9401 counter questions

I'm trying to measure rpm of the motor shaft with a proximity sensor and a cDAQ-9174 with NI 9401 module in slot 4.  The exit of the proximity sensor passes from 0V to approximately 4.25V.  The frequency of measurement should be close to 1 Hz to 500 Hz, I hung the signal to pin 16 and the COM to pin 1.  When I select ctr0, the measured value changes radically, as shown in the chart attachd counter image.  I checked my signal clinging to a NI 9205 module and using an oscilloscope VI, as shown in the picture as an attachment.  It shows exactly what I was waiting for the frequency and amplitude.  What could be the problem when you try to use the meter?  I have also tried in MAX and get the same strange results.

Thank you


Have you tried to use one of the examples? Specifically, could you try material input and output-> DAQmx-> entrance of counter-> meter - reading and frequency (On Demand) .vi pulse width.

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  • 9401 counting by quadrature encoder error

    I use a 9401 module in a chassis 9188 to measure the position of a tree in 1E6 County/rev. The signal is an AQuadB emulated from an AKD Kollmorgen servo drive. My problem is that when the player is turned on, the noise it makes picked up as very positive figures by the 9401. The player has outputs RS485 but my cable length is short and well armored, so I thought it would work very well. It is wired like this:

    9401 CTR1 channel

    A +: 9401 pin 20

    B +: 9401 pin 23

    GND: 9401 commune

    The cable shield: 9401 commune

    Is this product because the encoder signal is differential, or is my bet to the ground/shield OK? If I disable the encoder entirely the 9401 picks up a zero solid. Should I use a kind of RS485 converter to TTL?

    In addition to the advice of John to help protect against digital noise, I also recommend that it would be a good idea to convert the differential asymmetric TTL formally.  I had opportunities in the past where I had an ambivalent connection channel differential encoder of 5V to a DAQ card and often, it would work properly.  But there have also been moments where differential signals (-) were trying to drift over the other while being tied to the digital earth common DAQ, causing sporadic but strange counting behaviors.  At least that's the diagnosis I'm come up with at the time.

    These questions disappeared immediately and permanently after putting in a differential to the TTL converter.  Here is a link to the productI used (and then successfully reused on the following projects).  Just check the specifications of your particular differential signals compared to what this product is to spec'ed to manage.

    -Kevin P

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    Hi all

    I have this problem (probably simple) that I can't solve... I have 2 tables (tbl_system_engineer and tbl_task_request) here... (only relevant columns are listed below)

    -id NUMBER
    -full_name VARCHAR2

    -tr_number NUMBER
    -submitted_on_date DATE (date of work was presented)
    -ass_comp_date DATE (date of task must be performed)
    -closed_date DATE (date of task was officially closed)
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    -"past completion date" - how many tasks have tbl_task_request.closed_date > tbl_task_request.ass_comp_date SYSDATE or > tbl_task_request.ass_comp_date for the engineer
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    Help, please!


    Welcome to the forum!

    This is an example of a Pivot , where you want to GROUP BY a combination of columns and some columns appear different, not different rows as columns.
    The way to do that is to GROUP BY the expressions for which you want to tidy and use CASE expressions for others.
    For example:

    SELECT       e.full_name
    ,       COUNT ( CASE
                   WHEN  r.closed_date     > r.xyz_comp_date
                   OR    SYSDATE          > r.xyz_comp_date
                   THEN  1
                )     AS overdue
    ,       COUNT ( CASE
                   WHEN  xyz.comp_date     <  ADD_MONTHS ( TRUNC(SYSDATE, 'MONTH')
                                                      , 1
                   AND   r.closed_date     <= r.xyz_comp_date
                   AND   SYSDATE          <= r.xyz_comp_date
                   THEN  1
                )     AS approaching
    ,       COUNT ( CASE
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    FROM       tbl_system_engineer     e
    JOIN       tble_task_request     r     ON     r.requestor     = e.id
    GROUP BY  e.full_name

    I do not have the versions of your tables, so I can't really test this. I suspect that some consideration for the NULL values must be added to the conditions of the CASE.
    If post you a small example data (CREATE TABLE and only relevant columns, INSERT statements) so people can test their ideas.

