810 Acer a1 storage

I use really low on storage space and do not want to get rid of the apps I have. However, there are applications that already settled that I don't use and I was wondering if I could get rid of them and how.


You can uninstall applications, you want more by following these steps:

Unlock your tablet.

Access applications

Tap settings

Tap Applications

Click on manage applications

Touch the application you want to uninstall.

Press the Uninstall button.

To confirm that you want to uninstall this app OKtap.

Click OK when finished.

This process will completely remove the application from your applications list.

Note: While you can uninstall applications you have downloaded and installed, pre-loaded applications cannot be removed as they provide important functionality to your device. Attempts to remove the pre-loaded applications can interfere with your ability to receive automatic updates of your device in the future.

If you have other questions or concerns please contact Acer support.

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  • where can I set up a signature for an email on A1-810 acer Tablet

    Where can I set up a signature on an acer A1-810 android Tablet

    Thank you.

    Nope, sync is not serious.

    Moreover, email signature is in the e-mail application settings, associated with each unique e-mail account.

  • A1 810 Acer Bluetooth speaker

    I have a new bluetooth speaker and have tried to pair it with my A1 810 Tablet without success - is - anyone know if I can use a speaker bluetooth with this Tablet?

    Thanks, I have now works. I had the speaker works with my phone and then tried to pair it with the Tablet, but it seems that I need to activate the Bluetooth on my phone out before I can use the speaker with the tablet.

  • Acer w3-810: heating problem & touch stops working after a while.

    1 year warranty, 810, Acer w3 expired, the Tablet is showing heating questions now, close the camera back and after a while to the touch stops working, touch works fine on reboot and compressed is cold. When the Tablet is connected to a network to the touch stopped working earlier than when not connected.

    to solve this problem:-J' I reset the windows. which increased the length of time in which the touch works but always to the touch stops working after a while.

    I disassembled the Tablet and found that the part that is overheating is memory [h9tknnnbpdma].

    What shoul I do, what I need to change the digitizer, software or any better solution?


    the problem was solved when I disconnected the cables of the digitizer and then reconnected.

  • B1-710. upgrading to a newer version of the android system

    Hello everyone, new here.

    I have my   B1 - 710 for over a year now and I get more and more apps that I can't install because my ol...

    "This article applies only to the: Acer A100, A200 Acer Acer A210, A500 Acer, Acer A501, Acer A510, 700 Acer, Acer. A1 - 810, Acer B1 - 710, G1-715 gateway"


    I'm sorry that I did not understand your question because I thought you were asking if you'd be able to get the Kitkat or Android 5.0.

    This particular article more is designed to allow customers to have the ability to load different versions of the versions available for their model android and if they missed an update to the newer version. If you check these models on the page drivers and manuals, you will find that we have provided the full image for each version that has been put at the disposal of this unit.

    That said, not all tablets have the same versions of Android available to them or that they cannot receive broadcast dates more regular for all the other versions Android for this tablet.

  • How can I transfer my Gallery A-810 to my Acer laptop?

    I need to transfer my Gallery on my laptop.  I also want to use the SD card to store and transfer photos.  Help you enjoy.

    Plug your A-810 on your Acer laptop with the USB cable, then you can browse the internal memory and the SD of your PC with the windows default application, so you can copy and paste images.

    You can move the entire DCIM folder (where your photos are stored) from the internal memory to the card CD.

    to define the SD card as default image save the position, you need to check on the parameters of the camera app (which is normally in storage).

  • Acer Iconia A1-810 stuck on logo after update of KitKat

    I received the notification of update today for the update of KItKat (I installed the previous update with no problems) and allow to download then proceeded with the installation. After it is finished the SystemRoot Tablet and he was blocked on the Acer boot logo since. What should I do now?

    The Tablet is now working again, for anyone facing the same problem here is the solution in detail:

    1 - go to the Acer support page > drivers and manuals > choose your device model > tab choose OS > download the operating system for your region.
    2 - Copy the file "update.zip" on an external SD card and insert it into the device.
    3 - Although the power off, hold the volume upwards then power button for three seconds. Let go when the screen lights up.
    4. now you should look at the recovery mode menu. Navigate using the volume buttons and choose 'apply the update of external storage' and find your file "update.zip".
    5 - the tablet will now install the OS, restart and go through the first time using the installation program.

    Unfortunately, all data on the tablet will be lost. Many thanks Acer!
    In addition, I thank IronFly for his help.

  • Acer A1 810 is not charge or start

    I have not used my Acer A1 810 for a few months. I tried to plug in charger for hours, but it does not start. Tried all the volume down + power button solutions and nothing has worked. The battery was fine when I use it, but now it seems to be dead. Is there a solution to revive without having to replace it?

    Sometimes when the battery goes low charge, it happens that stucks on load or start-up.

    Some users open, disconnected and reconnected the battery to fix this; If you are not comfortable to do, contact Acer support services.

  • Acer Liquid E2 Duo: Problem of storage. How?


    I have a storage problem on my Acer Liquid E2 Duo. Because of my previous phone experience that I thought 4 GB internal memory was enough, but it's not good I moved all the applications that I could to the SD card.

