Glitch/Question of the root user

All other encountered an error of password for the root user that uses a user admin instead account? Recently, I had to reinstall 10.11 on an iMac and went to create a startup disk. When I run sudo it asked for the root password (which is enabled) an

After that updated today (13/12/14) firefox cannot connect at all anywhere (IE works fine) - firefox reset, reset from the PC and the removal of the extensions all did not help

To update Firefox - now, it does not connect what either. I have RESET firefox, restarted the PC, disabled all extensions, and changed the proxy for any proxy settings. IE works fine.

How will I know if my iPhone has male ware?

Hi, how can I tell if my iPhone has virus?

HP Pavilion 14-ab021tu: HP Pavilion 14-ab021tu LAN driver

I install windows 7 pro x 64 on HP Pavilion 14-ab021tu and download the driver for the LAN (name of file sp71191) but it does not work. Please help me find the latest driver for LAN! Thank you very much.

HP FK575AA-ABA a66581: How do I know if the computer is equipped WiFi

Can someone tell me how can I tell if my computer is able to WIFI.   I have examined various items on the computer, but can't find any reference which tells me that the computer is wifi my computer is a HP FK575AA-ABA a66581 with windows 10 64-bit ca

How to use Excel on iPhone 6 s/ios 9.2?

I need basic help for a beginner who has never used the 'cloud', in any version. I use Excel for updating a single database stored on my desk while I'm home.  I want to keep the latest version of this file in a cloud and then use Excel on my iphone w

Installation of the solution Center

The solution Center does not install on my new computer.  I downloaded drivers etc and it still shows it is incomplete.  I lost the disc.  Cannot scan

Different in the integrated graphics card as says compney

I bought HP 15-g002AX a month... before you buy I read the specifications carefully... everywhere I found that the integrated graphics card is AMD radeon hd 8570 m 2 GB, but after you buy and check the graphics card it is Amd Radeon Hd 8500 m and gra

Reinstall Chess Titans

I tried the solution proposed for the 'accidentally deleted the games' above (opens Control Panel, went to programs and features, and then or on windows and clicked on games but long on my computer Chess Titans are gone.) I have a Fujitsu Deskpower -

Vista so far failed, error 800b0100 of code KB967723

I have instaled 5 times all have faild 32 bit vista

Call a help file (.chm) when press a button on the front

I can't call a help file (.chm) when press a button on the front. I have only called when press a key then right click the mouse and navigate the selected key for the button.

upgrade for rebel xti lenses

I have a Rebel xti. I thought best to upgrade the lenses before buying new camera body. L-series lenses work effectively with xti?

There is a bar on the left side of my screen that has menus labeled "file Taks', 'Other locations' and 'Details' drop-down. How can I get rid of him?

Original title: appearance of office. There is a bar on the left side of my screen that has menus labeled "file Taks', 'Other locations' and 'Details' drop-down.  How can I get rid of him?

change of Directors

change of Directors

PRODUCT ID of failure Notebook Envy CND2261S39 failure ID rlmnxq-67w7ak-xd7xig-60cu03 ID B5T11VA #ABL

Hey I get a 'iminent failure' message when I do the system diagnostics of hard disk SMART 1, ID rlmnxq-67w7ak-xd7xig-60cu03 failure, could someone tell me what is happening?

Network on WRT54GL speed

Hello I have a 16 Mbit/s (megabits) cable modem connected to the WRT54GL. Office is located next to the router and is connected with a cable, Wi - Fi is connected the laptop. Both PCs reach maximum speed when downloading on the internet but when I tr

Binding post with no default e-mail client installed.

After drinking nothing of problems with Windows Live Mail loading, I took it to my Vista operating system. If I have no default email on Vista client, but use an email ATT Uverse, how do I make a hyperlink, etc., go to my email.

How can I update my xperia ray in ICS?

I tried the update with the pc companion, but he demonstrated an error 'Cannot install or start components of software update phone'. I also downloaded the software, but it does not work on my windows machine 8. Is it possible to upgrade the operatin

KO 971644

I need to download the update for window KB971644 vista platform. I've tried everything. The Download Center, the update of windows, difficulty of the update, but I can find. I need to get the update for windows essential. Please help me.

I have a disk with win 98 and I would like to know how to install it on top of a tower with vista home premium on it.

My lap top has vista home and I tried to install Win 98 on a drive. I get messages saying that it can not be installed.  The installer on the disc advises to install using MS-DOS. However, the file of course dosen't address install on a computer with