3rd party applications does not not with Q9h on T - Mo

I use an unlocked Q9h who was made to ATT, I just bought the phone and I use it on Tmobile. I was able to get almost everything to work internet/mms. The problem is that I have download all applications do not connect to the internet such as Google Maps, Nimbuzz, Facebook. Now, I can go to opera and see regular sites and WAP. XM radio app work also, but nothing else. Also, I can not the application of MI to work either.

Ahhh... so it was a G1 plan!  OK... sometimes, you need to use a different APN when your account is set up for the G1 (epc.tmobile.com rather than wap.voicestream.com), but very interesting him switch back to automatic has everything works now.  Well... don't know why Auto is different thanspecifically login name the internet, but very happy to hear that you are running.  Enjoy!

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    After that more than a month, I bought the Apple Watch, still a lot of apps from third party (such as Facebook Messenger, swarm, Skype or GoPro) do not work on the watch. Most of them keep loading or crash after a few seconds.

    He feels like a failure a lot of the features of my Apple Watch because these applications do not work.

    You need to download apps that are compatible with your Apple Watch. You have updated to the latest version of watchOS 2?

  • 3rd party extensions does not not in 20141 - pretend disaster!

    When I updated to 20141 my 3rd party extensions only will not activate in Live view mode. Yes I use page layouts fluid grid. Does anyone know a quick work around? I couldn't imagine what is happening!

    Open your CSS FLayout file in code view.  Add an X as shown below.  Save the CSS file.  Use this workaround to trick DW into thinking that your FGLayout is a normal page layout.  This should allow you to use design mode.


    Properties Grid Dreamweaver fluid


    DW-num-CLO-mobile: X 4;

    DW-num-CLO-Tablet: 8;

    DW-num-OCOL-Office: 12;

    DW-gutter-percentage: 25;


    Nancy O.

  • Satellite A660 3rd party WLAN does not work


    I had a problem with my WLAN adapter so I used to replace.
    Currently, I have installed card Broadcom Dell Wireless 1397.
    It has been defined by Device Manager and drivers have been installed.
    But it is impossible to turn on the WLAN.
    When I click the buttons activate WLAN, it just back to the OFF position.
    I also use Windows 10.

    Thanks in advance!


    I own Satellite A660 - 16 M. Initially, it was equipped with Broadcom BCM4318 WLAN card. I decided to replace it with an Intel Centrino N-6230 dual band with 3.1 Bluetooth card. Replacement process was fairly easy, the problem was to make the new card working group. I use Windows 10 as an upgrade to Windows 7 Home. As you can imagine that the utility flash cards stopped working after the upgrade of the system, but Windows 10 has managed to cope with BCM4318 since the original drivers and Windows 7 registry entries have been always working in the background. The WLAN button above the keyboard worked, was so orange the LED in the front of the laptop.

    Situation changed completely with the new Intel Centrino 6230 N WLAN card. Despite he properly recognized by device with all the necessary drivers automatically responsible manager, I was unable to have the WLAN button and the LED orange work which is to turn on the radio (the card WLAN itself, its possibilities of wifi). The weird part is that the Bluetooth worked without any problems.

    The solution was to put a small piece of electrical tape on the 20 PIN of the new WLAN card to prevent WLAN DISABLE State presented to the motherboard. So RADIO WLAN is always on, so Windows 10 own wifi tools were able to switch on the WIFI network and... I see now all (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz) wireless networks. Of course the WLAN button and the orange LED still haven't work (it seems that it is somehow hardcoded to support only the original BCM4318) but I don't love about it. The most important is that I'm now a lot more capable wireless network inside my laptop card.

    I hope that the solution above works in your case, 8stack. Watch the attached files to see what she looked like, as in my case.


  • 3rd party applications stop creating desktop shortcuts

    A horse of Trojan and virus completely disabled my browsers, shortcuts, etc..  I just finished restoring my site and everything works except one!

