8.1 Windows "secureboot has not been configured correctly" watermark.

Hello world! Last night, I've upgraded to windows 8.1. It works perfectly, but there is a watermark on the bottom right corner saying "SecureBoot has not been configured properly to build 9600 ' but as I said otherwise the computer works perfectly. What should I do about it? My computer is HP Pavilion laptop g7 thanks in advance

A program like Belarc Advisor can be downloaded for free to scan your system and provide the key to the windows registry if necessary, but I don't think it helps in this case.  However, it will show if SecureBoot is enabled or disabled.

I have a new G7 and updated for Windows 8.1 yesterday and received the same message.  Finally, I fixed the problem by going into settings of UEFI by performing an advanced start.  Once in the BIOS, it appeared that the SecureBoot keys have been corrupted by the update so I refreshed and activated.

1. go in settings-> laptop-> update settings and Recovery-> Recovery-> Advanced Startup - choose "restart now."

2. Once restarted, select UEFI firmware settings - then the computer should restart and allow you to select the BIOS updated

3. in the BIOS, go to system-> Startup Options Configuration

4. my G7 showed SecureBoot as being disabled.  On the same screen, I selected the option to recharge the HP keys then went back up and allowed SecureBoot (before updating the keys that I was unable to choose SecureBoot).  I selected the F key to save and exit and restart without watermark more.

Most of this is from memory so I hope that you all can follow and see if it helps your questions as well.  Basically, you will need to get to the BIOS and verify that SecureBoot is on.

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