Green letter 'K', almost all links on the page

Any page that I opened - it displays green letter K almost all links on the page. How to remove it? Thank you!

Is there a fix for bookmark icons that disappeared with the update 21 dec. Am on Mac OS 9.7.2

Since the 21 Dec update bookmark icons have disappeared. Using the latest MAC OS. What is the solution

Call to Edinburgh Lycamobile

Hello I bought Skype package of 100 minutes free mobile/fixed to the United Kingdom. The person I am calling has a mobile sim card lyca, but whenever I try to call this person the call gets sent directly to the e-mail voice lyca, why can't connect to

No Signal after installing new graphics card

Hello and thank you in advance for your help! We have a 2 years old HP p6540y.  It has an ATI video card integrated. When we recently turned on, we got a message "no signal" on the monitor and then he'd go to sleep.  We tried many things to fix... li

How to read the registry stored in IEEE 754

Hello! I need to build an application to read the registers in my gauge. Application is almost complete, but I get to keep a record of the values differ from the values on my gauge (e.g. I have voltage 230V on the gauge and values about 20 k in appli

Cannot install KB974674 (restoring backups made on Windows XP on computers running Windows 7)

I tried to install KB974674 (restore backups in Windows XP on computers running Windows 7) on my laptop with Windows 7 starter (in Dutch), then a pop up shows saying there is an error, unspecified, 0x80004005. I just want to put the backup I did on m

Fehlermeldung vss und spp 0x807800A1

Kann leider keine paper PC safety. are green o.a. message. Bitte support. Danke!

overflow in the interim results of data types

Hi all I'm sorry, this is a very basic question... I have the following expression, giving me an unexpected result because overflow: D1 = RoundRealToNearestInteger (i1 * l1 / l2); D1 is of type double, l1, l2 of type long int and i1 of the type ssize

What is this dialog box? "Run-time error '380': invalid property value."

I'm trying to load a registration program and I get a dialog box that indicates that following. "Run-time error '380': invalid property value." What it means. How can I solve this problem? Pescatore

I'm in XP mode and I can't read a dvd can anyone help?

I downloaded XP mode with virtual PC.

Text of adjustment in a cluster ring

I have a cluster that has multiple controls text ring inside and I want to programmatically set the text of each of the rings.  So far, I have been create nodes of property for each of the ring controls and setting the values of string for each with

My computer won't let me to download/install anything?

And I don't know how to solve this problem. I am administrator and nothing wrong with the firewall and I uninstalled it internet but still does and internet tools are all enabled. I have windows vista and I'm not changing, and I believe that I have w

Windows Update error code 8E5E0147 when installing KB968930 update

I have windows vista and when I try to install update KB968930, I get the Windows Update error code 8E5E0147. Nothing seems to fix this error. Any suggestions?

Player Windows media poster duplicates, how to remove?

Windows media player My Windows Media Player will duplicate frequently basically all my songs that are out there. Is there an easier way to get rid of all duplicate songs without having to go through them all and individually by clicking on each of t

Use of laser Jet 1320 2005 with 2012 MacBook Pro: POSSIBLE?

Hello I have a HP Laser Jet 1320. It is old but works perfectly. At least he did with my Apple PowerBook G4. Now, I have a MacBook Pro with Panther. The MacBook Pro "is" not the operating system in the Laser Jet 1320. Can it be fixed through connecti

Reset HP

Hello, I read a comment on another help to reset my HP 2000 laptop, I tried it and it doesn't work, please help, I tried something a Hp Associate Expert said, and all my screen said was, "remove the disk or any other media press any key to restart '.

Unable to install drivers nVidia on E6410?

I have a dell latitude e6410, and when I try to install the video driver nvidia, it says that I don't have a compatible system. This is the driver I tried to install it:

Payment Wizzard does not well placed on the Alpha unit

Hello I created a digital product on a product that is in draft mode. I followed the instructions to integrate payment Service to and then I tried tes

ask the product key, I put in this code came up0xCOO4COO8

telling me I need a new product key or product key to type on the label. I typed in the product key on the label marked product key (even with a key). After typing in the code, this code came 0xC4COO8. Windows has always turns on, runs slowly and jum

Smart call connector toolbar Info

Hello I was wondering if someone could clarify some points of confusion that I have on the Toolbar from Smart connector call? Is it possible to have it search incoming numbers against Outlook contacts and display the correct name? I get the correct n