2 computer CPU with Hyperthreading XP Pro uninstall

I bought a computer from two CPU with an OEM license.  I have no idea what hyperthreading I discovered yesterday when looked in the BIOS settings I don't know if I think that's not good. When you use Microsoft Fix it difficulty it doesn't detect any hardware or software. I ask this question on my other computer. I discovered that in hybernation mode there is an option to delete files and return to the bios. A few months after the purchase I discovered I had a guest account I deleted all the files with that account.

I am not very computer but I'm Fuming on this computer. I would like to know how to completely remove files (XP Pro) taking account of the two CPU and Hyperthreading?  For the interem I have a license software XP Home install disk.

I asked a few questions here at Microsoft Answers and in hindsight, a Question about Microsoft Fix It error code was published in the community forum

When it should of gone to one technician technical support for which I apologize.  I got emails regarding my questions. Which was very stange for me in regard to a question I had asked he said that the following thread link has been removed becaused I had created. The emails offered links that I find it silly to have followed a link in an email! I'm not sure they're Microsoft and error codes that I have provided different to those which have been subsequently sent to me.

I thank you in advance for your time and patience in reading this and a forward answer.

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Hyperthreading is a good thing.  It allows a CPU to manage more than one thread so that it can do more than one thing at a time.  The current Intel i7 processors have hyperthreading.  See what hyperthreading is here: http://www.intel.com/technology/platform-technology/hyper-threading/index.htm

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    No, you can allocate more vCPU you have. what you said it is fine. I usually go for a ratio of 6: 1. for example, with 12 cores, we have up to 72 vCPUS (it's all compared to the workload type and the size of the virtual machine through)

    I said that you never allocate a unique virtual machine more than the physical cores as the guest on the virtual machine OS think there full hearts to play with no hyper threaded no carrots...

    But hyper threading can give use better ability to commit the resources of the processor because it intelligently uses the additional threads when the performance will not be affected. as long as all virtual machines will not work 100%, then you can add more with no real impact. If you have listed these 3 VMs had to use 100% each you'd be using 100% CPU host not 50%. never use logical cores when it comes to calculations of ability only physical cores

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  • Windows 10 Pro: Firefox 40.0 constantly using 75 to 85% of cpu with HTML 5 1080 p video playback

    Firefox version 40.0 can no longer play videos from youtube.com without ridiculously high levels of cpu on my 10 Pro 64-bit Windows System. The non-video HD, the cpu is using Firefox level is a constant 45 to 50%. On change to 1080 p HD, Firefox 40.0 now consumes a staggering 75-85% of cpu. It started since the upgrade to Firefox 39.

    Opera of 31.0, Edge and Internet Explorer 11.0.10240.16384 all use less than 20% cpu when running HTML5 or Flash in mode HD 1080 p on the youtube.com site.

    Why Firefox works at 75-85% of the cpu on my system? Video on youtube.com is rough and stutter and 40.0 Firefox is having a devastating effect on the proper functioning of my entire system, mounted in power overall cpu usage just up to 100%. He managed to slow down my entire operating system. I've never had this problem with Firefox before, not even in many Insider Preview of WIndows 10 Pro versions.

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  • new computer with win 7 pro when it is connected to a Flash drive or external hard drive poster, you have currently not authorized to access this folder or location is not available

    There are now 4 computers in front of me.

    Two are laptops 17 inch hp (consumer)

    Two are workstations mobile hp 17 inch (company)

    On the consumer books, I can view the files on my external hard drive 1 to and 1 GB player.

    On the company workstation (mobile), I'm not able to view the files on the hard drive or flash drive.

    I need your help so that I can save files from the internal hard drive of the mobile platform of book z hard disk external.  And I need to be able to reconnect the external drives and readers to the Zbook mobile workstation to transfer files to transfer flash.

    These are the pop ups that appear for each when displaying of readers by opening my computer:

    When left click hard disk drive a pop up appears with the title bar: location is not available.

    H:\ is not accessible.

    Access is denied.

    Make a right click on the hard drive allows FreeAgent GoFlex drive opening (h :)) properties)

    The tabs are ReadyBoost, previous Versions, Quota, customize, general, tools, hardware, sharing, security

    By clicking on security of advances and then permissions then continue and then change my name owner or administrator... both methods result in the same access denied result once again.

    I came across this http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/00d04415-2b2f-422c-b70e-b18ff918c281 is this something I need to study and learn before I am able to connect and use an external drive or flash?  Or is there another problem?  If the answer is in this link, do I have to put emphasis on and why wasn't windows 7 configured so that it is easy to use external drives as in win xp and win 8?  Are all usb ports do not or all drivers of failing or is it a software problem all?

