320 external USB HARD drive won't boot

After working fine for 5 months, my disk 320 external HARD USB is now showing that it is not initialized. When I go to disk management and click to initialize it, it won't boot. Can someone tell me how to make this work? I'm sure I'll have to format too, but can't find any way to make that without initializing the HARD drive first.
Any help would be appreciated.


Try removing the USB ports in Device Manager. After restarting again the USB ports should be recognised again.
Then again connecting the external HARD drive.

The second possibility is to use an external USB hub with an additional power supply.
It is possible that the HARD drive needs more energy than the 500mA

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  • External USB hard drives lose its connection and work stoppages. __

    External USB hard drives lose its connection and work stoppages.      History
    Windows 7 Ultimate - 64-bit
    I installed it on a HP Pavilion, OS, 64-bit, and I have this problem.
    People report that it does not occur with Windows 7 32 bit OS.

    Any brand of external hard drive USB (and other USB devices sometimes) lose its connection and stops working only when copying large files internal drive to external USB drives.
    The USB device may appear to work properly when Windows first starts, but later stops working (crashes computer) after the start of large files to copy. You must restart Windows for the USB is working again.
    This only occurs when you copy files large files to THE USB port, not on the internal drive. It happened when I synicing my IPhone with Itunes when it started the synchronization of music files.

    According to the suggestions I have:
    1) updated the BIOS from the websites of the manufacturers.
    (2) power management disabled on the USB hub for disks
    (3) ensure that the BIOS for Legacy USB is set to.  I don't have this option in the BIOS settings.
    (4) this is not a motherboard problem, it is located on three different MB that we use.
    Also tried three different USB drives and different cables.

    Because I tested with two different computers updated and USB drives, our opinion is that this problem indicates that the Windows 7 64-bit operating system.

    Someone knows a solution?

    Hi Jh6284,

    Thank you for posting.
    What is a version of Windows 7 RC or RTM?

    You can try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers for the USB ports in Device Manager.


    1. click on START
    2. right click "Computer" and select "Properties".
    3. on the left side, click on Device Manager.
    4. expand the 'USB Bus controllers' category
    5. right click and uninstall all THE references listed
    6. restart your computer and check if it works.
    I suggest you go to the Web site of the manufacturer of your and try to install the latest drivers for the chipset. Make sure that install you in compatibility mode there is no driver for Windows 7 64 bit.

    Please go through the article below to install in compatibility mode.

    Kind regards
    Technical support of Microsoft-yama.

  • How can I start my external USB hard drive?

    My old Windows XP laptop doesn't work anymore... so I took out the hard drive and put it in a USB enclosure. I plugged a Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 and tried to start the old hard drive in the boot menu.
    That didn't work because it starts to boot up normally, like a XP computer but all of a sudden, a blue screen comes up and says to "check for viruses on your computer. Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers. Check your hard drive to ensure that it is properly configured and completed. Run CHKDSK /F to check for hard drive corruption, and then restart your computer. "Something like that.

    Thank you

    The portable hard drive is expected to find all the material that was present in the laptop.  The material in your office is completely different.  The speed control is different.  You will not be able to boot from this portable player unless you put it in another laptop similar, at least the same type of hard disk controller.

    However, you can start on Vista, plug the portable hard drive and read data from there.  Once you shoot everything that you want on the portable hard drive, then you could erase it and re-install Windows XP on there if you wanted to, but it's a lot of pain in the neck, if you ask me.  I have just to load the virtual machine and create a virtual XP machine if I want to run XP.

    Good luck, Thomas Dietrich

  • Re: Boot from external USB HARD drive Toshiba 320 GB (MK3259GSX)

    I have PC (Windows7, SATA HDD, without CD/DVD drive), netbook and Toshiba External USB HDD 320 GB (MK3259GSX). Can I boot from the USB HDD? (to install OS or diagnostic tools like Memtest, MHDD etc..)

    I tried:
    1 format USB HDD, create the FAT32 partition and make active, copy the files, for example, ISO image of Windows 7 (I also tried bootsect/nt60), but when I reboot and choose from the menu of boot USB HDD it stops after "Verifying DMI pool data".
    2 Grub4dos (http://grub4dos.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page), but also had nothing after verifying DMI pool Data given.
    3. If you want to install Windows 7, I tried this tool, http://store.microsoft.com/Help/ISO-Tool, but it did not find my USB HDD.

