Photos on Iphone

I have several thousand photos on my Iphone that were transferred from my MacPro - I assume that through ICloud. These photos were not created on the Iphone and I can't delete them. I choose photos but the ins bin trash is NOT active, so I can't dele

Menu settings do not block the text behind when they drop below.

When I take a drop-down menu, there are 100% transparent in the selection list. Also, when I have the downloads menu item to the top in the toolbar box, it is 100% transparent and is not visible.

Pause content on AppleTV

It is a comment directed to designers of TVos interfaces. Please change TVos so that content in suspension (in any application Netflix, Plex, HBOGo) does not bring to the top of the PiP window scouring.  The PiP window cleaning blocks an important pa

I want my bookmark back tabs

I used to be able to open a new tab and I got pinned bookmarks that I could easily go to. I got a popup asking me to upgrade my browser and it updated the browser and added a toolbar aol I didn't want (I managed to uninstall that successfully), but I

What CPU for upgrade?

What is the best processor I can put in a laptop with HP 659151-001 motherboard part number, assuming he has the default BIOS?

Portege Z30-A-1CN - non-adjustable screen brightness

HelloI have the following problem:I can't change the brightness of the screen. Or by the 'FN' keys, or through "windows Mobility Center.I had no idea why. It seems that the screen works on its maximum intensity.Any suggestions? I am using windows 7 6

Adobe Acrobat: Program Adobe Acrobat

Hello. I need help with Adobe Acrobat. When I try to open .pdf file that has been downloaded a month ago I have the following message: "There was a problem reading this document. I tried to open it on another computer, but no luck.Please advise me so

Problems on Equium A60 - Powerpack adapter beeps

Can anyone help? A few days ago the Liteon Pack power supply / adapter for my Equium A60 (EA60-156) started beeping and my battery stopped charging! LED to indicate the connection plug is more lights and my battery is dying slowly. If anyone has had

Satellite A200 PSE3E stops after the connection

Hello Very often, when I restart my laptop and after typing my password user, the screen goes black and the system stops the loading of windows.I can access the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete, but I can't make it go.And then, without doing

How to replace the keyboard Vaio 15 Flip

If the keyboard on my Flip 15 suddenly stopped working. Market not even work in the BIOS. I tried a coercive power off and battery off pinhole and nothing has helped. The backlight still works and if I press Capslock on a USB keyboard, the green ligh

Need video controller for Windows from PC drivers laptop HP Pavilion 15 7 Bit X 64

I rebooted my system, and he started work slow... very slow...  It turns out that some drivers video controller has been usinatlled during the last closing down... Here is the image Help, please!

The Windows Firewall, Defender and updates among other things aren't working properly, a message that sqlite.dll is missing

I suspect a virus, but I already checked with, Avira, Avast, Malware Bytes, killer TDSS, Norton and Mc Caffe Original title: my computer firewall windows defender Center action and the site Web of the Microsoft and Apple do not work as well as Window

Lexmark 5470 does not print

I have a lexmark 5470 printer connected to my laptop. I had to go through a crapload of things to communicate with my laptop. But now he can communicate, and when I try to print something it works, except that nothing is on paper, I'm trying to print

When I Age of Mythology online as soon as I click on login I get this error message in the words exact "impossible to connect to ESO.

I've been online before and I tried to see if replace works. I reinstalled it and it didn't work. I was wondering maybe if the ESO server is down? On my online titans expansion I already had a problem to go online and receive a different error, now w

help understand the digital and graphical waveforms

Can someone explain to me how digital waveform working with NOR? I did a channel physical and wired to a DAQMx create channel then I have it connected to a NSamp of 1Chan ereading Wfm DAQMx and then wired it to a graph of digital waveforms. I put dig

Try to restore WIndows XP - make a LOT of mistakes... Failed to load these 13 updates. You may receive 0 x 80246008 error.

Here's the latest list of errors for the updates.  Any suggestions?  Grateful if you can help. Receive this error code: Error Code: 0 x 80246008 Update for Windows XP (KB961118)Update for .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1 for the .NET Framework Assis

I can't find my taskbar.

I can't find my taskbar on my computer screen. I tried to drag and drop on all sides incase I moved it my accident, but nothing is there click on. Does anyone have a solution?

Outlook express 6 - part email not more folded in the Inbox

A large number of emails from my Inbox is not folded over since last Thursday (age of less than 23 January 2011 all mails).  For new messages that arrive, I see the number of unread mails (next to Inbox a header) but the message itself is not visible

Key to 1402-wrong error message when I try to install Adobe Reader.

I am trying to install and update Adobe Reader on Windows xp professional and I get this error every time.

Windows XP SP3 - Windows Media Center__

Windows XP SP3 - Windows Media CenterI can't Media Center to play a video DVD. It is said that a decoder is not installed. I thought that I already have installed standard config. How can I fix it?