6 s and Mazda Bluetooth problems iPhone

Hi all, I have an iPhone 6s on 9.2.1 and a 2016 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring with a Bose stereo system. I'm having a problem when playing audio via Bluetooth (music to iTunes, podcasts, etc.) is of poor sound quality, the sound skips to come at random, and it cuts in and out a lot. I don't see a pattern, which means that it seems not cut or jump when there are notifications or other things happening on the phone. I have a Apple Watch, so I wonder if that might have something to do with it. I took the phone to the factory settings and had even Apple replace it entirely and I've set up as a new phone, without result.

When I connect the iPhone to the car via USB, but it's not a solution either because I don't have these audio quality problems:

(1) it always starts playing the same song, when I start the car - the first song in alphabetical order in my music library, and

(2) Apple vocal cards don't play - it interrupts the podcast or lowers the volume of the music, but there is no voice of Siri giving directions.

(3) if I plug the phone immediately when I start the car, it starts playing the radio at incredibly high volume, and then I have to manually select the USB.

None of those are questions if I am connected via Bluetooth.

I had this exact configuration of the watch/phone even on a Honda CRV from 2013 and connected to Bluetooth without any problem all the time I've owned this car. I took the Mazda dealer twice and they say it's a matter of the iPhone. Anyone have any ideas on what is happening and how I can fix this problem?

Plugin problems you describe are a vehicle problem, and how the audio system controls the phone.

The problem with Bluetooth, you said it worked in another vehicle. I understand that Mazda said it was a problem of the iPhone, but most audio problems have to do with the software in the audio system not done to support the version of Bluetooth on the phone. I take back the vehicle to the Mazda and ask if there is a software update to their audio system. You can also look around to see if they had complaints from other users in your area with this vehicle. You can also try to contact Mazda customer service and ask this question.

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    Kev2012 wrote:

    Someone at - he had problems with 9.2.1 and pairing Bluetooth devices?  My iPhone will not be connected or pair of devices.  Devices to recognize the iPhone 6, but the will of the iPhone 6 does not recognize the device.  Is there a problem with 9.2.1?

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    Here are the supported Bluetooth profiles an Apple device can connect to iOS: Bluetooth profiles supported - Apple Support

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    Forget this device for the PLT M50 and paired again (several times)

    I did a Reset Network Settings

    I don't know what else to do - but it's a 10.0.2 IOS issue.

    Hello AppleUser2k,

    Please ask questions about your problems of connection between your iPhone and your Plantronics headset since you upgraded to iOS 10. I understand how important it is to have your Bluetooth devices connect with your iPhone with reliability. Here's what I recommend.

    The first thing we want to make sure is that all your data is safe. You can perform a backup in iCloud or iTunes using this article: backing up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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    Thanks again and have a great rest of your day.

  • GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth problems

    So I have an iPhone 6 running on IOS 9.3.4 and have had problems with the GPS and the strength of wifi connectivity and bluetooth for a while now.

    First of all, the GPS.  It does not work.  When I run the maps or google maps on my device and the input an address the app can give me a written plan, location, but will not show me on a map.  He'll start road to everywhere where I go and tell me to start position, for example, to the North on the road on that I am, but the arrow does not follow me and tell me when the turn or where I am.  Occasionally, he has a message of guidance down with a spinning wheel and then, after a few seconds, disappears.  I tried to reboot my device several times, I have reset the network setting, I reset all of the settings, I backed up my phone, reset it and recovered save him.  Nothing has worked.  I was at my local verizon store and received a 'new' (its definitely refurbished) phone and the problem persists on the new phone.  I reset the phone to factory setting without content, set up as a new phone and tried the cards again, thinking it might be a problem with the back to the top.  It still does not work.  I'm perplexed right now and do not know what to do/try.

    Second, wifi and bluetooth connectivity is terrible.  I can only receive a wireless signal so that in very close proximity with the router.  I tried to different houses/companies and it is the same question.  However, bluetooth is just as bad.  I use headphones wireless, and go to the gym/go for the route with them.  I used to be able to walk around the gym without my phone and have connected the headphones, but now I can't have my phone 2 feet of the appliance without the music being agitated (bad connection).  I'm really irritated that I cannot understand this point and that he can't seem to find a fixed solution online.

