8600 Officejet pro 911: scan has stopped working

My scan just stopped working and givee me a message, the printer is not connected to the computer.

I turned off the computer and the cable and the printer turned on again but did not help.

Instructions say click the HP and select the scanner action. But when I click on the hp icon I get only an option to install a new printer. Nothing else.

How do I get this reconnected?


Hello @skybyrd53,

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

I would like to work with you today with the resolution of the problem of scan that you encounter when you try to scan from your HP Officejet Pro 8600 e-all-in-one printer to your computer Windows 8.1. I understand that when you click on the HP printer Assistant icon you get a screen "install". This indicates that your software is here and ready to work, but your printer is no longer bound to this software. For this reason, I will guide you through the steps for reinstalling your device to fix software problems and the pilot. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Uninstall the drivers:

For the purposes of troubleshooting, it is important that we have a clean slate to work with. So, I'll you delete everything Officejet software and drivers on your computer.

  1. Open the screen, Start by selecting the Windows icon at the bottom left of your computer screen or by selecting the Windows key bottom left of your keyboard to the right of the Ctrl key
  2. When the splash screen opens, type programs and features. Click on programs and features to open it.
  3. When the programs and features opens a list of the programs installed on your computer will populate. Scroll down the list until your see HP Officejet 8600. Select the HP Officejet device and click Uninstall
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation of your product.

Once the Officejet has been uninstalled successfully, please proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Remove temporary files:

  1. Open the screen, Start by selecting the Windows icon at the bottom left of your computer screen or by selecting the Windows key bottom left of your keyboard to the right of the Ctrl key
  2. When the splash screen opens, type run. Click on Run to launch the run dialogue box.
  3. In the run box, type %temp% , and then click OK
  4. When the Temp folder opens, select Ctrl + A at the same time on your keyboard. Everything in this folder will highlight now.
  5. Select the "delete" button on your keyboard. The Temp folder contains the temporary internet files. None of the actual files or folders on your computer will be affected by deleting Temp files. A Temp file should you will automatically get the pop up to 'jump' this point.
  6. Close the Temp folder when it is empty
  7. Right-click the recycling bin on your desktop and select empty recycling bin

Step 3: Reinstall the drivers:

  1. Please click here to download the latest drivers for your HP Officejet
  2. Once the site opens, please click on the download button at the top left
  3. If you are prompted, please allow the download to run
  4. Once the download is complete, please follow the instructions on the screen to reinstall your printer.

Once your printer is reinstalled successfully, please try scanning and printing to confirm that everything is working properly again. If your printer is unable to install because it is not 'detected' when installing, please let me know how your HP Officejet is connected to your Windows computer (USB, Ethernet cable or wireless).

Please reply to this message with the result of your troubleshooting. Good luck!

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    Duplex unit has worked very well so far.  After printing the first side of the paper is ejected, rather than making a break to dry ink and then reverse.  Follows a warning from paper output.  Pressing OK print side 2d on a new worksheet.  Replaced the duplexer without effect.

    I suspect that a sensor is defective.  No idea where it is or how to fix it?

    Ignore the problem duplexer.  The simplest possible fix seems to have solved the problem.  I close the printer down and disconnected, then rebooted.  Seems to be fine now.  I have at least one backup duplexer.

  • 5510 scan has stopped working

    After almost two years, scan has stopped working on my 5510, although the printing and copying are still functioning.  Here are the facts:

    I run Windows 7 on my laptop.  I'm connected wireless to the 5510.

    I get a message that the search was unsuccessful, when I run the printer.  But the printer can see the computer and is not a problem when I choose it.  When I run the scan, it sits there for a while (no movement), then gives me the failure message.

    I can't get the scan to work at all from the laptop itself.  When I click on scan a Document or a picture, nothing happens.  To be honest, I never tried this feature before, so I can't say if this is something new, or if it was always a problem.

