My laptop stolen

My cell phone has been stolen how Aliy recovered?

Start on Satellite L350-277

When I turn on my laptop it gets as much as screen Toshiba innovation with options to enter F2 or F12, and then the screen goes black with a cursor in the upper right. After a few seconds the cursor disappears and the screen remains black and goes no

Question on the screen LCD, Satellite A500-1F4

Hello world. I intend to buy the new laptop and I saw the specs of the Satellite A500-1 F4 and Satellite L505-13W. I love the 16 "in A500 display but there is one thing is not clear, what do they mean on screen truebright? Compared to L505, he has LE

My friend can't hear me through Skype to help me?

Whenever I'm with a friend on Skype, he videocalls me and he can not hear me through the microphone in some way, but I can hear the other side of his call, I can't seem to find a way to fix my microphone can someone help me?

How to change the optical drive for Portege R500-135

Hello I need to change my optical drive, but I don't kown where I can buy one.My laptop is PPR50E-08M046FR. THX Rgds

Satellite L500-12 q - change or replace the graphics card

Hey guys I'm new in this placeCould someone change or replace the graphics card on Satellite L500-12 q with a better game card? I searched the Web for a better card, but couldn't find any info on my laptop with the exception of increasing the perform

Satellite Pro L10 series - keyboard has a missing key

Hello I want to sell my laptop but the keyboard is equipped with a missing key.The key is second at top right, between Del and Pause/break. I don't know which key it is and ask someone out there who can own a laptop Toshiba Satellite L10 to answer th

Billing issue

Please help me, I can't make music apple US $1 payment, but deleting my account at a time

iPad 2 (second generation) and Apple TV 4

I wonder my old iPad 2 (not iPad Mini 2) will work with Apple TV 4 with airplay, etc..  I don't want to open a new Apple TV 4 if I can't use airplay with this second generation iPad.  I tried searching online, it seemed much use much more recent iPad

Traditional DAQ on LV2009?

Hello After installation of LV2009 and it's DeviceDrivers I missed the traditional functions of data acquisition... Even try to re - install (or update) the traditionalDAQ did not work. So: TradDAQ support falls from LV2009? I couldn't find any infor

KB947319 will not be installed

I can't install KB947319. Any help would be greatly appreciated...

How to connect an osciloscope graphic

How to turn the channel on the elvis osciloscope

dv7t-2000: upgrade of the motherboard and processor for dv7t-2000

I currently have a dv7t-2000 with [email protected] and ATI mobility Radeon HD 4530 discrete graphics with 512 MB dedicated memory. I want to upgrade the processor and the motherboard to improve its performance and its Windows experience index (lowest val

English installed W2K and the Spanish XP upgrade compatibility issues

Bought the package upgrade XP here in Spain. Impossible to install on the PC with installed English Windows 2000. No indication on the box or elsewhere in the package that the upgrade is specific to a Spanish version of W2K. Error message saying inco

How to change a PDF to a .jpeg

I have Vista Home Premium 64-bit and I scanned a document into a .pdf file, but must be changed to a .jpeg. How can I do this?Thank youAimee T

Media player skips and has flaws in reading hair cds

When I ripped a cd and played back through my Media Player of the id of the library had some faults on some songs

How to reinstall the operating system after the broken hard drive partition?

Hey guys, lately my HARD drive goes down, during the factory restore. I install a new blank HDD in your computer now. I can see my old HARD drive recovery disk, but cannot get it back. I have finished the form of recovery disk, but my warranty expire

WebWorks and Python

Hello I have a website I want to convert a BB10 app. My web backend use c# to spawn a process and run a Python script. I was hoping that I can do something similar with WebWorks. I found this link that talks about BB10 and Python:


HelloI initially bought cloud adobe with my student discount price. Now they tell me that I have the right to the discount and they are charging me full price. I want to know if I'll be able to recover my money since the previous payment and how to p

How do uninstall you creative cloud WITHOUT updating the apps first?

I don't really need or want to spend data and hours for updating a program that I intend to remove.He tries to update all of the program Creative Cloud and apps, but not let me access the list of the app without updating first. The only options are "