How to remove fxkeyboard 2.4.1 my computer

I installed fxkeyboard 2.4.1 on my computer and I want to remove it. How can I remove this program on my computer? It is not on my list of computer program.

What are all the topic: options?

help page & browser = fx4 Firefox cannot find the search keyword 'a way'. This seems simple enough. I tried to provide information on the different ' subject: ' options. He could not find on: or about

When Apple will fix 9.3 battery drain issue?

It's crazy and I want to know when to expect Apple to solve the problem of life 9.3 battery? Once set, how will I be able to "apply" the changes to my phone, since I have already installed? Am I too late? What I should expect 9.3.2? Or what is planne

How can I customize action keys?

I'm working on a G62 - 320CA who has five actions keys on the left side (mail, media, web browser, print and Calculator). How can I customize these? They do not open programs. Thank you Shane.

Satellite A660 - Not on NumLock

Hello world! I have a problem with the NumLock led. Although the number lock is enabled, LEDs do not indicate this. It bothers me to work a little. Any ideas? Best regards, G.

Black screen on startup - Satellite A200

Hello I have a new Satellite A200-25 x (2 months). Sometimes when I start the work of hard drive, the light is also on, but I have a black screen. The same may appear after a sleep mode. Could someone help me and tell what is the problem?

How to delete a project from Iphoto

I started several projects in Iphoto and want to remove them.  I have tried everything I know and I am unable to get rid of the "project"!

OK to mix 'of connection to the switch"and"close relay switch?

Hi all I'm developing a test sequence using the card multiplexer 2527 to the track signals.  To configure the card, I use DAQmx switch functions.  In my application, I have a Subvi routine that imports the data from a spreadsheet Setup and run a loop

HRESULT dll error 0x8007007e

Hello I did a DLL with LabWindowsCVI and it works fine. I load this DLL on a VB.NET program. The problem is: when I use it on my computer or on a computer with LabVIEW, LabWindows, Visual Studio etc, it works; But if I use the program on a computer w

problem of installing active sync 6.1 64-bit with active sync. you have a known issue with the compatibility. you have a work around where the way to get these two together?

problem of installing active sync 6.1 64-bit with active sync.  you have a known issue with the compatibility. you have a work around where the way to get these two together?

Error 80070005 Windows update. Help, please

I have a dell inspiron 1525 Windows Vista Home Premium (32-bit), service Pack2.  I can't preform an update with this computer.  When I try to update, I get the error code 80070005 Windows update encountered an unknown error. Also my Active X does not

stream HP 13

I have a Hp 13 Stream. I'm confused about optimization of the solid state drive or not? Optimize windows 8.1 tool to drive C says needs optimization under current status and regular optimization is configured to run every week? Should I or shouldn't

I can not IL2 Sturmovik for install on win7 64-bit using backwards compatibility please help program

I tried to use the backward compat on different versions of windows and won't work troubled turned 3 times and still nothing so I came here for help.

connections to multiple pages

Hello This is the first time I use the option several sheet in multisim and I have a problem. I want to use the same net on different sheets. I know that I need to use connectors off-page to do this but I can use only 1 connector off by net name shee

installation of the driver Imation superdisk120 (LONG)

Under XP, service pack 2 and not connected to the internet. The Imation SuperDisk is parallel port model not a USB device.  It plugs into the printer port connector. Eager to recover an old file off a Superdisk Imation 120 I tried to connect the driv

Recover an unsaved photo

I accidentally deleted a photo not saved being viewed on my pc.  The source was a SanDisk memory card for my cell phone camera.  The photo is no longer on the memory card and it is not in the Recycle Bin of the pc.  The temporary file would still exi

Why has she changed my type of cleartype in black and white, I hate it

How can I change the type on my computer to Microsoft clear type.  I hate black and white.  I don'tdon't know why, and how it has changed.  I use Windows Vista.

Compiler for HP - UX

Hello I try to set up and install Big Brother 9i on HP - UX operating system. I'm dealing with questions trying to compile using gcc. Also tried my luck with AnsiC, but it did not work. Can you please let me know what compiler works best for HP - UX.

Install Windows 7 Pro on new Inspiron 17R occurs disk hard error message and pilot application

I want to install Win 7 pro 64 on my Inspiron 17r, which came with Win 8 House.  I use a Dell Win 7 pro 64 DVD reinstallion I bought on Ebay.  He came in a sealed envelope and included a (supposedly) used United Nations w COA / product key, barcode,