2 routers - computers connected to one cannot 'see' computers on other

ROUTER1 is WRT54G subnet made DHCP from It is connected directly to a cable modem.

ROUTER2 is WRU54G-TM and fled through the default configuration of TMO. Despite the insistence of the installation, I didn't wan't to replace my WRT54G with the new. Thus, it is set to IP address of subnet of and also DHCP performs from

Computers on the two courses of fine routers to the internet. The problem is computers on ROUTER1 cannot be seen by computers ROUTER2.

I can ping Computer1 Computer2 on ROUTER2 and (on ROUTER1) get ( correct IP address but "Destination host is unreachable."

I guess it's a matter of subnet mask? Or should I do something with routing tables? Or just to show my ignorance am

I appreciate all help.


What is What is the address IP of ROUTER2?

Is there a firewall on Computer1?

Can you ping computer1 from any other computer connected to ROUTER1?

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    I work with a volunteer organization, is attempting to add a new computer to their network. Add the new computer is a laptop running Windows 7 Professional (32-bit, 6.1 build 7601).

    It is one of the three computers that connect via a wireless network, with the remaining three computers connected by Ethernet.
    One of the laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 - bit, 6.1 build 7601) and the laptop rest and three desktop computers running XP Professional (5.1, build 2600).
    The laptop running Home Premium has no problem with connectivity. He can see himself and all the computers on the network (with the exception of the new Windows 7 Professional machine). The XP machines can all be seen and also the machine Windows 7 Home Premium.
    The Windows 7 Professional machine, however, cannot see itself, or one of the machines running on XP. It may, for some reason, see the Windows 7 Home Premium machine.
    I can ping each computer on the network from him and he can ping other computers. I can even connect using his IP address and access the folders and files shared like this, but nothing I have seems to change him will appear.
    I tried to disable the Windows Firewall and Microsoft Security Essentials, neither of which has an effect any. The computers are all in the same workgroup and network machines Win 7 is set to work on both.
    I can't understand why this new computer should have these problems, I'm not a professional so there is probably something basic, I missed, but if anyone has any ideas I would be much obliged.
    Thank you very much.


    The question you have posted is related to Windows 7 connected to an organization and would be better suited to the TechNet community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.


    Thank you.

  • Vista cannot see network but other machines readers works very well

    Hi all

    Really problem simple and stupid that led to me round the twist that I see not what is causing the problem.

    I have 2 laptops and 2 players on the same network implemented as follows:

    -1 laptop running windows 7.
    -1 laptop running windows Vista
    -1 dedicated NAS connected via Ethernet, which is also a media server
    -1 USB key converted to a NAS by connecting a player to the USB port on the router

    Computer laptop windows 7 can access internet and network drives fine and access the Vista laptop - nothing wrong with this machine.

    The computer Vista laptop can access the internet and a Windows 7 laptop but I am unable to "see" the network drives when you browse the network to map drives.

    As far as I can tell, the two laptops have the same settings and are in the same workgroup between them and the network drives.

    Any help is greatly appreciated

    Thank you



    Did you change your computer?

    (1) first of all, make sure that the workgroup name is the same on all computers on the network. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, the default workgroup name is "WORKGROUP". On Windows XP, the name of working group by default on Windows XP-based computers is "MSHOME". On all other versions of XP Professional, it is "WORKGROUP".

    Go to control panel, then network and sharing Center:
    (2) network discovery: WE
    (3) the network value: private
    (4) file Sharing is: on
    (5) public folder sharing: WE
    (6) protected password: OFF

    Disconnect your computer from a network or network drive


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  • Cannot see other computers on my workgroup

    I wiped my computer "arizonahp" and did a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit.  Everything works fine except that it cannot see other computers on my working group (all current running xp) and they know more see 'arizonahp '.  I clear my name of working group "yorklan" in my computer.  Previously, arizonahp was a vista machine and he could see and be seen.

    What could be the problem?
    Thank you
    Gary .net developer

    Problems sharing files between computers on a network are usually caused by 1) a misconfigured firewall or a firewall neglected (including a dynamic firewall in a virtual private network); or (2) inadvertently run two firewalls such as the firewall of Windows and a third-party firewall. and/or (3) do not have accounts to the same users and passwords on all computers in the workgroup. (4) tries to create actions where the operating system does not.

