Former Apple id associated

I have a current apple id and a password that works well. When I look at my settings/iTunes and App Store ipad, it shows an old apple ID that I set up for my ipod years ago. I the have not used over the years, it also has an associated e-mail address

not enough memory to download email, have removed many of the emails, emptied the trash, sent files help!

It keeps giving me the message that it can not download my emails because there is not enough memory. I deleted more except the ones I really want to keep. I deleted trash, sent, what we can do. Except keep towards the top with download them every da

Toolbar icons - can't do icons only and too small icons

General complaint SO VERY frustrating to have to deal with the changes that are completely unnecessary and unwanted! It looks like Chrome now. If I wanted to use Chrome, I would use Chrome! Why Firefox feels that it is necessary to set a watch to wor

semi-automatic entry help

How do I autocomplete only username when firefox closes and reopen? If I connect to facebook or gmail, and when I close firefox and return to Web sites, he entered auto-complete username but when I quit firefox and return, it doesn't have AutoComplet

My email is reduced to a tiny tiny size that I can't read.

All of a sudden, all of my email shrunk to an unreadable format. Everying in e-mail has changed.

How to convert pdf to word

I was sent an application form which is in pdf format. I clicked on the "edit and response" button that is displayed, but it is said that it is not supported. How to convert the pdf file to a word document so that I can add information to the documen

The YouTube app has bugs (somewhat) after firware update on 46TL933G

When a video is completed and begins the next video in the playlist, the following video has a black screen. Sound works, the command bar works, I can press the back button to go to the menu. However, all the videos now until you restart the applicat

YouTube is not displayed correctly

When I OPET youtube in firefox it shows like this it oppens regularly in firefox, I'm thsis problem, how to fix?

Why the default format window opens in the new documents open in Pages 5.6.1?

Someone else asked this before, but it is with an older version of Pages, and it's a few years, so I thought I'd make a new discussion. Everytime I open a new document in Pages (version 5.6.1 on OS 10.11.2, on a 13 "Macbook Pro of 2009), the formatti

Run the disk in Windows 8 Cleanup utility

Sometimes inbetween uninstalling and reinstalling the software/drivers, it's a good idea to run the Windows Disk Cleanup utility. The disk cleanup utility to free disk space by deleting unnecessary files from your computer.

I forgot my login password and im lockrd out of my xp please help

When I turn on my pc it asks my password and even the idea of not help me I just forgot!  recover? XP home!

How do I refresh my browser

How to reset or refresh my browser

Issue of Windows Search

Use Windows Search... I have a file that contains the word 'AVIDOXY' and the 'STRATTERA.  Search the file when I look for the STRATTERA, but not when I look for AVIDOXY.  Why is this? search for STRATTERA.  I re indexed & rebuilt.

ZP to Windows Media Center TV problem

When I watch tv I get the following error message: .net Framework: v1.1.4322? I was watching television on this computer before, but I must have somehow deleted such.

Pavilion x 360 13 - A290ND: difference between

Hello I want to buy a new laptop. Anyone know the difference between the models below? HP Pavilion 360 13 - A221ND X HP Pavilion 360 13 - A285ND x HP Pavilion 360 13 - A290ND If you check the features, they are the same. So why a different product nu

why I can't get my keyboard lights turn on my laptop with the botton f5, or what I need to do to make

Why I can't get my keyboard lights turns on my laptop with the botton f5, or what I have to do to make them.

Screen goes black for a few seconds while playing games

I come here who need help, I was this problem for some time and were not able to find the solution on my own. The question: Sometimes when I play games my screen will go black at a random time for a period of time (sometimes only a term of 5 to 10 se

BlackBerry Q10 Q10 takes only 60 days emails?

Is it possible to extend the waiting period? Anything under account settings.

Create emails in Inbox problem

Hi all I have backup my email, then I would to restore... However when I use setFrom(), she throws exception '[email protected] is an invalid email address '... But I'm sure that the email address is a normal address... Can anyone help. In addition, any who