AppStore not to download updates or applications

I'm trying to update both apps, and I am installing an already purchased application. However, the process does not even start. Help, please.

start screen for Windows 10

I'm on Windows 10. When I click on the Windows box in the lower left of my laptop, nothing happens. He used to show me the square, e.g.: weather, shopping, games and tons of others. ow I get nothing. Sorry, but I'm not very computer. Thank you

What screen resolution will be an early 2008 iMac support HDMI Firewire?

The question, says it all really. I have an iMac in early 2008 with Firewire ports. I have a firewire connector HDMI I want to use to connect to a monitor to use as a secondary monitor to the iMac as a monitor for the PS3. I have a different HDMI to

Word of 2016 too slow on el capitan

Word of 2016 too slow on el capitan

Home sharing the problems of photo (4 AppleTV + iMac)

Hello I have the new AppleTv 64 GB and an iMac with public funds, Mac OS X and iTunes. Both devices are on ethernet using DHCP. I have set up home sharing on iTunes with sharing pictures and videos (30 photos of k). Also, the AppleTV is configured to

How do I Mail send an automatic response indicating the sender that I'm missing?

I received answers to emails telling me people are out of the office and will respond later. How can I get Mail to do? Is it possible that she is not responding to messages sent from a list, so my response goes only to messages that have my name in t

HP laptop laptop 15-ac127la: downgrade from windows 7

Hola amigos buenas noches Honestly pido knew ayuda no puedo instalar el winwos 7 a mi laptop con nueva windows 10, lo curioso're q in el portal of los drivers so da the option to download some porfavor ayudenme ago e intentado casi todo y estoy desep

Credit card is declined

OK, when I went on itunes for a season of a TV show, I look at it, it ask for my to verify my credit card information, I set all the correct information, then tap done. literally a few seconds later he told me that the card is declined. the card has

Do you want to level but on iPhoto without 9.6.1?

I put off reclassification of Mavericks in Yosemite and then El Capitan came out. I am a heavy user of iPhoto (v.9.5.1) and from what I read, 1) you must have iPhoto 9.6.1 in order to access your iPhoto library in El Capitan and 9.6.1) 2. is not avai

WD My Passport undetectable (MacBook Air)

My MacBook Air was conducting and WD My Passport detected and open. The spinning wheel has begun and suggests a failure of the Finder. I quit Finder and trying to reopen. The WD My Passport is now undetectable. I opened disk utility and run the progr

HP 8620: Printer in offline mode when the computer starts

My 8620 Officejet is offline.  It is connected via a cable to my 360 spectrum HP network.  When I turned off the computer and start that he even once, the printer starts in offline mode - for example, when I got to print from Microsoft Word (Office P

"Still included" list files in a build

Hello I try to list the files included in an executable file. In the construction specifications, I declare "" as always included in the Source files. I made this VI and created an executable: When I run my exe, my problem is this: -The

These can be wired together as their data types (digital, string, array, cluster, etc.) do not match.

Hi, I get an error update LabVIEW 8.2 for 2011: These can be wired together as their data types (digital, string, array, cluster, etc.) do not match. View the contextual help window to find out what type of data is required.The type of the source is

Windows Server 2003 backup

I have a problem with NT Backup. When I schedule a backup, backup does not start. I check the logs and did not find that anything related with NT Backup. When I manual backup and start it, backup start and end with success. Can you help me with this

Need help in the development of different customized reports for SCCM 2012 using the Report Builder version 3.0

Members of the Group of respected I need your urgent assistance to solve my problem, if someone who at least somewhat or large information please help me. My problem is related to SCCM 2012 and SQL server 2008. : - I have to develop a custom reports


I'm used to be able to scan to the computer by clicking a shortcut for my Officejet 6500.  My menu has changed, so I don't have this option.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall the software.  I also rebooted my entire network without result.  Help!

B1500 read data while measuring

Hello I'm trying to control my B1500A. I need to read some datas all B1500 measuring. All the drivers are provided with a reading after finished measurement. I cannot read the buffer before the end of the measure. does anyone know how to do this? Tha

How can I get a CD of Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack3

Caused by a virus, some of the files on my computer were damaged.  I was asked to get the Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 CD, so that he can fix my computer to my computer technician.  I'm having a lot of trouble to find this CD.  An

Data analysis for peak max after sampling offsets

In the attached VI, each channel is to measure a point of acceleration, which appears as a global maximum on the chart. Ideally, what I want to happen is for both tables to search for their highlight (global max) and the difference in time between th

How can I fix the system to show red and green colors to customize (you are looking for all colors)?

Preium Running Windows Vista Home Edition, Service Pack 2.  Currently only display black, white, gray, yellow, blue & Brown under START - control panel - appearance & personalization - customize the colors.  How can I fix system to show "all colors".