1113 ACS SE upgrade to not


I am looking for some assistance, we have a v4.0.1.44 running Cisco ACS 1113 SE and try to update to v. following the instructions to upgrade to v4.1.1.24 first.

We use the following CD

"ACS SE overall upgrade CD ACS 3.3.4 and 4,1,1,24 implemented at level"

We can download the image of the ACS system via the distribution server, but the upgrade fails us got out following console when the attempt to upgrade has been tried;

Upgrade package has not been verified.

Apply this package to upgrade may corrupt the device

Continue at your own risk!

Continue? -y (yes), n (no) y

Installation of Cisco Secure ACS Version:

The upgrade... Upgrade process successfully launched

Try to install ACS version 4.1 on software version

Impossible to install Acs version 4.1 with software version

GBA version 4.1 required software version

First install the correct version of the software of the device

Failed to upgrade to Cisco Secure ACS to

Currently, our unit of ACS is the following:

Cisco Secure ACS

ACS - 4.0.144 - EnablePassword -CSCsh32888 fix (patch: Thursday, November 22, 2007 19:51:37.95)

The application management software

Base Unit image

CSA build (Patch: 4_0_1_543)

That would welcome suggestions.




Hello Jim

The upgrade package consists of 2 - files that is the management software and ACS software. You must first upgrade management and then continue the ACS software.

The instructions are attached. I would like to know how it works.

Thank you


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