How can I get mail from the menu share

I can't seem to be able to have "Mail" appear in the share menu in Safari. I use Mac, Version El Capitan 9.1.2. Someone at - it ideas? Thank you!

Change profile with the profile of the other computer

1 computer crashed. I restored all files from computer 2 of the cloud to the top service that I use. The restored files were placed on my desktop in a folder called C. I think I know the profile I used computer 1 and I want to make the profile to use

Disable the addition of * new * miniatures

Currently, the thumbnails are disabled on the page of thumbnails. Very cool. But Firefox continues to add new links on the page of thumbnails. Not cool. How can I keep the current set of links on the page of thumbnails, not to allow new links, but ke

I just win8 and cannot do things as I could before - fb apps, online shopping, etc., don't function right. run ghostery, noscript, adblock and donottrackme.

many fb apps will only show on my calendar, when I try to go shopping online and click on to ad something to my command, nothing happens. I tried for most of the scripts on a particular page, with temporary suspension of the adblock, etc, with no imp

I've recently updated for firefox 12, the redirects to the homepage of yahoo search engine when I use it. How can I fix it because it's really irritating?

The search engine by default on the home page by default in firefox redirects me to yahoo and I can't understand why or how there to remedy, I made suggestions and the solutions proposed in the positions and earlier versions, and I don't know how to

tabs in the application syncs between desktop computers running firefox 4?

I have sync running but app tabs are NOT synchronized. should they be? (in my opinion: Yes!)

The signal strength of the WIFI connection

Is it possible to have a tool or something to see how good my connection between my TECRA S1 and my router is?

Upgrading RAM on Satellite S5100-201

Is someone can you please tell me what I need to buy to upgrade to 1 GB? I think I have a 256 and a 128 to present but am a novice and have no idea how many pins, speed, dram etc. Thank you

Need advice from first Apple TV purchase

Hello I need some advice on the purchase of my first Apple TV. I want an Apple TV for two reasons: (1) for watching movies and TV shows I purchased/rented from iTunes (2) Watch Netflix I have the choice between the 3rd and 4th gen Apple TV. The 3rd g

synchronization of two DAQ 6218 M-series

Hello world I try to sync both units DAQ 6218, but I get error 89136, declaring that I use incorrect routing. I've been watching a lot of messages and I couldn't find one that explains how the physical linking two devices - less do not so much a newb

3520 e - all - in - one deskjet Seri: download the software of the e-all-in-one series HP Deskjet 3520 for Windows Vista

I can't find a software on the HP website for my e-all-in-one printer Deskjet 3520 so that I can scan documents in the form of PDF files.  At present, I can scan only to Microsoft Paint.  My original disk is damaged.  I contacted HP Support by phone

How to transfer a mp3file stored in my downloads to my mp3?

I recently bought an EvoDigitals MP/3/MP4/MP5/PMP.  I have several modules that I want to load it. I don't want to lose these files the chance. I read the instructions on my player, but it seems so complicated. Help, please!   Destiny

QSI CDRW/DVD SBW 24 cannot read CD

This hard drive makes noises but not the sound of show, that the CD is recognized, and the door opens only with small sharp object.

windows xp professional activation

Hi im trying to reinstall windows xp professional on my computer after a virus, but his does not not my product key, that's the same that I got a year ago is they still accept? or I'm aloud to use once only? really confused

Computer hangs at startup of the system

Original title: computer crashed win Defrag I recently picked up win defrag... I have windows xp and tried to put it in safe mode, and it froze.  Now it is completely empty when I try to start :(  I removed my hardrive and crossed norton key usb conn

OfficeJet L7590 cannot get network on the extension of the network installation

I'm hoping to find help before I need to run 50' network cable lilou my living room. I have an Office Jet L7590 printer.  I've had it for a few years, and until recently had it put in place thanks to our home wifi wireless.  We have 3 computers that

Attempt to add-ins autonomous (XP Home) Group Policy Editor

I'm following article windows 307882 how to use policy editor group, to try to add this, but after I cross the snap-snap-in Add/Remove and watch the pluggable autonomous available, group policy is not, so how do I add it in? I'm trying this as the co

I can't get my SONY receiver to play itunes from my PC via BLuetooth

I have a SONY STR-DN1030 which built in tooth of drunk. I have the paired successfully with my PC. Both devices calim to be connected and to see each other. The SONY is connected as a Bluetooth stereo audio headset. But when I try to play i-tunes by

Distribution of private manufacturing email lists

How do I send e-mails of/with a distribution list but keep them private (that is, no one sees the list of recipients) so that they are not potential spam blocked? Thank you.

All-in-one printer, HP Photosmart C7180

I have a new HP dv7 notbook windows WANT 8 & 64-bit PC, with an old 3 - in - 1 HP printer. I down loaded new drivers, now it prints with the PC, but not on the PC scan.  With the 3-in-1 all by it self everything works.