    Sometimes, especially when the columns are mutually exclusive, it is more simple calculate a value in a subquery, saying which column of output each line is associated with. That the calculated value is then used in the CASE expressions very simple in the main query,

    Among the features of this awkward site are ithat ir replaces what he thinks are naughty words with s.  I suspect that it happened in your message.  I guess that all of the columns with * are the same, for which I substituted above.

  • Security concerns about the external power supply connected to the my map of 9401 TTL inputs

    I have an external power supply (5V DC, 500 my) that I use to test my card 9401 count entries and check my LV code is working properly. Power + 5V is used as high signal and ground as a weak signal.  I haven't done the link yet because I wanted to know if there is any concern to burn my card.


    Normally, if everything is OK, it shouldn't be a problem.

    But in the real world "things" happen

    My Advisor is to add resistance series (in this case 1 k) to protect your device if Murphy enters the room something goes wrong.

  • Can satellite P500-12D - I use the nVidia drivers?

    The latest NVIDIA drivers on update from Toshiba website are, but there are newer versions on the NVIDIA site. I would like ot update the NVIDIA drivers but I have any difficalties.

    I tried to install version 195.62 (Win7 64 bit) for the Geforce 200 M series fron the NVIDIA SITE but installation is not complete. I get the message: "Setup NVIDIA didn't find all the drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. The installation program will now stop. »

    Toshiba only allows their own versions of the drivers? Is there a way to enable the NVIDIA drivers to istall?

    SYSTEM INFORMATION: operating system WINDOWS 7 64 bit
    Date 03/01/2010 01:14:58
    [Information on PC]
    Model name SATELLITE P500 12D
    Part number PSPG8E-01D007EN
    Number of series x
    Version of the OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 6.1.7600
    Version of the BIOS V2.50
    Processor Intel (r) Core (TM) 2 Duo CPU P7450 2.13 GHz
    Physical memory 4096 MB RAM
    Disk capacity hard 749,744,054,272 [bytes] 698.254 [GB]
    Capacity of the hard drive space free 644,687,319,040 [bytes] 600.412 [GB]
    Video * NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 M * version =
    Screen resolution 1680 x 945 Pixels
    Color quality, true color (32 bit)
    Version of NVIDIA High Definition Audio sound =
    Version of NVIDIA High Definition Audio =
    Version of NVIDIA High Definition Audio =
    Version of NVIDIA High Definition Audio =
    Conexant Pebble high definition SmartAudio version =
    Network version Atheros AR8131 PCI - E Gigabit Ethernet Controller =

    MAC address = 00:26:9E:90:F3:E7
    Realtek RTL8191SE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC

    version = 2009.1.1222.2009 = 00:26:B6:9 A MAC address: 1E:2F
    No modem
    Internet Explorer 8.0.7600.16385
    Device IDE TOSHIBA MK5055GSX
    IBG 4H6Z0XEVG SCSI CdRom Device = 1.03 FW version
    HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GT20N FW version = tm10

    [Information QFE]
    Windows security update "KB973525.
    Windows Update "KB974332.
    Windows Update "KB974431.
    Windows security update "KB974571.
    Windows Update "KB975364.
    Fix Windows 'KB975467.
    Windows Update "KB976098.
    Windows security update "KB976325.


    Counter question: why you want to use any other display drivers? Are not satisfied with the drivers of Toshiba or can you notice problems in Windows?

    Theoretically, it is possible to use the nVidia drivers directly but don t forget that they are not pre-tested on your laptop. Your graphics card could be overheating and so you lose the warranty.

