How is it that my iPod Shuffle will not connect to my radio?

How is it that my iPod Shuffle will not connect to my radio?

How to remove the list of sites that I went to? I can't delete them. You know the address I want to.

The LONG list of sites that I like Ebay.comor, you know "address." I like a list of 15 that used to go, I click on the little box that is next to each address and he just sent me here. Or he is highlighted in light blue, then zip it to me

My Alcatel One Touch fire does not send more than 34 characters per SMS to another person, but write a message to myself works. How can this be repaired?

I tried this twice, the only two the first 34 characters were sent. For an SMS 160 characters are a normal size for a SMS.Noone has posted this question again (at least I have not found anything), if this can be a problem with my phone or is it reall

Impression of eFax with Officejet 6700

I was told that there is an APP for Efax for the printer. However, not that you have Connect HP, you cannot access the HPePRINTcenter where the application is supposed to be. Now, none of the applications on my printer are available as the printer sa

Toshiba 32TL963 - menu of image size

Hello In the "Image size" menu (access by button or via the Quick Menu), I need to press the "OK" button to select one of the formats in the list.But shortly before (I think) while stressing the format was enough to change the TV picture, press the O

blurs when I highlight text and start typing

When I highlight a text I tried to tell the google search bar and proceed to start typing first letter e, the I type ends appear after all the other letters. For example I'm going to highlight a Word and try to type the word "concrete". But it will c

Authorizing with multiple accounts

I was wondering if I ban a computer and then he later reauthorize, all my data back? And if I can get 2 different accounts authorized on 1 computer?

C315 Kodak printer-documents coming out blank

I have problems with my printer. If I send a document to my Kodak C315 to print out blank? Moved from feedback Original title: printer problems


What is driven to the WSUS configuration to work with WePOS 1.1?

I have a problem with my Sims 3 game on my studio15 dell.

OK, my mother made me a studio 15 Dell for my birthday in September. and I bought the sims 3 in June. and I wanted to wait to play on my studio 15 Dell. So, I had my laptop and now sims 3 dosen't work with my laptop. I went on to

Get the password error when you try to reinstall Microsoft money

After the failure of an upgrade of windows 8, I had to reinstall Vista. I reinstalled Money sunset and then tried to restore my data. I can connect and start the money with my money the password. When I try to restore my data, it is said "money (my a

Significant problems with the wrt 160n and an apple device.

I just bought a new apple ipod touch 4g unit and for the life of me I can't it to connect to my network whne it is in safe mode. If I reset or if I reboot my wrt160n I can get the apple device to connect to the linksys beautiuflly in unsecured mode,

I have windows Vista Home Basic, but my system was infected by viruses as recyclebin, System Volume Information. Wat to do how to get rid of this...

Dear friends, (1) I have the windows Vista Home Basic, but my system was infected by viruses as recyclebin, System Volume Information. Wat to do how to get rid of it. (2) I want to format my laptop, but the problem is that I'm not having Windows Vist

Keyboard / BIOS problem

Keyboard / BIOS problem 1. when I turn on my computer the active keyboard light came blink and after this the keyboard keys do not work, I'm not go to CMOS Setup by pressing on * F10 key and not saving changes pressing on * F1. And the main thing is

latest v7 vs v8 vs v9 firmware?

Hello: I have 3 boxes of PS6110, all running V7.1.11.  I see that there are 3 available different updates: V7.1.14V8.1.6V9.0.3 How to choose which one I should go with?  Why go with V7 vs vs V8 V9? Eric Raskin (eraskin at sign paslists dot com)

New Compellent

I add a new HDS to my existing VMware environment, connected to an EMC Bay.  Can I zone to the compellent to existing HBA adapters used for EMC?

Comfort Curve 3000 keyboard and Intellitype

I just bought a Microsoft Comfort Keyboard 3000 and was assuming that it works with the Microsoft Intellitype software. However, Intellitype 8.2 does not have a Microsoft USB keyboard (the CC3000 is a Microsoft USB keyboard). The Comfort Curve 3000 d

Cannot reserve port 5060

Hi guys! Try to set up static NAT to port 5060 and get an error "Unable to book port 5060" sip off inspection Cisco asa 5505

No function matching ERROR initializing SqlDataAccess

SqlDataAccess sda;// sda= new SqlDataAccess(homeDir.absoluteFilePath("testDatabase.db")); Hi, I have an error with this code. It is said: no match for the call function to' bb::data :qlDataAccess:qlDataAccess()' Any ideas please? Thank you

OS 6 universal search service, how to pronounce on the choice?

Hi guys,. I use OS6 9800 simulator, I am successfully able to publish the results to universal search services, but do not know how to act when the user select or click on a particular result. does anyone know how to act when the user 'click' on a pa