10.11.6 broke a digital signature in Adobe?

Update to 10.11.6 seems to have broken the signing of Adobe documents with digital certificates.  Anyone else having this problem? All the roots of trust and certificates are approved by Adobe and the system keychain and certificates show as valid but when you try to sign a document this error-error encountered while signing: the credentials. selected for invalid signature.

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I'm having the same problem on several systems. However, not all my 10.11.6 systems experience this problem. So, I went through the process of signing on both systems and captured logs. There were only a few differences between the two. The system working on the following log entries are present, but they are not present in the system does NOT.

28/07/16 9:09:49.634 AM WindowServer [2852]: disable_update_timeout: updates the user interface have been disabled by force by the "Acrobat Reader" application for more than 1.00 seconds. Server has reactivated the.

28/07/16 9:09:51.020 AM WindowServer [2852]: common_reenable_update: updates the user interface were eventually reactivated by application 'Acrobat Reader' after 2.39 seconds [0.42 fps] (server force reactivated their end of 1.00 seconds [1,00 fps])

I have no idea what that means, but I hope that someone reading this might be able to use this information to help solve the problem.

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    We use the Adobe reader dc for signing documents with digital signatures, but does work well for us.

    Use the digital signature, we have configured so that whenever you use for pin code request. The problem is that when you sign a document with Adobe Reader DC the first time, we used the firm asked the PIN, but the following documents signed what it does is it adds the signature pin, but he does not ask why when valid certificate is not valid.

    Can you help me to always ask the pin code when you want to use the digital signature to sign the document?

    Hi Jumitere12,

    Whenever you sign a PDF by using the digital ID, you will be asked to enter in the PDF file. KB doc. using Acrobat help. Digital IDs

    Kind regards

  • Digital signature in Adobe Reader DC

    The sign with certificate function is used in Adobe reader XI. How I do that in Adobe reader DC?

    Hey jimb1953,

    You must choose the certificates under Tools Center

    Then, choose the digitally sign icon in the toolbar of certificates displayed on the top:

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards

    Ana Maria

  • Problem with implementation of digital signature in Adobe Pro 9 on Windows 8

    As request for Pfizer, Member of the support group I assists the user with software related issues. For now, I'm stuck with the following text:

    A user has Adobe 9 Pro installed on his machine to Windows 8. Whenever he wants to sign a document with a reason, there getting following error message:

    Creation of this signature could not be completed.

    Unknown error

    Technical support information: CDSHandler-619

    Click OK and try to sign in again, it works, and the document is signed. We have re-created the signature and deleted all the old signatures of its system. The problem persists.

    The issue is underway, since the user migrated from Windows XP to Windows 8. We have tested the following:

    1 establishment of the document .pdf by another user using Adobe 9 Pro or Pro XI

    2 creation of document .pdf by user using Adobe 9 Pro

    In the second case, when a Word document is saved as a .pdf document, the signature is placed directly. The error occurs in all other cases (.pdf document Word in Adobe using Adobe Pro 9 or creation in Adobe 11) and the second attempt is successful.

    I have a date value remove Adobe 9 Pro for system users and install Pro XI, but want to make sure I'm not missing something.

    What can be the problem and how can it be solved? Thanks a lot for your comments.

    Acrobat 9 was never certified for Win8 and it is no longer supported. So, if there is a problem it the only recourse is updated Acrobat to a supported version (I would advocate for Acrobat DC).

  • Cannot insert pages in a PDF file after having signed with a digital signature in adobe 9

    Is there no workaround solution that allows me to insert additional pages in a SIGNED pdf file?


    Author of a form create a form that needs multiple signatures and attached pages and converted to PDF format for the signature. Person 1 sign and sends it to the person 2. Person 2 must include additional documents and insert pages before signing.

    In the new version, I noticed that it changes the security documents that may prevent the insertion after logging it. How can I disable this?

    Hi Bob,

    You don't like the answer, but it cannot be disabled. In previous versions, when you added a page it invalidates the signature. Starting with Acrobat 9, once the PDF file is signed is no longer changes the content of the core PDF. The change was made to protect the integrity of the signature. You can still add comments, but (without being too geeky) comments are not part of the core PDF as pages are, they live in a separate level. In addition, you can always add data form, but as the comments, what you type into a form is no field not part of the core PDF.

    The main thing is, we made the change to protect the integrity of the signture, and signature protects the integrity of the document. Thus, changes made to the document are no longer allowed in signed files.


  • Digital signatures

    Bernd Alheit responded but has not answered my question, so now I need to know:

    How do I access or change my digital identity for documents Adobe? (this is not a feature I use anywhere else on my computer)

    Hi koobles,

    Please visit these links: How to remove all existing digital signatures in Adobe Acrobat format?

    How to change a digital signature

    Thank you!


  • Can someone help me please how to insert a digital signature? When I open a PDF file, I don't see an option to digitally sign. Thank you in advance!

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    Please visit the following link to see how to digitally sign a PDF document.