    Satellite P500 is fairly new, so I guess that Toshiba updates the display driver in next time too. Take a look at the page from time to time. ;)

  • conversion of turbine flow meter


    My apologies for the query, but this software is all new to me. I have a cDaq-9188 8 medium chassis containing several modules including 2 off 9401 counter modules, I run signal express version 6.0.0.

    My problem is that I have 3 miniature flowmeters turbine (GEMS units FT-110 series) which give various pulse widths depending on what is the 5V square waves.  I brought to the entrance of my 9401 and look of good signals so guess that's my express configuration signal which is the cause of the problem,

    I connected the + ve and gnd outputs of the flowmeters Com, DIO1 + Com and DIO3, DIO0 + Com on one of my 9401 cards.

    I can see the increment in the number of pulses on measurement & automation Explorer when I run test for this module Panel and watch the chefs of edge that my system can see the pulse from trains.

    When configuring the express signal I need it to read in l/min, 58-575Hz corresponds to 0.5 to 5 l/min, but I can't seem to convert the pulse in l/min.

    If I select DAQmx acquire > counter entry > frequency it gives me the possibility of updated the custom scale, but every time that I run it I get the error signalling DAQ assistant upward.  I tried many synchronization settings with no luck.  The only time where I have this power as successfully is using counter entry > County of edge, but I'm stuck on how to convert l/min as it has no function of scale (I know!)

    Any help appreciated.

    I think that he is referring to l/min in litres per minute, and I guess the Freq of flow are the values of this compilation on the scale.
    If this is the case; Carl, it seems to me you must configure a custom scale. You can do it in the channel settings tab in the DAQmxAcquire stage. Under custom scale select Create new, and then select map scale. Min/max Freq should match your flow min/max.

    I have attached a few screenshots for reference.

    Let us know if we are on the right track, otherwise we might need more information; FOR EXAMPLE. file seproj and a bit more info on the flow meter (type of connection, the output signal, etc.).
    In addition, a brief look at the documentation on this flow meter recommends the use of a pull-up resistance. Might want to look there as well.

  • using counter on NI 9401


    We ordered the cRIO 9035 system with several Modules.

    One of them is the NI9401.

    I want to use this module to count the pulses of a flow meter.

    In front, I am a beginner and started just look at a lot of tutorials and created Basic VI

    1. This Module has onboard counters, or is it only possible to use the 'material' - counters in the chassis through this Module?

      I ask this, because I can put the Module via "Digital specialty Setup" as a counter.
      If I do, it would be possible to simply create a while loop, place the channel on the inside and tie him to a digital item?
      Or is the only way to count impulses (rising edge) to use VI as the 'edge counter VI' the example of VI?

    2. My flow meter uses a Hallsensor and produces rectangular pulses at 40 Hz max.
      It is absolutely necessary to use a FPGA or can I use a VI on the host computer?

    We use 4 of these flowmeters (and many more sensors like Termocouples (NI 9211), solenoid valves (NI 9482) or a AKD-servomotor (NI 9472).)

    All the measured data should be written to a file (for example, form exel).

    Magnetic valves must be triggered if a certain number of pulses is counted.

    Yet once, it is absolutely necessary to use a FPGA or can I use a VI on the host computer?

    I know there is a lot to do and I have to learn a lot more, but I'm on it (its for my Masterthesis).

    For now, the answers to questions about existing or not existing edge counter would be great.

    Thank you for your support.

    Greetings from the Germany,


    Lukus salvation,

    Greetings from Munich (since it is a public forum, I am obliged to answer in English, in any case).

    (1) when you use a cRIO you don't have a strict meter limitation (especially if you program the FPGA) for your digital inputs. Maybe read you something about that and that only applies to the cDAQs (because he (mostly) counters come from cDAQ chassis so they are more limited)

    "If I do, it would be possible to simply create a while loop, place the channel on the inside and tie him to a digital item?"


    "Or is the only way to count impulses (rising edge) to use VI as the 'edge counter VI' the example of VI?

    I'm not sure which exact VI you are referring to, but on the FPGA you could implement a custom counter. That would work too.

