2 IOS 9.1 SMS air

MY air 2 quit send and receive text messages. Only the iMessages cross. My mini 2 and iPhone 6s are works fine however. I checked all the settings and they seem correct. I wouldn't change anything that he just left. any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Kllongbrake,

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I understand that you have previously been able to send regular SMS messages with your iPad 2 Air, but now it will not send and receive iMessages SMS as expected. To start troubleshooting, I suggest reading on the SMS section in the following article to ensure that your iPad is correctly configured to use this feature of continuity.


With continuity, all SMS and MMS text messages that you send and receive on your iPhone may also appear on your Mac, iPad, and iPod touch. You can also meet your contacts from any device is closer to you, including your iPad or Mac.

You can start a conversation in the Messages application or click on a phone number in Safari, Contacts, or calendar.

Set up SMS and MMS with continuity

  1. You need to iOS 8 or later version on your device iOS and OS X Yosemite or later version on your Mac.
  2. Connect to the iMessage with the same Apple ID on your iPhone, your other iOS devicesand your Mac.
  3. On your iPhone, go to settings > Messages > sending & reception. Add a control to both your phone number and email address. Then go to settings > Messages > text Message Forwarding and activate the device or devices that you want to transfer the messages.
  4. Looking for a code on the Mac, iPad, or iPod touch that you enabled. Then enter this code to check on your iPhone.

Continuity allows you to connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac - Apple Support


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  • 9.2.1 IOS iphone 4S sms problem

    I have an iphone 4 s 64 gb recently upgraded to iOS 9.2.1.

    I noticed that I can't send a normal sms more long 110 tank.

    Please help me.

    Check with your cell provider. While you're waiting with them do forced a reboot on your phone: press and hold the home and sleep buttons, wait for the Apple logo, release the buttons.

  • iOS requirements and Adobe AIR / Flash

    I received and send an email with the new requirements of iOS app 8 today.

    "As we announced in October, starting February 1, 2015 new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with iOS SDK 8. Beginning June 1, 2015 app updates will also have to follow the same requirements. To enable 64-bit in your project, we recommend using the default Xcode build the 'Standard architectures' setting to build a single binary with 32-bit and 64-bit code. »

    What it means for the exporter of Adobe Flash AIR for iOS? He will meet these new requirements?

    64-bit support will be in the next (v. 16) version of the sdk and is currently available in beta:

    http://labsdownload.Adobe.com/pub/labs/flashruntimes/shared/air16_flashplayer16_releasenot es.pdf

  • Programmable keyboard does not not in the iOS 7 / 3.9 AIR


    I've been transitioning my app to the latest beta version of 3.9 AIR for iOS 7, and I'm running a wild question. No text field trigger more the virtual keyboard. The cursor blinks, and if I select different textfields, the cursor moves there. But the software keyboard does not appear. Come to think of it, it's possible that I already had this behavior 3.8, which I had not been in for a long time for debugging reasons, so I never pulled in 3.8.

    Here's the condensed code regarding. First the text field is created, then it is enabled. But even with several fields of text on the screen, the keyboard does not look between them.


    Label.enabled = true;
    label.autoCapitalize = AutoCapitalize.SENTENCE;
    label.softKeyboardType = SoftKeyboardType.DEFAULT;


    label.setFocus ();
    label.needsSoftKeyboard = true;
    label.requestSoftKeyboard ();

    Y at - it something I am doing wrong that I'm missing maybe it's suddenly incompatible?

    Thank you


    It is really unfortunate that you see this. I tried a sample application using softkeyboard and stageText but could not able to reproduce the problem. I have attached the sample app https://www.dropbox.com/s/imyc6d21ofx12nj/Softkeyboard.zip for your reference, could you please try once and update if I missed something.

    Device: iPhone 5 (v7.0)

    Kind regards


  • IOS-10 load on Air 2 Ipad edition

    Since the update of the software IOS10 whenever I plug my Ipad Air 2 it shows not charging on the screen, fortunately he is in charge. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Hello. Are you connecting to the wall adapter, or to a USB port on the computer. There are several reports of problems using the ports on the computer.

