5200-801-Compatible satellite 120 GB HDD

I want to upgrate the hard drive with a new 120 GB. Can you tell me a few hard drives compatible?

Thank you


Hey Buddy,

You can install each 2.5 HDD with IDE interface. All the each manufacturing HARD drive is compatible, make sure that it s a model 2.5 with IDE interface.

Toshiba also produces hard drives, then maybe you can find a Toshiba 120 GB HDD. Spare I recommend Western Digital. I made good experiences with this brand.

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  • Satellite 5200 801: we compatible motherboard for a European series


    I have a satellite 5200 - 801.The thing is that my graphics card is broken and his one with my mobo so I need to change my motherboard.

    I got a new mobo for the American market.
    do you know if it will be compatible with my European model?

    Thx a lot!


    The 5205 Satellite which is designed for the U.S. market looks a lot like the 5200 satellite which is designed for countries in the EMEA region.

    I m not 100% sure but I believe the motherboard must be compatible

    Best regards

  • Memory and disk HARD upgrade question - Satellite 5200 801

    Hi all

    I really need your help to upgrade my toshiba Satellite 5200 801 (model: PS520E-31P1D-EN), basically it's the version specification factory (technical instructions on the link below)

    What I want is to get faster internal memory, you can buy for this model (currently I have two default 256 mb DDR 266 MHz CL2.5 memory sticks). Will probably do a gig of memory (I could have more, but it depends on the price).
    As well, I want to spend the HD to 160 gig (about), as well as get a faster hard drive then the current 60gig 4200 RPM Hitachi HD (as soon as possible for the specifications of my laptop).

    Anyone know what would be the best option?

    Someone said that it would cost all under 100 (that would be cool), but I don't know anything about the compatibility of different companies etc.
    Can anyone recommend what equipment... .and where * I hope that ebay or studs :)
    I need to go to get this sorted out

    FYI, I mostly use the laptop for graphic design, video, and the interwebz.

    Thanks for any help you can give!


    You can upgrade the Satellite 5200 801 memory and HARD drive.
    S for laptop computer memory can be improved up to 1 GB of RAM. So you can use 2 x 512 MB PC2100 DDR - RAM modules.

    Check this link 5200-801 Satellite:

    In my opinion, you can use the modules of memory from different manufacturers, but the module must support these specifications: 200-Pin PC2100 (266 MHz) DDR SODIMM
    I suppose you could also use a 400 Mhz because the laptop supports a 400 Mhz FSB too.

    I think that an upgrade of the IDE 160 GB HARD disk is not possible. To my knowledge, the BIOS can support such massive size of the HARD drive. But this is only my personal opinion. If I was you I would try a smaller HDD like 100 GB or 120 GB.


  • Satellite 5200-801-indicator of battery flashes orange while dc is green

    I have SATELLITE 5200-801, the battery light flashes orange while the domain controller is green and the laptop works
    stop when it is off.
    the battery is empty.

    I can't boot from external USB cdrom to install windows as its internal DVD does not work

    Help, please

    > Ok I fix the battery problem was feeding me to change.
    Nice to hear that! :)

    > But I still can't start external USB cdrom
    Have you checked if your laptop computer (BIOS) supports booting from an external USB drive? I doubt it would be possible on old Satellite 5200. If you exchange your CD-ROM drive. You can look on eBay for the part of second hand, they are a little cheaper. :)

  • Speakers satellite 5200 801.

    Are there outside Yamaha equalizer and Volume any repareable reason for the failure of the Woofer bass in the sound of the Satellite 5200 801?

    Hi Frankie,

    I understand that your problem is that your subwoofer is not working properly. You reinstall the driver and additional of your CD of tools & utilities software or website of toshiba? (http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com)

    Also, you can check in Control Panel sound and Audio devices. It should be the Yamaha AC - XG WDm Audio setting as default device in AUDIO.

    Or another suggestion, check under System Device Manager in the control panel and check if the devices work properly!

    It could also possible that your subwoofer is inadmissible and must be changed by a partner of Serivce!

    I'll hope this helps!