    I run printing and scanning doctor and he made three sweeps of test where the printer indicates that they were successful (the printer makes noises like he did a scan).  But no scan file doesn't appear on my computer (in My Documents, where they normally appear).  When it's done, he asks if I want to run a test scan.  I say I do, and it seems to say that the analysis has been a success.  This time the printer makes no noise, but I immediately get a message parsing succeeded, and I threw at the final menu.

    I hope someone can help me!


    I suggest you to uninstall the printer software.

    Restart the PC.

    Please, download and run the Installer printer HP www.hp.com/go/tools

  • Epson scan has stopped working.

    I recently bought an ASUS Essentio CG5290 computer that uses a 64-bit system.  A few weeks later, I bought an Epson Workforce 600 multiprinter.  I know for sure the Epson multiprinter works perfectly well because I used it on my old Dell Dimension 4600 computer that uses Windows XP (I suspect the system uses a 32-bit).  When it is connected to my ASUS computer which uses Windows Vista, everything works fine until I try to use the scanner.  When I click on the EpsonScan icon I immediately get a Message from Microsoft Windows saying "Epson Scan has stopped working".  A few seconds later, it gives me another message saying: "a problem caused blocking the program works correctly.  Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. "I never got a 'solution '.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall the printer software to download Windows Vista Service Pack 2.  There are available for the ASUS BIOS, manufacturer downloads, but I have to buy the program WinZip to download.  I'm nervous about messing with the BIOS.  I think that my problem scanner printer has something to do with the ASUS having a 64 bit OS against compliant system to the requirements of the twain_32 printer.  I qualify for the free upgrade to Windows 7 when it is released to the public in October ' 09.  This will solve the problem?  My ASUS has every update of Microsoft Windows to date.  I'm not very computer so any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Did you get the drivers Vista 64 of Epsom first and install according to the requirements of the Epsom, which is usually to install software / drivers prior to the connection of the printer

    PS You need not buy winzip in order to upgrade the bios, but then, aren't an update of bios support

  • Fax for Windows & scan has stopped working for me.

    Fax for Windows & scan has stopped working for me. I analyze the documents on there all the time and it just stopped working gives me an error message indicating "a problem prevented the document under analysis. Please try again, or to correct this information, see Help and Support or the documentation that came with the scanner. "However, the problem is not the scanner, because it works with a colleague's computer, and the scanner does not work with mine either. It is a problem with the Windows fax and scan. We have tried several things and nothing works. Help, please!

    Hi KristinVeltema,

    To resolve this problem, you must download and install windows vista service pack 2 on the computer.

    Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)


    See the link below for more information:

    Error message when you try to import an image from a scanner by using "Windows Fax and Scan" or by using the Windows Photo Gallery in Windows Vista SP1: "a problem prevented the document under analysis.


    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • I bought acrobat 9 pro. It has stopped working, and I don't have the license number or serial number. How can I fix it?

    I bought acrobat 9 pro. It has stopped working, and I don't have the license number or serial number. How can I fix it?

    Hi Max,.

    Please visit the following link to get your serial number.



    Sukrit diallo

  • Adobe first Pro CC2014 20141 has stopped working

    Capture.PNGWhenever I try to launch the program this message 'Adobe Premiere Pro CC 20141 has stopped working. A problem caused the blocking of the program works correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is not available"I tried to uninstall and re install the program like 2 or 3 times already, can't find anything on the Internet can help me either. Please if you have any suggestions made me know.

    Here is a screenshot.


    Can you please check if you have Service Pack 1 installed for Windows or not. My guess is that it is the first cause of crash.



  • HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus: fit to Page has stopped working

    Adjust the Page setting has stopped working, but the printer will expand again manually.

    Copy - settings - resize - adjust α Page stopped working. It allows me to always select the setting, but when I push copy the copy is not expanded.

    Copy - settings - resize - Custom still works, but it takes forever to grow something because you have to keep hitting the top or down arrows (you must press the arrow pointing upwards, 100 times to set the printer to enlarge it 200% copying.

    I use Fit daily page in my work, but it stopped working about 2 weeks ago and I need to get back to work.

    I always put it to adjust to Page when I copy and sometimes it will work, but 95%, it prints the copy without enlargement.

    How can I fix?

