201003-error occurred in the DAQ Assistant

Hello. I use "cDAQ-9178" and "NI 9215" and "NEITHER 9402" are added on. "

However, when I run Labview code, "Error-201003" occurs.


Device not available. Possible causes:

Device is no longer present in the system / device is not powered.

Device is turned on, but was temporarily without electricity / device is damaged


(Error appears as the 1st and 2nd figures below).

(Plans of logic is the figure below).

Thank you.

I could be something with the pilot

Check this box:

Error 201003 to the MAX test panel or all by running the DAQ Assistant


In this forum, they speak the same error:

Spontaneous error code 201003 for acquisition of data PCI configuration


Tags: NI Hardware

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    I'm trying to send a signal to the DAQ Assistant Express VI.  I watched the movie "Generating a Signal" on the Web site of NOR (www.ni.com/academic/students/learnlabview/generate.htm) and I have my Signal simulate connected directly on the DAQ Assistant, as shown in this film.  In my case, the DAQ Assistant sends the signal to a device USB-6009.

    However, I received this message:

    Error-200077 occurred to the DAQ Assistant
    Possible reasons:

    Requested value is not supported for this property value. The value of the property may be invalid because it is in conflict with another property.

    Property: SampTimingType
    asked the value: Sample clock
    You select: On-demand

    If I select 'On Demand' in my DAQ assistant and run the vi everything works beautifully.  However, I need my DAQ assistant to be configured to generate a waveform AC continuous, not output a single alternating current rippling.

    What happens here?  I did not have this problem before on other devices of NOR. I am using LABView 2010.

    Please answer.

    Thank you.

    double post

  • Error of the DAQ Assistant

    I've just updated LV 2009 SP1 LV 2010. I use a LV 32-bit on a 64-bit computer.

    When I open the DAQ Assistant, I get a pop up window that says "LabVIEW: an exception occurred in the external code that is called by a function of the call library node."  This could have corrupted memory of LabVIEW.  Save all work to a new location and restart LabVIEW.  VI "Advanced Timing.vi:1" was arrested in node "" a call to "get of DAQmxAssitant_DAQmx IO Info.vi of control.

    If I hit OK, DAQ Assistant is locked up, if I use the Task Manager to close the LabVIEW vi breaks down.

    I already reinstalled 9.5.1 DAQ device drive. without success.

    There is no such version. The most recent is 9.2.2.

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    Hi D.L.B1,

    • What is the brand and the model number of the MP3 player?
    • Other USB devices are connected to the computer works well?

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  • Device simulated in MAX, auto test without error and has work Test panels, but is not displayed in the DAQ assistant.

    I am trying to create a development machine, where we can test the new code without using our physical hardware. I followed this guide to set up a system of simulation. I get to step 3.2 b, but the device does not appear in the DAQ assistant. MAX, the device self test and gites calibrated successfully, and when I open the test panels, I see some sort of signal. I guess that's a default entry simulated since I didn't that device to look for anything? Note that two devices, I am creating the show upward into the devices section and Interfaces, but that, even after running auto calibrate, automatic Calibration date is not yet specified.

    When I try to test the device and create a voltage according to the guide, I can't see a device in the creator of data acquisition task.

    Steps 1 and 2 of this guide are of course met. Step 3 is not, but this is not surprising because a simulated device is in device in any case manager. Also, I'm not under RT, so step 4 is satisfied.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    That would be because the PXI-5124 is a digitizer not an analog input device.  You must use the NI SCOPE not NOR DAQmx driver

  • Multiple entries to the DAQ Assistant


    I'm doing my DAQ Assistant, in several (formed of an array) Boolean inputs where there is 1 digital output. (see attached software folder)

    Physically, I want a valve to open and close at a certain pace, where the user can install/control this pattern until the program starts.

    I think that the best way to do it is to have multiple Boolean values that the user can press or unpress.

    Before that, I started, I tried with only Boolean 1 where it worked perfectly.

    As seen on the attachment (error), it is possible to an easy problem to solve, but I just can't figure it out, I'm stuck at my already made solution.

    I use USB6008.

    I hope that there is a gentle soul who can help out me.

    Best regards

    Kenneth G. Vejen

    Hi Kenneth.

    When the output to the generation mode is set to "sample 1", which means that whenever you call the DAQ Assistant will generate 1 sample. In order to generate 5 samples, you must therefore call 5 times.

    I have attached a modified version of your VI, which shows a way to archive it. However, be aware that the samples will be generated fast and not at 100 ms note your loop runs. It depends on your application, if it is as you want samples to be issued.