    In Windows 7, go to control panel > everything in Control Panel > network and sharing Center. Click on "change the advanced sharing settings. You don't want to use the residential group unless you have all Windows 7 machines. If you do and you want to use the homegroup, see Windows 7 Help & Support. Otherwise, in sharing advanced:

    Discovery of plug in the network
    Open the files and printers sharing
    Turn on the sharing section Public folder sharing
    Plug the password protected sharing

    A. configure the firewall on all machines to allow traffic to local area network (LAN) as being approved. With the Windows Firewall, running on Windows 7 sharing files and printer as above will take care of this for you. If you are not running a third-party firewall or you have an antivirus/security with its own firewall component program, then you're fine.  With a third-party firewall, I usually set up the allocation of LAN with an IP address range. E.g. would be - Obviously you would substitute your correct subnet. Refer to the safety of any third party program or the user forums for how to correctly configure its firewall. Do not run more than one firewall. DON'T STOP FIREWALLS; CONFIGURE THEM CORRECTLY.

    (B) to facilitate the Organization, put all computers in the same workgroup. This is done from the System applet in Control Panel, the computer name tab.

    C. create the counterpart of the user accounts and passwords on all machines. You do not need to be logged into the same account on all machines and assigned to each user account passwords can be different; accounts/passwords just need to exist and to match on all machines. DO NOT NEGLECT TO CREATE PASSWORDS, EVEN IF ONLY OF SIMPLE. If you want a machine to boot directly to the desktop (a particular user account) for convenience, you can do this:

    Start > Search box > type: netplwiz [Enter]
    Click continue (or provide an administrator password) when you are prompted by UAC

    Uncheck "users must enter a user name and password to use this computer". Select a user account to connect automatically by clicking on the account you want to highlight and press OK. Enter the password for this user account (when it exists) when you are prompted. Leave blank if there is no password (null).

    D. Si one or more of the computers on your network are XP Pro or Media Center, turn off Simple file sharing (Folder Options > view tab).

    E. create share as you wish. In Windows 7 I usually share the Desktop of the user and the Public directory. MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - don't panic!

  • Win 7 computer cannot see the computers on the network

    We have 3 computers on our network. A desktop computer running a laptop running Win 7 x 64, an office equipped with Win Vista and Win XP. All 3 are connected to the same workgroup and are properly connected to the internet. The two workstations can see and the laptop on the network and can move the files to the laptop, but the laptop cannot see other computers on the network. Whenever I try to open the network to move files to another computer, the icon just mouse sits and turns and the page remains blank. I thought that maybe he just needs time to see everything, left like that for hours without success. I went through all the troubleshooting steps in the win7 with nothing working Help Center. I don't understand why, if all the computers are on the same network, they can see me, but I don't see them. I am obviously connected properly so they can move the files to my computer. It may be unrelated, but I also can't update windows, keep getting error 80246008 when I try to run the update. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this?


    You can try the following steps and check whether the problem is resolved.

    Step 1:

    Networking of computers running different versions of Windows



    Step 2: Now, you will need to follow the links provided below to check if you are able to connect to the home network.

    Home Sweet homegroup



    Step 3: Now, you will need to visit the link that will help you solve network problems.

    Using the troubleshooter from network in Windows 7


    Now, you can follow the steps in the link below


    Windows Update error 80246008


    It will be useful.

  • Cannot see other computers on my network

    Santa brought me a new laptop for Christmas.  I'm now 4 laptop computers on a network.  two are Windows XP home and turn in XP Pro and it is Windows 7 starter.  I have everything in the same workgroup and put the new in this group as well.  Sometimes I can connect to others of my new machine, and sometimes I can't.  Not sure why.  Also, I have tried to share folders of the new machine, but cannot open them on other machines.  Of course, since I've not had much experience with 7 I have a bit of a problem to determine what to do next.  Can anyone help?

    Hi John-Ohio,

    Thanks for posting the question on the Microsoft Community. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you. I will guide you about the issue you are facing.

    I suggest you check out the link.

    Why can I not see other computers on my network?



    Start here to set up a home network in Windows 7.


    Set up a home network.


    Join or create a workgroup.


    In case you have questions about the Windows OS please post on Microsoft

    The Community Forum.

    Thank you.

  • have 425 dn which is network. Can get a computer tray see 3, but other computers cannot

    have 425 dn defined as network printer... Can get a computer tray see 3, but other computers cannot.

    How can I get others to see tray 3

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure I suggest posting in the trade forums since it is a printer. You can do to Printers - LaserJet. Click new message.

    I hope this helps.

  • Win 7 computers cannot see Vista media centers - please help

    I have several laptops of W7 and Vista Office where my media is stored.

