No chapters after compressor export?

Hi people, I'm editing old family 16mm film to a customer in a SD NTSC file. The file is modified with several chapters (16 or almost) fully finished. I exported a file of format prores FCX.  I'm doing this because I also give customers a larger file

A way to tell which projects the "used" bits are used?

Hello I have clips that show that parts are 'used' in a project. Is it possible to tell which project they are used in? The best Elmer


Computer was working fine... I stopped him and he wanted to go to the top...  In the past when turning on pc, he would go to the same screen here and there... I turn off and turn it back on and it should start right... At the time where I don't think

How to disable the Touchpad buttons click?

Could someone tell me how to disable the clicking sound when you use the buttons on the touchpad? Thank you.

Display two tabs to display at the same time?

When I open a new tab and display a site Web, is there a way I can if I want to fill the page opens the half of the screen so when I open another tab, I can have the opportunity to do that on the new Web site so, indeed I have two tabs with a website

Screen turns off when working DC but Portege R500 unpluge

Hi forum. Just bought laptop Portege R500 PPR50E-04x048en.When I start the PC (BIOS is set to default) when using battery everything works fine.When I unplug the power cord, the screen turns off. I plug it back, the screen is still off! Any ideas?FN

HP Probook HOV84EA #ABU: 1511.10586 windows upgrade

Hello Windows wants to install the 1511.10586 upgrade, but said that HP CUSTOMER SECURITY MANAGER is incompatible and wants to uninstall.  Is it safe to allow? HP Probook 455 G 1 2CE322BDL series product HOV84EA #ABU iI would appreciate your opinion

HP Pavilion dv6-3157ez - upgrades

What are the possibilities of updates on this model, right next to the 2 GB memory?

total impressions on a 4500th want all-in-one?

How do you determine the total impressions on a 4500th want all-in-one?

rror 8 has occurred to the file dialog-> URGENT

I have some project for cRIO-9072 control. I used the network shares Variables to control cRIO PC remotely. After I used it whenever I have to start VI I could see that the message Error 8 has occurred to the dialog file-> Possible reaso

Microsoft windows is the BEST that I have just boughta Toshiba L755 I'm the only one who uses this computure how can I fix this problem I got it only a month and a half

Please help me I had nothing, but wrong with me, TI, Toshiba L755 has one month half, but nothing wrong with saying me it certification and when out on Jan.2011 can not get on anything facebook it a problem, I don't like google I like yahoo, it would

update with local variables

Hello I'm sure that this should be easy for the LV user, but I still get angry with the case. In the circle 1 Gauge_error has the value true, but when it happens in the circle 2, it is set to false (which is the default). I don't understand why becau

Reading files of multiple data individually

Hello I made a program that writes data into several files .lvm spectrometer. They are saved in the same folder with sequential names like 'file_001.lvm', 'file_002.lvm', 'file_003.lvm', 'file_004.lvm '... I use the "List" to list them all

2 updates won't load

I use Win 7 Home Premium 32-Bit for a few weeks and, when close down I keep seeing a message about installing 2 updates.  I tried to disconnect the PC from the internet and then shut down the PC, but see the same message, they are not recent, but for

Compatibility of Red Faction G-war

Original title: compatibility Im trying to get a game to work from steam (g-red faction war) I click on the game so he could start working everything seems fine at first, it is said from the game and turns the hourglass then it just stops and nothing

My HP PSC 1210 Al lin One xi does not print the small print on a soup Plantation coupon

My HP PSC 1210 xi all in one printer does not print the small print on a soup Plantation coupon. I was able to print very clearly a letter that I had written and recorded in the notebook. Printing in Notepad is quite small, but it is still much more

System Configuration utility

I had a hotline to change how windows starts and clear my system for viruses etc. I have no w received a message on my pc every time you start by saying that the system utility is in diagnostic or selective startup mode. I need to choose normal start

digital video camera is being recognized in windows xp and windows 7 or a fact now

Hello world. I hope someone can help me please. I have two computers windows xp professional 32-bit and the other is windows 7, both were working fine until yesterday. My problem is that I can edit software.and they both were captuering fine.and comp

Help please send me my product key cd I lost of __WINDOWS PROFESSIONAL__ of XP SERVICE PACK 3, 2008 MICROSOFT CORPORATION, __PART No. X 14-72249___Thanks

Help please send me my product key cd I lostWINDOWS XP PROFESSIONALSERVICE PACK 3, MICROSOFT CORPORATION 2008.PART NO. X 14-72249 Thanks in advance.