9.3.5 and battery use

Everyone has a problem with the battery down indicator significantly after the 9.3.5 updated? I made this two days ago and now it seems that my iPhone battery indicator 6 will increase from 75 to 80% to 20% in less than an hour and I do not use it.  I've never had this problem before the 9.3.5 update.


Check the settings > farm and learn which applications are consuming the most your battery.

You say "... and I do not use it." However, apps may well run in the background.

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    I improved my 5s IOS10 3 days and battery discharge excelerated standby, as well as when you use. I turned off notifications, as, other non when not in service. Which could operate in the background?

    Hi mweedn!

    I understand that you see a reduction in the battery of your iPhone 5s after updating to iOS 10. It is important to be able to make full use of your iPhone! There are a few resources that can help.

    Before the resolution of the problem, were you able to view information using your battery on your iPhone? Here's how to check the amount of battery used by each application:

    On the use of the battery on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    When you answer, remember to let us know if you see all the apps with an abnormal amount of battery. See you soon!

  • Microsoft Office Word 2016 and battery drain

    I have a macbook with OS X El Capitan air and recently installed microsoft office 2016, noticing a huge difference in my battery life.

    I use my macbook to 100% of load and have use of 2-3 days at the office until the next recharge... because the office installed 2016 that s is no longer possible, I have to recharge every night, and somedays carry my charger and keep once connected to continue working.

    It seems that the issue is Word 2016, because excel and powerpoint work as usual; but since the word is the program used mostly I noticed the issue and he has seen a few posts about this in the internet.

    Is it possible to get around this? Every walkthrough? Any bug fix any? Is anyone else noticing this same thing?

    Please answer.

    You might have more luck to post your question to the forum of MacBook Air space or a space Microsoft forum. This forum area is for the 12 '' MacBook of the retina.

  • Tecra S2 - power and battery LED flashes - no start

    G ' Day at all.

    I have a TECRA S2 under XP SP3.
    Everything was fine until I went to a place of friends with her and plugged into the power supply and it lights up not at all and no LED.

    I removed the battery and then tried again and then happen to the power and battery LED flash together, but nothing else.

    Tried several times with the battery inside and out with the same results.
    I have stabilize power before removing or installing battery.

    Do not even have BIOS or a screen. I put the HARD drive in a caddy, and it's accessible.
    See you soon

    > Everything was going well until I went to a place of friends with her and plugged to the power
    Did you use the right adapter?

    To be honest, it looks like a malfunction of the power supply motherboard maybe electronic issue of power.
    the power indicator would start flashing amber if the AC adapter voltage is abnormal or failure of computer power supply.

  • Satellite Pro L50 - a: how to replace the memory, HARD drive and battery

    I just uploaded 2 new video from Youtube on the L50 - A. Satellite Pro

    The first is a tear down showing how to replace the memory, hard drive and battery (you can also clean the fan if it detects overheating).


    BTW why they made it so difficult to get just to the battery in this model?

    WARNING - proceed at your own risk and don't forget static precautions!

    Hope they help and if you have any questions let me know.

    + The message was edited: link has been removed ad channel may not +.

    Thanks for these videos. It may be useful to replace the memory, but I think that the owners of the laptop should not open the case. This may void the warranty.
    Be careful about this.

  • gauge the battery to the boot screen and battery on report menu conflicting Details about the level of the battery. The gauge from the battery to the Starter incorrectly displays the low battery level that prevent the macbook pro battery retina start

    gauge the battery to the boot screen and battery on report menu conflicting Details about the level of the battery. The gauge from the battery to the Starter incorrectly displays the low battery level that prevent the start of the battery. This happens on macbook pro retina 13 inches

    When I try to startup macbook pro retina in battery mode, it will fail to start showing low battery level and an indicator to recharge the battery. It does not start on battery. When I then connect via the power cable at startup (and check the battery level), monitor of battery in the menu bar indicates that the battery is charged to the top.

    It gets really frustrating and remove my ability to use the macbook pro retina as a truly portable device...

