54 MBit WLAN for Tecra 9100?

is there a module to replace the stock module W - LAN in the Tecra 9100 to get 54 MBit?

I often copy large amounts of digital photos on the network, so the 11 MBit nerves really me


I guess you need a WLan card with a 802.11 G standard.
I don't know if you can use a network card local minPCI 802.11 G as far as I know the laptop was configured with a and B standard.
You can ask the Toshiba service partner in your country if there is a compatible Wlan G card and supported for this device.
If this isn't the case, then you can also use a key USB Wlan with 802. 11 G.

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  • In charge of WPA for Tecra 9100

    Hi all

    Anyone know if he is in charge of WPA for the internal WLAN module in the Tecra 9100 current, or even available?

    Kind regards


    I spoke with my Toshiba Call Center (for Germany) and they said that there will be no support planned for the same internal Module.Not WLAN WPA!

    Good bye

  • WLAN on Tecra 9100 - LED should go orange if the s/w keyboard shortcut NOT installed?

    I bought a Tecra 9100 that had been restored to XP SP1 and without good Toshiba utilities that most drivers seemed to be OK - for example screen OK but USB has been 1.1 until I added the Intel Chipset drivers.

    I can't get the WLAN card to work by sliding the switch (close microphone) - also, it does NOT appear in Device Manager. I spotted a post below (which was locked) where Pedro said WiFi hotkey software must be installed to make it work. Two questions:

    1 if the s/w keyboard shortcut IS NOT installed should always be able to mount the light Orange / appear in Device Manager
    2. is there an alternate download site because I tried 20 times in the last 15 hours at: http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tedd-files2/0/cmod-en-20070925121500.zip (for the common modules) and the site just seems to be 'dead' - nothing is received at all

    Thank you very much in advance - I want to become a happy member of Tosh' club... Cheers, Brian R.

    PS; The Tecra has a WiFi tag on the bottom and even a MAC address and I have not yet looked for nothing changed so much material.

    Pedro post follows:
    + Hello +.

    + Is the map original WLAN or you have upgraded on your own? What is with Device Manager, this is the card of wireless network which are listed there? +

    + For the use of WLAN, there are few requirements: +.
    + WLAN switch must not be broken or defective.
    + Wireless network card must be compatible one.
    + The WLAN antenna must be connected correctly.
    + Wireless network card must be installed properly (the right driver must be installed) +.
    + Wireless network card must be enabled in the Device Manager.
    + Wireless network card must be activated using the FN + F8 key combination (Wireless Hotkey V2.0.0.1 must be preinstalled) +.

    (1) first you should check if there is a yellow exclamation (unknown device) in device under network adapter Manager.
    If you find any unknown devices in the network adapter section then your laptop was not equipped with WLan minPCI card!
    The shortcut key has nothing to do with the WLan card status in Device Manager! The keyboard shortcut software only controls the function FN + F8.

    (2) don t know what you mean! The functions of link!

  • How to use the CD of diagnosis of the engineer for Tecra 9100

    Anyone who has used the engineer Tecra CD diagnostic for the 9100 (or any other model if they are similar)? I was able to acquire the CD and have been able to recover part of the diagnostics to run tests starting at BACK 6.22 and the tests directly to the release of the CD. There is probably a "correct" way to use this CD but I have no documentation.

    Specifically, I'm trying to diagnose his painful card problem - it is not recognized by Windows and I can't install the Yamaha riders. I basically JUST replaced on this laptop and still no sound.

    All in ALL, I mean: two mothers (upper/lower case); map its (three different cards!); CPU - what else is one that can be connected to the sound?

    Anyway, if anyone can give some guidance on the diagnostic use of the engineer Tecra 9100 CD it would be greatly appreciated.


    Where did you get this CD of engineers?
    I m scared but in my opinion these CDs are not intended for common use of the user and, therefore, you will not find many people who has experience with those CD.

    But it would be very interesting to know how to get this CD

  • New power adapter required for Tecra 9100

    The airline lost my luggage and so I need a new adapter for my Tecra 9100 but cannot find a list on the site.
    Anyone know the part number that I need?

    Thank you.

    Hi Bill,

    I believe that the number of parts you ERA is PA3283E-2ACA

    Kind regards

  • Question about drivers for Tecra 9100

    My Tecra T9100 do not work with LAN more after the installation of a new HD (old one crashed) and where some Toshiba files on the old HD that I don't know. (Bought the laptop 2. a few years ago by hand) and I lost the CD that belongs to her, and there is no drivers on this site for this 5 year old machine. Maybe a little strange because it's a P4.

