1 error when tried to install Flash Builder on Windows 8.  No file to uninstall.  Caught in loop

I need to install Flash Builder on my windows computer 4.7 8.  I started the installation process, but was soon stopped because of error 1.  The software wants me to uninstall/reinstall the software.  There is no program installed on the computer.  Unable to find persistent cookies in regedit.  You need to install this software.

Cmccullough2 I recommend you review your files Setup for the specific error message logs.  You can find details on how to locate and interpret your logs to troubleshoot installation install problems with log files. CC - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-cloud/kb/troubleshoot-install-logs-cc.html.  You are invited to post specific errors that you will discover in this discussion.

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    We are pleased to hear that you were able to find a solution to the question and I thank you for the information provided. Do not hesitate to contact us, in the case where you face other problems in the future.

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    Get the following error when trying to install adobe reader in Windows 10... "the file 'C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Setup\{AC76BA86-7AD7-1033-7B44-AC0F074E4100}\AcroRead.msi' is not a valid package for the Adobe Reader XI product... How can I solve this problem? Thank you.

    Hi JFO58,

    I recommend you to run on your system cleaning tool:Download Adobe Reader and Acrobat tool - Adobe Labs

    Later, try to install reader again by using the following link: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions

    Kind regards

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    Hi LeoKoch,

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    Temporary connection related errors may occur when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update

    Hope the helps of information.

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    ·         Update is causing the problem?

    ·         What is the full error message?

    ·         You are able to install some other updates?

    It seems that there is a problem with the update of Windows. Click on the link below.

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    So I rebooted my laptop thought that would settle it, but he did not. I noticed this 1500 error when trying to install Skype, thinking he was not on my computer and Skype. I can install some programs, but not anything I need (small games ect.)

    I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but when I start my laptop I get a window saying windows installer install and it will away.a a few minutes after I things about installing dell and it's installation (I have no idea what) and then the loading bar fills , another pop up (don't know exactly what he says) loading bar goes down and I cancel it.

    any help would be appreciated.

    I finished a process named msiexec.exe and retried the download and (until now it works) but I got a warning window saying "User SYSTEM has previously launched an installation for the Dell support center product. This user should run this setup before you can use the product. your current installation will now continue. "I clicked ok on that and got another saying"Error 1704.An installation for Dell Support Center is currently suspended. You must undo the changes made by that installation to continue. You want to undo these changes? "I clicked ok and the installation of Java is now in limbo.

    Hi gughead,

    Follow the instructions below that may help you resolve the issue.

    Method 1:

    Follow the instructions below to start the Windows service install.

    1. click on start.

    2. type services.msc and press ENTER.

    3. Locate the installer of Windows.

    4. make a right click on it and start the service.

    5. change the auto type of properties.

    Check whether the problem is resolved.

    Method 2:

    Let us try to install Windows Installer 4.5 and check if the problem is resolved.

    Download and install Windows Installer 4.5 from the link below.

    Windows Installer 4.5 is available


    You can check the link below.


    Please post back and let us know if it helped to solve your problem.

    Kind regards

    KarthiK TP

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    Hi dreww3102449,

    Try the solution mentioned in this KB doc html https://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/error-21-or-dw021-while-installing-photoshop-cc-2015.

    Kind regards


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    1 error when trying to install the cloud adobe creative

    Hello Alejandro,

    You can follow the article: error "failed to install" Creative Cloud Desktop application that will help you solve your problem.

    I would like to know if it works or not.

    Thank you

    Yann Arora

  • I get message "Failed to contact a reliable source" when trying to install Flash Player.

    I disabled AVG anti-virus and uninstall older versions of Flash Player.  I get message "Failed to contact a reliable source" when trying to install Flash Player.

    Download and run installation programs http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/installation-problems-flash-player-windows.html#mai n-pars_header -offline

  • Several errors when trying to install ANY software.

    For the last few weeks I had several problems when trying to install the software PC games, software, whether antivirus or other software with an .exe installer. A host of mistakes will jump to the top which prevents me to carry out (or) the installation process.

    For example:
    When you try to install Avast Antivirus I get - "an error 31 (0000001F) occurred." "Done last operation was: temp directory.
    When you try to install Microsoft Security Essentials I get - "can't find a volume for the extraction of the file. Make sure you have the appropriate permissions. »
    When you try to install SUPERAntiSpyware I get - "the installation failed. Error reading configuration data. »
    When you try to install League of Legends or some other players Setup is not yet open. Nothing happens.
    When you try to install another game I had - "Setup could not create the directory"C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\Temp\is-I1SGM.tmp"
    These errors occur when I run the .exe as administrator or not, in SafeMode with networking or not. It seems to be a problem with a temporary folder, the permissions of the user or something like that. Would someone kindly help me out here? I uninstalled MSE before moving to Avast yesterday, but now I can not install MSE or Avast so I'm stuck with no antivirus. Help!
    Useful info:
    Windows 7 Home Premium
    64 bit
    Service Pack 1
    Any other necessary information is provided quickly. Thank you!


