All my favorites icon are missing.

I open firefox and noticed that all my favorites icon are missing and it seems that I can't drag the url from the address bar to add the bookmark bar is. I try to reset my firefox and may not solve my problem.

How can I download on my whole segments of the pc to a website?

I am shortly to go to Burma on holiday, very few places offer internet access.There is lots of useful information on the web, is there a way by which I can download some of them now, in any form and to my pc so that I can access when it.

Satellite A210: AC adapter makes a high pitch sound

I bought Satellite A210 a month ago, and since then have trouble with my adapter.It does what its field high, especially in hibernation laptop (or off) mode and full on battery light. Someone at - it had the similar problem?How culd be the reasons?

problems with XP x 64: Crash on launch 618

[The update by the moderator topic title should be more descriptive. [Original topic title was: 'problems in xp x 64'] I'm running XP x 64 on a client computer and since the 6.18 update blocking it on the desktop to launch. This was never a problem b

Is it possible to merge videos?

Is it possible to merge short videos that I took with my iPhone 5 to make a video?

office 2010 product activation

Hello I recently bought an Ideapad z580 who had microsoft office pre-installed on it. When I tried to activate the product with the windows product key on the sticker on the base of the laptop computer, windows tells me that the activation key is 'no

reading / writing file of computer network

HelloW! I have to read pc specific network, save/display the path file and then write back the file I've already read, and then after confirmation that the file written is correct I have proceed please guide me steps in order to achieve this... Altho

Another possibility, linking vi 2 separate appellants

The goal: start a sub - vi one of both parents Vi Problem: Determination of the State of execution of the Sub VI.  If the Subvi is not ongoing execution and then run from whatever vi is started first.  The Sub vi is a consumer to producer loops that

LV2010 cannot find the dll but Win7 he sees

I'm trying to access a DLL from a company called Micro USB by using 2010.  I take the DLL (USBm.dll) and place it in the Systems32 folder.  I can use Explorer and see that the file is there, but when I use the function go to the library function call

Could not open any application Windows 8.1 as store / calculator / Photo

Hello Using a new HP with Windows pre-installed 8.1.  Can't open any application such as store, calculator or any Windows application also.  Pls advise. concerning

Manual mode failure T3i

T3i works well in all modes, automatic and manual all when in mode live view, but not fail in all modes manual when using live view. Mirror flips up, but don't go back for about 20 seconds and no image is recorded. Used to work well in all situations

DVD-DL discs

How can I find out if my laptop (dv5215us) records the DVD-DL discs?

Cannot print using the Win xp partition

I've implemented the system to dual-boot. I am unable to print using the Win xp partition. Can I print using the partition in Win 7 64 bit.

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer.

Dear experts.  I thought I had cracked this problem, but unfortunately not.  Previously, I asked if I could download the Power Point Viewer, to serve on my Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, I was unable to open some e/mails in this format in O

Jumps to playback OGG at 22050 Hz sample rate

It's just a bug report that the Sansa Fuze skips when you listen an OGG to 22050 Hz file. I can provide a sample file if requested. Thank you!

can «t create new folders more»

I have windows vista and every time I hit the botton organize and trying to create a new folder, no new folder appears. How can I solve the problem? Ken [moved from the subject virus & malware]

computer turns off watching videos or playing games

My computer went off without apparent reason, while playing games online or watch HULU, any idea?

Z3 = water resistant?

Hello everyone My Xperia Z3 is now 1 month old. I washed today for the first time, and after 5 min, anything more. After 30 minutes, the phone vibrated for 5 min and then died completely. I closed all closures! And this is not the first time, with my

BBUI js imagelist overlay vertical to select point to reach

Hey webworkers,. what I'm trying to get a vertical overlay that shows the alphabet from A to Z on the right side of an image list. (As in the address book on alpha pb or dev) I tried to get to work, but I guess I'm missi