    (2) you can do two ways (Scan Engine Mode and FPGA)

    If you write a master's thesis, you may be eligible for a greatly reduced price. The course Embedded Control and Monitoring (http://www.ni.com/training/embedded/) would be very useful for you:

    Forderprogramme as research, training und Lehre - National Instruments Germany GmbH

    Best regards


  • 9401 serving counter in cRIO 9022

    Hi all

    I use cRIO-9022 and 9401 is one of the modules of him. I want to use 9401 as counter in the FPGA VI. Is this possible? As the specialized digital Configuration option is not available when the module is moved to the target FPGA.


    Yes, you can, and many of us do on a regular basis.

    Good read from this link to help you get started.

  • TTL NI 9401 edge work but not able to count frequency

    Hello world

    I have a CompactDAQ, and a NI9401. I used this hardware with labview to control the speed of the crankshaft. My sensor (optical) output a square wave, amplitude 0 - 5v, TTL compatible.

    I check on an oscilloscope it is perfectly shaped tooth.

    I connect to 9401, and I try these 2 simple .VI attachment and weirdely,.

    the counting of edge work perfectly (and the increment speed matches the speed of the crankshaft)

    But, the frequency meserment or pulse with or period, do not work

    Anyone has any idea why?

    (I struggled for 4 hours and I did not understand it)

    Thank you very much for your help,


    Hey, I found my problem,

    I need to plug the wire into the line 5 instead of 4

    I chose ctr1 for example and then count dashboard ONLY works on number 4 and the frequency, period measuremnt etc work only on line 5.

    hard for me.



  • Question about cart Counter and position header J-26 of the widget in Muse conflict

    I recently purchased the award-winning J - 26 ecwid widget. I must say handguns are a beautiful set of enhancements and tools design for Muse. The conflict in question is the Cart counter Widget. I corresponded with the promoter to get this resolved and I was wondering if someone had this problem; As far as I know, this widget was designed to work with the store to trade Ecwid. (You must ask the developer if there are others) When the "Meter of Cart" widget is placed in the header of my page on a master page of cart or basket, I can't work properly. It could be something I'm not set up correctly or something else. But when the widget is placed under the header, it seems to work. The problem above the header area is that the counter disappears and does not make the connection with the store ecwid or something? I'm not sure. I am currently using a widget of J - 26 called a light cart followed the v2.3.1 and works very well in the position of the header. So all that being said, is there anyone who has tried the trolley counter in the header that works? Added note: I created a site skeleton with a connection to my storefront as a tester site, thinking that maybe there was a code problem. After bad and without success, I gave up. Currently, I'm looking for a work around to make a secondary master page for the storefront and to build a fake header move real heading to zero, so I can place the counter of trolley in the body of the page. Even with that there are a few problems.

    If anyone has had this same problem, please let me know, or better yet if you have a workaround or some instructions on how to make it work just in case it might be something I do not correctly.

    Again, the widgets are a great addition and I rent the developer for these. Any person who sets up an ecommerce site and wants to mark their page with many options, check on widgets. Well done.


    Bravo for the professionalism of J - 26. After a repair my muse files, the developer of J - 26 set to update some of the widgets behave nicely with MUSE. Yet if you look at my first post here, award-winning J-26 ecwid widgets are well worth your efforts. Especially when developers are willing to look at the questions that pop up... and offer a solution! There are a few questions, I have about some of the settings, but all-in-all the characteristics fixed it are resolved.

    I give J - 26 an A +.

    Thank you


  • No count of test questions to the end of course quiz

    I use 8 Captivate. I have a couple of question slides I inserted just to review, but I don't want their cash for the quiz at the end, because they are just review and not be marked. I had issues "survey" thinking that might do the trick but when I created the final quiz that start with question 3 of 8. Is there a way to have just the review questions and ask them to not be marked not or 'count' to the final quiz at the end of the course?