  • Create form that records the data locally - iOS and Windows (using AIR)

    Hi, I need to be able to create a form that stores the parts locally on iPads and touch of Windows screens. The app will be used as a kiosk at exhibitions, so there is no internet connection, but devices will be limited in number and owne3d by the customer.

    Is there a simple way to do this? I looked at other options: HTML5 (where the user is rerouted to local browser) or Acrobat?

    With AIR, you can still use an internal DB SQLlight to store data - or even write a based local text file. Depends on the complexity of the data, I guess.

    Adobe Flash Platform * working with local SQL databases in AIR

  • Install iOS without developer certificate AIR app


    The latest Xcode allows us to install iOS apps without developer certificate. (More. s-for-free http://9to5mac.com/2015/06/10/xcode-7-allows-anyone-to-download-build-and-sideload-ios-app /)

    Can we do the same for Flash CS6 or the command line?

    Thank you

    Laughing out loud

    but there is a generic available online cert who worked for the test.  I don't know if it still works or is still available.  Google it.

  • Is it possible to resize photos in 10 of iOS on iPad 2 Air?

    Hi all

    By sending an e-mail with a photo taken with the camera MP before 8 in our new iPad, the photo is average at grand view on the recipient's PC. It would be very useful resize the image in Photo Editor before or in the mail before you send it. Is this possible? If you open another application to change my wife will not use it.

    Thank you

    ~ Ed

    Open the camera app then locate the photo then tap the change (three horizontal blue bars) at the bottom of the screen, then tap on the icon of resizing on the left. Resize the photo and then tap the share icon.

  • Cannot delete 'alert warning' in the Safari iPad iOS 9.3.1 Air app

    I have a 'alert warning to the Virus' that I can't delete my Safari app. It seems to hang out in the list at the bottom of the cross-tab screen which we can access by clicking the several page icon at the top right of the Safari icon window.

    I tried all of the suggestions: removal of Web site data, blocking cookies, disable Javascript, display resetting, etc. I always put the question when I open Safari (screenshot attached), and two additional, seemingly legitimate pages on the list at the bottom also do not seem to want to leave. If I press them, they open a tab. They are not in my bookmarks, Favorites or history (which I also deleted). I'm at the end of my options, it seems, and I hope someone here can help you. The only thing I have yet to try is delete the app and re-install. Thanks for the tips!

    Have you tried double pressing the "home" button and make drag all Safari Windows? Safari then clear cache (settings - safari - clear history...) and back in Safari.

  • 10 IOS on iPad air

    Has anyone downloaded iOS10 on the ORIGINAL iPad air 1? I was wondering what the performance looked like before downloading? I don't want to download and then my iPad to go really slow and lazy when at the minute, it works perfectly running iOS9

    Thank you


    Yes was on ios 10 beta for 6 weeks now on ios complete 10 on air ipad 1

    No problems.

    See you soon


  • Where is the tab key went using Pages on iPad 2 Air version iOS 9.2

    on my iPad (iOS 9.1) 2 Air' and in the application of Pages is no longer able to find even less to use a key of tabs.  Anyone know how to get back the tabs in Pages of documents?

    You have iOS 9.2 in the title of your post but 9.1 in the body.  I assume you mean of 9.1.  On my iPad running pages 'paw', the key is where it has always been, press the two keys on the left to the top of 'shift '.

    If you don't, then you could try to close your iPad completely and restart.


  • 14 iOS apps to AIR rearmament?


    Since the update my iOS app to use AIR 14, I heard reports that the installation replaces the data (shared objects)? I remember what happened with another update about 3.6 and I was wondering if there is a known problem?

    Users also report that the application itself has closed down if they leave and then come back, that has not happened before.


    We are not able to reproduce the problem update of the request of the King to the Lombard build on 4 (7.1.1) 3 (6.1.2) and iPhone iPad devices. Could you please share the AIR SDK version, name of the device with the version your users use. This will help us reproduce the problem. In addition, you can also consult the application Dropbox - SharedObjectExample.zip I used to reproduce the problem. Please let us know if I'm missing something.

