8 issues of the new owner of the Satellite Pro L300

Hello to all forum users!

I bought a new Toshiba, the Satellite Pro L300 laptop and have until January 14 to test - if it looks like it is not working properly I will return it to the store where I bought it.

Here is a list of questions I have:

1. whenever I turn on the laptop or it is suspension or hibernation mode, and when I disable it, the cd/dvd drive makes a clumsy mechanical noise.

It seems to me like the cart that transports the laser and optics is running in a mechanical stop.

Is this normal?

2. There is a hot sub-pixel on the screen (in blue) and according to the Toshiba info in the box, this is normal and does not return.

Should I worry about this?

3. when I run the test memory at the start of the system, she says she'll start windows automatically at the end of the trial and show me the results of the test.

It performs the test, Vista boot, but I see no reports of results.

Where can I find the report?
Is there a known issue with this test?

4. the service program Toshiba to perform diagnostics of slot Vista does not work. Whenever I run the test (PCdiag.exe) I get an error message Vista saying a defect was found in the KERNEL32.dll module.

Where can I get a fix for this?
I have already installed the updated files on the Toshiba web site for the "Value Pack", which is where this utility, but still not the error message.

5. I want access the settings of the bios at startup, but have not found a way to do it again.
F2 gives me a menu for memory test or normal boot system.
ESC is not me in bios Setup either.
There is a utility for bios Toshiba that I can run Vista, and I see that any upgrade bios firmware should also be done through Vista.

Is there a way to access bios at startup?

6. I would like to run XP on this system and realized that this model (Pro L300 PSLB1E) is compatible XP, and I should be able to download all the drivers from Toshiba to run under XP.

Does anyone do this?

7. the laptop and configured Vista Basic when I did the first power on, but the license sticker on the bottom of the laptop has a product key for "Vista OEMAct Business." I was captivated by this laptop as the option to revert to XP Pro with Vista business. The box did not come with any CD or DVD and no manuals explaining how to install Vista Business.

This is reason enough to return the laptop in the store where I bought it, which is a chore, I prefer to avoid if I can install Vista Business.

Can someone help me understand what is happening here?

8. is there a way to contact technical support by e-mail?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can answer all of these questions!



Two weeks ago, I worked several days on friends Satellite Pro L300. Your questions are interesting and I will try to provide an answer or comment.

1 this is normal behavior. I noticed it on other models of computer laptop too. Right now I use Satellite P200D and I noticed the same thing.

2. of course, you may have noticed a dead on the screen pixel and more on what you can read on

3. maybe follow links can help a better understanding:

4. what to say about this? I t has not noticed this error and I can recommend just reinstall full VAP. Remove preinstalled system, restart your computer and install the latest version of the Toshiba download page.

5. When you start the laptop downstairs you can find info how to enter the BIOS settings. It usually takes F2. I really don't understand what is wrong in your case, but must work F2. Press immediately after turning on your laptop. Press several times. You have to work

6. If you can find the download page of drivers, tools and utilities on Toshiba Windows XP Home edition, you should be able to install and configure Windows XP Home edition on this model of laptop. For the installation of Windows XP edition family please use Windows XP SP2 home edition.

7. This must be clarified with your local dealer. The fact is that Toshiba doesn t offer any CD/DVD and recovery DVDs must be created by the owner of the laptop. I presume that you didn t seen or read Toshiba reminder about it. This point explains exactly what needs to be done.
The recovery media can be created using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery creator. The shortcut is placed on the desktop.

8. I'm afraid, you must contact the hotline, but as far as I know Toshiba's toll-free hotline.
Call and ask if there is something you want to know.

Good luck!

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    The process gets as much as to start recovery utility and asking to select the language in the utility recovery which I emphasize English and then select next; It moves on the next screen, which is empty and then it just hangs.

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    You bought your laptop with the Vista version English?
    What language is marked before selecting English?

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    So would like to change to a larger HD... Q / I can do this, and how hard is it? even with the recovery of files on the Partition and if I bought the Toshiba recovery disks, gruff, when the player is changed discs would not reconise the largest disk that I discovered in the past using Norton Ghost.

    Upgrading the hard drive doesn't have to be the problem.
    HARD drive is placed in the lower corner under the HARD drive cover. HARD drive cover is fixed by two screws. Remove the screw, then the HARD drive cover. Please do it gently. After having this deletion drive by pulling on the tab kit attached to the pack, following the direction of the arrows.