    In the list of hardware (control panel/system /) there is no problem with the network card. But at the top of the list, there is a yellow "?" for the UNIT of BASIC SYSTEM and there is the missing drivers.

    It's very confusing to me because I've never heard of these drivers and I don't know which device is the following. There is also a yellow "?" for PCI modem (but I didn't need) so I guess this unit of base system has to do with the PCI-bus and perhaps also affects the LAN card?

    But shouldn't? the drivers will be in the BIOS?
    Can someone help me?


    You should take a good look here:

    because here, you will find all the drivers for your computer. The Canadian site has almost all of the drivers for older machines, and you should really check out.
    I think that "basic unit of system" could be something with ACPI or similar. But lets wait until after you have installed all THE drivers and then give feedback short.
    And no, the drivers are generally not in the bios because the bios is just to boot but it s OS independent.


  • Tecra 9100 - required accupoint driver for XP


    I need a MS XP driver for the accupoint of my new (used) Tecra 9100. Or at least I think, because the accupoint does not work and there is no configuration on the menus of the mouse tab.

    On the driver download page http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp?service=EU I don't know which is the "driver type", I have to choose.
    Can someone help me?

    Thank you


    There is no available accupoint driver for Tecra 9100 and Windows XP.

    I searched on the Web from Toshiba site too and I looked in the installation instructions, but there is no driver available.

    Sorry, but it's done.

  • TECRA 9100 - loss of sound, WLAN, BT, and SD function


    during the operation of a USB - HDD and mp3 player on my Tecra 9100, abruptly stopped, power to the WLAN-, Sound-, Bluetooth, SD - Card.
    For example: no sound microphone, WLAN switch does not work, reports of Bluetooth: no power supply.

    On this issue, I heard more often in some forums. My warranty has expired. Regular service is more expensive than a Tecra 9100 of second hand.

    Can anyone give some advice? Which piece can be damaged, motherboard, I I/O-board?

    Post edited by: apco

    It sounds really bad.
    As far as I know there is only one Board and if something is wrong with a part of the motherboard only management as a whole must be replaced!
    As you have already said this replacement is not very cheap, because the jury is one of the expansive laptop parts.

    Without diagnostic tests, no one will be able to provide a just and final diagnosis.
    That's why I recommend you contact a technician from laptop to a cheque

    After these checks you can find out more details on the breakdown and could decide what you what to do; buy a second hand laptop or try to repair the old Tecra

    Good luck

  • Tecra 9100 - unable to connect to the WLan access point


    I have a Tecra T9100 with miniPCI WLan. I reinstalled XP Pro and all the drivers (downloaded from the Toshiba site) and I've always had a problem with Wifi:

    I can see all access point (in the windows control panel), but when I click on connect, I received a message that the access point is no more...
    He didn't ask me for the security settings?

    does anyone have an idea?

    Much thanks



    To my knowledge the Tecra 9100 was equipped with the wireless LAN standard: 802. 11B mini card PCI ORiNOCO.

    You need to check if the WiFi signal is strong enough for a transmission correctly
    I think that the signal of WLan access points is not strong enough because of the distance.

  • Tecra 9100: Try to install updadet driver for card his Yamaha AC - XG

    Hi all

    I got a Tecra 9100 and like many others I had problems after installing SP2.

    I tried to install the sound card with the driver downloaded from the toshiba support page:

    but I get a windows pop saying that the file yacxg.sys is missing.
    Once the installation is complete and the sound card is not installed.

    Is there anyone who can help me?

    Thank you

    The fact is that the driver listed in the FAQ from Toshiba is for SP1 and NOT for SP2

    I think you should google a bit and should look for if you find an audio driver that is compatible with the Service Pack 2 update

    Yamaha already provides the fixed driver.

    yacxg.sys with software synthesizer

    yacxgc.sys free software synthesizer

  • Tecra 8200: I can not install Wlan for XP driver

    I can't find the driver for windows xp wireless. I have Tecra 8200. I try to install a large number of drivers from the official page of Toshiba Tecra 8200 for but the drivers do not work.
    If anyone knows how I can install wireless in my tecra 8200, let me know.


    First of all, I want to say it's the Tecra 8200 has not been delivered with Windows XP and you will find not all Wlan for XP drivers on the Toshiba site.
    I checked and there are only drivers for W2k, NT and W98SE.