    If you have just updated to iOS 9.3.4, which I didn't even know still shone, so maybe it's a bug that comes with the update. However, your problems seem to follow a trend, you can not far from a source of connection and now a signal. It is perhaps because the necessary components for the Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi signal are damaged or defective. Have you dropped or spilled liquid on your iPhone recently?

  • I am so tired of this bluetooth problem on my iPhone 6.  I am updated to iOS 9.3.  Anything I pair with my iPhone must be within 6 "of the phone.  What should I do?

    I am so tired of this bluetooth problem on my iPhone 6.  I am updated to iOS 9.3.  Anything I pair with my iPhone must be within 6 "of the phone.  What should I do?

    looks more like a hardware delivers then one software

  • Compaq Presario CQ43 - 206TU Action key and bluetooth problem


    I have a Compaq Presario CQ43-206TU to fix here and ive some problems that I had to reinstall windows 7 x 86 and the first problem is the work of dosent FN key at all. Ive installed the tool recommended HP without effect.

    The second thing is dosent it driver Bluetooth install well watch upward with the error in Device Manager.

    one thing I did prior to the relocation is an update of the bios to version F37, but there is also no setting for Bluetooth or shortcut keys to activate.

    Before the bios updated and the reinstall the wifi led on the keyboard was red and now its red until windows starts and that it turns white. The FN key worked before as well.

    How can I get that all the work?


    Ive solved the problem. I had to disable the key mode in the bios and it worked after. Bluetooth is another problem windows update installed a new driver who caused problems after a reinstall of windows (just delete driver has not worked for me) and by the use of hp, it worked.



  • Put in page works with IE and Firefox, different problems with the iPhone and Blackberry

    I created a website using DW CS4 www.hollisterairshow.com . When using my PC WinXp/IE and Firefox without problems occur in the page layout. However, I have a couple of users who have reported problems when you view the web site by using their smartphones.

    An iPhone user said the second line of the section containing the flag / date / flag is not centered, but left-aligned, everything is fine.

    A Blackberry user indicates the second line of the topic is properly aligned, but the menu bar that must appear on the left is missing!

    I don't have an iPhone or Blackberry, is it possible that I can test this using my PC? Does anyone have an idea what could be causing these issues?

    Thank you


    I agree with the previous poster here.  I think that the best response to this is to create a separate site for mobile users, which is called case of detection.  It will be thought to create a site that is optimal in both environments.



  • 10 IOS leading to the Bluetooth problem

    Before download IOS 10, I've never known a Bluetooth problem when using my Ford truck.

    Now, when I get a call, the caller does not hear me and I can't hear the caller. If I have my phone in hand and I change the Bluetooth audio to the speaker of the iPhone or handheld and then change it back to my truck, it works very well.

    When I call my truck, using Bluetooth, all parties can hear one another, but incoming calls only on me.

    I tried to reset the network settings, non-couplage coupling phone/truck and restart the phone. Restarting seems to work for the next incoming call, and then it starts again.

    Any help would be great. I received an incoming call on my phone about 10 minutes before you download the update of IOS. The following call (update to the post), the problem is presented.

    Thank you.

    Try to get help from this article, get help to connect an accessory with your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch - Apple Support Bluetooth

  • Bluetooth problems after upgrade to 9.3.2

    I've just updated to ios 9.3.2 and now bluetooth will not allow matching any device that requires the entry of the code because the keyboard does not find which means that you can not pair the device. You can pair if the device does not have a code.

    I first noticed that transmitting and receiving calls was broken after the upgrade on my bluetooth in my car so I decided to wipe down and re-pair phones for the car, the operation failed due to the above problem.

