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I'm ready to buy a Mac Pro opportunity and after reading some and asking around it seems that the core Westmere 5.1 2012 6 is a very good model. However, I saw a 2009 model which has been upgraded to be a 5.1. Is there a difference between a true 5.1 of 2012 and a 2009 upgrade? There the performance/reliability issues with those upgraded?

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Apple announced for the Mac Pros, Sierra need a 2010 or later Mac Pro.

We know not if updated the firmware on a 2009 a 2010 will allow the 2009 run Sierra. So, I'd get a 2010-2012.

There is really no significate difference between these models

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  • Can I use 6 discs in a Mid 2012 Mac Pro Server to?

    I want to consolidate a couple of servers on a Mac Pro Server. I intend to use a disk to store data and the other as backup (simple clones). 6 TB of hard drives compatible with the Mid 2012 Mac Pro?

    Yes with the following conditions:

    -There is a bug in OSX 10.8.4 and later the internal formatting prevents drivers more than 2.2 GB.

    This bug appeared in 10.8.4, and has not yet been set. You can

    using an any older Mac OS X disk utility, your Mac may initially with 10.7.3, 10.8 or 10.8.3 and therefore the 10.6 DVD and so does not work

    Another work around is to move this drive in an external case and delete it there (assuming your case is modern enough to deal with readers more than 2.2 to.

    • When you DELETE a more 2.2 TB drive in an internal drive Bay, it is given the stuff of Logical Volume in Mac OS X 10.8.3 and later versions. Many readers regarded here as a BUG. Logical volume group partitions were not needed and trafficked, re - DELETE and other functions. There are several very different workarounds:

    • Re-CLEAR in a box outside, provided you can accommodate more discs 2.2 TB ("really old" cannot).
    • CLEAR using Mac OS X or Recovery_HD or install predates it 10.8.3
    • Manually delete the partitions of a logical Volume using Terminal Server group.

    -For the mounting of sled internal:

    The penetration of the screw depth for 'down-screw mount adjacent to the platters' on some readers from over 3 TB have been shortened. This may mean that the live sled down until they adjust and begin to compress the washers on the sled. If this is the case, your drive will not rest flat on the sled and do not breed with the connector backplane without additional adjustment.

    OWC now sells sleds that uses different types of mounting holes in the HD to avoid this problem.

    You can shorten the screws, or put a washer under the head to ensure they can be warm in the authorized depth. Also, now OWC/Macsales now sells sleds that use the location of the different types of mounting screws to avoid this problem. However, these sleds are only for the Pros 2009 and subsequent

  • 2010 or 2012 Mac Pro?

    Hi all

    I'm almost ready to make a purchase on a used 5.1 6 core Mac Pro machine. There seems to be quite some models 2010 around so my question is, is there any benefit at all to get a 2012 model? Except of course that it is 2 years younger, but she who really make a difference? Thank you very much.

    Kind regards


    They use different CPU, Westmere (2012) and Nehalem (2010).

    enchmarks.html http://www.everymac.com/Systems/Apple/Mac_pro/FAQ/Mac-Pro-Mid-2012-performance-b

  • upgrade Windows 7 for win 8 on 2012 mac pro?

    I just loaded win 8 via boot camp on my laptop and windows 7 on my mac 2012 pro.

    I /had/ a windows installation on a mac pro 8 but my WD caviar black 1 TB drive, but this player 1 + year giggling like a rooster and unresponsive.

    Can I upgrade to windows 8 using my existing installation of windows 7?

    I'm now thinking that instead of a new window installation 8 that I could just use my existing installation of windows 7 and put 8 top as soon as I'm comfortable to work with the new windows 8 install on the laptop.

    can anyone advise as to how I can do this or if it is a good idea?

    Thank you

    W8 on the MP installing an update to W7 previously or a new installation?

  • What is currently the best video card for mid 2012 Mac Pro?

    I have a videocard ATI Radeon HD 5770 in my Mac Pro, but I thought it is a 2009 vintage card and is not common for applications Adobe CC 2015.  What would be the current map for this will be the best performer for Premiere Pro and After Effects 2015CC apps?

    Read http://barefeats.com/imac5k7.html

  • a mid-2012 MAC Pro requires upgrade...

    I inherited a middle 2012 3.2 GHz Quad Core Intel Xeon with 12 GB of RAM; an ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB...

    I need to upgrade, but I'm not a computer MAC guy,

    but I think I can max 32 GB of RAM and don't know if I can

    updated my graphics card...

    Can anyone suggest what memory sticks and the graphics card I can go to?


    For the RAM, you can check that with the CrucialAdvisory tool, or OWC. Both are very reliable sellers.