    I was not able by trial and error to display all files on any hard drive or external flash on the two books of z of mobile workstation.

    Then I went to the flash drive.

    Left click on the flash drive produces a pop-up with title bar G:\

    You don't have permission to access this folder.

    Click on continue to get permanent access to this folder.

    After clicking on continue it opens another pop-up with title bar G:\

    You have been denied permission to access this folder.

    To access this folder, you will need to use the Security tab.

    When clicking on the Security tab he opens a new pop with the title bar: removable disk (g) properties

    The tabs are general, tools, hardware, sharing, ReadyBoost, customize

    He did not indicate what to do next.


    Two new computers hp zbook stations mobile work with win 7 pro

    Or computers with their multiple ports usb allows to access my external hard drive or flash drive.

    The external hard disk and flash dirve each work very well with the consumer portable computers hp with winning 8 and 8.1 of win and have worked with computers with win xp.

    How can I get the Replicator hp z book with win 7 pro for usb drives work with external hard drives or external flash drives?

    I have so far done the following:

    (1) run administrative guest with sfc/scannow and it found no violations of integrity

    (2) ran microsoft fixit will be all available Parameters which automatically checked and corrected each book workstation z mobile http://support.microsoft.com/mats/windows_file_and_folder_diag/

    (3) contacted HP support

    (4) checked for malware using microsoft security essentials, malwarebytes and spybot on each mobile workstation

    (5) updated drivers using HP support assistant on each computer

    (6) windows update the device HP support assistant on each computer

    How do two new computers with win 7 pro can be connected to external drives that allow to view the files as they do with win xp and win 8 automatically?

    How can I access my files on the external hard disk and flash the mobile workstation book z?

    The specifications for the mobile workstation of zbook are:

    Operating system: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit Service Pack 1

    Microprocessor: Intel core i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.7 GHz

    Moemory system: 16 GB of memory on 2 1600 MHz dimm

    Graphics device 1: Nvidia Quadro K3100M

    Graphics device 2: Intel HD 4600 graphics card

    Hard drive 1: SCSI Disk Device

    C: 683.42 (613,62 free go-go)

    D: 12.21 GB (1,3 GB free)

    E: 1.99 GB (1.97 GB free)

    The hard drive is a seagate 1 TB drive that works very well

    The flash drive is a 1 GB drive which works very well

    This problem has been resolved.

    Right-click all methods have not access external external hard drives and flash drives.

    Sharing, permissions, ownership, administrative changes, all method all failed.

    This problem has been resolved by higher HP product support.  Other levels of support were not able to diagnose the problem or fix.

    The problem has been resolved by:

    (1) determine that he was not a NTFS problem

    (2) using the msconfig to isolate a single service

    When the unique service has been disabled the files on any external drives have been available.

    The service of the problem was the HP Client Security.

    This HP Client Security in its default value is set to deny access.

    Then right-click on the drive and change the permissions, ownership, to administrators, using everyone etc. will fail because they are all trumped by the HP Client Security that is set by default to deny access.

    When that client security is changed the drives become available.  It is not information about this when using the computer and this can be learned by trial and error.

    I hope this helps all those who have z book 17 mobile workstations or HP computers that are equipped with client security.

  • I have uninstall it by accident with Adobe Acrobat PRO DC with third party software.  Now I can't install Adobe and creative cloud does not load apps.  How a fix it?

    I have uninstall it by accident with Adobe Acrobat PRO DC with third party software.  Now I can't install Adobe and creative cloud does not load apps.  How a fix it?

    Hey bellmarg,

    Please uninstall Adobe CC using this cleanup tool use the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems, restart your computer & reinstall it using this link Adobe Acrobat Pro DC: PDF Converter, convert PDF files from anywhere.

    Let me know how it goes.

    Kind regards


  • Computer eliminated before Acrobat 8 Pro has been uninstalled. How can I re - save on a new computer?

    It is slightly more complicated than the title... I'm in an office, and we have 12 copies of Acrobat Professional 8. We have boxes with the serial numbers for 11 of them. We try to redistribute copies that we have around the Office so that they are allocated more efficiently.

    (1) How can I get the serial number for the copy that goes with the missing box? By the installed product, I can find the first 20 digits, but what about the last four? Does this mean that we can never pass this copy to another computer?

