10 the desire: desire 10 cannot adjust the print size after installing new cartridge

After installing the new print cartridge (60XL) print size is very large: so far, I have unplugged the usb connection and power, reinstalled the cartridge a few times and run tests... I also went to control panel and looked at all the parameters, but find no way to adjust the size of printing... can anyone offer a solution... Thank you


the solution: problem was with Firefox, when I switched to Chrome it prints perfectly!

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  • Cannot access the printer software after installing new ink cartridge

    I installed new ink cartridges. It prints well but I can't access the printer on the computer action tab. I can't check ink levels, align the pages or check on maintenance. When I click on the folder of the printer it opens but it says it's searching for items. The printer of action file is not there. Anyone know what could cause this? I can't open the Toolbox of the product. What I have to reinstall the printer software, or is there something else I can do to fix this. I have windows 7 and a 3000 deskjet printer. Thank you.

    Harold R. Rodgard

    Hello Harold,.

    The question most likley do not have much to do with the replacement of the ink cartridge.

    Lately, HP has released a new software, due to the latest MS updates, you must update the software to get all the features.

    Go to start > programs > HP > select your printer folder and follow uninstall them.

    Now, download and install the new version of the software from here:



  • After installing new cartridges, printer icon says printer is off line. Tried to go in the passage of the off-line online, without any change.

    The printer itself doesn't seem to be the problem. Have disconnected the cables, and the message is offline, offline. Reconnect and he said just in offline mode. This makes me think that it is a software that I'm not waking up switching.

    I did the online diagnostics and he thinks that the printer is turned off. But it's not. Were do form here?

    "After installing new ink jet cartridges.

    The problem began after you opened the printer.

    I suggest you contact the manufacturer of the printer.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Office Pro 8000: Cannot Print/Out of ink error even after installing new cartridge.

    When I tried to use my printer a few days ago, I received an error message "can't Print Can: ink" on the magenta cartridge.  I had used the printer a few days before and had not received a low ink warning.  It seemed suspicious to me that I would have received an empty cartridge error message without having previously received a low cartridge warning.  The cartridges yellow and cyan read 70% complete - all 3 were original cartridges.

    I bought a new cartridge 940XL magenta and installed according to the instructions.  Now, I get a message that the new 940XL cartridge is empty.  I can shake the old cartridge 940 and hear liquid inside.  Obviously, the new cartridge is also complete.  I tried to electric bike, reinstall the software, etc., without change of status.  If I swap back between the 940 old and new cartridge 940XL, they are correctly identified by type on my screen as the 940 or 940XL.  Because of the way the problem is presented, I don't think it is a cartridge problem.

    Of course, problem first awaken on May 8, and my warranty expired on 26 April.  Any suggestions?

    I solved my problem, what was obviously a lack of factory Assembly.  I looked inside my printer with a flashlight in the area where the ink cartridges are installed and found sprayed inside the printer magenta ink.  I disassembled the printer and found that the magenta line had been damaged during installation.  There are four tubes of ink that out by behind the ink cartridges, can do a U turn back toward the front of the printer.  Just after the bend, they do an another elbow top neighborhoods.  It is at this point that I found the damaged magenta line, directly above a screw on the right side of the housing of the ink cartridge.  The lines are in a very narrow passage and are held in place by several guards, moulded plastic.  It seems that the lines have been in place in the guardians, then the screws inserted from the top.  As I said, there is a tight passage, and it would be very easy to damage the line of ink right here if the lines have not been carefully selected to insert the screws when mounting.

    To solve the problem, I removed about 1/4 inch line damaged magenta ink.  I cut the line with a sharp razor, carefully to avoid collapsing the line or causing burrs to the hose.  I then placed approximately 3/4 "heat self-sealing tube on one end of the line of ink heat shrink.  Then I connected to the line with a small piece of plastic tube rigid of the handle with a swab of cotton, which was a perfect fit and comfortable on the line of ink.  Making sure not to cut the tube of ink or cause other damage, gently twisted the line of ink back until the ends have butted up inside the splice of cotton swab.  I then positioned the shrink tube over splice and it shrunk with a hair dryer.  Heat shrink tube, I used a hot melt glue applied to the Interior, which has helped more away making a watertight splice.  Again, it is not a lot of space, so the splice should remain small.

    I reassembled the printer, reinstalled ink cartridges and powered by the printer.  After the normal, long time running, I printed full color sheets and everything was fine.  Already that I had installed the cartridge magenta watch now that it is complete, and the remaining cartridges also read the levels they had before disassembly.

  • Cannot open the safari link after installing the iOS 9.3

    Cannot open the safari link after installing the iOS 9.3

    This is a common problem and there is currently no permanent solution yet.

    Try turning off JavaScript under settings - Safari - Advanced.

    I think that apple will figure things out soon.

  • How can I increase the print size letters on the screen

    Sometimes, printing characters are too small and I need to increase the size (%) before printing a form

    The size of the font displayed on the screen does not directly affect the font of the printed size. The screen size is affected by the change of the Page or Zoom the text Zoom level. The print font size depends on the scale as shown in layout or preview before printing.

    File > Layout Page or file > print preview

    100% is the normal setting - it change that you find necessary

  • Printer error "make sure that the printer software is installed and activated this scan from the computer via the printer software.

