3005 pro MT coprocessor driver for Win7 - 64 bit

Kinda says it all. I have a desktop HP Pro 3005 MT with an AMD X processor 2 245, that I've upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate (64 bit). Everything works well except that the co-processor driver is not installed, and I can't seem to find anywhere (nothing online, pilots,). Apparently, the motherboard has a Nvidia Chipset, and the coprocessor driver should install with that. However, the page Pro 3005 MT drivers don't offer not a Nvidia Chipset driver down load for Windows 7 or any other OS no more. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Added info! The motherboard uses NVIDIA GeForce 9100 chipset

Thank you - RagnCagn


Well, for what it's worth, I have finally found the right driver and solved this problem. Apparently, this link goes to a page of drivers HP for the MT 3005 Pro, but this is not the site takes you to when you type the number systen.  Anyway, the question of coprocessor is resolved. Here is a link to the page:


What you need to do is select the 'Coprocessor' driver in the list of drivers, click it, and then on the next screen scroll version: 5.1.26000208 (327.42 K) and downloaded to your desktop. Once downloaded, unzip it to a known location (I extracted on my desk). Now, on your desktop, go to the cutton to start, right click and go to "Device Manager" option in the upper left corner. Open it and click twice on the icon "coprocessor warning." Select the option "update driver" and guide them to the folder that you extracted the driver. Select the driver and leaves the system to update. Problem solved. Hope this helps someone.

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