    (2) some copies seem to have been installed on computers that are no longer with us (R.I.P.). Because a product can only be installed on a single computer, How can I install these copies currently - out of order on a new computer without uninstalling the old computer, it was recorded originally the?

    (3) is there a way to get the registration information for the copies of Adobe Acrobat that we purchased through serial numbers? It is possible that some of the machines that they are installed on are incorrectly reports which version they have installed. We had a user whose report indicated that the computer was working Acrobat Reader only, but its computer ended up having Acrobat Pro on this subject.

    Hi catdodge

    We also invite you to contact our support at http://adobe.ly/yxj0t6 team

    They will help you.

  • I installed Windows XP on my new computer (with Windows 7 PRO), but my USB does not work on Windows XP. It works fine on Windows 7

    I installed Windows XP on my new computer (with Windows 7 PRO), but my USB does not work on Windows XP. It works fine on Windows 7.


    And much more: (XP mode requires professional, Ultimate or Enterprise).

    Get all the benefits of Windows 7 and continue to take advantage of your investments and more
    business and productivity programs that require a PC running Windows XP.

    Note: Windows XP Mode requires a download.

    Windows XP mode

    Windows XP Mode is supported through Technet

    TechNet - Forums - Windows 7 virtualization

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • I have a computer that has Windows 2000 Pro, I can use the disk to upgrade to Windows XP with this OS?

    I have a computer that has Windows 2000 Pro, I can use the disk to upgrade to Windows XP with this OS? It's

    an old computer, but it works very well.  I want to switch to XP using the Windows upgrade disc. But

    in the specifications it lists only 98, 98 Second and ME as an operating system you can upgrade.  Thanks John

    Provided the specifications of the computer meets Windows XP you can switch from 2000 to XP. If it does not meet the specifications, you may upgrade the computer first or get a new one which is more cheaper today.

    In addition, please note that you can only switch to Windows XP Professional. If it is a home edition you have then it will not work. You can refer to the link below on how to update your copy of Windows 2000 to Windows XP Pro.


  • Can I use my copy of Vista Business upgrade retail a computer with Windows XP Pro?

    Upgrade/license transfer

    I have purchase Windows 7 business plan and upgrade my Vista Business retail version to Windows 7 Pro.  Can I use my copy of Vista Business upgrade retail a computer with Windows XP Pro?

    If you use the license professional Vista as the operating system with a Windows 7 Pro upgrade license then no, you can't continue with Business.

    If you use a copy of the licence of right (standard retail) Windows 7 Pro then Yes, you can reuse the company to upgrade XP.

    Upgrade license replaces the license qualify you for the upgrade license.  That's why the price is reduced from the price of a copy of the full license.  In this case, a license of Windows 7 Upgrade binding Vista Business license to the Windows 7 Pro license and operating permits would be free not to use it elsewhere.

    How install Windows 7 Pro has no importance.  If you use an installation upgrade or new installation method, what matters is the license of Windows 7, to level or standard (full).

    Buy a copy of the full license of Windows 7 Pro to do what you are suggesting.

  • Uninstall windows vista and go back with my computer came with.

    Uninstall windows Vista Home Basic and come back with what my computer came with.

    I gave you the correct information in my last answer.

    If you do not understand (as the computer instructions can be a bit intimidating), you must republish your XP question in the correct Forums XP.

    Read the place where repost information below:

    XP forums:


    Link above is for XP Forums.

    There is a list of the different Forums XP to the link above to help you.

    You get the help you need there.

    Here's Vista Help Forums.

    See you soon

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • New computer with Windows 7 Pro installed - also came with disks to Windows 8 Pro - what I lose everything?

    I recently bought a new computer. It was announced to come with Windows 7 Pro and Windows 8 Pro. Since the announcement, I assumed that it would be implemented for a dual-boot (something that I have never made or used it before).

    In another section of this community, I have posted a question, "what happens first – the chicken or the Egg," asking if I would like to transfer my data and applications before that upgrade to Windows 8 or after. I received responses almost half a dozen all recommend that I transferred my files prior to upgrade. With the new software of practice by hand and using a cable standard CAT5, I transferred all my files, including data and most of my applications, my old computer to the new computer. The transfer takes about six hours and I had about an hour of work later to install my pst, BOINC, Malwarebytes, etc..

    I decided that today would be the day and I would upgrade to Windows 8. There are three disks to:

    1. the claims & recovery of pilots

    2. system recovery disk for operating

    3 supplemental Recovery Disc

    However, when reading the attached brochure, there is a warning very clear that if I use these discs, I lose all my apps and data and will have to start from scratch. In many previous editions of Windows, I remember using upgrade disks. Recovery disks were what I did when I first installed the new computer.