    According to the specifications of the laptop you need SATA HDD and it can be upgraded up to 500 GB.
    After upgrade the disk HARD use recovery DVD for installation of operating system.

    Any other questions? ;)

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    I bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro L300 Model (PSLB9A - 064022)

    Put XP Pro/SP2-Having trouble with the Ethernet controller driver.

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    installed in a folder named c:\ "DELL"-(WHICH can not be move?)
    drivers R86360
    OF this dossier, I do the "setup."

    broad com 440 x - installs as everything is good,
    made just TWO yellow controllers.in etha...
    but isn't she suppose to be integrated realtek 10/100 Mbit / s Ethernet TX.

    Can someone please point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance...



    It seems that the Australian model, try this one:


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    Before you have to play with the Satellite Pro L300 laptop recently (on the instructions of the Tech) when I close the lid of the laptop that he went to sleep BUT when I opened the lid eventually, I had to press the power button to restart the laptop.

    But now, he's just on stand by.
    How can I get this back to how it was (having to press the button to exit stnd - in)-help!

    I tried to turn off Toshiba power saver and using the windows settings but nothing
    I have treid working :(

    Can anyone help?

    I get at the end of my home with this computer laptop blinkin :(

  • Install the new hard drive on Satellite Pro 6100


    I have the Satellite Pro 6100 and the hard drive has failed. Bought a new hard drive but have no idea where to begin to install it. Also, I have the product key for windows xp pro, but don't have a disc. Is there a way to get around get one, or someone has any ideas please?

    Thank you


    Hmmmm... It's very strange that you n t have idea how to start. Throughout history, there are only two options:
    -for the installation of an operating system you can use the original Toshiba Recovery disk that came with this laptop. If you n t have it then
    -use the Microsoft installation for the installation of the OS disc. All the drivers, tools and utilities must be installed Additionally one by one. Each of them you can find on Toshiba download page under http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com > support & downloads

    Please note: the product key at the bottom belongs to original recovery image so you probably won't be able to use it for the activation of the operating system.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - use of the power cable between the countries

    I'm buying a Toshiba laptop Satellite Pro L300 T4200 everything here in New Zealand, where I will be staying for the next six months. However, I'm heading back to Alaska (United States) in April.

    Someone could answer my concerns about the use of power cables and to buy once back in the States. for the most part is it safe to use a USA power cable in this laptop bought NZ without breaking something to bits?

    THX, kim3300

    When you return to the States, I think that you must travel kit adapter power supply only.
    I recommend you consult your dealer and gathering information that it will be the best for you.

  • Fanspeed went the Satellite Pro A200


    the fan speed increases after bios update. I'm not the only one, but all others have the same problem or not? The fan runs every 30 seconds of high level, too strong. In addition, I went outside and again, the fan works every 30 seconds. SpeedFan said that two hearts are on 10 C. So why does the fan work? After checking the toshiba power management, I changed battery. But this view has not helped. The fan runs again every 30 seconds, but the fan speed does not detect a fun Temperation. The two nuclei of 30 c to surf and send. And another fact is that I want to use carrots for 2 GHz and not 800 Mhz (utility). Change cooling EIB defragmentation method and the intel utlity says 800 Mhz to 2 GHz! It seems that the method liminized toshiba carrots at 800 Mhz?

    If there is a chance to roll back the bios, please help me. Or if there is a guy from toshiba, so please tell the BIOS programmers! In addition, my olders toshibas allowes to control the speed of the fan by the bios or software (fanspeed), why does'nt the satellite pro A200? The fan is too strong tension and the offset of the Temperation is at bottom.

    Please another you experiences, even, you have no solution for the problem.

    Bye - Daniel

    (installed under Vista Ultimate system, all new packages of windows and toshiba)

    Published by: ADMIN on February 16, 2008 20:52

    In most cases the update BIOS helps ;)
    But thanks for this info!

  • Satellite Pro L300 - Display works only on the external monitor

    I received my new Satellite Pro L300 tonight & followed the instructions one by one. Although the power etc. lights were turned on, I had no monitor display at all. I then plugged on my old pc monitor who * fact * work. I tried pressing Fn + F5 but still nothing on the screen of the laptop?

    Thank you, Adam.

    I think you need to bring your laptop to an ASP. They can check your laptop and exchange all necessary parts.
    I think that your laptop is under warranty, if the repair is free for you :)

    On the Toshiba site, you can search an ASP:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    Good luck!

  • Satellite Pro L300-1AQ only to charge the battery while the phone is in use

    I have a Toshiba SP L300-1AQ.