    When I run 3rd party applications they not create the desktop icon that runs the application.  I get an error msg '1909 - failed to create the desktop icon.

    When I go into the folder and right click and create a shortcut, it does not work.

    In iE8, there is only an execution of the installation that creates a shortcut within the app... it does not work.  It is the only part of my installation I have been unable to restore.

    I work part-time at home for a company and I need these desktop icons for programs.  In fact, the icons of the Office for WORD, EXCEL, etc., have also stop working.

    I hope you can help me.

    Mona Glover

    Hi Mona,.

    1. have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    2. you receive an error message or error code?

    This problem may occur due to virus corruption of system files or system.

    Try the following and see if it helps.

    Method 1:

    Refer to the steps in the following Microsoft article.

    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks

    Note: FixIt would attempt to recover bad sectors on the hard disk, in the course of this process there are chances of data loss from that particular area.

    Method 2:


    I suggest you make a sfc scan and test the question.

    The sfc/scannow command. analyzes all protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with appropriate Microsoft versions.]

    Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe): http://support.microsoft.com/kb/310747

    Keep us informed on the status of the issue.

  • BlackBerry smartphones backup 3rd Party applications


    I tried to search this... maybe I did not put in the string to the right of the words... How should we do about backup 3rd party applications. I got the error 523 or what it is... where I basically have to reinstall everything on my phone. I can usually pull the backup of the emails/contacts/my computer but I do not know how to save my 3rd party apps specifically.

    In addition, because I ask anyway... anyway is to wipe my phone completely using Desktop Manager? I heard people say that they use JL order or whatever... I am familiar with this program and I was wondering if there was a way through before DM I look for another program.

    I appreciate the help in advance.

    Here is a great link that provides instructions step by step on how to backup 3rd party applications (to note that you will still need to enter your licenses after for those who require licenses): http://forums.crackberry.com/f3/how-back-up-3rd-party-applications-53201/

    If you just want to reinstall the OS you have on your phone, JL_CMDER is the simplest method (otherwise you must first downgrade, then you spend again).  To make it as easy as possible, all you need to do is to download the non-installateur version of JL_CMDER (it's a zip file, you can easily extract in Windows).  Run JL_CMDER and select option 4 to wipe the phone.  Follow the remaining steps and will be wiped for your operating system (your phone will be error 507 on it once it is completed successfully).

    Then you can reinstall the operating system using the manager desktop or via the Loader.exe file in C:\Program Files Research In Motion\AppLoader.

    It is the best way to simply reload the same OS.  But if you do not want to, and if you are able to find a downgrade to (e.g. file, you can do the downgrade first and follow her again by the upgrade.

    I hope that made sense but let me know if you need help with this.  I'll be on the forums for about over the next 45 minutes or more.

  • I pay $49,99 and the application does not change "open" again in "trial"... I restarted the creative cloud with the login and nothing change...

    pay $49,99 and the application does not change "open" again in "trial"... I restarted the creative cloud with the login and nothing change...


    So many entries of URL blocker, Adobe, this is the reason why you are unable to activate the CC apps.

    Follow the procedure below:

    • Remove all entries that has name of adobe. Then close the Textedit, it will Autosave.
    • Make sure that there is no entry of Adobe on the inside.
    • Then copy and paste the Hosts file in folder etc.
    • We replace the modified hosts file that we had copied on the desktop with the original Hosts file inside the folder etc.
    • When you are prompted, the authentication by password Mac,
    • Be sure to select the option Replace ...
    • Once you have replaced the Hosts file, double click on it again and check if the Hosts file is free of Adobe entries.
    • In the affirmative. launch creative cloud application and load the list of Apps and check.
  • Satellite A200-1AX: many applications does not work under Vista


    I bought A200 1AX a few days ago and I'm not having a good experience with regard to the installation of applications on this Vista box. Even install yahoo messenger did not work and produces the NSIS error. 3D max 9 installation does not work (even though some have managed to operate); Install Adobe CS3 (supposed to be for Vista) did not entirely - the photopshop component have not installed, etc.

