5.0 Android has supported audio OPUS, but I can't read files OPUS music/Walkman


After that in the blind tests Opus easily surpasses AAFC (same size), and MP3 (in the larger size of 25%) and constantly is considered the best audio codec, I wanted to use it on my phone. Apparently Android 5.0 supports OPUS and even has the function on its promotional changelog.

But it seems that I can't play all the game files on music (formerly Walkman), not even the length of the track is displayed. The file work on VLC (at the same time, Android version and desktop version) without any problem.

Can provide some test files, but no matter what file encoded with opustools (official decoder) will not work.

I really hope that you can fix/add it to the application music.

Best reagards

Thank you for your comments. I will pass this internally.

Tags: Sony Software

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