Where can I get a Firefox t-shirt

I would buy a Firefox T Shirt

Is it possible to use an application designed for iPhone/iPad on my iMac or (older) instead of the iPod touch?

Sorry, I don't have an iPhone and I'm not a user app.  But I found one that I really want to get.  The description says that it is designed for an iPhone or an iPad.  Can I download it on my iMac and use iTunes to put on my older iPod touch?  Or just

Satellite Pro A100-080 does not start - stays dark after 3 beeps

HelloAfter a week off, the Toshiba Satellite Pro A100-080 (PSAASE-00G004GR, 4 GB RAM) of my kids start not anymore.When turn on/off the system, he * will beep 3 times * (one long, two short beeps), the HDisk light flashes 'blue' and then nothing more

get up-to-date mail normally

I seem to have a recurring problem I would be really happy to solve. the computer is 2015 11 "mac air. the problem is that when I open the mail I sometimes get a screen that shows the mail came yesterday (for example) and by post which of course came

Transfer of the photo library to new Mac via iCloud

I bought a new iMac to replace an old MacBook Pro.  Rather than a Migration Assistant, I opted to do a fresh install of things since the MBP had years and years of junk on it.  In any case, of the MBP, I downloaded the very large library of Photos to

Satellite P100 - 160 PSPAAE - recovery disk does not work

Hello My problem is that when I used the restore disk provided with the laptop it froze the computer when he was to "expand our files (0%). »I thought that drive was defective, so bought a new drive of Toshiba (£30) but get the same error.Machine is

How to remove a stuck in my mac icon

I have delte the app in the folder/Applications. But whatever I do with the icon in the dock, he do not respond. I can click on the Remove option, but it does not. I also tried appstore. He says that the app is installed. And I clicked on open, it ju

How can I use two counters to capture a pulse ttl for a specified time

Configuration: Card counting 6062 PCI w / BNC 2121 Board running under LV 9.0 PerkinElmer Avanlance Photodiode (SPCM-AQRH-13) I searched through the forums and fell on the theme of framing an image while collecting signals from a source for a specifi

Screw system configuration return a code error-2147220608 in LV2013 but not in LV2012 on my system sbRIO

I worked to deploy a minor correction to an existing system that has worked. Part of this upgrade was to move to LV2013. The configuration of the system live that I used successfully in LV2012 to change the comment and the host name of the error code

Play a sound from an above a certain threshold. Data table 1 d type

I am facing a problem with the beep.vi.  I have a DAQ program, which acquired the signal and compare it to a threshold value. When a signal is out of range, a Visual and sound alarm has occurred. I use the VI beep.vi to generate the sound. Everything

message from awards to collect and align printer messages will not disappear

I replaced one of the printheads in my OfficeJet Pro 8500 A and now every time I print it stops and tries to do a head alignment and then shows another screen asking me to choose my reward for the purchase of the print head.  The device prints very w

HP g60

I have a hp g60 (do not know what model since I was small and ripped off the stickers). And every time I try to turn it on it loads then blue screen or a Microsoft loading screen. He never to start a couple of rehearsals, I tried to put a Linux did n

HP ENVY m6 (m6-1205dx): unknown device on PCI Express Root Complex

After improving to a fresh 10 windowns a unknown device apeared in the Device Manager. What could be? General Type of device: other devices Manufacuturer: unknown Location: on PCI Express Root Complex No driver (Code 28) Device instance path ACPI\HPQ

Ex487 MediaSmart Server - backup server

I have a MediaSmart Server Ex487.  I have it set to save my home computers and that works very well.  However, I would also like to back up the server, but would like to make him a portable eSata disk or internal hard drive.  However, the only option

Removal of unwanted Vista update reminders

I have Vista with SP2 and I often use the automatic updates, but I put them 'ask me' and then I can decide myself.  There are a few updates, I prefer not to download, but I can't find a way to remove those update notifications from the list. Specific

Help with EOS 20 D DS126061 factory reset

All the settings on our DSLR (apperture, shutter speed, etc) I screwed up, and I wonder if there is a way to reset the whole thing?

Where can I get a copy of the Windows XP installation for my sister. His was a virus and I had to format the drive. It's a registered computer

Where can I get a copy of the Windows XP installation for my sister. His was a virus and I had to format the drive. It's a registered computer. I have it ready for the operating system but I need to download a copy so I can retrieve my CD-ROM/DVD-Rom

For some reason, it says that my windows xp is not genuine, when it is for sure.

I had to fix my pc and reformatting. my pc came with windows xp on it, the same as the one I installed, I just used my drive of fathers. and he says that's not authentic. Help?

Wait until the acquisition is made

Hello I need help. I did a VI that acquire and count the edges. The acquisition will be stop and go to another structure of matter once the counter to meet the requirement. However, it does not work as intended. See the image below (also attached). W

HP Pavilion Notebook PC g6: battery management app

I learned that my portable computer battery has a life shortened by being left in charge too long.  Y at - it an app that will suspend the charge once reached say 95% load and take charge when the capacity drops to 35 percent and also let me ignore i