    Here's what I see in 'Settings'-> 'storage '.

    1. Storage internal-> size-> free 50 MB 2.35 GB
    2. -> Card SD size 32 GB-> GB of free 22
    3. Storage-> phone size 1.6 GB-> GB 1.6 free

    If "Internal storage" + 'Phone storage' are by default 4 GB to come with the phone.
    But obviously NO application go to the "storage of phone" so I run out of space in "internal memory". Why?

    In addition many to come with the OS ' default ' apps (and that I do NOT like Facebook, etc...) are not INSTALLABLE (I tried it only turn them off) and no MOBILE SD card (option is grayed out).

    So in summary: I have run out of space in "Internal memory" with many not removable applications and while the 'storage phone' is not used, I have plenty of space on the SD card but I can not move the default applications default on that...

    If anyone has the answers...

    Hi all, for some time now, I've provided workaround for this "storage solution" issued by PM and Acer have been generous enough to allow me to do.

    However, things got a lot better now and I am extremely grateful to Acer that will allow me to send a link to workaround and make it a sticky so that nobody has to PM me longer for it.

    Acer will add their own words at this, but let me say that although the 'process/script"is very well written (ahem!), it is not for novices and you will need to understand some parts of your phone, along the TSF, some may be new terminology and jargon.

    And of course, it is at your own risk. You decide for yourself the positive feedback in this thread about whether it is worth to continue. That being said, here is the link to my instructions as to how you can repartition the storage:

    Link to instructions contained in a zip file with two files

    Once again, thanks to Acer to enable this.

  • What kind of music to download for my Acer A1 - 810?

    I have AbApps/AbMusic on my Acer A1-810 but can't seem to download most of my music from my office computer. He repeats to me it's the wrong format or something. A large part of what I have are albums or MP3, I downloaded from Amazon to my office computer. Why they do not work on the Acer? And where can I get these same songs/music for Acer?


    AB media in your Android device supports formats such as MPEG-4 (.m4a), raw ADTS AAC (.aac), MP3 (.mp3), MIDI (.mid), WAVE (.wav). If the file format is the same as above & you still have questions, you can download the codec for the same since google play, or use files AB & to open the music could use google play music or any music player on play store. see you soon

  • Acer a1 810 conect with usb 3g modem

    Acer a1 810 4.4.2 KK help how I conect usb 3g modem. Not rooted

    In my view, is not possible.

  • Acer Iconia (W1-810) 8W - boot from USB...

    Hello world
    I have an Acer Iconia 8W (W1-810), and I tried to install another OS through my USB key. I already changed the boot order in the bios and secure boot disabled, but I'm not able to start. Y at - it a boot to access menu, if yes, how to reach it, if not, how can I start the USB? Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I activated the F12 boot menu and tried a USB pen create fom Universal USB install (which is what I always use to install Ubuntu on a PC) and Intel on the other with Win32 Disk Imager (with Android Ivy-bridge of the Intel Web site). Menu of startup only recognizes Windows...

    Edit 2: updated the BIOS to 1.06, installed rEFInd on Windows, nothing... Does not seem reccogize what USB deviced outside Windows...

    Discovered that there is a single machine 32-bit EFI. Managed to adapt the Ubuntu image to have a 32-bit efi loader and managed to start the USB key. Always difficult to install but at least I'm in.

  • Updated A1-810 KitKat (Acer.AV0K0.A1 - 810.RV0BRC05.PA.CA) and has a boot loop

    I just downloaded and installed the latest version of kitkat Acer support today:

    Acer.AV0K0.A1 - 810.RV0BRC05.PA.CA613,5 MB06/11/2014

    (Which, apparently, just came out last week) and after placing the zip on my SD card and install it via recovery menu, now my system is stuck in a reboot loop and is loading not in Android, and I can't downgrade to an earlier version without getting a getprop ("ro.product.name") == "a1-810_pa_ca" error and it fails.

    Any suggestions on how to get this operational unit again?  I will call Acer tomorrow to find out, because this update came out only a week earlier, then they would be more willing to shed light on this situation and hopefully get it resolved for me.

    After speaking with support from Acer, try re-Flash image several times and have them say me that my year old tablet (with that late July last of warranty) would cost $110 to fix (because of THEIR software update), and after NOT to advised by their support team, I decided to try and camera flash myself with a different bootloader and managed to solve the problem

  • Capacity of the microSD for Acer Iconia A1-810

    For the Acer Iconia A1-810, is there a limit to the size/capacity of the MicroSD card, you can plugin?

    I know at least some, and SDXC standards even at higher speeds. The SDHC on the A1, does support some of the slower speeds, but it simply means that the SDXC is SDHC speeds. I think that there are some 128 GB cards now and I expect that they would work as well. I think they are always quite high price however.

  • Acer iconia w1 - 810 DVD img restore?

    Acer iconia w1 - 810 DVD img restore?

    Thank you

    [edited to conform to the guidelines]

    I got an upgrade to take over 6 hours before. I would like to leave overnight. The problem is that little new machines have a drive activity indicator to tell you if something happens.

Maybe you are looking for

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