  • 2012 mac pro drive whining/spinning

    I have a 2 TB Western Digital drive with an installation of Windows 8 on it which has failed to start several times with an error indicating that the disc was bad. now when I boot on mac OS, I hear that a relatively high slope spinning/whine that comes from this disc.

    I went to this page


    and after listening to the sounds it seems that this is the problem:

    Western Digital disks also have a common problem with PIN entry. This occurs after a fall and the reader either is not turn at all with the siren sound: or starts with a strong unable to earn enough noise speed control:. Data recovery in this case is to remove trays from the hard drive in a clean room environment and put them into donor. This complex and precise procedure requires a lot of experience and the use of specialized equipment to maintain the trays in perfect alignment.

    I thought /had/ I have all the readers of "Black Caviar", but it says not black. It's WD2002KAEX SATA 64 MB of CACHE memory.

    can someone help me understand what I need to do.

    1. for example I really want to have to install my WinClone support since I don't think that I even put any software on this drive yet.

    2 should I get only the WD Black Caviar drives in the future or can someone tell me the info above what type of drive it is?

    3. no doubt my options here are whether the car is under warranty and return it for a new?

    4. install the new drive and reinstall windows 8?

    Thanks for any help, info, support, etc.

    bad luck. o guarantee

    WD2002FAEX WD Black 29/10/2012 The warranty
  • GTX 960 on a Mac Pro early 2009

    Hi all!

    I use a 2009 start Mac Pro 2 x 2, 26GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

    12 GB 1066 MHz DDR3
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB
    on OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

    I want to do an upgrade on the graphics card, but I don't know if the food for my mac will support it. I'm looking for the GeForce GTX 960. This need for the card cable to the two? What cable exactly? and it is safe?
    And another thing, where you can get the drivers for this card because in the nvidia site did not for OS X

    If anyone can help with this, I'll be very grateful.

    I heard that Qudro drivers may work...


    There should be 2 red cables, I think that already, at least they were on my Mac Pro to Mid 2010.

  • Mac Pro 5 1-PCIe Configuration


    I have upgraded my Mac Pro 5, 1 (model mid-2010) with a few changes/additions PCIe and need some advice. Frankly, I was surprised by the fact that the Expansion Slot utility was not usable here and the old interface to help me refine the best configuration. Reading about the possible configuration options started his contradictory between reseources. Anyway, this is what I have:

    Slot 1 (x 16) - ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card

    Slot 2 (x 16) - ATI Radeon 5770 graphics card

    Location 3 (4 x) - empty (no physical space due to above)

    Unit 4 (x 4) - card Sonnet PCI Tempo SSD Pro Plus

    So, is this look of effective configuration for the priority of the data read/write verses performance graphics performance?


    Dr. Z.

    The utility of PCI slot is not usable on the 2009 to 2012 Mac pro.

    The allocation of housing-gears the 2009 Mac Pro 2012 is fixed, not configurable and is exactly as you say: the two 16 x slots, the two upper slots lower slots are 4 x speed, but of "provide support for up to 16 x cards" (in other words, they use the biggest connectors, but everything beyond 4 x is not connected).

    Your installation seems fine. Some users prefer to leave the top slot open for a better circulation of air above all the cards. But as you say, you do not have this option.

    4 x is fast enough for this SSD card. Which is about as fast they do these cards so far. Extra speed as a 16 slot x could not possibly serve in the drafting of this article.

  • Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro - does not fit into my Mac Pro.

    I just bought a Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro Plus (the same, physically, like the Sonnet Tempo SSD Pro)

    I can't even came close it enter my Mac Pro end 2012. On the back of the bumps in the fan card, even with the fan cover pulled back.   This isn't a case to remove the lower lip, which obviously I do, I can't do it AT all, not even at an angle.

    I called Sonnet, but incredibly the tech said that it must adapt.

    It seems that I have only 2 choices: unscrew the fan and moving it more far forward of the mac (somehow) to cut about 1/2 "on the back of the Sonnet card.  The latter would obviously kill my warranty, and I don't even know if the bloody thing still works.

    To my amazement, I find nothing about it online.  It's like the Twilight Zone.

    Any ideas?  Someone knows has a video that shows a successful installation?

    Pls confirm what Mac you have.

    There is no end of 2012 Mac Pro, only mid 2012.

    There is a 2012 end MacBook Pro.

    Many retailers who sell SSDS have diagrams or installation videos. An example https://eshop.macsales.com/installvideos/macpro_2010/

  • Mac Pro restart loop if Mavericks


    I am trying to upgrade my computer to El Capitan, but it seems that my Mac Pro will enter a reboot loop unless the OS's Mavericks.  If the installation program cannot start and even if I do a clean install of Mavericks and then try to update, I can not even do - I get a reboot loop.

