(1) in windows 8 pro can I run windows defender and 3rd party antivirus [like Mcafee] at the same time?

Today, I have improved my final from Windows 7 to Windows 8 pro.

(1) is Windows Defender, it works both as the same as MacAfee antivirus software?

(2) if I use windows defender in windows 8 pro, do you think that I still need 3rd party antivirus software to protect against viruses and malware?

(3) can I activate and simultaneously run 3rd party software [McAfee] antivirus and windows Defender 8?

(1) # Windows Defender is an anti-spyware, and Mcafee's anti-virus.

(2) Yes

(3) Yes

UTC/GMT is 03:46 Sunday, October 28, 2012

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    McAfee is normally disable windows defender

    read this information on the Defender:

    ·                         If you use microsoft security essentials avg avira mcafee norton etc they disable the vista version of windows defender by default

    the basics of Microsoft security has its own version of windows defender

    and other anti-virus programs use their own particular type of application to scan for spyware and malware

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    Don't know the current position of Adobe.

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    Thanks for the reply.  I uninstalled and reinstalled CS6 and I think that my problem is resolved, otherwise I'll call.  Thanks again.

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    You can run the same or different adobe products to the same or different times on the same or different computers (except that you can not run the same program more than once on the same computer at the same time).

  • can I run win.defender and Microsoft Security ess.at same time?

    I noticed that my comp. running both programs. Isn't this bad?

    Not in the case of Windows 7 because Windows Defender is not a real antivirus solution.

    It became a real avs in Windows 8...

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  • How can I stop auto-updates and keep UserAccounts asking if I was the same update

    User accounts in W7 has no option to not be reminded about the same updates again [I won't need not and cannot use] every thirty minutes or more for a few days. If I click on Yes, I get a message saying that I don't need but 30 minutes later AU wonder again. I am a research student and I can't have important experiences, interrupted by updates in XP, I turned off and then automatic update make the updates when it is safe for me to do, but I can't find a way to do this in W7. I unchecked automatically updated in Java, Windows, Office and these programs I could access, but I still get notified.

    Welcome to the Microsoft answers site.
    You can try to disable automatic updates, the folloe as follows:
    1. open Windows Update by clicking the Start button, all programs and then click Windows Update.
    2. in the left pane, click on change settings.
    3. Select the desired option.
    Under recommended updates, select the include updates in downloading, installing or informs me of the box updated recommended, and then click OK.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.
    Please see the link below:

    Activate the update or disable automatic
    About user accounts, please visit this link:

    You can also disable the notification from the center of the action, follow these steps:

    1. click on the Start button to display the Start Menu. Then select Control Panel.
    2. the Control Panel window opens now.

    Click on system and security of the Control Panel window.

    3. the system and security of control panel section opens. Here you can see the center of the Action link.

    4. click on the link the Action Center to open the Action Center window.
    You can finish the first malware scan of this screen.

    5. click on the button scan now to open the window of Windows Defender scan
    Enable / disable Notifications

    Now to change the behavior of notification and enable or disable messages, the Action Center settings edit link can be used from the left pane of the window for Action Center.

    From this window, change the checkboxes for messages from Action Center notification like Windows Update, Windows Firewall, Virus Protection etc. Click OK to save the settings.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Azam - Microsoft technical support.

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    Thanks in advance!

    Hello BBalmforth,

    Yes it can. Although you will need external resistances (I recommend resistors precision for better accuracy) for current signals. The SCXI 1102 b is indirectly measuring the current by measuring the voltage drop across the resistance. The table below describes the current diagram and how it will seek in LabVIEW and DAQ assistant.

    Wiring diagram


    DAQ Assistant

    Kind regards

    Izzy O.

    Technical sales engineer

    National Instruments


  • Windows Defender and Norton Internet Security? What are the differences, and that I would be better off with NIS.___NIS it has automatic connections which is great.___Thank you. Dennis__


    Windows Defender is an antispyware software.  In itself, it does not all the protection your computer needs.

    Norton Internet Security is a suite of programs, including antivirus, antispyware, firewall, antispam and others.

    Windows 7 consumer security software providers shows those and other opportunities.

    I'm not a fan of security suites.  On my computer, I use the free program of Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus and antispyware protection integrated in Windows 7 is Windows Firewall .

  • Can switch ports Sg300 52, I use all ports of 52 at the same time?


    Does anyone know if all the ports on the SG300 52 can be used? Or allowing a link rising port SFP neutralizes an access port?

    I know sometimes under the hood that the SFP ports share the same hardware that 4 last access ports so they are mutually exclusive, but I can find no record of the architecture of these switches.

    Thank you very much

    Tom Whittle

    Hi Tom,

    Yes, G51 and G52 ports are ports combo with SFP slots. FPS has a higher priority, so RJ - 45 would be disabled if you connect miniGBIC on port next to him.

    Data sheet contains information about ports combo. If you have a switch in front of you there is a feature on ports which basically says that it is a common interface.

    I hope this helps.


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