12.5.1 iTunes does not recognize the connected device

iTunes was working fine yesterday, the computer recognizes the device and managed to make a back-up. Put current iTunes 12.5.1 and now iTunes does not recognize that a device is connected. The computer recognizes that a device is connected, it is a device of trust but not iTunes. Even in the file menu, devices is not available. All the USB drivers are up to date and used 3 different usb cords.

Current iphone OS 10.0.2

Windows 10



Check this help page: If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

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  • Satellite L300 - Windows does not recognize the connected device

    I have Toshiba Satellite L300 series, PSLB8E. It came with a basic version of vista pre-installed window and it was working fine until I decided to update.

    I took it to a computer for an upgrade store to ultimate window.
    This version worked very well for a few weeks until I have received a message on the screen that says: 'I have to get a genuine copy of windows.

    Because ever since I started having problems with my usb ports, my computer couldn't detect something I connect to it (usb, printer, mouse, etc.) he worked with modem only, sometimes it would open my external hard drive but it does not have its drivers.

    I then decided to buy a window 7 home base, but instead of this problem will disappear, that it got worse as my usb ports completely stopped working.

    I tried all the stuff I can think, but nothing has worked. the problem I have is that I don't have the original disc in Windows vista

    Someone please help!

    I agree: installing drivers for Windows 7 is very important to get all devices work correctly. Windows 7 is much better than Vista OS and I don't see any reasons why your L300 Sat should not work properly with this Win 7 OS.

    I recommend you to install the Windows 7 system again by install completely clean.
    After that, download all drivers Toshiba Win 7 of the Toshiba UE driver page.

    Very important are the drivers as value added package, Chip Set Utility, card reader controller, display driver, LAN driver, WLan, Sound Driver, Storage Manager and driver of the touchpad

  • ITunes does not recognize the phone

    IPhone SE, Windows 10, update ITunes, McAfee

    Connect the phone to the computer and the window phone company recognizes the phone immediately.  I close the phone company of the window and open ITunes.  ITunes does not recognize the phone.  I have the menu bar, select file > currencies, all the options are greyed out.

    Disable McAfee, and then try again.

  • PCMCIA card does not recognize the connection to the local network on Satellite Pro 4340

    Hello world

    I have 2 Satellite Pro 4340, running Win2K, SP4. I bought a card PCMCIA 10 / 100MB of Ultron (more or less no name :-))

    When you insert the card, Win2k recognizes the card, but when the I plug the network cable, it does not recognize the connection. Cable is fine. It seems there is no power on the PCMCIA card. I read on some forums that there is a problem with the Topic100 Card Bus driver and voltage. I see that many people have the problem but not where to find the driver for the problem :-/ I couldn't find a driver on toshiba support site. A

    ll have an idea, or better a link where I can download this driver? Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance for your help, support and answers.

    If this card needs a driver you will not find it on the download page of manufacturer of portable. You must check the card producer site.

    As you know in the world of computers, it has set different standards. Produced very often cheap are not designed for these standards, and you can have different problems. I recommend you to use high quality products.

  • iTunes does not recognize the iPhone

    I use a portable Win10. Recently, I installed iTunes (version 12.4) and plugged my new iPhone (iOS 9.3.2) SE in. My computer went on the usual sounds and a folder showing my phone in the windows Explorer appeared and my phone started to load.

    But iTunes does not recognize my phone, so I can not sync with my computer. It just doesn't do anything, regardless of how many times I have re - install iTunes or plug my phone in and out.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Try the troubleshooting steps in this document support. If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

  • ITunes does not recognize the device

    My I tunes does not recognize my I pad or I phone. There's no problem on another computer. I tried to remove Itunes and reinstall, but no avail. Computer is windows 10

    If iTunes does not recognize your iPhone, iPad or iPod - Apple Support

  • Windows XP does not recognize the iPhone - device not recognized error

    I am running Windows XP (SP2 I believe) and whenever I plug in my iPhone I get the error not recognized USB device. If iTunes does not recognize it and I can't sync. My guess is that I'm missing or have an updated driver, but I don't know how to install. If it makes a difference, I am using a brand new MacBook Pro and Windows XP via Parallels Desktop. I don't think it's the question, though, as I used to be able to sync with my Manager (ACT!) contacts via Outlook. It seems to be simply a function of Windows is not able to identify the iPhone via USB. A simple solution would be appreciated, but I'll take complicated if that's all that's available.

