4K RAW in Cine EI.

Dear Sony,

I can't access the 4K RAW on the sony PMW F55 with the R5 AXSM magnetic set, cine AE mode. the current version in use is 1.00. Help, please.


I'm not Sony... but how do you mean that you can not access it?

It does not record on the cards?

Can you just not see it read?

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  • F55 serious problem with AXS - R5

    Hello everyone. I had a serous problem with my F55.

    I had a R5 with 512 GB card inside, all connected together with the F55.

    I want to record 4K raw with the R5, but failed. The settings below:

    Movies of E1 mode, can't choose the 4K resolution under the REGISTRATION FORMAT menu. The BRUTE selection is also gray which means could not be selected.

    When I change movie E1 in custom mode, R5 will automatically stop, but I can see the XAVC 4 K selection in the menu REGISTRATION FORMAT. And we do not sense coz the R5 does not work.

    I feel so crazy about this problem, anyone could help?

    Thank you very much.

    .. the R5 is just work in mode "Ciné EI. If you work in "custom" mode is disabled and you can just save intern at XAVC or MPEG2 SxS cards. Here, you can switch between HD, 2K and 4K and use a lot of settings and different gammas.

    .. .at the moment F55/R5 can just record 4K in RAW mode "Ciné EI. If you are unable to change any settings. just turn your mode for "Ciné AE" and pull. You can activate the functions of Proxy to record mpeg2 in parallel to the internal SxS card.

    very important: make sure that both F55 and R5 have the same firmware (1.12 real)... ohterwise you will have strange problems, as if I had a few days... with the current firmware, it should be good.

    It could be that useful...


  • How to separate the Raw files of the photo library

    My photo library is over 700 GB. I have a lot of raw files that are 30 MB or more. How can we separate the raw files in a separate file or a separate library?

    Duplicate your photos library in the Finder and then remove all the BULLIES of the first library photos and all photos that are not the RAW files of the second library.

    You can search for RAW photos with a smart album:

    File > new Smart Album

    Then set the rule set to "picture is GROSS."

    Of the other library use the rule 'The Photo is not BELIEVED'.

  • Is there a way to avoid downloading the RAW in a pair RAW + Jpeg?

    Hello everyone

    I love how the pictures (and formerly Aperture) manages the RAW + Jpeg files. I think it is unique and no other software currently does in the same way.

    For those who do not know how it works: it shows the pair RAW + Jpeg, a single file, by default in Jpeg format for viewing. This workflow works perfectly for me, as my camera (a Fujifilm) JPEG images are great, and when I need to change, I going to RAW to get potential full editing.

    The problem is that RAW files are big enough, and I don't really need to be synchronized. They are also backupped by Time Machine, so I don't want them on my iCloud. They'll soon fill up my account and I'll end up paying more than I want to.

    So what I'm looking for is an easy way to avoid uplading RAW format to iCloud photo Library. I think it might be a nice rocker switch in the new Photos app.

    Nice day

    It would be certainly nice, but there is no way to sync only selected in your photo library to iCloud, elements unless you move it to another library of Photos.

    A brute force method to keep the only local selected photos would be to import by reference, since the referenced images can not download to iCloud, but which would not work for RAW and JPEG, pairs since you want to keep them combined. The referenced images are not supported as well in Photos in Aperture, so I would avoid them (disadvantages of a library referenced in the Photos).


    ***? How many times I have to do? I'm FED UP! I don't care ABOUT RAW! Update your program... I have

    NEVER USE!  NOT my computer!

    You're not talking Apple here.  It is a moderated forum for Apple to discuss features and troubleshooting. Apple-> system-> software update Preferences menu contains options to disable automatic downloads, although the Mac App Store update itself for Snow Leopard activates the automatic notifications of updates.  While a nuisance, you have just to tell more later, only choose to update once you have read the documentation to verify that its good operation with what you have.  Always back up your data before allowing updates.

    For direct feedback to Apple, who may have only one impact of future operating systems, http://www.apple.com/feedback

    If you find that a specific update has compatibility issues, we invite you to sign up for a free developer online account on http://developer.apple.com and submit a bug report to http://bugreporter.apple.com where you can know at least that if it's something reported before.  But this will not use or disclose this information here because of a confidentiality agreement.

  • Fuji xt2 is supported for raw

    Bought a camera Fuji xt2, I cannot download the pictures raw files. The xt2 fuji raw file is supported

    RAW formats digital camera, supported by OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

  • export of raw to jpg in 300 dpi


    Editando STO con su foto della mia canon raw file mac e con I would esportarli to jpg dpi di at least 300, como posso fare?

    Di default 72 dpi my devo stampare e export file in a large formato da a provider.


    1. you cannot export a RAW JPEG - you export the original unmodified as a RAW or you export the current version to JPEG

    2. digital photos have a DPI field but it is meaningless - DPI is the result of a problem of Mathematics (points divided by inches) not a framework and anything that the calculation is always determined the DPI


  • Just upgraded to El Carlos Moreira of 10.6.8 on my imac. Using 1.5 photos, many are torn to pieces, especially the big raw files. Any solution?

