64-bit Windows 7 driver for Atheros AR5007 in dv7-1468nr

I have been in communication with Microsoft and HP technical support both on this issue.

Can we please have a time frame on how long before that we will have a driver for the wireless card that is in this model the actual 64-bit?

I don't want to sound rude here, but Acer has been much easier to get around the problem of driver for windows 7.

Microsoft did confirm this evening that there is no 64-bit for this AR5007 driver and back to HP.

Atheros seems to deal specifically with suppliers more with the support of its prodiucts, as it is my return to HP after six years of absence and the fact that my company is jumping through the hoops for the HP partnership, I would like an honest answer from an employee of HP.

How long before that this driver is available in 64 bits?

Until that time, all of the product is worthless for me as a professional and as a student for the simple reason that when you try to use a suppliant of security required for authentication, the network manager crash when using the measure of 802. 1 x. Microsoft has identified that specifically a driver related issue because there is no driver 64-bit available.

Not to play against each other here, but in my profession and in my studies, I tend to promote these products that seem to work better and where assistance is available. The Acer also contained an Atheros card, but it was changed to use a broadcom driver in Windows 7. No idea why or how, I know that it works and it supports the Cisco PEAP supplicant, which is an important issue with the dv7-1468nr and Windows 7 with the Atheros AR5007 wireless device.

Other related driver issues such as the multimedia remote that might be expected given that windows 7 has not officially released, but when I contacted support on the card reader does not not (another feature that works out of the box on an Acer hardware), I was told basically sorry charlie, good luck. Fortunately, I was able to locate an XP driver for the card reader works. The media remote is a trivial question, but the wireless is a serious problem. If it cannot be resolved within a reasonable time, I fear I will be boxing it up to return to where it was purchased, as defective. the deployment is in a few days...

lets hope that we can really appropriate at this time that drivers.


After three long sessions with Microsoft and a few sessions where I was not very tolerable with the "apology" given for drivers not made available via the website of HP, I was able to refine the exact question to something other than a real driver file.

If the question was not in fact the driver file, it does not change the fact that HP should provide drivers on their website that they will BE supported for all operating systems promoted regardless of the version (Home Basic, premium, professional, ultimate, etc..). It became a problem in my final conversation of a HP technician before they gave me a link to a driver file real 64 bit, of course claim immunity from liability for any damage as a result of the application. The link of this driver is here.

Now for the real root of the problem.

On the new installation, there are several devices that have remained unknown in Device Manager.

Day after day, a lesbianism HP drivers and applications to solve problems.

What was actually the connection magaer crash on trying to manually create a connection by using the Cisco's PEAP Protocol was a corrupt application of Cisco installation. Through the process of trying to repair the installation and actually manually change the registry and remove all traces of the application with Microsoft in the remote session, it was determined that the system had become corrupt and need a fresh 'custom' install.

After installation, using all the HP and Microsoft drivers only, (no application of third party still installed) I have successfully install the 64-bit application Cisco PEAP for 64-bit Vista and create the connection which is required.

To date, there is only one problem with this laptop and I expect a fix from HP for it in the coming days.

The HP MediaSmart application for this machine special 64-bit is always just a touch unstable running Windows 7 Professional.

I hope that it can save someone else the days of frustration I endured everything in trying to solve this problem.

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