4 USB ports on MacPro - solution

My new MacPro only has 4 ports USB, I maxed out with devices that can not connect through hub (Powered). I am looking for a way to run these specific devices via a USB hub, or some other means to directly reduce the connection of devices to 4 or less.

It doesn't seem to be a USB adapter Thunderbolt (I used Firewire adapters Thunderbolt on old disks hard ext)

-J' I always use a 30 "cinema display from Apple that I must connect to a USB port and a Thunderbolt port on the computer. But maybe he can join this USB plug through a powered hub?

-Wacom insists that their tablets to connect directly to the computer (not even a powered hub will do)

-J' have several external USB (only) G-disks (same model) one of these drives to malfunction if connected via the hub. It only works when directly connected to the computer.

-J' uses an external drive of the SS for Photoshop & Scratch video disc (and iTunes library). I am told that this should not go through hub.

I buy a special powered USB hub which has 3 ports to load. But wacom advises against the use of this. Not sure about the movie screen.

I know this is a fairly custom scenario, but none of my sources tech can offer solutions. Thank you for your helpful suggestions.


You can get a dock Thunderbolt like that.


It has three USB ports and other ports

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  • U2413, calibration solution Ultrasharp fails to connect to display via the USB port

    Dell U2413 SN: CN-0YCM0F-72872-48P-A81L REV A01 August 2014

    Try to run the ultrasharp Dell V1.5.3 on this monitor calibration solution, however, the software stops and displays "please connect the screen to your computer via a USB cable." I click the OK button after you have checked that the USB port on the computer is connected to the USB connection screen, but ultimately, this message appears:
    "Could not establish a connection to the screen. Please make sure that the USB cable is connected and try again. »

    Has tried this on two different computers, running Windows Pro 8.1. One was connected to the monitor cable HDMI to DVI (Thinkpad 10 via docking station), the other using the provided Dell Display Port printer for (Tablet Thinkpad X 230) mini display port cable.

    The USB ports on computers were connected the Dell supplied USB 3 cable to the monitor. Also tried this on a single computer by using a USB 2 port and a USB cable with the same result. The USB connections on the monitor seems to work ok when you plug a flash drive or the i1 Display Pro. Also, did a reset Monitor USB and verified that Windows has seen additional generic hubs when the USB Monitor is connected to the computer. There are 4 additional hubs when you use additional 2 usb hubs and USB 3 cable when using the USB 2 cable. In addition, power cycled the monitor several times (as recommended in the version that is known for this problem) without success.

    Before the attempt to make the calibration:
    A factory reset on the monitor.
    Ran the monitor self test and SUBMISSION. No problem found.
    Monitor purchased from Dell November 2014

    Same result with V1.5.7

    Any suggestions? Where should I go from here?

    I had success in the U2413 of profiling. I pulled out an old workhorse, a Thinkpad T43
    under Windows XP. Then installed the ultrasharp Dell V1.5.3 calibration solution and all
    updates available from Microsoft, but no other software - nothing of the Dell-supplied with
    the monitor. Used the DVI - connection DVI and USB 3 cable supplied with the monitor. The
    software Profiler has worked well with this configuration. When the program first took to the "Start
    Screen measure"(where the problem occurs already noted) Windows (message status bar)
    has reported that he accessed software Realtek 3.0. So I focused on research at the Realtek
    software on other systems.

    On the Thinkpad 10. There were two 1. "Realtek Card Reader" and 2. «Realtek USB 2.0 Card Reader» I have
    removed both and reinstalled the software Realtek for Dell monitor CD. Insert an SD card and
    a USB in the monitor and both were seen by Windows Explorer. There was also a Realtek USB
    3.0 card reader to showing in Manager devices under USB controllers. Using the connections between the T10 to monitor previously described the Profiler software, then ran normally.

