22 Firefox does not install OK. FF screen comes up transparent. Win 7

Upgrading to FF 22. FF appears on the display as transparent. Can see the desktop through the screen of FF. No problem with 21 FF or any earlier version. Running the 64 bit version of Windows 7


. Ok...

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  • Firefox does not open in full screen on the task bar and I have to go over it to see the web page.

    Firefox does not open in full screen on the task bar and I have to go over it to see the web page.

    Firefox window is sometimes "off screen" somehow. Often, you can force it to appear on the screen by right clicking on the thumbnail image just above the taskbar and choose expand. Does it work?

    A possible cause for this is that the file that stores the positions and sizes of window is corrupt. You can delete this file and Firefox will return to standard window resizing.

    #1 method: If you can get a zoomed window:

    Open the settings folder (AKA Firefox profile) current Firefox help

    • button "3-bar" menu > "?" button > troubleshooting information
    • (menu bar) Help > troubleshooting information
    • type or paste everything: in the address bar and press Enter

    In the first table of the page, click on the view file"" button. This should launch a new window that lists the various files and folders in Windows Explorer.

    Leave this window open, switch back to Firefox and output, either:

    • "3-bar" menu button > button "power".
    • (menu bar) File > Exit

    Pause while Firefox finishing its cleanup, then rename xulstore.json to something like xulstore.old. If you see a file named localstore.rdf, rename this to localstore.old.

    Launch Firefox back up again. Windows normally appear again?

    #2 method: If you can not get a Firefox window for all:

    Close Firefox by right clicking the icon in the taskbar > close all windows.

    Using the Run dialog box (windows key + R) or the start search bar menu type or paste the following and press Enter to drill down to the profiles folder:


    Here you can see a folder - in this case, double-click that - or more than one case - in this case, double-click on in what looks like the most recently updated.

    Scroll down and rename xulstore.json to something like xulstore.old. If you see a file named localstore.rdf, rename this to localstore.old.

    Launch Firefox back up again. Windows normally appear again?

    Then, to re - light bars, you can use one of the following methods to view the list of the toolbar, and then select the desired bars it:

    To activate the menu bar, toolbar bookmarks or other bars, click it in the list.

  • Firefox does not install the Adobe Flash plugin

    Videos flash and flash Web sites no longer work in my Firefox browser. After you install the plugin and restarting the browser flash still does not work or even appear in the list of installed plugins. As far as I can tell that this is not a problem with Adobe Flash that I can still use it with Google Chrome.

    FYI - IE, Firefox and Chrome use different versions of the player in order to work in 1 browser Flash means nothing to the others.

    I would download the installer, close Firefox, uninstall Flash (from programs and features), restart the computer and try the installation program.

  • Firefox does not install when I click on Run

    I tried to install several times. He goes to the download file. When the "Run" box appears, click on run does nothing. I waited at least 10 minutes.

    Please advise and thank you in advance,


    Try this:

  • Firefox does not load properly, black screen says tis websit does not provide any identity information

    I can't load firefox, all I get is a black screen do not know how it happened. Can you help me?

    You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

    • Tools > Options > advanced > General > Browsing: "use hardware acceleration when available.

    You will need to close and restart Firefox after enabling/disabling this setting.

  • Firefox does not install on Windows 8 Office

    I am running Windows 8 on a Sony Vaio laptop.
    I am trying to install Firefox in desktop mode, but it doesn't - well installation files downloads, then when you try to run it, the extracted file, nothing happens.
    Help, please.

    You can use one of them to start Firefox in Safe Mode:

    • On Windows, hold down the SHIFT key while starting Firefox with a double click on the shortcut to the desktop Firefox
    • On Mac, hold the Options key when starting Firefox
    • Help > restart with disabled modules

    You can check the problems caused by a corrupt localstore.rdf file.

    Create a new profile as a test to see if your profile is the source of the problems.

    See "create a profile":

    If the new profile works then you can transfer files from a profile in the new profile, but make sure not to copy corrupted files.

  • Firefox does not install!

