Import bookmarks into Firefox 4.0

I installed a new Solid State Drive and Firefox 4.0. Can you please tell me how to import my backup .json bookmarks in the new version? It doesn't seem to be an option (HTML, JSON or otherwise)?

Handling of battery Qosmio F60

I just purchased a qosmio f60-033 and I was wondering what the battery life is like on the 6 cell battery with the disabled lecteur_disque (non - eco & eco mode) also out of curiositythe life of the battery will die faster if I use the laptop with th

How to connect pc audio to TV 20WLT56B?

I've always been using a versatile television screen for my pc fine, but recently he broke. So I ve replaced an old Toshiba 20wlt56b TV screen that connects the pc. Pc connection is fine, pc audio cable is properly plugged & sound works on screen, bu

Upgrading RAM on Satellite A40 - VH3

I want to upgrade the memory of my laptop Satellite A40 - VH3 from 512 MB to 1 or 2 GB. If someone could confirm this - it is my understanding that there are already 2 sticks of 256 MB PC2100 (266) DDR RAM in the laptop (from factory). The maximum th

Qosmio F20-130: (infrared) remote control problem

Hi guys,. got a little problem which I think I've seen on this forum before. My remote no longer works. Used to work properly. Now, with the laptop turned off and connected remotely, I can light up the lap top. However, it does nothing else. If I pre


I want to buy a computer HP Envy, but I want him to have at least a SATA III. Combing through the specs I can only find standard sata drives. Does anyone know if a model of this type, or indeed any other HP computer can be activated with a SATA III.

How to make a simulation of sensors of 12-bit resolution

Does anyone know how to do this?  Am I missing something in Labview, I understand the 12 bits of resolution of a sensor part either... so this will help you. Thank you Chris

Impossible to import images from the Iphone, didn't get the message that no photos found

Original title: I can't import photos from IPhone I cant't import photos from my Iphone or Ipad. When I connect the devices to my laptop, I get the message no photos found. Can you help me please

Put on the title change: incompatibility of Starcraft

Original titile: I try to get starcraft is displayed on the full screen. I also want to fix the weird colors that appear when I start at the beginning. It is said that it is an incompatible application.

Why don't my @ work key on the right key and how I can change it? curve 2000

Hi I had this keyboard for a while and the @ key never worked so please can you help me Thank you

Y at - it a utility to monitor the speed, temperature and cpu/gpu for desektop m9200T fan?

My desktop running Win7 Home Premium m9200T computer crashes often.  It seems to be associated with temperature. I tried SpeedFan, but my computer crashed whenever I ran it.  The SpeedFan 20 window scroll a few lines of text that the computer crashed

Error hard drive 39 please help

My DVD dive does not except in Device Manager and has a yellow question mark on it. It has the following message: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information of configuration (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

My HP Photosmart c4600 series is offline

How can I turn off line to line. The power of the printer is turned on, the cable to the top of the tower is on. My problem is to put the printer online. Thank you

Repeated installation of updates of windows

I have Windows 7, waiting for the 10 upgrade.  Recently, in the last 3 weeks, every time that I stop, the system wants to install 2 updates.  I assumed it was the same 2 updated, and so I ran subsequently a Security Essentials Full Scan, which took m

Get a Stack Trace?

If I debug my application on a real device and a runtime exception occurs, is there a way to get a stack trace or more information on where it happened? Thank you Travis

How to change the background color of a button

Hello world I used a buttonfield, and I want to change the background color of the buttonfield. How would I do that? Can someone help me? Thanks in advance

Text messages to blackBerry Smartphones.

Hello Can someone help me. As you all probably, I m inclined to make mistakes text messages. How can I go to a line or two above the end of the message to correct a mistake with delete them all messages. Ta

BlackBerry smartphones are at - there a way to remove mass Emails

I get many emails every day.  Is it possible that I can simply delete all (or part) at once rather than individually?

space bar tasks

Hello! I want to reproduce the 2) behavior with auto-hide disable :) (1) default taskbar, auto hide disabled: 2) with activated auto-hide taskbar (and the cursor over them), you can see the browser fills all space:

How can I disable the song or video preview by hovering the mouse in Windows Explorer?

I have "Automatically opening of songs to the overview of track title" disabled in the library in Windows Media Player 12 tab, however, when I use explore and have my mouse pointing to a video or audio, Windows 7 automatically plays the file in a pre