12.20 ALM: ALM 12.20 does not open attachments in defects, test plan steps, requirments

We went just HP Alm version 11.52 to 12.20, but in the new version, we encountered a problem: all the attachments does not open.

1. the user double-clicks the attachment.

2 progress is displayed for a short time.

3 gauge disappears and nothing happens after that.

Previously: the image was opened in a new window. (I checked the downloads folder and have not found anything like this)

You can see 'step editing window:

Anyone know how to handle this problem?


We did restore and reinstall HP ALM 12.20 on the server and on the local computers, it has helped solve the problem.

Tags: HP Desktops

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    in Windows Mail on Vista my friend is not able to open the attachments for example. .PDF, .doc, .xls, etc., if they try to save the first attachment is said that there is not enough disk space, when I checked, there were 120 GB of free space left.  All the Windows updates were installed and Service Pack 1 & 2 were installed, Windows Security Essentials is installed and up to date and I tried to install Windows Live Mail and the same thing happens, I checked all the file extensions are assigned to the correct programs, I checked that in Mail security settings do not block attachments.  Attachments used to work, but he stopped about a month ago.  Any suggestions on how to solve this problem. Thank you.

    Where can I find setting, as I'm sure that, in respect of the security in Windows Mail I unchecked something to do with not opening attachments that could be a risk of virus.

    I overlooked the fact that your friend uses Microsoft Security Essentials.
    My suggestion 'disable electronic mail analysis' does NOT here apply.
    My apologies.

    I don't know why your friend is such a problem.
    I can only suggest that the account in question is corrupted...
    Go to Windows Mail > tools > accounts > click this account > delete.
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    Note: you can copy down the settings first before deleting the account.


  • Windows Mail does not open attachments, cannot open the PDF, JPEG attachments.

    June 29, 2009

    I went to communities and found this answer:


    > To correct pass them: -.
    > Windows Mail
    > Tools
    > Options
    > Security
    > 2nd box should be empty (do not allow any parts attached to save or open
    (> likely to contain a virus)
    > Apparently things change on the updates we do not!
    > If it returns checkbox to display the iof has become checked again, otherwise get out
    > of windows mail, then go in again and it should be fine.

    I have done this and it does not solve the problem.


    So I went to my Antivirus, Avira Antivirus program.
    and I changed:


    And here, in the list of extensions of files to analyze and prevent, I deleted the list: JPEG, JPG, PDF.

    This does not solve the problem.

    FIXING NO. 3



    There was no change, when I tried to open the PDF attachment, I always received: "command failed implementation.

    FIXING NO. 4

    (By the way, I have nothing better to do in my office on Monday morning held that fix this bug for MSFT).

    I removed IE 8 on my system and actually removed all IE from my system, I'll stick with Mozilla.

    No change.


    I finally found an electronic bulletin board and followed the suggestions to save the file to my desktop and then
    Open with Adobe and it worked well.


    OK, I found another thread with an answer that works.

    Why this answer doesn't work, I have idea of NF.

    Instead of opening the e-mail from a shortcut program, on the desktop and open the e-mail program on the start menu to:

    Go to: all programs, then select Microsoft Mail.

    Then the attachments will be opened.

    It worked for me, it's worth a try.

    Good luck to you.  I know that's no fun.

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    Start here:

    1. View-> Message-> HTML Original body
    2. Display-> Display Inline Attachments (check)
    3. Preferences-> Accessories-> Incoming - see if you try to open the file type is listed. Make entries and assign an action or always select 'ask '.
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    Hey! I could really use to understand this, a total mystery for help:

    This morning, I tried to open a library of Final Cut is saved on my hard drive. Last night, I worked with the library, but now it just opens up.

    It gives an error: Final Cut close unexpectedly

    It's just one that does not open it opens other libraries.

    Also, I tried to open it on another computer, but here it opens either.

    I tried Trashing FCP to the preferences Manager, made a first aid attendant, but it seems that the problem is in THE LIBRARY not in the program.

    In addition, NONE of the backups open.

    Any ideas? ;)

    Thank you!!

    Try to open the library of most recent backup.

    By default, they are stored in Final Cut backups in the folder sequences.


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    Press and hold home/sleep set button until you see the apple logo and then release, then wait for the boot device upward.

  • Preview does not open

    Preview does not open suddenly.

    May be a corrupt .plist.

    Make a backup, preferably 2 backups on 2 separate drives.

    Quit the application.

    Go to Finder and select your user folder. With this Finder window as the windshield, select Finder/display/display options for presenting or order - J.  When the display options opens, check "show the library folder. This should make your visible user library folder in your user folder.  Select the library. Then go to preferences.

    com.apple.Preview.LSSharedFileList.plist. bring the .plist on your desktop.

    Restart your computer, open the application and test. If it works fine, delete the plist for the office.

    If the application is the same, return the .plist where you got it, crushing the latest.

    Thanks to leonie for certain information contained in this.

    If this does not work, perform a backup.

    Leave the preview.

    Go to Finder and select your user folder. With this Finder window as the windshield, select Finder/display/display options for presenting or order - J.  When the display options opens, check "show the library folder. This should make your visible user library folder in your user folder. Delete the following text. You won't find all. Restart and test.


    Containers/com. Apple.QuickLook.UI.Helper



    State/com.apple.Preview.savedState request registered

    Linc Davis credit for this solution.