    Here are a few standard steps - they can help - but we are still discovering the nuances of the 9.3.2

    1. Make sure that each device you're trying to pair is in "discoverable".
    2. Control Center - tap bluetooth and turn it on again - 8 - 10 times
    3. Force restart the iPhone - after stopping applications using the app Chooser - invoked by fast double pressing the home button and drag upwards on each app until it disappears from the screen. Meet the sleep/wake and home buttons down until you see the logo  - then release and allow normal start upward
    4. Update to the latest iOS if not done
    5. Settings - general - reset - settings Reset network will need to re enter the WiFi passwords
    6. If the pencil of Apple is connected - "Forget it" and try again
    7. Backup the device to iTunes - restore as NEW (no) - see if solves problem - if yes - restore backup
    8. An appointment of 'Genius' to an Apple Store, or select another authorized service provider.
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    have just updated our iphone6s phones now the phone does not connect to any Bluetooth legacy, we have always used a blueant Bluetooth headset on our other iphones, but they do not connect to the iPhone 6 s

    You may need to reset the BlueAnt. I use a Q2 and have no problem with my iPhone 6s using iOS 9.3.1. Check the instructions for the headphones and do a reset. After that, put the device in pairing mode and you should be able to connect to the iPhone.

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    I am unable to link via Bluetooth my iPhone 5s (iOS 9.2.1) with my iMac (OS 10.11.3) (including links very well with the mouse, the keyboard and the trackpad). Following the instructions in other posts on this forum, I went into settings > general > reset > reset network settings on my iPhone and reset.  After the reset, I am still unable to connect via Bluetooth to my iMac.  The iMac says: 'Now discoverable' and said iPhone: 'Now discoverable', the iPhone will appear in the list of devices in the Bluetooth menu on the iMac, but under the iPhone is "not connected".  After trying to connect because I get an error message "Connection failed."  I restarted the iPhone and iMac and I tried again.  Same results.

    I appreciate any advice or guidance to correct this problem.

    Thank you


    An iPhone will pair not via Bluetooth to a computer (Mac or Windows) with the exception of hotspot and then only if your cell phone plan he supports. See below for more information. https://discussions.Apple.com/docs/doc-7722

    If you try to use the procedure of transfer/continuity or AirDrop, which does not have Bluetooth but devices don't are NOT matched. Bluetooth must be just on and the devices within range of the other. The following may help in problems of transfer/continuity: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204678

  • The keyboard and mouse bluetooth suddenly stops working

    I asked this question before using Dell, but none of the answers provided.
    The keyboard and mouse bluetooth suddenly stops working.

    Given that this only happens when I'm online I make this question to the FireFox support.
    I have the latest version of FF:

    I installed the new BIOS and Shipset, but that does not change.

    Suddenly, the keyboard and the mouse do not respond and I have to restart manually.


    FredMcD said

    Keep a log of when this happens. What did you do when...

    Check the batteries.


    Thanks for the help

    Just for information:

    I downloaded a free software called "StartupBooster" and using this to disable or remove some programs, problems with the gel (Take on wood), is gone. In addition it also speeds up boot time.



  • BootCamp + Windows 8.1 and Windows 10: trackpad and keyboard bluetooth always unsuccessful pairing

    My computer is a model of end 2011 of 13-inch MacBook Pro. I use an external 27 "monitor and bluetooth trackpad and keyboard. Until the last week of July, 2016 that I used with Windows 8 with BootCamp 5, nicely. Then I got a message that Windows 8 would be not updated for critical and security updates. I decided to upgrade to 8.1 Windows but the trackpad wireless works intermittently, and the wireless keyboard is not working at all. I get a message to pair, but the pairing is always unsuccessful. Then I upgraded to Windows 10 and the same problems with wireless keyboard and trackpad.

    Does anyone have a solution? Thank you

    You can try this. UN-pair external Apple Trackpad and keyboard on the side OSX, pair it with test first, and then pair on the side Windows OSX.