    They all belong to the same network and W7 computers are all part of the same homegroup.
    In Media Player, my Vista machine can see W7 machines and play their media, but W7 machines cannot see the libraries of Vista - which is where my media is housed.
    I checked all the options of 'Sharing' on the Vista machine and have allowed him to share the W7 OK machines but it is still not visible on all machines in W7.
    All the other settings appear correct, and I tried to disable Kaspersky just in case.


    Check the steps in the following article.

    Networking of computers running different versions of Windows

  • Cannot connect to one or more systems of vCenter server: 5.5 DEVICE VCENTER

    Hi all

    Please help me.

    I installed with the new v 5.5 Center device in my environment.

    I connected with external oracle db.

    enabled embedded SSO.

    connected with windows AD.

    in the screen configuration .the entire state of the service are running. Ok

    https://x.x.x.x:5480 /.

    After web client loggin

    https://x.x.x.x:9443 /.

    HAD an ERROR.

    "Cannot connect to one or more systems of vCenter server:

    https://x.x.x.x:443 / sdk

    vcenter applicance.JPG

    Note:. I reboot my device vcenter and try... got same error.

    I created the new group for vcenter advertising and tried... got the same error.

    When connecting with the Vsphere client: error below.

    "Connection unknow error (this only happens because of a logon failure." (Unable to connect to remote server")

    Client Connection.JPG

    Please help me on this.


    Hello P.,

    After re install and follow the previous step the problem is resolved.

    Thank you


  • Some computers cannot see Captivate 4.0 to LMS lesson

    Hi guys, we have been very successful to display Captivate 4.0 lessons in our LMS for 2 years, but now we have some very strange things happening.  OF THE 50 + lessons, about 3 lessons on the LMS can be considered on some computers.  We know that the problem is with the Captivate swf file.  On problem computers, the SWF seems to load for 2 seconds and then we get a black screen, or we get just a black screen from the beginning. Computers that can view files (and which lessons have been published), have Flash player 8.  The lessons have been published as AS2 and Flash Player 8.

    Two lessons problem have animations that were imported as the FLA, we also made a few localization (English/Spanish) by importing a file of legend legend/close in the Captivate file. We have done import of legends to many more lessons, but only these 3 act strange.

    Lessons are scormed, but this isn't the issue because we have tried to show only the SWF to a lesson in unscormed and we do not understand about computers 3 problem. The problem occurs with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Computers where we cannot see the 3 lessons have Viewer Flash 11.

    I have "outsourced" activities to see if that is the question, but that did not fix anything.


    We have isolated the problem. A quiz question slide - déposer was causing the problem with Flash player 10.3 and 11. We changed drag and drop to an option from the drop-down list and it works now.

  • Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1 cannot see the workgroup features

    My computer: a laptop with OS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit SP1
    The network is a local small business network with 10 desktop computers running windows xp, windows 7 and windows vista. All other computers on the network running without problems, regardless of the operating system.

    I'm at the office and my laptop cannot see computers on the workgroup in windows Explorer. Network and sharing Center Center + map network shows that my laptop computer, router and internet and one other computer laptop using windows vista (weird). I use Norton 360 version and Norton network mapping feature can see all computers in the workgroup.

    -J' tried to uninstall all windows antivirus firewall and disabling to no effect
    -I can ping all computers on the network and the router successfully.
    -All computers on the network have the same workgroup name
    -Network discovery is on
    -File and print sharing is ON
    -public folder sharing is turned on
    -password sharing is enabled
    -When you use anti virus I have configured the firewall to open all ports to and from the router and the server by IP
    -Although I can ping each computer on the network, I can't access shared folders or map network drives
    -My wireless Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 cards drivers are up-to-date
    -J' tried enabling netbios over TCP/IP without result
    -J' tried to connect to the network via ethernet cable and wireless to see if there was a difference, but there is no change
    -J' checked administrator-services and ensure that all the applicable services have been started and work properly
    If anyone has any other ideas please let me know I hate to admit it, but I encountered a problem, I can not solve it here.
    Thank you!

    I suggest you research and post here:

    b Eddie

  • How is it, windows XP or Windows 7 cannot see network drive?

    first of all, I have 5 computers.  Installed with Windows 7 installed with Vista and 1 2 3 MacBook Pro.  I created 1 network drive to more easily move files named "ShareMe.  All the protable can use the shared folder since I gave permission to everyone.  All the computer can use the network printer.  I installed Windows 7 on a Mac using VMware 2.0.5 and able to print using printer network with no problems.  I installed another Windows 7 on VMware Workstatin on a PC, and it can use the network also printer without any problems.