    The bottom line, I plan to move to XP OS. Means the required BIOS update I have my Vista recovery CD will NOT work after the switch to XP?

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Best regards, Ashraf.

    Unfortunately I put t know how to help you.
    Usually, if the 3rd party applications are designed and support the Vista while there should be no problem with unique program facilities.

    Check if all software packages are completely cared for and compatible with Vista.

    > The necessary BIOS update means that I have my Vista recovery CD will NOT work after the switch to XP?

    No, after the update the BIOS of XP, you will still be able to use the Vista CD from recovery, but perhaps some functions such as the FN keys will not work.

  • the iTunes Setup program finishes, but the application does not appear

    For starters, I'm on Windows, but it seems that the system is not the problem because it's happened before, with my Macbook Air.

    I download iTunes on Apple's site and Setup will run as usual and finishes. But iTunes never displayed in Program Files, the destination he was supposed to have downloaded. I opened the Task Manager and tried to manually run the program yourself by using 'itunes.exe', but he writes that the application does not exist.

    For general advice, see troubleshooting problems with iTunes for Windows updates.

    The steps described in the second case are a guide to remove everything related to iTunes and then rebuild what is often a good starting point, unless the symptoms indicate a more specific approach.

    Review the other boxes and other support documents list to the bottom of the page, in case one of them applies.

    The more information box has direct links with the current and recent if you have problems to download, must revert to an older version or want to try the version of iTunes for Windows (64-bit - for older video cards) as a workaround for problems with installation or operation, or compatibility with third-party software.

    Backups of your library and device should be affected by these measures but there are links to backup and recovery advice there.


  • Some applications does not respond after sleep (El Capitan)

    Product: 13 '' Macbook Pro retina (12.1) (base model sheet)

    El Capitan Version: 10.11.6

    The problem:

    When I connect after that my Macbook went down, I often have problems with some of the stock apps. In particular, I had this problem with the Mail Messages, reminders and calendar. This seems to be a problem when they are open before putting the macbook to sleep. This same problem happened with non-apple-stock applications.

    Once logged in, if I click on the application icon, the application window will come into focus. After that, I'm unable to use the application (as if frozen) and I often just see the spinning Rainbow mouse icon.

    Can I force quit the app and then open it again, but now the application does not load.

    To solve the problem, I can restart the macbook and all is well.

    Some others probably associated with funny things I saw (only attracted to this once... but did not look at one time or another):

    I open the calendar application after the macbook was sleeping and my full general calendar was empty (which would be nice if it were true!). In any case, I checked the 'accounts' and also found that there was no accounts! (I have 3 goes). So I wonder if there is a problem with the accounts after sleep since these apps I've had problems with all iCloud account and mail also uses some other accounts.

    Big Question: Is there something I can do to make that happen?

    Thank you very much for your help! Sorry if this is a double post, it is difficult to find an answer via google search.

    Start Safe Mode removes the system caches that can help...

    Follow these steps to start in safe mode.

    1. Start or restart your Mac.
    2. As soon as you hear the startup tone, hold down the SHIFT key.
    3. Release the SHIFT key when you see the logo Apple appears on the screen.

    After the Apple logo appears, this may take longer than usual to reach the login screen or your office. This is because your Mac performs a check of directory of your drive to boot in safe mode.

    To leave safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any keys during startup.

    Then try to Message, Mail, etc.

    If you still have problems, check the startup disk.

    Launch the disk utility located in/Applications/Utilities

    Then select the disk to boot on the left and then select the first aid tab and then click run.

  • On my old iPod Touch (4th generation), the music application does not open

    On my old iPod Touch (4th generation), the music application does not open. Everything will work as before. I suspect it has something to do with the position that the app was (in podcast lists) before the last sync. How can I get the app to open again?

