34.0 Firefox does not stop when I go out. It has 2 iterations of Flash Player running with her.

Firefox 34.0, Win 7. I uninstalled Firefox and install a new copy of 34.0 FF. Problem still exists.

I tried the changes suggested in Preferences: privacy, but I only have to re - login on all sites that normally, I leave to the connected state.

What's next?

Well, I discovered this track-Me-Not (trackmenot - 0.8.13.xpi) is the cause of this problem. I used the process of elimination, through all my modules one at a time. And Yes, I removed the old iteration of 'Download status bar.' I looked for a more recent version of track me no (trackmenot - 0.8.14.xpi, etc.), but nothing helped.

This seems to be the fix and as such I would like to thank you for all your support.

Happy new year, Mr President.

Major Howland

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    HI sselden,.
    Thank you for your question. Currently the version that you are on the old version. The current version is 29 and the beta version is 30.

    I recommend you to install a new beta version or the more up-to-date. http://www.Mozilla.org/en-us/Firefox/channel/

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    Scroll down and you will find English (US) in the column of the language.

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    Hello banditpunpun2,

    Thanks for the return of the response.  I also go to your manufactures website and confirm you are updated with the lates drivers, updates the firmware and BIOS.  I even watch the forums on the manufacturer's Web site to see if others have experinced the same question.

    Please let us know status.

  • 50% off until December 31? Now the discount does not automatically when you check out


    I was prepared VCA - VTC and VCA - WM. I took and passed between them.

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    Kind regards.

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    Firefox may have need of more time to close properly that allows Windows and in the case where Windows is abandonment of Firefox closing process then you given are damaged, then always first close all programs in particular Firefox before close the computer or check if you can make Windows do wait at least 30 seconds or more (you can check in the Task Manager to see how much time Firefox takes to close).

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    Signature of the problem:

    Problem event name: BEX

    Application name: firefox.exe

    Application version:

    Application timestamp: 5000b 729

    Fault Module name: LVPrcInj01.dll

    Fault Module Version: 11.80.1048.0

    Timestamp of Module error: 488b3c09

    Exception offset: 00006074

    Exception code: c000000d

    Exception data: 00000000

    The system version: 6.0.6001.

    Locale ID: 3081

    Additional information 1: cd21

    More information 2: 01d9174c762f08c4addf02cfdc2dd662

    3 more information: 5f3e

    Additional information 4: f33234e8bd4e4c7a45cfb8b872a5e602


    For more assistance, please contact Mozilla Firefox.


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    It is normal to take a long time to clear the history, particularly if you include clear memory Cache. Your hard disk activity probably going to be continuous. I would give it at least 2-3 minutes before you assume that Firefox has stopped working.

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    W8.1 update 1 running. I installed FF29RC1 that works without problem, however when I close FF I can't repeat it because it says its already running. When I stop the service of FF in the Task Manager, turn off the update in the FF options, it works wihthout no problem and I can start FF whenever I want without any problem.

    29,0 Firefox has been released, so no need to install a release candidate.

    You can find the full version of the current version of Firefox 29,0 in all languages and for all systems operating here:

    Have you checked in the system monitor if there is still a running Firefox process?

    Did you install Firefox in your user account (~ or/Home / < user >) or in a place that requires root for write access privileges?


  • Why firefox does not accept when I confirm security exception?

    I went on this site for many years and now after erasing my history, etc. I can't get in. Firefox said connection is not approved. When I click on confirm security exception, just, it is there and does nothing. Can someone help me? I miss playing on my favorite site!

    What security (firewall, antivirus) software do you have?

    Some security software intercepts them secure connections and sends its own certificate.

    Some examples are ESET and Bitdefender.

    • ESET setup-> Advanced Configuration-> expand web and email-> SSL shaft
    • SSL protocol: do not scan SSL protocol
    • BitDefender-> privacy-> settings disable SSL Scan
  • My computer does not stop when I click on Shutdown



    Exactly how you try to shut down the computer?

    Pressing on the button / stop? Clicking Start then stop?

    Check the Power Options settings in the Control Panel

    Select system and security

    Select the Power Options

    Select the current power Plan and change plan settings

    Select change advanced power settings

    Expand them power buttons and lid

    Select the options you want for doing just that the button / stop and if PC is a laptop computer that the CAP .

  • Firefox does not install when I click on Run

    I tried to install several times. He goes to the download file. When the "Run" box appears, click on run does nothing. I waited at least 10 minutes.

    Please advise and thank you in advance,


    Try this:

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