2 firefoxversies nl 4 EN 6 good k merk dat bij min softwareprogramma zijn. Rimuovere group versie ik?

2 firefoxversies nl 4 EN 6 was ik merk bij min softwareprogramma dat zijn. Rimuovere group versie ik?

It is possible that you see in programs and features of the previous version of Firefox that has not been deleted by the update if that's what you do reference to an entry of rest.

If you would like to uninstall this version of Firefox 4 her would remove you the 6 Firefox version instead.

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  • Does anyone have a good experience, export data from cubesavvy?

    Merry Christmas / Happy holidays everyone.

    Does anyone have a good experience, export data from ASO using cubesavvy?

    I tried but the filters don't seem to work.  I entered about 9 filters - with the members and parents to 9 dimensions.  However, the native text file that it created does not seem to use these filters.  I select 'Member = FY15' but it has exported the native file, had FY12.  I think this tool takes the native text file it generates and create a report of the column from it.


    We use it because our financial report and the Smartview crashes when we tried to explore the zero level for Dept (we have more than 5 thousand), projects (more than 5,000) and accounts (more than 200).  It looks like a simple report.  Our report EN used to support 20 minutes now it crashes.  We must perhaps compact contour and use the motion tracking.



    Hi David,

    Harry Gates here, the developer of cubeSavvy. Dozens of people successfully using the export ASO Analyzer feature, with and without filters. This includes a few very large companies with big data and the large contours (100s of exports of GBs and hundreds of thousands of members). If the filters are not limit the written lines, it has been my experience that the names of typical members in do not match those of the file.

    You can reach me at [email protected] if you have any other questions. You can also send me your otl and export, if they are not too sensitive and I'll take a look.

    Kind regards


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    In kun is of the programma I meet SMARTY codes een aanhef maken een hotelpersoneel mailing production, renewal:
    Beste {$Voornaam},
    DAT lukt niet in Mozilla, DOE ik het niet goed?


  • Problem getting a good graph of data

    Hello, I am currently an intern and I need to create an interface in LabVIEW for a & Rohde Schwarz BALLS Network Analyzer.

    The majority of the program working as it should, only retrieve the correct chart data seems to be a problem.

    I get images on my screen, but the data does not match with the data on the device.

    the device is connected to the computer using a GPIB bus, we use labview 2012 and labview 7 (program end must be in labview 7).

    I think that the problem lies in the VI that retrieves data from the machine: (scan of rszvl)

    explanation of the VI:

    Here, I have 2 images of the Network Analyzer, these images are correct and the goal is to get these on my computer in labview. (the second is just a flat line)

    Now, here's some of the creations I get in labview...

    I've also attached the full VI

    Should more information be required, please ask me

    Thanks in advance,

    Thomas V

  • How can I rebuild Contacts using files retrieved from a failing hard drive?

    I want to restore the Contacts (address book) on my new MacBook Pro, using recovered files to a failed drive of my old Mac. My Help Desk was able to extract most of the data files (but not apps) from the defective drive. These data files are restored to the new Mac. Of these, I chose a few hundreds of files of the type, 'The card Contacts data', using the smart folder feature. I named the file, "All contacts Map Data Type." (I must have assembled the information to hand over the years, as only a handful of contacts have a vCard.)

    I've been so far failed to restore the info in the Contacts application: (a) tried "Import" functionality of the application, but the dialog box that opens shows no files "all the contacts data card kind; (b) tried to drag the selected files in the folder "All files of Contacts data card kind" on the Contacts icon closed, but no luck. (c) the Contacts application, when in reality open, shows the first entry of contact (Apple Inc.) and no place to drag the files selected in.

    Each 'card contacts' file has a file name that has the name of a person, preceded of a Rolodex-like icon doesn't seem to be a good type of data in the Contacts application. Maybe that's a previous type of an address book application?

    Any suggestions?

    Have you tried to drag the folder in the sidebar of the Finder to see if you can then see when you use Import?

  • Why not send txt to help Outlook attached pdf files that arrive as winmail.dat

    I send PDFs as email attachments Outlook to a list that includes my wife and myself. We use gmail and both use you bird as our customer on our home computer. His end like winmail.dat, while mine are fine. And hers is very good, although it is still in gmail. I tried to send these files by using the plain txt format in Outlook, but it does not help. What to do next?

    I assume you mean Outlook, the program which is part of the office, rather than Outlook on the web, the new iteration of Hotmail and Live Mail.

    There is an ancient framework in the address book since the first days of Outlook that allows you to specify a format for sending on a per recipient basis. It's hard to find now, but if you place the cursor to the recipient in the message header area and then open the Outlook properties, you can check that the recipient is not individually designated for Outlook Rich Text Format. I have attached a screenshot for reference to screen.