  • In Labview 8.5, what happens if the input signal exceeds the scope of the signal defined by the DAQ Assistant?

    Hi all

    This should be a pretty simple question, but I can't seem to find the answer online and currently do not have the functionality to test this:

    I'm using LabVIEW 8.5 and have a VI that imports data from sensor through the DAQ Assistant. In the configuration tab, there is a range of signal input. What happens if my sensor exceeds this range? I get a warning? The default value is the maximum (or minimum)? I was interested in writing a code to display an error that I approach the limits of this range, but did not know if I also need to include code to display an error if the scope is exceeded as well.

    Thanks for the help,


    Hello, Tristan,.

    The behavior depends on the selected range and the device you are using.

    If you are using a device with a single input range is valid, we will use this range, even if you set a smaller minimum and maximum in the DAQ Assistant.  So, if your device only supports ±10V and you set the range to ±8V, you will still continue to get valid data after your top sensor 8V until what you approach 10V.  When you reach the limit of the extent of your device, the output will be 'rail', and simply return the maximum value until the signal is less than the maximum value again.

    Note: A device that is nominally ±10V usually has a go-around (such as ±10.2V) which are usually specced in the manual.

    However, if you use a device with several ranges of entry then things become more complex.

    NOR-DAQmx player will choose the smallest range that entirely covers the interval you choose.  For example, suppose that your device supports the following input range: ±0.2V, ±1, ±5V, ±10V and you choose 0V - 3V as the range in the DAQ assistant.  The NOR-DAQmx driver will focus on the input range and the list of the entry lines that your hardware supports and choose the smallest encompassing the entire range that you set.  This would be the ±5V, because this is the only beach that contains up to 3V.  Thus, all between ±5V input signal is returned and none outside this range will be 'rail' to the maximum or minimum value.

    We do this because using small beaches make more efficient use of the resolution of the ADC.  So, we try to use the most effective range based on what you ask without picking up a range that will make you miss data.

    Let me know if I can clarify it more.

  • Precise triggering voltage input and output generation in the DAQ Assistant


    I wonder if anyone has come across a simular problem with the synchronization of input and output voltage. I use a box 11 LabView and NI USB-6259. I have been using the DAQ Assistant to configure the input and output channel. In particular, my task is to generate a single rectangular "pulse" as the output voltage to drive a coil and once the pulse went to get a signal from a sensor of magnetic field and get a power spectrum. This means that the order and the time during which the DAQ Assistant is used is extremely important. For example, the output voltage channel must be opened first for 2 seconds. Subsequently, the channel of input voltage must be open for 1 second, in which the sensor signal is obtained and post-processed. Only after these tasks are performed in this order he can can be repeated in a loop until the experiment is over. I don't know how to trigger data acquisition assistants (one for entry) and the other for the voltage output correctly. Y at - it a trick?

    See you soon


    Hi Dave,.

    Thank you that I wired the error strings but the timing issue was unrelated to it. In the DAQ assistant, I simply had to choose the continuous aquistion of the 'samples' methods 'N-switch' for input and output voltage and all works fine now.

    Thanks again


  • New Daq with the Daq Assistant in the filtering code


    I have a NI USB-6225 DaqMx I used a couple of years. When I started with LabVIEW, I found the Daq Assistant to the best way to measure the voltage with my Daq etc. My company has purchased another DaqMx NI USB-6225 and now I have a big problem: the Daq Assistant in my old Vi does not work with the new data acquisition. I understand why there is this problem, but I do not know how to solve. I found this code on the forum who finds that Daq is connected:

    The problem is that Daq Assistant do not have an entry for it, and it gives me an error if I try to run the code with a different device than the original, I used when I created the code.

    Is there a way to solve this, so I don't have to convert all the Assistants Daq normal code?

    Hello again,

    two options:

    (1) as the old software is related to 'Dev1' you must rename your new device to this alias and skip/rename the old device (and lack).

    (2) rewrite your old software does not become is not dependent on the name of the alias for the data acquisition card...

    It's your choice!

  • Calendar and the problems of data collection with the DAQ Assistant

    Hello NOR Developer area,

    I am a Novice of LabVIEW and have seen how helpful you all can be, and if I come to ask for your help.

    I'm having some trouble with a VI I built that specifies an input voltage, a SCB - 100 connected to a PCI-6031E and converts this tension in a temperature displayed on a waveform table. The goal is to give a constant reading of the temperature and display it in a chart for as long that the VI is running (and to reset the chart the next time the tracks of VI).