    If you have not already, restart the iPod touch

    Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

  • ATL-TAB within the APPLICATION does not work

    I'm a convert from windows and love the mac but Alt - Tab within the application does not work - very annoying. I often have multiple windows in the same application, and if the only way to go is to use 4 fingers Mission control, it's terrible because Mission control lists all windows in a small size and pain to know that you want to go. While with alt - tab, I can quickly cycle or just go to the last which is often I want to go to.

    It is one of the major issues Mac usability for me.

    Any tips? or addons?

    Thank you.

    Cmd -'

    Curiously, this document has the wrong shortcut. Keyboard shortcuts in Mac - Apple Support

    They have to move to the next application window is to go to the previous application window.

  • Application does not work on some machine

    Hi people.

    Have an application which will not run on a certain machine. I installed it on a different machine and everything is ok, but there is no need in particular. All machines are windosw 7 64-bit. Now, there are more elderly labview applications that are installed and work very well its quite recent that used and I'm sure that there has been no upgrade to this machine.

    Compared to the machine which works when I install the app, I have the installation file on a flash drive which I run the Setup file of. On the questionable machine, I can't run the installer directly from the flash drive, I need to copy the file on. I then launch the setup and installation procedure seems to work cut ok when I click the icon that the application does not open.

    I guess it's a problem with the installer on the target computer. Anyone has any ideas or I could check?

    Thank you

    Select this option.

    It turns out that the anti-virus has been the question. I disabled it the programs ran late.

  • Get error "this application does not work without Google play services"...!


    I use google maps in my application and be able to install the apk from file in the BB device. But after installation when launching the application, I get an error "this application does not work without Google play services.

    How can I get google game services to the BlackBerry device.

    Kind regards


    The BlackBerry Runtime for Android applications does not support Google Maps (or Google Services play). If your application uses Google Maps, there are two ways that you can support mapping in your application. One option is to replace the library card theGoogle with a WebView that integrates the web version of Google Maps.

    For more information on this process, see using a WebView to view Google Maps.

    Another option is to replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap, which is a free card all over the world.

    For more information on this process, see Replace Google Maps with OpenStreetMap.

  • Application does not connect to the server using WAP2.0


    I used following code to get the suffix of the url that is required to connect to the application server using WAP2.0

                    //WAP 2.0
                String uid = null;
                ServiceBook sb = ServiceBook.getSB();
                ServiceRecord[] records = sb.findRecordsByCid("WPTCP");
                for (int i = 0; i < records.length; i++) {
                    if (records[i].isValid() && !records[i].isDisabled()) {
                        if (records[i].getUid() != null &&
                            records[i].getUid().length() != 0) {
                            if ((records[i].getCid().toLowerCase().indexOf("wptcp") != -1) &&
                                (records[i].getUid().toLowerCase().indexOf("wifi") == -1) &&
                                (records[i].getUid().toLowerCase().indexOf("mms") == -1)   ) {
                                uid = records[i].getUid();
                        System.out.println("Connected using direct WAP2.0....");
                    return ";ConnectionUID="+uid;

    I am same ConnectionUID as present in this complete book in Options in the device.

    Even application does not connect to the server using WAP2.0.

    Let me know what other things should I check to make application to connect to the server using WAP2.0.

    My phone is BB 8900 and OS 4.6.1

    WAP connection will pass through the gateway of the carrier.  This gateway can oppose your respect, or might be trying to optimize the data, or can display a login page for you.  Try the same URL that you use in your program, directly with the WAP browser on the device and see if that runs through effectively.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello I have an iPhone 4s, with iOs.9.2 and a MacBook Pro with Os X Yosemite 10.10. My photos from my iPhone automatically synchronize with Photos on my Mac and the videos I had on my phone are used also to sync, but they got over on October 2015. Ho

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    I got my Lenovo G50 45 less than 8 months, the hard disk is turned off, no help from technical support, they tried to talk me through my problem to help me recover my computer, for $199.00. I had our ITT man at work check it out, he told me that he h

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