Cannot set the time on the lock screen in iOS 10

I guess that's a stupid question, but that's. I've just updated to iOS 10 days previously. Previously, I had my iPhone value never expire and go to the lock screen. I prefer to leave the phone on until I'm ready to turn it off. After the iOS upgrade,

bad connection of the iPhone

Hey, so I just got a new iPhone off of Ebay and everything was working fine until I decided to use wifi, my iPhone cannot connect to the wifi connection when I'm in my room and cannot keep a stable connection in my living room where my router is loca

How can I change my default email address?

I change to a different ISP, but the default email in TB address is filed with the former ISP. How can I change the default to one of my Gmail addresses? Thank you.

I need to disable firefox to download something.

I download the coupon printer and it tells me to turn off the firewall firefox and I have no idea how to do it.

On Win XP where are stored the Favorites Ff?

HelloDetails of the system: Windows XP / Firefox 3.6.10 I need to reinstall XP that has errors. I can use the operating system / Ffox, but they are c. slow.I need to backup/export my existing Ffox bookmarks before OS reinstall.Where can I find the fo

Firefox crashes (it's just a test by goofy, no need to reply)

OK, I added a few details... But not enough!

start-up problems for my pc

Desktop computer: product not. KQ497AA-ABA Operating system: Windows Vista Question: Anyone know how to solve startup problems when you have to push the button on top of the computer to turn on and turn off a lot of times to get the computer to enter

Satellite L500D: WiFi remove connections to the router

My bars of Toshi Saturday 1,2,3,5 equates to dropped the WiFi but when WiFi is at 4 bars, it's the best thing since the fire. Recently, my laptop started to remove connections to the router and the router is that a step of 4-5 come out in the kitchen

It is not detected on the Toshiba Satellite A300 - 1 5 support page

Hi guys,. Please do me a favor. I'm in Dubai, I bought my Toshiba laptop in Dubai. This is the Satellite A300 - 1 5, Sr.No. 98487056Q.The problem is: whenever I try to find my laptop using Toshiba and the technical support web site, it does not detec

Apply the password policy when you reset password

I want to apply password history, age Minimum and age Maximum while resetting the password in Active Directory. There is no way to do before resetting the password being an administrative activity, but it's in the news that we can apply this policy e

Try to download some videos taken on my phone for Moviemaker

and I make this report an error: the file D:\WP_20130125_141442Z.mp4 is not a supported file type, and it cannot be imported into Windows Movie Maker. Help - what can I do?

I installed LibreOffice and now it says "is unable to lod library dlbaprp.dll.

I installed LibreOffice and now it says "is unable to lod library dlbaprp.dll. So I uninstalled. Now my did the same thing.

Fingerprint TC4400

Hello I have the HP Compaq tc4400 and when I got there, the fingerprint sensor has failed. It is reconised in Device Manager, and I put it so the computer can not turn it off. But no program don't know its there. Protect HP tools don't reconise it. I

What are the ports SATA of the notebook HP Pavilion DV6, model LZ495E

Hi all I used the HP Pavilion DV6-6152er, model LZ495E #ACB Laptop got Toshiba MK5061GSYN with Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s hard drive This phone has on chipset HM65, who have SATA2 and SATA3 ports My question what is port (speed) that comminicated on the har

Hotmail freezes when opening.

When trying to open my hotmail account, it allows me to connect, so I can't harvest anything. It's very frustrating help please!

Validation Windows 7 says error "Windows is not genuine".

I got my Windows 7 since February and had no problems until tonight.  He said that my program is not authentic.  In February, when I installed, activated and then validated it - there is no problem (nor had any problem since).  I don't understand.  I

The taskbar grouping

I noticed there are a lot of topics on this in the past, but none seem to help solve the problem.  I put on my windows task bar settings to combine when the taskbar is full. This would allow multiple instances of programs that run to have separate ic

ISE 2.0 domain domain not machines Auth problem

Hello Anyone can suggest me for authorization policy of ISE 2.0 for computer in domain domain & no. Requirement: Computer in domain to authenticate domain user id & password using the PEAP Protocol. but the machine not domain should not authenticatin

Need help with downloading a player to play MKV files

Original title: MKV files Please can someone advise if there is a program that I can download safe while I am able to play the DVD with mkv. content? My operating system is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. Thank you Chris

Heritage application need when you submit a request for publication

Hello I'm trying to find this active graphics need are needed by Blackberry when you submit a request for the publication. (i.e., high resolution promotional Application, graphical icon). I wish that the specification of the graphics. (size, resoluti