46HL900A - only black and white photo using Media Reader

Hi all

I recently bought a built-in digital LCD TVs from Toshiba model 46HL900A.

I join a Western Digital (WD) TV Live Media Reader with the correct component input terminals. I know because I can see and play pictures, movies, etc. that can be found on the external hard drive that is attached to the WD.

My problem is that it will only play/show in black and white.

I tested the WD on another TV, and it works perfectly in color. I was told is not the working document, but that the TV might need to be set to recognize the resolution or something.

I have been through the manual, but I don't really know what to change.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you.


I found your Toshiba page Australian TV:

The TV supports color modes different system: PAL 50 / 60 Hz, SECAM and NTSC
I guess that your TV is set to SECAM. Then try changing the NTSC settings

Manual of use, you should find the description how to do this.

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    Kind regards


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    When you have the answer thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


    The Netherlands

    Hello Jeroen.

    I assume you are using the printer on a Macintosh, envoirnment? Please correct me otherwise.

    The workflow default scanning set up to scan documents in black and white. Be sure to change the settings for scanning to scan color documents:

    If your version of OS X 10.7, be sure to install the critical update below. Skip this step for any other version of OS X.

    Now change the settings of the device as follows:
    1 open the HP utility and select your device.
    2. based on Scan Settings open the "Scan to Computer".
    3. click on the tab scan tasks.
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    Kind regards

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    This is a very common technique, because it turns out, and there are tons of ways to get there.

    Starting with brute force and back, create an empty layer above your B & W layer. Set the blending Mode of the layer of the Virgin of color.

    Choose the color that you want to work, take a brush (B) and go to town. The blending mode to show through values (grey levels). You can paint with colors you like on this mixed layer.

    If you use only a single color, but it may change from time to time (say by brand or something), to re-learn a layer of white, use a color fill layer (layer > new fill layer > solid color). In this case, you would add a layer of fill color, fill the black mask, and then paint with white on the mask to reveal the color.

    If you want to keep the original in one place color, replace the white layer with the color version and use the masking technique just described.

    Let me know if you need help on any of these details and I'll try to find some specific tutorials for you online.

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    My watch only A10 black and white when I m trying to connect it to my TV. I have tried all the standard procedures (Pal selection, the two s-video and RCA cables, updated software to date and so on). Don t really know what to do next. Everyone you have suggestions?

    Hi, what operating system are you using?

    Toshiba delivered the clean install or system?

    Good bye

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    Hello R0dder5,

    Welcome to the HP Support forums.  I see that you do not want to be able to print using all options available in the HP ePrint app for your iPad.

    I'm sure that you already have, but my first suggestion is to check the settings in the HP ePrint app to ensure that it did not retain the setting.   If you choose the color setting is always print in black and white?  If so, please try to uninstall and reinstall the application.  You will have to start the activation process.  I've included the HP ePrint Mobile App FAQ document.  There the steps to uninstall the app, if you need it.

    Please let me know what happens.

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