36 wsn-3202

Hello, dear OR engineers!

There is a task to build net wsn with 36 x 3202 modules on a COMPACT territory and 9791gtw ~ 70x70meters, is it possible?
(All documents are read, please visit)

Problem is that all modules can 'see' radio signal each other in the small territory while it produces interferences and there is no possibility of separate wsn-routers.
All modules are distributed on a square regular. WSN-9791 is one side of the square on a height of 8 m.

Someone at-ideas? Or maybe sombody can convince me that such system is incorrect? Plan in attachments.
Thanks for any help!


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  • WSN-3212 or NI WSN 3202 when loaded with VI target with

    WSN-3212 or NI WSN 3202 when loaded with a new firmware using option "Add LABView WSN target", cannot re connect with the gateway ethernet OR WSN - 9791. In MAX, the quality of the link state is "lost Signal".

    Basically, I tried to change the sampling in the sample interval ""case structure, then built the VI and deployed on two WSN nodes. " They show the status of the download of the firmware and the LABView also shows the message 'successfully deployed", but then, knots just to start scanning and never connect again.

    Please help in this regard.

    Hello binarystar105,

    When you have downloaded the new firmware, did you follow the steps described in this article?

    How to upgrade the Firmware on my NI WSN gateway?


    Also, what version of firmware you currently have?

    What version of the LabVIEW WSN Module work?

    If you look at the properties of the node of your window from the LabVIEW Project Explorer, can set you the tab node sampling interval?

    You may already familiar with this material, but I found the following white paper to be extremely useful when I started working with WSN:

    Getting started with wireless sensor networks of NOR


  • WSN-3202 sensor supply voltage

    I want to know the amount of voltage that provides power to the sensor of WSN-3202. In the datasheet, it is written that it provides 12.6V. But if I operate the WSN-3202 battery, then to the maximum node, it can get 6 v battery of four. then, how it may be able to give where driven by battery 6V 12V sensor? Help, please.

    I have another question, with regard to my knowledge, the node not send data continuously, when gateway will call it, send it and so it will save battery by making it on after call from bridge - this idea is good? If it so, then when the node is in mode 'sleep' (do not send all data, connection) will give no voltage sensor - it should be? is it? then when the gateway do call, connection, gives power to the sensor. but he will do a delay to give power to the sensor and collect sensor data right? will this affect?

    Hello, KJV,.

    Must have lost this reply in my email. My apologies that I answer all the time!

    The sampling interval is when the wake of nodes of samples, the front-end (IA and DIO) and transmits that data back to the gateway. This is done on the sampling interval, so if your sampling interval is 5 seconds is how many times it happens. The node is in standby the rest of the time. Sampling and sought takes ms.

    The time setting power sensor is for you to specify if you want to than the power to allow line. If, for example, if your setting is 250ms for sensor supply and our sampling interval is 5 seconds:

    1 start time = 0

    2. the sensor works in 4.75 seconds

    3 example of front end and transmit data to 5 seconds

    4 node falls asleep to ~5.1 seconds

    Let me know if this clears things up for you.

    Again sorry for the late reply.


    Support Engineer produces WSN R & D

  • How to make connections on the outputs of the letter of wsn 3202?

    GOOG morning engineers,

    How to make connections on the outputs of the letter of wsn 3202?

    Sorry, I'm very confused by your response.

    You must not something on the power set by program, just connect a power supply to DIO power and mass of DIO.  Then your DIO lines should be able to output values.

    In addition, I think that you may need to configure the output line.  This would be by the project.  I don't remember what it is, but it should be in some menu properties (probably for the specific line of DIO).

  • Write the name of shared variable wsn-3202 the string of the action file name

    I use the output of several nodes Variable shared, assigned to an analog WSN-3202, as input in writing to measurement file Express VI. They are merged before entering write it as file Express VI using merge signals. I write data to a file text (VLM). In the output text file the columns containing data from the analog channels WSN-3202 are titled "Untitled", "Untitled 1", "Untitled 2" and so on. " I want that these titles to be based on the WSN-3202 node name and the channel they represent. How this is done? I've attached the output text file.