    Sorry for my English.

    Has your computer laptop USB boot option?

    Anyway, is unclear to me that you can use this disk external DRIVE for the installation of the OS?

  • Model of Sony BRAVIA KDL 42W700B cannot view photos and videos of the external USB hard drive!

    Hey Sony,

    I recently bought the SONY BRAVIA KDL-42W700B model (http://www.sony.co.in/product/kdl-42w700b).

    The TV is recently launched by Sony, which made me buy this model.

    But the first day itself, I came across a problem with this model. I wanted to see some of my photos and videos, so I plugged my external USB drive (320 GB). I discovered this, he can not display my photos and videos in the directory view. He picked up any random photo/video to display from the hard drive.  In the thumbnail view, I could see of 27 items which were taken at random on the hard drive, and every time I connect it to the TV, I see some photos/videos at random that did not exist on the hard drive.

    Among the Options, button, tried to switch to view folders, but it also did not help. Only a few cases were projected, and that too not in any order, a few files randomly were chosen who have entered.

    Contacted the people at the showroom where I bought this TV and discovered that the problem was with this model ONLY. This model was taking too long (waiting at least a half hour load the photos and still did not get the pictures/videos in a correct view). They tested on various models (KDL-32W700B, KLV-40R452A, KDL-50W800B) and all these models supported the correct view and order, and he was also able to load the external hard drive fast enough.

    Apart from this, the bluetooth pairing happens not on this model. It seems that there is a serious problem with this model.

    In addition, contacted the people from sony who came to the demonstration and installation of the TV. Giving random answers to format the hard drive!

    Could you please help me on this? It seems that this model of Sony is defective.

    Hi arjun1610!

  • External USB HARD drive of GigaStore talk more to me


    I am a user of the device Gigastore and have not been able to connect via the USB port of my laptop or desktop.

    The message informs that ther files are corrupt and that it cannot be read.
    He is a recent problem that everything was OK until Tuesday evening.

    Any ideas will be very greatly appreciated as my entire collection of are Mp3 files on the hard drive.

    I'll be able to recover the files?
    The files will still be on the disk drive?

    Ainsel UK


    It is not easy to say what could be bad on the external HARD drive.
    You can try to connect the HARD disc to the desktop.
    Maybe the HARD drive can be recognized if you plug with the IDE cable.

    Sorry, I put t see any other possibility.

  • External USB HARD drive Stor.E basics Sleep Mode

    Hi all
    Recently, I bought Stor.E Basics 500 GB USB 3.0 external hard drive to store my archives of work (mainly the .docx and .xls formats).
    During my work after maybe 5 or 10 minutes, my drive HARD past in mode "sleep" and it takes time to wake up my drive and resave the file. Is there a solution to my problem? I need to disable the Sleep Mode.

    A few things I've tried:
    (1) I tried to use 'Always On' profile in the control panel power option
    (2) off "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" devices-online all storage devices Usb root Manager.
    (3) and also disk management-properties-hardware-online HARD drive-online policies online online => optimize for performance.

    OS - Windows XP SP3.
    PS Sorry for my English.

    Do you have the same HDD like this one?

    This HARD drive has need of 900mA power supply.
    This means that you need a USB 3.0 standard or 2 x USB 2.0 ports

    I think that if your computer supports support only USB 2.0, you must use the USB cable to Y which allows you to connect 2 USB ports HARD drive.

  • Mounting external USB Hard Drive to work as. Storage of ISO

    Hi all

    I'm new to VMWare and my Unix skills are really rusty, but I hope someone can help me with the following:

    I'm under vSpehere ESXi 5.0 andI want to install several comments on this host operating systems.  I have all the OSes different comments on an external hard Drivwe that is formatted with NTFS.  I would like to mount my external hard drive on the VMWare host and then mount an individual. ISO for the installation of a new virtual machine.  Can anyone help?

    Thank you, Brad

    So that when you connect the USB to your computer when you run the Client vSphere you cannot navigate to the drive?