    If this is not it, you could try Microsoft support forums, as it might be too obscure for this one.

  • Themes suddenly stopped working after trying the new theme

    I installed a theme in TB and it looked nice, so I decided to try it in FF36.04. It worked, but when I tried to go back to my old theme (same author), it did not work and the area became top black with just the usual text. I tried to go back to my old theme (same author) that has worked well for years. When I went to modules. themes, it enumerates the different themes, but doesn't display photos. If you go to the specific page of the theme (by modules) it doesn't show the author's name and the theme as well as the button disable/remove, no picture or any other detail. It is the same for all themes.

    I tried adding a new topic randomly and it worked and displays the image on the themes tab, but others do not always work. They show different colors if I activate different themes, which I assume is the background. I tried all the usual things, which dates back to default (seems OK), tried to restart FF, laptop computer reboot, etc., but nothing don't is my old theme back I've had for years.

    Because a new theme worked, I could probably delete all my old themes and go and download them and install them again, but something went wrong and I would like to fix everything what it is, rather than leave perhaps a hidden problem.

    Any suggestions?

        • Edit - just updated to FF37.0.1 and no change. I have however noticed that the theme I've tried to add to the original (that when the problem started) is not actually in the list of themes! It worked in the beginning, it was when I went back to my old theme that the problem started.


    It's the lightweightThemes.usedThemes pref that stores Persona data in JSON format, so it's probably OK because this implies a good amount of data, especially if you have a lot of lightweight themes installed.

    Firefox puts images of Persona as lightweighttheme-head and foot of page-lightweighttheme in the Firefox profile folder (default).
    The images will be resized and copied to the lwtheme folder and delete files in this folder to make Firefox to use a new character.
    The pref lightweightThemes.usedThemes must be true to make Firefox uses images of Persona.

    You can check the image files and you can possibly try to copy lightweighttheme-head and foot of page-lightweighttheme in the Thunderbird profile folder to the Firefox profile folder if they work in Thunderbird.
    You must remove the current files in the folder lwtheme to regenerate the files that will be used by Firefox.

  • Can advise you as to which search engine is less intrusive in terms of mining data from my computer?

    I just want to keep as much of my personal information as possible for me. I would like to know which search engine is the most ethical with regard to user data from mines.

    Good question!

    DuckDuckGo make a point to not follow their users, and I know that a lot of Mozillians like them:

    Better that DuckDuckGo is included in the list of Firefox search engine straight out of the box!

  • The Mac I used at work was set up under my Apple ID (as were the previous Macs over the last 15 years). Since I left the new person can't do upgrades of the OS because the system want my Apple ID. Anyone know of a work around for at least the last OS?

    The machine is a 2012 MacPro. Files, applications, software, etc. are all still used by my replacement. So a clean install is not really a good option.

    Open system preferences > users and groups, unlock it, click the "smaller", make a new admin account, log on & into the new account.

    It works in the new account?

  • Assistant (DTA) data transfer transferred some of my Contacts, none of my calendar or Memo files

    When I ran the DTA at 5:30 PM PST yesterday, he said he had picked up ~ 4100 chronogram (Palm Desktop 6.2), with the exception of 20 files of calendar, which was very good.

    On my old Palm device, he said I had ~ 1300 address book records, ~ 2000 Date record book and ~ 850 record Memo. So when the DTA said he had picked up ~ 4100 records, which seemed all right.

    When you are prompted on my pre, I chose to sync my data with Google.

    Immediately after this one-time transfer process, I checked my pre, and there is no record of my old Palm Desktop Contacts, calendar, or PRE memos. I thought that I should wait to see what happens.

    About 7:30 PM PST yesterday, slightly more than half of my Contacts has appeared in Google Contacts section 'My Contacts' (725 total) and on my pre. The same recordings were in Google Contacts and on my Palm Pre. Furthermore, none of my calendar or Memo files had been transferred more to my pre or Google (for the calendar).

    I thought that maybe the data transfer was still running, so I waited all night.

    Since this morning 9:45 AM PST, nothing has changed.

    My Pre and Google seem to have incomplete data:
    -slightly more than half of records from address book Palm Desktop 6.2 made to my pre / Google
    -any of the records in Palm Desktop 6.2 Agenda made my pre / Google
    -any of the records in Palm Desktop 6.2 memos made my pre / Google

    SUMMARY: I'm extremely frustrated. The only thing that I have always enjoyed with Palm devices has been the opportunity to upgrade to the new Palm devices and carry my existing data. The one-time transfer of DTA to pre process is very buggy. Somewhere after the DTA extracts data from my Palm Desktop (~ 4100 records), most of these documents have been lost. It is a horrible customer experience.

