8500: 8500 with clear paper jam message


My gives me a clear paper jam message when printing from the nearest mac to the printer.  I walked through all the steps on the 14-minute video, and I always get the message (that) then it will print.

In addition, 3 other computers that use this printer (all macs) can print without problem. We're using Yosemite and the other two use a slightly older OS. This could be a driver problem?

All thoughts are welcome.

Thank you!


I turned the printer works after doing the above and guess what? It works!

Thank you!

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  • HP Office Jet Pro 8600 Plus false paper jam message

    I am ready to throw this printer out the window! I'm tired of false paper jam messages. The printer will be fine for a few weeks, then... another message of jam that can take hours to clear.

    I: reset the printer, looked for jams, checked the latest firmware, shaken and even moved the print cartridge support to the right (which is surprising solved the problem several times). The only thing I have not tried is a ceremony of purification of incense.

    Come on HP, stop telling us to try all of the unnecessary procedures. There is a sensor in the machine that is faulty. Fix it!

    Instead of throwing out the window, I'll put it on the sidewalk and invite passers-by to take their frustration with a hammer. It would make a great video!

    Additional info: if I'm able to run "align print heads", who often corrects the situation. A little more evidence that there is a sensor on the blink.

    28/08/14: personal support HP said that the problem I encountered was very likely due to a defective sensor.

    I just sent you a private message. If you are unsure how to check your messages on the forum this post, has instructions.

    Thank you

  • paper jam message 3050 j611 series

    My printer 3050 j611 shows a paper jam message whenever I try to print anything, but there is no paper jam, or whatever it is of another obstruction of power paper, I tried all suggested corrections suggested without success.  I'm puzzled!

    There is a document with the steps to help solve the problems of paper jam, located here. True or false paper jams are troubleshoot-made in the same way.

    I hope this helps.

  • 5520 HP printer paper jam message not fade.

    paper jam message won't clear, need for corrective action. No paper jam.

    [Transferred from Internet Explorer]

    Original title: range of printers HP 5520

    Hi Ron,

    Thanks for posting the query on the Microsoft Community Forums. I understand that you get a message saying paper jam while you try to print from the printer.

    You did changes to the computer before the show?

    Follow the steps for troubleshooting instructions.

    Method 1:

    I suggest you link and perform the steps of troubleshooting from the link.

    Open the printer troubleshooter.


    Method 2:

    I suggest the link and follow the steps in troubleshooting.

    HP Support document.


    If still the problem persists after you perform the troubleshooting steps and if you have questions related to Windows, please do not hesitate to answer us, we will be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • Printer OfficeJet HP6600 having phantom paper jam message

    My 6600 OfficeJet printer displays a starting paper jam message ' remove the rear access panel... ". "The problem is that I've never had a paper jam and there is absolutely no paper anywhere which is the origin of the jam.  I turned off using three different methods open the door of each service, and this error message still appears.   I can't pass this message to make a test print.

    All the cylinders seem well and ink cartridges are fine.   Any help would be appreciated.

    As a result of the issue of paper jam, I ended up calling HP support and they could not solve the problem.  They sent me a new printer and everything works again.

  • OfficeJet 8500 document feeder paper jam

    I have a paper jam in tray my 8500. I can open the scanner, but I can't understand how to access the mechanism for rolls below. In the (p. 187-188) owner's manual, it shows a picture how to do that, but it looks bad - it shows the cover disconnected the ADF mechanism, but I see no way to that.  Any ideas?

    Thank you!!


    Please visit the link below to fix the problem.


  • LaserJet Pro m477fnw multifunctional printers: clearing paper jams

    We have a rear door paper jam, but can not reach the paper - the paper is too small and too deep inside the printer.  How can we delete this?  Thank you.

    If you have access to a service manual, then you'd be able to find concrete steps to clear the jam.  We can link to the Service manuals on open forums, but you can find floating around on 3 sites of third parties.

    Otherwise, I would suggest integrating the printer a HP support certified area.  They can make the most complex repairs for you.

    You also have the possibility to communicate directly with HP support if you have the remaining warranty on the printer.  If a representative of phone you can't walk through the process on the phoen they may be able to send a tech or swap on the printer for you according to the seriousness of the problem.  Standard stuff for warranty support for the machines.

  • Defective C4280 paper jam message


    My printer has only 3 months, not often used again. Now, I get the message "paper jam". I contacted HP and completed the 7 steps by following the instructions, yet it wont print and the message is always the same.

    A ridiculous this question, but where is the OK button, at one point he said press the OK button, but I can't find one on the printer?

