5.5 HP u2 - rules tab seems to be missing some options


I remember that I used to be able to add host (Dungeon vms on the single host) affinity rules.

I just went of for again (the last time maybe a year ago) and I'm not able to determine how do.

I followed the instructions of vmware and the internet operating instructions and it seems that I am part missing

Rules tab options.

My rules tab is attached as an image.

I compared with that which is at: http://www.gabesvirtualworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/2011-02-24_214520.jpg

One of the many sets of instructions, I'm following is: KB VMware: affinity or a DRS anti-affinite rules are not applied during a virtual machine market

I don't know if I'm following the instructions on the right or missing from my HP 5.5 U2 ESXi build something.

Thank you


As far as I know, there is nothing which changed by OEMs like HP basic functionality.

What options you see when you open the menu drop-down?


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    He looking as if the printhead has moved or is not seated correctly in the printer? Try to gently move it and it sits evenly.

    There is an update to the firmware of your device which can help. You can find it here.

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    I used the package of Adobe Reader for many years and when I tried the update recently this problem occurred.

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    It is probably better to start from scratch.

    Use software Adobe Reader and Acrobat cleaning tool to remove any drive then reinstall from Adobe Acrobat Reader DC install for all versions

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