    There is a VI called to set Dynamic Data attributes where you set your signal name.

    I hope this helps!

  • Deployment error - NI WSN 3202

    Salvation OR engineers,

    We will continue our conversation. Please see the message erro in the attached file.



    I need clarification on the concept of sampling interval wrt nodes NI WSN (3202, 3212, 3226) training and even with my kit. I list the approaches that I have known,

    • Approach I: in Structure case 'Node target VI'--> 'Start '. Choose the mode "VI Driven" and together with a constant interval sampling.

    • Approach II: In the case 'Node target VI'--> 'Start' Structure. Choose mode "Host Driven" and the sampling of sets interval via "user Project dialog box" (*.lvproj), choose particular node, do a right click-> properties-> tab node-> change the number in the collection interval box. "»

    • Approach III: Using the API host WSN, something as pic shown sideways

    Question 1: I tried this III, with "VI Driven" approach, does this independent approach of mode affect you?

    • Approach IV: In 'Target node VI'--> placing 'ConfigNode VI' and set the sampling interval according to the logic of the user in "Sample" and other Structures of the case. [Interval sampling mode: VI led]

    Question 2: Considering III feasible approach in mode 'Led VI', did any priority is offered by node approach III against approach IV?
    [For example.] I set my Interval(say 45 <->60) of sampling to change in the order through certain events trigerred (BatteryLevels, LinkQ, SampledDataRange) and using VI host suite III approach I want to change the sampling interval (say 30) for a while. [So now sampling 30 sec interval remains static or it keeps changing (45/60) to 30 when the target node running sample structures & received Msgs.]

    Question 3: We have the chance to change the sampling for each channel (AI0... intervals AI3) or in groups of two channels and even with digital channels, if there is no restriction of internal hardware ADC/MUX invloved let me know.
    [For example.] If my sample data (range: 1-6 volts) to channel AI0 grave in particular area (say, 1 - 3V), work are perpendicular, but if it falls in the range (say 4-6 v) I want to change the sampling interval, while other channels (AI1... [A13) remain the same, regardless of either]

    Hi PP_BABU,

    This would work except that it might be difficult to corelate the sample # in the message to the user for the IO AI1 variable. A better approach may be to enter the data locally and combine multiple samples in a user-defined variable. You can change the AI1 data to a string, and then concatonate several in a larger string. Then send bursts of data. That should help with the battery life you could send each second instead of constantly backdata.

    Provided that the user has taken, there is no limitation. You just need to drop a basic I/O node and select digital i/o > User LED , then right click on the same I/O node, then select change write.

    See you soon,.

    Brian has

    R & D Product Support Engineer | WSN/network DAQ

    National Instruments

  • connect to 9791 WSN gateway on different domain

    RE: gateway WSN-9791

    I want to collect data from a WSN without going through a computer at the location of very distant field.  For 1 beat per minute, we don't need the power and the cost of a RIO, or even a laptop computer in the remote location.

    I want to use a gateway 9791 (with some WSN-3202 devices) in a place of far field, directly connected to the internet via a satellite link.  I want to run a LabVIEW program on a computer at the location of the head office.  I intend to collect remote data locally on a LabVIEW VI without a computer in the remote location.

    Since the 9791 won't be on my same network back to the home office domain, how MAX to find the 9791?

    I've only used the 9791 on a local network, where MAX auto-detection is, well, automatic.

    William Reed

    Double Post.

  • remote connection to 9791 WSN gateway

    RE: gateway WSN-9791

    I want to collect data from a WSN without going through a computer at the location of very distant field.  For 1 beat per minute, we don't need the power and the cost of a RIO, or even a laptop computer in the remote location.