    When you create the yoo VM can have the virtual cd-rom on your local cd or search for an ISO image on the local machine you. See section 4 of the http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-50/topic/com.vmware.ICbase/PDF/vsphere-esxi-vcenter-server-50-virtual-machine-admin-guide.pdf especially starting on page 42

    One thing also emphasize is your ESXi host will not be able to read an NTFS volume.

  • New computer, files are on old, external USB hard drive, impossible to get LR2 to recognize

    Installed LR2 on my first iMac 2 years ago and together towards the top so all my live photos on my external USB drive.  Bought my new computer, re-installed LR2, plugged my original HD USB and I can not get LR2 to look at the files.

    I looked around in the help and deleted my new computer HD library folder.  Now, when I start it, it asks me


    All my photos are on my USB HD (I can see them in the Finder), but I really don't want to have to re - import into LR2 again.

    Thank you!

    OS 10.6.7

    Intel i7 iMac

    You must find the catalog that LR has worked with before you change computers.

    You see, LR cannot 'see' image files that are on a hard drive, unless you have the catalog to go with these images.

    For LR to work, you must always two things: the image files and the catalog (and your previews).

    So where is the catalogue? Best way to go about this would be:

    Connect the external hard drive to your old computer and open LR. Go to Edition > catalog settings > general Tab. Select "every time I left LR'.

    Close LR and the backup dialog box will appear that allows you to choose a save location. Select your external hard drive as the location.

    When LR finished the backup, connect the external hard drive to your new computer. In your operating system, go to the backup location and double-click the file with the ending "lrcat.

    LR opens with this catalogue, and if you have not changed the location and/or the name of your image files or picture files he will find the images.


    PS: Make sure that the external hard drive on the new computer has the same letter drive, as it had on the old computer. If it does not have the following:

    In the Libarary Module, you should see question marks in addition to your files. Right click on the folder that is higher in the hierarchy and point LR to the location of this folder on your hard drive.


  • Toshiba Store Alu 3.5 "1 TB external USB HARD drive does not

    I turned on my laptop with my hard drive is connected.
    It flashes blue and everything and the computer recognizes that there is a usb device it but it freezes Windows Explorer.

    When I tried to click the hard drive icon, it says the device is not accessible.
    It does not unusual noises high expectations or clicks. I tried to unplug and every bit nothing helps.

    I read somewhere else that it can be a power supply problem? (a few days ago I had a really small power cut which lasted a second...)
    I really hope that this isn't a drive failure hard because I have 250 gb of music in there! Should I send in repairs?
    If so, my data would be deleted? I had this for only less than a month.

    Thanks in advance.

    > It seems to work on other computers without problem, but on mine, it is not
    In such cases, it s not a problem of disk HARD but eventually its computer number you and, eventually, the OS does not contains some drivers / extract, etc. eventually the operating system must be updated

    Welcome them

  • Portable made hearing on external USB hard drive

    I wish I could buy hearing for myself and install it on my laptop hard drive so that I can take my work with me and use and hearing it no matter where I find a computer or laptop.  At work, home, a House of parents or a friend... I have not really tried yet, but I thought that I ask here before you ruin things...

    If I buy the hearing and install it on a portable USB drive, it works on another computer?

    Is there a way that this would work without some sort of Virtual Machine?

    Or should I have posted this in the forum asking to feature?

    Do not make it appear legal mumbojumbo, but it violates a license or a EULA by doing this?

    Most of my mixing or mastering can be done outside the studio and I have backups of the current work on my drive anyway.  And so it would be nice to be able to do it at home with all the same presets on my own copy of the hearing...

    ryclark wrote:

    I don't think it will work because the hearing is enabled it is locked to the PC and there physical signature. You can disable only during the uninstallation. And then, it will have to be reactivated on the following PC.

    Just to confirm - I can tell you with absolute certainty that it will not work . That's the bad news...

    But the good news is that when you buy a copy of the Audition, Adobe will help you install and activate it on both machines. So I have a copy on a laptop, and it's good enough for me!

  • "Sleep mode" for external USB HARD drive with EA6900

    Hi, I have an EA6900 and I want to protect my attached HDD, put it to sleep when no activity. Because I see that is still in rotation.