    Overview of reset of the automatic download solution - part 3

  • Crossword NYTimes app does not open.

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    Hi, snevets2!

    Thank you for reaching out in the communities of Support from Apple. From your post, I understand that you recently updated the third party, NYTimes crossword puzzle app, and it closes unexpectedly when you try to open it. I use a lot of different applications on my own iOS devices, so I know it's important so that it opens as expected. I'm happy to help you.

    I recommend using the procedure described in the following article, that will help solve the applications you have installed on your iPad, when they behave as expected.

    If an application you have installed unexpectedly closes, unresponsive, or does not open

    Have a wonderful day!

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    ".. When I got says iPad that I had to do it by computer, i.e. where it does not open... »

    Make sure your iMac software is up-to-date, OS X and iTunes.

    Open system preferences > App Store, then click on: check now.

  • Mac Mini - Finder does not open

    I have a Mac Mini with os x 10.10 2014.  The boot disk was almost full and the finder does not open.  I open the iPhoto and deleted the pictures and then empty the trash in iPhoto.  By logging in as a different user, I see I have ~ 1 GB of space, but when I log on my main account and admin the finder does not always open.

    I read that it was a known issue:


    It is said to remove the .plist files, but I can't get to Terminal to do.

    Please advise, thank you!


    If you were able to connect as another user, the issue is not lack of storage - this is the same computer.

    Yes, your .plist file may be corrupt, or you could have an extension conflict that affects only your user account.

    Try the start mode by holding down the SHIFT key at startup. Secure boot is quite slow because the operating system does a lot of cleanup and verification tasks, so give it time. Once you're completely connected, restart normally.

  • I have iPad Air and have never used my application pages. He now does not turn on and just displays "pending". The application does not open and I would like to download an application on pages to activate my use. How can I correct this situation, please?

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    Hello. It seems to be hung trying to complete the installation. You can try to remove and reinstall. To remove it, go to settings > general > storage > storage management. Expect that the apps fill, then on the Pages. You will see the used storage and a delete option. It allows to remove the existing copy. Then go to the app store, in respect of the purchase, you will see the Pages with a cloud beside her. Tap on the cloud and it should install again.

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    I tried to contact support Windows 10 and they were useless. It was working fine all day and does not open all of a sudden.

    This sounds like a file in your Firefox profile may be damaged or not valid. To check if this is the case, you will need to create a secondary Firefox profile and test to see if you can open Firefox with this profile.

    This can be done using the Manager of profiles for Firefox which can be downloaded from Mozilla's FTP server. There is no installation required, the program is contained in a ZIP file. Simply extract the ZIP file and run the executable file inside.

    How to create a second profile Firefox, please see this support article:

    Note: Do not delete the old profile because if it is damaged, you may be able to recover your bookmarks and settings. For more information on how to proceed, please read the article of the recovery of data from an old profile .

  • Why video player does not open in alcatel 4020d fire c

    Why iam does not open the camera and video player does not work properly please send the answer to this problem and how to reduce the iam

    Can you explain in detail what is happening?

  • Firefox does not open any window, on the menu bar that appears only in the menu "Firefox".

    This is happening to me since OSX Yosemite. Always the same in ElCapitan. Tried to remove and clean install FF, without success. I can't access what anyone, it does not open any other window, no preference do nothing.

    Hi again,

    no window-> no Burger.

    In the meantime, I was able to fix: FF installed in SafeMode to OSX. It works for me now in El Capitan, previously in Yosemite, it had no effect.

  • Firefox does not open in full screen on the task bar and I have to go over it to see the web page.

    Firefox does not open in full screen on the task bar and I have to go over it to see the web page.

    Firefox window is sometimes "off screen" somehow. Often, you can force it to appear on the screen by right clicking on the thumbnail image just above the taskbar and choose expand. Does it work?

    A possible cause for this is that the file that stores the positions and sizes of window is corrupt. You can delete this file and Firefox will return to standard window resizing.

    #1 method: If you can get a zoomed window:

    Open the settings folder (AKA Firefox profile) current Firefox help

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    In the first table of the page, click on the view file"" button. This should launch a new window that lists the various files and folders in Windows Explorer.

    Leave this window open, switch back to Firefox and output, either:

    • "3-bar" menu button > button "power".
    • (menu bar) File > Exit

    Pause while Firefox finishing its cleanup, then rename xulstore.json to something like xulstore.old. If you see a file named localstore.rdf, rename this to localstore.old.

    Launch Firefox back up again. Windows normally appear again?

    #2 method: If you can not get a Firefox window for all:

    Close Firefox by right clicking the icon in the taskbar > close all windows.

    Using the Run dialog box (windows key + R) or the start search bar menu type or paste the following and press Enter to drill down to the profiles folder:


    Here you can see a folder - in this case, double-click that - or more than one case - in this case, double-click on in what looks like the most recently updated.

    Scroll down and rename xulstore.json to something like xulstore.old. If you see a file named localstore.rdf, rename this to localstore.old.

    Launch Firefox back up again. Windows normally appear again?

    Then, to re - light bars, you can use one of the following methods to view the list of the toolbar, and then select the desired bars it:

    To activate the menu bar, toolbar bookmarks or other bars, click it in the list.

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