    X 230 - I removed the "Realtek Card Reader" (V6.2.9600.30168) software and tried to start the
    Software Profiler and it does not at the same point as before. Then I installed the Realtek USB 2.0
    Software for the Dell card reader. However, there was still no Realtek USB 3.0 card reader
    display in the Manager of devices under USB controllers. Software Profiler is not like before. I then
    inserted an SD card in the monitor and the "Realtek USB Card Reader 3.0" appeared in the device
    Manager. Software Profiler, then ran normally.

    So now my two systems Windows 8.1 software profiling will not work if the 'Realtek USB 3.0 Card '.
    Reader"is not listed in Device Manager. To do this the software must be installed (for example
    starting from the Dell CD) AND an SD card must be inserted into the SD slot on the monitor. Remove the SD card
    Card and the device disappears and profiling software will not run. Insert an SD card and the
    Software Profiler works normally.

    How can I get the "Realtek USB 3.0 card reader ' to automatically load before running the Profiler software?

  • Faulty USB Ports & Solutions possible

    Hi all, my first post. So is everyone.

    I have a 15 "mid 2012 Macbook Pro which is now defective USB ports, I took it to a repair

    a specialist who said it would cost a lot of trouble and would be a difficult task.

    I have to push a device or a cable down hard enough so he could read once I insert it

    in the port and keep up the pressure if I want to read or write.

    Now, I thought that a thunderbolt port was just for the video, but I found the following: (crush on usb hubs)

    https://www.Amazon.com/Thunderbolt-USB-Gigabit-Ethernet-adapter/DP/B00T9LI7CO/re f = sr_1_7? s = electronics & ie = UTF8 & qid = 14656...

    http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1075056-reg/kanex_ktu10_thunderbolt_to_usb _3_0_esata.html

    Will this work on my mac? Or are there other ways for me to get the capability of USB back to? I need at least a USB port for my drawing tablet. Thus, a port would be nice.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Cape Town, South Africa

    The two cards you access both should work.  The eSata connection is probably not a good option for you.

    If you can not the USB ports repaired (which usually requires the replacement of the logic board) consider something suc as this:

    https://eShop.MacSales.com/item/other%20World%20Computing/TB2DOCK12P/?utm_source = google & utm_medium = shoppingengine & utm_campaign = googlebase & gclid = CPL8rPSuos0CFcQj gQodc8oGog

    It is not cheap, but cheaper than a logic board.


  • My ipod is not recognized when I connect it to my USB port

    I tried various things to make it work, uninstalled iTunes several times, tried a different cable, tried different USB ports, deleted the thing of locking the folder "Apple" on windows... heeeeelp

    Here you can find the solution If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support

  • Install on MacBook BootCamp with no USB port

    Dear community,

    I would like to install BootCamp on my new MacBook (MacBook8, 1 ongoing El Capitan 10.11.4), which does not have a USB port.  I was encouraged by this post: http://blog.twocanoes.com/post/130203487014/apple-boot-camp-no-longer-requires-u sb - flash drive , but when I run the Boot Camp Assistant, I don't see the interface he means.  I wonder if there is a workaround solution known to you guys, who maybe is to manually create the partition OSXRESERVED mentioned in the article.

    I also thought that maybe a firmware update would be useful by train, but the information here at least (on EFI and updates of the firmware SMC for Mac computers with processor Intel - Apple Support) does not include my MacBook8, 1 identifier.  (My current boot Version of ROM: MB81.0164.B13 and SMC Version: 2.25f87)

    Thank you


    The hole where you put your charger in is a versatile connection. There is a small adapter from apple, you can put with three connectors on the other side: a HDMI cable, USB3, charger.

  • Satellite Pro C650 - USB ports now DEAD

    Over the past 48 hours have really struggled to get my USB ports work,
    Toshiba SATELLITE PRO C650 lappy running W7... At only 2 usb ports.

    A couple of days, I bought a new stick of memory... 16 GB SanDisk Cruzer Blade... He stuck in lappy and anything that happened outside my mouse attached wireless stopped working.
    Since then, the ports were completely dead. (stick now appears on anotherPC)
    That's what I did so far, after a search web solutions thro...