    Hey @WG2,

    Thanks for getting back to me on this subject. It's honestly the first time I heard about brands of pen on the printer tray, creating a conflict for the adjustment to the copy of the Page in white feature. I will definitely keep in mind for the future.

    Regarding the cleaning, the pen delimits the white mile tree windows is supported. Don't use of cleaners containing abrasives, acetone, benzene, or carbon tetrachloride. These substances can damage the printer. Avoid alcohol isopropyl (rubbing alcohol) because it can leave scratches on the glass.


    If you use a mild cleaner still does not work remove pen marks, I recommend you contact our Technical Support by phone queue to explore additional options. The Platinum is a non-replaceable part, so if it cannot be cleaned the whole unit replacement may be necessary.

    HP Technical Support can be reached at the: 800-474-6836.

    If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    Worldwide contact HP

    I wish you good luck going forward with this!

  • Satellite Pro A300 - 2C5 has stopped working


    I have a problem with my Toshiba Pro A300 - 2C5.
    It stopped working today.

    I have paid a top tea but removed is as fast as possible but a little water got inside my laptop.
    He worked for a while, I turned off and it works again an hour later, but unfortunately it has stopped working.

    When I try to turn it on, the syptoms are as follows:
    -the only light that shines is a power indicator light
    -l' screen does not work at all (it stays black and went offshore)
    -fan works
    -It seems hard disk does not work if Windows does not start
    -the keyboard does not work, when I hit tke keys nothing happenes, I tested the Caps Lock key, but not flashing
    -computer does not read my camera memory card

    What shoul I do to get it working again? :(
    Any help appreciated.



    The anomaly can be related to different laptop parts in the worst case the liquid spill damage the motherboard and you will need to replace the part.
    In the best cases, it could be a RAM error as it happens to one of my friends.
    He spilled coke on the keyboard and after awhile the laptop could not turn on.
    We checked memory sharp and replaced both modules with new RAM modules and this fixed the problem

    You can try this also maybe it helps if all other parts should be checked by a technician of the ASP.

  • P50 win 10 Pro - footprints digital has stopped working

    Hi all

    I just got my P50 (20EQS00600, M1000M, i7-6700HQ, 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD) about a week ago and I quite like it. However, there is one thing that drives me crazy: after that I upgraded to Win 7 Pro 64 bit for win 10 Pro, the fingerprint feature has stopped working. This issue seems to be related to those reported in these two threads for the P70, but at the same time appears sufficiently different to warrant a new post:



    So, here is what I did:

    (1) I correctly installed Win 10 w/o retaining data/settings from the previous installation of Windows 7; I even reformatted the SSD drive.

    (2) for the initial installation, was asked by Windows Hello register prints I've done.

    (3) fingerprint worked during the first connection, but then disappeared as if by magic. Hello Windows is no longer appears as a connection option in the control panel of Win.

    (4) I found in Device Manager the Synaptics WBDI reported the following problem: "this device cannot start. (Code 10) ".

    (5) repeated uninstall and reinstall drivers are without success. I tried both have Win a driver and manual to install the drivers I downloaded from Lenovo page.

    (6) when I uninstalled the drivers and then wiped the fingerprints stored in the BIOS, I was again able to register fingerprints with Windows Hello. However, this time the fingerprints were not yet registered in Windows, and I had to cancel the procedure. Immediately after, the Synaptics driver stopped working, cf. 4).

    I am at a loss what to do. Strange thing is that I ran Win 7 for about a week, and the fingerprint reader worked fine all the time. (Due to the scaling of the questions on my 4 k screen, I bit the bullet and went to win 10, in case you're wondering.)

    So everyone out there has the same problem, does anyone have a solution?

    Thank you in advance and the best,


  • HP PRO X 476: scan has stopped working

    I have the HP Officejet Pro X 476 Multifunction Printer series, the scanner does not work, any help would be great.


    Thank you for using the HP forum. You can try the following:

    Please download and run the HP Print and Scan Doctor (PSDR) tool to diagnose and solve your problem


    Hope that helps.