    Appreciate any help on this

    Have you tried resetting the SMC? Reset the management system (SCM) controller on your Mac - Apple Support

  • Satellite L455 - plug-and - battery LEDs power LED and it flashes orange

    I have a Satellite L455, which worked perfectly for more than six months now, but two weeks ago he began to behave strangely.

    I turned off the machine normally in the evening I was going to sleep. In the morning when I turned on it it turned on, HARD drive and on power LED blinked blue for a few seconds then they are gone. Machine does not start. I tried to turn it on again and it does the same thing. Then I saw the "power plug on" and "battery on" LED flashes orange at the same time. I unplugged the power adapter. Both lights were continuous blinking but machine will not feed. I removed the battery for a piece of 5 minutes, then reinserted it and the machine has worked all day.

    I went he deleted off the power plug and the morning again it wouldn't start until the when I removed the battery for a few minutes then it works again. The battery recharges very well that when I remove and reinsert it even without connecting the power cable still lights up and works perfectly.

    Then, I removed the battery and the power supply Plug and you press the power button for 30 seconds to unload the machine and then return power and battery and it worked until I turned off again and shutting off the power and then it didn't once again.

    If I stop just of machine and do not turn off the power cord, then I can turn it back on to and work with the machine without hassle even for three days without interruption.

    What could be wrong? Any help will be really appreciated.


    Hi chidzungo,

    It must certainly be a hardware malfunction but he s strange why it pops up every day after you have closed the laptop. Do you use batteries and AC/DC to original Toshiba adapter? Have you connected external devices to your laptop? If so delete them before you turn on your laptop.

    What version of BIOS is installed at the moment? You should look on the Web from Toshiba website for an update. Update of the BIOS might also help and it s worth a try.

    Before you start reading the BIOS BIOS update instructions update [HERE: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/ann.jspa?annID=60]

    Satellite L455 seems to be an American model, so the BIOS update can be downloaded from the Toshiba U.S. page but first check the exact part number:

  • Transfer data to the OTG drive and battery on my Z3 Compact problems

    Question 1: -.

    It's been 2 months now I use my compact Z3.

    Out lately, I bought a USB otg of 32 GB.
    It must be connected to my Z3 but I can only browse the data from it, but I can't transfer music/photos/videos of the OTG's internal phone memory.

    It is not possible? Or I do something wrong?

    Question 2: -.

    I pointed out that battery life have been just within 2 months of purchase. It barely lasts a day.

    I disabled most of the apps and just use whatsapp with call/sms limit. I do not have the stamina or ultra endurance or low battery mode.

    I charge my Z3 only with his original charger. I turn off mobile and mobile data overnight.
    I always keep my apps update of location, wifi etc etc.off.
    No problem with network receptions... bar/full coverage.

    So, what could be the problem?

    So what is the claim of Sony for the 2 day battery life then?

    Bootloader unlocked: Yes, for those that are unlocked

    Bootloader unlock allowed: Yes medium can be unlocked

    Bootloader unlock allowed: no way it is hard locked and can only be unlocked

  • Samsung series 7 Slate PC - upgrade to windows 10 and battery performance


    Currently, I own a Samsung slate PC with windows 7 and have used for more than three years now. Even if it is a versatile tool, I always found that its battery life is very poor.

    Does anyone know if windows 10 is more efficient energy than windows 7? I would like to hear from anyone who has a Samsung slate PC and I noticed a difference in the life of the battery since the upgrade to windows 7.

    See you soon


    I have upgraded to windows 10 on my tab 7. My battery time is the same, but my 7 slate is stupid on windows 10. It's always a computer on batteries that use a lot of power.  I use it as a convenience to move because I am working on it, but anchor it at any time. Windows 7 was not serious, but when I tried to upgrade to windows 8 my touch screen stop working. Install Windows 10 was like having a new computer, everything works. But he ate a lot of space. Once again, it ' s a computer with mobility in pill form.» I like it.

  • Old lock to activate ipad asking for Apple ID and password used to configure icloud, which is forgotten. Help?

    My older ipad bouchoirs activation requires Apple ID and password used to configure icloud. I think I know the ID because she tips ***@outlook.com, but not the old password. Help?