    Device Manager display ports everything is OK with no exclamations...
    When I insert any USB device... no sound confirmation of PC and Dev Mgr flinch...
    Tried to uninstall port/hubs and leaving W7 re-install them using... Still dead...
    Trying to remove battery and power sector during the centuries, then re start off the power... Still dead...

    I think that my last resort looking for a factory system by default re install... but one have a mountain of things astro which must be saved and cannot be done through many many discs.
    I really want to be sure ive tried everything before you do this.

    Could I have really damaged the MB. ??
    I now nowhere so fast if theres anyone out there has any suggestions please shout...

    > I think that my last resort looking for a factory system by default re install... but one have a mountain of things astro which must be saved and cannot be done through many many discs

    Even if it s really painful to get everything installed it again, I would recommend to recover the laptop using the Toshiba recovery disc or HARD drive recovery.

    > Could I have really damaged the MB. ??
    Well, it's hard to say before trying the recovery procedure.
    If the USB ports are not working after using the recovery disk (or HDD recovery), then of course: the mobo may be affected, therefore, in my view, the laptop must be set to the factory settings.

  • Re: Satellite S50-B-15F - mouse not working not not on 3.0 or 2.0 USB port

    I have this mouse Steelseries Sensei, who works on all other computers I've tried, but on this laptop, it doesn't.
    Plug into the port 3.0 does not work and plug it into the port 2.0 makes this kind of work but skips working for seconds and after 20 seconds, it stops working at all. This is a new laptop with windows 8.1.
    The mouse is supposed to be plug-and-play like all software runs on the mouse itself.

    These are things I've tried:
    -Installation of the drivers. The mouse is not recognized.
    -Flashing new firmware with utility Steelseries. It crashes at halfway through leaving the mouse unusable. The flash of the firmware can be done on other PCs
    -Adjustment of the power load 1.5 turned on in the bios.
    -Eco mode off.
    -Disabling usb selective suspend setting in advanced power options
    the mouse still does not work

    I just discovered the mouse works fine on the laptop connected via a usb hub 2.0 in 2.0 or 3.0 port, if it is not a great solution

    Just a question at the beginning: you tested the functionality of USB ports with other USB devices?
    Are any other external devices such as USB keys or mobile phone connected correctly recognized?

  • HP 15-r002se: USB port does not

    I have a problem with my laptop [HP 15-r002se] all three 3 usb ports do not work, or even detect that something is plugged, I tried techniques to conquer the problem by the system of formatting and reinstalling windows 8 32-bit where I found myself without success, because I can't able to get compatible drivers of troubleshooting. Then I go to the usb ports even on windows 7 64 bit does not. and finally, format and install windows 10 64-bit, I downloaded the drivers from hp website, but unfortunately when I run the downloaded software sometimes nothing appears either to the pop-up a message on the error or continuation and sometimes it shows this kind of error after it finished extracting

    Finally with the help of pilots pack that I managed to install all required drivers but finally arrived with NO SUCCESS, yet neither the operation of the usb port. Here is the screenshot of my device manager.

    Please, I seriously need your help to solve this problem, because I am a student, I can afford to buy another laptop earlier

    Hi @Mustapha_Musa,

    I read your message and please try the following steps. A brilliant work has been done by trying these steps. Kudos to you on this point. It's a problem of clear material with the device. The USB ports are defective, the motherboard should be replaced. you will need to contact HP telephone support on this subject for the machine.

    HP technical support are available by clicking on the following link:


    (1) once the page opens, please select the country in which you are located. Then enter your model of HP on the right number.

    (2) then choose "Contact the Support" tab at the top and scroll to the bottom of the page "HP Support - contact" to fill out the form with your details.

    (3) Once finished, click the "Show Options" at the bottom right.

    (4) Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Get a phone number." A file number and telephone number will now fill for you.

    The workaround, for now, is the following: If you have a USB port on the device that works, then you could buy a USB port extender and connect it to the port good work.

    Then you connect other devices to the USB port extender. This way multiple devices may still be connected to the computer.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up 'button to appreciate my efforts. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution".

