Lost my password synchronization

I use Firefox for android and every now and then I clear Firefox completely app data because it starts to become slow for some reason any (even without addons). I just did this again an hour or two after a few months of no problems there. Since it's

Problems related to the performance of the Imac. Why is my average performance.

Guys I have formatted my IMAC reinstalled Yosemite. My computer gots nothing. I tried to use photoshop and its slow wayyyyyy. I am a photo editor and I'm frustrated with my IMAC... I think that I'll never buy a new. This is the report of Etrecheck. S

When Motorola Droid Ultra will support?

Not currently on the list of devices supported.

Installation of Win 7 without losing the Toshiba Qosmio G50 applications

How to get a new install of Windows 7 x 86 running on a Qosmio G50. It is assumed that you have a version of Vista x 86 installed.First I must say, I'm from the Germany. So, I loaded the drivers on the European side of Toshiba.The problem with a new

How to allow some windows popup in 3.6.6?

Since his arrival in version 3.6.6 I cant get Firefox for all popup windows. Adding names of sites to the list of exceptions makes no difference. Or uncheck the "block popup windows" option. This has happened Each time Firefox opened Is Upgrade 3.6.6

Mail problem in trying to reply to a message in El Capitan

Hello! Since the upgrade to El Capitan, my mail is sometimes a bit unstable. His latest problem is that when I click on reply to an email, an empty message appears and cannot then be closed by clicking on the red button. I have to close Mail and reop

PSID return request tool

I have a W540 which was enchryption at a given time and a person released in the machine image. It has now a ghost boot sector I can't get rid of and need to. I have access to the drive and the PSID, I'm looking for the tool to be able to return this

C309a 0xc19a0042 ink system failure

Hello.  Problems with my printer.  The guide of the print head runs on somehow got loose.  I solved this problem.  Then when I turned the printer back on, I got the message that I had a printer head problem.  Follow these steps to remove the cartridg

HP pavilion 2305tx g6: hp pavilion g6 optical disk drive failure

optical drive in my computer hp laptop pavilion g6 has stopped working when I insert a disk or cd or dvd it shows insert the disks and it will not read any disc so should I have to replace or how can I fix this? Where can I buy original parts of hp i

Then I remove the battery

I have a HP 355 g2 I have running on the network. Then I remove the battery?

Where XP does not store the file in browser's history?

Hello everyone, ok so I don't know Vista and Windows 7 stores the browser history in the same place but as on XP? Windows 7 it stores here: C:\Users\[USER]\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History Where XP does not store the browser history? Also wha

Cannot open the Control Panel, add and remove flashes then disappears

Original title: Add and remove flashes then disappears can get the control panel but when add and delete is pressed it flashes then disappears. someone help me please

Download link for the Windows Installer Cleanup utility?

Where can I find the link to download Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (preferably latest version)?

hellohow can I boot my pc with USB {flash recovery}? Win 7 64 bit HP omni 100-pc5120

hellohow can I boot my pc with USB {flash recovery}? Win 7 64 bit HP omni 100-pc5120 Thank you.

VAIO Duo 11 charges slow reeeallyy

If anyone else has noticed this? I admit that I only got the Duo the other day, maybe I'm breaking in. It took almost all day for my second battery... I'll see if I can get a program to actually record how long it takes.

Windows Vista does start with a black screen no mouse pointer.

When I try to load vista is going just a black screen... the little green bar moves and jumps, then black screen. I am able to run in safe mode and I try to run notron and I get and internal program error code: 0x8007045a.  I can't connect to the int

Blunder of removable storage

Hi everyone I am wondering if anyone can help... I tried to plug in my device in my computer HP HD16000 RSM, but put the wrong voltage 9V adapter at the beginning when I changed the 12V voltage adapter, the unit began smoking and burning smell.  My q

Download Windows 7 version English from a non-English speaking country

I'm in Korea but I don't speak any Korean. I want to buy Windows 7 Home Premium version. I found that it is possible to buy the Korean version here. I want to download the English version of Windows 7 Home Premium. A few questions: (1) can I use a pr

BlackBerry BBM Z10 save message

Hi everyone could find me a way to record the chat message in BB z10. I used to have in the previous model, but I couldn't find it here. Please tell me how to automatically save the message on the new BBM. Thank you

How to remove "Sent from Blackberry" blackBerry smartphones

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to remove the SIG saying. "sent from my blackberry"? In addition, I was told that you will always be informed when you send or receive emails? Makes no sense to me, would not only want to be notified