2000-2d52sr HP: Драйвера

Необходим на контроллер-PCI Simple Communications itself



You need this driver...

This package provides the driver Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) for the notebook models and operating systems. The Intel Management Engine Interface allows communication between the host operating system and the Intel Management Engine firmware.

File name: sp56675.exe

Tags: Notebooks

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  • HP 2000-2d52sr

    HP 2000-2d52sr

    series №[personal information deleted]

    Product no. / F1W78EA #ACB

    Where to download the driver for Windows 7 32-bit?

    Especially interested for WIFI

    Please try the driver from the following link:


  • Why my MacOS Sierra shows a purchase date of January 1, 2000?

    I installed Sierra, but it does not appear in my purchases. When I go to the website of Mac to look at the new features of the Sierra, it gives me a page that I need to install the Sierra, as if it does not recognize that I have. I downloaded it again, but when I saw the date of purchase from January 1, 2000. Is my oldest purchase of 2011. So think the app purchase history does not as far to 2000, so does not appear. I think it will be a problem, if my purchases do not reflect that I have Sierra. How can this be repaired?

    Reset the PRAM and see if this is useful, the instructions are in iMac SMC and the PRAM reset

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    Just provide evidence that the account is to you they probably asked.

  • Classic game "astral world 2000"?


    In the year 2000 and 2001, I used to enjoy a game called Astral World 2000, I think.  It was a "browser" abstract game requiring a connection through the web and the annual subscription.  Certainly, he has closed its doors and off the service in the early 2000s.  Does anyone else remember this game?  He had a lot of colors, soft music and resting.

    I think I'm having a difficult time finding because it is not available on a google search on the web.  Also, I haven't shot to the top of my old iMac in a few years.

    Thank you


    Certainly, he has closed its doors and disabled the service in the beginning of the 2000s

    Should tell you why you can not find it!

  • 2000 pictures missed!


    2000 photos from my iPhone are missing but my storage has not changed! I want my pictures back.

    Help me please

    kianakkh wrote:


    2000 photos from my iPhone are missing but my storage has not changed! I want my pictures back.

    Help me please

    Photos of your unicameral roll don't go away by itself, I still have to lose pictures since I got the iPhone 3GS.

    Restore from your icloud and iTunes backup.

  • Import outlook 2000

    When I install and ask TB 24.5 to import from OUTLOOK 2000, it is said that he has imported the account, address book and mail files settings - but all that happens is that a folder Outlook Import # vacuum is created, where # is a number. Windows XP Pro SP3. The machine also has OE6 on it, that matter OK - even if I didn't ask it! - but I need to import from OUTLOOK 2000.

    We have a few suggestions to try in the PST Import files item. A suggestion would be to migrate to a (trial version) Outlook 2010 first.

  • Please let me know how to start firefox in SafeMode to my windows 2000 server.

    I installed R-kiosk and now I am unable to remove it. In windows 2000, there is no folder for firefox.
    So please let me know how to start firefox in safe mode on a windows 2000 OS...

    Thank you very much...
    But I just solved the problem. I haven't done

    Start > run >
    "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"-safe-mode
    Safe mode started...

  • Facebook reports that I use v3.5 of Firefox and Windows 2000 when running on 16.0.2 and XP (upgraded system). where is this info and how to reset?

    the PC has been improved from Win2000 to XP and has all the XP service packs. It also runs Firefox 16.0.2. When I go on Facebook and other pages, it says that I'm on an unsupported operating system (said I use Windows 2000), and I should upgrade my browser to the latest version (said I'm under FF 3.5 or 3.6 FF, can't remember which). i've looked through the registry, but not not found something that jumps. where can this info could be stored that Firefox is looking.

    Try reading some sites say that Firefox is obsolete or incompatible, even if it's the latest version

  • Any way to increase already turned to 1/2000 second in 25 p video motion blur?

    I want to turn some DSLR videos in sunny at f1.8 to achieve very low depth of field.

    Even at the slower ISO 100 setting it will require a shutter speed of 1/2000 second that will produce a very unstable motion in the region.

    Is it possible in FCP X (or elsewhere) that I can introduce blur just for movements in the video without affecting the static parts? (Probably NOT)!


    That's what NDs, exactly. Use the low tech solution. This is the best.

    Doing this in post production is a costly and risky operation: you must purchase the software, you must learn how to use it, you can be terribly disappointed with the results.

    Or, of course, it may be that you like to watch and learn to rely on your new tools for many more great experimentation as your work on other projects.

    I did not follow with pixel-level processors that will create razor sharp images blur. I hope that someone will be back shortly with a suggestion about an effect which can simulate a motion blur.

