23 - d030 looking for hardware virtualization assisted in the bios configurations envy

Office all-in - One HP Envy TouchSmart 23-d030

WIN8 Pro 64 bit (improved win8)
BIOS: LA3_810.ROM 8.10

I need to enable "hardware assisted virtualization" in the bios, but there is no parameters (that I can find) to do. Yes, I went through the security settings in the bios. I ran MS CoreInfo.exe and the computer is good for the VHA and LATTE. DEP is good as well (checked via Control Panel............ System properties). Hyper-V is enabled in the operating system. Is there some 'hidden' attributes that I don't see in the bios?

FYI the point of this is that I'm trying to get phone win8 emulator to run.

Thanks for any input.


Thanks for the reply and the problem lies, I only have the setting for Vtx/Vtd, who is disabled because it must be determined in accordance with the documentation of MS (in my case). I don't have the DEP setting. Now just for S & G I activated the setting and guess what... the phone emulator worked! Maybe in the bios I have they rolled up a number of things in a setting, I can only guess. But it does not work so I'll close this. Thanks for the help.

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    TATAAA spoon

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    Restart the system Push F10 for Bios

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    [Edited by: admin on 21 January 06 11:12]

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    Kind regards

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    In any case, it is well known that many tools that you can find on the internet do not have much influence on laptop cooling fan speed. To be honest, something like that can be very dangerous because the majority of users want to have silent notebooks and overheating problems are totally underestimated.

    Can you please be a bit more specific about your problem? Your laptop is too strong for you or is the short battery life? Why you are not satisfied with this tool?

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    This problem has been resolved.

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