    CYa CAMPino ;-)

  • Satellite 5200 801 - need recovery CD


    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5200 801 and I need to recover cd can anyone help me?

    [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.


    The Toshiba recovery CD can be ordered just the Toshiba authorized partner in your country.
    It s not very expensive.

    By the way; Why ask you this question?
    The same question was asked several times in this forum. In the future, please check the content before posting ;)

  • Satellite 5200-801-failure of graphics HW


    Is it possible to change the graphics card to a Satellite 5200 801? Or it is part of the motherboard, means, I need to change the mothermoard? If it is possible, what is probable invest?

    My graphics card appears to show a HW failure. After that turn on the screen of the laptop shows the thin vertical lines and it starts flashing after a few seconds.

    During the startup of Windows XP, the machine meets a bluescreen detection of problems with the nvidia device.

    When I start the laptop mode safe, the notebook starts up and I'm able to evidence with the Manager of Windows hardware, Windows detects a HW problem with the graphics card.

    So I'm sure it's the graphics card or the video RAM. Even playing with the video modes do not change or correct the problem. Also the video mode with the highest resolution is no longer available.

    The LCD display is new. I changed it with a new 3 months ago.

    Thanks in advance,


    The Satellite 5200 801 was delivered with an nVidia GeForce4 460Go 64 MB graphics card.
    But as far as I know it of not possible to change the graphics chip. This small chip is attached to the motherboard.
    I guess that it of necessary to replace the motherboard.

  • Satellite 5200-801 - arrangement of keys

    I have laptop satellite 5200 801 with reinstalled Windows Xp Pro. The operating system has been installed not support which was sold with my laptop, but separately CD. Now, I installed all the drivers. Everything works fine, except the keyboard.

    On my computer laptop keyboard keys @ and "are not on the same premises as in other keyboards. @ key is not between shift + 1 and shift + 3. But this is close the Enter key. So which keyboard to choose to use these keyboard shortcuts, as it is written on a keyboard? Now, I have English United States... Or maybe I need additional drivers or any application, where I can change the assignment of the keys?

    I will be judging for all your advice and assistance.

    Try again with British English.

  • How to restart the Satellite 5200 801 without using the recovery disk?

    I haven't used my Satellite 5200 801 for awhile and now it does not start. That's what I have on the black screen:

    Intel® Boot Agent Version 4.1.04
    Copyright © 1997-2002, Intel Corporation
    PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of
    PXE - M0F: Exit Intel Boot Agent.
    Insert system disk in drive.
    Press a key when tready.

    I have the product recovery disc, but which will erase all existing data and rebuild. Is there a way to boot my PC without the use of the recovery disk?

    Thanks for any help.

    > PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable of

    This message means that laptop tried to boot from LAN.
    Given that this was not possible the PXE - E61: Media test failure, check cable appeared

    I guess that the HARD drive is defect and therefore, the laptop won't boot from the internal HARD drive.
    In this case also your internal data on the HARD disk are lost.

    But to be100% sure that you can remove the laptop HARD drive, could use a drive enclosure HARD 2.5 to connect the HARD drive to another computer just to check if you would be able to access data on the HARD drive

  • Dysfunction of graphics on a Satellite 5200 801

    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5200-801 (nr.PS 520-31P1D-PT) with the following problem:

    After pressing the button operation, the screen shows vertical stripes, alternately, with large rectangle B & W points. After Windows XP spit and the only thing I can do, it's a hard reboot again and again once.

    It happened all of a sudden without any specific reason a few days ago, and now I never finished a full boot sequence Windows normal.

    I read another discussion here in this forum, and I guess that the problem should be on the graphical circuit inside the motherboard. Do you think this could be a malfunction of this series from Toshiba?
    I try to call today for the phone number of European support, but after 15 minutes of waiting I hang it up.

    Here in Lisbon (Portugal), I have no idea how to solve this problem.