    I did some online research, and the author of the following article also fell on a similar problem:


    I have tested and verified that when I create a new record on my pre calendar, he gets sync would correctly in Google Calendar and vice versa (new record created in Google Calendar sync does get would be my pre). It is very good for new data. But what of my thousands of existing data records? All these anniversaries, critical telephone numbers, addresses, etc.?

    Before this experience Pre DTA, I've that Palm had their pretty solid synchronization architecture, while the Apple iPhone synchronization architecture (via iTunes) was poor. But at least iPhone na not lose all records along the way.

    So I figured out how to get all my Contacts to load into my pre.

    Initially, I tried to transfer my data using DTA to Google instead of Palm profile. Several times I tried to run the DTA to transfer my contacts from Palm Desktop 6.2 to Google contacts. Whenever I tried to do, at some point, sync Google contacts folders would stop permanently, until all records have been transferred to the course. You can find out how many records have been sync'd to a given pre Contacts by clicking on Preferences & accounts by clicking on the account. You will see the number of contacts.

    So I decided to try to use the Palm profile as the storage for my Contacts and calendar, and all my Contact records (total 1372) was migrated successfully on the Meadow

    The pre now displays contact records in my pre Contacts as I expect: I see the files I transferred over my Palm Desktop. And because I added a Gmail contacts, Gmail addresses friends get "linked" to the corresponding Contacts automatically.

    Summary: my recommendation is that, for the DTA transfer process, you choose to store (backup) your Contacts (and calendar) on the Palm profile. Of course, the downside of this approach is data that has been created on your Pre will not be displayed in Google Contacts and Google Calendar. Of course, you can choose to add your Google accounts on your Pre to your Contacts and calendar, which is what I did. This makes the Chronogram of your Gmail contacts and introduce you to Google Calendar on your Pre. For example, I added the calendar we vacation on Google Calendar. And now these holiday appear on my Pre calendar.

    Message edited by edweirdo 08/06/2009 11:47

  • Upgrade hard drive Mac Mini end of 2012.

    I7 clocked at 2.6 ghz 16 GB ram...

    Fusion car again, noted that, once 128 GB ssd was that full, there was no real advantage to the merger. I decided (possible foolishly) to do an upgrade.

    Installed 500 GB Samsung evo 850 ssd, wd 1 TB of storage. (no merge)

    Set up own of El Capitan with bootable USB drive. Everything is good so far except noticed mini heater, exhaust fan works not!

    take off cover, plug verified, it was well set, leading fan and he continued running.

    Everything seemed so finished installation and got replacement as precautionary measure fan and equipped.

    More than three weeks a couple of other strange events, two or three times at the start, progress bar would get to halfway, empty display outside and nothing more occur. Force shutdown, reboot and everything ok again.

    The fan has stopped when the mini went to sleep once or twice, reboot has solved sometimes. Reset the PRAM again.

    Over the past three days several times, fan stopped at startup, reset the SMC seems to fix the problem. All connectors are good. I have followed with Imenus and more recently THPro, when the fan stops it is reported to be clocked at 650 RPM!

    I searched this problem, a person finds that remove the original drive on mac mini stopped fan altogether, substituting the original 'apple drive"and and the fan works fine! that makes no sense to me, but the Samsung in car that belonged the 128 GB ssd my original merger was coded firmware to it was "Apple."

    The Evo 850 does not report temperature through the chip, I don't see that this would lead to good questions?

    Don't know where I'm going with this, I could replace the original 'Apple readers' and see what is going on, at least I could forget a possible crude oil on a fire. Should I reinstall and do a fusion drive (can't see that it would make a difference)

    I took everything public static precautions, taken my time replace the disks and it went smoothly without a hitch...

    If anyone can suggest anything, I would be very grateful.

    Sorry, this post is so long!

    -Try to reset memory NVRAM/PRAM and SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management

    Subject of memory NVRAM and PRAM

    -Try to start safe mode

    OS x: what is Safe Boot, Safe Mode?

    -Start to recovery and repair the startup disk

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support

    -If it is repairable reinstall the OSX

    How to reinstall OS X on your Mac - Apple Support

    -If you do not have a backup using disk utility to restore the internal drive to an external drive, so that you can try to recover the data.

    Format the boot disk and then do a fresh install of Mac OS x

    I installed an SSD in my Min 2012 and kept the HD and it works fine

  • How to back up data from the iphone water damage over 6 sec.

    I dropped my iphone more than 6 s in sea water, and it seems capable of lighting (which shows a black screen). I'm trying to back up data. When I connect the iphone with the computer, the following prompt box appears on itunes. Now I'm confused. Could someone answer my questions please?

    1. This means that my iphone is still able to turn it on?

    2. that means that only the screen is broken and the motherboard still work?

