Bootcamp Windows 7 shows instead of 10 option on the MacBook Air (11 inch, mid-2013) support

The list of models supported official section includes and I seem to be the latest updates for all: BCA only propose to upgrade to windows 7 and won't allow me to go through when I select the Win10 x 64 ISO I got from the Microsoft Web site that has

Satellite L50 - A - 16 Q - problems after upgrade to 8.1 windows

Hi all I have a problem with my Toshiba Satellite L50 - A - 16 Q. I decided to update my laptop to Windows 8.1 Win8, unfortunately, it was really bad decision.After that my computer is very slow. It takes forever to push the power button to be ready

Portege R700 - using HDMI when the lid is closed

Hello I just bought a new monitor. I have it plugged into the laptop with hdmi. I can get a picture very well but when I close the lid of the laptop I lose hdmi output. As I want to use this monitor for my work at home, the State of the laptop comput

Windows 7 audio driver for my Satellite P100

Dear Committee, After I installed Windows 7 on my Toshiba Satellite P100-203, PSPA3E-02P00TDU everthing works fine, except for the sound.I get the message that no audio device is installed and have not been able to solve this problem. Trust I need a

Games Explorer does not

Windows 7 64-bit operating system. Windows Games Explorer runs do not and I district play all the games. I think the registory is corrupted or accidentally deleted by my son. Is it possible to copy the registry information of games since a second des

Generation report slow when pluged cable network

Hello I have a very strange problem. I use the toolkit LabVIEW 2014 and 2014 reporting.  When I have the ethernet cable it takes a long time to build my report in word.  When the Ethernet cable is unplugged I don't have a problem. Any ideas?

How to reset a while loop based on a value change event?

Hi all I work in a labview program that sends voltage to a laptop via USB 6008, tension is amplified by an op-amp, and then he comes back in the laptop. I created a program and a working circuit, but my current challenge is how to reset the average o

Brother MFC-885CW Inkjet Multi: Reinstall Control Center 3 after upgrading Windows 10

Hello I have recently upgraded my HP with Windows 10 desktop computer, hated, then returned to Windows 8. After returning to Windows 8, my 3 command center does not open, just a blank white screen appears I can't close unless I go into task-master &

claim want 5530 code

How can I get request like 5530 with usb connection code? I don't have a wireless connection. I followed the instructions, if you have wireless and never found the statement "I agree."

Issues wireless HP 7525 - increased from WEP to WPA2

Hello all - I installed my wireless security to WEP to WPA2, and I can't print on it. I tramped through the wireless configuration the 7525 and the Setup seems to have worked. I printed out the results of the wireless network Test and everything's fi

HP7645: HP7645 scan

Can the HP7645 scan both sides of a double-sided document?

massage "access denied" shown when I tried to use my hp pen drive 8 gp

massage "access denied" shown when I tried to use my gp hp pen drive 8 in my computer dell laptop with xp. even in car work in all other PCs and all other works on my. but the problem with ony one. I also had format my drive but does not work!Yet one

Failure HP 650 HDD

Hello I get the message of failure HHD. Failure ID is 9GBTG92-6T67AW-MFKSW1-60RC03. Product ID H5L63ES #BCM. So, if you can let me know if I have to ask for replacement or what kind of failure is the following. Thanks for the reply

Cannot play rise of nations on windows 7

Help! I buy CDs of RoN and install it on my laptop but it wan't work! Simply pop up an alert to log in with administrator privileges if you please and try again... I want to play... Please someone help!

Problems with upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium from Windows 10 home

I am now hours in the process of installing Windows 10 Home with no problems until now. After agreeing to the "terms" page 10 Windows install started "getting updates." It's on this page since nearly an hour now and no not yet spent 0% even if it say

World of Blackberry blackBerry 10 does not work after

My BlackBerry world (on my Z10) does not work after the update of Did a complete reset to factory default, still unable to open the world of BlackBerry. However the device is able to receive applications when I send the request via the BB

BlackBerry Smartphones BBM Virus or Hack?

First of all, sorry that if this issue has already been addressed in another post, Yes, I couldn't find. Today, I received a request to add a person to my BBM contacts with the name "Jil". I did, since I am friends named Jill and thought that maybe t