Two of our accounts of Firefox will not allow the user to connect to gmail.

I just upgraded my desktop computer for Windows 10. We have several user accounts on this computer. We all use Firefox as a browser. When one user other than me opens Firefox in their account, they can go without a problem, but cannot connect to gmai

ITunes library and duplicate the items and folders of Windows Explrr

I have a 2 or 3 General questions on iTunes.  I download all my iTunes on a PC and play really.  That is why the questions about iTunes folders in Windows Explorer. 1 how to produce duplicates in the library?  I have loads.  I saw the advice to remov

Firefox and a Linksys router

I run a bed and breakfast. I have a router Linksys (EA6200). Thanks to the support of Linksys, I found solutions to help the login page appear for my guests in IE and Google Chrome. Unfortunately, it is still not load in Firefox. I want this to work

How can I disable tabs, turn off Tabbed browsing?

I can't find the Forum a useful answer to how to completely disable tabbed browsing in Firefox. I find it almost incomprehensible that Firefox would be forces me to use tabs, but disabling all the options in the section tabs of Options does not in fa

How to get my iPhone to my Mac photos?

I have more than 3000 photos on my iPhone 6, most of them transferred from my Mac.  Recently, I lost all my photos on my Mac (I don't really know how.)  Opening pictures this morning and all my pictures have disappeared), so now I am transferring all

Control of portable equipment on a Satellite

Hello I would like to ask if someone has expirience with hardware control cell phone program on a toshiba satellite. Greetings.

HP Mini 110: failure of verification of password... fatal error... system halted

My HP110 mini when it is powered on the screen only I get is 'Enter current password' (I can't remember) after three tries, I get a message saying "failed verification of password...". Fatal error... System stopped. CNU93852LK can you please walk me

model: write on the lines.

I have a template that I use for a project. The model has a question, then a line after him tap. The line is thicker than the line when point out you something you typed. It looks like this. Question: _ When I click on the line to write my answer, he

Satellite P200-1 - wireless turns off after reboot

Hello On Satellite P200-1BY, on reboot, the wi - fi turns off to restart. The switch is then unnecessary.I do not know whence they come, and an another reboot put the right thing.

Satellite L300 - white screen at startup

Hi all Im having promblems with my L300.The screen will not load only the my computer and the screen is blank. Can someone helo me out?

iTunes TV - how "Mark as watched"...?

Hello and happy holidays! It's maybe a stupid question, but I can't find how to mark a TV show like 'watched' in ITunes or on the Apple TV 4? When I go to "My TV Shows" in ITunes on my Mac, the TV unattended watch show a blue dot next to th

need sm bus controller driver for desktop p6-2011

updated 7 pro and sought chip set drivers, have not found the right pair. any suggestions Thank you

Multiple read RTD with myDAQ

I'm working on a project with myDAQ requiring three RTD constantly reading. Two of Thermistors are 3 wires, the other is 4 wires. I followed the tutorial on the RTD Web site with a difference - I connect the RTD to the analog input. The excitation cu

service pack 2 for Windows does not install

Hi, can someone help, I'm not very good with computers but I can't get the update of windows to complete and depends now, my printer does not computer is running really slow, bought a registry fix program did make a difference ruling ever, I tried al

C00F050 Windows update error installing KB977074

I'm having problems when trying to install KB977074 update, firstly I click on install it downloads the update and asks me to restart the system, I try and it up to 30%, then restarts, then tent again gets up to 67% and then it restarts again then re

How to open a MHTML file

I got a file called Scan-to-XRX_4110_CC1 email.  File type: MHTML.  I downloaded it on my memory stick.  How can I open this file?

defragmentation of Windows vista-no risk for my computer? What can I do to oversome the risk?

I have Windows Vista.  Defragmentation has risks to my computer? What can I do to overcome the risks?

The computer video card can't read the themes

My computer has a bad sector and Vista had to be put back. I used to have my picture as my screensaver and your display fadin in and out, pan and zoom, style, album etc. Now, they just flip with no transition. I get a meaasge reading:"this video card

HP-Pavilion, NE503AV - ABA m9500t: time and battery

The clock is now is more time.  Looked up on the internet and signs to the farm.  It's a difficult thing to replace for someone who doesn't have a lot of experience?

BlackBerry Smartphones Notification Light on missed calls

Past private 4 weeks iPhone there and very happy with the change. Lights, turntable and notification are remarkable and keep me organized. However, is it possible to trigger the light notification if I missed a call or if there voicmail?