    I want to use a gateway 9791 (with some WSN-3202 devices) in a place of far field, directly connected to the internet via a satellite link.  I want to run a LabVIEW program on a computer at the location of the head office.  I intend to collect remote data locally on a LabVIEW VI without a computer in the remote location.

    Since the 9791 won't be on my same network back to the home office domain, how MAX to find the 9791?

    I've only used the 9791 on a local network, where MAX auto-detection is, well, automatic.

    William Reed

    Thank you very much - that really help.

  • Communication between nodes

    Hi all

    I have a question about wireless network. Can I pass data between the nodes? Here's my setup. I have WSN 9792, WSN-3202 (node) & WSN 3230 (router Mesh). I want to get a similar measure on WSN-3202 and send it directly to WSN 3230. I try to use the shared variable network read the analog value on 3230, but receive nothing. So is there a solution?

    Thank you


    Hey Andy,

    You must first send all data to a node through the gateway. To send data to another node, you must use a message. http://zone.NI.com/reference/en-XX/help/372802D-01/lvwsnref/wsn_host_pal/

  • WSN-9791, management to the 3202 errors

    I have setup a 9791with 3202 and attached to a 250 Ohm resistor to measure a 4-20mA signal to the 3202 AI0. I'm always out of measing the input voltage and I also check the voltage of battery, link quality, external power supply and error messages with the management of simple mistakes. Everything seems to work properly. Now I disconnect to the 3202 and remove the batteries. Surprisingly, the voltage to AI0 remains its value, the battery voltage remains the same, it shows as external is present and the error handling will not display any errors. After 3 minutes MAX will show that the signal was lost. The VI shows that the external power supply has been disconnected. All other values remain the same

    I'm using LabVIEW 2009FDS and I don't have a Pioneer or any additional software. I have updated the firmware of the 9791 and 3202 to the latest revision.

    How can I display in my VI that the signal has been lost? MAX seems to be able to do so, but only after 3 minutes. Why the management of errors never poster no matter what? Why is the quality of the binding the same when the signal is lost?

    Thank you

    Hi wv,.

    I'm sorry that you are not satisfied with the features of the WSN material.

    You need not actually a time accurate system to check if your data is obsolete.  What you need to do is check compared to the timestamp of the last time read you.  In this case, it matters really very little whether the internal clock is 1903 or 2011.  You check just to see if the data was updated to say the past 3 minutes.

    As far as the quality of the connection goes, it's also a common variable and therefore likely to be the same phenomena as the other values of nodes.

    Have a great day,

    Chris V

  • USRP can be used as a gateway for NOR-WSN nodes

    Hello world

    I use NEITHER-WSN kIT includes a gateway (9792) and of the NODES(3202,3212,3226 all programmable) NOR-WSN and I also try experiments with NOR-USRP 2921, so I thought to replace NOR-USRP 2921 of GATEWAY ETHERNET of NOR-9792 TIME REAL as it also works on the same 2.4 GHz.

    USRP 2921 can act as a bridge or not? This is possible, please suggest.

    Best regards,

    Afonso Sharma

    The short answer is no.

    The longer answer is that a WSN node uses a radio of fixed function with a full protocol stack.  The USRP is a generalist radio which covers a set of common frequencies, but there is no such thing as a fully functional turnkey battery.  It could be designed?  Maybe during many years-men targeted development.

    The USRP is mainly used as a search feature.  Most of the research implements a small aspect of a Protocol, ususally focus on the physical or the MAC layer, then it customizes and evaluates the results.

    The right solution for WSN is a WSN gateway.


  • Power of reception in an NI WSN with standard 802.15.4


    We are 3 students in France who configure an NI WSN what measures of temperature and relative humidity. The technical aspect, to acquire the power of reception RSSI, latency... nodes of different measures (NI 3202, NI 3226 and gateway NOR 9791). Indeed, we must analyse different aspects for the deployment of the nodes in the classroom.

    However, we do not have these information with NI Labview and NI MAX software. We are unable to acquire digital data, perhaps they are locked by NOR. Can access us those for each node?