    (Everything is legitimate and so far I just was not updated to 2.0.6 because I heard a lot of things to have a slow speed)

    That is the problem, not an operating system that runs on VMware can't see my shared folder in the network, it cannot see networked host computer.   I speak not shared folder between VMware and the computer host.  Between the host and VMware are very well; However, I'm talking about that all shared folder the computer can see (folder ShareMe).

    All in the same workgroup

    Using NAT to network adapter

    Tota1 wrote:

    Using NAT to network adapter

    This is the problem because it puts the virtual machine on a separate subnet, then the one on the host is.  Past to open and release/renew IP on each virtual Machine.

    Take a look at: Understanding Networking in VMware Fusion

    Tip: With a Machine virtual Windows switch between NAT and connected by a bridge or visa versa, can be made without restarting, or even by using ipconfig to release/renew the IP address.  Simply toggle the State connected/disconnected from the network of the <...>Network icon on the status bar from the type of network between the two. It takes but a few seconds and a few clicks and is faster and easier the alternative methods.

  • Satellite Pro L40 with realtek card: cannot see wlan Vista networks


    You just bought the L40 (Realtek card) and it cannot see wireless networks. The diagnosis of Vista, is that the wireless adapter must be turned on. Then, it will fail to start. Function key and F8 (wireless on/off switch) does nothing.

    The wireless router is well - connected to an XP machine. I can connect to the router without a problem by using an ethernet cable.

    Running on the latest Microsoft drivers.

    Pointers much appreciated.

    Thank you


    you turned on the wireless the case switch on "ON"? Maybe you forgot this one, and this is perhaps the reason why it won´t work.

    Please check and make sure that you then use the FN + F8 switch.

    Would appreciate your comments on this...

    Welcome them

  • My Windows 7 PC cannot see themselves on the network.

    My Windows 7 PC cannot see themselves on the network. Under the heading network in Windows Explorer when I try to extend the C drive, I get an error message saying that Windows cannot access it. Also, I can't access this PC from a PC in 10 Windows on the same network - this error message indicates that Windows cannot communicate with the device or resource. It is available, but it is unresponsive to attempts to connect.

    I have tried turning the firewall off temporarily, but this makes no difference.

    Can access my PC Windows 7 Windows 10 PC and a laptop Windows 7 without any problem.

    Integrated network diagnostics do not come to the top with something useful.


    Windows 7 networking


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    • Your computer is connected to the domain?

    There could be several reasons for this cause and to diagnose the problem, we can try the following steps and check.

    Step 1: Check if the network discovery is turned on.

    Please refer to: enable or disable network discovery

    Step 2: Check Event Viewer for detailed information on the problem. Consult the following links.

    Open event viewer

    What are the information in event logs? (Event Viewer)

    Step 3: Search the computer browser service, if it is running.

    1. click on Start, type services.msc in the start search.

    2. search for the computer browser service.

    3. right click on the computer browser service and select Properties. Check if it is started.

    4. If it is stopped, select Start or restart. Make sure that the service is started and set as Automatic.

    5. click apply and OK, if you make any changes.

    Step 4: Temporarily try to disable the antivirus on the computer program and check if the problem persists. If you are able to connect, you may need to check for updates and firewall settings in the security software.

    Note: Check that you activate your anti-virus protection on the computer back after you complete these steps. It is not recommended to disable these settings on the computer. It's just to solve the problem.

    Disable the anti-virus software

    Step 5: Make sure that the name of the network working group is the same for all computers. Also try disabling some protected sharing and check for the issue.

    1. Open advanced sharing settings by clicking theStart button, thenControl Panel. In the search box, type network, click network and sharing Center, and then in the left pane, click change advanced sharing settings.

    2 click to expand the current network profile.

    3. by password protected sharing, click turn off password protected sharing, and then click save changes.  If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Also, try to perform a SFC scan to see if it solves the problem. Read the following article.

    Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files

    Also refer to:

    Networking of computers running different versions of Windows

    Why can't I connect to other computers?

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • Homegroup problem: computer cannot see the computer B, but B can see A

    I have two computers.  A race 7-Home Premium 64-bit computer is connected to the network via a wireless-N.  7-Home Premium 32 bit computer B is wired.  Computer has created the homegoup.  Computer B can see computer A and can send files to A computer and retrieve them.  However computer cannot see at all computer B.

    I'm sharing files on both computers.  Not sure what the problem is.

    Hi Hunt72,

    Can you ping the computer from computer B?

    Can you start computer in Mode safe mode with networking and see if she can see computer B? If it still does not work, do the same with computer B.

    Do you know how to use netmon to capture the activities of the network?  If so, download it and run it by trying to send files between computers, take note of all connections rejected or denied.


    Let us know if it works or not,
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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