macOS Sierra alternative text

I upgraded to macOS Sierra of El Capitan, at the end of September and now my list of replace text does not appear in system preferences > keyboard > text.  The list is available and works on my iPhone 7 (iOS 10.0.2). I have repopulated actually manua

How can I remove this virus from search engine 'Baidu '?

Whenever I start ANY browser (Firefox, GoogleChrome...) Baidu opens as my home page. -J' I searched my entire computer, I can't find a Baidu.exe or signs of Baidu in my PC. I found a shortcut edit 'target' that adds a command to open some files in th

How to make a custom Web page to open once I launch firefox browser

I want to have '' to open once I launch firefox browser

10-p008nl HP: HP 10-p008nl Digitizer

Is the new x 2 10-p008nl equipped with an active digitizer, as well as its previous versions?I don't speak of this product:

Compatible LCD Panel for Satellite M30 951

Unfortunately, the display on a Satellite M30 (PSM30E-7101Y-GR) is broken. Well, to change it would not be a great thing, but I would like to know what screen models when used on this Version (for example is it possible to build in a style of glare p

my macbook gives me an electric shock while I load it

my macbook gives me an electric shock while I load it even when I use the plug 3 charger to Earth.

Output meter, at the request

I would like to have a counter to a single output pulse whenever an incident occurs in a loop. My current solution (in pseudocode; I'm using LabWindows CVI on an RT target) looks like this: DAQmxCreateTask (...); DAQmxCreateCOPulseChanTime (...); Whi

upgrade my processor 2165dx

What kind of processor upgrade support this model dm4 2165dx bios insydeh20 version 03.61.01f.17 version

How will I know my fps rate?

using 2 video cards

Call of Duty 4 HELP?

Whenever I have raise cod4 he always tells me that he could not write a file... your hard drives probably full. But it's not. I always have to run as admin... but when I do this, I can't use x - fire in the game. ? Help?

Wake-up keyboard or mouse mode standby? Where is it?

I somehow activate or disable something so now I can me wake up the computer by moving the mouse, but the problem is that the computer does not go on standby at all then that before the cessation of any activity, including the fans, but now, just the

HP PHOTOSMART PREMIUM C309ns does not print black misalignment & printing

HP Photosmart Premium Web Printer Model # C309ns (Microsoft 64-bit) Suddenly I'm unable to print in black.  When you print documents, black is low or absent. I tried to solve the problem of: -Updated the drivers and software updates -Cleaning of the

Cannot open the turbo tax/parameter incorrect

Downloaded turbo tax 2011 and prepared a return... I click on turbo tax 2011 and it says incorrect parameter... cant help access.please

Windows Live Mail has a button "select all", or what I have to delete my emails one by one?

I think to move to Windows Live mail... it doesn't seem to have a "select all" button, so I have all that you remove it at once. Is there a 'select all' I don't see? If not, why the * is Microsoft Windows Mail in Windows 7 does not? Nice 'upgrade', g

Cartridge Epson SX235w printer problem

Just installed a printer Epson SX235W running on Windows 7 (64 bit). Printed only a few leaves so far and now PC thinks that the cartridges are all empty. The printer will run a test sheet and poster that there is no problem with the cartridges.

Download of images using Windows problem

Until recently when I downloaded the photos from my camera, I would first of all like to create a folder, and then run the images in this folder when asked. In recent weeks, Windows has taken the lead and imported the photos to an existing folder, wi

Question about the strength of password

(do not ask questions about the recovery of the password, so please do not report this thread) OK, I heard that the virus can change the password on a computer. But if you have a password very complicated (for example, one with a lot of numbers and o

Trying to install my AutoCAD LT 2002 old on my laptop with Windows Vista.

What should I do to install my old AutoCAD LT 2002 software on my new laptop which uses Windows Vista Home Premium?  Is this possible?

Csrss.exe high disk activity

Csrss.exe is constantly reading e/s. You can hear the churning of disk as well as to see the activity with the Task Manager. I use Windows 7 64. I don't know what he thinks, he must do it, but I just want to stop it. If she did something like disk in

BBM BBM for Android polls

When can I expect BBM for Android, I signed up for the news letter on BBM for Android.So far, no response from them and the version is also stopped by Blackberry. Can anyone say how much time will it take BBM to get available on Android.