9.1 with xp, download google chrome box appears on the homepage, and it won't go away, even with installed chrome.

Since the installation of firefox 9.1 on my xp, whenever I have raise firefox, google browser, a box appears top right "instal google chrome" I installed it, but the box does not disappear.


PB mode you can leave the password manager fill in the passwords.

It only happens automatically.

You must either type the first letter (s) or double-click the entry of name and press tab to fill in the password.

The same thing with the other AutoComplete entries.

You only you cannot store new data (names and passwords).

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  • I am trying to download Google chrome for windows 7 - once a test of compatibility with the result is Google chrome is an incompatible program? Any ideas please.

    I think I got a virus malicous via a note from Internet Explorer.
    All documentation including the pop-up is PC Tools arrived with no text?
    The existing windows/excel etc documents have been divoid of the text?
    Windows Live mail worked fine.

    I uninstalled Googel Chrome because it is / was my default browser.
    I asked Firefox/Explorer/PC Tools and finally auditor of virus Microsofts 10 day to check my computer?
    Microsoft and Microsoft only came with JS/Paypopup?

    I made what I download Google Chrome from Google.
    It downloads ok but does not install.

    The login page appears, but then said you want to kill pages re time.

    The most disturbing thing is the screenshot below.

    Regards R J Cooper.

    Hi a screen shot of the bandido!

    However, the initial issue of Chrome being not except by my comp W7.
    I managed to find the location of downloaded programs C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe and went to its properties.
    In run this program as compatible for -
    Chrome has itself identified to XP SP3?
    This model came with W7 and was never anywhere close to XP.

    I chose W7 and now well after weeks of faffing.
    Go and go.
    Thanks for all your help regarding this matter: it is quite apprieciated.
    As for my bandit?
    Any ideas?

  • Why I can't download Google Chrome to my old Macbook (13 "early 2009) with OS 10.11.6?

    I need to install Chrome Remote Desktop on my old Macbook so I can use it on a trip. Remote Desktop chrome requires that I have to first download Google Chrome. Whenever I click on the button "Download Chrome" on the internet, it opens a new window, but the window is all black and nothing happens. So, I can't even install it. What prevents downloading on this Macbook Chrome? My iMac 2015 had no problem, download and install Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop.

    "my old Macbook...

    Chrome requires a Mac under v10.9 or subsequently > https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/

    Click the  menu Apple at the top left of your screen. In the drop-down menu, click on: about this Mac.

    You will see the installed version noted here.

  • It is necessary to download Google Chrome for each user on my Vista computer?

    Why, if I have more than one user, do I download google chrome for each user?  Is there a way I don't have to download a second for the other user?

    * original title - computer with more than one user *.

    Google Chrome since the normal download install personal folders to the user. This allows Chrome to be installed by users who have administrator privileges. Apparently you can install for all users with this procedure:


    Check Google forums, that applies and will be based in the future.

  • HP 15 laptop: cannot download Google Chrome on Windows 8.1 / new laptop HP

    Hi, I just bought this new laptop HP TODAY ' TODAY - and tried to download Google Chrome and set Google as my homepage because I work with Google products for the last 5 years and this is my preference.

    However, as a first step, I get a message saying that I can't download Chrome, even though I checked the download is for Windows 8.1, then it has also triggered a virus infection and caused the security software do a scan of threat - three times!  Trying to just set Google as my home page, when I click on the button 'create' real, the screen freezes simply.

    It's almost as if Yahoo / HP does not allow me to choose my browser and search engine... anyone know how to fix this?   I've never had this happen before.

    Thank you!!!


    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support.

    In this particular case, HP and Yahoo keep the computer to become the Chrome browser. Especially when you mentioned that triggered security a software alarm, this means that most likely you tried to download a fake copy of the Chrome browser and thanks be to God, the security software has prevented to install. It is quite common nowadays because it's popular software and impersonations exist. They sometimes appear on the top of the search result in the search engines, and they do not lead to the site from another server but the official seller.  In addition, if this is not the case, your computer may also have already been infected by certain pests that redirect your traffic to fake Chrome.

    There is only one official place to download this product - official site of Google/sub-sub-site

    Click here-online https://www.google.com/chrome/browser/desktop/index.html and choose the blue download Chrome button in the middle of the page

    Follow the instructions on the screen.

    A few additional instructions to Google-> https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=en

    Here are some other instructions how to set up the home page in Internet Explorer


    To Google, instead of the blank page, you enter www.google.com as the address of the page


    Hope this helps

  • How can I download Google Chrome to my iMac

    How can I download Google Chrome web browser for my iMac?

    Try https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95346?hl=en

    Of course, you know that the Chrome is a real pig to the resources of the computer. It uses all the resources of the computer to send data on what you do on the web to Google so that they can sell it.

  • Do I really need to download, Google chrome?

    original title; I am running Google.Do, I really need to download Google chrome? And if I want to change my password, connection. Because I can't find it in Gmail.

    I Googled, but not Google Chrome.Should I be this download for Google, as well. And he has been mentioned for me, to change my password. What site? I changed before, in Hotmail, but he doesn't seem to be a place, in Gmail.Today,Friday,24th./August,it was oddly close. So...

    Hi Ivanlazaruk,

    ·         What version of the operating system is installed on the computer?

    ·         What web browser do you use?

    I suggest you to contact Google support for more information and help.


    Reference: http://support.google.com/?hl=en

  • I downloaded google chrome but when I installed all the writing is in symbols so I removed completely all then rebooted and installed again. Always the same.