    Not many problems are solved on this forum that I noticed, but heres hoping someone will answer and help me.

    Thanks to all those who respond.

    I just tried once again afetr the wiping roller bars, the message of paper jam has disappeared but it usually always print, I can hear it going through the motions, but he stops, displays nothing then dies.

    This could be something to do with Active X if I remember to send a message to this topic, I installed it it was the wrong thing to do?

    Sorry if this sounds stupid all you brain boxes but keep in mind I'm OLD, please.

    Message edited by older Lady - 28/11/2008 03:51

    Hiya Dexter

    Finally - a result!

    I rang HP and they went through all 7 procedures to correct the problem, the last message on the printer was paper jam, it's then the guy said that it would replace my printer and it would be delivered on Friday and UPS would collect the old one without cost to me. !

    If it had not been for your advice, I don't know I would have been fobbed off by helpdesk UK and would probably buy a new one.

    So, many thanks to you for helping an old lady.


    Pauline Chapman.

  • PIXMAMX410 model of printer. Received paper jam message. No jam. Still the error message.

    Received message for paper jam / transplanted paperless. Check it, nothing found.  Cannot remove the error message, and I am not able to print anything.  It is my business.

    Fixed me the problem.  Using a piece of cardboard that has been rolled, fed through the printer rolls and discovered a small piece of paper that was filed here.  Problem solved, and I am able to print again.  : - )

  • I have a 6500 all in a (not wireless) whenever I try to scan I get a paper jam message

    There is no paper jam I checked several times.

    If there is a previous jam, he could have left a small piece of paper, or slightly misaligned something in the socket of the printer thinks there is a paper jam.

    Check these out, the steps could clear up:

    Paper jam

    The ADF jam

  • Clearing paper jams

    My HP Photosmart 2610 all-in-one does not print. The report shows there are 10 of paper jams. There is no paper in the printer. "" It started when I tried to use a different size, slightly heavier paper (5 1/2 "x 8 1/2") when I also had 8 1/2 "x 11" paper in the tray. I removed the back cover & there is no indication of any paper in the printer from both rear & front. How can I clear it so I can print?

    Thank you


    If it says 10 paper jams in the queue (on the computer), then this can help:


  • constantly getting paper jam messages, paper offset, alignment is not

    When I tried to print an envelope I received a few different error messages. I think the first was on paper, then paper jam. I tried to align the cartridge and received the allignment message has no asymmetrical paper. I tried to reinstall the cartridge, loading and unloading of the paper, removed and replace the paper tray. Help, please.

    I find very hard to read screen tise. How to change the background from black to white?

  • I'm unable to solve on my Canon MF8580CDW false paper jam message

    It says there is a paper jam in Tray 1.  But there is no.  I just hit OK and it thinks for a while and then prints a page more and pretended that there is an another paper jam.  Any ideas?

    Hi lboldrick.

    Please follow the instructions below to verify the paper jams in the machine:

  • Warning of Photosmart 5524 transport jam not clear paper jam

    My HP Photosmart 5524 seems to be in perfect working order but I can't move it beyond the 'Transport Jam' warning on screen.

    Have followed all the steps on the screen of the printer and the HP Web site.

    Mac OS x

    Running wireless printer.

    Thanks for any help.

    Hello @And1234 , welcome to the forums

    Check out the guide I posted below. If you have already tried all of the steps, please consider contacting HP directly to inquire about a replacement printer or a trade in option.

    A 'Transport Jam' Message displays for HP Photosmart 5520 e-all-in-one and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 5520 e-all-in-One Printer Series

    Details of HP:
    If you call in North America, the number is 1-800-474-6836 and if you call outside the United States / Canada: click here.

    Best wishes

  • HP 309 paper jam message

    1. There is no paper that is stuck inside.

    2A looked everywhere, took off the duplexer. Removed all paper.

    3. the power recycled several times.

    4. do you have a #3 then #6 then #9 (two times nothing).

    5. rocked and shook, nothing.

    6. use compressed air, nothing.

    7 with power disconnected, said details for the ink carriage moves freely

    to the left. NOPE, he moves about a 1/4 inch.

    8 I can't find something stuck inside the printer.

    [email address redacted]

    I opened the lid on the right side under the ink cartridges, Out fell a 2 inch black oriented piece of plastic than the tree on a 1/8 inch fluted shaft. I put it back on the metal spline and noticed on the tree (which I assume should not do).

    SO I THREW the PRINTER in THE TRASH and bought a HP 8600.

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