15.a02 Aurora android update

I have aurora on my xperia arc s and it repeatedly tells me that there is an update, but it is the same version that tells me each time (15.0a2). I have download and install successfully, but am always notified of an update to the same version every day.


Even if the version number does not change, the date needs to change (you can see this in the page on Aurora, in your settings) and there will be changes to the app. They are so busy in Aurora that he really is updated almost every day. Thanks a lot for testing of Aurora and helps make Firefox on Android is awesome!


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  • Android update

    Hello.. I am from India using motorcycle g 2nd generation XT1068. I just wanted to know that I will receive Android update 5.1 or 6.0 5.1 to jump? I am currently on 5.0.2. Please answer me... His Motorola too late... Did you do like this... ? U don't want your customers to g2 moto... ?

    Tests of new phone software takes a long time especially when language software and the carrier has taken into account tests.

    Motorola has announced that 6 Andriod will be implanted in the Moto G 2nd generation https://motorola-global-portal.custhelp.com/app/software-upgrade-news/g_id/1949 but does not officially announce when she submitted to a lot of factors that influence the implementation.

    Centerfold of the Android site has an article that may give some ideas http://www.androidstandard.com/android-m-for-moto-g-features-and-release-date/

    Given the deployment process for Andriod 5.0, you may have to wait until early next year, before it is ready, but it depends on the status of tests with different carriers.

  • < CLOSED > Android update 5.1

    For Moto G (2nd generation), Motorola has published an interview or a security update which bug fixed Stage Fright & a few other bug fixes & improvements. The Android Version is still 5.0.2.

    Motorola does not have fixed the bug of Trac directly giving Android 5.1, as they did in Moto G (1st generation)

    There is no information provided on the side of motorola about Android Moto G 5.1 (2nd generation)

    I think motorola will jump 5.1 Android & directly give M Android update (Android 6.0)

    @rahulbudnia - although there is no rule against repost the photo of someone else, the person must give credit for where they got it.

    It is impolite not not to cite your sources. @SohalHusen - you should give credit when you use images someone.

  • A3 - A10: can't get Android update!

    Hi Acer community,
    I am again happy owner of an A3 - A10 shelf. I'm very happy with my purchase. I'm having a little problem however. Whenever I have check for an android update, I get the following message: "update service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Status 1004 "code. It is loosly, translated from the French (the language I use).

    At present, the version 4.2.2
    I searched a 1004 error code but empty is come...
    Someone has an idea of what could be the problem?
    Thanks in advance
    Serge D.

    Mouchafeu: I have the same problem of you. But don't worry too much. It is not a mistake, everything works fine. You android version obsolete. What you need to do is to wait for a notification to upgrade, after confirm the update more than 100 MB when you check the update. He would say "system update".

    It is the first step to update android kitkst 4.4 in the future.

  • No. 4 / LTE after android update 6

    Once again a problem after the android update. This time from 5.1 to 6 android update

    Yesterday I received a pop up that a system update was available.  Installed with PC companion and checked the phone and settings.

    Everything seems to work, but the phone does not connect to my 4G / LTE network more.

    Did a factory reset and downloaded the new APN settings all with no result.

    So what's next?

    The last time I had a problem with the 5 android update and had to wait 2 months for the next update solve my problem of mobile data.

    Any suggestions?


    Returned by Sony service phone: guess what?    No problems found.

    But let's get back to where I was before.

    Made the whole sequence again: factory and network reset and restored my backup data.

    Result: No...

    Everything I had, it was a quick battery drainage phone and no LTE / 4G.

    Just before that I call Sony angry, that I wanted to make sure no problem to my carrier.

    I called them and they listened to my story.  They saw no strange things in the settings, but the only thing they could do was to do a reset (of these settings?).

    I have to restart the phone after 5 minutes and see what happens: Yes!  LTE / 4G works again.

    I'm happy, of course, but what bothers me is wat that the relationship is between and android update and messed up the settings for the telecom provider.

    Nevertheless, for me: case closed.

    Thank you all for your support.

  • Android update will not install place 3830

    Once every two weeks or so, I get a notice that I had an Android update. I click on the Android update and it starts to install and then stops after about 10 to 12 seconds. Then it says error and stops, then restarts and everything is normal. I'm still 4.3 Android on my Dell 8 3830 place. I guess it's the 4.4 KitKat Android update. Can someone help me why it will not be installed? I had this tablet for the month and a half and this is the third or 4th time I tried to install the update. Can you help me? Why won't it install? y at - it a setting I need to change? Or is it a failure of my Tablet?


    Enter in the system and power.

    Opening of session

    Click on settings (the gear).

    Left column, scroll down, on the Tablet, updates to the system, click Find updates

    See if your system will be updated in this way.


  • Aurora has updated to version 25, and the findbar was borked...

    After the Aurora version 25 update, I discovered a whole bunch of user interface changes that I absolutely hated it, as has been the case for most updates post-Firefox 3. I can live with most of them, but changes to the Findbar are just horrible. It is moved to the top of the screen, a beautiful 'Blue horror' and don't rest not open between tabs. Is there an option in Config to fix at least some of this?

    See this mozillaZine forum thread:

  • Aurora keeps update for no reason

    Or any other day or even every time I manually check an update on Aurora he thinks that there is an update. And then when I restart Aurora it turns that it updated to the exact same version of Aurora. Why would he do that? Or how to fix this problem? It started that happened last week. Around, I think, a week after that I had installed Aurora. I tried re-installing Aurora on the one I have already.