    I'm sorry that BootMedic did not work for you. I figured that if you can download it, there is the live CD when you it burned to a disc. But if you can't do that much, I'm afraid that the only solution is to reinstall Windows 7 directly, for example, of your hidden partition or DVD of Windows system, depending on what you have.

    Back up your data and programs for an external drive or USB flash drive and go from there. Do you know how to do a clean install of Windows, or do you need me to walk you through it? If you need help I need to know your computer type, brand and model, and if you have a partition system or DVD disc.

    Yet once, my apologies that it didn't work and I would like to know if not how can I help in the recovery process.

    Kind regards


  • What is 643 error when trying to install updates?

    When I try to install the updates, it says error 643.  unsuccessful.  also impossible to download my farm on farmville.  don't know if it is related.

    When I try to install the updates, it says error 643.  unsuccessful.  also impossible to download my farm on farmville.  don't know if it is related.

    Error 643 - there has been many comments in this regard.

    When you try to install an update for .NET Framework 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 or 3.5, you may receive Windows Update '0 x 643' error code or error code Windows install "1603".

    When installing updates using Windows update or Microsoft Update you may receive error 80070643 0 x or 0 x 643


    Windows 7

    If the error is related to the .NET Framework 4, try to repair the same first.

    Repair the installation of .net Framework 4- Windows Vista and Windows 7 users follow these steps to repair the installation of .NET Framework 4:
    Close all running applications

    1. Click Start, type Uninstall in the Search box, and then click uninstall a program
    2. Double-click Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to start the .NET Framework 4 Client Profile Maintenance application
    3. Select Repair .NET Framework 4 Client Profile to its original state , and then click Next
    4. Allow the repair, and then click Finish
    5. Click restart now to restart your computer
    6. Visit Windows Update and try to install the updates again.

    in regards to your farm on farmville, I don't know if it is related.

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    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2011 - Update Services

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    Original title: I deleted the files from automatic update and windows update keeps trying to install

    I've done an update for a long time on an old computer unused spare XP and Windows Update said that he had to update a large number of files, so I have left to download and install.  Once the 45 updates completed, I rebooted as instructed and proceeded to clean a lot of old data.  Apparently I deleted (7) files for Office M/S that must be installed, because the Winows Update icon in the status bar telling me I had 7 sto update to install.

    Now Win Update always tells me that the files should be updated and starts the process, telling me that they are already downloaded, but it fails every time because they are not where they should be, as I deleted them without meaning to.  How can I do the update for these startup files, or where can I get the appropriate files to allow the update work properly?

    Yes, I know it was stupid, but this is the frist time that I asked for help from Windows 3.1, so I don't feel too bad.

    I have download the individual Ko * .exe files support, but get an error 1327 Invalid drive / M error whenever I try to install one of them.

    Thank you


    You receive an "Error 80070643" error message when you try to update Office 2003 by using Software Update Services

    Have you ever used registry cleaners?

    Notes in my old an assignment by Peter Foldes (long ago)-

    '0 x 80070643 error '.

    Use the following fix below. Please post back with results

    subkeys to rename 1 Office

    Note: Remove the following registry keys may reset customized user
    settings for your Microsoft Office programs.

    1. close all applications.
    2. click on start-> run, type regedit, and click OK.
    3. Locate and select the following registry subkeys:


    4. right click on 11.0 and rename them in Old11.
    5. close the registry editor.

    2. detect and repair Office 2003

    1. on the Windows taskbar, click Start, point and click Control Panel.
    2. double-click on Add/Remove programs.
    3. click on change/remove programs in the left pane.
    4. Select Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 in the right pane, and then click on edit.
    5. Insert the correct CD version when she needs.
    6. Select "Reinstall and repair" and click Next.
    7. Select "detect and repair errors in my Office installation".
    8. click on install and wait for the process to end.

    3. install the updates
    Peter '.

  • Error when trying to install a configuration for wiondows service

    I created a configuration file for windows VB.NET.When service I am trying to install it, I get this error message, the file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the folder options in Control Panel. .. Mine is Wondows XP. Help, please.

    Hello Mary,.

    Given that the problem is with the Microsoft Visual Basic program, the question would be better suited on the Microsoft MSDN support forum. I suggest you to post the question on the following link.


  • Error 66 has, when trying to install the update to windows

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    cannot fix the windows update

    I'm trying to update my windows through windows update but it keeps failing and saying error found code 66A (unknown error) and then I went to fix with windows repair and he says its fixed, but now it used to always update the same said just only he thinks its fixed Please help!


    Did you make any changes before the show?

    You can read the following article and check.

    Codes error '0x8007066A' or '66' was to occur when you install updates of .NET Framework


    It will be useful.

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