I'm looking for archived bookmarks

in the folder mozilla_profile, created by the "Copy Profile 1.1" module additional (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/android/addon/copy-profile)

device will not go up

My hd 2 t will not go up how do I mount it? I have a mac os el capitan

Fire FTP: I've already saved a copy of my websites to back up. Now, I want to update my pages web my backup but I want to ignore pages that have not changed

When I move the files from server to local file, I wonder for each existing file, if I want to replace the existing file. There are hundreds of pages. How do I define FireFTP to check the size of the file or its last modification date without my watc

Will not appear cloud TV

In the last two days the menu TV Cloud will appear not on my screen. Whenever I push the "home" button, nothing happens. It worked fine three days ago, but yesterday and today, it does not appear. I get a small white dot in the upper left corner, tel

Satellite Pro A60-832: sometimes the OS starts without sound and modem

Hello I have a problem with my Satellite Pro A60-832. Everything works perfectly, but sometimes my system starts without sound. When this happends, modem also does not work. After reboot, everything works well again. I integrate Windows XP Pro SP2, b

Computer HP mini 1001TU enter current password.

Hello I need help, my hp mini 1001TU cheack Password failed Fatal error... System stopped CNU844617M. I thank.

Satellite C - wireless switching power

Well, after two weeks of trying to find out how to get on my new Toshiba wireless I actually diiscovered how. I did everything I could and even followed the instructions via Config tree, and also what a few posters were posted on these forums and als

Problem with MAT * a feature UJ - 831S on Satellite M40-232

Hello I have a problem with the CARPET * a DVD-RAM UJ - 831S (firmaware 1.40 / Microsoft 5.1.2535.0 driver) installed on an M40-232... reading and writing on CD - R, CD - RW, DVD - R, DVD - RW does not work.If I use an original disc it works well (fo

How can I reorder cards in Apple pay?

On my iPhone, 6 + I can rearrange my cards to pay Apple and define a default map. Yet, I have to find a way to do the same thing on my Apple Watch (watch OS 2.0.1) the card I want to be the default value is the 3rd added card so I spend twice to get

RFSG - generate Modulation DTMF

PXI: 5670 RF Vector Signal Generator 2.7 GHz (5621 ARB and 5610 Upconverter) 5421 ARB My goal is to generate a modulated signal - dual-tone with 90 Hz and 150 Hz carrier modulation of 300 MHz.  It was built with examples of how to include the two ton

TestStand 2010 supports windows 7, 64 bit?

NI TestStand 2010 does support Windows 7, 64 bit?

Programmatically, create a multi-channel DaqMX task

Is there a way to create a task of multichannel DaqMX programmatically, without having a task to copy?

Sound on HP Pavilion DV8320US laptop problems

Separated from this thread. All basic remedies have been tried. Device Manager indicates that it I have works correctly. It has happened and I had to pay $35.00 someone make a few changes to the registry.  I would like that well know what the changes

Code 80072efd error so... sick can not install updates!

Don't know how to solve this problem and have traveled any suggestions to fix it.  I tried 'netsh winhttp reset proxy', but it just says "proxy is direct.  I have also been using internet Protocol version 4, but it just shows the IP address and DNS s

Problem green screen during playback of videos in my A7000

Hello I have a problem that has a green screen shows instead of the video the sound of the video is good, but I only see a green screen even the camera does not work! and when I restart the device in the part that it shows the lenovo sign when it's a

Why the recent updates to Windows are close my IBM ThinkPad without warning? Help, please!

Since I installed the latest Windows updates on my IBM ThinkPad (belongs to the office, one for me), the computers have decided to stop randomly without warning and without closing programs.  It happened first in the portable desktop computer and I t

How read a file WPS that was created by processing, what software or hardware do I need to be able to read it, it was sent to me by email

tried to open it with adobe reader, it did not work and now when I download it again he keeps trying to open it with adobe reader, he was sent to me by email

Use email and Excel

I have a problem with the help of an email address in my Excel spreadsheet with the names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. I want to be able to just go to my e-mail column and clk on email, but it will not work. Gives me a window with "Cannot per

Unable to send an email to Craigslist

I tried to send a response to buy tires from Craigslist and this is the error message, how can I fix it? The host 'SMTP' could not be found. Please check that you have entered the server name correctly.' Object ' 4 QUAD/GOLF CART TIRES - $100 (OROVIL