    Hello, I guess it comes to behaviors expected - aurora is a version of development that comes with daily updates. If you want less updates or the other switch to the beta channel (who receives ~ weekly updates) or output channel that has six weeks of release cycle.


  • 4.4.2 android update failed for the HP Slate 10 HD

    There is so today 10 minutes new update i saw 4.4.2 excited and I wanted to install it, but installation failed due to internet connection, internet connection simply collapsed and now I have android dead with red triangle, my battery was 98% charged 5 GB of free space. I have all of the options are

    Restart the system now

    apply the update of external storage

    apply the update of the Asian Development Bank

    Wipe data / factory reset

    Wipe cache partition

    Any program for this like Sony and Nexus have?

    Vodoinstalater wrote:

    I tried to reboot the device and reset factory I have adapter and the micro sd card, but when I connect it to the PC or laptop my sd card is not able to write, but it is formatted FAT32. My Sd Card is write-able when I put it on the phone, if I put my sd card in the phone and via USB cable I tranfered update.zip but here is the newspaper I don't know why it fails

    HP Slate 10 HD 3603EM

    The card adapter SD has a protection against writing about that switch?  (The small white ball?)  It is not supposed to not work in these devices...

    It is a failure because you can't restore an old construction on one that is newer (although she was not able to complete!)

    You can not put JellyBean on a device that has tasted KitKat.

    I'll try HP speeding download KitKat images for the 10 HD bug slate, but you may have to bug them too.

    To contact HP directly, click on this link: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1

    Outside the U.S.: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-phone-assist.html


  • Series - is a 4.3 Android update or higher?

    Is there an Android 4.3 update or higher?
    If so how can I get it?

    Posted by yambyke
    Is there an Android 4.3 update or higher?
    If so how can I get it?

    Since BT sports updated, I was not able to access them using my AT10 with Android 4.2. How to switch to 4.3? Same problem as Yambyke.

  • Excite Pro AT10LE-A108 - Android update for several issues of OpenSSL

    Fortunately more Android version avoids the bug of software, but there is a new raft of bugs that Android is vulnerable to the:


    Is there a plan to fix the latter with an update?
    Of course, it would take some time, because I think that the latest version of Android 4.4.3 is still vulnerable.

    Clearly Toshiba will know a lot more about details.

    > Is there any plan to fix the latter with an update?
    Since this is a user to user community, I put t think someone will be able to provide more information on these updates or patches.

    > Of course it would take a long time, because I think that the latest version of Android 4.4.3 is still vulnerable.
    From my point of view of a few such bugs should be fixed by google android developers...
    Just Tablet manufacturers add some special software features and customize the Android system for hardware built into the smartphone and tablet devices.

  • The last Android update no longer works in FF - it gives either a small part of a Web page or a black screen

    I've updated Android 3.2 yesterday on my Iconia A500. After that, Firefox displays only a small portion of a Web page or by using the new Android 'feature', a black screen.

    You will need to select "stretch to fill", and then restart the tablet.

    We are working on a version of Firefox that is specifically designed for tablets so that the Android OS will stop suggesting their zoom mode.

  • HP SLATE 10: Corrupt 4.4.2 Android update HP Slate 10 HD

    There is already a question similar to what has been marked as resolved.


    I have a Tablet masoned due to a corrupted version of android being downloaded to it.  This new corrupted version has a timestamp inside newer than any file available at HP recovery.

    This means that any recovery is impossible until HP produce a file UPDATE.zip has a more recent than the update corrupted time stamp.

    It should be possible to produce a solution that restores the files internal datestamp on the Tablet and this will allow an update run.

    In the meantime, I had to buy another Tablet of a rival.


    A person to answer support HP to this you can.

    HP released a new update.zip file to replace the one damaged.

    My slate model has been 3610ea.

    Downloaded the file.  Copied to a mirco SD.  Started the tablet in the recovery menu: POWER and neighborhoods momentarily after hold in the button volume +.

    When the recovery menu appears to load from an external support, and then select the update.zip.

    Now, please be patient...  20 minutes from random reboots puffs of heat, dead robots and bob your uncle the Tablet is alive again.  less software datapass

    Kudos to HP to fix this problem.  Even though I am 120 lbs down I need a Tablet 2 weeks ago and had to buy a good replacement market.

  • No Android update for Moto E2 still 5.1

    Hi all, greetings. I bought a handset moto E2 one day before yesterday with model XT1506. From the Internet I expect to be updated with Android v 5.1 (there 5.0.2 currently), but he has not appeared on my phone yet.

    There were provided with size 12 MB updated software that has been installed as soon as I put a hand on with the phone. Anyone would lift a light on what could be the problem.

    Thanks in advance

    Check again that my model got the update a few days ago... The retail of the India Moto E2 3 G...

  • the Android update

    What e bike (India) will get l android?

    When the OTA Lollipop update starts rolling, I bet it will be announced in this thread:

    https://forums.Motorola.com/posts/83d91b2d28 (control in this thread for the news)

    Just check bike G/Moto G 2nd gen forums as they have announced. Same thing will happen here. Unless no news are published in the thread linked above, considers that the update of the lollipop isn't ready yet.

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