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Air 3.0 iOS streaming H264/Speex on RTMP - video No.


    Stream H264/Speex RTMP in Flash Media Server does not display video.  Audio plays fine.


    Adobe Air 3.0

    iOS device (iPad 2, iOS4.3)

    Settings of the App:

    direct < renderMode > < / renderMode >

    Flash Builder 4.5.1 compiler settings:

    -swf-version = 13

    -target-Player = 11.0.0

    I tried to use stageVideo as the video ordinary object to render a signal H264 streaming from Flash Media Server, rtmp, but without success.  I can hear the audio, but the video is never returned.

    I CAN see H263 video when aired continuously on RTMP using this configuration (with only the purpose of the video).

    I can also run a locally stored file (H264/AAC) mp4 over rtmp from your iOS device and play it locally very well (using an stageVideo object).

    I tried this with the two stageVideo (which works fine when streaming a mp4 of the iOS device file) and with the normal video object (handles regular video H263 fine just down from FMS on rtmp streaming).  I also played with backgroundAlpha = "0" in this case, all with no luck.

    I followed all the online instructions and tutorials to get this to work since last week, but did not have luck.  I'm happy to post more code, but this approach is quite simple and has been described several times around these forums and posts from adobe.  It goes like this:

    -instantiate NetConnection (_nc) of the FMS and wait for the successful login:

    _ns = new NetConnection();

    _nc. Connect (serverAddress);

    -instantiate NetStream (_ns) and you connect using NetConnection:

    _ns = new NetStream (_nc);

    -Auditor of installation for StageVideoAvailabilityEvent; If stageVideo becomes available, attach _ns:

    _stageVideo = stage.stageVideos [0];

    _stageVideo = _stageVideo.attachNetStream (_ns);

    -If stageVideo is not available, fall back to the video object:

    _video = new Video();

    _video.attachNetStream (_ns);

    stage.addChild (_video);

    -play app netStream:

    _ns. Play (AppName);

    My renderMode is set correctly ('direct'), and from what I can tell, this isn't a question of backgroundAlpha.

    I saw this problem described elsewhere on this forum and on the net.

    I would like to know Adobe: are there problems of compatibility with this approach?  It doesn't seem to be any type of compatibility table indicating which video codecs and transport protocols are available on various mobile platforms.  Since the mobile deployment is very fragmented, or a graphic description table like this would be useful for those of us develop - at least for the major mobile platforms mostly in use.

    Forum of other messages similar to this problem:



    Thanks in advance!


    It turns out that the broadcast of H264 video in real time does not on iOS devices in Adobe Air.  Other video codecs work (H263), but not for the H264.  You will consume the stream, but will not hear audio.  I confirmed that, after talking with members of the Adobe Air development team.


  • FB4.5 iOS package configuration to use AIR 2.7

    Hi all

    I want to update my Flash Builder to make mobile connections Manager for Android and iOS uses the new AIR 2.7 SDK.

    How can I do this?

    I downloaded the AIR SDK 2.7, but the instructions say I need to use the command line - but I would like it is integrated into my version of FB4.5.

    Please notify.

    Thank you!

    According to this article, Adobe will release the update of real FlashBuilder this month...  http://blogs.Adobe.com/flashplayer/2011/06/Adobe-Air-2-7-now-available-iOS-apps-4x-faster. html

  • Message no longer works on my Air Office

    MacBook Air (11 inch, mid 2013)

    DDR3 4 GB 1600 MHz

    Yosemite 10.10.5 (14F1605)

    Just "upgraded" to an iPhone 6 and 9.3 iOS.

    Message on the desktop of my computer, does more to send instant messages to my contacts. I have AOL, Yahoo and Google accounts configured in Message and Mail, but since the acquisition of new phone, computer and the phone is no longer work together. It's as if you can't see the other.

    What Miss me?

    Thank you

    Transfer continuity troubleshooting procedure

    Continuity of transfer troubleshooting (2)

    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac using continuity - connect

    SMS relay - set and use - Yosemite / iOS 8

    SMS relay - set and use - Yosemite / iOS 8 (2)

    Sending text messages

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