3520e DeskJet prints too big of top margin or reduced size image

HP DJ 3520e on Win7 64-bit.

The 3520e DeskJet printer works fine, but it prints with too great a margin. If I reinstall the printer using Win7 driver, it has good top margin and size, but it lacks two-sided. The problem is especially annoying when I try to print from InDesign CS5.

In other programs, the HP printer driver prints the picture at a reduced size.

If you try to double-sided, then you will need to manually duplex items of the correct margins. Here is a post I made about why it happens. It is a problem with the mechanics and not with the software.


I hope this is the information that you need!

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    Hide the Dock. Take your cursor to the right until it turns into a double arrow. Drag upward until you get a satisfactory size. Display the Dock as you want.

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    Please come back to me @Birdiesis.

    The question of quality that occur of independent, it is clearer that this is strictly a hardware problem. Even though you have already cleaned the print heads, I recommend that you work your way through the following alignment oriented troubleshooting workflow:

  • DeskJet 3510: Print too large Deskjet 3510

    Lately, whenever I have print anything it is printing too big - margins are off page. I did the align printer and can't find anything in the settings of the printer for this affect where it prints the correct size - it is not set in landscape mode and is set to portrait, so I do not understand why it feels like landscape. Anyone know how to solve this problem.


    Welcome to the Community Forum of HP.

    Most of the time, the size of the police - margins, the scale - and 'together General' that you print the page is managed in the application you are using at the time that you configure the print job.

    In most browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer), publishers of documents (Word, free) and PDF (Adobe Reader and Foxit) readers, this "setup" is run a program or a called subroutine print preview.

    You (in other words, the print job) can get into trouble when the scale of the Page does not match the study - maybe the margins are not (and must be) set "Fit to Page".

    Font sizes may be too small - or large - for similar reasons, but it can become a little more complicated than that.

    It is also true that certain documents and Web Pages are best printed in landscape mode in Portrait - and it is not always clear in glancing at the Page that is best.

    You might take a look at the following and see if the explanations and examples can help you sort through what is happening in your situation:

    Manage the print with preview output before printing

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  • HP Deskjet 2544: Deskjet print margins

    I had to reinstall my Deskjet 2544 when I got a new router - and now the print area has been reduced and the bottom of my documents are cut off. It didn't happen before reinstalling.

    How to enlarge the print area, or minimize the margins of the printer


    What are the bottom of the printed page margins?

    The Deskjet 2544 does not support printing without margins, the margins of document must match (or exceed) these margin in portrait orientation settings:

    Left & right: 0.32 cm

    Top: 0.15 cm

    Downstairs: 1.45 cm

    You can find the printer specifications listed below, see the specifications of paper output > print margins:


    Kind regards


  • HP Deskjet F2430: Printer printing too small

    My operating system is Windows 10.  I'm not sure about the size of the bit.  My HP Deskjet F2430 is too small Word printing online.  I checked the font size & it is set correctly, but the impression is so small that it is barely readable.  Thanks for your help.

    Welcome to the community of HP @yellowrose22052,

    I read your questions about printing HP Deskjet F2430 too small Word online. I will certainly do my best to help you, however, I would ask that you please let me know some more useful information to help me the problem of the search for you.

    Please respond to me with the following. If there is no action here that you haven't tried, please try them before you answer and include the result in your response to me:

    How the printer is connected (USB / wireless / wired / Bluetooth)?
    Did you test functionality of the hardware (made copies) and they work successfully?
    Have you tried printing from different programs (IE, Chrome, Firefox) web browsing?
    If you are using Windows, run the print and Scan Doctor and understand the results.
    Have you made recent changes to your establishment (moving, upgrade, downgrade, new software, new router, etc.)?
    Have you completed all the updates of Windows/Mac OS?
    You see messages of error codes and if so, what they say and where do you see them?

    Thank you.

    In the meantime, here's a possible solution, that you can try.

    Open the web browser, Print, then select the layout option. Make sure that the print format is set to 100% and that you did not select the shrink to fit.

    I hope this helps and have a nice day.

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  • Print size too big to fit on a page in FF, not in Chrome.

    Have Win XP pro, Epson TX100 printer. At some time the impression was almost too small to read. Lately, it is too big to fit a page unless I use the print command on the file menu, where I can change the % the size, but then I get the entire page showing the FF headers, sidebar, etc.. I tried to change the font size in FF, but it makes no difference.

