No sound with Win 10 using iMac

End of 2015 iMac. Win 10 installed Boot Camp. Sound works well with Mac, but not of his help to win 10. All solutions?

Subscriber not Apple music, continue to pay for iTunes game?

I am not subscribed to Apple music and I was wondering if I still pay for iTunes game? If so, how can I unsubscribe because it is no longer an iTunes app that I can unsubscribe?

How to unlock my computers keyboard laptop hp

How to unlock my laptop keyboard hp mothers. Ive looked everywhere on the net and the answers I get is to push the buttons f # and the key fn at the same time, but she didn't and the f button #.  Please help me.   Thank you

Laptop HP 15-g036cy: enter the password administrator or power on password

I need assistance with the administrator password or power onDisable # 75673054

Why can't update mini IPad 2 iOS 9.3

Ive been trying to update my iPad mini 2 for iOS 9.3, but it keeps saying it cannot be verified as no internet connection. I tried with wifi and mobile data but still will not let me. Can anyone help?

recharge the IPod Shuffle, the IPod Shuffle must be activated?

Recharge the IPod Shuffle, the IPod Shuffle must be activated?

Satellite C70D-B - 30 d: how to access back after ~ 16 removed screws

Would be grateful for any advice to remove the rear panel. I removed the battery, ~ 16 live + 1 small screw on the optical drive and while he "uncheck" everywhere else, there seems to be something stopping the Panel being removed just above the compa

MacBook pro 13 inch mid-2012 with the help of el capitan

is there anyone with a macbook pro 13 inch mid 2012 that the use of el capitan? I want to improve my macbook to mavericks in el capitan, but my friend told me not to do. Because she just update its macbook (same model with mine) and it becomes slower

Is it possible to add a font to Pages on iCloud?

Hello I suspect that it is probably impossible due to the requirements of the application web-platform, but I thought I would ask if it is possible to add a policy to the existing set available on Mac, iOS, and important for on-the-go editing, iCloud

Ms - Accessories import waveform parameters

Hallo, If I try to import a car crash test (ISO TS 13499) Ms format, I get all channels in the form of wave, but without x-property of waveform. I show part of Heath a channel in the MS format (taken from the example collection OR): Channel code : 11

HP PhotoSmart Prem 310 Series: Installation on PC Windows 8.1 HP solutions Center

My printer is a model 310 that I bought in 2011.  The DVD accompanying installation supports Windows XP, Vista and 7.  The version number of the DVD is 14.4.0 and I used it to try and install "HP Solution Center" on my new PC for Windows 8.1.  What I

Unabl eto manage my mail server using Alt - N Mdeamon Mailing software with windows server 2012 R2...

Original title: Mail server Guys, I'm having trouble managing my mail server using Alt - N Mdeamon Mailing software with windows server 2012 R2... Can anyone suggest Me an alternative to that. Waiting for the answer

When Acer will solve the problem of 171 P3 with Intel 4000.I graphics have dated the BIOS not solution

It's rediculus $650 that when a product improved to 8.1 driver for the graphics card does not work. I reinstalled windows 8 and updated upgraded to 8.1 three times for nothing doesn't. Technical support is usless on all this problem, what say, is to

Supported DLNA with wireless controller?

How do you get music I stored on a compatible DLNA NAS? Guide the user to the DMRW1000 seems to be more focused on usage by using the administrator or the conductor to create and manage my playlists and Cisco Media Player to manage my music. Can I co

How can I keep others from my pc to access my windows live/hotmail in box

When the computer is turned on, it displays the desktop.  How to set my time on other pc?  It's a pc at home.

Last steps to install an SSD in a XPS 435MT (Windows 7 64-bit)?

I found a very good price on two SSDs - so I bought it, thinking I could install at least one of them in my XPS 435MT. They will arrive today. I also want to add a Blu - ray (player, at least) Player to this system. (Suggestions)? While seeking advic

Add audio to Dialog.alerts

Good evening Can some give me some guidance how to add sound or make the phone vibrates when the dialog.alert is the trigger. Also any reference to create a user to configure alerts that aduble, (use the audio files on the BB)

How to force the keypad for PB

Hello everyone. Sorry my first post is a question... I have a little problem with an application that I have written for the PB in WebWorks. A button press event called a JS dialog box, and I would like the numeric keypad as a default value.  It seem

Reduced Windows screen resolution

I typed double somewhere on my screen and it is small. How to do screen displayed in the case of old eyes? Original title: Windows screen

How to disconnect a network unidentified without internet access?

My laptop running Windows 7 says I'm connected to a network not identified without internet access and allow me to connect to my wireless home connection, but there is no internet connection is.  The only way that I can use internet on my PC is if I