    Whenever I have download the installer for firefox 18 after that download when he asked my permission to be ran on this pc nothing happens after I have accept. Ive downloaded waterfox (64-bit version of firefox for who don't know) and that works. Help would be greatly appreciated.

    I already tried as an administrator.
    I also tried to install before and after the installation of the waterfox.

    Perfect. Thank you! It works beautifully.

  • Firefox does not open in full screen. I need to hover over the icon on the task bar and it will pop up in a small window.click on it, it automatically closes, again to hover. has started after clicked accidentally 'function' or 'windows' or 'alt' and BACK

    have tried all the options on the right-click menu uninstall & reinstall.

    I had this problem but it seemed to set... Not sure, I did a system restore but and it happened after that, but seems to work fine now.

  • does not open on the screen from the taskbar.

    I have windows 8. Firefox does not open on my screen. I click the icon in the taskbar, it works, but there is nothing on the screen. When I go on the task bar icon the thumbnail indicates above, then when you click on it, it disappears. You can close the nail of the thumb. That's all that happens. Explorer and Chrome load without problem. I hope you can help with this problem because I use Firefox as my main browser.

    Thank you.

    Hi John,.
    I'm sorry to hear that when you open Firefox, nothing appears on the screen, but if you place the cursor on the task bar that one windows open can be closed here. You can click on this window to maximize the window that opens?

    What has been recommended in the past is to delete the Firefox profile localstore file, as now corrupted [kb.mozillazine.org/Toolbar_customizations_reset_on_startup]. However, a simpler solution may be reset Firefox starting mode safe it. If you hold down SHIFT and click the icon of Firefox you can do. Questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode , reset the profile of this menu.

  • I said that I have to install Chrome to place an order at Walmart. What should the Chrome that Firefox does not work?

    I have placed several orders of Wal-Mart before today using Firefox without any problems. But today, nothing but problems. I tried for more than 4 hours, get this order to cross. I told cat line of Walmart and told me that I have to install Chrome to place an order. They don't answer when I asked if Walmart belonging to Chrome.

    I deleted the cookies and cache and restarted but none of this has worked. While Chrome has that Firefox does not work? I tried Chrome before and he hated and had a devil of a time he get off my computer. I don't want to go there again.

    I have attached a copy of the message that I get seems to indicate that it is a problem within Wal-Mart, but I said that it was with my browser.

    I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite running Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit and using Firefox 40.0.3.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Thanks for your reply. I just figured out the problem.

    All started when I tried to pay my order at 13:00 this afternoon. I am persistent and don't give up easily. Five hours later, I found an error in their programming, which allowed me to add an item to my shopping cart that was a purchase in store only. But then when I went to pay for it, he became confused and wouldn't let me order but didn't tell me why.

    I solved by moving all items in the basket to saved for later and then add one at a time, trying to get to the car after each addition. It took a while because there are 20 items. He had the same problem when I added the item in the store to the cart and tried to pay for it. So I deleted and purchased on Ebay.

    Now I know probably as much if not more than any of their populations of the Chat line that can only be read on a book script.

    It's a relief that I don't have to use Chrome. I really like Firefox and would not change.

  • Firefox 29 'Customize Page' does not fit on the screen.

    Nothing is displayed on the right side of the Page customize. At least 20% of the page is missing. Tried to change the size of zoom and the police.

    It seems that the entire contents of the Firefox window does not fit on your screen.

    What are the dimensions of your screen?

    You can set the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx pref on the topic: config page on 1.0 or Windows 8 to 1.25 and if necessary adjust layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from 1.0 to 0.1 or 0.05 steps (1.1 or 0.9) do the icons to display properly.

    See also:

    An extension allows you to adjust the size of the text in the user interface and zoom the page in the browser window.

    You can watch this extension to adjust the font size for the user interface.

    You can watch the Default FullZoom Level or NoScript extension if the web pages need to be adjusted after the change of layout.css.devPixelsPerPx.

  • Why is night launch does not install in Firefox 17, download site says it's compatible.

    launch of night does not install as anaddon in firefox 17 even though the download site says that it IS compatible.