    Hello abogadopeter,

    Thank you for visiting the Microsoft answers community.

    This question has been a known issue that seems by Parallels. I did some research and read through some of the threads for workarounds. He doesn't seem to be a conclusive solution, but works to some extent. You can take a look at http://forum.parallels.com/search.php and simply search for ipod and look through some of these institutions.

    Hope this helps Chris.H
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  • sync iTunes does not recognize the photo library


    I've been messing around with my photo library, and now when I try to sync my iPad, iTunes does not see my photo library.  The Photos app connects to the library, which is located in the folder images for the user account, no problem.  But when I connect the iPad to the iMac and iTunes opens, if I click on the header of Photos on my iPad, sync Photos box is unchecked, and when selected, the option copy photos pictures, looks as the pictures in the folder is empty, when in fact the photo library is located here.  She received no related some how?  I had my library on an external drive and passed to the user account on the internal disk without problem.

    Thank you!

    It is surprising how a simple search does not turn the answer to such a question, which one would think would be quite a common problem.  Indeed, several people asked similar questions, but often with no response.  However, I managed to find the solution on manual site Apple of all places.  And in the interest of the public service will post it here.  The problem is even if I had taken my photo library with the preferences window, I had not designated 'Library system' as in below.

    Once the user has clicked on 'Use as system library', then iTunes could see the library.

  • Windows does not recognize the iPod device

    installs of XP | Files, folders & storage>

    Windows 7 Pro.

    My iPod Touch will contact the iTunes computer software, but the computer won't recognize as a device, so pictures and videos cannot be transferred back through Explorer or software with call Explorer.

    A Google search seems to suggest that many face the same problem, but none of the proposed fixes work.  Device Manager or Explorer does not show the iPod.

    Oddly, this function worked at one point and there are several pictures and videos to the iPod, but now they cannot be removed or add others.

    I think that it is essentially a problem of iPod, but I hope that help Windows will help me solve the problem.

    I will move this thread to the neighborhood where you posted for the region of Windows 7, but if the following does not help, you should probably ask your question in Apple's iTunes for--> https://discussions.apple.com/community/itunes/itunes_for_windows in the Windows XP forum

    It seems to me that if the driver for the iPod is not installed or is corrupted.  It may seem like overkill, but I suggest to remove completely all Apple software and then put it back.  This should not affect your iTunes library (music, etc.), but it is always prudent to make a backup before doing anything like that.

    Follow directions here--> https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204275

  • ITunes does not recognize the songs and the old shuffle stop at 30 seconds

    I have an old shuffle, 1 MB, maybe a 2nd gen, gold (A1204 EMC). iTunes (iOS 10.11.4 12.4.1) has problems with the shuffle. He quickly recognizes the shuffle, which appears as a mounted device and on the desktop a moment, then it reports that there are no. The shuffle disappears from the desktop and I get a warning saying that it has been deleted without eject.

    ITunes then freezes and I have to force quit.

    I can charge the shuffle, but when I go to listen to the songs, they last 30 seconds or less, the following starts then and in about 30 seconds, it will stop followed by another song.

    I tried to reset (turn on, turn off for 5 seconds and turn on) several times but nothing changes. I tried to erase using disk utility (15.0). The shuffle will not disassemble process works.

    All of the suggestions. My 2009 iPod Touch works better than this most recent shuffle. I like to use the shuffle when you do yard work.

    Same thing happens when I try to sync the shuffle using a snow leopard starts.

  • iTunes does not recognize the device after a update

    I'm running itunes after a promnt of my computer, since then, I can't recognize one of my 2 ipod nano in itunes. IV removed itunes and itunes reinstaled and reset my ipod and it still does not

    Follow these troubleshooting steps:


  • iTunes does not recognize the ripped CD

    I recently had to wipe the hard drive of my iMac and start over. All back to normal. However, now iTunes doesn't recognize all ripped CDs, I did on this same computer with iTunes. I have a two compilations of commercial CD as well as those made in digitized LPs. All content - names of tracks, lengths, album art - was read by iTunes before 'erased '. Now: nothing. I tried to uninstall iTunes 11 12 and reinstalling, nothing. In addition, I can't find any other program that can read data from the CD. What can I do to import these CDs and find their metadata?