    Thank you and have a great week ahead.

  • iTunes not identify iphone or usb port

    When you install Itunes on a new computer Windows 10, that's not identifies my iPhone.

    I tried the possible sollutions 'all' found on the web, but nothing makes any difference.

    When running the diagnostics on the computer it says that "Apple Mobile Device Driver is missing".

    When you run diagnose on any iPhone and iTunes, it is said that no USB ports has been detected.

    In the written report diagnosis (translated from Swedish):

    iPodService (x 64) is active.

    iTunesHelper is active.

    The Apple Mobile Device Service service is active

    No USB chipset was found.
    No chipset FireWire (IEEE 1394) was found

    Found no iPod, iPhone or iPad

    The iPhone is connected by USB-cable and is dected by the computer and visible as a device in Solution Explorer, but not iTunes.

    I have reinstalled iTunes, tried all USB ports, restarted the iPhone, followed the relevant advice on the Apple support.

    I have no free support on me iPhone any longer.

    The thing is that everything is working well on my other computer (Windows 7) with exactly the same version of iTunes.

    Can someone help me why it does not work on my new computer?

    Try the following:

    1. Open Control Panel > Device Manager
    2. Plug in your device
    3. Locate Bus USB Controllers > Apple Mobile Device USB Driver.
      It is also possible that the device may appear under imaging devices, portable devices or other devices or as a device USB of MTB.
    4. Right-click and select software update of the driver...
    5. Click Browse my computer for driver software
    6. Go to C:\Program Files\Common Apple Mobile Device Support\Drivers or
      C:\Program Files (x 86) \Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\Drivers
    7. Click on let me pick from a list of drivers for devices on my computer
    8. Click on Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    9. Click Next, then close and exit the Device Manager

    Or try If iTunes does not your iPad, iPhone or iPod - Apple Support.

    If not try a complete tear down and rebuild iTunes in accordance with the resolution of the problems with iTunes for Windows updates.


  • HP Envy x 360 (M1V68UA): USB Ports all failed - resembled HW failure, but resolved by reinstalling a driver

    This post is an explanation of the complete absence of the laptop (2.0 & 3.0) USB ports and the later hotfix.

    Suspecting a hardware failure, I ran the Diagnostics UEFI and received confirmation of a default by a character 27 failure code.  This type of information is supposed to be useful to someone, but I couldn't find any documentation on this failure on the Web code and technician HP customer care has never offered an explanation.  The ID of the failure, I received was:


    I made arrangements to ship the laptop to HP repair, but while waiting to receive their shipping box, I continued to research.  I happened to run System Mechanic from iolo and noticed a tool "Toolbox |" Recover | Troubleshooting of the system"that took me as a result of convenience store window 10.  I ran the hardware and devices troubleshooter, and confirmed a problem with the USB ports.  But, surprisingly, the fix was to install the latest driver for the Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible host controller (USBXHCI. (SYS).

    Once the driver has been reinstalled, the USB port problem has been resolved.  He worked for 3 days and I was able to back up my laptop on an external hard drive into a USB port, as I usually do.

    So if you see a problem with your USB ports, which can resemble a hardware failure, it is better running of the utility window hardware & peripheral troubleshooting.  It can save you an unnecessary repair work.

    Best regards, Mike


    Welcome to the HP Forums

    I would like to take a moment and thank you for the use of this forum, it is a great place to find answers.
    You have the best experience on the HP forum, you can also visit our Guide of Forums from HP for the first time here? Learn how to post and much more.

    As I understand it you had conducted a test of material using the UEFI diagnostic tool and received a failure ID, however, you install the latest driver and solved the problem.

    I'm glad that worked for you, even if you keep the only common, the ID of the failure you captured represents a "Communication error" device on devices such as GPS, switch and/or USB, HUB, Modem, network card, network drive, PCI, PCMCIA card.

    Install the most recent driver is one of the first steps to solve the communication error, however, if the problem is intermittent because it sometimes a repair would be the best way to go.

