Images in html do not correctly attached messages

I was faced with html and Thunderbird emails recently, but I got a problem...the images included in my email are not attached and it gives me just errors, saying that the image cannot be attached, if I want to send email without it. I have images hos

Problems with the browser

Hello I have an old macbook black intel core 2 duo with 10.4.11 I'm having issues with a lot of sites on safari Web does not properly or white screens. I searched google to see if there is another browser, I can use, but found nothing. Firefox, chrom

How can I remove unused storage on my iPhone5c?

So, I've had this problem for awhile now, and he's really starting to happen to me. Storage of my iPhone5c says I used 4.9 GB to 5 GB, but all my apps, music, ect. Adds up to 700 MB. Does anyone know whence the other 4.2 GB of data?

Cannot restore my Satellite C850

Hello I tried to install Windows 7 on my new laptop (instead of the 8 of Windows it came with) using a DVD to boot. First of all, I had to disable Secure Boot, then changed to CSM Boot UEFI boot to get the laptop to recognize the DVD (using advice fo

HP Deskjet F4580 wireless

I have a HP Deskjet F4580 all-in-One printer supports and an ipad 2, I try to print by using a Wi - Fi connection, ipad recognizes the printer, printer blue led continues to Flash indicating that the printer is not recognized on my network, how can I

System gets heat

When I do .net applications or install heavy softwares such as .net or oracle 9i my becomes base system overheating and shutdown.Please tell me the solution

Error code: Trying 80072F8F update windows after fresh install - Dell Vostro 1510 - (Windows 7 x 64 PRO)

Hello, I'm trying to update windows after installation and I get error code 80072F8F.  After looking for other pages, I checked my BIOS date and time are correct and Windows as well. Laptop: Dell VOSTRO 1510Windows 7 x 64 PRO I already activated Wind

Windows Vista is stuck in Mode without fail after Windows Automatic Update 17 Oct.

Including all the details, I can:I have Windows Vista Ultimate on my Velocity Micro,Pro Magix E2230Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 CPU 6700 @ 2 .66GHz 2.67 GHzWith 2.00 GB of memory a 32-bit operating system. I was working to test a program Oct. 17 and the aut

My Aspire will work you tube videos but does not run any other type, advice please.

As stated above, my aspire will work you tube videos but for example if I try to watch traffic cameras all I get is a black screen. The meter also trying to run an internet speed test does not appear? I'm not computer savvie then please don't baffle

My administrator password will not work although it is correct. SULUTIONS?

I got my Fujitsu Amilo computer for three years with the same password. All of a sudden, I can't open my administrator account. The first time I came I went in as a different user and when I changed one more time, I could come. But now, that do not w

Defender of Windows guard turn off after reboot

original title: Vista Windows Defender Defender of Windows guard turn off after the restart. How to fix this?

Error failed to uninstall programs!

When I go to programs and features, I can't uninstall all of the programs that I downloaded before, I just downloaded a program and it allows me to uninstall, but the previous things I downloaded cannot be uninstalled. Why this phenomenon happens and

Photosmart C7180 All In One: Photosmart C7180 All In One and Windows 8.1

I recently changed in the course of an older PC using Vista Windows 8.1 a new unit.  I downloaded and installed the latest software and drivers from the HP support site and can print documents and photos. However, everything I print seem to have a gr

How the info on my smaller screen?

I HAV to use the cursor in the right corner of btm to move my screen in order to see all the information! very annoying! IAM using windows7 on a compaq E2 vision...

Windows Update problem "error 70490.

A few months ago, my 7 years old Windows 7 update screen is changed while I was watching.  The new screen said he had never had updates and had never checked the updates.  News for me!  I tried: auditor of the system files, the tool update system, KB

How to access blackberry installation directory

is it possible to add a video clip while packing and then access once the application is installed in the camera, I have a video clip to play in the app Info section. I'm dying to know the uri of a video clip, once it installs. Regarding

Access to the bar - descriptor.xml within the app

Is it possible to get the properties of the bar - descriptor.xml? Particularly interested in the app id to understand app whenever it is a free or paid application version

BlackBerry smartphones with a problem with blackberry 9930

Pls I wiped my blackberry 9930 model: RDU71CW. IC:2503 A-force of RDU70CW and I check d version of d phone before wiping, nd now all d OS have download refused to work, I don't know what OS paticula I need to download for phone d Please help me here

Smartphone blackBerry OS 6 - cannot send photo to BBM contact

After upgrading to OS 6, if I si je selectionne selects send - Messenger Contact photo is delivered in the compartment of bits, but not for the contact selected BBM. Conversely if I select send a picture in a BBM conversation he will send successfull

BlackBerry Smartphones Facebook for blackberry Question?

The love facebook app, I use facebook a lot and its great while I travel. But when I'm sitting at my laptop using facebook is a far from stop harmful which crosses to the blackberry application?