iOS 10 disable the lock screen camera

Is it possible to disable the lock screen camera? the people cannot take hundreds of pictures without you knowing? I know that you can disable the camera completely in the restrictions under settings, but surely there is an option to turn off?

New graphics from the portable - Windows 10 - Toshiba fuzzy

HI -. Just got a new PC Toshiba laptop. Operating system Windows 10. All images are fuzzy/blurry in Firefox (version 40.0.2), text is fine. In Internet Explorer and browsers Microsoft new Edge, the graphics are perfect. East 40.0.2 w/Windows compatib

Question of Toshiba AT10-r: charging: mini-usb connector port is broken

My tablet to-10A is plu 1 year bit (expired warranty then). It will no longer charge. I have already answered a few messages in the forum that indicated similar problems. Let me continue on another where I can give you a few other updates. There is n

Impossible to activate the Bluetooth on my Satellite C660

I have a Satellite C660-PSC1GA01E01M. Datasheet says now that this thing has BT built in already. I tried my best to install drivers for the module, but Device Manager me repeating... "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its information

32L4353D Smart TV does not work

The Internet connection has, but do not run the application. Writes what is available in demo mode. The browser works only

I put firefox 4 on my computer but had to withdraw because it did not allow the Norton toolbar that identifies safe and dangerous websites. This featurre will be available

The norton toolbar feature that identifies problem sites(web safe) is a good tool and has saved us many problems.Experience, I think it's something I have to have. I loaded firefox 4 and although I like the program I took itthe lack of this feature b

Touch smart 420 t

Makes the touch smart 420 t built in dvd player?

Satellite L500D - screen off sometimes

I bought this Satellite L500D several months and sometimes the screen goes black. It tends to occur when the charger is not plugged, but the battery is charged to 100%. "Indicators of the system" (the lights that are on when the laptop is turned on)

HP Designjet Z6100ps does not

I bought HP Designjet Z6100ps. When I turn it on it gives me a few signals, green flashing on the front and the white screen. Twice he worked well. The first time in the 5th attempt, the second of the 3rd. But now, it does not load the screen.I check

MIni 1100: HP mini bios password

Can someone help me with the HP mini BIOS password? That's what I get: Enter the CURRENT password:-x Enter the CURRENT password:-x Enter the CURRENT password:-x Password check failed FATAL error... System stopped. CNU9315zd8 Appreciate the help; Than

Problem of reliability data acquisition PXI-4071

Hello I'm having a problem of reliability using my 4071 Pxi digitizer mode. I have a number of tests that use the SMU-6363 (usually configured for DC) analog output to provide a stimulus for our own device, which has a number of a/d converters.  We u

xlink kai ejecuntando da several me horas luego el an error Visual C ++ Runtime Library como arreglo este error

ago what's that are a conflict con otro y programa lo raro are luego pasa esto cuando uso application than to desconecta el internet para is vuelva a funcionar me toca simplice notice has the option of Red No is TR fue una seguridad addition, he inte

HP dv6 Notebok PC ENVY: fingrprint HP ENVY dv6 Notebook PC scanner

My fingrprint scanner was working after rereshing my PC. It was running on Windows 8.1, then I refreshed it at 8. Now I can't log in as administrator to update my software and I am logged on as another account, the admin account is not seen.  also ca

Bought in California, moved to Arizona, but impossible to activate XP

never activated win xp on the coast tried to activate it in arizona where I moved here, where he nasty pop ups on my screen. How to remove said canoe activate not in the right area well duh people move msoft from time to time. * original title - I bo

Synch Media Player created a partition on my camcorder DXG-579v - now the only record camera 4 minutes on an 8G flash drive

How can I get rid of the partition? The camera now has a F & a G drive, & is much larger than the other. I don't want to sync anything on camera. Tried to reformat - only reformatted the smaller disk. Also - Media Player never changes the file extens

27 + slice 28 vs ++ Slice - differences?

27 ++: part number 57Y4545 28 ++: part number 0A 36304 What is the difference between these two slices 9cell? Who can I get to W520 4270CTO? I intend to use it at the same time with my 55 ++. Thank you

PowerConnect 7048 Port Mirroring

Hello everyone, I'm trying to mirror two ports on my 7048 Powerconnect switch. One of them is a Trunk Port, and the other is just a port not marked. I don't see any incoming traffic on port of destination. Is it possible a bug in the Web management i

WebWorks - UI - cannot connect [Linux Ubuntu (14.04)]

I just installed on Ubuntu 14.04 WebWorks, but when I try to start the user interface (either through the Terminal (. / start-ui) or by clicking on the shortcut) I get the error: "An error occurred when starting the server: EADDRNOTAVAIL" and the bro

Where can I download Windows 7 Ultimate Black x 64 OEM Version.

Original title: can not find the download. Where can I download Windows 7 Ultimate Black x 64 OEM Version.  I got it on my phone when my HD crashed.  I can't find it anywhere.

SignTool.exe check /pa returns the exit code 1 from the code, but works fine when running from the command prompt.

Hello I use SignTool.exe since a new Process() to check an Assembly codesigned and it returns the exit code 1 so that it returns the exit code 0 while I run the same Visual Studio command prompt. Please let me know your thoughts... Here is an excerpt