19DL502B Combi TV/DVD TV turns on automatically and the roar of the DVD


I have a Toshiba TV/DVD combi 19DL502B and it seems to turn on randomly. When the TV is switched on the DVD snoring and click on even with no DVD in there.

No idea what is the problem?

See you soon

Hey what the hell are you doing on everything. ?

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    The problem: about two months ago, I noticed the fan turns very hard and also the laptop gets very hot. Now it runs so hot the laptop shuts down completely. The heat being driven out of the laptop is so hot! burn your my infact.

    Anyone has any advice they could offer me.

    Thank you

    Hi James

    You wrote that you have the laptop less than a year, so my question is this is already cleaned it?
    The laptop needs to be cleaned every 3-4 months and I do this every 3 months. Whenever I do I m wondering how much dust out and after this procedure the portable is a lot cooler.

    Here's an interesting article from Toshiba on this subject:

    Compressed air spray is really useful and you should check it out yourself! ;)

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    If under warranty contact Dell


    or ask in the forums Support of Dell


    If it is under warranty, contact a reputable repairman, local computer

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    Thank you very much

    Check out this post do not know if you have webview or ads in your app, but this might help.

    Start from the first page but last page has the info could and should help you.


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    My daughter continues to send iMessages when she's out and about (IE. When it is not connected to wifi) and iMessages are sent using its data allocation, and it continues to go over its data allocation. Is it possible to get the phone to turn off the iMessages automatically when it detects that it is not connected to wifi, so that messages are then sent via sms texts, and then it reconnects to iMessage when reconnected to the Wifi? (I know it can be done manually in the settings, but she keeps forgetting to do so).

    Not automatically.

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    How to turn off the text bold (in the newly composed emails) and restoration of the emails already received for their original style of the police (with bold text appearing only case provided by the sender)?

    Thanks a lot-Toad Hall. I followed your advice and it seems to have worked.
    Thanks again

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    I have my 4 ATV implemented to control my overall TV/sound system. Works very well.

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    This will happen when the network activity is detected

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    1. what version of Windows are you using?

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    Windows VISTA.  All updates applied.

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    Hi Neal1209,

    The "powersuite" should have an option to restore certain registry errors that it finds. Is it possible that you can restore them? It may be possible that in this case it is actually deleting files that are required for Windows and believes are redundant or contains errors.

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    Someone help me please!

    Click Start > type in the search box > display the event log > click on the result and to identify any error and criticism during the time that you are having crashes on your machine.

    If you can post back with events, we can narrow down the cause of the problem.

    Also could you identify which version of Windows and Web browser that you use in this case?

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    I can't offer any additional information as above. One minute my volume icon was there, the next day it was gone.


    ·         Are you able to hear the sound while playing music on the system?

    If the problem is only with the sound/volume missing from the system tray icon, then you can follow the steps mentioned below and find the volume icon in the system tray.

    To redisplay your volume icon in the taskbar

    (a) click Start.

    (b) in the search line type TASKBAR and STARTMENU

    (c) of the list of programs select bar TASKS and STARTMENU

    (d) select the tab area of Notification and under the system icons section, place a check next to VOLUME

    (e) click apply and then click OK

    It should be visible in the toolbar again.

    Please let us know if that fixes the problem or if assistance is needed.

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