Icloud mail and Outlook 2016

I can't authenticate on icloud mail using outlook 2016 mac.  This just started about 3 months ago.  Does anyone else have this problem?  I have the latest version of outlook installed.  I'm on OS 10.11.6.  I can access access icloud mail through the

After the upgrade to Windows 10, my favorites appear for a second or two, and there is not enough time to scroll to the bookmark.

If I move quickly I get a bookmark highlighted. The bookmarks will be displayed without disappear, but if I touch the mouse on the laptop disappears from the list of bookmarks.Thank you. Ron

The music stops playing the explicit elements?

While listening to an audio book, music app stop to play it says is explicit. I chose 'Allow' and it does not start play again, it just temporarily let me replay the book before she stops some time later. I checked my limitations, and they aren't yet

L70-B-126 Toshiba supervisor password problem

Hi, I have a problem. My son has set a supervisor password and forget it. How can I fix the problem and restart the BIOS do not the remove battery? Thanks for help.

Pavilion Mini 300-050NP: components are HP Intel generic or twisted? No sales Assistant pilot what to install

I bought a Mini flag 300-050NP provided with windows 8.1 and I upgraded to 10. I had a lot of problems with drivers and honestly I don't know what to install and hence. Software update HP thingy insists that there is a laptop with the bad product, mo

FCPX fall images during playback w/new HW

Due to the increase in the performance issues of the PCF (lost frames during playback, FCPX gel) on my iMAC 2010 - I bought a new system, including storage in late 2015.  But I still have issues with FCPX, deletion of images during playback I would a

Equium P200 1IR installation Windows XP problem - drivers SATA

Nice day I'd like to know how to remove vista Toshiba model above and replace with win XP as HDD SATA refused to me. Your urgent response will be highly appreciated. Concerning kazeem

Easiest way to implement a network wide lock/semaphore

I was trying to think of a way to implement a network wide lock a semaphore. The application is that there are two computers on a network running TestStand. There is a common resource that one can use both. What is the best way to keep "up-to-date on

Icon of Internet Explorer redirects me to AOL

I write on behalf of the client. The icon of Internet Explorer on the desktop redirects me to AOL when I click it. I tried to download Internet Explorer 8, but it does not appear as an icon on my desktop. Please let know us what I need to do to corre

Disable conditional symbols & base development system

I use LabVIEW 8.0.1 Basic with Application Builder development system. I want to apply disable conditional for a code when running in the development environment. That one (TARGET_TYPE) symbol appears in the drop-down menu symbol selection. Symbols t

2829361 update fails to install with error 0x80070005 - Win XP SP3

KB2829361 Windows update fails to install with error 0x80070005 - Win XP SP3

can I recover my deleted from my Android phone text messages?

Hello, I deleted by mistake my text messages important to my phone when I help an Android manager tool on my acer labtop, I need to recover my deleted messages, I can? Someone said that it is still on my computer.

Delays at startup process

Whenever I start I check the Manager tasks and there are processes that do not load immediately, takes about 10 to 20 seconds or more for them to load and under users in the Task Manager, my profile is also delayed and does not show immediately. It's

My first computer user when I created the second user... Help! :(

Hello, I really ned a quick response... :/ So I created a second user yestarday, so I had them 2, after some time I switched user and then turned my pc of. Later when I went to loggn in my user to fir trees, I couldn't, because it was just possible t

I bought digital movies on a portable hard drive. They do not work on my new computer. How can I watch them?

The movies have been copied on my old pc.  I then transferred to a portable player.  When I try to watch them on my new pc, I wonder once again for the redemption code.  Many codes are expired.  Is the media rights information stored on my old comput

Error loading C:\Windows\icodonokecikotad.dll

On startup, I get a message window RUNDLL Error loading C:\Windows\icodonokecikotad.dll The specified module could not be found

CCC connect restart router.

Disconnection / connection to the CCC will restart router. After that some use it remains stable. Here again, reconnect causes device to restart. As I wrote earlier (http://homecommunity.cisco.com/t5/Cisco-Connect/Is-external-connection-to-CCC-unsecu

Photos entered from camera on computer memory card. The photos are in the image file

Tags used for the old pictures are still stored on computer.  These tags are most relevant.  I want to put the new tags on recent photos.  How the old tags are eliminated permanently so you do not have a long list of existing tags.

U2414H DVI and VGA

Hello My graphics card has only Hdmi, DVI and VGA ports, and I just bought 2 U2414H. As I knew that they have no VGA and DVI ports, I also bought adapters. Anyway, I can't get it to work. The graphics card does not recognize via VGA or DVI monitors.

SG500 slave - 52 52-Port Gigabit Managed Stackable Switch or backup?

Hello! I configured two switches SG500-52 52 - Port, one is configured as master, the other should be a slave, but says it's backup!. This configuration is correct? or I can go to slave? Thank you for your attention