    Some system quizzing variables will include all of the marked objects and question slides. Even if some question slides are not included in the total. I'm sorry, but you will need to create a custom progress indicator, here's a blog where I explained how:

    Custom indicator progress - Captivate blog

  • Looking for a better way to count the responses to the survey questions

    Hello all - I have created a survey for a site and now want to display the results to the admins of the site. I am trying to display the countdown - the number of times that a question has been answered in a certain way. I realize that I may need to build the investigation itself differently and how it stores data, but here is how it goes far.

    There are 10 questions, each with 4 options of radio button groups. The database table contains a column for each issue and stores the value of the selected option button. So it's pretty simple.

    Now on the results page, that it's the only way I can think to do, but there must be a better way. For each answer, I create a Recordset filtered on the issue and the value option, then display the total number of records. Which works great, but count each option, which means that 40 recordsets on the page - al simply determine "how many times was the Question 1, Option was selected and how many times has the Question 1, selected Option B and so on.»

    The only other thing I can think it maybe is a better way to count the occurrences of these values in the table is with PHP or in the SQL itself.  Or, perhaps, if the values themselves are entirely digital and follow a kind of model I can use a solution of math.

    Thoughts, solutions, and ideas are welcome!  Thank you.

    Your problem is a bad design. You should have a separate line for each answer, not to separate the columns. It also makes the very rigid investigation. A simple design would include a few tables - a master of the investigation that stores the questions and response table that contains a foreign key to the question number in the master, the answer, as well as any other details you need to capture. You might get more elaborate, but it's essential. Your result page and then just be a single recordset with a simple query with a group by clause.

    I urge you to review this before going any further.

  • Playback of digital input [FPGA] - NI 9401 - questions?

    I'm having some trouble with the digital input NI 9401, which is to have a uniform reading. I have a photogate that power of a digital output is turned off and goes in to a digital input module, but I can't read the entry several times. My LED flashes once and never again will blink until I restart my CRIO or recompile. I have launched the ports of entry and exit, their market and constantly for loop. Any idea what's going on?

    Hi Allan,

    Why you "light up" a channel of entry?

    Writing a value to a DIO PIN is usually for outings!

    What is connected to your PIN DIO 5? Have you checked the entry with a DMM measure?

    How long the impulses are measured with this entry? Do you really you can see short pulses of light flashing?

  • Question of pass/fail counter. [Help]

    Hello! Can someone help me please understand how to count the number of Passed and Failed samples below? Each test samples must go through the series of test procedure (Test - 1, 2, 3 &) and I need determine if the sample has passed or failed based on the test procedures...

    Thank you!

    Jim solution will give the number of events Pass and the number of events Fail.  I think the OP wants a number of examples of success or failure, not a success/failure count.  Look at the two indicators in his image on the front.  A sample only passes if it passes the three tests, otherwise it fails.  I modified the code of Jim to return the number of samples that passed and failed, rather than a simple pass/fail County.

  • Question of battery cycle count

    Hello everyone.

    I just ran the support assistant HP battery check.

    It indicates that the battery is in good health.

    But when I click on advanced it showed me that the number of cycles is 220/300.

    This mean exactly?

    Someone told me that the 300 is the maximum load of cycles before the battery is not.

    But if that's true, it would mean that my battery will fail within 2 years of use...

    Don't know if it's worth mentioning, but it's an ENVY14 (first gen) model.

    Could someone give me a brief explanation?

    Thanks in advance


    I see that you have a question about the battery. The number on a number of cycle for your battery now means, how many times battery was drained and then charged. Now, drained does not mean 0%, this means essentially any time the battery level has been reduced from 100% and then load was from there. If you're having a problem with the battery, I suggest that you call HP @09002020165 before the warranty does not cover the part on the laptop.

    The reason behind you not finding the battery to purchase could be because the laptop only is not supported in the country or the Web site that you have visited is not in stock. Now seems to me the battery is not in stock on HP part surfer or part store.

    You can call HP and have them check and see if they have the battery in stock.

    If you have any other questions please let me know.


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