    Original title: print printer print

    I try to analyse some documents in pdf format, which I can send an email. It works fine last night but this morning I receive a message that says make sure that the printer software is installed and that this scan on the computer is enabled via the printer software. BN

    Most often when a device does not work, it is because the driver is damaged. Re-install a new copy should help

    http://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-us/Windows7/update-a-driver-for-hardware-that-isn ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • printer-i can, t get my text to reduce the print size, it is also biased

    the size of my text has been o.k., then the next day, the print size was too large, the entire page is now off to the right. I tried to reduce the size of printing with the settings, but it

    won, t downsize.what can I do to get gauged right?


    1. what operating system do you use?

    2 did you change on your computer?

    3. What is the brand and model of the printer number?

    Method 1:

    If you use windows7, I suggest you to follow the links and check out them.

    Try to run the printer Troubleshooter and check that if it helps, here is the link:

    Why can I not print?


    Method 2:

    I also suggest you to check the printing preferences. Go through the printer manual on how to change the printing preferences

    For Windows Vista

    Choose printing options


    For Windows 7

    Choose printing options


  • How can I stop the touch pad to change the print size

    When I type on my laptop, using windows 7, and I brush against the touchpad, change the size of the print. How can I stop this?


    1. with what application are you having this problem?

    2. organize the CTRL key pressed while what is happening?

    Check if CTRL is pressed in the on-screen keyboard:

    a. click Start and type osk in the search bar and click on enter key.

    b. If the CTRL key is highlighted, then click on the CTRL key .

    c. check if the print size is reduced;

  • The printer refuses to mix 2 cartridges to print photo (color + black)


    I have printer HP Officejet 4500 Wireless.

    It works fine, but at the last moment, there is a problem.

    When I want to print a photo to the printer refuses to mix cartridges (black + color) in the field of photography.

    For example if I want to print a photo.

    I can print it as a black and white using the black cartridge (by action) OR I can print with the color cartridge only.

    When I print color photo black colors ARE NOT black... It is a mixture of colours (red + blue + yellow)...

    The printer refuses to use 2 cartridges at the same time on the same area... Why?

    When I print a document with images, it prints the text in black, the color of the text, but in the field of photography, he refuses to add the color black... It simulate the black by mixing of the colors(Red+Blue+Yellow)... Why?

    It is only in the AREA that this printer has to use 2 cartridges at the same time in the same place...

    I have 2 cartridges, one black and the other is colored (red, blue, yellow).

    I recharge them and everything is fine... I have printed a lot of pictures...

    The printer considers a HALF FILLED and printed all that I need very good, expect pictures...



    That's the problem for me... Because all the photos I print is delivered with a ridiculous BLACK color...

    PS - I understand electronic and parameters. I tried to change the settings of the printer and I tried to change the settings on the computer to change the color settings. I tried to use Photoshop with PRO settings for color printing.


    I changed the settings of paper to Matte 'Photo' (although the photo paper is any MAST)

    But now the printer uses a 2 cartridge.

  • How to resize the print size of an item within my PDF to multiple pages? For example a receipt or another image that can scan in bigger or smaller than my 8.5 x 11 Bill?

    How to resize the print size of an item within my PDF to multiple pages? For example a receipt or another image that can scan in bigger or smaller than my 8.5 x 11 Bill?


    In the print dialog box, you would get options to resize your document.

    Try them and see if that helps.

    Once you choose the print option, it would give options to change the size of the page you need.

    Please check and see if it suits you or not.


    Sukrit diallo

  • get the error "no sequence valid is not found for the set of patches" msg trying to launch Acrobat XI for the first time after installing - suggestions?

    get the error "no sequence valid is not found for the set of patches" msg trying to launch Acrobat XI for the first time after installing - suggestions?  Using Windows XP.

    Hi James,

    Let me know if the problem persists.

    Kind regards


  • You can open a document in Photoshop cs6 and auto open in the print size

    I work at 500 photos per day and the print size helps out me. is it possible to open the document in print format to save me a step?

    It is possible. That would be called a script of the event and it would be placed where predefined Scripts under Scripts folder in the settings folder.

    Then open Photoshop and go to file > Scripts > Scripts event Manager to have this script that is executed whenever you open a file.

    The problem is to find a script that is already doing, or ask someone to write it for you.

    You can ask: http://forums.adobe.com/community/photoshop/photoshop_scripting


  • Is there a way to specify the print size when sending to the printer?

    Or is the only way to change the size of the image?

    No, the print size is managed by the printer.

    Thank you!

  • I completely deleted Firefox and deleted all the files. After installing fresh Firefox, Firefox sees that it has been installed previously?

    I completely deleted Firefox and deleted all the files. After installing fresh Firefox, Firefox sees that it has been installed previously? "Looks like you have reinstalled Firefox. Want us to clean for a fresh experience and as new? »

    I uninstalled Firefox (so-called) "completely" using the guide here: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/uninstall-firefox-from-your-computer

    Why the new installation of Firefox recognizes that it has already been installed? Uninstall tool to uninstall Firefox COMPLETELY. As it is, can someone tell me what is the appropriate procedure for removal COMPLETE?

    All right, thank you in any case obtained.

    I removed all of these places:



    C:\Program Files (x 86) \Mozilla Firefox




    C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Mozilla Firefox.lnk




    50.0 Firefox HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\Mozilla (x 86 en - us)






    Installation directory









    Mozilla, please take note and to integrate them in your current "uninstaller" tool. Thank you.

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