Consequences of the removal of the att account on iPad

I have that I'm having trouble sending emails on my att/yahoo account. I was going to remove the account and then reload. A pop-up warning says 'Notes' info will be lost. How can I avoid this?

So buying the tv box apple has us buying progams. What good invades this cable?

The Apple TV Box must find its programs somewhere. I doubt really that signing up for a package containing a wide variety of programs for a basic monthly fee? If this isn't how the programs are used to transmit continuous, can be compared to the cost

Best way to erase 'Music' of the iPhone and Resync with my newly deduplicated iTunes (I removed 30 GB of duplicates with "Tune Sweeper")

Hi, I recently decided to clean up my years of iTunes duplicates.  "Tune Sweeper" ($24.99) reduced my 180GB to 150 GB. I don't want my iPhone (50 GB free) existing MUSIC to restore my iTunes on my PC. Can I just remove all the current MUSIC from iPho

Can I replace the video card Intel (r) 915GM/GMS in Satellite M70?

Hello! I have a TOSHIBA Satellite M70, with video card Intel (r) 915GM/GMS (256 MB) that is not working properly (it might be made of the mechanical shock or high temperature, do not know, but I'm sure it's something on the hardware). I reinstalled m

Custom video size 640 x 640 exports in 29.97i?

Hi all I'm trying to export a video to use on Instagram and the size of the file must be 640 x 640, so I have to use the "custom" format However, FCPX only allow me to export in 29.97i instead of 59,92 what I need. The result is the lack of quality a

Restore 1 backup App to iCloud

Apple gives you a way to backup apps, music, photos to iCloud, but it is not very clear for the procedure restore an application since the last backup. You can restore the entire backup to a clean iPad, but can't find a procedure or an app to help gi

BDP-BX57 error 300 look a Netflix and no longer works

Hello. Everything is good until May 9, when my Blu - ray gives me a 300 error when viewing of Netflix.All other services are running.Firmware from Sony is the last: 11/02/2011 - if not recently changed.Powered off power and removed for 5 minutes and

HPE h8 1117c power

looking to replace power supply 300w with a 500w factory. First of all, the system supports this and secondly, what would be a good replacement? Thank you!

What is the difference between these two types of defs?

We give a point constraint, I checked and they are both the same representation (U16)

How can I upload photos of Icloud for Windows XP

A friend sent me some photos on a photo using Icloud stream... I clicked on 'Join this photo stream' and a new screen came saying I could use "iCloud Control Panel for Windows" to view and edit shared photo streams. I have clkd on "Control Panel for

Acer Aspire E5-511-P7SJ reinstalled with windows 7 32 bit. Brightness of the screen does not

I use Acer Aspire E5-511-P7SJ windows.81 preinstalled. The system had Intel HD Graphics. I formatted the system and load windows 7 32 bit. After windows 7 installed, I am not able increase or decrease brightness. How can the problem be solved? At pre

not displaying do not all start menu items

Windows desktop startup When I go to my office and then 'Start' and 'Programmes', I can't see all the programs that are loaded on my computer.  There seems to be more to the right of the screen are not visible and the alphabetical sequence stops too

Where is my icon to taskbar for Volume?

Silly question, but... in the past, there was an icon in the taskbar on my tablet pc where I could adjust the volume on various things like the Speaker Volume, wave, SW Synth, CD player and Monitor entry and I could put a checkbox in a silent box for

3.1 where the notification section go?

Since the installed 3.1, notifications that used to be in the lower right (on emails, downloads, etc.) have disappeared. hiding somewhere?

Performance slows when I run on battery only

I have a ThinkPad t61.  Until a few weeks ago, he was very well running Vista.  I installed SP1 and now when I have not plugged computer, performance is bad.  Audio skips when I play music.  Video playback is choppy.  Other applications are lethargic

Problem installing old printer.

I downloaded the software installation and driver for printer HPC4780 on a n265sa of flag and tried to install. It goes up to then saying file not found. Any idea?

My windows vista aero appearance no longer works.

My windows vista aero appearance no longer works. One day my laptop turns off because of my charger is not plugged in and I started it upward and the background was black, deleting my old wallpaper and the features of the toolbar is now classic windo

When I try to open any program or file the only thing that opens is Windows Media Center

* Original title: only the open Windows Media Center Every time I try to open a program or file, the only thing that opens is windows media cente.ive had set up a new account just to be able to use my lappie, I have no point of restord

BlackBerry Q10 Q10 - cannot share photos via Whatsapp!

Somehow I can't share photos via Whatsapp (locations for example work very well)! When I try, the screen goes black and I can just hit the Cancel button... Just reinstalled Whatsapp from scratch without success... very frustrating! Advice or similar

WPD file system volume driver, card reader, code 10

Used to have a Vista system to windows 7 update on top and the card reader has worked without any problems, in fact a full install of windows 7, the card reader appears four times (once for each location in the card reader) 'device cant start code 10