    How to apply a digital signature in Adobe Reader (Acrobat Reader) ms


    Sukrit diallo

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    I created a digital signature in adobe reader and now my email (MAC OX system) wants to access it whenever I have send an email. I deleted my Keychain Access certificate in Adobe utilities but I can't find out how to remove the link to my e-mail system.  Whenever I have email, I get the message that OS X wants to make changes. If I deny I get this message: an error occurred when trying sign this message with a certificate 'my address e-mail here. Check that your certificate to this address is correct, and that his private key is in your keychain.

    Even if the certificate was there, I got this message. I loop so back to first ask for your permission changes. I never asked Adobe to start to sign my emails and cannot understand it. Help

    just worked out--Phew!

  • How can I add my email address to my digital signature?

    In the past, whenever I've digitally PDF documents, signed my used email address appears next to my digital signature in Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.0.  However, because I bought a new computer and upgraded to Windows 10 when I sign digitally a document my e-mail does not appear next to my signature.

    How can I add my email address to my digital signature?  And why it no longer appear?

    Are you still using Acrobat 9? If so, BONE is not important. If you use a signature certificate that contains no email field (it's optional) now?

    I believe that most users did not want to send in the appearance of the default signature, so it was deleted. If you are now using a newer version of Acrobat, as 11 or DC, you can create a custom look in which you must check "Distinguished Name". This is where email comes in the certificate.

  • digital signature of a certificate

    I created a digital signature in adobe reader, there is a one-year certificate and is valid 5 years. How can I change the password?

    Shirley Millicans

    Hi shirleym33670907,

    It is not possible to change the password.

    If you have forgotten the password you will need to create a new digital signature, there is no way to recover it.

    Kind regards


  • The digital signature does not not after 11.0.09 update.


    I use Adobe Acrobat Pro XI at the office and was able to use the digital certificate provided by my company and stored in the Windows certificate store to digitally sign PDF documents. After the update (11.0.09) that has stopped working; When I try to sign a document, I'm invited to create a digital ID or choose an existing one from a file; A digital ID for roaming, accessible through the server; A device connected to this computer. However, I can't use existing ID which is always available in the Windows certificate store and used to work before.

    (The same thing happens with the digital signature in Adobe Reader after the update).

    Has changed nothing about how certificates are used for digital signatures with this last update?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards

    Take a look at my question. Possibly related: can use GoDaddy certificate to sign into Microsoft Office Word 2010, but not in Adobe Acrobat XI 10.0.09

  • Risks associated with digital signatures

    We seek to develop a process to use digital signatures on PDF documents, send them by e-mail to a manager of the line, which adds digital signature as a "seal of approval" which then emails to a special processing Department. Are there risks associated with the use of digital signatures in adobe and the General best practices for their use or best practices to mitigate the risks associated with them.

    Yes, when you create a self-signed, you are prompted for the password, and you need to re - enter whenever you sign something. In addition, the private key file must be available on the computer used to sign (so just guess that the password doesn't get you very far).

    If a document has been signed and the suite changed, information on the State and what a change appears in the Signatures Panel:

  • Create a digital signature

    How to create a digital signature using Adobe Reader?

    You must have an extended version read the PDF file including the existing signature field to create free signature using Adobe Reader. Please see the attached file.

    ~ Deepak

  • Where can I get a pdf of the sample to test the digital signature?

    I'm testing my digital signatures in Adobe Reader X on Windows. However, I can't find a PDF file that has the "correct" rights for me to sign.

    Y at - it somewhere that I can get an example of PDF file that will allow me to try my digital signature?

    And here's one: https://workspaces.acrobat.com/?d=wdmk-UM-PE35I3UdLukz9g

  • Help! File is signed with a digital signature of broker issued by HP?

    When I use AGV to scan my computer also says: the file is signed with a signature digital broker issued by HP and listed below: what do I need to worry?

    'C:\Windows\Installer\4256e.msi '; "The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Microsoft Corporation. »
    'C:\Windows\Installer\4ef25.msi '; "The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Smith Micro Software. »
    'C:\Windows\Installer\5b13a.msi '; "The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Microsoft Corporation. »
    'C:\Windows\Installer\5d75f.msi '; "The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Microsoft Corporation. »
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    'C:\Windows\Installer\8c2e5.msi '; "" The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Apple Inc. ".
    'C:\Windows\Installer\8cab8.msi '; "" The file is signed with a digital signature that is broken, published by: Apple Inc. ".

    Hi jambros,

    · You have several security software installed on your computer?

    A digital signature is an electronic security mark that can be added to the files. It allows you to verify the Publisher of a file and helps verify that the file has not changed since it has been digitally signed.

    If the file does not have a valid digital signature, has no way for you make sure that the file is actually from the source, of what he wants, or that he didn't has not been tampered with (possibly by a virus) since its publication.

    I see many users who ran the scan on their computers using the software AVG anti-virus is facing error messages similar.

    Return return to previous versions of AVG has solved it concern. You can see an example of the same thing:http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/xphardware/thread/8445d911-ebb0-4292-96ba-749de4fcb672

    If you have more security software is installed on the computer, I suggest you to uninstall the security software.

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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