    What is NASA Night Launch? You can try checking the Firefox updates through software distribution Manager / Update Manager.

    If the problem persists, you can reset Firefox and leave with the launch of the night.

    The reset Firefox feature can solve a lot of problems in restaurant Firefox to its factory default condition while saving your vital information.
    Note: This will make you lose all the Extensions, open Web sites and preferences.

    To reset Firefox, perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Firefox > help > troubleshooting information.
    2. Click on the button 'Reset Firefox'.
    3. Firefox will close and reset. After Firefox is finished, it will display a window with the imported information. Click Finish.
    4. Firefox opens with all the default settings applied.

    Information can be found in the article Firefox Refresh - reset the settings and Add-ons .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    If you want to take a list of Add-ons, changed the preferences/settings etc. to quickly reproduce the previous mode, please copy it to the Clipboard (to the left of the reset button) and paste in MS Office Excel, or OpenOffice/LibreOffice Calc or Notepad. However, it would be a good idea to check the existence of the number immediately after the reset.

  • Firefox does not open a PDF link in the browser, the screen shows simply empty.

    Firefox does not open a PDF link in the browser, when I click on the link that the screen just a blue screen.

  • Whenever I run Firefox, it appears an error message indicating "Firefox could not install this point because 'install.rdf' (provided by the element) is incorrect or does not exist." Contact the author to this problem. »

    Firefox could not install this point because 'install.rdf' (provided by the element) is incorrect or does not exist. Contact the author to this problem.

    The above statement is in the box pop up error every time, when I run Firefox. If I click on ok in the box of Firefox opens. How can I solve this problem of initialization/launch?

    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of your modules is causing your problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > themes).

    See the extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common troubleshooting Firefox problems and troubleshooting questions with plugins like Flash or Java to solve common Firefox problems

    If this does not work in safe mode and then disable all your extensions and then try to find out who is causing by allowing both the problem reappears.

    You can use "Disable all add-ons" window the startup of Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to disable all extensions.

    You will need to close and restart Firefox after each change via "file > exit ' (Mac: ' Firefox > leave";) Linux: "file > exit ')

  • Windows wars Napoleon Cossacks 8. I install the game install the patch but it does not start, just flashing screen and that's it. has tried everything what is possible. D what can I do to read. ?

    I install the game install the patch but it does not start, just flashing screen and that's it. has tried everything what is possible. D what can I do to read. ?

    Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 17:56:29 + 0000, PhilipMallard wrote:

    I bought a Windows 8.1 today and wish I hadn't! It's a pain to use (I had a Windows 7 previously). None of my games of Cossacks work on windows 8.1 either and I've tried them in compatibility mode. Is it possible to install Windows 7 on my new computer and replace the disastrous 8.1 version?

    I would like to point out something that you may not realize: Windows 8
    has two interfaces; the modern/Metro Interface (which may be all the)
    you have looked at) and the traditional desktop Interface. You can use
    one or both. This traditional desktop Interface is almost
    identical to the interface of Windows 7. the biggest difference is that
    There is no Orb start clicking to bring up the start menu.

    But note that you can get the ORB start by using one of the many
    third-party programs, are free or very cheap (the classic interface
    http://classicshell.sourceforge.NET/ and debut8 to
    http://www.stardock.com/products/start8/; my personal preference is
    Debut8, but they are both very good).  And goes from an interface to
    the other is very easy; There are several ways, but simply by pressing
    the Windows key is perhaps the easiest.

    Just install one of these two and using the traditional desktop computer
    interface may be a better choice for you than going to Windows 7.
    I use Windows 8, almost exclusively with traditional workstations
    the interface and with 8 Start installed. If you were to look at and use
    my computer, you may have a hard time realizing that it is not
    Windows 7.
    I also recommend to read "how to make Windows 8 or 8.1 watch and.
    Want Windows 7 "to http://www.howtogeek.com/elk/298/45121/4206
    I can't address the issue with your games, except to say that
    whenever you move to a new version of the operating system, some of
    which is used to run on the former does not work on the new. And it's
    much more likely with utilities and games with companies

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