    Thank you very much for your answers.

    Hello VincentIUT

    When you create a WSN project, you can find the quality of the connection in the Project Explorer, you can draw this node to the VI and it shows the power of the received signal. While the range of values from 0 to 100

    What is the value mean?... you can use the discussion forum linked below as a reference:

    The intensity of the signal - dBm calculation?

    In this forum, there is a link to an article, here you can find:

    Conversion percentage of dBm values Signal strength of


    Frank R.

  • time (for wsn 9791) in MAX server configuration


    I need to set up a time for my gateway WSN9791 server in order to ger readings with timestamp of remote nodes. How can I do?

    I already checked this forum and other sources of information on this issue and has concluded that the time server is configured by using MAX under "Remote Systems > NOR-WSN9791 > System Settings" but I have not found any arrangement for the NTP server there.

    My system configuration is:

    -Windows 7 Professional

    -LabView 2013

    NOR-WSN 2013

    -MAX 5.5.0f0 of worm.

    -a WSN9791 gateway

    -eight knots of WSN3202



    Finally, I asked the technicians support of OR who have come to find a solution.

    I report the message that describes the problem.


    Why can I not set a time for my NOR-WSN-9791 gateway server?

    It is a known problem in NI MAX 5.5 and 5.6 MAX OR. The time server option was not be displayed due to a change in the backend of the system settings page. Workaround to view the setting of the time server was created. The following steps will allow the option of time server OR 5.5 or 5.6 MAX MAX OR

    1. on your development computer, go to C:\Program NIUninstaller Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ to C:\Program Files (x 86) and 64-bit windows \National Instruments\MAX\UI Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ for 32-bit windows.
    2. in the directory C:\Program Files (x 86) of Providers\DefaultRemoteUixml\ \National Instruments\MAX\UI, make a copy of the original mxrmcfg. DDPSystem.def.xml original-mxrmcfg file. DDPSystem.def.xml. this backup the original file to undo the changes.
    3. open in Notepad the file mxrmcfg. DDPSystem.def.xml

    4 replace the contents of the file with the following:


    5 restart NI MAX

    After you follow these steps, you will be able to set the time server on the NOR-WSN-9791 via NI MAX.


  • with WSN Vernier temperature probe?

    Hello everyone. I have a hard time trying to get the sensor measures.

    I created the thread here: http://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/steinhart-hart-with-vernier-thermistor/m-p/2811150

    I think that now the formula is fine. So I realized, it could be that I chose the wrong node to work with probe thermistor based.

    So now I took node voltage/resistance NI WSN-3226. I don't know how to wire properly. EX0, AI0, and GND.

    Any help would be so awesome. Thank you



    Poor Hello,

    That's right - you get a voltage scale out, not a resistance value.  The manufacturer has provided additional information on the use of their probes with different here:

    Vernier: Can I use BTA Vernier sensors with another of A - to-D converter?


    In addition, it seems that there are already example screws provided making this conversion voltage - to-resistance to-probe.  I have found these Vernier website with terms like "ELVIS", "BTA-vehicles" and "reduced the tension.

    Vernier: Why is the temperature sensor read correctly with my NI ELVIS


    NI.com: Interfacing screw for Vernier biosensors (download of example provided at the top right)


    The VI "convert thermistor rdg" provided in the zip file seems to apply Ohm's law to determine the resistance of the thermistor of the acquired power, as you have noted.

    As a note - all this information was already available on the Web site with a minimum of research NOR and Vernier.  It's probably a good thing to consolidate this information in a single thread/place so that future users have access to it (that's why I'm a link everything), but by doing some research on your own or contact the manufacturer directly could have you up and running last week!  In addition, you must be sure that you understand your sensor and conditioning circuit before using the computer, do not understand what is happening is a good way to end up with measurement errors.

    In addition, you plan on leaving the WSN node attached to a Committee of ELVIS for the acquisition?

    Best regards

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