen

I have 3 printers M602. The complaint came in that they have very slow printing. If the network cable is plugged into them, you cannot navigate the menu. If you do not have it plugged into your Tin. If the network cable is plugged in, they take 20 to

15 - r110na: enter the password of administrative or power on password

I received a message on my phone after using it not for a week after an administrative password. A message more later said there was a system disabled with the following code: 51803013. Could you please help me with this so I can get into my laptop p

Route of the different IP addresses

I have multiple IP addresses for a virtual server that is running Windows Server R2 2012 and I was wondering if anyone knew any software or all methods to deliver on a different IP address every time that I want. Thank you.

I get all my emails from my live account.

E Mail lost in space Hi, I have an e mail * address email is removed from the privacy * it has been blocked by MSN because it said that someone can use it to send lots of spam through my system.  I had to reset and renew my e mail and password and it

Why am I unable to cc or e-mail myself?

I can't not pulled out me look express email and can't cc myself when sending an email. How can I in this problem? I get e-mails from other people.

Motion detection interval

WVC80N.  I set the delay from the time between motion detection interval to 0.  Tests, it took usually more than 5 or 6 minutes before the camera detects again.  I put it to 1 minute and it would detect after 1 minute interval.  How can I do this '0'

How can you downloand i tunes playlist for flash player

I want to download my music to I plug to a flash drive Can you help me Thank you