    In the last month we started having problems with it quit unexpectedly, even on power outlet.
    This morning I used it for about a half hour. When I started the battery level was 39% full, so I plugged it into the outlet. The fire area on the front of the laptop came and taskbar in Windows icon showed it was plugged and load (battery light was orange).

    After half an hour, I checked the battery and it was down to 16%. I turned down the brightness of the screen to try to reduce energy consumption, but less than a minute at the level of the battery was down to 15%. The toolbar icon and power lights both still power showing tasks. The power adapter was cold to the touch. I expect that it is hot. It seems to me that the power adapter does not provide enough power to run the laptop and recharge the battery. If the laptop is in sleep mode, the battery may charge.

    We need a new power adapter?

    Thank you



    It's really hard to say what the reason is but first of all, I think its hardware problem and not software related.
    Maybe the card mother doesn t charge battery problem more or the AC/DC adapter is defective. So can you test another adapter AC/DC to a friend for example? It would be interesting to know because if an AC/DC adapter works it seems to be a problem with the motherboard.

    I don t have Satellite Pro L300, I only Satellite L300 but it works really well and I can t notice a problem with the battery charging. It s all ok again :)

  • How can I fix the screen on Satellite Pro L300?

    How can I fix my screen Satellite Pro L300? I went by mistake about it.
    Although there seems to be nothing wrong with the external armor but there seems to be a few lines on the screen.

    The glass is cracked? You see the flow of liquid crystals when you move the screen?

    If the lines are perfectly horizontal or vertical, and then the glass behind the protective plastic surface is cracked, requiring a replacement LCD.

    An authorized service provider can give you a new LCD Module. Visit the Web from Toshiba for a list of the ASP

  • Satellite Pro L300: How to change the display settings

    Hi I have a toshiba satellite pro l300 run a pentium dual core and intel 965 display chip any games I play on my laptop, they open in a small box and not full screen I've had a quick glance at the settings to try to resolve this with no luck.

    Can someone tell me if there is a way to change the settings to get the games to play in full screen, my current display settings are 1280 x 800 pixels and running at 32-bit color.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    You should set this option to full screen in the games you play. Checked for these options, because you are given something like graphics, solution details and in most cases should be windowed.

    One thing you might try is to uninstall your current display drivers, and then reinstall new ones. Make sure that you use tools like ccleaner cleaning record or similar.
    Check if you have installed all the latest updates of windows and directx version, if you are using Windows XP.

  • The Satellite Pro A210-1AZ there bluetooth?

    I ve just ordered the Satellite Pro A210-1AZ and would like to know if it has Bluetooth on it, and if so do I need to do something in particular to make it work?

    Arround search on Google I found the news Satellite Pro A210 has no Bluetooth.

  • Satellite Pro L300 - which improved after the BIOS update

    Hello users,.

    I just finished an update of the BIOS on Satellite Pro L300 using Updater Insyde Bios. I tried the Toshiba site to see what's new or what has improved since the update my bios 1.7version v2.2. But there is no search results. I also went to the site Web Insyde, but neither have they put up what has changed or improved?

    Is there a documentation or information which could help me to know how my laptop has improved or better after the update of the BIOS and what has changed since my update of the BIOS?

    Thank you


    I assume you mean a changelog of the BIOS. Well, normally this document is placed on the Toshiba page where you can download the BIOS update.

    If you can't find such a t changelog, there is no available changelog. All that s!

    In addition the BIOS update should be performed only if it of really necessary. This means that if everything works fine, I don't see a reason to update because this update is a bit risky.

  • Some devices are not correctly installed on the Satellite Pro A200

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 psae7e. and I also have a problem with the PCI memory controller, Modem device on high definition audio bus, mass storage controller, because they are marked in yellow in the Device Manager.

    My knee works fine... sata works fine, graphic controller & etc. Everything in the natural order. but I don't want the yellow icons in Device Manager.

    How to solve this problem. I installed all the drivers, but there is still that the yellow icons that appear.

    And could someone tell me what is the PCI memory controller? Is that the shared memory?

    PCI memory controller is Intel Turbo Memory, also called chip logic Intel Flash cache
    It s a new technology designed to support the new features of Vista.
    There is no driver for Windows XP because XP doesn t supports the cache feature.

    The component of embedded controller compatible ACPI Microsoft supports the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) AC adapter device objects that the operating system uses to manage the resources of power.
    Seems that you BIOS does not support this!

    Update the BIOS to version XP!

Maybe you are looking for

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