iphon 7 preorder

So I just ordert my iphone 7 black 128 GB at 09:15 German time witch means 12:15 am we Westerners time on apple.com and my friend orderd it the same day at 12:00 and wehen I have when my phone will be delivert, it'll come 26 and my friend will get it

NO credit will be accepted

My portfolio apple refuses to add my credit card. The error code says "try again later or contact your issuer of the card for more information. He has worked since the new beta update.

Can do a clean "junk" of iPhones?

Is there a way to clean up "junk" to the iPhone for more storage?  My son said to use the battery doctor but the app there isn't available in our app store.  I can't complete updates on my phone because he repeats to me there is not enough room but m

Restore the Session bug - fails after erasing history

This happens sometimes in the past, but after the latest update of Firefox, it happens almost everytime. When I close the browser, I want to clear the history first. Also, before you remove history, I open a new empty tab and close tab old, just to m

Cannot install Intel graphic driver on Satellite Pro A40

Please could someone help me.I download the graphics driver updates for my computer toshiba laptop. The brand drivers are INTEL a. I downloaded the drivers from the site to intel. All the requiments that are correct are correct. When I went to instal

How to replace the hard drive internal on Satellite 2450?

Hello!Last month, after a BSOD displayed (I don't have the code of error message, unfortunately) my laptop decided to not work again.At the start, he reached the start menu and then displays a black screen... no message, no auto restart... nothing. J

How to save bookmarks automatically to "menu bookmarks" instead of "unsorted bookmarks" by Firefox?

When I click on the star to bookmark a Web page, it goes to "Unsorted Bookmarks", so I have to manually move in "Menu Boomarks", which is annoying. Is there a way to set a default folder?

Equium L300 BIOS update

I've just updated the BIOS on my L300 and after it reboots it starts to load windows then blue screens quickly and restarts continuously.Anyone can shed any light please? Very much appreciated...

Can't make a genius bar reservation system guard indicating error when booking

Hi ' I tried to book a session at the genius of Apple Sydney bar for spending a few hours, each time I try online booking, I get an error message when I press the book"" button. Is there a problem with the booking system?


Hello world... Please hlp. My laptop was working fine and I wrote my thesis... due to late night I used to put my laptop on the way 'sleep' and this went on for 2 weeks. Two days ago my thesis got typed completely and I shut down correctly my laptop

Can not build an installer, because it seems to have deleted the files required

LabVIEW does not locate the Installer source of a component necessary to build this installer. LabVIEW finally found the missing element in the following distribution: The distribution name: NOR-DAQmx 8.6, disc 1Last known installation path: C:\Natio

Como instalo device driver bluetooth in mi pc... no reconoce unas bocinas

Como instalo UN device driver para bluetooth, no me reconoce unas bocinas bluetooth

When I put the window XP update to Windows 7 (Ultimate) will be my Convert programs for Windows 7? Or will I have to reinstall all the of them

All title in Question says... When I put the window XP update to Windows 7 (Ultimate) will be my Convert programs for Windows 7? Or will I have to reinstall all the of them?

Problem Windows Installer six updates, KB2572073, KB2518864, KB2539631, KB2418241, KB979909 and KB982168.

Windows Update continues to not settle six updates, KB2572073, KB2518864, KB2539631, KB2418241, KB979909 and KB982168.  Every time, when I turn off, these same six updates appear to be installed.  The routine runs showing that each update has been in

HP Laser Jet MFP M127fn Pro: How to send a fax using speed dial?

I have a new HP Laser Jet MFP M127fn Pro: how to send a fax using speed dial, I entered already numbers in the address book.

WRT1900AC is capable of 100 / 100 Mbit/s speed wide band?

I'm looking for a new router to connect to my cable modem. In my research, I found the Linksys WRT1900AC. What I can't find in the specifications, is the flow. Can someone tell me what I can I wait for a download speed of the Internet (debit) with no

What do I connect to xfinity after a fact a system restore?

I had to do a system restore today and lost my interent connection. I called Xfinity and they made a diversion and find their signal to be in working condition. So now that? Microsoft says the product ID belongs to the bridge and they can't help. The

repair don't win 7vwith no disc

First win 7 stped connect to my network.  A guy started LENGTH cords around, did not help. Said driver Realtek PCI Controller Family was missing. Then he stopped booting at all.  When it srted, I had a choice of restore oer resumed, he would try to g