2000-216NR HP: how to get the drivers and download the drivers for my laptop HP 2000-261NR?

I need to download all the drivers for my laptop HP original so that they can be reinstalled on a new hard drive.

The old hard drive has failed.  A new hard drive and Windows 7 64-bit OS have already been installed.

The HP manages Web site locks upwards in an endless loop when he says that it is looking for drivers.  It was almost an hour and he's still in the search with no results.

Here is a link to the page in question:


Been here for centuries with nothing happens.

In the latest that we had to do is enter our model number and all the drivers available for download would be displayed.

Why not the same now?

Hi @zack2 ,

Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems, with the help of the community!

I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your laptop HP 2000-216NR and issues with the driver page. Here is a link to the driver page that might help.

Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant, if you need it. Simply download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updated.

Here is a document on Hp Recovery Manager that will help you with all the software and drivers who may need to reinstall.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

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    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"? >
    "" < mx:Canvas xmlns:mx = "http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml"
    creationComplete = "init ()" "
    horizontalScrollPolicy = "off" verticalScrollPolicy = "off" >

    < mx:Metadata >
    [Event (name = "customerSaveEvent", type = "events. CustomerEvent")]
    [Event (name = "customerCancelEvent" type = "flash.events.Event")]
    < / mx:Metadata >

    < mx:Script >
    <! [CDATA]
    Import util.ComboBoxUtil;
    Import mx.controls.Alert;
    How to import events. CustomerEvent;
    Import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
    Import mx.core.Application;
    Import valueObject.Customer;
    Import mx.validators.Validator;
    Import mx.validators.PhoneNumberValidator;

    private var phoneCheck:PhoneNumberValidator;

    public var selectedCustomer:Customer;

    private function init (): void {}
    this.cretePhoneValidator ();
    if(this.selectedCustomer == null) {}
    this.clearForm (null);

    private function cretePhoneValidator (): void {}
    phoneCheck = new PhoneNumberValidator();
    phoneCheck.source = phone number;
    phoneCheck.property = 'text ';

    private function validateForm (): void {}
    var validatorList:Array = new Array (emailCheck, phoneCheck);
    Validator.validateAll (validatorList);

    private function cancelClickHandler (): void {}
    var cancelManageCustomerObj:Event = new Event ("customerCancelEvent");
    dispatchEvent (cancelManageCustomerObj);

    private function saveCustomer (): void {}

    var c:Customer = null;
    var selCust:Customer = Application.application.selectedCustomer;

    If (selCust! = null) {}
    c = selCust;
    } else {}
    c = new Customer();
    c.setLastName (lastName.text);
    c.setFirstName (firstName.text);
    c.setStreet (street.text);
    c.setPostal (postal.text);
    c.setCity (city.text);
    c.setEmail (email.text);
    c.setPhoneNumber (new Number (phoneNumber.text));
    c.setMailing (mailing.selectedItem.data);
    c.setComment (comment.text);
    var changed: client = Application.application.customerService.createOrUpdate (c);

    var customerEventObj:CustomerEvent = new CustomerEvent ("customerSaveEvent", modified);
    dispatchEvent (customerEventObj);

    this.clearForm (selCust);

    private void clearForm(selCust:Customer):void {}
    if(selCust == null) {}
    this.lastName.text = "";
    this.firstName.text = "";
    This.Street.Text = "";
    This.postal.Text = "";
    This.City.Text = "";
    this.phoneNumber.text = "";
    This.email.Text = "";
    this.mailing.selectedIndex = 0;
    This.Comment.Text = "";
    focusManager.setFocus (lastName);
    []] >
    < / mx:Script >

    <!-mx:EmailValidator id = "emailCheck" source = "{email}" = "text" property
    trigger = '{save}' triggerEvent = ' click on ' /-->