    Click here to see details on the HP Service Center.

    If you are unable to reach a resolution, please click on accept the Solution to help others with similar issues.
    If you like my assistance, please click on the thumbs up icon.
    The two icons are below this post.

    Have a good day Ahead.

  • Satellite A135-S2286 - USB ports does not work after BIOS update

    I recently had the dreaded BIOS password prompt problem. I checked online to the toshiba support site and took the laptop to a toshiba authorized service center and is fixed by getting the updated BIOS updated to 1.60, but after update BIOS, none of my USB ports work.

    When I connect a USB device, a warning from yellow pop up comes up unrecognized USB device. The same USB device works fine on other computers/laptops. I searched online for a solution and found on a lot of people have the same problem, but did not find any fix for this error.

    It will be useful, if someone has a solution for this error.

    Hey Buddy,

    Is there yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager next to USB ports or they appear correctly?

    If you notice a yellow exclamation you must remove the USB port and restart the computer. All USB ports are installed automatically, you do not need an additional driver.

    I hope that it helps :)

  • Satellite C650 problem with USB ports


    I have a problem with my laptop, with my USB ports.

    A few days ago, I plugged my mp3 to charge its battery. I did when system Windows began and after a few ports seconds has stopped working. They work for one to five minutes after starting my computer, but only after my laptop's turn off for a few hours at night for example.

    They work fine and all of a sudden we hear the sound of a disconnected device and usb ports turns off. I tried many solutions but nothing worked. I removed all the USB ports in Device Manager.

    I checked in the BIOS, but everything seems to be okay. I tried to disable the disconnection of usb ports to save energy, nothing. Tools that have been provided by Toshiba to check hardware see as usb ports work correctly. Only usbdview program sees as unknown device, I tried to uninstall it through this program but still nothing.

    You have an idea, what could happen? Or if there is no possibility to fix without service visit?
    I would appreciate your help.


    Have you tested these ports USB plug a USB mouse or a USB keyboard?
    These devices work properly?

    I don t think you need a visit to the service.
    I think that it s just a software problem
    Given that the USB ports are controlled by the chipset, I would recommend reinstalling/updating the chipset driver

    The alternative is a bit drastic, I think about the recovery of the laptop...
    It might be possible that the registry has been confused upward or some 3rd party software preinstalled on the laptop could affect the USB ports.

    I remember that my USB ports do not work after installing iTunes.
    I had to reinstall the operating system once more to get the USB port work even more funny is that I installed iTunes once more and USB worked correctly

  • USB ports do not work on Satellite M-series

    None of the USB ports work on my laptop. OS is Win XP SP2. When the system returns settlement she gives a pop-up error message "usb 1 post does not work. Please remove the USB plugged in this USB port.
    I tried updating BIOS, chipset, uninstall reinstall windows, alos tried only XP without SP or updates, still the same problem. Nothing happens when I plug the USB device into a USB port.
    Can someone has any advice?


    This problem appears only after arriving in eve?
    If so, I would recommend disabling the safe option of power manager devices for USB controllers.

    I have also studied a little bit on the Microsoft page because in my experience, most USB problems are related to the Windows operating system.

    I found this document MS proposal excellent solution:

    Good luck

    PS: What device you tried to connect to the USB port? Have you tried using a different USB port?

  • Portege R500 - USB ports no longer for 35 to 60 seconds after standby

    When my R500 (running Vista Business) wakes in sleep mode, Vista is ready to be used within 7 seconds approximately. It would be great, except that the USB ports and the function Bluetooth wake for another 25 to 50 seconds.

    I use a USB or Bluetooth mouse and I find that this long delay start spoiling the otherwise excellent user experience.

    Has anyone noticed the same problem, or did someone knows a solution?

    You use a USB or Bluetooth mouse?

    Try updating the chipset drivers. You can find it on the Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    In addition, an update of the BIOS could also solve the problem. Try it!

    You have installed the laptop with the Toshiba recovery disc or disc of Microsoft?

Maybe you are looking for