I've recently upgraded to El Cap, 10.11.6, on my MacBook, and everything was great, except for iCal. Now when I go to open it, the icon in the toolbar bounces, him point appears behind her and the calendar tabs appear at the top of my screen; However

Can not verify the e-mail password

When I try to send an email, I wonder to give the password, what I'm doing.  However, the password is not recognized, and system reports "cannot verify password" in red. Any ideas? Thank you.

I received a ' reminder: update your Apple ID ". It's a spam?

I received a ' reminder: update your Apple ID ". It's a spam? Here is the message: Dear Due to recent updates, we ask a lot of our customers to update their information, it's nothing to worry about. We ensure that we have the correct information on t

For v.15 auto update on TUE and now I get hangs (freeze XP SP3 completely) every few hours. Help!

Question says it all. I think I should get off until bugs in v.15 are developed. How do I do that?

50g - numbers associated with menus soft

I recently discovered that you enter, for example, 1: 3 MENU will result in changing the menus soft to the MTH ([LS, SYMB]) menu.  Is there a list that shows what the figures are for access every menu? I hope that I do not forget a solution already o

TECRA A2 M330: Possible Wireless upgrade?

Hello is it possible to upgrade my TECRA A2 / Celeron M330 with a wireless card?Where can I buy such a card? Best regardsHim

Satellite C855D-160 and 10 drivers Windows

in a few days, we upgrade to windows 10 that my question is will be the required drivers for windows 10 will be ready by then? Oh, I had a SATELLITE C855D-160

4540 proBook

Hello I use Probook 4540 s 64-bit window 8.1 I want to activate the fingerprint on the login screen reader. I installed the driver, and also, the HP protect tool, I save my fingerprint also. Now when I reboot its giving me finger print verification o

No sound on Satellite L40 - 14F

I have SATELLITE L40 - 14F.After installing all the drivers I have no sound. What should do?

Question of market - incredibly embarrassed to play

It is a really weird problem. In recent days, I am unable to download free applications. I touch the screen to install a free application, but the "accept and download" button does nothing when I touch it. However, I am able to buy apps without any p

I'm trying to get my laptop to go wireless and when they ask me the key code to my internet source, that it keeps an incompatibility

I'm trying to get my laptop to go wireless and when they ask me the key to my internet source code it keeps incompatibility is my question were can I find the key code

LabVIEW 2014/2015 break with my library of wrappers

I have a lot of LabVIEW package screws saved in LV8.6 library, they almost all containing call library function node. Recently, I was working on a new program that uses these library live I have found that when you use these screws it causes LabVIEW

Windows Update cannot currently check the updates, because the updates on this computer are controlled by your system administrator

Error message appears when I try to change the Windows 7 update to automotive preferences, or try to manually get updates of Windows 7.  Using Win 7 Pro 64 bit on a computer at home.  I am the administrator and I can't find any relevant information i

My NEC XLi model #-VM5BEE-10 b-000

My NEC XLi model #-VM5BEE-10 b-000 After installing xp and go to the NEC site, I discovered that the drivers he say forOS-98, 2000, me, Windows and NT win but there is not a driver that I see on the site for XP. XP "drivers to take care of all this m

Receive error message whenever I do a right click on the taskbar

Original title: Hello, I m using a HP DV5000 Laptop and I just came across this problem when I right click on the taskbar... you can help Description:A problem caused this program blocking interact with Windows. Signature of the problem:Problem event

msg error code invalid os #.

tried to install a 966 dell a10 printer

Microsoft Security Essentials is it a scam?

Hello My computer is a little weird and then all of a sudden I couldn't use internet or Mircrosoft word, which I had used when the computer went funky. When I tried to use them, a red-themed window with Microsoft Security Essentials at the top. It is

4 K screen with very small windows and characters.

I got a new laptop 11/28. It came with a 4K screen most of the windows are very small and don't have a resolution that I can fix it. Most of the things are too small to read. Help, please! I have an Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559. Please leave in the c

Inspiron 1520 boots only by pressing D + start button / stop

I have a Dell Inspiron 1520, who has an unusual problem. If I press the power button, the drive light hard turns on then turns off and turns on the led Verr Num. The screen is blank. However, if I press the D button and power at the same time button,

Problem event name: Bluescreen locale ID: 1033

Signature of the problem: Problem event name: BlueScreen The system version: 6.1.7600. Locale ID: 1033 More information about the problem: BCCode: 124 BCP1: 0000000000000000 BCP2: FFFFFA800F0E6028 BCP3: 00000000B 2000000 BCP4: 000000000000