3.5 "HDD USB disk (Stor.e. alu2) does not not on Macbook?


I just bought the external hard drive and it doesn't seem to work with my macbook. It recognizes the external hard drive, but I'm not able to put all the files on it. It gives me a message "xx point can be moved because the 'place of target' is not editable.

Someone at - he had an idea of what I can do? Answers appreciated.



As far as I know the USB HDD store contains a tool that is compatible with the Windows operating system. Maybe the software can't MacOS.

Maybe you can disable this by using a Windows operating system:
Connect your HARD drive to the Windows (Win XP, VISTA or Win7 PC)
Select the CD drive with your browser (password)
Run the ONSPCLCK.exe
Select 'Options '.
Select "Disable security password"
Enter your password for current or don t set passwords
Unplug the HARD drive
Connect the HDD for Mac

Maybe it would work...

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    You can also try to update the latest drivers for chipset on the motherboard manufacturer's website.


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    'How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and upgrades, and replace product manuals'



    Your CD or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs



    Burn a CD or DVD

    If your computer is equipped with a CD or DVD burner, you can copy files to a recordable disc. This process is called burning a disc. By default, Windows Burns discs in the active file system format, but you can also choose to burn discs in ISO image format.

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    It is a recent event. I backed up my computer only 45 days ago and it worked Ok. The same external drive has no problems with your Windows XP desktop.

    No other USB devices is facing this problem.

    Device Manager identifies the mass storage device (WD1140), as well as the USB controller.

    This utility cannot sort.
    It is not possible to change/assignment of a new letter to the reader as disk management does not identify her. I also tried to use the command-line (list disk)... the only disc that displayed is internal.

    I tried to change the USB port, without result.
    The operating system is Windows 7 Starter.

    Hello Cristian,

    I appreciate the efforts to solve the problem. We would like to know the following information form you for help to come.

    (1) what store did you run to fix the problem?

    (2) you have any software from third-party security installed on your computer?

    (3) what is the brand and model of your computer?

    You could address this issue due to a hardware conflict or if the external hard drive that you are trying to connect has virus. Prior to the resolution problems make sure that you have installed all Windows updates. Follow the steps below to solve the problem.

    Method 1: Run hardware and troubleshooting utility device.


    Connect the external hard drive to your computer, and then run the troubleshooter below.

    Open the hardware and devices troubleshooter.


    Method 2: Reinstall the USB controllers.

    You mentioned that another that this device, all other devices are detected, follow the steps to make sure that you have the latest USB drivers. This method addresses the steps where the USB driver currently loaded became unstable or corrupted.

    (a) click Start, type device in the area Manager Search , then click on the peripheral Manager.

    (b) expand Bus USB controllers. Right click on a device, and then click Uninstall. Repeat for each device.

    (c) when completed, restart your computer. Your USB controllers will automatically install.

    Method 3: Run Microsoft Safety Scanner.

    I also suggest that you scan your computer with the Microsoft Security Scanner, which would help us to get rid of viruses, spyware and other malicious software.

    The Microsoft Security Scanner is a downloadable security tool for free which allows analysis at the application and helps remove viruses, spyware and other malware. It works with your current antivirus software.


    Note: the Microsoft Safety Scanner expires 10 days after being downloaded. To restart a scan with the latest definitions of anti-malware, download and run the Microsoft Safety Scanner again.

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    Don't know what I can do now, would be grateful for all those who had suggestions.

    Of course, there is a problem with the internal HARD drive.
    If it is not listed in the BIOS (BIOS first page) then the HARD drive died and that's why the system cannot be found.

    I guess that in this case, there is only one solution: HARD drive needs to be replaced and the system must be installed again.

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    Thank you!


    You are right
    The Stor.E + can be connected to the external CD/DVD drive with a USB cable.
    To do this you must select DVD auto play option and need to fix on IT.
    Did you do that?

    Connect the DVD player via the USB cable to Stor.E TV +.
    Select setup-> system-> AutoPlay dvd and active automatic DVD playback
    Then select external DVD option in the main interface of the Store TV +.

    If this does not work, I recommend you to test the Store TV + as part of another drive to CD/DVD, but to my knowledge, there is no particular standard (of course USB 2.0 should be supported) which would be necessary

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    Hello guys,.

    I have a problem with my external HARD drive and the problem is that it is USB 3.0 feature does not work in my computer.

    The curious thing is that it works very well in the SATA port or a normal USB 2.0 port.

    Y at - it a failure with the HARD drive or is there something wrong with my motherboard (M5A99 fx pro r2.0)?

    Thanks in advance.

    From my point of view of the few is not HARD drive problem because the HARD drive operates in a USB 2.0 port.

    I m wondering if you tried to update the USB 3.0 driver.
    Have you tried this HARD disk in another computer / USB 3.0 ports?
    I think that its worth a check.

    Also, I read on some problems of USB 3.0 controller from different manufacturers.
    Sometimes, it might be possible that some problems of compatibility between different devices may arise.

  • PCI USB 3.0 Express card does not work

    Discription of the system:

    • HP Pavilion Elite HPE-520nl desktop PC
    • Processor Intel Core i7 - 2600
    • Memory 6 GB
    • Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
    • Service Pack 1
    • The map of USB 3.0 pci card the "HP-lable" is printed. Therefore an alaaa by HP original card.

    My HD portabale with USB3.0 interface is not recognized. Also all USB 2.0 memory sticks are NOT regonised by this card pci of USB 3.0.

    I searched on the web, this forum ect. and posible all software and drivers updated.

    Now at least there's no sign of escalmation in the Windows Device Manager.

    There are no errors in Windows and by double clicking on each and evry device a puppy window says: "device is functioning! (But when I put in a usb in the port USB3 device, nothing happens, not even a new drive appears under 'Computer'.)

    OK maybe the card is the default, so I bought at a local PC store a new one (Konig CMP-PCIE2USB3), but same problem.

    Well maybe the PCI slot is the problem... I put the card HP in the free location. But still no luck.

    Now I have 2 PCI USB 3.0 Express card in my office, but no USB 3.0 for my USB 3.0 devices connection.

    All USB 2.0 ports are working well.

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    I uninstall the original card and don't forget to remove the driver. Then install the Konig CMP-PCIE2USB3 and install the driver from the Web site. Don't forget to attach the molex 4 pin of your power supply.

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