  • Satellite Pro 6100: fan has stopped working

    I recently decided to copy out all my data from my laptop and it just stopped. It was very very hot, and the hard drive has not worked since. I put a new disc in and installed the software but it heats up really fast. My question is this all a result of the fan (I can't hear more) stop and is it possible to buy a fan and install it myself - I've already cracked it open and got down to the fan and it looks like dust-free. I am pretty handy and want to do it myself.

    If the fan is originally where can I buy a replacement?


    This looks like a laptop computer could overheat.
    If you can't hear the fan or cooling module is bad or there is something wrong with the motherboard.

    In my opinion, the cooling module must be checked and possibly replaced.
    All parts and devices can be controlled from the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country.

    Just call the guys and order the compatible part or if you have no experience, ask the guy to help him. I think that you should not replace anything by yourself. It may be damaged anything else. The technicians have more experience and can locate and solve the problem much faster.

    Good luck

  • Satellite Pro M70 - wireless has stopped working

    I have a Satellite Pro M70 and the wireless stopped working. The yellow light lights up for a few seconds for the machine to wake up but then turns off. I rebooted several times, but that did not help. In your reply please clarify abbreviations - thank you!

    Post edited by: boston1


    Have you tried to update the driver WLAN? You can find it on the Toshiba site or portal driver WLAN:

    Have you checked for yellow exclamation marks Device Manager?

    Check if the laptop WLAN switch lights up and I can disable/enable WLAN with FN + F9 on my Satellite phone.
    Check it!

    Good bye

  • HP LaserJet MFP Pro M127fw Installer has stopped working

    Have difficulty installing drivers HP LaserJet MFP M127fw Pro portable 32-bit hp with windows 7

    Build in software printer stops at Midway

    Downloaded software stops at Midway

    Printer driver standard windows 7 works very well and can print with it, but has no scanner driver

    Doctor scanner HP printer indicates the scan software is not installed and directing me to download driver on the hp website

    installation of this software also stops at Midway

    No errorcodes anywhere, box Installer just message could not continue and try to find a solution. This box diapears as well.

    Installation fails on cable network and usb

    no error messages in the logs of windows

    The http connection works fine

    tried installing with smart installation on and outside (is disabled for the moment)

    Spooler service works well

    We searched this forum more people seem to have this problem but there is no solution mentioned in the end.

    Help, please


    Thank you for your help.

    I'm afraid it does not either, I don't use McAfee but Avast.

    Stop Avast, or stop the firewall (windows standard) does not resolve the inability to run the installation software.

    If I unplug the USB cable, the virtual CD in the printer disappears and so cannot run uninstall.

    I didn't want to stop all services, because I don't know what he must stop and don't want other problems that may be difficult for me to correct after a reboot.

    Also, I didn't want to install as administrator, I cannot guess.

    My solution that worked in the end is:

    Connected the USB cable.

    A printer icon appears but with red crosses indicating missing and software scanner fax.

    Right-click on this icon of the USB printer and select software update. the research on the internet.

    Downloaded and installed the correct software without problems.

    I cannot now use the scanner software using the network (wired), but I can live with that.

    The printer works fine on the network. Scanner only via USB.

    Again, thank you for your help.

    This band of turnover can be now closed.

  • ActiveSync between Treo Pro and Outlook has stopped working

    I am running Windows XP and Outlook 2007 and contecting to Palm Pro with USB cable

    ActiveSync was working before but about 3 weeks ago, I noticed that when it updates the section notes, it stops.

    Error signature ActiveSync says

    AppName: wcesmgr.exe AppVer: ModName 4.5.5096.0: inkstore.dll

    ModVer 4.5.5096.0 Offset: 0000521c

    Thanks for any help you can give.

    With the phone not connected to the PC, try


    You may need to press 'OK' or try a couple of times, but you should see a list of the PC there syncd with.

    Menu/options will bring up a screen with the PC and check the boxes for the items to synchronize. (you can get to the screen at the beginning).

    You should be able to select/highlight a PC and the list delelte. Even if you have only one, you can delete it and start over.

Maybe you are looking for