4500 envy: envy printing crooked 4500

I recently bought a desire connected 4500 wireless and everything's fine, other than that it prints about 1 degree perpendicular. I tried alignment head constantly, without change. None of the HP diagnostic tools detects a problem, but my eyes can't (no, I don't need to visit the optician!).

Help, please.


Hi @terrible823543,

Welcome to the HP Forums!

I noticed that you are getting crooked printing with your printer HP Envy 4500, on Windows 7. And I'm happy to discuss this issue for you!

Please, try the following steps:

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  • How to change preferences for HP envy printer 4500 using Google Chromebook HP pavilion 14

    I want to know how to change preferences for HP envy printer 4500 using Google Chromebook HP pavilion 14?

    Hi chefcorbin,

    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I understand you want to learn how to change the printer using your Chromebook preferences.

    I've included a link to Google support to print a page with chrome and lists the print settings that you can adjust.

    Google Chrome Help Center - print a Page

  • 4500 HP ENVY printer: Printer Cable

    Should what cable I buy for the HP ENVY 4500 printer to connect to the Toshiba laptop?


    If you want to use the USB connection, you need a cable that is similar to the following:

    Kind regards.

  • HP Envy printer 4500: Hp 60 & 61 toner cartridges

    I had a 4400 HP all-in-one printer.  It uses a toner HP 60 cartridge.  I just bought a HP Envy 4500 all-in-one printer.  It uses a toner HP 61 cartridge.  Are they interchangeable?  I have several cartridges of HP #60 new official I want to use the HP 4500 printer.  Again, they are interchangeable?

    Thank you


    Unfortunately no, you must use HP 61 cartridges for your new Envy 4500 printer.

    Kind regards.

  • Envy printer 4500

    Is it possible to select only part of a document you want to print all, I see on the page preview image is the percentage of the tables on my printer before there was an option to print only the part srlected of the document by dragging the cursor over the part highlighted in thr area you want to print

    That the trick thank you ever much for taking time to help

  • Printing envelopes - HP Envy Printer 4500

    How can I insert an envelope into the printer to print correctly. I did not receive a user manual when I got the printer about a month ago.

    Thank you very much, Cheetah 12; Yes, I managed to print envelopes (# 10). Thanks again.


    Is the HP printer updaate that displayed on the screen of the printer (you have an option to Yes or not) the same one you get on your desktop when you hit the update of HP with the ball that comes and goes, then displays the updates. I tend to be very careful on this day I use as my printer works fine. Just want to be sure of thoes updates are the same, so I know exactly what is the update. Thanks for any info.


    Yes, he turns upward and ask you to accept or not.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Envy Printer 4500: HP Envy 4500 printer

    I'm an overlay in red when I print pictures in color on photo paper.  I made diagnostic tests and have been informed that the printer/scanner is correct.  The problem started when I ran downstairs on the ink.  I changed the black and color cartridges, but still not the Red overlay.  Can you help me?

    Thank you sincerely for your help.  I ran the tools and has obtained reports showing that the blue color is not printing.  Does that mean I have a faulty color cartridge and must return it?  The overlay happened before I put in the new cartridge, too.  I only use HP photo paper products.  I have another HP printer that prints without the overlay isn't the picture or photo paper.

  • HP Envy printer 4500: poor/no wifi connection - I can't print wireless


    I recently moved into the new home of the University, and the wifi reception is very low.

    When I go to "Wireless Details" on my printer, it said no "detected" - I assume that given the weak wifi signal in my room, my printer just will not come back on any signal and so I won't be able to print wireless? If this is the case, is there not an option for me to print using a cable any?

    However, when I go to "Wireless Setup Wizard", the my wifi SSD hard drive is launched as an option/is detected, but when I click on it to try to connect, it says ' unable to connect to the network. The type of authentication or encryption is not supported "."

    I just want to be able to set up my wireless printing. If no reception is the issue, then how can I go about printing without having to use wifi?

    Your school uses authentication Enterprise that do not support home printers. Yes, you can use a printer USB cable and connect to your computer very well. Like this one:


  • 4500 HP Envy printer: How to print in black only

    This printer has the ability to print in black only?

    Can not find the color control.


    The Setup program can vary from the printer to the printer but at the bottom (for Windows):

    (a) double-click the desktop printer icon.
    (b) click on set preferences.
    (c) click on advanced.
    d select "Black ink" only for printing in grayscale options.
    e click Ok /apply .

    Note: Same black ink, printer still uses only a smal amount of color inks, specially during the warm-up of the process.

    Kind regards.

  • HP Envy printer 4500: don't know what mean icons for ink levels

    When I want to check my ink level, what happens with two different icons for which, I suppose, is the ink cartridges. It has an oval icon below it, and the other which seems to be a symbol of infinity. I'm not sure what each represents. Once again I have to assume one is for black in color. I have searched online for an answer, but all the 'manual' says is to check level, which does not mean the icons. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    The oval symbol for the color cartridge, the symbol of the butterfly for the black cartridge as indicated in the third option of the document here.

    Chart: Estimated ink levels

    1. Color ink level indicator

  • HP envy printer range: HP envy with Win7 Remote Desktop RDP printing problem


    I have a printer HP envy 5530 works well for my laptop.

    When I connect to my Win7 Remote Desktop Server (on which HP envy drivers are also installed) and try printing locally on my HP local printer, it does not work.

    When I look at my local mobile print queue, I see two copies of 'Remote Desktop redirected Printer Doc' contained in the queue. One of the queue said copies and then print. Impression size document in the print queue shows 4 KB that is abnormally low, then the missing documents from the print queue, but are not printed on the printer.

    Note that I have no problem with the same laptop, same Remote Desktop server, but using a different printer (not HP).

    I saw that on several forums (including this one), many users have this same problem but I've never seen a valid response that solves this problem with RDP.

    Any idea?

    Thank you

    I solved the problem by creating a new printer on the local computer and configure the port to the Standard TCP/IP port with the IP address of the printer and the HP Deskjet 6940 driver use. Deskjet 5500 driver may work as well.

    The problem is with the specific Envy 5530 driver.

  • HP Envy printer range: margins

    I just bought a HP Envy inkjet printer. I installed all the software and printing fine only problem, is that the margin is too high at the head of the paper. How do you define at the top and bottom margins? I don't see anywhere to do it.


    As mentioned above, no configuration of global / default in the printer, but applications. For example, in Word, you can configure using the layout of the margins:

    Kind regards.

  • 7640 5660 envy print, scan and copy in color, b & W and grey scale?


    The 7640 want 5660 print, scan and copy, color, B & W and grey scale?

    I was told that gray balance is not supported.   (I think this might be the wrong information.)

    What about FAX (7640)... B & W, color and Gray Scale?

    Thank you


    Hi @DaleBr.

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. The information you are looking for are under the specifications of the printer on hp.com.

    HP ENVY 7640 specifications

    HP ENVY 5660 specifications

    They can scan and copy in black and color only. There is no option to gray scale.

    I would like to know if these links worked for you. If they did, it's great! Give us some reinforcements by pressing buttons of solution and laurels, that we will help and others see that we have the answers!

  • HP 4520 ENVY: Printer Envy HP4520

    My desire 4520 won't print in black. I have downloaded the Print and Scan Doctor posing some problems and the so-called fixed. I ran the test print and darker band in the black section is missing. The ink levels are OK and I ran the head of the vacuum. I restarted it Print and doctor Scan which didn't say now no problem. The test page I was yet no more dark black band. Youn can help?

    Try here.


    Let us know.

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