photos for my zte phone

I just received my touch phone zte and I went to take some pictures with her and she asked if I wanted to be saved in the photo or Gallery place and I accidentally pressed pictures and I wanted them to go to the Gallery instead so, how do I fix?

How to get rid of Comodo Research Mobile FF?

I have mobile Firefox and eveytime I go to the search bar, the search engine it uses is this comodo called a terrible. I checked my apps and my extensions, and there is nothing there. I also tried to install a fixer of search Google from the addons b

Operating system preinstalled on all new Satellite C850 - 14 c is in Finnish

It is a strange problem. My brother has recently ordered a new laptop C850 - 14 c and it arrived by mail direct from the warehouse. When it out of the box, she had a UK Plug and a UK keyboard (we are in England), but when it was starting up it was al

Crash to the iMac

OS X Yosemite / 10.10.5 / 2.7 GHz/8 GB 100 MHz DDR3 / 999,35 GB of capacity (890.43 is used) Start the computer to crash last week at least once a day. No changes were made to the system in addition to 3 months. Most of the accidents of time occurred

Peripheral Bluetooth is not listed in Windows mobile stuff Center

HelloI installed the latest driver Bluetooth of Vista on my laptop (426 P100) and I have not even a connection with my cell phone. Unfortunately I'm not able to use this connection with the Center for devices windows mobile. If I click on the Bluetoo

Cannot install the update froyo for a Singapore bike challenge using SSM

Hi all I have a defy (no blurring) bike that I bought in Singapore. Now I'm in India. My network is airtel. When I connect the phone via USB and run the update of the software of bike it shows available and downloaded the update. After that he asked

Nugget weakly Darin - 04/01/11

Lately we missed our weekly dose of useful information you need to know from an insider of NOR.  To help with this vacuum, I offer you a weekly dose of useless information that you should forget about an outsider of NOR.  Without further ADO, here is

15 af000ur: 15 - af000ur RAM

Hello. Tell me please, can I add 1x2Gb or 1x4Go RAM in this notebook? Thank you.

Fallout 3 stops working after the computer wakes from sleep

Since the games for Windows Live 3 is out, Fallout 3 has never been the same. He used to work at best my GfWL and now her nightmare. Recently, after that I quit the game and put my computer to sleep, Fallout 3 will stop working completely after wake

How can I change the MotoBlur account, the phone uses?

If I swap two phones Atrix, I suppose swapping SIM cards will not change the MotoBlur account that each phone is configured for. So, how do we change what MotoBlur account an Atrix connects to?

8500 HP OFFICE JET PRO 8500 A909n error: B87126D0, unit will not turn off or print

I'm having the same problem as described by others, "error of 8500 HP B87126D0, unit not turn off or print. I followed all the instructions from documeneted on this thread. I also replaced the power Module, in the hope that would solve my problem. I

How can I restore my old programs after a reinstall of Windows Vista?

I received advice from Error 80070426 trying to update Windows.  For months. and I followed the instructions to back up my data and reinstall Windows Vista Home premium on my computer.  Well, now I will try to find all my old programs and restore all

Vista SP2 not allowing not Internet connection

I recently installed the new windows vista sp2. Now, I did that I was not able to connect to a wireless network and the internet sometimes decides to work when it is connected through the LAN. I went back to sp1, and now it is fine. does anyone else

HP printer does not work

Hi I have a HP printer which was working but since moved the computer will not reconise the USB port and also told me that I need to down load new drivers I have always the same prob that printer works fine on the laptop with XP please help

Windows 10 votes against 7, lost all existing emails

I use windows live mail 2011.  recently upgraded to windows 10 and hated for various reasons.  my existing email went through fine.  I decided after a week of return to windows 7.  Once completed the "downgrade", all existing emails in all folders (s

Avoid the popup on click ButtonField

Hey guys, rite, I've been looking for centuries now, and the problem I have is that I can't seem to stop the popup to appear, I looked through the forums and although there are a lot of things tell me how to do it, none of them seem to actually tell

OpenDNS to power of fire included?

Hello can you please give a clue if OpenDNS feature is included in the software Cisco firepower? Or in other words: does make sense to have the internet to inspect with SourceFire and also configured OpenDNS feature traffic? Thank you in advance! Kin

Best way to upload images files to a server

Hello developers! I ve developed a picture of sotores wich App of the cam on the SD card. Now, I want to store that the images (jpeg files) on a server instead. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to do it? Thak you for your advice! Jose

Calendar of Smartphones blackBerry (BB 8310) alert

I'm new to the family of BB, and I'm still learning about all the features - Holy Moly! I LOVE that it is so easy for me to carry my calendar with me, and that my calendar will shout "Hey, it's time for this meeting."  Only my calendar seems to be si

Windows 7: make a right click does not work and sliders moving to voluntarily

Hello. Until these two options, I want just to say I have swapped/changed my mouse without success AND I tried to restore to an earlier point. My computer won't let me not make a right-click in the installed software (what is Microsoft looks good, bu