    I used to have an Apple Time capsule and the autosleep HDD internal when no activity and start over when someone in netwotk try to access.

    I read in the site of the seller of my HARD drive that is not practical to keep the HARD drive running 24/7.

    Are there any HARD disk with autosleep mode? Perhaps?

    Any advice on that?

    Finally, after some research, the best option I found is "Seagate Expansion Desktop".

    HARD drive have a power management integrated that you can configure by setting the mode 'sleep' time of inactivity (15 m, 1 hour, etc.).

    And also, the wake up function works by accessing the HARD drive via SMB.

    I tested and it works fine (so far).

  • Toshiba 320 GB external USB HARD drive - 10 error Code

    Basically, I bought one of these today and put everything and he put in place and for some reason, my computer refuses to recognize or even start it. Initially, he recognized new hardware, but then nothing happened. I found it in device manager and it says that it will not start due to a "Code 10". Anyone know what it is?

    Then I turned off my computer after about an hour of nothing, then tried again, once more he recognized a second but a pop up came that said an error has occurred and may not work properly. Again, someone knows why this happened?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


    Code 10 means that the device could not start.
    Make sure you have the latest driver installed for your device. You may also be able to resolve this issue by removing the device in Device Manager, and through the Add New Hardware Wizard in Control Panel.

    It is also possible that your USB HDD needs an external power supply.
    If the USB device needs more than 500 ma, so usually an external power supply is required.

  • DESPERATE HELP! MacPro 2014 suddenly fried (?) after inserting the external USB hard drive, help!

    I plugged a new external HD USB (literally out of the box) to my MacPro and suddenly the display went dark, the music stopped. I waited a few minutes and tried to restart. The chime goes off but display remains dark. I think I've tried everything under the Sun (the PRAM, 5 second long hold of the button reset / stop) but nothing helps.

    I deleted all the cables, left it unplugged for a minute, restarted with nothing except the screen and keyboard. Chime passes then nothing.

    Is it possible that the USB fried the mobo? I had the Mac for a while now and never seen anything like this.

    I have two external displays connected via thunderbolt

    It is the HD, a pregnant optimized SSD INATECK

    http://www.Amazon.co.UK/GP/AW/d/B00FCLG65U/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?QID=1455046541&SR=8-1& pi = SY200_QL40 & keywords = inateck + speaker & DPLS = 1 & dpID = 41LT5jGJ01L & Ref = plSrch & th = 1 & PSC = 1


    I plugged the USB HD directly aft of the MacPro

  • IdeaPad V570 - I need my external USB hard drive to the new drive D

    I have all my work files on a hard disk of laptop HD that allows me to share my work between my desktop and my laptop. My portable HD player was named D: drive because of the huge amount of custom templates special and the formulas that I use in my daily work. Unfortunately, the software I'm using is old fashioned so I can not change the drive letter.

    Because my old laptop crashed I now have the new IdeaPad V570 so I had to change the drive letters when it dawned on me that the Lenovo D: drive is full of drivers, fingerprints and One - Key recovery software that probably, I can not change the letter of the drive on. What can I do?

    As seems to be important, mission critical, in your case I would suggest the following:

    After that the creation of a set of records of recovery and backup of your files, if you have not already, go ahead and change the drive letter. I confess that I do not know the V570, but honestly, I can't imagine Lenovo put anything on the D drive which, once removed would affect the functionality of the system.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Disable the untrusted connection

    Hello I use firefox for work and use only some sites and this message is really annoying, especially for intranet sites.So, I really want to know how to completely disable this type of security controls. I've spent a lot of time and this, I don't wan

  • BT and the webcam won't work on Satellite S70 - A - 11 G on Ubuntu 64 bit 14.04

    Bluetooth and webcam do not work on Satellite S70 - A - 11 G with Ubuntu 64 bit 14.04.Do you know where can I find the drivers? Thank you.

  • Satellite 5100 503 - I need a new graphics card

    My 5100-503 Satellite picture shows scrambled during the start especially when the computer is hot.The sound breaks also. He was diagnosed as a problem of display card. The card has a chip from nVidia GeForce4 440 Go.What is the equivalent card avail

  • expresion regular to match html tags

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