    Try https://iforgot.apple.com


    Contact Apple for the Apple ID account security support


  • Inject an apple ID and PW using the Configurator 2?

    Hi all

    Wondering if a id apple & PW can be added to a profile and deployment using the Configurator 2. Sorry if this has been covered, am new to this and learning and discovery I.

    see you soon,


    Hello, Kristian,.

    AC2 negates the need to have a configuration of account iTunes\AppleID on each device, can I ask why you wanted to do this, there may be a better way? ipads how are you trying to install? ipad users can add their own iTunes account to download other additional applications then deployed via the configurator.

    Kind regards


  • Got a 27 "monitor from Apple, with thunderbolt (error). My MacPro can't love at first sight. Apple won't bring back the monitor. Will using a USB 3 map and then using a hard drive with USB 3 and Thunderbolt works?

    Got a 27 "monitor from Apple, with thunderbolt (error). My MacPro can't love at first sight. Apple won't bring back the monitor. Will using a USB 3 map and then using a hard drive with USB 3 and Thunderbolt works?

    N ° you need a computer logic board which has built in Thunderbolt.

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    I can record is more than all of the new bookmarks after update to Firefox 40.0.2.
    I have over 1000 bookmarks and also use xMarks.
    I tried to remove 5 bookmarks and save a new bookmark, but it does not work.
    When I click on the bookmark star, stars in the bookmarks folder jumps, but does not record, it does not offer the possibility of filing in the subfolder right it me and the star is not awarded (there should be one filled with stars when the Web site is updated bookmark)

    Thank you for your help. I tried the maintenance of places without success. I have disabled xMarks, but it made no difference, I couldn't save all new bookmarks. I went on the site help above and deleted the "places.sqlite" file and recreates a new file, but it didn't work. I uninstalled Firefox full using IOBit Uninstaller and reinstalled, but I found this program does not delete the profile folder (used to have a checked during uninstall of Firefox, but it seems to have disappeared in the latest versions). The problem persisted.

    Finally, I took a screenshot of all my addons. Then, I uninstalled Firefox again, then delete the entire folder profiles (located very usefully described in the second link above https://support.mozilla.org/kb/Bookmarks+not+saved#w_fix-the-bookmarks-file )
    I reinstalled Firefox, reinstalled xMarks and connected and transferred all my favorites, I reinstalled all my previous addons and ALTO - it now everything works perfectly!

    Thank you for your help

  • When Firefox restarts the pages that they do not charge just display story, I then have to refresh to get new data as Explorer always charging and Firefox used to

    This should be an easy solution, because all the other browsers and Firefox used to do this. Firefox is restarted the pages do not charge they just historical display. I have to hit the button reload current page to get new data. This has been driving me crazy for a few weeks. I thought I had fixed a couple of times but only a few pages loaded and now it's the whole story again.


    Oh, you use the Session Manager. What happens if you check the box in the Session Manager options, to the title of the backup & restore, "Reload All restored Windows"?

  • Cannot use the mouse to copy and paste using firefox21

    When I use my browser firefox21 and use the mouse to select text
    I would like to copy then right click on the mouse and select copy
    Then, the highlight on the text disappears and won't let me copy and paste using the mouse

    I tried to reset firefox is default - and still have the problem
    I don't have any addons installed - I did a scan for malware using malwarebytes and erase all the shows

    I also did a clean reinstall of firefox and still have the issue of copy and paste

    I tried another browser chrome and has not had the problem with the mouse

    Is this a problem with the browser firefox 21

    Thanks - Steve

    This happens on all sites, or only on certain sites?

    Some sites may have "copy" scripts that change what happens when you right-click. To prevent sites from pre-empting the normal context menu of Firefox, try the third "Advanced JavaScript" setting described in this article: JavaScript and their preferences for interactive web pages settings (uncheck the third).

    Does make a difference?

    (Incidentally, I noticed on the threads in Google groups if you select widely, the selection is cleared when you do a right click, but if you select a little less, it is not clear.) I have not studied the model in detail).

Maybe you are looking for

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