    It is possible to create a model in motion which may be moved to FCPX but it depends actually move when the shutter is opened things, it does not trail behind the pixels.

    https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=UJfrWDkWHE4 & feature = youtu.be

  • Shockwave Flash update will not install on Windows 2000 SP4?

    Does anyone else have this problem? It downloads quite well, but is not installed because of the following error: "the procedure point SetDllDirectoryW entry is not found in the KERNEL32.dll dynamic link library."

    This is for Adobe Flash The previous (current) version was apparently discovered to not be is not so sure.

    Windows 2000 is no longer supported in current versions of Flash 11.

    It seems that Flash Player is the last version for Windows 2000

  • Chrome may be a substitute satisfactory for Firefox on Windows 2000?

    Firefox recommends Opera for a replacement. Chrome would be as good a substitute for Windows 2000 Pro

    12.0 Firefox should work perfectly on Win2000. It's Firefox 13.0 that Windows 2000 will not be able to support.

  • If Firefox is open, and then, I opened my email MS Outlook 2000 client, if there is an email containing an html link, if I click on this link, it does nothing, b

    If Firefox is open, and I then open my MS Outlook 2000 e-mail client, if there is an email with a link inside html, if I click on this link, it doesn't do anything, but if I close Firefox and then click on this email link Firefox opens.

    I find that if I attempt to open another e-mail link, he wouldn't do anything until I closed Firefox again in the end.


    Highlighting the link never worked, it was the first thing I tried, I actually found the answer myself after I had posted here.

    Fortunately when this issue has happened before I had copied the solution in Notepad, and it is this I copy here for someone else who may come across this problem.

    Furthermore, the links are hypertext on my MS Outlook 2000 e-mail client, so when you try to copy it only copied the text.

    Anyway, here's the solution to my original problem.

    1. start the desktop or Windows Explorer.
    2. choose that menu 'Tools'-> 'folders Options.
    3. click on the tab "File Types".
    4 scroll to find "URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol" (under the File Types column) and make sure that it is highlighted.
    5. click on the button "Advanced".
    6. in the box "Actions" to ensure that this 'open' is highlighted (click it if necessary)
    7. click on the button 'change '.
    8. uncheck the 'Use DDE', click on the Browse button and navigate to Firefox.exe on your system and click OK. [Updated for clarification, sorry about the previous omission.] If you receive a "file not found" message, find Firefox.exe and click OK.
    9. the path to Firefox.exe should now appear in the "Application used to perform action" box
    10 go in the "Application used to perform action" box and add "-url '%1' ' at the end, without the single quotes, whereas it displays for example (on my computer at least)" C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe "- url '%1' - with quotes!"
    10. click on OK again.
    11. repeat the operation with the file type "URL: HyperText Transfer Protocol with privacy".

  • HP Pavilion p6 2000-ukm: recovery disk/boot on a new HARD drive?


    I have a hp Pavilion p6 2000 ukm. Recently I started getting on my HARD drive error messages, saying it was a failure. I recently bought a new HDD in my pc. I connected it correctly and it says that I need recovery disk / boot disk.

    To my knowledge when I bought this pc there was no disk Windows 7. Now I know on workstations, you create your own.

    My question is... How to get windows 7 installed on my new hard drive when I plug it in? I'm looking for the iso of windows 7, I think that his name, but I can't find any .iso file.  I'm trying to install windows 7 on my new drive HARD I need not my other files like music... etc. I'm looking to get my HARD drive installed with windows 7, where it has IE and I can go back to the installation of everything I had previously. Should u use "create a system image"? Its a big file and requires 7 + dvd discs is my only option? I have my 25 key windows 7 as well.

    Any help is thank you attended.


    Here's the phone number,


  • Wireless will not allow on the laptop HP 2000

    Help! I have a laptop HP 2000 and all of a sudden the wireless function does not work. No matter what I do the rest orange button. I don't have Wireless Assistant installed on this computer. I tried to download it from another computer and install to mine, but he stated that the version has not accepted. I only got this computer 6 months. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    You have a few options in my opinion please try these steps can help you solve your problem.

    (1) disconnect the battery & adapter then press on & press and hold the power button for laptop for 30 seconds then switch on and check if the wireless led lights.

    (2) go to Device Manager then uninstall the drivers wireless network card and restart the device and check if the light is on.

    (3) try to do a system restore to the date where unit was working fine.

    (4) Please update the Bios & Wireless driver from the HP website.

    (5) click on start search type Recovery Manager, and then click on it once select Yes on user access control, and then select I need immediate help and then select driver and select request recovery driver wireless and install it and then restart the device.

    (6) If you are comfortable with reinstalling the wireless card that will be on the rear panel of your device you can try this steps as well.

    If you still have the same issue then you need to call HP tech support and get the replaced part.

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