    3. How can I save the data without entering the password by using the touch screen?

    Thank you very much.

    This means you should STOP PUTTING ELECTRICITY through your phone untreated, ack!

    Your phone has a display problem, but yes - it lights up.
    Perhaps your problem is just a bad screen (which is unfortunately a part of $250 to a 6 sec more now).  Apple cannot help you with other water damage that offers to sell you an iPhone refurbished for $349.

    But most likely, your problem is also on the logic board - usually fixable.

    There is no way around the need for touch operation and the image on the phone to access the data.

    In order to access the data on the phone, you need your advice to hold the power and start, (it does) you need of your screen image lines, and you need to contact work.  Ideally, you would also have your backlight lines works as well.

    Most of the phones in this condition have a pretty good shot in data recovery in this situation - touch, and line of the image problems are usually solvable if your phone can be detected by iTunes.   It is certainly not DIY work, this is a troubleshooting open-ended the microsoldering and level of card issues.

    Your only option for recovering data would be to find a good microsolderer experienced in data recovery.

    I recommend to replace any phone which has seen water, corrosion on the Board always weakens solder everywhere, so the phone is likely to have a shorter duration of life more problematic.

    Note: It may be possible to cancel your option for the swap of OOW $349 at Apple if you continue recovering data at the level of Council - although I've never seen this happen.

  • closed hard drive

    HP Pav model of Office P6142P, Win 7 Pro. When cold unit, all works good for about 3-4 min. when Win starts, then BACK configuration, with the message "cannot find hard drive. Seems problem is related to the heat. HARD drive, it sounds good, until closing. ? is the problem with HDD circuit or circuit board. Isn't spare HARD drive to test.

    Any person having a simular problem please provide information.


    The dispute over your computer and it relates brethen (sister model containing the M2N78 - LA) motherboards is a legend. You can check the exact version/revision? Some (minority) would say the M2N78 - LA VIOLETTE is good advice, but the Violet3, Violet6, or Viola have the problem. But others have reported the PURPLE Board having the same problem.


    In general http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware/m8530f-desktop-PC-with-a-m2n78-la-mother-board-doesn-t-see-my/m-p/181716#M13661

    Exhaustively listed here as problematic http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Desktop-Hardware/Is-the-M2N78-LA-motherboard-prone-to-failure/m-p/1056141#M40317

    I say this because I went through all the pages and created this list.

  • Pavilion 15: check the DST short hard drive failed

    My laptop is not starting, when I open it I get the hp logo then a black screen, when I did a fast system to test the short hard drive DST check failed with a page ID: PLW6J2-6SL88N-MFPWXG-60RR03 and a product ID: E2G95EA #ABV.

    My main concern is the data stored on the hard drive what can I do to get the job of the laptop to not lose data?

    Stop using the laptop. Replace the hard drive with a new one. Get a SATA to usb adapter to connect the old drive (which you will eliminate) to another computer to try to save the data. There is a good chance of data is still recoverable this way.

    See p. 49 of the Manual:


    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Motorola No. support team climbing

    I originally sent a motorcycle x 1 st gen in for a repair of the screen, out of warranty. Everything went smoothly and on time, but after inspecting the replacement phone, I found a crack/chip on the cover glass on the lens of the camera. I've notified 'Motorola No. Care' and was instructed to return the said replacement phone so could send another. I did as described and received a confirmation email that they had received the said device. After waiting for 4 days I received an e-mail indicating the unit was ready for pickup of Fedex.After pending more 3 days I called because the device had not been picked up and told me there was no available device and for confusion, they offered a credit of $50,00 Motorola accessories , I informed them I was not interested in a credit @ Motorola and applied for and received an upgrade to a Moto x 2nd gen.all was good with the date of delivery within 48 hours, which was more than 2 weeks ago and 7 other RMA # and countless phone calls with nothing is still happening. The original RMA # on the faulty replacement phone was 150906 002322, which became RMA #150922-043390, who turned in RMA # 150926-006890, which became RMA #150928-005347 which has increased for the second time to climbing dept (what a joke) with the same # incident which has been replaced by RMA #150929-037020. I spoke with SEVERAL people at the "Motorola No. Care", including, but not the only, 1 Jennifer 2 Jadier 3 Edgard Ramierz since yesterday at 12; 20 i AM ABOUT AT MY WITS END on THIS ISSUE THAT has BEEN GOING ON SINCE SEPTEMBER 5. I bought a: droid x razor motorcycle x m please advise me anything, you may be able to help with.

    Thanks Chester

    Thanks to the folks @ the forum, I am pleased to say that the replacement phone is on the truck local Fedex to be delivered within 24 hours of my initial post above. Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen.


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