    Since your post I understand these were compilation CD or CD of digitized LPs all the facts and burned by you.  iTunes will remember the content of the CD on the computer that made the combustion. This information is not actually on the CD (unless you said iTunes to save it as CD-text format which iTunes itself cannot read directly).  This registers in a special folder on the computer that has apparently lost when wipe you your drive.  For commercial CD iTunes uses the Gracenote database to assign information of CD based on the characteristic footprint track of the CD, but your being elements, will not be in the Gracenote database (not even your LPs which must be the time right as the CD version).

    You have backups of your original disc?

  • Air iPad - iTunes does not recognize the recovery mode because it detects that the device is locked with a password

    Well I'm really frustrated here. I have an iPad Air that I bought for my roommate who unfortunately passed away in October, and so his family gave me his iPad Air and all the other things I had bought for him.

    Here's the question. iTunes appears whenever I turn it on and says he can't go because its locked with a password. Good not much according to Apple's site, I reboot into recovery mode... Problem is... nor iTunes 11 or 12 will be pop - up and say its been detected in recovery mode, even if I restart the computer and then reopen iTunes.

    What I'm missing here? I am running Windows 8.1, the computer recognizes that its been plugged with two modes... It is the thing of most frustrating I've ever lived and I can't do it in recovery unless its connected to the computer. I tried pressing the home key, which starts just the iPad as usual, as soon as I fix the cord. Also, I don't know what version of the software is (I guess 7 since he never really used) - apparently different versions of the software have different recovery quirks.

    I tried the DFU instructions and powers of the iPad on the same before Apple logo the first 3 seconds that you are supposed to hold down the power button.

    I am disabled and home because of the panic and anxiety so go to the Apple store isn't something that would be easy for me so if anyone has a solution, I'm all ears.

    It was easier to make a gold card HTC that is to delete this thing and that says a lot, considering the amount of work went into those back in the day...

    One last thing. iTunes will NOT open if the iPad is already connected. I have to unplug it, forcing iTunes close then reopen.

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    You should try to do a hard reboot on the air of the iPad, press and hold the power button and the home button until the apple logo appears.

  • Laptop does not recognize the wireless device

    Same problem here.  Feature WiFi suddenly stopped working after a windows vista updated.  Wireless switch is engaged, messeges troubleshooting all say computer doesn't detect any wireless devices.  It's as if someone pulled the unit and the antenna of the portable computer.  I also downloaded the wireless drivers and Setup several times without success.  Wireless device appears in the Device Manager page.  The only thing that is showing and work is the cable which is how I can download the drivers and appear on this forum.  Is it possible that the wireless device is broken?  All applicable lights are lit on the networking modem, no signal is detected on the computer, I have concluded that the wireless on the laptop is just inop.  Either way, I have a Compaq Presario F730US laptop.  All the options out there?  Thank you

    Hello Bdufaud,

    Thanks for posting in the Microsoft Answers forum!

    You mentioned that your WiFi feature worked well until a recent update. Do you remember when the update occurred? An option that can help is to run aSystem Restore, making sure to select a previous restore point when the problem started to occur.

    Hope this helps J

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  • iTunes does not recognize the version of iOS iPhone 6sPlus


    My Itunes is telling me there is a new software for my Iphone 6sPlus (iOS9.2.1) when I connect it, even if it is updated to this version. No idea why?

    Thank you

    There was an updated version of the 9.2.1 released to fix a display problem of 53 error (on Touch ID) - Apple has released a new version of 9.2.1 instead of create a new version (although the build number, which shows after the 9.2.1 in settings > general > topic > Version, is changed with the new version). AFAIK you can only update to this new version via iTunes on the computer, so it won't appear as available in settings > general > software update on your phone.

Maybe you are looking for

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