    I forgot to mention that the Page configuration settings are available in two places:

    (1) (File menu menu bar) > Page Setup

    If you do not normally display the menu bar, you can display it temporarily by pressing the Alt or F10 keys.

    (2) print preview

    The toolbar has a Page Setup button, and the scaling and orientation are exposed both directly on the bar.

  • hp deskjet 1510 printing too dark


    As says the subject, my HP Deskjet 1510 printer is printing too dark. Does anyone know how to change this?

    Thank you

    Thanks for the reply.

    You try to print a photo, if so what program? If you print word documents, try printing in draft mode.

    I would like you open the printer from the desktop icon or go to Start> all programs> HP> Deskjet 1510> 1510 Deskjet series. The Printer Wizard, click the estimated ink levels> Services> print quality diagnostic report, not this dark printing page as well?

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    All my documents printed on by F4580 are too big to fit on the page (such as the 125% or more) and shift to the right.  Was started after I increased the size of a certificate to fill the page, but I can't retrace my steps to shrink down.  It is rampant in Word, Excel, jpg, etc...


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    You are at half way to know the answer.  The trick is in the balance: 125%.  The smile.

    The size of the output is generally managed in mode print - preview in browsers AND Word.

    Publishes February 28, 2015 > update of Document

    See this Document of the Dragon:

    Manage the print with preview output before printing

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  • HP DESKJET 1510: print too slowly

    Hello, I got hp Deskjet 1510 printer yesterday, I installed it successfully but when im trying to print prints too slowly I don't know why I tried to take the cartridges too see if that is the problem but it was not she always feel too slowly and its so boring

  • my registration is too big and the bottom and the top of the page entry is also

    don't know how to fix this problem.  page is too large for the screen and I have to scroll it to be


    Right click on desktop - customize - display settings - Set resolution.

    Right click on desktop - customize - top left adjust font size (DPI)

    CTRL + mouse wheel works ZOOM

    CTRL + and CTRL - work ZOOM in and out

    Your mouse/touchpad probably incorporates a ZOOM to it.

    Your system also has a magnifier built in which could be a problem - it can be as often
    programmed to work on the mouse/keyboards.

    How to turn on the Magnifier On or Off in Vista

    To see if your mouse/touchpad is set to ZOOM or enlarge use Control Panel - mouse.

    The TouchPad (if you have one) probably also has Hotkey controls so check with system
    manufacturer support, online documentation and their forums, where appropriate.

    In Internet Explorer, click the number in the lower right between the + and the arrow pointing down - value 100 v.

    Or SEE - ZOOM - to 100

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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    There is no problem with changing the size of the fonts, etc, just the size of the main view. The problem is that in Firefox, not other programs.

    I tried the Firefox reset procedure, but that didn't help either.

    Oh, wait. You cannot resize a window enlarged, so that it runs from edge to edge without the sizing handles is normal Windows. You need only the above procedure, if the window is so large that it blocks the taskbar or the monitor runs away.

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    I noticed in this screenshot that you have increased proportional size from 16 to 24.

    This helps to redefine 16?

    You can see the default values in a screenshot in this article:

    You can reset the fonts preferences on the topic: config page by default via the context menu.

    • Open the topic: config page through the address bar and do a TEXT search through the top search bar of the about: config page.
    • Reset all the font.* related prefs which appear "BOLD" (user set) via the context menu to their default value.
  • All-in-one HP Deskjet 2540: delete at the request of print job on a deskjet printer MAC OS 2540 x 10.9

    How can I delete a regular print job to a 2540 MAC OSX 10.9 deskjet printer.  I can pause, but may not know how to remove it completely.

    Hello @annetrumbo,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I would like to help you today with removal of a print job in the print queue for your all-in-one printer of HP Deskjet 2540 on your computer Mac OS X 10.9. Can I please you follow the steps below.

    1. click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of your computer screen

    2. click on System Preferences

    3. click on Print & Scan

    4. click on printer Deskjet on the left to highlight

    5. click on Open Print Queue on the right side

    6. in the print queue window, click the print job you want to delete. Then click on Remove in the top left corner. Once the print queue window is clear, you will have a nice clean slate for your printer.

    Please let me know if this procedure works for you. Good luck!

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