7510 eFax can receive but not send

I have configured my 7510 my wireless printer and print from my computer to the printer.  Have also implemented eFax and can receipt of faxes OK... However, when I try to send an eFax, the wheel turns for awhile then comes back with the error "printer not connected to a network.  But it is connected to a network and all the wireless on the 7510 display settings reflect this.  What is wrong and what should I do?   The printer is only a few months old and still under warranty.  Verification of updates is that there is none.


You can try to contact HP support, but I don't think it will solve the problem.

ARRIS is a common manufacturer of gateways, modems and router combination devices Comcast.

TG-862 Arris seems to have a problem with sending eFaxes. According to me, that the TG-862 Arris is the newer model provided by Comcast.

If you check the model of the router.

If it's the Arris TG-862, contact Comcast to see if they have a firmware update available.  If they have an update is available, see if they can provide a different model modem/router combo unit or turn off the router and autonomous part such as Netgear or Linksys/Cisco with their modem.

In the case where they don't have a firmware update, I highly recommend to see if they can exchange for another model first.

With this model of router, what seems to happen is that the TG-862 Arris does not correctly process the data of eFax and ignores the package.  This translates into a transmission lost to the eFax servers.  However, receive an eFax works strictly through HP ePrint by email and it succeeds because it is a very different method of sending.  The reason of HP support will not be able to solve this problem is because it is isolated to the router.  Unfortunately, there is no alternative settings to make this work on the Arris TG-862.

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    Have not been using Ubuntu for a few years (my fault) so I can't talk to you system.
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    You will need to edit the SMTP list and add outgoing (SMTP) server for this account.

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    Hi and thanks for taking the time to read what I am in need of your help.

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    In short I can receive mail without any problems, but when I send the mail, remaining in the Outbox despite the option send immediately being checked, or by pressing the send/receive button. When I go out Windows Mail mail is sent immediately and is when I restart Windows Mail in the sent messages folder.

    So why I think there is a problem with the laptop. Well, I'm lucky to have a friend who has a non-Toshiba laptop, where all of the above can be replicated. Guess what, Windows Mail sends the message exactly as it should (on my account and on my network, through my router and the ISP, Tiscali etc.), so I conclude that the only difference is that my laptop is a P200.

    I called Tiscali, which confirmed that all my mail settings were OK, POP, SMTP etc, which I expect (because they work on the laptop from my friend), and they advised to contact Microsoft, I did, and since the P200 has pre-installed Vista they say that I need to contact Toshiba, and here I am.
    My P200 has been restored to factory settings, and I tried to get this working without Norton IS and no firewall (Vista and router) but no luck.

    Any ideas would be very appreciated and if I find through other means, I'll post back with the result. If the answer is already out there, please apologize for being too stupid to locate and beg your patience.

    Thank you very much.


    It is typical for support persons. All of them are trying to refer clients and through them. In my opinion Microsoft s reaction is strange to me. They designed the operating system and they should be responsible for the feature.

    I have the Satellite A200 and Satellite P200D and I use Windows Mail on two of them successfully. My laptop is connected to the WIFI router and router directly to the phone line. To be honest, I have configured Windows Mail as you and all of the work are made in a few minutes.

    It is not easy to tell where the problem may be, but I think that there is a problem with some settings of your laptop. Some of them block it somehow. To compare your, with friends laptop is also not the best because it can have completely different OS settings (antivir application, the settings of the firewall).

    Try turning off all the features that can block Windows hotmail to see if there is some difference.

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    Well to all of you who wonders, I got it fixed. I called my suppliers help tech blackberry once more and they forced me to access my phone via this strange number and come to find out the store, I got fat fingers the number of departure of mms... I changed it and it works as advertised...

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    No details have changed, and my login information is correct. But when I enter the connection details, they are erased, and the small box opens again with the same prompt? Can anyone help? Thank you... Mike.

    If you have 3 machines with the same problem and you don't change anything, really pointing to the server.  See if you can telnet to him (see http://techhelp.santovec.us/pop3telnet.htm).  Who uses the same username and password as WinMail, so if this does not work, there is something that goes wrong at the server level.  Additionally, if you can, try to connect via webmail and see if it works.


  • Windows Live Mail with Googlemail - can receive but not send


    We try to access our emails from work (all transferred to googlemail) using Windows Live Mail.  I followed various tutorials and have set up new accounts on IMAP, port entering with the port 993 out 465. I made sure the right boxes are checked. Messages download fine but just won't send... I have a number now sitting in my Outbox.

    I get the error message is Windows Live Mail error 0x800CCC0D, 11003 socket error

    Can someone help on this please, I tried everything and am now ready to throw my computer out the window.

    Thank you


    Not sure if anyone is still looking for an answer to this question, but I thought I got this post just in case.

    First of all... Microsoft had it wrong. You need not configure GMail as an IMAP. It is a misunderstanding that began with the introduction of Windows Mail (who said laughingly in the help files it would not work with gmail at all) the settings that I used successfully with Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail are the following.

    If implemented the first use manual configuration to pop. If an already existing account setting just right click on the account name and choose Properties.

    Incoming settings:

    Name of the server: pop.gmail.com

    Port: 995

    Select: SSL

    Use clear text authentication

    The outgoing settings:

    Name of the server: smtp.gmail.com

    Port: 465

    Select: SSL

    Letter: My server requires authentication.

    Note: Select SSL before you enter the port number, because by default it automatically by default (inbound/outbound of 995 25) port number.

    I hope this helps.

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    This has happened for weeks? month? Until now I just go into "Outgoing mail" and change to Comcast to Gmail or Hotmail and it turned off.

    Message: Windows Live Mail, some errors occurred while processing the requested task, the connection to the server has failed., Server: SMTP.comcast.net, Windows Live mail error) x800CCCOE, Protocol SMTP, Port 25, Socket error: 10013, secure (SSL): No.

    I'll try any suggestion that I understand what to do.

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    Glad you solved it. Looks like you have added an account rather than re-comfiguring of your current account.

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