Wrong emails attachments

My camera sent me two photos of any activity that they detect. When I opened the attachments, they are old photos of the past months. It started right after that 10 updated iOS. I have an old 3GS and some android devices that everything works correct

credit card declined still even after paying

I make my payment with another card to my pending purchase but I want to go back to my old account, but he writes payment refused even though I have make all my payment what should I do to repeat my previous card viable?

blocked 46 iPod unsynchronized different id, what do I do?

My iPod is locked for 24 million minutes. It is not synchronized and data account of another person. I don't want to wait for 46 years. What should I do?

G6-1103sg: no sound after upgrade Windows 10

Hello yesterday, I upgraded my g6-1103sg to windows 10 pavilion. After that the sound card is available, but there is no audio output. I tried to uninstall drivers and reinstall, but it did not help Can someone help me?

Satellite M45-S169 - Sonic v.7.31 cannot burn DVDs more

I am using a v.7.31 Sonic Record now prepackaged on my Satellite M45-S169 for three years now.I was able to copy DVDs using this software.Until recently, it burns more. What's most frustrating is that space of memory on a blank dvd just exhausted onc

I have problem with my Apple Watch image burn just swop the watch again today and put in place and it does the same thing on the new watch

It's my second Apple Watch with the same problem. I'll send a picture off what it looks like. This watch is new today 21 February 2016 after I change my original I got on December 27, 2015 /

Qosmio F10-103, Unmountable_ boot_ volume... What can I do?

HelloI have a Qosmio F10-103.One day there is the blue page withwriting "Unmountable_ boot_ volume"appeared!What can I do?I have red on some forums that it (could) bea hard disk problem and thatI could fix the cpu using theboot Windows xp CD, copying

Will FCPX work with my old MacBook Pro?

I have a MacBook Pro 13 ", with OS 10.11.3 2011 end. I used FCPStudio, until I upgraded. You are looking for a simple, but more robust than iMovie editing. FCPX works on my machine? Slowly, I guess. THX.

Re: Portege R500 - slow start when no network

Hello We have several laptops from Toshiba Portege R500 used by mobile workers.When they are in the Office that they start fine (connected to the network). But when not connected to the network, they take several minutes to start up to the logon scre

El Capitan - no USB power after waking from sleep

MBP 13 (2015) 10.11.2 OSX When to wake up my MBP of sleep, the USB ports are not powered.  I have to reset to get my keyboard midi and audio DAC to work.I confirmed this only happens on El Capitan by restoring my machine to the latest Yosemite backup

HELP-my x120e is stuck in a boot loop - without reach the bios logo

Hello world I hope to explain clearly what is my (BIG) problem with my x120e. Yesterday, I noticed a strange behavior on my bios. I tried to make some changes for example. Switching fn with ctrl key, which allows the charger usb, or AMD - V technolog

Restore the files backed up before recovery

Had a problem with my Pavilion 6550z and to make a recovery.  Choose "Backup" my files before recovery and he has saved 4 DVDs of data.  Now I have the installer and win7 back.  But do not know how to restore my files?  I tried going into Control Pan

ProBook 455 G2: updating Win 7 to win 8.1

Hello. Recently became proud owner of HP Probook. It has Win 7 Professional 64 installed. But the information has indicated that "available through Windows 8.1 Pro download rights. This reads like the wrong way as my HP laptop came with Win 7 Pro alr

Printer HP Photosmart all in one printer scanner

I can not get this camera to be my default printer.  It has been disconnected for a while and now has the yellow!.    I can get a different default printer but it is not what is wanted.

How can I stop my computer freezes during disk defragment?

When you try to run Disk Defragmenter, my pc freezes when defragmentation is 3%, on the c:\windows\system32\wucltui.dll.MUI file. I downloaded the software Microsoft Fix It, which stopped the computer freezes during the compression of the files old d

How to router wrt330 speed limits

Hi I have a problem with the other roommate taking too high speed while I play mmo and they video streaming. Is there a way to limit their speed?

Digitization of slides to my computer

A friend gave me their printer Photosmart C7180... when I attach the USB it does not install the printer but when I chode 'film' to scan the slides, I do not give me a 'computer' choice... What do I do?

Unable to open Excel 2007

I'm unable to open excel 2007 files on the desktop in Windows vista, please give me the solution for this problem.

Orientation of the storm?

There are messages here on this subject; Apparently, they have been removed. It looks like the information on the direction of the storm should be available via the AccelerometerData and related objects.  However, it seems that they are not fully imp