Download box does not not on any Web site

I can't download the image or video because when I click on the download on any site area Web nothing happen please difficulty including youtube flickr

import bookmarks to another user account

Previously I use cell phone company with my user account A. I use firefox with bookmark.But due to a technical problem, my laptop not able to connect as user account A company. And now I can only log in as administrator account. And it happened so su

Netflix does not not on Toshiba 55L7463DN

Hello I have a problem with netflix on my TVI can connect and browse through titles, but play when I get the message: "We have difficulties in playing this song at the moment. Please try again later or select a different title. All tests are good, an

UPDATE works well... amd switchable graghics. Ati HD 6300 drivers disappear after

HP Pavilion dv7-4270us.                            Product #XZ826UA #ABA UPDATE: I reinstalled drivers all again, with the same results as below. Crash with in the first 5 min to display of average quality settings. So I decided to try the package un

I lose a few screws for Satellite M30 - how to replace?

I managed to lose some of the screws from the bottom of my Satellite M30 (specifically, those who hold the CD drive in place). How would I go to get a replacement for these? Thanks in advance for any advice.

Can I delete photos from my phone, but still be able to access in iCloud?

It is clear from this, get help with your iCloud photo library - Support for Apple,I can't save pictures from my phone to iCloud and then remove them from my phone. What exactly is the interest to have iCloud then? Any clarification is appreciated. T

How to prune the list of AutoComplete?

My list of AutoComplete became unwieldy and needs to be cut. How can I do this?

Laserjetcolor mfp177: printer Hp LaserJet color mfp177 not booting not

Color of HP LaserJet mfp177 not booting not not after power on, makes noise, then shows HP on the screen.not a new machine, it worked.

G60-243 cl microphone no longer works

G60-243 cl microphone has stopped working. He has worked in the past. I'm assuming that a windows update created the problem. This netbook has an AMDTURION double heart rm72, 2100 mhz processor. Running vista home premium. I checked all the evidence

I would like to change the location of the down side tool bar.

I accidentally moved my toolbar on the side and now I want to put it back at the bottom of the screen

No Gigabit blue lights on the WRT610N

I just installed a WRT610N to replace my RVS4000 in preparation for the addition of a laptop in the near future. All components of the network are components of gigabit and thus resulted in the RVS4000. The new WRT610N displays indicators of port 'Gr

Error message indicates that Windows Imaging Component (WIC) is missing or damaged.

Trying to open Turbo Tax 2011, it gives me an error message on the Windows Imaging Component is missing or damaged.   I equipped of Windows Vista-64 bit on my HP Pavilion dv 5 laptop.  They give a place to download the component, but it still does no

Windows 7 offline files don't sync not completely

Hello We have one user who takes his laptop in Africa to do work and I had problems with the use of offline on his computer files.  It should be noted that it worked perfectly well on a laptop Windows XP but was nothing else than to problems with the

Scoreloop, set the user login

Hello everyone; I want to change the display/user login / drive on the server Scoreloop and I used this code: SC_User_h user = SC_Session_GetUser(session); SC_Error_t err = SC_User_SetLogin(user, "MyLogin"); err = SC_UserController_UpdateUser(userCon

How covert "asynchronous http" from c# to Java of BB

I'm trying to convert a code of .net compact framework Java of BB. But the problem is that I can't find API on asynchronous http BB Java. System.Net.HttpWebRequest . of the .net compact framework is the following method for asynchronos http. Public O

E-mail settings blackBerry Smartphones Send for smartphone via service messages?

Nice day Is it possible to send email to a blackberry phone settings via a form of service for the user to phone message doesn't have to configure it manually? We recently had to reinstall our Exchange Server and are now having to modify the e-mail s

I need to know if I can edit a video clip - I have a clip that is too long and must go down to about 60 seconds

My video clip is too long and must be edited / shortcut I just need a clip of 3 minutes 20 seconds I can do it in Windows Media Player?

Icon blackBerry Smartphone Email notification problem

I have a problem where the electronic mail notification icon is incorrectly showing that I have an unread message.  The unread messages search result is no match but the icon remains. It started shortly after I opened and closed about 10 messages in

More prompt not appearing is not on the output of the console with Hyperterminal

Hello When connecting a PC running hyperyterminal on the console of an old Pix 515 firewall port that the output of all commands if poster in a raw without the ususal calls to . With some PCs, the output is blurred as soon as she leaves the main hype

Floating elements right of a menu at the top of the page

Hi guys,.I'm working on a new application that uses the universal theme with top navigation menu and I wish I had a text field and a button will appear to the right, but I guess I need a little help to get there. So you can see my progress, I created