Thunderbird does not remove virus when downloaded attachments e-mail message is deleted

I have Thunderbird set in place with two email accounts, IMAP connections separate. Messages are downloaded locally when they arrive and are deleted from the server when I delete my Inbox, the local is a mirror of the server messages. Since an update

History tabs removed in library and downloads. How to restore?

Just found out that my nephew deleted my history tab and downloaded tab in the library and I don't know where to find it, all I see is tab bookmarks. Is it possible to restore it? Help, please.

I have synced my phone on my desk before wiping the desktop drive, now wish to import bookmarks in sync on the desktop. I tried to 'replace all data on the computer with my Sync data', but nothing happens. Please guide me through it.

All bookmarks are still on my mobile. I can see and access. When using the synchronization options, then clicking on the fact, absolutely nothing happens. The bookmarks are always on my mobile and not transferred to office.

How to transfer information such as bookmarks, passwords, etc. in a new computer with Windows 7?

Looked like my question disappear. I repeat. I'm trying to move the information from the old PC to a new. Used to be easy before, now he has only an option to import the files from the opera. Please indicate which part of the APP Data to copy the old

Photosmart HP 7520 e-all in one printer - printer error

The printer gives a not useful message. It says "Printer Error" and I have to restart the printer. Blinking text and all the four icons on the sides. Does anyone know this problem also? I just bought this printer and installing the printer the printe

Satellite A300-1EB - invalid agreement number

Hello I just registered my new Toshiba (standard recording), and I got an extension when I bought it, I went and registered the extended warranty of HLFRMIES008, and they said that the number of contract is valid, but when I tried to extend the warra

Scheduling of email should be sent no later

Hello Sometimes I want to schedule an email I wrote to send later. Is this possible please? I tried to paste an AppleScript in Mail on the laptop, but that doesn't seem to work. In any event it is not likely to affect the enamel in my iPhone. Any ide

Satellite C855-1GF - webcam does not work

Hello I need help how do I get my webcam back to work, I checked on Device Manager and the imaging device is no longer on the list. I also did a system restore it does not always think that he could will to help save the lost files that has disabled

Photo library lost after installation of El Capitan

After the installation of El Capitan in Yosemite, my MacBookPro doesn´t recover the existing photo of i-photo library. It only shows what created under El Capitan. They went or is it just the link who is gone? Does anyone know?

HP Photosmart e-All-in-On 6510: can't install drivers Photosmart HP 6510, no matter what I try

WIndows 10 HP Photosmart 6510 e - all-in - One Printer - B211a So I've had problems printing from my computer wireless for centuries now. It seems that it only prints when he feels like it, don't know what to do to solve this problem, and do not know


How do I (1) change the image on a magnet (2) make app open full screen at the launch of the magnet? I'll put up a public screen for people to select items to display - as an application or a document or a web page I have 520-1380 Touchsmart with Win

How can I fix a disabled ipod touch 8 GB

How can I fix a disabled ipod touch 8 GB

Live Essentials non-installation__

Trying to run front of Live Messenger, who insists on the fact that I update to the latest version of Live. Installation just Messenger or other parts right away via Win Update failed repeatedly with 40690 & 80040006 error codes. Tried to uninstall M

For the Latist Windows to update an error has occurred.

The download is complete but not able to install. It was owned the PC Cams, pilots, etc Windows Update error Code was given. Error Windows Update 8024401 b is listed in the troubleshooting update page. Now what?

URLS suddenly not valid... and a lot more (worse)

Earlier, I got this when trying to access a web site: URL invalid the requested URL ' / ', is not valid. Reference #9.87cc8f18.1290546177.eeb029 THIS happens for different sites (most sites is large enough; newspapers, etc.). HOWEVER, and perhaps a l

error 8007005

Hello For the last week, I can't get windows updates.  I am running windows vista Home premium on a Dell Inspiron 531.  I checked the permissions, disabled UAC, tried running as administrator updates, renamed the old C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution f

HP DV2700 Changed LCD not always no display

Hi people, I have a 28 - month old HP DV2700 special edition (Yes with the Nvidia chip dreaded). It worked fine until a week ago, when I decided to clean the keyboard and keys. I had removed the battery so that the laptop would not whenever I hit the

get an error not registered but what key to type in my Ontario Regulation does not work.

the computer came with windows ultimate, but I started getting a message "unregistered error" lately.  When I type in the key of the Ontario Regulation has failed and that's when I realized that I have received the software for vista Home premium ins

HP LaserJet P2055x: The status bar Configuration changes itself "random" (HP LaserJet P2055x)

Dear HP support, We have several HP LaserJet P2055x with tray 3rd in an office of the customer. Each printer has a paper sizes A6, A5, A4 configured (inside and out). From time to time (randomly, but usually about weeks) one or two printers are chang

Reference Dell Force10 S4810 VLAN in mirror

Ladies and gentlemen, I was wondering if you have some experience with the mirroring of the ports on the VLT in Dell Force10 switches and if it is possible. I searched for more information last week and could not find valuable comments. I have a setu