TV 4 and part of the family

Family sharing seems to work on all my Apple devices but two new TV 4.  My account is the 'hand', where most of our shopping is done, but I do not see the my woman shopping on a TV (which is connected with my Apple ID).  We have a second ATV4 that wa

Update for Sierra Beta after installation of Sierra

I've been participating in the program of the public beta version on my MB Pro. I installed the public version of Sierra two days ago. After showed me that App Store 10.12.1 public beta. Is this normal? This beta is an update to the beta version or v

Help me to fix error code 0 x 80020000 on Mac OS 10.11.5 (15F34) El captain

When I try to burn a DVD on my laptop MacBook Pro on my Super writer, I get the error code 0 x 80020000. I have Mac OS 10.11.5 (15F34) El captain. I tried to use a lower speed 2 x, change of name of file (no dashes, underscores) and ran disk utility,

How to remove "unchangeable photos"?

How to remove "unchangeable photos"? What made them cannot be changed in the first place?

iPhone5 does not ring when it is locked

iPhone5-16 G- iOS 9.3.1 My iphone5 does not ring when it is locked during a call if I press the power button or any key, it sounds I checked "do not disturb" and silent and other key

How can I get rid of the virus JS/Redir?

whenever I work with firefox, AVG tells me about a virus JS/Redir. I click on delete and AVG of States, he put in quarantine. However, it will always return. AVG dialog box displays the file mozilla profile; adblockplus\cache.js. I deleted it, but th

Shock of the Clans-Lost village

I bought the new iPhone 6s and downloaded the clash of clans, but I forgot to transfer the old account and when I tried to transfer the village isn't loading helps anyo?

Toshiba virtual Store account Reset - 22672

I insist to reset my account-22672 s/n Y9015739DH

Satellite C870 - I damaged the audio input jack - where to get a new?

It seemed to me have damaged the audio jack on my laptop, does anyone know where I can get a replacement for it and advise me if it is easier to replace, or to find someone to replace it for me

HP Envy 15t J100: can I put Realtek single band double band on Envy 15 t J100

I'm a 15 t j100 cell phone bought in may 2014. It came with the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 wireless card b/g/n band unique. I can't seem to get a definitive answer on whether it is possible to upgrade to dual-band adapter to enjoy my home network to 5

display setting

is there a way to set the contrast of my g6 hp laptop? brightness and contrast too

What is code 10? __Anyone knows?

I have upgraded my xp to win 7, but I have no sound. He finds the device but do not work.

Issue of audio books

Just got my Fuze + listen to audio books.  Is it possible to rewind or fast-forward an audio book? Thanks for any help you can give me.

can I change to a 32-bit to 64-bit with a hpdv9000, if yes what is the fall? Ty

help, can I change to a 32-bit to 64-bit with a hpdv9000, if yes what is the fall? Ty

rear audio Jack does not not HELP!

Hey im currently on windows vista, my front audio jack is broken on my compaq presario CQ3040AN because my friend is triggered on a Jack already plugged into it. I think that part of the Jack may have violated in there, causing the computer always re

How can I request filtering alternatives?

CD/DVD scratched/damaged during Windows installation using Hi friends, It's a very general question that concerns all customers and all versions of windows. My windows Home Basic DVD has developed a problem that some files cannot be read now after us

Cursor skips on its own when typing text

I have a Dell Inspiron 1720 Portable (five years) and you are using Windows Vista. While typing of text, particularly in Windows Mail (my email software), the cursor jumps all the time at different locations on the page. It became boring. My computer

computer moniter won't work on a resolution 800 x 600

I want to play a game that I bought but I can't play it does not display, he said to swich for resolution of 800 x 600, but when I do, I ge a huge black bar on the left of my screen and like everything on my computer moved to the right with the half

New keyboard and mouse

I just bought a new microsoft keyboard and I can't make it work corectly! This is the keyboard and wireless mouse 5000. The arrow of the mouse hangs and jumps around and hang up, and the keys on the keyboard do not work half the time. That would be a