Outlook and Chrome not answer-constantly

I noticed that especially after coming from his sleep, Chrome and Outlook (2011) will not answer.  There is no solution but to the family force them.  An activity Manager does not show their or their assistants to be processor or memory overload; in

Finder search does not correctly

I went to all my files in the Finder tab allows you to search an InDesign file, that I rescued last year. .Indd (InDesign) I entered the search bar, and no files appear in the random other than .pdf files search. I search also Documents where I know

Loading pages very slow since a more quick link if you press on return to the bar

If I click on a link that he sites often here to always load if I click in the url box and press return it loads ok

6.1.6 hangs at the opening with 10.7.5, can not upgrade/reset/uninstall

Safari is suspended to open it each time, I can not uninstall it ("required by the system"), go to the menu bar (to reset or clear the cache) or update my operating system or version of Safari... There is a site that does that on Safari and IE accord

NB200 freezes the Toshiba start screen.

Hello I have a NB200 - 11L which has been sitting with an annoying problem for a while now.When I turn on the laptop it freezes at the "Toshiba - leading innovation" the BIOS boot screen and goes no further. I get the same problem with or without foo

Satellite Pro A15 - Recovery CD fails to resolve the failure of windows startup

Windows crashed on this computer, and now, it fails to boot from the hard disk. The machine gets as much as allowing the choice of which drive to boot, but the recovery CD is unable to solve the problem, as it hangs on during an attempt to review/set

G41 - update to Vista Edition family Basic is a good idea?

sorta, I like to keep my g41 and was curious if an upgrade to Vista Home Basic is a smart idea. as you know, my hardware is a little outta date... Thanks in advance James Note of the moderator; subject published

FVS318N router keeps fall of connectivity

Hi all - I've posted this problem in the past. As usual. The problem clears for several months and then comes back. It is with my FVS318N router. Since yesterday, I lost all connectivity several times a day. Yesterday, it fell by 10 times. When this

I just signed up on the Motorola feedback network

I have a Razr Maxx xt910 and a Wi - Fi Xoom to my xoom back when they 1st come out (I think I got it the day of release) And I got my Razr it comes out the day in the United Kingdom. I just signed up to MFN today because I would try ICS on my Razr An

Automatic updates continually do not install

the update has started very well, but was murdered on stage three for a few days. the computer continues to restart on every two seconds, but remains always on the third stage. I tried to stop restarting the computer snd it but the same screen comes

I have Windows XP Home Edition & tries to use Windows Movie Maker 2, after having made the film, he won't let m not record my movie?

He's saying that he cannot save the movie to the specified location. Ensure that the use of original source of your movie files are always available (which they are!) that the backup location is always available - what it means? Pls help Thank you in

Scan the network works on computer windows laptop, but will not scan on the new iMAC!

Hi all, I just moved to iMAC pc and set up my HP Photosmart C7280 all-in-one on the mac. Everything is printing ok, but when I try to scan I get a message error and of course no sweeping. The photosmart is on a home network and still works fine on my

When sending e-mail message stuck in the Outbox. After a few moments, I get the following error message:

When sending email-message stuck in the Outbox.  After a few moments, I get the following error message: your server has unexpectedly terminated connection. The possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of i


Hello! I have setup a connection to the vpn pptp from my home to my office. I've successfully connected to my office vpn. I can remote desktop to several server in my office, but there is that I can not remote to a pc desktop. When I try to ping it w

Vertical bars, thin, white full screen of WMP11

With the help of Dell Dimension 4700, 3 GB RAM, EVGA GeForce 8400 GS with 512 MB, Windows XP SP3, SoundSpectrum G-Force 3.9.4. When I open WMP11, then select show improvements, then close show improvements, then go to the mode full screen... There's

USB\VID_148F & PID_3298 & REV_0000 - Bluetooth driver

Hi all Appreciate your support to solve this issue. Can not find the drivers for this device, it should be in the section of the conductors, but... can't find it. It appears as Ralink_RT3290_Bluetooth_01   My laptop is a HP Pavilion G6 2205ep

Cannot add Contacts in my Windows Live Mail account.

Hi, just wondered why I can't add contacts to my windows email account?  Is there a limit to how many contacts you can have?  Please answer.  Thank you. David

my cd rom is not seeing the place on my computer and not work and see the error on my list of pilots code39

my cd/dvd-rom is not showup on my window and also see the error on my driver code39

Can not remove the virus from the startup list

I had a virus on my computer, it has been eradicated, but his name still appears in my startup list. It is not checked, but I actually want to REMOVE from the list.

Windows backup without having to restore

Hello I'm trying to help back up my laptop (running Windows 7) moms for a removable hard drive to in order to free some space on his computer. I made the backup via the function "backup and restore". Even if he just said it's the backup, the last Sta