1 album cover compilation album, but every song on this album has its own cover?


This problem may seem arbitrary (and I guess it is), but id love to sort out if possible.

The short version, it is a singer called The Weeknd comes to present a just a few songs at random, not attached in an album. I all in my iTunes, in an album appropriately titled them "Random The Weeknd songs". Until recently, ive just had the album cover for songs like this (at some point I would like to delete the ' text of Apple's Music Festival):

But then a few days ago another song out and I really liked the album art. I thought it would be a shame to not have this package and have to replace it with the one above. But if I added this new song, on the album for Weeknd Random songs, iTunes sometimes displays 2 works different album (or however many different works of art are in the album; Ive had this problem before).

Basically, I want to have over album art as the 'face' of the album, then that is what shows in the main browser on my iPhone and iTunes, but if I play a song in this album, he then shows the album art of this individual song (for example on the iPhone, it shows the specific work of some song).

Would be another way to think about it, when you buy the DVD of Star Wars box set, they come in a sleeve with a generic cover of star wars, but then inside, it's every film in a box with individual coverage of each film.

Ive tried to tinker with it and Googling but cant seems to Word which is good enough to find all the results. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Thank you very much.

You can give each track in an album of his own work, but the album is displayed normally under the art of the first track. An individual work can display during playback. Command-shift when you click on the thumbnail of small work to get a fully resizable window.


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