    It's as if my computer won't run anything else, but the Mavericks.  It's 2012 Mac Pro

    Thanks in advance,


    -With the Mavericks work download the installer of El Capitan and this app


    Make a USB bootable for El Capitan installation using this application.

    -Try resetting the SMC

    MacIntel: Reset of the controller (SMC) system management


    -Start to recovery and repair the startup disk

    OS X: on OS X Recovery - Apple Support


    -If it of repairable start for El Capitan USB Installer and try to install l Capitan.

  • Rental short term for the Mac Pro Tower - transplant ramdisk hard


    I am a composer based in the United Kingdom and use round of mid-2010 Mac Pro 8 Core (2 x 2.4 GHz) Intel Xeon with 64 GB RAM and four SSD drives.

    I am going to Los Angeles for a project of long months of work in July and need a same computer set up to use while I'm there.  It's too expensive/complicated to ship my computer to the United States, then I'll probably rent a machine in Los Angeles.

    I found in a place that I can rent a tower 2012 Mac Pro 12-Core (2.4 GHz) with 16 GB of RAM, and I wondered: if I take my four SSD drives and my RAM modules, then I simply transplant these pieces into the 12 basic machine and start as my home machine?  Or must I buy an additional empty SSD and use the Migration Wizard to clone my main boot drive?

    I've never done this before, so I don't know if the boot drive will recognize that it is connected to a computer with a different motherboard etc.

    Thanks for any help and advice,


    Change the RAM and the disc should be fine. I would take the sleds with your SSD and just slid the old sleigh and do drag in your.

  • Please notify new iMac or Mac Pro 2010 to replace a middle of 2007 Mac Pro

    My current setup of office:

    -2007 mac Pro with hard drive 2 x 1 t and a 1250, 10 GB hard drive

    -Time Capsule for the backup and the router

    -2 monitors: Cinema display 20 "and Cinema Display 23"

    I use CC of Photoshop, Indesign, and Illustrator CS4 for my work.

    I have savings with the purchase of the old Mac Pro 2010 and using all my hard drives present and monitors.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    Good plan. Adobe apps like Nvidia graphics cards better than ATI/AMD and you can easily update the map

    Note the sleds of the 2006 Pro HD - 2008 Mac does not work in 2010-2012 Mac Pros.

    You can also install a blade SSD as boot drive. Very fast

    The SSD to 'Classic' Mac Pro training

  • Differences between the Mac Pro 2009, 2010 and 2012 Logic Board

    What are the differences between the logic board in the Mac Pro 2009, 2010 and 2012? In particular, what are the differences in the logic board between the MacPro4, 1 and MacPro5, 1? When a 2009 logic board is updated to 5.1 firmware is identical to the logical tips 2010 and 2012? Updated to 5.1, what is happening with the SMC firmware?

    Answers in-depth in this type of broad would be book-length responses.

    Where are you going with this?

  • Used Mac Pro mid-2012


    I have a Mac Pro 2006 1.1 and still works very well with the updates, I did a couple of years with an SSD, ATI Radeon HD 5770 and

    24 GB memory Crucial and it is running Lion. I bought my computer nine at the end of 2006.

    However, I'm starting to look at investing in a new machine but used. I think the Mid Pro Mac 2012 (base 12). I checked the many tourist attractions, including Powermax and ebay. I have an idea of what the price from the 2012 used range, but I noticed that some sellers eBay out of California are selling the machines for a lot less. I reached out to a couple of them that have 100% of positive reviews to confirm the machines are original and not have been updated to older models that they were able to verify.

    Is there a reason the computers would be cheaper in California, but more expensive with a company like Powermax who

    is an authorized reseller of Apple products?

    My reasons for thinking a used model is that the new Mac Pro are too expensive for me right now. If a used computer can stand for 3 to 5 years, then it's worth as long as Apple ends not supported for the 2012 model. I use my computer for graphic design, rendering and video creation from time to time.

    Any feed back would be appreciated including all views on the purchase of the 2012 (Basic) machine 12 Mid.

    Thank you

    Very few Applications actually can enjoy more of a handful of kernels. Compressor is one, if use you it.

    Otherwise, these Macs tend to be I/O bound, this is why a SSD Boot drive gives them such a performance increase. If you can put the Source on a single disc, Destination on the drive of the anther, Scratch, on another drive and boot/system on an SSD you can see more actual performance increase that moving to 12 cores.

    If you do NOT need 12 cores, the differences between the model 2102 and the 2009 model are tiny.

Maybe you are looking for

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