74F283 sometimes gives wrong output on digital probes


I have strange problems with the sensors showing the wrong exit. I am designing a CPU, and what is happening on a design more complex and now even on a simple.

I am running:

13.0 Multisim education Edition

Application version: 13.0.0 (13.0.632), database version: 13.0.a

Build date: Saturday, July 13, 2013, 19:42:19

I'll be sure to include a copy of my simple circuit I brought back a multipage ALU 16 bits of 74F181 and 74F182 of an Adder 4 bits using a 4-bit Adder unique with fast include, 74F283.

The installation program:

I have 9 bits go to the entries. They are made of SPDT switches, each wired to VCC and ground, selectively.

The first four "strands" or switches (Q, W, E, R keys) control A3... A0,

The second of four switches (keys A, S, D, F) control B3... B0,

The space bar control Carry-In.

I also 3 series of XOR (74F86) switching each of the inputs and outputs on a selective basis.

1 key allows to reverse the input bits A,

Press 2 to reverse the B input bits,

3 button to reverse the output bits.

The four bits of the sum and the Carry-Out bit are each thread to their own digital logic probe (PROBE_DIG_GREEN).

The problem:

Exit lights are sometimes wrong, but the way that simple I know how to reproduce the bug is as follows:

Load the file. and run the simulation.

Press Q to switch the MSB of the seized A.

Watch the lights of the probe. They're probably showing an inverted output.

Press 3 to reverse the result.

See the same lights.

Press 3 to delete (UN-invert) exit.

The output is corrected as it should have been from the beginning.

Alternatively, press space to show lights crazy and 3.

You can compare this to allowing the LSB of the input A (R key) instead of the MSB (Q key) and see how it is supposed to work.

Why does this work? I'm doing something wrong? Is this a bug with the software? Y at - it update?

Help, please!

-Richard Collins

Student in electrical and computer engineering at SUNY-IT


Hi rich,

I replaced your switch with a digital constant interactive, it is easier to see the digital input as the bipolar switch.  You can find this part in the in the Group of 'Sources' on the family of "Digital Sources".  Your scheme lacked a digital pattern, it most cases this affect the circuits, but from time to time, he made another, the modified file is attached.

Also attached is an Excel file with the conditions you described and the exit, I had, I don't see a problem with the logic of the circuit. Please let me know if I'm missing something.

Tags: NI Software

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    But when I run on PCI-6602 I got an error-200077 (you asked for: sample clock; you can request: on-demand).

    6602 PCI does support material timing? I found no information about this its specifications. If she can't, how can I avoid this problem and get what I want? Thank you!


    Version: LabVIEW 8.2

    hardware: PCI-6602


    Have you looked at the specification for the 6602?


    Click on "specifications".  Scroll down to "digital i/o".  Watch "Timing".  It clearly says "software".

    The DIO lines on this Board are not timed by the hardware.  They are clocked by the software.  The data sheet that explains very clearly.  That's why you see the error clock sample - that the Council can't stand DIO clocked by the hardware.

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    Hope says.


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    Kind regards


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    I think that example 'PWM-Counter Output.vi' goes quite a long way to do want you want I think. It is located in the LabVIEW examples of shipping.

    I also found here:


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    Hello fans of LV,.

    I am confronted with (what I thought would be) a trivial task:

    I'm certain analog signals on a 6351 OR USB using DAQmx.  And I want to trigger an external device simultaneously.  So I want to start my task of AI, a digital to go HIGH output pin.  And when it stops, I want the PIN to go DOWNSTAIRS.

    I think actually that NEITHER provided an '' integrated '' signal for this... something I could easily move to one of the PFI PIN.  As a "HAVE busy signal."  But it does not appear that this exists.

    So instead, I thought I could do a task "HAVE simultaneous and DO."  It works well, except that the PIN HIGH when rest end tasks.

    Any ideas on how I can fix this?

    josborne wrote:

    Hmmm.  I don't think that the sample clock won't work because it is a pulse train.  It goes UP and DOWN for each point of the data acquired.  Actually, I want the signal stay high during the acquisition of all.

    I think you're right about using a PIN.  But I am confused how to implement in LabVIEW.

    I think I misunderstood what you mean by an acquisition, then.  I thought you meant just a single point.  Are say you that you will acquire a fixed number of samples and you need relaxation to remain high until there finishes the entire points series?

    As I said, I'm not an expert in routing of the signal, so there is probably a more efficient way to do this, but the simplest, you could take a signal from a digital output pin and split with one end going to the external device and the other end to the input trigger to HAVE it (probably that in software, but I don't know if you can split the signal in this case).  Configure separate tasks and the AI, no need to synchronize them.  When you start to DO it, the AI will trigger.  Then you just need to somehow disable DO when HAVE complete - but went too urgent?  If you do not need a precise timing for this purpose then just wait for the AI to finish, then turns off the DO.

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