    < mx:Form id = "manageCustomerForm" >
    < mx:FormItem label = "Achternaam:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = text = "{selectedCustomer.getLastName ("lastName")}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "Voorletters:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = text = "{selectedCustomer.getFirstName ("firstName")}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "Straat:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = text = "{selectedCustomer.getStreet () ' street'}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "zip code:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = text = "{selectedCustomer.getPostal ('post')}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "Stad:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = "City" text = "{selectedCustomer.getCity ()}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "number:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = text = "{selectedCustomer.getPhoneNumber ('Phone number')}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "e-mail:" >
    < mx:TextInput id = "email" text = "{selectedCustomer.getEmail ()}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "" unstable: ">"
    < mx:TextArea id = "comment" text = "{selectedCustomer.getComment ()}" "
    width = "447" height = "144" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:FormItem label = "send:" >
    < mx:ComboBox id = dataProvider = "{Application.application.comboBoxUtil.yesNo"mailing"} '"
    selectedIndex = "{ComboBoxUtil.getIndex (selectedCustomer.getMailing ())}" / >
    < / mx:FormItem >
    < mx:HBox id = "manageButtonBox" >
    < mx:Button id = "Save" label = "Opslaan" click = "saveCustomer ()" / > "
    < mx:Button id = "resetButton" label = "Wis" click = "clearForm (null)" / > "
    < mx:Button id = "cancelButton" label = "Annuleer" click = "cancelClickHandler ()" / > "

    < / mx:HBox >
    < / mx:Form >
    < / mx:Canvas >

    The code in the SQL file is:

    create the customer table)
    ID integer not null primary key autoincrement,.
    lastName varchar (50),
    firstName varchar (50),
    Street varchar (50),
    City varchar (50),
    postal varchar (10),
    Telephone INT number (10),
    Email varchar (50),
    sending Boolean default false,
    Comment by varchar (255)

    create table (treatment)
    ID integer not null primary key autoincrement,.
    Date Date,.
    treatment varchar (255),
    whole customerId not null,
    constraint fk_customer foreign key (customerId) references customer (id)

    create table (user)
    ID integer not null primary key autoincrement,.
    loginName varchar (50) not null,
    lastName varchar (50) not null,
    firstName varchar (50) not null,
    password varchar (50) not null,
    Active Boolean true not null default,
    accessright varchar (10) not null

    create table (of the order of the day
    ID integer not null primary key autoincrement,.
    whole userId not null,
    Date Date,.
    time integer,
    full minute,
    Description varchar (50),
    constraint fk_user foreign key (userId) references user (id)

    create table (license)
    ID integer not null primary key autoincrement,.
    key varchar (50),
    Val varchar (50)

    I hope someone can help me with this problem.

    Hi Buxsnl,

    I think that I already gave the answer in my previous post. But think that you have not implemented it.

    The threshold of the code is not necessary...

    m:System.NET.SocketAddress.ToString (), c.setPhoneNumber (new Number (phoneNumber.text));

    Instead you can replace it with the below a...

    c.setPhoneNumber (phoneNumber.text);

    and the function setPhoneNumber() in your client class must be less to:

    public void setPhoneNumber(phoneNumber:String):void




    Can send you the code to your client class... ??

    Thank you

    Jean Claude

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    Hi Santo

    If you use the advanced search of this forum you will find a lot of comments on a similar theme!

    In any case, I'll explain it once more ;)
    Usually the recovery CD, you can get the Toshiba ASP. BUT you bought the laptop in China. In this case you will not be able to order the CD image of Toshiba in the English language. You can only get a restore CD in the same language, where you bought the laptop.

    But if you want to have the English language operating system, install the Windows from the original CD of Microsoft English.
    You can download Toshiba drivers and utilities form the Toshiba site and install it.

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    On the on-screen keyboard, press the '123' button, then press "#+=" and you should see the Yen sign (A Y with a sign = top)

  • How to get the recovery for Satellite L25-S119 disc

    Hello. I am originally from Poland but I have American type of toshiba and its imposible to do. Everyone says that it is not in Poland. Can someone help me? Who have to drive someone?

    I can just confirm that you can't get media us recovery by the partner in your country. Maybe you can order the United States directly, but I'm really skeptical about it.

    Best solution for you is to install the full version of Microsoft and download all the drivers, tools and utilities in the United States download page.

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    The start menu should appear.

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    Use the drivers for W7 to the G2 to 250 HP, except for the graphics, the BIOS and firmware files.

    Most of the drivers have the included 32-bit driver files.

    http://h20564.www2.HP.com/hpsc/SWD/public/readInde x? sp4ts.oid = 5449369 & swLangOid = 8 & swEnvOid = 4059

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