  • Time and date of the Iphone 6s set contacts automatically / backup

    Hi my name is Rebecca. Please be patient, this is a long story with a question to which Apple for a month and a half has not been able to solve. The end of February, I went to Sprint to upgrade my iphone 6 to a 6 s. (my 6 had no problem). The backup and restore to the other went off without a hitch. Two weeks having the phone, date and the value automatically switched to a GMT setting which is 4 hours ahead of New York. Assumption is that the phone has been deserted. I got a new phone and everything has been backed up and restored again. Less than two weeks later, the same goes for the 2nd iphone 6 s.  I went to Sprint and got a 3rd iphone 6 s. backup and restored all again. Less than a week later for the 4th time, the new iphone 6 s time and date switched to the time zone GMT 4 hours ahead of New York. At this point, I called Apple Tech support. A very nice tech Jason worked with me for 2 weeks to fix this. He sent Apple a 4th iphone 6s. We did a backup and when the new phone came in did us a restore. A few days later, the same problem. Apple accuses Sprint, Sprint complaint to Apple. At this point, Sprint said that my sim card was corrupted and he sent me a new. On the phone with Jason, we did a reset of the iphone 6s failing manufacturers. Removed the corrupted sim card and put in a new vacuum. Phone restarts and when you get to the Setup screen, it asks "set up as a new user or a user to return. Jason said as a new user.  I clicked on new user. Following her request for an apple ID. Jason said I should put in my existing apple id (although it has been activated on as a new user). At this point the phone wouldn't turn on. On the phone with Sprint. They did not understand as to why the phone would not activate. Jason suggested that I put my original sim card in (which was noted as corrupted), then the active phone. At this stage because I had not done a restore, the only information on my phone now an old backup who had my contacts and some of the notes, images etc. Jason said to do a restore after just 24 hours to be sure of the time and the date stay correct. Not happened. Less than 24 hours, the date and time that is set to automatic changed to the GMT time zone. Jason was out of suggestions. We left him there. I am very angry to pay more than $800 for an iphone that feature very very important does not work. On mine, I restored my phone and thought what I'd do. I then did a backup. I'll stop my icloud. I have reset my builders phone by default and when I went through the whole upward I plugged my phone in itunes and restored my phone from my computer backup. (Icloud is always OFF). Less than 24 hours later at the date and time in GMT area again. Once again, that I have a phone very very expensive with a feature that is vital for me, I can't use. Yes, I could turn the machine off, but I shouldn't do that. So here's my question: Iphone 6, I have not had any problems with my icloud or my sim card or the date and time. 6 s IPhone that I do. I got iphone 4 brand new 6s with the same problem. Is - that my sim card is corrupt and transfer information corrupt, though only it worked fine in my iphone 6? Second question: I don't want to sign up for a new apple id and start from scratch. This will screw up my gmail which is linked to the apple ID. How can I back up my contacts only on my computer and then be able to reset my phone manufacturers by default, then erase all information from my existing apple ID in order to use again, but only restore contacts which is the worst part of transfer phones. Apps and notes, photos and all the rest is not a problem to start from scratch, but contact is almost impossible to have to type each hand one by one. Please someone out there with a solution. Thank you in advance.

    Two recommendations.

    1 post this issue on your part on the iphone forum, to confirm the number two with someone else.

    Use iPhone

    2. you must stop working with Apple. Your iPhone download the signal giving them news of the time and origin of this signal

    I have no idea, but it's not from Apple. Coming here or talk to Jason you wasting your valuable time. It is at least

    get paid for it, you're not. Every second that you type in this position, mine or every second you spent on reading

    the phone with Apple after the second phone had the same problem you've wasted talking to the wrong party. Even than calling your

    manufacturer of furnace you paid 5000 for oven when your gas is not delivered on time or bad quality. And I have

    don't say it's Sprint, cause I don't know, but it's something that gives this info to your phone.

  • 2 8 black Bluetooth problem


    I can't use 2 bluetooth devices at the same time. My keyboard and bluetooth mouse work fine separately, but as soon as I turn both the keyboard becomes frequently disconnected and it behaves strangely. The rest keyboard does not respond for a while and all of a sudden, press a key several times as "med."

    I reinstalled the software Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator and Lenovo Bluetooth but the problem remains.

    This is a screenshot of the Windows event during the problem Viewer.

Maybe you are looking for