    The problems I've encountered currently are:

    -After a few minutes of the VI running, I get an error message 200279: tried to read samples that are no longer available. The requested sample was already available, but has since been replaced. (to the DAQ Assistant express VI).

    -I don't know how to change my chart so that the minimum value X is both during which the VI was launched and have the maximum X value increases with each iteration of the loop. Currently, I have the VI get the time system and contributing to the property node X scale. This worked for the graph of the voltage, but not for the temperature chart

    I appreciate those of you who took the time to read my post.

    Thank you all for your help.


    Ethan A. Klein

    SB candidate in Chemistry & Physics

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Class of 2015

    PS I enclose my VI to give you a better understanding of my current situation.

    E A Klein wrote:

    Thanks for writing.

    What property node is talking?
    I do not understand that many different data types. How can I go on the treatment of all the data?

    (Did you mean I should wire 'blue' data for mathematical functions rather than using the node property tension?)


    In fact, one of the nodes property.  I mean specifically the tension property node.  But in reviewing, I noticed the other nodes in property for the chart.  Just set auto-scaling to the X scale and that should take care of two of the nodes property (right click on the graph, X scale-> AutoScale X Scale).  I also recommend placing your mathematical functions in a Subvi to make things easier to read.  Attached, that's what I think you're after.

    I hope that these small tweaks will speed things up enough to avoid your error.  If this isn't the case, then we should begin to look at the design of producer/consumer model or take readings at the same time.  It might also be worth looking away the DAQ Assistant and DAQmx real screws.  But one step at a time.

  • How can I include all of the necessary files required for the DAQ Assistant create an executable file?

    I create an executable file to run on a computer that does not have LabVIEW.  The problem is that I am using the DAQ Assistant.  The hierarchy of the VI is big enough, and I do not know how to include all the required files to eliminate the error "the version of LabVIEw full development is necessary to correct the errors."  A picture of the hierarchy of the VI is attached.

    I think I'm missing something in the installation.  I'm downloading now the DAQmx.  I knowticed that all 7 of my missing Subvi are DAQmx * .vi

  • Configuration of 1120D SCXI using the DAQ assistant


    I tried to set up a channel on a module SCXI in 1120 D, as well as the rest of the SCXI system, using the DAQ assistant, but ran into a problem related to the range of the signal.

    According to this, http://sine.ni.com/nips/cds/view/p/lang/en/nid/1658, the maximum voltage is located between 10v - 10v, but when I tried to configure a channel with a range of 0v - 10v, it displays an error indicating that the range of the signal was invalid and that the available range is - 0.005v - 0.005v, could someone suggest what I'm missing or what I need to do to set up?

    Thank you


    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for your message.

    Can I ask that you have the software gain set on the device? The table on page A-5 manual found here your device that the gain settings must be for some input range.

    I imagine you have the gain set to 100 while the available range is ±50 mV. For - 10V - 10V, please adjust the gain to 0.5.

    Thank you very much

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    Hi ameerlakhani,
    Try to save the scanned in a different file format and check if it helps fix the problem.
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    Hope the information is useful.

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    Windows xp to Windows 7 32 bit install home premium.  iTunes will not install.  Installation hangs on publishing product information, gives this error message:

    "An error occurred during the installation of assembly" Microsoft.VC80.CRT, version = "8.0.50727.4053", type = "win32", publicKeyToken ='1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b ", processorarchitecture ="x 86". See Help and Support for more information. HRESULT:0X800736FD

    remains frozen and finally claims iTunes has been installed properly.  Open iTunes generates an error indicating that Apple application support is not installed (Apple application support for mobile device support/Apple are not on the computer).  (Software update Apple Hello and Quicktime are there).
    I uninstalled programs that is fine, but try anything I can get itunes working.  I tried to install itunes 8.0, running on a different administrator, as an administrator user, stopping all programs from running and installation in offline.  I've read that it could be a problem with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005.  My computer shows redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - x 86 9.0.21022.218 on this subject.

    I tried to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package ATL Security Update file vcredist_x86.exe found at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=766a6af7-ec73-40ff-b072-9112bab119c2&displaylang=en#filelist
    but it freezes at around 100% completion.

    It is here where I am now.  My Windows updates were not fault and my system is up to date.  I don't know what to do as I need this program installed to be able to use my phone.

    I thank you for your time and assistance, you might be able to offer.


    I reinstalled Windows 7.

    Good luck other people having the same problem.

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