Lightning network adapter has stopped working

Hello All of a sudden, my (original Apple) map network Thunderbolt has stopped working. I'm looking for advice to get it working again without reinstalling. This is the second time in 6 months that it happened, and the last time a reformatting it fix

AutoZone does not

Any page containing the address of "" only partially load. Loading of Firefox can stop as if was complete, no errors, no message. IE, Chrome load the page lol. Firefox will load the page complete mode "private brousin".

FireFox does not start due to message ssl3.dll is missing, and indeed it is not in the folder program files. But I can't seem to be able to reinstall Firefox or copy the ssl3.dll file in the program folder files. Help?

Webroot identified ssl3.dll as a threat and deleted. Now, I can't start Firefox, nor can I copy ssl3.dll in the file Firefox program. I tried to uninstall Firefox and reinstall, but it always shows an update and does not seem to add ssl3.dll. Help?

satellite 2520cdt is very slow after replacing HARD drive

My Satellite 2520 CDT is the HARD Mk 4309 MAST 4.3 GB default disk. I replaced the with the Toshiba MK 2016 GAP of 20 GB.I use Windows 98 since the original installation CD. The laptop is now very slow, it takes minutes to start programs, etc. I inst

Satellite A210 freezes all of a sudden

Hello! I have a Toshiba Satellite A210-1 a 0. This month, he stopped for about 4 times. It just freezes, the image on the screen remains the same, but it does not react to anything (Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and even the power button). The only solution i

Portege Z930 cannot start with installed RAM module

My laptop Toshiba Portege Z930-108 has stopped booting with any module of RAM installed in the support. If I remove RAM module, laptop computer starts and works fine, but if I install any module of RAM (4 GB 1600 original or a new 4 1600 CL9 or 1600

Wanted: Portege 7220 recovery CD

I am desperately looking for the recovery CD. Does anyone have an original copy or burned to sell? Do you know where I can find it? Toshiba does not sell you more... Please help. I can't start my computer...

Re: Toshiba does not update drivers

Qosmio X 300-15 g, after a year in new GPU overheating, laptop come with current NVIDIA driver.Their driver was last updated was in 2009 for this model. Their driver is almost 2 years old. I kid you not; Toshiba does not simply update the video drive

RF Receiver

Hi, I'm new to Labview. I want to put in place the receivers (simulation of) homodyne and heterodyne receiver in labview and want to get the SNR and BER plot. I can do in Labview. The following elements are involved in these Receivers: low noise ampl

HP pavilion dv 7 ev 4050: new battery and new charger

Hello! I'm looking for new battery and new charger for my laptop but I'm not sure to buy... any help? also want to know the measures of the charger plug.

TC01 Timing

Hello I'm reading temp of a tc01 and other devices for faster registration. I use the instance of Chan 1 Samp 1 DBL analog 1 d in VI Read DAQmx with the time set to 0 in the same loop, I have my most quick reading screws I was hoping to get an error

Graph XY plotting the question with the data of repeting inside the loop

Hello I have this problem I'm having with my plots. Maybe there is a better way to do it. I have a set of data that I use inside a loop. I want the loop to keep reusing the same data. The reason I do that is because I want to continuously stream that

What video card is compatible with Age of Mythology on Windows XP?

AOM bought as a gift and checking that it works well, he said that the video card is not compatible, so I'm not all computer can't seem to find the video card exact necessary for this play on XP, can anyone help?    Thank you very much

pages Web charges then freeze or crashes

I can go online and get to a web page, then it stops. my mouse pointer has the arrow but can't click a link or walk and go down when I type a password sometimes letters both very slowly come 1 any sudden comes back and walk around and down very fast

ProBook 650 G1: Docking Station compatible with HP Probook 650 G1 VBO43AA?

I have a HP Probook 650 G1 and a dockign VBO43AA station.  The Probook docks and seems to work fine, but I can't find in the list for this Probook compatiblily.  I'm in danger of damaging the Probook using this docking station?

support for HP 15 r007tx W8

What should I do to convert a new hp15 r007tx laptop with os to W8 os back please tell me in the order

Forum motorcycle technicians. Please correct this forum even once.

Today started receiving script (8) of IE on each forum thread errors.

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Port mirroring for the uplink of 10 GB of PowerConnect 6224

I need to take a copy of the traffic over a 10G fiber link. The amount of traffic on this link is less than 1 Gbps. I am considering using the mirror port on a PowerConnect 6224 for this function. However, I don't know if port mirroring also works on

Windows Mobility Center - how to turn off

Is it possible to disable or uninstall the Windows Mobility Center? It appears uninvited - several times a day - without be invoked and even changes its own parameters. I am DESPERATE for an answer. Is not a problem.