I don't know what happened...

I've unlocked my iphone and went to click on my whatsapp but it wouldn't work. I have blocked my phone and since then by clicking on the home button and the lock button, it does nothing. my phone is currently enabled, but I can't do anything. the scr

How to customize the automatic email solves this pop-up when you type the first characters

When I type the first characters of an e-mail address, I would prefer that the pop up most frequently used e-mail addresses. This does not happen in Thunderbird. How can I adjust in a framework?

What happened to the "bookmark this page" in my bookmarks drop down box? I need! I am not computer savy and want to just scroll through all the pa marked with a bookmark

The toolbar previous at the top of the screen re: bookmarks had the easier and is more agreed for me (and I'm sure MANY OTHERS) to just click, scroll, stop and click and fact! I'm on page that I bookmarked. So now, no? and what happened to the "mark

Updated Snow Leopard to Yosemite now (may 2016)

-After years of use of Snow Leopard on my iMac 27 "10.6.8, I've upgraded directly to El Capitan. -No problem to do so. -When you use El Capitan, I encountered several problems (unsupported software and hardware). -J' therefore decided to install Yose

Satellite L850-E8S - shutdown problems

Hello everyone I bought Toshiba Satellite L850-E8S with Windows 8.0 (for a single language) preinstalled in October 2013. At the moment I can't get stop normally. Question: * pressing Shutdown (stop) of charms goes up "Windows is shutting down" and a

Qosmio F60 - display environment does not support protected playback

Qosmio F60 When I tried to watch a disc blue ray through a plasma phillips TV 50PF9960/69, the television and the computer displayed the following message "your environment display does not support protected reading content". Phillips responded that

How to clean all cooling of the Qosmio X 770 - 107

Hi guys,. y at - it no manual, how do I clean the entire system for a gaming laptop X 770-107 of cooling? I try to clean the dust on admission and exit of the laptop, but what is in the middlepart cooling system? Any ideas?

Protect S100: Advanced Port Replicator/Docking Station

I need to know what docking station to use it please.Advanced Port Replicator III Docking StationThis one will work?

Options and accessories for my satellite A30-514

I can't find a Kit of floppy USB drive for my satellite A30-514Please help me.

You can pair the Apple Watch for iPhone 5 c?

You can pair the Apple Watch for iPhone 5 c?

'Find the UI object' is not jump to certain controls

I did a search and found other posts of 'Find the UI Object', but none quite match my observation. Here's the question.  I'd rather have my distributed signs in my UIR, without overlap.  This allows me to work on panels without getting lost. The prob

How can I record and watch HDTV on my computer from my recorder HD from Comcast?

Original title: Comcast tv on windows media player I wonder how to get tv comcast hd dvr service a comcast to windows media player so I can record hd tv and watch TV on my computer. When reserching on how to do what I saw a few problems. on the windo

When you try to click on full screen screen goes white Uni

When I click to watch FULL screen, it goes white Uni?

Spell check for Outlook Express is the French.

The only option for spell check for Outlook Express language is French.  How to restore English as the language when she is not available and cannot be seized?

Cannot find my junkmail.

As I changed servers, I can not find my junk e-mail with Outlook Express.  Can someone help me?

Screen blue oxf7a00524, oxc0000034, ox00000000, ox00000000

I just bought the e-machine laptop D725 model and tried to install windows xp sp2. The problem is I can't install window and error report is "screen blue oxf7a00524, oxc0000034, ox00000000, ox00000000 ' How can I solve this problem. If additional dri

Improve the 5 GHz range

I was on the phone with cable Support TimeWarner during these days, trying to get the speed I pay for, the speed at which we found on the desktop computer that is connected to the router EA8500 has a download speed of speed 117.14Mbps and download th

can not see when out of the screen in the sunlight

Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone! Ideas: How to make it easier to see the screen in direct sunlight You have problems with programs Error messages Recent changes to your computer

Vista Ultimate 64: directory winsxs and growth: more than 16 GB now! Help!

Hello I use this new platform to address my major problem that I have with my installation of SP1 for Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit : the size of the "winsxs" - folder (C:\Windows\winsxs).I installed my Vista on April 4, 2008, so old now is about 9 m

HP Photosmart 7525 loses the electric connection

My new HP Photosmart 7525 disconnected from its power source, after that it has not been used for several hours.  It is not only put into hibernation, and the pressing power does not turn it on again.  To turn it on, the only way is to unplug it and