When I run firefox a little white box appears and I can't do anything?

I am running amd dual core windows 7 4 GB ram. When I run firefox everthing works ok, then a white box appears in the middle of the page. then it stops working. When I try to click on any key the only thing I get is a beep. my opening page is changed

When I open finder I can't see the trash and I can't seem to find it. How do I find to restore files of it.

I have the MacBook Pro. I used to be able to see the trash in the bottom right of the viewfinder screen. I don't see more. I tried the option "go to", but it tells me that it cannot find the trash folder. How can I find out where the Trashfolder is,

HP Elitebook 820 G2: Get drivers, software and firmware error page.

Hi, I had this problem while HP go for HP Elitebook 820 G2 A click on > download options > Get drivers, software and firmware... I get this error page http://h20565.www2.HP.com/hpsc/SWD/public/readIndex?sp4ts.SN=5CG5435L98 & sp4ts. OID = 7343194 & la

Is a version ARMv6 of the newest version of Firefox 4 Mobile (not the night compilation of Fennec) already developing or planning?

I own a HTC Wildfire, and I think that it's really a shame that Firefox 4 Mobile is not for phones with a processor ARMv6 out yet, only for ARMv7 processors. I'd like to try the new version of the mobile version of Firefox, because I see a lot of imp

HP 19-2113w: tried to reset the computer in vain

I tried to reset the computer to the original values and it does not start but runs in circles, "diagnose your PC in the preparation of the auto repair." I tried, it seems that all the option on the splash screen, without success. Help!

If I sell my iPhone 6, indicating the error 53, for parts, should I worry about the person buying it have some sort of access to the personal data registered on this phone?

If I sell my iPhone 6, indicating the error 53, for parts, should I worry about the person buying it have some sort of access to the personal data registered on this phone?

Audio and video Y570 randomly freezes for a short period of time

Hello I recently bought my Y570. While I was playing a video game (League of Legends), the video froze, and my sound is distorted for only a second or two, he jittered. I thought it was nothing to worry about.Then when I was watching a youtube video

Problem of the event

Hello. I have a problem under the heading 'event log', I'm unable to understand let alone solve the problem. When I view the event log indicates a considerable number of problems under the heading Boots and stop watch. each level is either a 'warning

my guard computer shut down on its own

After that connect to my home computer, I try to do some thing/all and it turns off. screen empties and turns itself off. I then restart the computer by turning the button and after the same amount of time it turns off again. It continues to be. I ru

I changed my administrative password and I forgot what I changed to. Now it is locked

I changed my administrative password and I forgot what I changed to.  Now it is blocked.  Help.

Driver DVD - Samsung R480

Hola! I have a Samsung Notebook 5i, Modelo R 480. Tengo problemas porque el equipo no reconoce the DVD tray. Of as tiene el driver Lillies. No lo encuentro el equipo or the web. Donde lo ubico y como lo instalo? Saben a what is debe este problema UN

Manually run the dfrgntfs.exe?

Hello. I'm bored with Windows XP Pro. DfrgNtfs.exe SP3 which works automatically in the background after about 10 minutes of idling. Then I disabled through TweakUI. I tried to manually run the dfrgntfs.exe, but he said "the Disk Defragmenter command

Outlook express does not send receive

After the reboot of my office, O.E. works very well in all directions. But after a few hours, he stops to receive mail in its automatic configuration mode. When I click on send or receive, I don't see ever typical status window. I tried l ' down and

When I start the machine, continuous hard drive work for almost 1/2 hour, meanwhile if I open a program, the machine runs very slowly. Help solve the problem please

I have wndow XP Home edition service pack 3 installed on my lap top. When I start the computer the hard drive continues to work for almost 1/2 hour; Meanwhile, if I open IE, or any program, the machine runs very slowly and I just can not open the pro

My out going to send show a slow time - when the I send email it displays the correct time

Hello I have a vista home Prieum system... .the problem is that email when time which is recorded on the email before it is sent a slow time... shows when the e-mail is received, it displays the correct time... How can I recrify it, you can Jeff Matt

EA6350 2 weeks just stop working, power light only

I just bought an EA6350 less than 2 weeks ago and came home yesterday night with no network no internet. The main power light is on top, but that's all, there is no activity light flashes on any wired connections that are wired and the Ethernet of my

error trying to open email attachments

Can someone answer as to what has been removed from my computer because when I try and open attachments or links in Windows mail there are errors, open attachments, he says "this file doesn't have a program with her Sorority to perform this action" a

Why am I to always have loads of updates?

I have like 50 updates every day

The sims 2

I play the sims 2 and I can not push up the cheat bar (where you enter cheats) is there a setting so that you can not press any keys during playback?

T61 upgrade to WINDOWS 7

Hello. I'm considering upgrading our facility T61 Wista Business (32 bit - 2 MB ram) for Windows 7. Having noticed the autonomy increased - what other benefits are? When the upgrade (new installation) x 64 version - I guess we can address up to 8 MB