    Could all those who have already opened this model, you tell me if the graphic chipsset could be changed? (This is perhaps a silly question :-(sorry on this subject)

    Thank you very much for other ideas solving this dysfunction,
    Luis Pitta (from Lisbon)

    Hi Luis

    He damage of s to hear that I agree with you it could be a graphics card but I put t think it is of a common malfunction of this series laptop.
    You know, these defects occur just my laptop another production was fixed 2 times due to the fault of the sound card
    I think laptops are more affected by various malfunctions due to the temperature inside the laptop. The devices together produce a lot of heat and after several times the chip can damage all simply.

    It seems that you don't have much experience with this replacement and so I don't t recommend trying to fix it yourself. Firstly the replacement of the devices isn't easy as on the desktop PC and second you don t have the right parts.
    The technicians of the partner of service authorized in your country have more experience as a common user like me and you.
    Guys should check the laptop

  • Support for Satellite 5200 801 2 GB SD card

    Is it likely to be a produced pilot to add support for memory 2 GB on the Satellite 5200 801 SD cards, or is a hardware limitation?



    I've never seen with 2 GB size SD card. Unfortunately, I put t found any information or documents if this size will be supported by the device.
    However, I found the SD cards supported for your laptop:

    Part number 1.) 256 MB memory SD: PX1118E-1NME
    2.) 512 MB memory SD part number: PX1121E-1NME

    Best regards

    Good bye

  • Satellite 5200-801 DVD-R/RW does not work!

    I bought there are these laptop at least 2 1/2. I tried several times to get the DVD burning feature to work and was not wrong. Finally, a friend gave me a copy of Nero, and just like the other packages, I have used before, the system does not recognize the drive Virgin dvd - r.

    What could I do?
    Help, please!

    Thank you!

    Hi Fidel,

    I think that the 5200-801 use an optical drive Toshiba SD-R6012, who should be able to burn DVD-R and DVD - RW. It is possible that your player is not happy with the brand of blank media you're trying to use so I suggest you try a few different brands to see if it improves the situation.

    It is also possible that the device has a defect which is preventing them from actually identify the blank DVD when you insert it. Have you checked that the device will play pre-recorded media properly?

    Kind regards

  • I can put Satellite 5200 801 view to the Satellite 5200 903

    My 5200-801 killed the graphics adapter.
    Now I wonder if I can by a 5200-903 eBay; the 801 seems to be quite rare and put the screen 1600 * 1200 the 801 the 903.

    Or is it possible to get an another Mainbord for the 801 at a reasonable price?

    Have a nice Sunday.



    > can by a 5200-903 eBay; the 801 seems to be very rare and put the screen 1600 * 1200 the 801 the 903
    I think it is possible due to the fact that both models of laptops support 15.0 "TFT color.
    That is why I see no serious reasons why this t shouldn't be possible.

    > Or is it possible to get an another Mainbord for the 801 at a fair price?
    What is a fair price, I think you can get a new motherboard for around 300 euros.
    But I think that this isn't an option for you. I reason ;)
    As you say ebay is a good place to get a laptop second hand and especially the laptop together are much cheaper as a single party as the display or the mobo

    By the way; the display is always fixed with screws... but more details are not known to me...

  • Resolution would not change on Satellite 5200 801

    I've always used 1280 x 1024 resolution on my laptop 5200-801. For some strange reason, after the last restart the resolution to 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 is more listed as being available (the maximum that I can see on the display control panel settings of 1024 x 768, 32-bit color or 16).

    I tried to reinstall the NVidia driver but led to no result.
    What can I do? The graphics card is a NVidia Geforce4 460 Go

    Kind regards

    Hi Pedro

    Thanks for sharing this info with us. It of always interesting how users to solve a problem.


  • Satellite 5200 801: MS patches and graphics nVidia card question

    After you have installed Windows XP Pro and display on Toshiba 5200-801 driver everything was fine, but when I installed all critical Ms updates the output TV and another display of advanced features have disappeared. The driver is dated November 11, 2001, and no update from Toshiba or nVidia is available.

    Is there a solution?

    It is rare that everything worked until the installation of the Microsoft hotfix.
    Usually patches from Microsoft should have bad influence on the graphics drivers.

    I checked the Toshiba driver page:

    and there I found a graphic driver for Win XP dated02 AND November 11, 2001NO. This is the version 36,38.
    For me, it looks like you used a bad driver. Check again

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