    Google chrome, other languages and some programs in symbols

    I downloaded google chrome because its my favorite web browser, but when I installed all that the writing is in symbols, so I completely removed everything and then rebooted and installed again the rebooted again and its still in symbols, please help


    This can happen if Google Chrome has not installed the appropriate language. To work around the problem, change your language version after installing the browser.

    a. click on the Tools menu.

    b. Select Options.

    c. click the Advanced tab.

    d. in the "Web content" section, click on change of police and the language settings.

    e. click the languages tab.

    f. Select your Google Chrome language from the menu.

    g. click OK.

    h. restart your browser.

  • I keep trying to download google chrome and still get ERR 118

    Original title: ERR 118

    I keep trying to download google chrome and still get ERR 118 (err-connecting net time-out) how can it be solved please.

    I keep trying to download google chrome and still get ERR 118 (err-connecting net time-out) how can it be solved please.

    Try asking this question at the Chrome Forum:
    http://www.Google.com/support/forum/p/chrome/label?lid=43d46e8d92fef559&hl=en For the benefits of others looking for answers, please mark as answer suggestion if it solves your problem.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones unable to download Google Chrome and Adobe

    I could not be able to download google chrome and adobe for my BlackBerry 9800. Please I need your help

    MOD EDIT: Subject changed to reflect a new topic

    I tried a lot of site including BlackBerry Word and does not, kindly help out me

  • Download Google chrome on Win 7

    Download Google chrome on Win 7

    Control Panel | Uninstall a program.
  • How can I download Google Chrome and IE on desktop in new Dell/Windows 8

    I want to download above on the desktop, but not in 'Windows 8 Desktop mode'.  I would like to use, as much as possible, like Windows 7, for example. Thank you in advance to advise me.

    Just click the tile Office to launch the desktop computer, start IE and download Google Chrome. Except for no Start Menu (which replace the screen and charms), the office works exactly as before.

  • can someone help me! I have a P4 with service pack 2 Professional windows installed in it, my problem is that I am unable to copy all files or other animals. a dialog box appears indicating the integrity of violeted files


    • Programs you arecan someone help me! I have a P4 with service pack 2 Professional windows installed in it, my problem is that I am unable to copy all files or other animals. a dialog box appears indicating the integrity of files violeted the problems with
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!

    We use the exact and some error message in more detail on the issue.  This problem occurs with any file on the disk or only some of them?  You are logged as administrator?  Has anything changed recently (hardware or software)?

    The first thing I would say to run a Virus scan and malware.  If you do not have an antivirus program, then you can get one here: http://www.microsoft.com/Security_essentials/

    If there are no problems found then not try the following steps:
    Run the following commands.

    Chkdsk /r




    Let us know the results and the information requested.

    Mike - Engineer Support Microsoft Answers
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • A Message in a rectangular box "Messages Agent wants to use the 'Local products' kenchain. appearing on the screen and ask for Keychain password password.  This started after I changed the password of Apple resulting for the purchase of a new iPhone

    A Message in the box 1. "Message agent wants to use the 'Local products' kenchain. "is appearing on the screen and ask for Keychain password password.  This started after I changed the password of Apple resulting for the purchase of a new iPhone.

    My iPhone 5 has been damaged and the screen was not visible.  As a result, I couldn't open the iPhone.  I bought 5 s iPhone and when I got to connect with the iCloud

    I remember the answers to security questions.   The seller must change the password and enter new answers to security questions, I did.  This happened in Bangalore.  When I'm home in Ernakulam, Kochi (India), where I has the Air of Mac, Ipad and my wife had another iPhone and laptop computer Dell, these problems began to come up on the screen and blocks the screen.

    Four Messages are appearing: the first is on the top.

    Other messages are:

    2. ' cloudd wants to use the kenchain 'local products '. '

    appearing on the screen and ask for Keychain password password.

    3. ' com.apple.iCloudHelper.xpc wants to use the kenchain 'local products '. appearing on the screen and ask for Keychain password password.

    4. ' cloudpaired wants to use the kenchain 'local products '. ' is appearing on the screen and ask for Keychain password password.

    It of an upheaval and please suggest how to solve this problem

    Hello remy!

    I see that you are either prompted by iCloud Keychain with various alert messages.  I know it's important to have iCloud Keychain works correctly and I am pleased to offer you an article that should help you.  Please follow the instructions in the following support article:

    If your Mac keeps asking for the password in the keychain

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    See you soon!

  • I see that google search results, scroll to the bottom and they disappear. Why?

    All of a sudden when I use Firefox, I get a list of Google search results, scroll to the bottom and poof I see only a blank page. What is going on?

    Hello jpachner,

    This happens only in Google or you have noticed other web pages? Most of these issues could be due to some changes in configuration or plugins.

    Try Firefox Safe mode to see if the problem goes away. Firefox Safe mode is a troubleshooting mode that temporarily disables hardware acceleration, restores some settings and disables add-ons (extensions and themes).

    If Firefox is open, you can restart Firefox Safe mode in the Help menu:

    • In Firefox 29,0 and above, click on the menu button

      click Help

      then select restart with disabled modules.

    If Firefox is not running, you can start Firefox in Mode safe mode as follows:

    • On Mac: Hold the option key during the startup of Firefox.

    When the Firefox Safe Mode window appears, select "start mode safe."

    If the problem is not present in Firefox Safe Mode, your problem is probably caused by an extension, theme or hardware acceleration. Please follow the steps described in the section Troubleshooting extensions, themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems to find the cause.

    To exit safe mode of Firefox, exit Firefox (not just close the window) and wait a few seconds before opening Firefox for normal use again.

    When find you what is causing your problems, please let us know. This might help others with the same problem.

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