do not delete history

a 'friend' used my system while I was and connected to facebook,now every time I raise of facebook, it opens with the name of newspaper here. and I can't get rid of it. Anyone have any ideas? Yes and now when I go out, I stop system, late, but what y

When you add that bookmark the location menu does not appear.

Firefox on Ubuntu 10.04 10.0.2 - when I add a bookmark the secondary menu (which allows to choose the location) does not appear. The bookmark is created in the bookmark main 'folder '. I can handle the bookmark after its creation, but it is not very

How can you transfer all data and software form old iPad new iPad?

Hello: I have an iPad 9.7 "display of 2012 with 16 GB of storage. I'm about to storage now and are considering buying an iPad 2 Air. My question is, how can you transfer all the info from my old iPad to the new without starting from scratch? Thank yo

How to remove a log in password saved in firefox system?

At the time of the journal in a site, I have to provide a password. Fire Fox gives an option to save the password. I saved a lot of password. But now I want to delete some user ID registered with password of his memory. How is it possible? Is there a

Satellite C850-1GL - no Wi - Fi connection after installing Windows 8.1

Hello to you all! I necessarily need your help! A few days ago, I've upgraded to 8.1 Windows 64 bit on my laptop Toshiba Satellite C850-1GL and are identified is no longer available wi - fi networks. I installed all drivers as specified by Toshiba (d

Satellite A200 - 14 d sounds random beeps

Hi all My Toshiba Satellite a200 - 14 d sounds a strong tone, randomly, once almost weekly or every 2 weeks. Sometimes while I'm working, or even when it is idle. It appears to be either the motherboard DVD ROM. I think it is the CPU, but I don't kno

Increase temperature to 90 degrees on the Satellite A300-158

I salute you all.I bought a laptop Toshiba a300-158.For the 3 months who visited has all the same processor and other parts actually heated to 90 degrees Celsius. Normally it? I have Toshiba, they said that the need to learn in their service center.

How can I change the ' available in the ' phone on my apple ID?

How can I change the ' available in the ' phone on my apple ID?

Is there a plugin update for You Tube?

I can't open Youtube or online site to place an order for Christmas.  Is there a fold-in that I must download?

Graph of Mixed Signal: how programmatically change the name of the group in the legend?

Hello LabVIEW community, Can someone tell me the property node that would allow me to change the name of 'Group 0' programmatically in the legend below?  I have searched through all mixed methods graphic Signal and nodes of property with no luck and


When opening my computer, it says boot selection failed because a required device is not accessible. Insert the windows installation disc & auto. What is this installation disc?

Pavilion p6232it - Wake On Lan feature does not

Hello I work as a system administrator and having 5 of these p6232it on LAN workstations. Product no: VS351AA-ABZ build No.: 94CEv6PrA3, and the BIOS revision is 5.07 (2009-07-06). I can't use the Wake-On-Lan feature, although all other machines (esp

Upgrade workstation Z230

Hello, I would like to change my processor on my workstation z230 brand new.  I try to use a xeon e3-1270 v3 instead of the e3-1225 delivered v3, but the station will beep beep beep beep on startup with no display. When I look at my bios version I ca

Reinstall xp after that hard drive has been replaced

Hard drive of my computer dell laptop crashed. After replacing the drive hard windows would not load so I made a boot xp from my office (also xp) drive. It worked but I had to use the product code of the dektop pc. It is a way to put the good prod co

I lost my audio on my computer one day that he was there and now his party of my speakers work, but no sound comes out of it please don't help

I already tried to solve the problem, but it don't stop me sound card and I know that I have one it's a driving weard

Music folder became a folder of images

In my music folder I have files for the music of my son and for mine. In my case, I have a number of subfolders. Now, Windows seems to think that my main Music subfolder is a folder of images, because instead of 'Play All', he said 'Play Slideshow',

How LinkSys WRT54G v7 supports RTSP streaming service?

Hello I use the LinkSys WRT54G v7 and I can see the RTSP videos using VLC player to Strangely, I can't play videos if another AP as the DLINK is used instead of LinkSys. I analyzed packages and discovered that RTSP server (youtube) sen

Startup problem: first black-wallpaper appears with the logo, and then the screen goes to the Microsoft screen with green moving bar "Please wait".

My computer is having problems loading the main office. I start it up, the first black-wallpaper with the logo is displayed, then the screen goes to the Microsoft screen with the green bar of movement. After that, the Windows logo appears and makes t

Just last week, on Internet Explorer and Mozilla, I have problems shows a safe web site and pages.

Only in the last week Internet Explorer and Mozilla are problems displaying or find some website and web pages. It works perfectly fine on another computer. Here are the pages that I shot to the top of many times and they are secure pages. Companies

Computer does not start, the Error Recovery window is continuous

Yesterday, I upgraded to a software called Turbo Lister for eBay.  The computer must restart for the changes to take effect.  It's the start of my problem.  After the reboot, I got Windows Error Recovery screen.  He recommends launch Startup Recovery