    Just upgraded to El Carlos Moreira of 10.6.8 on my imac (2010). With the help of pictures 1.5, many are shredded, especially the big raw files. Any solution?

    Select one miniature pixelation and try, if reprocessing RAW format will help.  The last RAW support update that you have installed with the upgrade may have changed you the treatment for your camera RAW format.

    To reprocess the file open RAW image in edit mode and use the command "Image > reprocess RAW."  Does return correct thumbnail?

  • Transfer of files RAW of MacBook Air

    I recently acquired a MacBook Air and am still getting used to him and iOS. I transferred a large number of RAW files from my camera to the laptop. Now, I want to move to any external drive to free storage. I am able to open and view these files RAW using Photos and also using DPP4 (canon photo editing) for RAW files are certainly somewhere hidden in my laptop. If I try to transfer those files from the library anywhere, they convert in JPEGs.There must surely be a way to transfer RAW files without any conversion. Suggestions, please?

    Select them, and then export the original unmodified

    But that does not reduce storage needs - do you want to delete the photos - it is not possible to remove only the original RAW


  • When be OSX El Capitan support the Canon 5 d Mark IV RAW files?

    Just got a Canon 5dmk4 camera and found that OSX v10.11.6 will not read or display the RAW files.  What support will be added to the utility Digital Camera RAW?  Thank you.

    This is a user forum, so we have no idea of what are Apple's plans.

  • Corrupt Digital Raw compatibility update

    I have my macbook set to do automatic updates. I see a light red on the App Store, which shows an updated - and when I check it said provision, "Digital Raw Compatibility Update, version 6.20. I scroll down and see that it has installed this update even at least 10 times start on 13 August through 24 August! Even updated, same version and I think it's a corrupted file or virus! Help, I want to stop saying that I need to update!

    Hello cdaniels31.

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple. I understand that the Digital Raw compatibility update, version 6.20 performed several times, but the App Store there is always a full update. I am pleased to provide you with advice for this problem.

    First of all, let me put your mind at ease. It is an updated official Apple for the compatibility of the RAW for OS X El Capitan image, not a virus. It seems that OS X is not recognizing that it was already done.

    Let's start troubleshooting by restarting your MacBook. Then we will try to complete the update by using the link below, instead of using the App Store.

    Digital Raw Compatibility Update, version 6.20

    Finally, restart your MacBook, once more.

    Kind regards.

  • Cannot change the Raw of Canon 80 d photo images

    Import raw images from Canon 80 Photos D modify them as opinion says Photos does not recognize these files

    You must obtain updated - you're about 6 updates behind - you should El Captain OS X 10.11.6, 1.5 Photos and Digital RAW commpatibility 6.20 - Digital camera RAW formats supported by OS X El Capitan - Apple Support

    This camera is not supported on the version of the software you have


  • Importing RAW + JPEG photos files times

    I put up my Nikon D5100 to shoot RAW + JPEG files when I take pictures. Photos is to import both, when I just want to import JPEG files. Can I separate the two formats and delete the RAW files in pictures? Also, how can I stop the RAW files to import in the first place?

    If I search for RAW files in Photos, the program shows them, but when I choose 'Get Info' on them, they show that the JPEG. Really weird...

    Yes you are right - this is exactly how it works - to use the RAW format as the original for editing then editing for a photo mode, click on use RAW original title in the menu image - these photos will have a RAW badge on them, others will have a JPEG badge on them--Photos that are found only in a format do not have a badge on them

    And I suggest review you both RAW and JPEG shooting and shoot that you want - if you pull them both, and then import that you'll both in Photos - you can use Image capture and import from the camera on the disc and separate form BRUTE of the JPEG and import only the one you want - but even for me it is just logical to the format you want to shoot not the format you want


  • Aperture raw update

    Back to some old records and albums at the opening, I noticed a notice in the upper part of the tab for setting saying me that the Apple RAW engine for selected photos had been updated and click on the box to reprocess the blow; In doing so, nothing happens and I can't change anything for this image. Someone has an idea of what is happening and how to fix this?

    Well, I stop everything, rebooted and now opening works very well... Now tell me, did Apple something opening? I use Capture One for a year (and import of JPG files resulting in Aperture because of her mother superior) and liked the results. Play with opening again this morning I found that quality Aperture was - VERY GOOD compared to Capture One!

  • Open the raw file in Photoshop

    Ask MacBook Pro to use Nikon D7100. The photos are raw + jpeg. On PC, I can right click on the photo and choose open in Photoshop. I am not able to do this on the Mac. I tried to drag the files to the desktop. I can edit photo and change the default value to raw, and then drag it to the desktop and it still shows as a jpeg. There must be a simple answer.

    By dragging a picture on the desktop will export just a JPEG of the version ediited preview.  To save a RAW file to use the Office to the command "file > export > export original unmodified.

    If you frequently want to edit photos in Photoshop consider buying "external editors" extension of the app store for 99 cents.

    You can call Photoshop from the control panel in moving pictures the RAW file for her.

    For example: in passing one. CR files"photo in Photoshop using the External Editor extension.

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