    So, I ask, this is the only way I can achieve this? Am I condemned to throw seven hours of work? Y there is a place, less painful alternatives?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately, this is how the work of recovery discs, they do not operate like retail disk that will give you the ability to dual boot.

    Your options are limited.

  • I bought a new computer and also Adobe acrobat Pro XI.  It did not work properly.  I uninstalled and tried to reinstall it, but the computer will not accept the serial number.  What can I do?

    I bought a new computer and also Adobe acrobat Pro XI.  It did not work properly.  I uninstalled and tried to reinstall it, but the computer will not accept the serial number.  What can I do?

    You accidentally type in a redemption code when he says he only wants a serial number?

  • New configuration of the computer with Acrobat XI Pro Upgrade package

    I bought a new system with Windows 8 Pro, I throw in desktop mode. On my OLD system, I installed a purchased copy of Acrobat 5 Pro, which I later upgraded to Acrobat 8 Pro. My question is: what installation process I have to follow to install an copy newly purchased upgrade to Acrobat Pro XI on my new computer system, which currently is not one of my products from Adobe installed on it?

    You only need the serial number of the previous version that qualifies you for the upgrade.  You don't need to have one of these previous versions installed on the new machine.

  • Microphone does not work with Win 8 Pro (driver issue)

    I just bought a new PC with Windows 8 pro and the following technical details:

    Motherboard: GA - X 79 - UP4
    CPU: Intel I7 - 3930K
    Graphics card: Nvidea Geforce GTX670

    The Microphone plugged into the port back does not work and produces his scrambled a lot like a warped computer extreme voices and is extremely soft at the same time. Re-install the original drivers and try to obtain new did not help anything.

    To prove any wrong material, I then removed the hardrive where victory 8 has been installed and installed a new version of Windows 7 Ultimate on a new hardrive and here evrything works without any worries. Probably, this proves that it is certainly a driver problem.
    Also, what about this is that Windows 8 has crashed several times already by activating the "speaker" icon.

    Any help would be apreashiated

    I actually solved the problem by updating the bios of the motherboard that was sugested to me by the Gigabyte support.

    Thank you

  • License with Adobe Acrobat Pro problem

    I have a problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro as part of Adobe Creative Suite CS 6 on Mac OS X 10.11.6: Adobe Acrobat does not start. Whenever I try to open a pdf file or the itsself program (Acrobat), Acrobat appears inside the docking station, as well as within the monitor activity for a few seconds, but never actually opens and then disappears from the docking station and the activity monitor. No error message appears, namely, what is the problem.

    During the last two weeks, I tried the suggestions basically all troubleshooting I found on the web several times, mainly:

    • Try to uninstall and reinstall Adobe Acrobat by itsself as well as all of the Creative Suite (of course, using "Adobe Installers")
    • Running the Creative-cloud-Cleaner on my computer after uninstallation and before the re-setup
    • Deactivate and reactivate my license Creative Suite (using InDesign to perform this task, given that Acrobat does not open)
    • etc.

    More funny thing is: when I try to deactivate the license via InDesign, Acrobat will not show even as one of the programmes concerned, see attached screenshot.


    That is why, in my view, the problem could be a licensing problem. The reason why I had the problem in the first place, could be the following: I accidentally uninstalled Adobe Acrobat while being offline. After that, as mentioned above, I tried- and reinstall the program and all of the following several times while being online - but no result.

    I'm happy for any suggestion. Assistance telephone Adobe doesn't seem to be available for this product and I have redirected to this forum when you try to start a chat support with Adobe, I'm happy for all the help from the community!

    PS: I guess that's not relevant, but I'll talk anway: another application, "Adobe Crash Demon" shows within the activity monitor, every time I open InDesign (but isn't, when I try to open Acrobat). The content of the error message does not mention Acrobat.

    Hi kglad,.

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I couldn't find very useful advice in the log files, because I'm not very experienced in the search for log files and I could not find solutions to the error messages on the web.

    But, fortunately, an update of the system for Mac OS Sierra finally helped me to solve the problem. Obviously, the update changed some system parameters and / or preferences, and I finally could start once Adobe Acrobat. He is still vulnerable, however. It seems, I'm having some trouble with my graphics, too, but I guess I'll be able to fix those shortly.

    I am very happy, Acrobat is finally running once more!

    Thanks for your support, I'll mark the issue as resolved.

    Kind regards


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