How can I delete unwanted emails from iPhone in bulk

Hello before the IOS10 update I could delete all of my unwanted emails at once with the button Delete button all. This has now disappeared. Can anyone help with a solution to this. I use a hotmail account. Thank you very much Alison

Why do I have multiple Versions of Adobe Flash Plugins in FireFox

Hello I used 2 versions of plugins Adobe Flash installed in Firefox at the same time: the most recent version and the previous version that remains behind after an update. I usually disable the old version but sometimes that also affect the updated v

How to enable "mode Hibernate for windows 10.

Hello How to enable "mode Hibernate for windows 10. Thank you very much Unit: Satellite Pro R50 - B - 10 G

Lazer Jet Pro MFP M125: printers

I have 2 houses and bought the same printer wireless to each home so that I can't take one back.  How do install the second printer in the second place so that my laptop recognizes where to send the documents to print?

Can not update the RAM on Satellite Pro 4300 to 320 MB

Hello My 4300 Pro Satellite has two memory slots (A and B). My computer initially had 64 MB in the slot a (PA3004U). Now I plugged in both modules of memory of 128 MB (PA3005U) but I get only 192 MB! What I am doing wrong? What do I need to enable so

what fits into this model Wireless lan card? HP Pavilion Slimline s5770t

I have trouble with the installation of network card on this slimeline. I bought the normal lan card but I see just enough chipset installation n. or this computer does not support wireless? I bought this slimine 400-500bucks 2 years ago... This is s

750 - qe envy: HDMI TV not detected

My HP Envy 750-160qe does not detect my TV that is connected to the compiuter via an HDMI cable.  Any ideas on how to troublesheet the problem?  I already checked the physical connections. More info: Model No.: 750-160qeProduct #: N0X14AV #ABA Operat

HP ProBook 4540 s missing device unknown and base system device

Hello HP probook 4540 s [Nr Windows 7 (64-bit) ultimate H5J79EA #ABV]... 1 base system device PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & SUBSYS_17F6103C & REV_30 PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & SUBSYS_17F6103C PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & CC_088000 PCI\VEN_197B & DEV_2392 & C

Copy of your private between computers, characters eudcedit.exe

Hello I would like to help. I created characters on my computer in private, eudcedit.exe character Editor. Now, I want to copy on different computers. I searched the web for answers with no luck. Is there a way (better, an easy way)? Thank you very m


Windows XP Home Edition, Sp 3 Whenever I have enter ipconfig, the window appears only for a fraction of a second--too fast to read.  How can I get it to stop?

XP has built in screen reader?

I am trying to determin if XP Home Edition has a built screen reader who is able to read PDF text and document specific files. Is there such a program? If so, how to access and use?

Since outlook printing on barley visible screen please go to original e-mail

Since outlook printing on barley visible screen please go to original e-mail thanking you in advance

Product key is not visible on the Compaq Presario v3239 laptop sticker YOU.

Original title; my product key is not visible on my laptop sticker... Help me to get my product key compaq presario v3239 product YOU32 bitWindows Vista Home Basic Edition

Troubleshooting email unable to transmit pictures

Troubleshooting email unable to transmit pictures I can't send an email sent with an image in the body of the email. The text will be sent but the image will not.  The image when sending is just a little red x in the outline of a box to the size of t

Photo HP 6380 all-in-one: hp 6380 is not picking up paper

My printer was printing fine, but on my last print job, it says load paper in the tray.  It has paper, I reinserted even new paper but he won't pick up any paper. I tried to print photo paper then, but he always tells me to load paper.  I tried the r

Windows 10 (1607)

Greetings! I'm having a problem that more than likely I am causing but I thought I'd run it by you.  I'm trying to build a picture of imageassist in a virtual machine using the new anniversary edition of windows 10 and I get a constant kernel panics


So I guess the data source object supports only supported HTTP and HTTPS not?  This seems rather incomplete for me. Not sure why BB would choose of does not support HTTPS. In any case... someone at - he expanded the DataSource object to create a cust