Stream episodes do not appear in ITunes Store

I registered a new podcast in iTunes with several already published on the stream of podcast episodes. During the process of creation, food shows all previously published episodes, but when I look in the iTunes store for the newly created podcast, th

Hi I want to get a new email on my phone or can use my maine one

I can't use my main email to work on my phone, I 2email address & and the two won't on my phone that I have to get a new email to gmail.

I want to save my email and then reinstall it after that I have to wipe the hard drive.

I'll update the hard drive wiping and reloading the software I want, get rid of the junk that I have collected over the years. I backed up my data, photos and music from My Documents, etc. but I can't figure out how I can save my email so that when I

in firefox 32 can disable you / mute individual tabs/web pages sound?

Is it possible to mute a / tab of the web page while listening to the sound coming from another web/tab page?I have two computers, one running windows xp professional and using firefox 32 and the other using windows 7Firefox 32 running.

After updating to the latest computer firefox on the internet running slower, taking more time to go to the links and sites.also if I click on an e-mail link the link keeps refreshing like mailto and custom stop opening new tabs very quickly, having to st

Since the installation of updated, when you use internet, e-mail all slowed and takes time to go to Web sites to download pictures on email.also when I click on an e-mail link to send the emails tab bar refreshing guard and open a new tab very quickl

want to 7640: OCR on hp envy 7640?

I'm considering buying a desire 7640.  Can someone tell me if it is able to OCR?  If so, the software is included, or I have to buy separately (and what's the name?)  Thank you in advance for your help!  ~ KBo

Mac not responding, also several applespell process and findnames

Hello I have a 27 "iMac mid 2011, El Capitan 10.11.3, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6970 M 2048 MB recently I was make a problem after she came back to have the GPU replaced under the recall program where a program would s

High Performance parameter

With this, I can really notice a difference in the game, it is rarely trolling and the games run smoothly. Like Diablo 3. What do you put in the laptop?

Using a neural network with box Toolbox MATLAB in LabView?

I would like to know how to train a neural network in Matlab and use it in Labview? I know I should be using the MathScript, but as I do once the network formed in matlab is a dull file?

Edit scan

Computer, downloaded again from my original disk my HP Printer/Scanner/Fax, but now when I scan, the process does not allow me to edit the file I just scanned. Analyze it correctly, but does not allow me to edit. It goes directly in the file on my co

Wireless, HP 1102W printer won't stop printing

When I send a print job to the printer wireless 1102W requesting a copy, it prints continuous copies until the printer is out of paper. Help! I'm running out of paper and toner... It happens to my two computers: one using Windows XP and the other usi

Ayuda con guardado in excel

Buenas I have a problema para save data en excel estoy recolectando a stupid un'accelerometro the daq data 9234 y quisiera save en excel y tengo a procedure pero me genres start al save errores y espero me can help aqui dejo el programa con el cual e

Administrator account on the network

an administrator on my network can compromise my computer?

Canon EOS 7 d soft images

Hello I feel soft and dull pictures with my Canon EOS 7 d with a 17-55 mm EFS. Maybe it's the operator error, but I wonder if the focus of the brightness settings are out of wack. I expect more tight overall focus. No matter what I do I can't seem to

The appearance of the folder by dragging...

When I drag a folder in the office, a preview of the folder appears mobile instead of the folder moving. How can I get the folder appear mobile (I don't like to see the mobile edge)?

Laptop crashes when you run the virus scan

Whenever I run a scan for viruses from my laptop freezes to a specific file.  The file it freezes on what is c:\windows\...\atiihag.inf_31a3846f\gtiihag.inf McAfee advised me to contact Microsoft to find out what the file is and if it is not necessar

PE2900 failure [GRO]

Service tag 3K34D3J Buon giorno,Su questo PE2900 con side ridondante alimentatore nella posizione 2 indica UN worried (led side spento, led lampeggiante wherever, leads CA verde). Abbiamo, tried one scambiare I due alimentatori e he problem persists

Slow down the file on network share

I have Windows 7 installed on my desktop and laptop. (These machines also dual boot XP SP3) The network is via wifi 802.11 g. When they are started in Windows 7, and I try to copy a file from one to the other, it is very slow! A 50 MB file takes more

How to connect wireless to hide United Nations

I can't connect to my wireless beause my wireless profile says that it is hidden-how I do a hide my connection?

Essbase error (1006078)

HelloHit a panic button little this morning, all of a sudden, I got the following error when recovering from essbase ( using Smart View and go to the EA to connect to the database, I can not really do any operations on this database, the oth