Flash has been updated 12/4. Worked up about today disabled an hour ago

There is no new updates since the 12/4. How to view videos in the meantime?

How can I get rid of Yahoo search to start in creating a new tab?

my home page is working properly and I removed the plugins/apps Yahoo toolbar (don't remember which), but everytime I open a new tab opens on this http://search.Yahoo.com/?FR=freeze & type = W3i_NA, 132, 3_6, tab 20Search, 20110520 16934, 0, 19, 0% I

Watch the OS 2.2 & Hey Siri

After the upgrade to iPhone OS 9.3 and Watch OS 2.2, raise my wrist saying "Hey siri," is no longer working or active Siri. Siri only lights after the digital Crown. Any suggestions? Thank you!

What happened to the option "reload"? (ITI used under the 'View' menu).

When we look at some Web sites, you have a version of a page cached and force a reload to ensure what you are looking at the latest version. "recharge" used to be an option under the "View" tab, but it went from there in the last update. Where is he

Threatened by my ex father

Hello everyone. On 22.03.2016, I was threatened by my ex father. He said he's going to kill me. The thing happened like that. My friend and I argued about something, and one night, a friend told me to spend my one * to Skype or he'll f * k me. I went

Satellite A200 - once installation of Karspersky cannot start the CAM software

Guys I need help... I have download the Karspersky antivirus 2009 and I install on my Toshiba Satellite A200-gs1 psaeceHe acknowledged the cec_main.exe as virus and block...I put it in the exclusion list, it does not continue the works, and when I st

Mail glitches

I meet recurring glitches using Messaging.  The new form of e-mail created from reply/forward will suddenly not have a mailing address and the form cannot be modified in any way.  Restart the application Mail usually clears the problem, but only temp

iTunes has stopped working (CoreAudioToolbox.dll)

I've never had a problem with iTunes before however, I have recently updated and received the error everytime I try to start it: Signature of the problem: Problem event name: APPCRASH Application name: iTunes.exe Application version: Applic

Property Loader: Array of strings

I'm looking for an example of use of stage property loader to load an array of type strings labView. Not much in the reference manual... Thank you JVH

hardware device

Como can restore o driver? No centro da Ação I can not.

need help with the installation of directx 6.1 on Windows 7

I downloaded a free trial puzzle game called Pandora's box. When I tried to install my computer ask DirectX6.1 .my system runs on windows 7 hp. and I found some stuf directx in a search on my computer. I searched online for directx6.1 and it did not.

How can I make calculator Windows always stay 'on top' of an application in use?

I work in Open Office Calc and I want the Windows calculator to "always stay at the top" of the application.  This is so I don't get a response in the calculator, write it down on paper, and then enter the answer to the request.  I have to do this be

Print head clean function

What do you do when the print head cleaning function is not listed in Control Panel as the directions on the site says that it is. I use Windows 7 program.

How to open a file attached to my email?

I can't open all the files attached to my email because it requires a password that I do not have! How do I change this?

HP Officejet Pro 8600 more - problems of duplex scanning

Hello I recently bought a HP Officeject Pro 8600 Plus and I work from a mac 10.6.8. Whenever I scan from the charger it creates only a single document face and I can't find anywhere in the settings of the printer itself or the "scan of the computer.

All sounds no longer works when I play DVD windows media player

When I try to play a DVD in windows media player it is all stops sounds work including system sounds and sound in itunes. When I restart my computer the sound starts to work again, but when I try to play the DVD again once I get the same problem.

Flashing red light?

I have a Dell Inspiron 1525. My Center of light (power), I think is RED flashing > I have tried everything! What could be the problem?

Vista freezes on the screen of closing

I'm having a problem with my laptop shutdown.From what I understand, it is not a hardware problem. I can dual-boot Windows Vista Business or Linux Ubuntu 9.10, and I have no problem to stop under Linux. So the problem is located on the Vista partitio

Cannot find router storage attached with the Explorer WIN 7 Home Prem on my PC; but I can find media server (twonkymedia) fine on the same PC!

Explorer and server multimedia applications work on all of my other computers, laptops and devices.  But I have a PC running windows 7 Home premium which will not find my wireless router only attached a hard drive with windows Explorer. Never. The PC