    But as far as I know the device was shipped with the standard ORiNOCO specification Wlan miniPCI Wireless LAN Card: 802. 11 b
    In this case, I recommend looking on the net for these drivers.

    Unfortunately, that's all I can suggest.

  • Hi speed USB via a Port Replicator advanced for a Tecra 9100?

    I have the same problem with a Tecra 9100 and upgrade to hi speed USB as a previous post where the proposed solution was to use a PCMCIA card.

    (see link: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=24103)

    I had an idea, but I don't know if it will work and need some advice?

    Can you buy an Advanced Port Replicator that has Hi Speed USB 2.0 ports on it (like the PA3082U APR II that works with the Tecra 9100) instead of the PCMCIA card.

    If the docks of Port Replicator in the motherboard will it give you Hi Speed USB 2.0, or is the Tecra 9100 forced to USB 1.1 via hardware in the laptop itself and the Replicator will not help?

    Also if I go down the road of Port Replicator I need drivers for speed ports Hi of the Replicator to work on the Tecra 9100?

    Or to ask the question – what is the PCMIA USB 2.0 card in that advanced with HI Port Replicator speeed USB is not?

    Thanks in advance


    the Tecra 9100 has NO usb 2.0 and it's a fact. Given that the Replicator has these USB ports 2.0 does not mean that your machine when it is docked to the Portrep, is able to manage USB 2.0 devices. The portrep, it's like a usb hub and behaves like. So if your machine doesn´t have it then that's it.

    And the explanation on the PCMCIA/Cardbus solution:
    The pcmcia card USB 2.0 Chipset, this is the reason why it IS a USB 2.0 device (roothub).

    I hope this was clear to you :)

    Just buy this card and you will have USB 2.0

    Welcome them

  • Tecra 9100 - Ethernet is declining


    I have Toshiba Tecra 9100 that I used to connect my ps3 to wireless internet. For some reason my Tecra is down the Ethernet of the ps3, the strange thing is if I turn the laptop off the battery only there is no problem but as soon as I plug I save it starts to give up the connection again.

    Any body know what is the problem?


    To be honest, I don't have a specific answer to your question, but maybe you should try to install the latest drivers LAN and WLAN. Also check the properties of the device and make sure that all power saving settings are defined to the maximum level.

    In Toshiba surveillance tool when the laptop is connected to the power supply running set everything up.
    Intel Speedstep option implemented.

    I hope this will help.

  • Tecra 9100 - W-LAN-Mini-PCI-card upgrade

    Hello everyone,

    I ve got a with the W-LAN-onboard Tecra 9100 working doesn´t.
    Instead of repairing the old W - Lan Mini-PCI-card I want to move to a new standard (802. 11 b / g with 108 Mbit/s max) Mini-PCI card.

    I prefer the mini Notebook-WLAN-Gigabyte GN-WIAG02 PCI adapter.

    Is it possible to chance the card built into the Gigabyte card?


    It s nice that you want to upgrade your wireless mini-pci network card. But I suggest you rather a card with an Atheros chipset. The best choice is perhaps a card with a Chipset of Atheros 5005GS since I upgraded my Tecra 9100 with this card and it works like charm. (and not so expensive as other s cards)

    To swap the card, you must remove the plastic cover of the keyboard and unscrew the two screws in order to release the keyboard.
    After removing the keyboard, you will find an aluminum side cover left which is set with a special torx screws. The best would be to get these torx screwdriver to loosen this bolt and remove the cover.
    After removal, you will see the map with the cables that lead to the antenna. (One white and one black) Be very CAREFUL when remove the Connector cables, because if damage you one of the cable connectors there is no return since the cables are cables "Mini-coax" and cannot be "connected."

    I warn you, just do it if you're really sure and if you know what you're doing, because I won't take any responsibility if damage you something on your machine. Otherwise, I wish good luck and would appreciate some comments on your success.

    See you soon

  • Tecra 9100 and compatibility with 32-bit/3, 3V PC Cards (PCMCIA)?

    I would like to increase the power of my WIFI.

    The internal card supports 802.11 a standard only.

    The Tecra 9100 Series is compatible with 32-bit/3, 3V-PCMCIA cards?


    According to the specifications of the computer laptop Tecra 9100 is ready WLAN and can be upgraded with standard Wi - Fi 802. 11B. I have the same WLAN card on my Tecra M1 and I'm really happy. You can buy the Wireless (PA3189U-1MPC) recommended LAN card and like to be mobile. The transfer of data is OK and you don't need a better card for this good old classic.

    It is an old map and it won't be cheap. Check it out.

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